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Y|Üáà V{Ü|áà|tÇ exyÉÜÅxw V{âÜv{
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~ MILESTONES: Happy birthday and God’s blessings ~
Jan 27 Andy V
Feb 2 Joey H
Jan 29 Michelle V
Freda S
Jan 31 Sonja D
Kurtis T
Greta P
Feb 3 Amanda B
Rob V
Feb 6 Karin S
Feb 1 Jason P
Feb 7 Adrian S
Gavin B
Marc Hoogstad (youth pastor)
1105 Exmouth Street
1934 – 2015
The purpose of First Church in Sarnia is:
The love of God is celebrated.
The love of God is shared.
The love of God mobilizes us to care.
Sunday, January 25, 2015
ELCOME to all this morning! It is good to gather and be reminded of our
true identity – sons and daughters of the Most High King. Welcome to our guests. We
hope that you will feel welcome among us. Please take a moment to sign our guest book
in the entrance way, and if we can be of further assistance to you, please do not hesitate
to call upon the “Host Couple”, any of the elders, or the church office.
Today is Cadet Sunday and so we extend a special welcome to all of our Cadets and
Cadet Counselors as they participate in this morning’s service. We praise God for the
Cadet program within our church and pray that through this ministry, our boys may be
challenged to offer their lives to Jesus and to live for His glory.
This morning we welcome Mr. Jerry Roukema, and this evening Pastor Steve
Dozeman, We are thankful for their presence with us here today and pray that God will
bless them as they bring His Word; and us as we listen and respond to that Word.
Following this morning’s worship service, everyone is invited to join us
downstairs in the fellowship hall for a time of conversation and coffee, tea or
juice. The prayer room upstairs is also always open after the service, and
there will be people there to pray for you for whatever concern you may have.
Our Church Family: Sandra V received the news that her brain tumour is
malignant. Chemo and radiation treatments will be needed.
Sharon L remains in Bluewater Health, receiving rehab for her broken ankle. They are
still looking for a respite care facility, where she can receive care for a few weeks until
she is ready to go home.
Hillie E is receiving loving care at the Hospice Center. Gordon and family spend a lot of
time with Hillie. Please pray for the family during these last days together.
Redeemer~ John H’s blood count again did not allow for him to have his fourth
chemotherapy treatment last week. He will begin his radiation treatments this week in
London. Please pray for safety in travels and for healing.
Pastor Jack had his first chemotherapy treatment on Thursday. He will be receiving
heavy doses which are expected to create strong side effects. Pray for strength,
encouragement and healing as he receives these treatments.
Next Week:
AM: 1. Ministry Shares 2. Calvinist Cadet Corps
PM: Diaconate
AM: 1. Ministry Shares 2. Bible League of Canada
PM: Diaconate
~Deacon’s Corner~
Our second morning offering is for the Calvinist Cadet Corps. The goal of the Calvinist
Cadet Corps is to provide Christian Men with a structure, program, and materials that
are uniquely designed to help boys grow spiritually in all areas of life – devotional,
mental, physical, and social. Our offering will provide the funds needed to develop the
tools required for this task.
Our evening offering is for the diaconate. Our deacons provide local financial support to
families both within and outside of our fellowship.
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~Our thanks today to~
Serving Elders/Deacons:
A M: *Shirley K, Alex K, Jake V, Jack T
P M: *Shirley K, Alice R, Diane P, JT S
Bert and Liz L, Jake and Lucille V
Michael and Ethel D
Ushers: Patti K, Mitch V
Nate S
Projection Tech: Sandy S
Sunday School:
John D, Adam K, Cheryl S, William S
Prayer Room:
Fred Z, Diane P
Library Attendants: Jeannine S, Helen S, Kelly V
Lisa R, Nicole S, Jeannine S, Mikayla V
ANNIVERSARY - Our 81st church anniversary falls on Thursday, February 5th. To
celebrate the blessing of another year, please join us in the fellowship hall on Sunday
February 1st for coffee and cake after the morning service. Hartelijke gefeliciteerd met
de verjaardag van je kerk! (Congratulations on the anniversary of your church!)
Coffee Servers:
Sound Tech:
~Scheduled for Next Sunday, February 1, 2015~
Serving Elders/Deacons:
A M: *Gerry V, Pete V, JT S, Jack T
P M: *Bert H, Freda S, Harry V, Dianna B
Clint and Leeanna H, Clarence and Alice V
Michael and Ethel D
Ushers: Dora B, John R
Sound Tech:
Sean S
Projection Tech: John P
Sunday School: Alice V, Claire V, Stacey H, Lauren T
Prayer Room:
Pete and Linda W
Library Attendants: Tracey Z, Margriet S, Betty B
Amanda Z, Kelly V, Stephen N, Ashley S
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Coffee Servers:
NOMINATIONS FOR ELDERS AND DEACONS: It is the time of year when we need to
think and pray about nominations for elders and deacons. Retiring elders are Ed D, Bert
H, Alex K, and Diane P, and retiring deacons are Brian H, Carol P, and Freda S. Please
take a moment to thank these people for their faithful service.
We require 4 new elders and 3 new deacons and offices are open to both men and
women who are confessing members. Please prayerfully consider who you feel are
gifted for these tasks and submit their names in writing or by email to Harry V
[email protected] . It is suggested you take a moment to speak with those you are
nominating to encourage them. Pray that those nominated will consider this a calling
from God and trust in his equipping for the task.
