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When T.J. Trezvant arrived at ACH last July, he
couldn’t walk or sit up, and he had limited
movement in his arms. Doctors determined he
had a rare condition called Guillain-Barre’
Syndrome, and T.J. began the long road to
Pictured: T.J. Trezvant works with a physical
therapist to gain muscle strength.
Companies, individuals, schools and community
groups all over Arkansas organize events to raise
money and awareness for Arkansas Children’s
Hospital and Arkansas Children’s Hospital
Research Institute. On page 12, we profile just a
few that have occured in recent months
Pictured: These budding philanthropists
at Martin Luther King Elementary in
Little Rock were winners in the Math
Connection contest the school held as a
fundraising event for the hospital.
In this issue, we honor hundreds of individuals,
foundations, organizations and corporations for
their annual support of $1,000 and higher for
Arkansas Children’s Hospital and Arkansas
Children’s Hospital Research Institute.
Pictured: Love’s Travel Stops and Country Stores
is a Children’s Miracle Network national
sponsor. Locations throughout Arkansas and
north Lousiana raise money for ACH. Love’s
employees, including, from left, Marc Moore,
Jonnie Leeper, Ted Jones and Deidra Sanders
from the Prescott store, raised $25,000 last year.
President and Chief Executive Officer: Jonathan Bates, M.D.
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President, Arkansas Children’s Hospital Research Institute: Richard F. Jacobs, M.D.
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Morrilton Child Works His
Way Back to a Normal Life —
One, Gradual Step at a Time
■ By Ginger Daril
Trezvant doesn’t talk much, never has. This
quiet, 12-year-old from Morrilton has a story of
endurance and survival to tell, but you’re less likely to
hear it from him. It is best to ask his parents.
In the Neuroscience Clinic at Arkansas Children’s
Hospital, T.J. sits quietly in his Razorback sweatshirt,
wearing ear phones. From the looks of this seventh grader, he should be on the basketball court with his friends
or outside running full speed at the sport of his choice.
He is escorted by his parents, Gertie and Terry Lynn
Trezvant, Sr., both of whom are almost as quiet as their
son. Once T.J. is settled into an examination room, his
mother tells his story.
It began in early July when T.J. thought he had a cold.
It was an upper respiratory infection that was not getting
better; in fact it was getting worse — much worse. After
days of vomiting, T.J.’s mother took him to the doctor
who diagnosed T.J. with a viral infection. The doctor said
there was nothing that could be done for a viral infection
except wait. Gertie was willing to give the illness some
time to improve, but not for long.
“T.J. told me he couldn’t walk and I thought it was
because he was so weak from throwing up,” says Gertie.
“He was weak in his legs and his arms, but when he
started having problems breathing, I knew something else
was wrong.” Gertie took T.J. for another exam where his
doctor noticed signs of something much more than a
viral infection. They referred T.J. to ACH for a reaction
known as Guillain-Barre’ Syndrome.
“I don’t even remember what the doctor said,” says
Gertie. “I didn’t know what it was and I was scared
because I had already seen what it had done to T.J.’s
breathing.” Guillain-Barre’ Syndrome affects approximately one in 100,000 people in the United States, children or
adults of any age. Its cause is unknown, but it is usually
triggered by a viral infection. The immune system begins
attacking myelin-related proteins in the nervous system,
making patients weak and sometimes in a great deal of
It may take a year for T.J. to be physically where he
was last July, but he works with a physical therapist
at least twice a week and continues to build muscle
strength and endurance.
“Paralysis begins in the legs and moves up the
body,” says Dr. Vikki Stefans, a pediatric physiatrist
at Arkansas Children’s Hospital. “When GuillainBarre’ affects the breathing muscles, it becomes a
critical care issue.” T.J. already had reached that
“When T.J. arrived at ACH in July, he couldn’t
walk, couldn’t sit up and had limited movement in
his arms,” says Stefans. “That was in addition to
labored breathing. We were dealing with a dangerous illness, but if managed correctly, nearly all
children recover.” Recovery for T.J. wouldn’t come
until months later, accompanied by a great deal of
pain. He was admitted into the pediatric intensive
care unit (PICU), a critical care area for some of
the most severely ill patients. T.J. began to stabilize
after a couple of days on medication and was
moved out of the PICU into a regular room. The
battle against Guillain-Barre’ had only begun.
“The toughest part was that first week,” says
Terry. “We didn’t know what was going on.” Terry
drove to Little Rock every day to see his son. He
watched for any kind of progress and thought how
this was the first time any of his four, healthy children had battled anything other than the common
“We knew we just had to rely on our faith in
God,” says Terry. “I called T.J.’s illness the ‘Job
syndrome’ because sometimes it’s your turn and
you have to have the mindset that it’s going to
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make you stronger. It’s out of your hands and panicking won’t do you any good.” It was their faith that gave
the Trezvant family their strength.
A chain reaction of problems sent T.J. back to the
PICU where he was put on a ventilator. Ventilator assistance continued for three weeks, even after he
returned to a regular room. Medication known as IVIG
helped reverse the attack on T.J.’s nervous system,
while other meds helped minimize his excruciating
“He couldn’t even sleep with a sheet touching his
skin because it was too painful,” remembers Gertie.
“Any time I had to touch him, his blood pressure shot
up and tears would well up in his eyes because it hurt
so badly. It hurt me, too.” T.J. couldn’t talk because he
still had a tracheostomy tube. Even without the trach,
there would be no talking. He had lost his voice, was
paralyzed up to his neck and had no strength even to
smile. His parents learned to read his lips, which still
could barely move.
T.J. was in good hands, though — his grandmother
made sure of that. She stayed with him every Thursday
through Saturday night, pampering her “T-boy” and
making sure the medical staff knew what was going on
with him day and night. Gertie and Terry brag that
Rosa Trezvant had T.J. on every prayer list in every
country she could find.
“Rehabilitation for Guillain-Barre’ patients is a little
different,” says Dr. Stefans. “Instead of pushing the
muscles to their maximum, you let them rest until they
have reasonable strength, at least against gravity, then
you start to use them.” By late September, it was time
to consider going home. T.J. was still in a wheelchair,
but his progress was remarkable. T.J. was discharged
on September 23, 2004.
Back in clinic, Dr. Esther Tompkins comments on
T.J.’s smile, pointing out that the only other time she
had seen it was the day he was discharged. She gives
him a strength test on every joint of his arms and legs,
before wanting a demonstration of his ability to walk.
“It’s coming,” says Tompkins, a pediatric physiatrist
at ACH. “We’ve still got some work to do though.” It
may take an entire year for T.J. to be physically where
he was last July. Typically, some more severely affected
patients don’t walk again for six months; T.J. was walking only one month after leaving the hospital. Doctors
have given the Trezvants a word of warning, though —
Guillain-Barre’ is chronic and can always return. T.J.
must avoid people with colds or the flu to protect himself from a possible relapse.
