Compatibility Report For

Compatibility Report
Patrick Swayze & Lisa Niemi
By Neith
18 August 1952
08:10 AM CST
Houston, TX
26 May 1956
Unknown Time
Houston, TX
I always start my synastry reports with a look at the natal charts involved to gain
understanding of the individuals respond in relationships, and move to the synastry
aspects formed between the planets and angles from both charts.
Patrick’s Natal Chart
The seventh house of partnerships has Pisces on the cusp and no planets within so I
will move to the ruler of Pisces, Neptune. Neptune is conjunct Saturn in Libra in the
first house suggesting a strong connection between the image Patrick presents to the
world at large and his role in one-to-one relationships.
The combination of Libra, the sign of partnerships; Saturn in Libra, the sign Saturn is
exalted in; and Neptune, ruler of his seventh house points to someone who sees
himself as loyal, faithful and willing to compromise to preserve the relationship.
Neptune is also sextile his Leo stellium of the Sun/Pluto/South Node and Mercury
underlining his willingness to sacrifice (Neptune) for Love. With the ruler of his Virgo
Ascendant, Mercury, closely sextile the ruler of the Descendant, Neptune, we have an
emerging picture of someone who is naturally a good partner.
Another critical factor is a lack of Uranus squares and oppositions natally urging the
person towards the more extreme modes of behavior declaring their independent
nature. Patrick has a supportive sextile between his Mars in Scorpio and Uranus in
Cancer expressed in his physical agility and ability to learn physical skills quickly.
He does have a Yod with Chiron in Capricorn in the fourth house as the point and his
Leo Moon sextile Ceres in Gemini as the base. Both the Moon and Ceres are associated
with nurturance, and Leo and Gemini good at expressing love and caring. In this case
Chiron seems to be learning lessons in accepting these expressions.
Lisa's Natal Chart
Because we have no birth time for Lisa, we won't be able to use the chart wheel as a
reference point. However all planets but the Moon will be within a degree of accurate
Lisa has a Grand Square in her chart involving Saturn in Scorpio, Mars in Aquarius,
Pluto in Leo and her Sun in Gemini (out-of-sign). For starters, she is far from a typical
Gemini – much darker and more powerful. Since she has a Sun/Mercury conjunction,
doubling up the Mercurial influence, my guess is she is extremely intelligent.
A Yod with Uranus at the point and Mars in Aquarius sextile her Moon in Sagittarius as
the base would give her more "edge" and an inclination towards bouts of restlessness.
However, I also see her Sun/Saturn opposition as part of the Grand Square subduing
this tendency quite a bit.
Her Venus in Cancer forms only one aspect – a semi-sextile to her Sun/Mercury. She is
a lovely woman but not a particularly feminine type with a preponderance of signs in
the positive/masculine polarity.
Synastry Aspects
Shorthand Look
His Leo Sun is harmoniously trine her Sagittarius Moon, and her Gemini Sun forms a
friendly sextile to his Moon in Leo. Having the luminaries in compatible elements, in
this case fire and air, is an excellent basis for understanding. They both have the Moon
in a fire sign giving them an intuitive understanding of the other on the emotional
His Mercury in Leo (widely conjunct his Sun) is sextile her Mercury in Gemini (closely
conjunct her Sun) making communications a snap! Because they both have Sun
conjunct Mercury, there is a strong parallel working here, too. They have great
chemistry, too, indicated by the harmonious trine between her Venus in Cancer and
his Mars in Scorpio.
An Intra-aspect is one where the same two planets from both charts form aspects with
one another. This places a much stronger emphasis on the planets and signs involved.
Venus/Mercury Intra-Aspect
While the actual aspects are only so so, (a square and a semi-sextile) just the fact
Venus and Mercury are connected from both charts is favorable. Venus is probably the
one planet bringing grace to all she visits and Mercury is no exception. I see
Venus/Mercury synastry aspects as a big "kiss" because there is a spirit of warmth and
kindness there.
Sun/Saturn Intra-Aspect
In synastry, Saturn is the planet we look to for determining durability in relationships.
Patrick and Lisa have a set of Sun/Saturn aspects demonstrating how this works. Her
Sun is trine his Saturn and his Sun is square her Saturn. They chose to marry (Saturn
likes signed documents) rather than live together, and it obviously works for them.
Mars Intra-Aspects
Mars and Jupiter square each other from both charts and while this pairing is a little
over-the-top, this set of aspects supercharges the energy between them. It also makes
their chemistry hot, hot, hot!
They have a set of Mars/Neptune intra-aspects of a more flowing type. His Neptune in
Libra is trine her Mars in Aquarius and her Neptune in Libra is semi-sextile his Scorpio
Mars. Neptune softens and blurs the effects of Mars and introduces empathy and
compassion. Since we know Pisces rules Patrick's seventh house, Neptune's synastry
aspects are particularly important.
Other Synastry Aspects
Aspects to His Nodal Axis
Her Jupiter/Pluto conjunction falls on his Leo stellium of Sun/South Node/Pluto and
her Mars on his North Node in Aquarius. This has to be a major contributing factor to
the longevity of their relationship as well as the 'fated' quality. These two met when
Lisa was 15 years old and Patrick was 19 in a dance class. Almost all of us can
remember our first love as teenagers but few of us are still married to them 34 years
Pluto's role here cannot be underestimated either because wherever Pluto brings his
influence to bear, obsession is bound to follow . . . ☺
Mars Synastry Aspects
Her Mars is exactly opposite his Leo Sun and square his Scorpio Mars probably making
for some spectacular differences of opinion. It takes someone with a strong sense of
self, as Patrick has with both Sun and Moon in Leo, to be comfortable with these
dynamic Mars aspects in synastry.
Uranus Synastry Aspects
Uranus in synastry works best in small doses because too much Uranus can destroy a
relationship rather than giving it some zip. Lisa's Uranus is conjunct Patrick's Moon
(out-of-sign) and trine his Mars in Scorpio. The Moon in Leo is a rather self-satisfied
placement and probably enjoys the unpredictability of Uranus in this instance [though
I'm also pretty sure there have been emotional fireworks too.]
Uranus trine Mars is a classic synastry aspect for adding more electricity to their
chemistry and is also very good for inspiring creativity too.
Neptune/Sun Synastry Aspect
Lisa's Neptune in Libra does sextile Patrick's Leo Sun in the twelfth house. Here
Neptune is compassionate and understanding with no tendency to deceive and mislead
as he can when square or inconjunct the Sun.
Here we have all the ingredients for an enduring relationship: enough Saturn aspects
for stability without being stifling, Venus and Jupiter for a sense of fun and optimism,
Uranus to keep things from getting boring, some Mercury aspects to aid
communications and lots of Mars for chemistry.
Could the role Pluto plays in their synastry be a factor in the fact they were unable to
have children? It's on the record Lisa did miscarry a couple of times and they wanted
to have children together. Pluto's influence can cause a couple to be almost
obsessively involved with each other and allow little left for a child in a relationship.
The Leo stellium with both Pluto's falls on the cusp of Patrick's twelfth house and leads
me to suspect there is a lot going on behind the scenes here the public will never
know. As a twelfth house person myself I have no problem with this . . .