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B6 | Thursday, October 23, 2008 |
Lexington County Chronicle & The Dispatch-News |
Gilbert High School honors custodians
ast week Gilbert
Denise Birt made a
High School cel50th anniversary cake
ebrated its custodiwith a picture of all of
ans and housekeepers
the graduates on the
with Custodian Appretop layer. Speedy said
ciation Week. GHS coneveryone had a great
siders its workers the
time and left with
Ú many happy memories
,"1 Ê,/
best because they work
so hard keeping the school clean and orderly.
to cherish.
Some of the teachers at GHS say one of the
congratuLations to dEnisE Birt who
won a champion blue ribbon for her bluebiggest perks of working at GHS is because it
berry bread recipe at the S.C. State Fair. Deis such a clean school and without the custonise also won six first place ribbons and six
dial staff this would not be so evident every
second places ribbons at the fair for a variety
day. The custodians and housekeepers each
were given a huge beautiful autumn mum for of dishes she prepared.
their hard work.
congratuLations to ELLEn hErBkErsspEEdy fuLmEr tELLs us he and his wife
man, a sixth grade social studies teacher at
Shirley recently attended his 50th high
Gilbert Middle School who received the honschool reunion with Gilbert High’s class of
or of being GMS Teacher of the Year.
1958. Speedy said the reunion was at Jackie
Boy schooL troop 60 of Gilbert is selling
Hites Barbecue with 15 of his 20 classmates
popcorn as a fundraiser to help with the cost
of 1958 attending. He said everyone was
of building a new Scout Hut. Troop 60 is
given recently discovered pictures of the
selling microwaveable popcorn for $7 a box,
1958 graduating class. In 1958 A. L. Harpre-popped caramel popcorn for $20 and dimon was the principal of Gilbert High
et caramel popcorn for $25 a can. If you
School and the school was located where
would like to help out the scouts call Kim
Gilbert Elementary School currently is.
Camble at 309-6712 for more information.
Speedy said Mary Lewis, a Home EconomthE hoLLow crEEk community Club
members will have their 50th anniversary
ics teacher at GHS in 1958 was their guest of
honor at the reunion. Instead of a formal pro- celebration this Saturday, Oct. 25th at the
HCCC building. If you are a former member
gram or entertainment, everyone just shared
memories of their school days at Gilbert High and would like to attend please call Pat Fulmer at 893-3755.
Capt. Randall Scott - Richland Co. Sheriff’s Dept.
David Adams - Richland Co. Treasurer
Adelle Stanley - Alzheimer’s Assoc. of SC
Cathy Novinger - Midlands Housing Alliance
Katherine Spillar - Feminist Majority
Jim Rex - SC Superintendent of Education
Fall is family fun at Harmon’s!
Where everyday feels like a holiday
We have something new...”Country Cooking Lunch”
Menu changes daily. See our website for current menu.
We’ve been creating family memories since 1914.
3152 Augusta Hwy (US 1)
Gilbert, SC
(between Lexington & Gilbert — just minutes from I-20)
(803) 359-4454
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46)7)287 %2 ):)2-2+ ;-8,
Fall Festivals are everywhere
t. James Lutheran will
val will be held on the bus
be celebrating their fall
loop in front of the school,
festival this Saturday
off of Old Orangeburg Road.
night, Oct. 25, from 6 to 8
if that’s not Enough
6 Ê"6,
p.m. with a Trunk-Or-Treat
family fun on Saturday alÀi`L>˜Ž˜iÜÃJÞ>…œœ°Vœ“
event for all the children of
ready, our local Red Bank
the community. They’ll have
Piggly Wiggly will be having
hot dogs, a cakewalk, and
a party of their own that afgames available, so dress
ternoon from noon until 4
,"1 Ê,Ê up the kids. Because it was
p.m. for Halloween. There
scheduled prior to the implementation of this will be a costume contest, coloring contest,
year’s first community-wide Trunk-Or-Treat
trick or treating and games.
that will happen on the 31st, this event is in
Last wEEk thE chiLdrEn and staff of Sonaddition to St. James’ participation in that,
shine Days Preschool celebrated National
not in place of it.
Fire Safety Education Week. Special storyThe end result is that Red Bank residents
books, songs, crafts, snacks, and puppets
will get two weekends worth of treats, never
were used to teach the children about forest
a bad thing, in my opinion.
fire prevention, smoke detectors, how to
Enjoy gamEs, ridEs and food during the
“Get Low and Go!”, to “Stop, Drop, Cover
PTO fall festival at Saxe Gotha Elementary,
and Roll”, and about calling 911.
which will be held this Saturday from 10
Preschool Director Ana Andrews got into
a.m. until 1 p.m. Wristbands for rides and
the act, dressing up in full fireman’s suit and
games are $8 in advance, $10 at the door,
helmet as the week was capped off by a visit
with chicken and hot dog dinners available
from the Red Bank Volunteer Fire Departfor $5 in advance, $7 at the door. The festiment and its shiny fire truck.