T.J. no longer uses a wheelchair or walker for long
distances at school. The school’s physical therapist and
occupational therapist work with him at least twice a
week, while he continues to build muscle strength
and endurance. T.J.’s mom says he is getting stronger
every day. He has worked his way back to a full-time
school schedule, and he is participating in basketball
practices. “He really tries to keep up with the other
boys,” Gertie says. “The coaches have been very
patient and understanding in allowing his participation. The practices have really helped him a lot, both
physically and emotionally.”
Louis and Terri Mahaffey, along with their children
Attison and Coby, presented a $25,000 check to
Arkansas Children’s Hospital on behalf of Martha
and Ron Chapman of New Mexico. Coby Mahaffey
had botchulism as an infant and flew to Arkansas
Children’s Hospital on one of the Angel One helicopters. His father’s job as a financial wholesaler
played a major role in the Chapmans’ donation to
ACH.“One of my financial advisors in Texas got me
together with two of his clients in New Mexico so
that I could tell my story of what ACH did for my
little boy and what we went through as a family,”
Louis Mahaffey said.“They then gave me a check
for $25,000 payable to ACH.” The gift will be used
to purchase a neonatal ventilator.
esearchers at Arkansas Children’s Hospital Research
Institute (ACHRI) and the Arkansas Children’s Nutrition Center
(ACNC) are engaged in clinical, basic science and health services
research for the purpose of treating illnesses, preventing disease
and improving the nutrition and health of children everywhere.
Below is a brief overview of some recent research news. For the
complete story on each, visit the press room 2004 archives page at
$1.6 million Grant to Continue Alcohol Studies
he National Institutes of Health has awarded a grant to ACHRI
to continue on-going research on alcohol and its effects on metabolism. The National Institute on Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse
awarded the five-year grant to extend studies that have been ongoing at the Arkansas facility for 15 years.
The ACHRI study is particularity interested in alcohol’s effect on
certain genes, specifically how alcohol turns these genes on or off.
It also looks at how alcohol and diet, both individually and in
combination, affect metabolism.
The study on alcohol and diet is part of ACNC’s larger work of
looking at all the environmental factors that affect pregnant
women, their developing fetuses and children.
The study shows that the use of soy-based infant formulas could speed up the body’s ability to process medications. For children given medications with a narrow therapeutic range, the recommended dosage could be less effective.
Almost all of the information currently available is based
on adult dosage and adult research, and there is little
known about how infants metabolize medications and what
affects the rate at which it occurs. Researchers are trying to
determine why and if early diet is an important factor.
The results of the study, though they still need to be verified in subsequent studies, point to the connection between
nutrition, neonatal development and pediatric medicines.
The soy study, conducted at the ACNC, is one element
of a large, seven-year, clinical study called The Beginnings
Study. Funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and
the Agricultural Research Service, it is the only study of its
type in the world. The study looks at the overall developmental and health effects of soy infant formula, dairy formula or breast feeding with 100 children in each group.
Study Points to Link Between Risks of
Congenital Heart Defects and Alterations
in Maternal Plasma Biomarkers
ACHRI Tracks Injury Trends to Aid in Prevention
Findings from a study at the Arkansas Center for Birth
are the number one cause of death after children reach
Defects Research and Prevention point to the link between
year old. For more than 12 years, ACHRI has been investigating and developing solutions to help educate the community about
childhood injuries through innovative outreach campaigns.
Researchers specifically look at injuries that are more common
in Arkansas by researching and monitoring statistics from emergency room visits through the hospital trauma registry as well as
death and hospitalization records from the state health department.
Tracking injury statistics helps researchers determine when injury
trends could potentially develop into a dangerous community
ACHRI develops ways to take the knowledge learned through
research and basic science to create a variety of outreach programs
aimed at educating parents and caregivers around the state about
the prevention of injury. Injury Free Coalition for Kids (IFCK),
funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, offers community
education and intervention programs in child passenger safety, fire
and home safety and many others.
ACHRI Study Findings Featured in National Medical Journal
he Journal of Nutrition published findings in its December issue
from a recent study at ACHRI.
babies with congenital heart defects and the presence of
certain plasma biomarkers in the mother.
Congenital heart defects are the most prevalent birth
defect in the United States, where 11 in 1,000 children are
born with some form of the condition. While it is the most
common birth defect, it also is one of the least understood.
Only about 15 percent of heart defects can be attributed to
a known cause.
The study consisted of 314 women: 224 who had children
with congenital heart defects and 90 with children who
were unaffected. All of the women who had children with
heart defects had higher average concentrations of homocysteine and lower average concentrations of methionine.
This study is the first to show the association between
these biomarkers and congenital heart defects, and it is the
first step in identifying a specific metabolic profile in
women who have an increased risk of having children with
these heart defects.
The study is funded through a five-year, $4.5 million
grant from the National Institute of Child Health and Human
The Frueauff Family:
Giving Back As
a Way of Life
■ By Alyssa Anderson
he Charles A. Frueauff Foundation is all about family.
Run by David Frueauff, his mother, Sue Frueauff, and his
sister, Anna Kay Frueauff-Williams, the Frueauff Foundation
is a true family enterprise. But the Frueauff family’s involvement in philanthropy extends way beyond the walls of the
Foundation office.
“When you’re blessed, you have to pass it on,” Sue says.
The Frueauff Foundation, which began in New York in
1950, generously supports higher education, health agencies
and social service organizations. Today, the Foundation
office is located in Little Rock but its mission of “improving
the lives of those in need by making grants to nonprofit
organizations” is the same. Arkansas Children’s Hospital
alone has received more than $700,000 from the Foundation
during the last 20 years.
David says it’s not just the dollars donated that gives
him satisfaction — he feels just as strongly about the gift of
time. Each month, David serves hot lunches to homeless
men and women through Stewpot, and he serves on the
Single Parents’ Scholarship Board. Sue volunteers for
Stewpot and the Arkansas Rice Depot, and Anna Kay works
with the Centers for Youth and Families, the UAMS
Department of Psychiatry and Cathedral Elementary. Anna
Kay also was recently appointed to the Council of
Foundations in Washington, D.C., serving on the advisory
board for family foundations.
She says upbringing has a lot to do with the generous
nature of her family.
“David and I grew up with a single mom who was an
elementary teacher and then went back to school to get her
master’s to be a principal so she could better support her
children,” Anna Kay says. “I think about the people who
helped us and how it would have been different if they had
not been there for the three of us.”
David agrees. “I think that’s why it is personal for us —
because we weren’t raised in this environment at all. We
had youth group leaders who mentored us and we didn’t
know we were being mentored, we had teachers who
watched out for us and we didn’t know we were being
watched. Mom obviously had the most impact on us, but
The Frueauff family (back row, from left):
Melanie and David Frueauff, Anna Kay F.
Williams and Brad Williams. Front row: Tag
Grace, Will Frueauff, Sue Frueauff, Emma
Frueauff and Claire Frueauff.
she had help, and so when we find agencies and
organizations in need, it’s our opportunity to help
someone else.”
The concept of giving back is something both
Anna Kay and David are now trying to pass on to
their children. David has three children: Claire, 9,
Will, 5 and Emma, 3. Anna Kay has one son, Tag,
who just turned 8 years old.
Philanthropy is already a way of life for the children, especially Claire and Tag. Claire feeds the hungry at the River Market once a month, and she adopted a child in Africa through World Vision. Claire and
Tag recently helped feed the homeless in New York
through a program called Midnight Run, and all of
the children donate their outgrown toys and clothes
to charity. Sue got both households a peace pipe
from Heifer International not long ago, and it was a
race to see who could fill their pipe with coins the
fastest. Anna Kay’s house won.
Sue credits David and Anna Kay for passing the
gift of philanthropy on to their children.
“I don’t think we can downplay examples,” she
says. “When parents do things and kids know they’re
doing it, it goes a long way.” Sue says she is grateful
that her children and grandchildren are so much a
part of her life — and a part of each others’ lives.
And she stresses that you don’t have to have a family
foundation to reap the same rewards.
“We grew up giving of our time because we didn’t have any money,” David says. “You don’t have to
have a foundation to help others as a family.
ACH Foundation
Witt Stephens, Jr.
Executive Vice
Stephens Group, Inc.
Little Rock
ACH Board
Rick Watkins
The Watkins Co.
John Bel, ACH Foundation president, and Ashley Coldiron,
ACH Foundation senior vice president for major gifts,
joined other ACH colleagues in honoring Ann Linebarger
(center) at her retirement festivities.
Foundation Says
Goodbye and Hello
In Memory:
Ernest Guy Amsler, Jr.
A longtime friend and board member of Arkansas Children’s
Hospital, Guy Amsler, Jr., of Little Rock, passed away on
December 25, 2004.
A bit of attorney’s work for the
hospital in the ’60s let to Amsler’s
own involvement with the hospital, a
position on the hospital’s Board of
Directors, and a lifetime of volunteer
work on behalf of the children of
Arkansas for him and his wife,
Amsler was on the Board from
1969 until 2001, after which he
became an emeritus member. “In his
35 years of service to this hospital,
Guy never wavered in his support and belief in this institution,” says Dr. Jonathan Bates, president and CEO of ACH.
“In the early days of Guy’s service there were times when it
was uncertain that there would be enough money to keep the
doors open,” says Bates. “But instead of becoming discouraged,
good people like him stayed with this institution and have seen
ACH become a world-class place, thanks in part to their vision
and perseverance.”
n December, ACH and the Foundation bestowed best
wishes to Ann Linebarger, ACH Foundation senior vice
president for annual gifts, as she retired from a distinguished career in education and
non-profit service. Ann’s five-anda-half years at ACH were a time
of fundraising success, staff teambuilding and “friend raising”
Joining the Foundation as vice
president for annual gifts is Fred
Scarborough, CFRE. Scarborough
will be responsible for all annual
giving programs at ACH including
Children’s Miracle Network, direct
mail, community and corporate
events, and auxiliary groups.
Scarborough was most recently
with the Arkansas Symphony
Fred Scarborough
Orchestra where he was director
of development. He holds a bachelor of arts in communications from the College of the
Ozarks in Missouri and a masters of arts from the
Fulbright College of Fine Arts at the University of
Arkansas at Fayetteville. He is recognized by the
Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) as a
Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE) and in 2004
was honored by the Arkansas chapter of AFP as its
Outstanding Fundraising Professional.
Circle of Friends Quarterly
s 2004 came to a close, volunteers in the
18 Circle of Friends chapters around the state
slowed down just a little bit so they could take a
breather before gearing up for a busy spring.
Below is a synopsis of events held OctoberDecember.
Special Events
Arkansas River Valley, Breakfast with Santa, $5,000
Faulkner County, Breakfast with Santa, $1,241
Harrison, Breakfast with Santa, $2,300
Paragould, Christmas Belles & Beaus Pageant, $2,051
Jefferson County, Pine Bluff Board of Realtors Auction,
• Jonesboro, Holiday Tour of Homes, $5,000
• Garland County, Lake Hamilton HS vs. Lakeside HS
fundraiser, $13,307
Members of the Garland County chapter helped the cross-town
rivalry of Lake Hamilton and Lakeside high schools in Hot
Springs use their spirit of competition for a great cause —
raising money for kids at ACH.While they competed to see who
could raise the most, it was the final total of $13,307 that really made a difference. Student leaders were honored by Circle of
Friends at a recent basketball game. From left, representing
Lake Hamilton were Brandon Kopp, Kelli Rasnic, Denise Miller,
Summer Goodman and Andrea Kesterson. COF member and
Lake Hamilton teacher, Tara West, gave recognition to Lakeside
representatives Ashley Goldman, Lauren English and Zane
Join in your area today!
Arkansas River Valley (Pope & Yell counties)
Phone Phrenzy
Phone Phrenzy is an event organized by Circle of Friends
chapters. Volunteers gather for an evening of food, fun
and phoning on behalf of the patients at Arkansas
Children’s Hospital. All callers are encouraged to contact
only friends and family — no cold calling is allowed.
• Lawrence County, $11,000 (up from $6,000 last year)
Kids Caring for Kids
Through the Kids Caring for Kids program, students learn
math, spelling and reading, along with the value of helping others. Participants are rewarded with prizes based on
the money they raise. Circle of Friends chapters work with
schools in their communities to organize these programs.
• Jonesboro/University Heights Elementary,
Kids Caring for Kids Walk-A-Thon, $2,650
Circle of Friends chapters are made up of enthusiastic
committed volunteers. If you would like to be a part of
one of these energetic groups, please contact Circle of
Friends director Cristy Holland Sowell at 501-364-1865 or
[email protected]
Central Arkansas
Faulkner County
Garland County
Izard County
Jefferson County
Lawrence County
Mountain Home
Northwest Arkansas (Benton & Washington counties)
Randolph County
River Delta (Lake Village, Eudora, Portland)
Spring River (Ashley & Chicot counties)
Union County
Western Arkansas (Sebastian & Crawford counties)
Patient Cards
Brighten Holidays
ith the energetic leadership of chairman Janet
Goodwin, and the help of a dedicated committee, the ACH
Auxiliary completed another successful holiday card project. The project is one of several fundraisers coordinated
annually by the Auxiliary. In 2004, the sale of holiday
cards, gift tags and note paper designed by ACH patients
raised $60,000.
Goodwin says one of the great stories from this year’s
project was the attention one of the artists got from his
hometown. James Harris, Jr., 11, of Batesville, was one of
the featured artists of a card this year, and he became
somewhat of a local celebrity. He was chosen to be the
grand marshall for Batesville’s holiday parade. Also, Lyon
College, located in Batesville, chose James’ card as its holiday card and ordered 4,500.
“Yes, this is a fundraising project, but James’ story is a
great example of the other goals of this project,” notes
Goodwin. “We want to introduce people to this hospital
and the patients we serve.”