Governor, Comptroller speak to Rotary
ov. Mark Sanford visWanda Harrill, Jim Stork,
ited the Rotary Club
Dorothy Abbott, Danielle
of Chapin Sunrise last
Wells, Colton Cromer, Joshweek as he made his way
ÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊʓ>ޜÀÃÌ>˜£J>œ°Vœ“ ua Beaver, Andrew Dailey,
through the state talking
Andy George, Addison
about conservative reforms
Houmiel, James Rister, Lynhe will push in the next year.
da Steele, Christopher
With him were ComptrolÚ Rauch, Belle Anne Harrell,
,"1 Ê
ler General Richard EckKenny Boling, Sharon Derstrom, Rep. Nikki Haley (Rham, Sheri Dickert, Jim
Lexington) and S.C. Policy Council President Bales, Crystal Lester, Susan Johnson, Becky
Ashley Landess. They spoke about spending
Bradstreet, Matthew Darnell, Spencer
limits, government restructuring, transparBrown, Blair Baldwin Jr., Justin Lane Smith.
ency and ethics laws.
On Oct. 25; Gena Michelle Shields, Will
Sanford is calling for legislation to limit
Jenny, Jessica Bonner, Jody Shealy, Betsy
spending increases to the growth in populaEdgerton, D.L. Jordan, Juanita Carlton, Fran
tion plus inflation, and for creation of a DeSox, Becky Grooms, Jo Lynn Trussell, Wilpartment of Administration, which would
liam Warren Smetana, Stacia Neuberg, Phylperform many of the functions now assigned lis Peterson, Becky Ebert, Adrienn Grimsley,
to the state Budget and Control Board.
Izobella Steude, Randy Bkundrick, Dean SuHe said it would give the governor respon- ber, Glenda W. Wigham, Carolyn Bickley,
sibilities held by governors in the other 49
Monica Lewis, Bella McWatty, Austin Ray.
states. South Carolina is the only state with
On Oct. 26; Jennifer Waites, Richard
a Budget and Control Board.
Wilkins Jr., John Hay Burriss Jr., Robert
Rep. Haley has proposed legislation which Shealy Jr., Louise Lindler, Julie Harris, Henry
would require roll-call votes on certain legis- Duvall, Abigail Shaw, Harold Rickard, Jennilation, including every section of the budget, fer Kerr, Mikey McCue, Jared Newell, Jonasecond reading on all bills, third reading on
than Osorio, Wendy Stahl, Margie Davis,
any bills that were changed after second
Grason Crocker, Lexie Ricard, Freddy Sox,
reading and committee reports.
Ann Spotts, Judi Platt, Samantha Blanchard,
Comptroller General Eckstrom noted that
Blake Bonds.
one way the state has started to hold itself
On Oct. 27; Kelvin Frick, Mac McAlister,
more accountable is through a Web site,
Eunice Cumalander, Whitney Lindler, David, which reports where
Burke, Elizabeth Reed, Sandy Whiting, Lethe state is spending its money.
sha Bundrick, Louis Kolb, Lori Morris, Pat
He said there also is a bill on the table call- Randolph, Claudia Young, Mallory Olivia
ing for local governments to post where they Stokes, Carson Hicks, Johnnie Snipes, Joyce
are spending their money.
Loper, Dennis Suber, Kathy Truluck, Angela
Policy Council President Landess said,
Sarvis, Lisa Spigner, Matthew Hamby, Peter
“We need to ban taxpayer-funded lobbyists.
Why should the public have to foot the bill
On Oct. 28; Doug Pittman, Emily Morgan,
for government to influence itself? That’s a
Joy Hinds, Bryce Overcash, Dylan Thomas,
lot of what’s wrong with Columbia .”
Emily Morgan, Jim Allonier, Jake Breland,
happy Birthday on oct. 23; Joseph Wess- Debbie Stevenson, Ken Allen, Ryan McCrary,
Michael Weaver, Carlyn Aldrich, Kendall Alinger, Brett Ringer, Dean Cauley, Sasha Bridrich, Ashleigh Mitchem, Blaire Wicker,
quette, Jim Luther, Taylor Thomas, Tami
Christine Boland, Susan Koon, Geraldine TaRuczko, Shawn Wood, John Kinard, Bonnie
ta, Ritchie Tidwell, Ouida Buchan, Stacey
Bickley, Katherina Lyden, Ola Poole, Billy
Weatherford, Cliff McElveen, Mark Slice,
Trussell, Mike Takach, Dene Cauley, Carolyn
Dorothy Chapman, Jonathan Whitlock, ElizGee, Lisa Barr, Jeremy Moseley, Daniel Kale
abeth McFadden, Joshua Wells, Kenny CoRhame, Emily Nowell, Sarah Burke, Janie
Gowans, Jessica Williams, Carolyn Stockdell, malander.
On Oct. 29; Rita Cumalander, Jenny
Ashley Wessinger, Joey Wessinger, Harry
Marks, Erin Rivers, Dinah Hegler, Annette
Galloway, Zane Stoudemire, Sara Mae BeCaudill, Ashley Hugg, Jill Manning, Billy
denbaugh, Delores Smith, Frank Rizzo, MilHardin, Ernie Hollingsworth, Mark Kroll, Titon Marx, Kendrick Smith, Diane Boncordki Wilkes, Noah Wheaton, Doris Corley, Judo, Alicia Diaz.
lian Addy, Bill Fajardo, John Brown, Jimmy
On Oct. 24; Marc Daraban, Lisa Falsetti,
Dunbar, Andrew Peterson, Jack Grimes, HarVictor Gonzalez, Anita Hicks, Peggy Holt,
riet Clement.
Randy Shuler, Kelly Winters, Nikki Moore,