Rachael Calhoun, age 7, from Benton, was one of
the ACH patients whose artwork was chosen for
the 2004 holiday card project presented by the
ACH Auxiliary.
ACH Auxiliary Organizes
Tasty New Event
he ACH Auxiliary joined Chenal
Country Club to host “A Taste of
Arkansas” in October.
The event featured eats and
treats from more than 25 area
restaurants and caterers who set up
decorated booths for guests to visit.
“Since this was the first time we
did an event like this we really did
not know what to expect,” says
Scott Mason, Auxiliary president.
“The food was great, and they
really went all out in decorating
their booths.” Guests also enjoyed
music by Bob Boyd Sounds and
live and silent auctions.
Approximately 200 people
attended the first-time event.
Mason says the group is very
pleased with the new event and
is planning to continue it next
Gary and Martha Markland check out
the food offerings of Bob’s Bistro and
Catering at the ACH Auxiliary’s “Taste of
Arkansas” event.
Destined to Become a Classic
he ACH Committee for the
Future (CFF) announced it will
combine its two biggest fundraisers into a multi-day event to
maximize participation and support. The Committee for the
Future Golf Tournament and the
South of the Border party will
now become the Arkansas
Children’s Hospital Today’s THV
Committee for the Future has
partnered with Today’s THV for
this prestigious event. Today’s
THV has been the hospital’s
local Children’s Miracle Network
television partner for 21 years
and is committed to the hospital’s mission of providing care,
love and hope for young
Both events will be held at
the Pleasant Valley Country Club
in Little Rock in mid-September.
The party will be on a Saturday
and will feature live and silent
auctions, live music, dancing and
hors d’oeuvres.
On the Monday following the
party, the golf tournament will
kick off with morning and afternoon shotgun starts. The fourperson scramble tournament typically has more than 200 players.
“We have been contemplating
the idea of combining these two
events for some time now, and
several things just started coming
together to help make that idea
reality,” says Mike Cronkhite,
CFF president. “We are thrilled to
have the partnership with
Today’s THV, and with the
opportunity for
through fundraisCommittee for the Future
our members to
ing, educational
Golf Tournament and the
really pull
and community
South of Border party
together to
projects. For
present a
combine into multi-day event! information about
premier event.”
Committee for the Future is an
opportunities for the Arkansas
organization of young professionals
Children’s Hospital Today’s THV
and community leaders in the central
Classic or joining Committee for
Arkansas area who support ACH
the Future, call 501-364-1477.
Festival of Stars, a three-day festival organized by the ACH Volunteer
Services department, was designed to encourage individuals and
organizations to deliver their holiday donations during a designated
period of time. The event was held in the main lobby, and donors were
treated to live musical entertainment and lots of available help for
More than 30 individuals and groups, including this class from
Rison Elementary, brought donations of toys and other items valued at
$147,307. In 2004, total in-kind donations were $334,072, a large
increase over the previous year. Many thanks to the very kind and generous donors who provided a little extra care, love and hope for our
patients during the holiday season.
Honored During
Philanthropy Day
ast November, Wal-Mart was named “Outstanding
Philanthropic Corporation” during Arkansas’ 2004
National Philanthropy Day Awards ceremony. The
event, organized by the Association of Fundraising
Professionals, honors corporations, foundations, organizations and individuals who make a positive difference through philanthropy.
Arkansas Children’s Hospital nominated Wal-Mart
for the honor because of the company’s incredible
support of ACH and many other charitable organizations in Arkansas. In its last fiscal year, Wal-Mart contributed $3.1 million in cash and merchandise to
Arkansas charities — more than $1 million to Arkansas
Children’s Hospital. Through the Children’s Miracle
Network, Wal-Mart/SAM’S CLUB and its associates and
customers annually support 170 children’s hospitals in
North America. The total contribution of Wal-Mart to
CMN hospitals has surpassed $290 million and is now
more than $34 million annually.
Anne Jansen, of Today's THV, presents the "Outstanding
Philanthropic Corporation" award to Betsy Reithemeyer
from the Wal-Mart/SAM'S Club Foundation.
“The support we receive from Wal-Mart/Sam’s Club is
amazing,” says Jennifer Selig, Children’s Miracle Network
director for Arkansas Children’s Hospital Foundation. “The
dedication and commitment of the associates and employees at all levels is what truly makes miracles happen at
ACH and at children’s hospitals across the country. We are
so thankful for these wonderful friends.”
ACH Ranked Among Top 25 Pediatric Hospitals by Child Magazine
survey valid and fact-based,” says Jonathan Bates,
Of the 158 hospitals that make up the National this
M.D., president and CEO of Arkansas Children’s Hospital.
Association of Children’s Hospitals and Research
Institutes (NACHRI), Arkansas Children’s Hospital
is recognized as one of the 25 best children’s
hospitals in the United States.
A 164-question survey determined the hospitals’
standings based on cardiac care, cancer care,
neonatal care, orthopedic care and emergency
medicine. Other areas of interest included survival
rates, number of surgeries, organ transplants, premature births, staff qualifications, nurse-to-patient
ratios, research funding, a variety of family services
and activities to help make a child’s stay in the
hospital more comfortable.
“Unlike many such rankings, the people at
Child magazine have worked very hard to make
“We are delighted to be among the top 25 on this survey.
As we continue to strive for excellence in patient care
and family-focused care, we will recognize this honor as
a positive report card for further improvement.” Child
magazine says its report is “the only comprehensive,
data-driven ranking of these institutions.”
Hospitals considered in the ranking by Child magazine were also evaluated and required to achieve a
certain rating by the Joint Commission on Accreditation
of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO), a nonprofit agency
that conducts on site evaluations of hospital practices.
The advisory board, which contributed to the survey, was
made up of leading pediatric experts from across the
country who are not affiliated with a children’s hospital.
Greek Orthodox Ladies
Philoptochos Society
Arkansas GM Auto Dealers
Host Soggy Tournament
Though early morning storms and a few tornadoes
in central Arkansas delayed play and kept some away,
organizers of the 4th annual Arkansas GM Auto Dealers
Arkansas Children’s Hospital Charity Golf Event were
still able to slosh their way to success. When the 144
soggy golfers made it off both courses at Chenal
Country Club in Little Rock, Kevin Kursonis with GMAC
(left) and Bill Gwatney of Harold Gwatney Chevrolet
(right) presented a check for $43,800 to John Bel, president of the ACH Foundation.
Father Nicolaus Verdaris of Annunciation Greek
Orthodox Church in Little Rock, and church members
Becca Mashing (left) and Janet Alley (right), presented a
$15,000 donation to Carissa Wagnon, senior community
development director for the ACH Foundation (second
from left), from the Greek Orthodox Ladies
Philoptochos Society. ACH is one of a select group of
children’s hospitals to receive a grant from the organization. The Greek Orthodox Ladies Philoptochos
Society, as the philanthropic heart of the Greek
Orthodox Archdiocese of America, has a long tradition
of support for children and the community at large.
Philoptochos means “friends of the poor.” The
donation has been designated for use by ACH’s
cardiovascular intensive care unit.
Kids Caring for Kids
Volunteers Work
the Phones
More than 40 volunteers from the Morrilton
community gathered at
Morrilton Regions Bank
for one evening to
phone friends and family with requests for
donations to ACH. Many
of the callers had personal connections to
ACH, including the
chair of the event
Lawana Lyon, whose
son has been a patient.
In the photo, team
members Pam DePriest
(front) and Pat Eichenberger do their part in the event,
which raised more than $16,000 in just one night.
Eichenberger’s son, JD, who died several years ago
shortly after a heart transplant, was a long-time patient
at ACH.
Students at Martin Luther King Elementary in Little
Rock held a Math Connection contest and fundraising
event for ACH in November. The students raised $1,689
to help kids at ACH. MLK Elementary is just a few
blocks from ACH and is ACH’s “Partner in Education.”
ACH staff members give their time to the school, helping with special events and doing activities in the classroom such as reading to children.
Papa John’s Pizza
Papa John’s locations in central Arkansas have
begun sponsoring “Arkansas Children’s Hospital Pizza
Days” to raise money for ACH. On scheduled days,
Papa John’s donates 20 percent of proceeds from the
sales of certain items to the hospital. Three events have
been held so far and $800 has been raised. Details of
upcoming “ACH Pizza Days” will be listed on the ACH
Foundation events page at
Sissy’s Log Cabin
Sissy’s Log Cabin in Pine Bluff raised $20,000 for
ACH with two holiday events. “A Gift for Everyone”
preview party of jewelry was held on November 30 in
Little Rock, and in the week following that event, Sissy’s
donated a portion of its sales to ACH.
Roll of Honor
2004 Annual Donor
2004 Children’s Circle of Care
The Children’s Circle of Care is a national organization of 22 pre-eminent pediatric hospitals
honoring individuals, family foundations and privately held corporations
who generously give on an annual basis.
Anonymous (8)
Mr. and Mrs. Delbert E. Allen, Jr.
Ben J. Altheimer
Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. John Bale, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Harold B. Barrett
Drs. Jon and Sally Bates
Mr. Raymond Battaglia
Mrs. Boyce W. Billingsley
Mai Banks Blackwell
Charitable Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Hank Browne
Frances and Sam Buchanan
Horace C. Cabe Foundation
Elizabeth and Craig Campbell
Ms. Martha Chapman
The Chatlos Foundation, Inc.
Amy and Eric Chilton
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Sam R. Clark
Pat and Sue Conry
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Cress
Mrs. Mary L. DeFir
Don and Ellen Edmondson Family
Terri and Chuck Erwin
The Linda Cesarski and
Mary Anne Evans Foundation
Don Flanders
Craig and Rebecca Foxhoven
Mrs. Herschel H. Friday
Charles A. Frueauff Foundation, Inc.
The George Family
Good Family Foundation
Barnett and Greer Grace
Mr. and Mrs. Louis T. Hall, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Jim L. Hanna
Mr. and Mrs. George M. Hardwick
Mr. Henry S. Hart
Anne A. Hickman
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Hobbs
Mr. David Hodges
Pauline Johnson
Bill and Sharri Jones
Sissy and Murphy Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Joshua
Mr. J. Luther King, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. LaFrance, Sr.
Dee Ann Landreth
Paul and Chloe Langston
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lyon, Jr.
Mary Trimble Maier
Mrs. Grace E. May*
Mark and Brandee McCaslin
Mr. and Mrs. James E. McClelland
Dorothy Miko
W. C. and Sandy Mills
Ms. Julia Peck Mobley
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Morris
Bobby J. and Laura B. Neill
Nordling Family Foundation
B. C. Pickens Trust
Mr. and Mrs. John Tipton Pugh, Sr.
Ms. Mary Dean Pugh
Sara and Sam Richardson
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Robins III
Win and Lisenne Rockefeller
Doyle W. and Josephine Raye Rogers
Vicki and Mark Saviers
Mr. Lawrence H. Schmieding
Ms. Helen Sharpe
Robert L. and Belinda Shults
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Sicard
Don and Jo Ann Soderquist
Bess Chisum Stephens
Carol and Witt Stephens
Harriet and Warren Stephens
Jackson T. Stephens
Steve and Claudia Strange
The W. P. Sturgis Foundation
The Sunderland Foundation
William H. Sutton
Charles M. & Joan R. Taylor
Carol and Brent Thompson
Trinity Foundation
Sue and Henry Trotter
Mr. and Mrs. John Troutt, Jr.
Irene and Gus Vratsinas
Willard & Pat Walker
Charitable Foundation
Rick and Marcia Watkins
Mrs. Catherine Bellingrath Weiss
Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Whiteside
Patricia Schmieding Williams
Windgate Charitable Foundation
Charles Preston Winters Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lyon, Jr.
Mr. Lawrence H. Schmieding
Roll of Honor
2004 Annual Donor
The following giving clubs recognize individuals, foundations, organizations and
corporations for their annual support of $1,000 and higher. These generous friends help us
provide care, love and hope for the children and families served by Arkansas Children's Hospital
and Arkansas Children's Hospital Research Institute. We honor them here as a way to express
our appreciation for their philanthropic spirit and generous partnership.
ACH Pediatric Radiologists
Ace Hardware Corporation
Acosta Memorial Day Party
Air Transport International
Alcoa Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Delbert E. Allen, Jr.
Alltel Corporation & Alltel Employees
The Ben J. Altheimer Charitable Foundation, Inc.
American Management Corporation Steve and Claudia Strange
Arkansas Best Corp.
Arkansas Children’s Hospital Auxiliary
Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Inc.
Arkansas Ford Dealers Big Bass Bonanza
Arkansas GM Automobile Dealers
Ash Grove Cement Company
Autism Research Institute
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Bale and Family
Mr. and Mrs. Harold B. Barrett
Bass Pro Shops
Mr. Raymond Battaglia
Lee Roy and Melba T. Beasley Foundation
Estate of Zelda I. Berry
Boyce W. Billingsley
Mai Banks Blackwell Charitable Foundation
Blue and You Foundation
Marianna D. Branchcomb Trust
Frances and Sam Buchanan
Horace C. Cabe Foundation
Elizabeth and Craig Campbell
Estate of Russell Carmical
Carmike Cinemas, Inc.
The Linda Cesarski and Mary Anne
Evans Foundation
Ms. Martha Chapman
Charity Challenge of Champions
The Chatlos Foundation, Inc.
Amy and Eric Chilton
Circle of Friends
Arkansas River Valley Chapter
Faulkner County Chapter
Garland County Chapter
Harrison Chapter
Jefferson County Chapter
Jonesboro Chapter
Lawrence County Chapter
Northwest Arkansas Chapter
River Delta Chapter
Spring River Chapter
State Board
Texarkana Chapter
Rocking Chairs
Coalition for Safe Minds
Combined Federal Campaign - Pulaski County
Committee for the Future
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick M. Conry
Corliss Williamson Charitable Fund Legends in the Rock
Credit Unions 4 Kids
Arkansas Credit Union League
Arkansas Federal Credit Union
Telcoe Federal Credit Union
Wright Patman Chapter
Cromwell Architects Engineers, Inc.
Mrs. Mary L. DeFir
Delta Men’s Association, Inc.
Doctors’ Anatomic Pathology Services
Estate of Patrick Earl Dunnahoo
Eckerd Drug Corporation
Don and Ellen Edmondson Family
Entergy Arkansas, Inc.
Terri and Chuck Erwin
Exxon Mobil - B-B Oil Company, Inc., Searcy
Family, Career, and Community
Leaders of America - AR
Estate of Marion “Jack” L. Farmer
Farmers Insurance Charity Invitational
Fed Ex Freightways
First National Bank of Fort Smith
Don Flanders
Estate of James L. Flesher
Estate of Geraldine H. Fletcher
Craig and Rebecca Foxhoven
Fraternal Order of Eagles Grand Aerie #0060
Mrs. Herschel H. Friday
Friday, Eldredge & Clark, LLP
Charles A. Frueauff Foundation, Inc.
Future Business Leaders of America - AR
The George Family, Springdale
Good Family Foundation
Goody’s Family Clothing
Barnett and Greer Grace
Greek Orthodox Archdiocese
Mr. Josh Green
Mildred S. Griffin Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Louis T. Hall, Jr.
Estate of James H. Hamlen, II
Mr. and Mrs. Jim L. Hanna
Mack and Brenda Hardwick
Mr. Henry S. Hart
Anne A. Hickman
Ray and Debbie Hobbs Family Foundation
Mr. David Hodges
J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc.
J.M. Products, Inc. Invitational Charity
Golf Classic
Estate of Herman E. Johnson
Pauline Johnson*
Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Joshua
Estate of Ruby A. Murphy Kennedy
Luther King Capital Management
Kiwanis - Division 19
Fort Smith
Kohl’s Department Stores
Dee Ann Landreth
Paul and Chloe Langston
Larson Family Charitable Unitrust
Log A Load For Kids
Bradley County
Central Arkansas
Drew County
South Central
Log A Load For Kids of Arkansas
Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores
The J.E. and L.E. Mabee Foundation, Inc.
Mary Trimble Maier
Marine Terminals of Arkansas, Inc.
Mrs. Grace E. May*
Mark and Brandee McCaslin
McClelland Consulting Engineers, Inc.
Carl and Alleen McKinney Charitable
McLane Company
Metropolitan National Bank
Dorothy Miko
W. C. and Sandy Mills
Julia Peck Mobley
Estate of Wilma I. Mounce
Bobby J. and Laura B. Neill
Nordling Family Foundation
Nuvell Financial Services Employees
Ottenheimer Brothers Foundation
Frances Y. Payne Irrevocable Trust
Phi Mu Fraternity
B. C. Pinkens Trust
Mary Dean Pugh
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Mr. and Mrs. John Tipton Pugh, Sr.
RE/MAX Associates of Fayetteville
RE/MAX International
Louis Reinacher
Donald W. Reynolds Foundation
Sara and Sam Richardson
Riggs Benevolent Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Robins, III
Winthrop Rockefeller Charitable Trust
SAM’S CLUB - North Little Rock #8266
Vicki and Mark Saviers
Schmieding Foundation, Inc.
Ms. Helen Sharpe
Robert L. and Belinda Shults
Sissy’s Log Cabin
Don and Jo Ann Soderquist
Bess Chisum Stephens
Harriet C. and Warren A. Stephens
Jackson T. Stephens
Carol and Witt Stephens, Jr.
Roy and Christine Sturgis Charitable and
Educational Trust
Rocking Chairs
W.P. Sturgis Foundation
The Sunderland Foundation
Estate of Bertha Talley
Charles M. and Joan R. Taylor Foundation
Trinity Foundation
Sue and Henry Trotter
Mr. and Mrs. John Troutt, Jr.
USA Drug
Union Pacific Foundation
Willard and Pat Walker Charitable Foundation
Benton #0085
Bentonville #2741
Cabot #2587
Clarksville #0066
Clinton #0788
Conway #0005
Hot Springs #0052
Mena #0067
Morrilton #0008
Paragould #0036
Ag Heritage Farm Credit Services Employees
Tony Alamo Christian Ministries
Don and Dianne Allen
Arkansas League of Savings Inst.
Arkansas State Horse Show
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Ball
Drs. Jon and Sally Bates
Blevins Community Bar-B-Que
Blockbuster - Flickers Management
Ms. Jenette Buchanan
Ms. Katherine Raye Burnett
Estate of Ruth Bowen Campbell
CDI Contractors, LLC
Circle of Friends
Izard County Chapter
Magnolia Chapter
Monticello Chapter
Paragould Chapter
Union County Chapter
Concord Confections - Dubble Bubble Bubble Gum
Credit Unions 4 Kids - Cooperative Extension Services
Federal Credit Union
David and Samantha Crews
Paula and Danny Day, Jr.
Carrie R. Dickinson
Mr. and Mrs. Haskell L. Dickinson
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Dierks
Fred W. Edick
Exxon Mobil Corporation
Exxon Mobil - Blackmon Oil Company, Inc., Glenwood
Mrs. Joan R. Farris
Marilyn and Edward Fincher
AR Firefighters Local 0034
Firestone Tube Company
Foreman United Fund, Inc.
Foundation Resource Management
Alan and Dana Garland
Betty and Martin Gilbert
Goody’s - Jonesboro #191
John A. Henson Trust
Dr. and Mrs. B. L. Hill Family Charitable Trust
Isle of Capri Casino & Entertainment Resort
Red Wagons
Jake’s Dry Goods
Kappa Delta - Zeta Gamma
BRM Foods, Inc., Searcy
Fowler Foods, Inc., Jonesboro
Ed and Judy Ligon
Betty A. Lowe, M.D.
Dr. and Mrs. Jack Lyon
Alexander and Bo MacInnis for Michelle
Malco Theatres, Inc.
Timothy W. Martin, M.D.
Debbie and Clyde McCaslin
Mr. and Mrs. James E. McClelland
Larry and Betty Jo McClendon
Murphy Oil Corporation
Estate of Alice S. Nordin
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Oakley
Olive & Bette’s Co., Inc.
Mr.* and Mrs. Merle Peterson
Phi Mu - Epsilon Rho - Lyon College, Batesville
Plum Creek Foundation
Mr. Lester Price
Real Estate Connection of Cabot
J. C. Rhew, Jr. Charitable Trust
Rite-Aid Corporation
River of Hope
Win and Lisenne Rockefeller
Little Rock #8104
Texarkana, TX #8295
The Schueck Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Sicard
Smokehouse Bar-B-Que
Estate of G. C. Sparks
Superior Industries International, Inc.
Celia Swanson
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Swope
Sherwood #1105
West Monroe, LA #0307
Wal-Mart Distribution Center
Bentonville #6008
Bentonville #6094
Bentonville #8098
Bentonville #8600
Clarksville #6082
Fort Smith #6007
Searcy #6018/6003
Wal-Mart/SAM’S CLUB Foundation
Rick and Marcia Watkins
Mrs. Catherine Bellingrath Weiss
Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Whiteside, III
Will Fish 4 Kids
Will Golf 4 Kids
Patricia Schmieding Williams
Windgate Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Charles Preston Winters Foundation
Drs. Bonnie and David Taylor
Tom’s Tavern
United Way of Pulaski County, Inc.
Col. Roger R. and Jo Anne Utley
Ash Flat #0160
Atlanta, TX #0226
Bentonville #0100
Bentonville #8019
Bentonville #8501
Bentonville #9050
Bentonville #9740
Bossier City, LA #0376
Center, TX #0364
Conway #2575
Corning #0235
DeQueen #0279
El Dorado #0530
Fayetteville #0144
Fayetteville #0359
Fort Smith #0388
Hot Springs #0261
Jonesboro #0045
Jonesboro #0128
Jonesboro #0149
Malvern #0127
Minden, LA #0087
Monticello #0348
Mount Pleasant, TX #0131
New Boston, TX #0181
Poteau, OK #0031
Rogers #0001
Russellville #0058
Ruston, LA #0023
Siloam Springs #0004
Springdale #0054
Texarkana, TX #2123
Van Buren #0016
Winnsboro, LA #0976
Wal-Mart Distribution Center
Searcy #6818
Walton Family Foundation, Inc.
ABC of Arkansas
American Dairy Queen Corporation
Ashley County Fox Hunters Association
Mr. and Mrs. Benny Baker
Bale Chevrolet Employees
Jackie and Bob Barker
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Barnes
Mrs. Ann W. Basore
Tom and Trudy Baxter
Judy and John Bel
Belz • Burrow
Betty’s Homes, Inc./Abercrombie Real Estate
Bike Night-A-Gathering
Blockbuster - Southern Stores, Inc.
Dr. and Mrs. Charles M. Bower
Ms. Dorothy P. Brown
CV Corporation
Carmike Cinemas
Fort Smith #157701
Little Rock #157745
Cave City Watermelon Festival
CenterPoint Energy
CenturyTel, Inc.
Child and Youth Pediatric Day Clinics, Inc.
Mary Anna Chop Charitable Trust
Christ the Rock Church
Circle of Friends
Randolph County Chapter
Western Arkansas Chapter
Citizens Bank & Trust Co. - Van Buren
Clark County
Stuart and Jim Cobb
Robert R. Combee
Cooper Tire & Rubber Company
Crossmark - Bentonville
Dairy Queen - Batesville #0010505
English Vending
Exxon Mobil
B-B-F Oil Company, Pine Bluff
FBLA - Manila Junior High School
AR Local 0879
AR Local 2030
AR Local 3718
First National Title Company
Garver Engineers
General Growth Properties, Inc. - Mall St.
Hot Springs #205
Benton #215
Paragould #266
Teddy Bears
Mr. and Mrs. James Graves
Hatcher Family Foundation
Hawkeye Truck & Trailer Sales Inc.
International Paper Co. Foundation
Richard Jackson, M.D.
K B X, Inc.
Dr. Charles E. Kemp
Kiwanis - Batesville
The Krestwood Plaza LLC
Marcille and J.E. Lawrence
Gianne Graves Long
Love’s - Little Rock #236
Marriott International, Inc.
Miller Hardware Company, Inc.
Dr. and Mrs. J. Malcolm Moore
National Association of State Fire Marshals
Mrs. Sidney M. Nisbet
Jeffrey Westbrook Nolan
Nolan Foundation
Novo Nordisk Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
OES - Grand Chapter
Old Town Cruisers
PBL - Great Rivers Technical Institute
Phi Beta Lambda - AR
Phi Delta Theta - University of Arkansas Fayetteville
Phi Mu - NEA Alumni Chapter
Janice and Bob Powell
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Price
Drs. Jane and Michael Prince
Priority Insurance Agency, Inc.
R. D. Contracting Company, Inc.
RE/MAX First of Russellville
RE/MAX Real Estate Results of Bentonville
Mr. and Mrs. Willard Reese
Fort Smith #8134
Springdale #8209
Mr. and Mrs. Loyde Shaver
The Smile Train, Inc.
Dr. Sam and Nancy Smith
Sonshine Academy
Danetta Stewart
Superior Federal Bank
Swamp Riders Club, Inc.
Tap Magic Division of Steco Corporation
Teletype Pioneer Club
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Thomas
Ultramar Diamond Shamrock
Bossier City, LA #0380
Texarkana, TX #4533
United Steelworkers of America - Local 769
University Heights Elementary School
Bossier City, LA #4199
New Boston, TX #4522
Estate of Lee and Lois Vaughan
J. Michael Vollers, M.D.
Charles Wesley Wagner, M.D.
Alma #0358
Bastrop, LA #0098
Bentonville #9052
Bentonville #9101
Bentonville #9106
Bentonville #9109
Bentonville #9351
Booneville #0055
Brinkley #0084
Broken Bow, OK #0117
Crossett #0167
Dardanelle #0296
Fayetteville #2745
Fort Smith #0125
Fort Smith #0141
Greenwood #3231
Heber Springs #0281
Hope #1065
Jacksonville #0024
Little Rock #0126
Magnolia #0083
Marshall, TX #0918
Nashville #0033
Newport #0018
North Little Rock #0007
Oak Grove, LA #1108
Paris #0230
Pine Bluff #0241
Pocahontas #0071
Rogers #3479
Sallisaw, OK #0047
Searcy #0157
Sheridan #0336
Sherwood #2743
Shreveport, LA #0450
Stuttgart #0102
Vivian, LA #0116
Walnut Ridge #0057
Estate of Delores Warabow
Melma M. Weir
White Oak Two Steppers
White Rodgers/Emerson Electric
100.3 The Edge
A.B.A.T.E - District 1
ACH Child Enrichment Center
Ace Construction, LLC
Judy and Don Adams
Mr. and Mrs. Harold P. Adams
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin B. Alderson, Jr.
All Souls Church
Charlotte Allen
Valerie Alsante
American Taekwondo Association
Amvets Auxiliary
Anderson Propane of Bergman
Anesthesiologist Professional Assurance
Arkansas Farm Bureau Federation
Arkansas Moose Association
Arkansas Valley Mustang Club
Mrs. Mary Ann Ritter Arnold
James Aronson, M.D.
Mr. and Mrs. William Arthurs
Auntie Anne’s Pretzels Corporation
Auntie Anne’s Pretzels - Ft. Smith #101
Backwood Trail Riders
Betty W. Baird
H. J. Baker & Bro., Inc.
Bale Chevrolet Employees
Bank of America
Bank of America Matching Gifts Program
Jennifer and Greg Barnes
Mr. Paul Barringer
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence F. Bauman
Mr. Lou Bedell
Ms. Christie Berner
Beta Club - Bryant High School North
The Bicycle Outfitter
Mr. and Mrs. Sid L. Brain
Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Branton
Mrs. Ann Brown
Fred I. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Karl Buff
James and Patty Burge
Burrell Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. David Burrough
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Calhoun
Cameron Construction Company
The Capital Hotel
Building Blocks —
Carmike Cinemas - Hot Springs #077026
Mr. Jack Carmon
Carney Investment Company
Cars for Kids - Southern Style, Inc.
Dr. Patrick and Peggy Casey
Center Hill First Baptist Church
Mr. Phil Chambliss
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Chapman
Mr. and Mrs. David Childs
Christmas Scramble Fund
Circle of Friends Central Arkansas Chapter
Martha and Ron Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Sam R. Clark
Clear Creek Coon Hunters Association
Ashley and David Coldiron
Coleman Co.
Combined Federal Campaign - Texarkana, TX
Ms. Helen P. Conry
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Coughlin
Crackerbox Food Stores
Larry and Janett Crain
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Cravens
Credit Unions 4 Kids
Arkansas Best FCU
Arkansas Employees Federal Credit Union
Arkansas Health Center Federal Credit Union
Diamond Lakes Federal Credit Union
Northeast Arkansas Federal Credit Union
Pine Bluff Cotton Belt Federal Credit Union
Potlatch Federal Credit Union
Tru Service Federal Credit Union
Union Pacific Federal Credit Union
Village People’s Federal Credit Union
Crowley’s Ridge Cruisers
Jo Ann Cubit
Kevin Scott Dalrymple Foundation
Arkansas Distributive Education Clubs of
Mr. George Delaughter
Ms. Sarah J. Deskin
Don Houff Plumbing Company
Ronnie Duffield Gravel Company
Dr. and Mrs. W.T. Dungan
East Camden Cumberland Presbyterian Church
Eckerd Drug
Shreveport, LA #0557
Shreveport, LA #0566
Kathleen and James D. Eiss
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Erwin
The Esch Family Fund
Exxon Mobil - Magness Oil Company, Gassville
Exxon Mobil - South Arkansas Oil Company,
El Dorado
Cave City High School
Greene County Tech School
Hamburg High School
Nettleton High School
Rogers High School
East Poinsett County High School
Hope High School
Mountain View High School
Smackover High School
FOE - Hawg Country #4416
Mr. Paxton Farese
Mr. and Mrs. Harry E. Farmin
Fellowship of Christian Anglers Society
Mr. and Mrs. Hubert L. Ferguson
Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift Fund
AR Local 0033
AR Local 3392
Sarah Fitch, M.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Hampton Fontenot
Jay Foreman and Carol Tucker Foreman
Mrs. Florence Fortin
Mr. and Mrs. Wallace W. Fowler, Sr.
Linda Sue Frank
Mr. Jeff Freeze
Kathy Frein
Sally and Elvin Frick
Mr. Steven A. Friedman
Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Fuller
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Fuller
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Furr
Charlotte and Jim Gadberry
*Mr. Sheridan F. Garrison
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Gawenda
George’s, Inc.
General Growth Properties, Inc. - Mall of St.
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Givens
George and Linda Gleason
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Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Glenn
Fort Smith #192
Searcy #224
Russellville #235
Rogers #278
Conway #285
North Little Rock #298
Ruston, LA #339
Carolyn and Scott Gordon
Edward Grauman
Ellen M. Gray
S. Bruce Greenberg, M.D. and Lynn A. Greenberg
Greenwood Cycle Park Riders
Greers Ferry Anglers
Gary and Jan Griffin
HOSA - Stuttgart High School
Albert R. and Betty Hammon
Mrs. Mary Warnock Harsh
Ms. Margaret Hatchett
Mrs. Loretta Hatfield
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Hawkins, Jr.
Haymond James, Inc.
Health Occupations Students of America - AR
Mr. and Mrs. Howell H. Heck
Hershey Chocolate USA
Hickory Hill Pharmacy
Mrs. Earl T. Hinkle
Holcomb Elementary School
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Holmes
Home IV Specialist Julia C. Robinson -Turner
Hopeful Beginnings Thrift Store
Don Houff Plumbing Company
Mrs. Margie J. Houff
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Howe
Catherine and Ron Hughes
Richard and Gladys Hughes
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Hunt
Mr. and Mrs. Harry S. Hurst
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hussman
Illumination Station, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Jackson
Richard F. Jacobs and Penni Jacobs
Jaeco Orthopedic Specs, Inc.
Building Blocks —
Drs. Charles and Laura James
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Kisor Enterprises
Intercity Club - White Hall
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Kiwanis and Key Club International
Sarah G. Klein, M.D.
Mr. and Mrs. William Knoedl
Claire and Adam Kohler
Mr. George Kostelnik, Sr.
Dr. Patti J. Kymer
La Petite Roche
Laidlaw Education Services #923
Jerry Langley Oil Co, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Vance Lawson
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Lee
Delmer C. LeMarr
Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Leonhardt
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lindemann
Ann and Jerry Linebarger
Ms. Tabitha H. Lipscomb
Love’s - Greenwood, LA #209
Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores
Morrilton #267
Prescott #277
Deitha and John Lowe
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Mack
Magic Springs & Crystal Falls
Magnolia Soap Box Derby Association
Nancy Cooper Maier
Mrs. Ruby Marshall
Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary School
Masons, McNeil Lodge 440
Mr. and Mrs. David Matthews
Grace W. May
J.C. McClain
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McCormick Baptist Church
Tena and Melvin McCoy
Mary Ann McGinnis
Medical Services of Northwest Arkansas, Inc.
Merrill Lynch & Co. Foundation, Inc.
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Mary and Mark Millsap
Miniature Horse Club of Northwest Arkansas
Mixon, Parker & Hurst, PLC
Mobley Construction Company
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Mr. and Mrs. Gerald E. Young
RimRockers Rock Patients’ World
Team members of the Arkansas RimRockers, Little Rock’s new American Basketball Association
team, visited Arkansas Children’s Hospital on December 15, 2004. The players posed for pictures with patients and signed autographs. They also took time to visit patients at the bedside.
“It was jam packed,” says Child Life director Gloriane Kabat. “Lots of kids came to visit as well
as the parents.” In this picture, patient Corley Day smiles for a photo with RimRocker Scotty
Arkansas Children’s Hospital Foundation
800 Marshall Street/Slot 661
Little Rock, AR 72202-3591
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magazine from the Arkansas Children’s Hospital Foundation in the future. Arkansas Children’s
Hospital Foundation, ACHiever magazine, 800 Marshall St., Slot 661, Little Rock, AR 72202.
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