Combined Executive meeting Tuesday February 10, 2015 at 7:00pm at Redeemer CRC
Full Council meeting Tuesday February 17, 2015 at 7:30pm at First CRC
Council RETREAT Saturday February 21, 2015, Nick’s Family Restaurant, 1716 London
Line, at 8:00 a.m. (park in the back)
POT LUCKS: It's that time of year again! The beginning of each New Year can bring
such hope and promise; not to mention some good times of fellowship with friends and
family! We invite you to join us in celebrating the blessings of another New Year with
your congregational district at the Annual District Pot Lucks. Please bring a main dish as
well as either a salad or a dessert. Single people who are not able to prepare a large
dish are encouraged to bring whatever you can, or at very least just bring yourself!
Districts 1, 3, 5 and 7 will be on January 25 (that is TODAY). Districts 2, 4, 6, and 8 will
be on February 22. If you are unsure of which district you are in, please refer to the lists
on the bulletin board located on the wall adjacent to the library on the back of the
HEALTHFUL REMINDER - At this time of year, especially, the spread of illness from
viruses and bacteria can happen very quickly and affect a large number of people. Many
of us will bounce back pretty quickly, but we should consider those with health conditions
that may complicate their ability to fight off illness. With that in mind, please remember to
practice frequent and thorough hand-washing, particularly if you will be greeting people,
serving food or drink, caring for babies or toddlers, or will be in contact with someone
with a compromised immune system. If you have been in close contact with someone or
you yourself have been sick, please consider staying home for 48 hours after exposure,
or after symptoms are gone. If you are a scheduled greeter and would prefer not to
shake hands, feel free to keep your hands in your pockets or behind your back, and
greet with a smile instead! :)
The best way to know that you've done a pretty good job of washing your hands is after
wetting your hands, work soap into a rich lather, and scrub (both sides, between fingers,
and under nails) for 20 seconds...keep track of the time by humming the "Happy
Birthday" tune from beginning to end twice.
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I will be out of the country on the ATLAS mission trip, combined with a week’s vacation.
For those 2 weeks Kristy N will be filling in for me in the church office, with normal office
hours. Please have your bulletin announcements in to the church by 4:30 on
Wednesdays as usual ([email protected] ), or put them in my mail slot, where she
can retrieve them. The office will be closed on Tuesday, February 3, but will be open
February 4 and 5.
Thank –you!
NO GEMS TOMORROW: Hope you enjoyed this past Friday's movie night.. and
because we had a SPAM night, that means we will not be having Gems
on Monday, Jan 26. So enjoy a night at home with your family and we
will see you again on Monday,Feb. 2. Please remember to bring in your
forms for your food donations for our Soup and Chili Dinner next week.
A reminder for the counselors that we will be having a meeting
tomorrow night at 7:00pm.
GEMS ANNUAL SOUP AND CHILI DINNER: Would you like to have a fun night out
with great fellowship and even better food? Please join us at the
GEMS Annual Soup and Chili fundraising dinner at Sarnia Christian School
on Saturday, Feb. 7 starting at 4:30 until 6:30pm. There is a flyer in your
mail slots with all the information you need. Mark your calendars and enjoy
an evening and let the GEMS serve you!
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FANSHAWE CHAPLAIN- If you or someone you know is attending Fanshawe College
this semester, Chaplain Kelly Sibthorpe and Good News CRC welcomes you!
Good News Church is located five minutes from campus! Contact Chaplain Kelly
Sibthorpe through Facebook messenger or e-mail at [email protected] or text 226236-5201. We have great student events/Bible Study to help you connect with others.
Peace- Chaplain Kelly
pleasant time of Fellowship on Friday, Jan 30th at 10:00 A.M. in the Fellowship
Hall of the Living Hope Christian Reformed Church,1281 Exmouth St.,near
Pontiac Drive in Sarnia. We will be entertained by “The Joy Makers” who have
been with us before and we always enjoy their joyful music.
Pastoral Care Team’s next Hymn Sing at Vision Nursing Home will be held on
Thursday (February 5th) at 10 a.m., and we’d like to invite you to come and join us as we
share this time with the residents. We’ll meet in the new chapel, which is on the ground
floor, just inside the main entry door off of Brock Street. We hope to see (& hear :-) you
there! If it appears that the weather might cause cancellation of the Hymn Sing, please
call Henny D, Jennie K, Diane P, or Toni K to confirm this
FREE VHS MOVIES: All VHS movies need to go. If your VHS player still works,
please help yourself to our fiction movies. In their place the library committee has
purchased many DVD movies including Veggie tales, Adventures in Odyssey, and many
family friendly movies etc. Come check them out!
FUSION: The definition of overrated is anything that is given too much hype. We all
know things that we would consider to be overrated, but there are lots of things that are
overrated when it comes to Jesus and growing to be more like Him. Come find out what
those are in this 3 week series, Overrated.
ATTENTION CURLERS: You are invited to be part of the annual LDCSS Curling
Bonspiel, February 14, 2015, at the Aylmer Curling Club. Cost $500.00 per team,
sponsors are encouraged. All snacks and lunch provided free for curlers. To register,
please contact Albert at 519-773-3238 or email [email protected] by Jan 31, 2015.
SERVE 2015: Registration is open for this summer's mission trip! Location is to be
confirmed, but the trip will be July 11-18. Contact Pastor Marc if you want a registration
Mark the Date! LDCSS invites you to enjoy ‘An evening in Paris’ at their Spring Fund
Raising Banquet on Saturday, March 7th. For details visit
YOUNG ADULTS: Join others from Ontario for a weekend retreat on January 30February 1 at Maranatha CRC in Woodstock. Featured speaker Sid Ypma. This
weekend will include small-group sessions, social time, food and activities! For more info
visit the Facebook page “YA Retreat 2015” or email [email protected]
It's time for the SECRET SISTER reveal! Thanks to those who participated this past
year. Please find a way to reveal yourself to your secret sister over the next few weeks.
Welcome Wednesdays comes to LDCSS! Grades 9-12 Admissions Open Houses.
Dates: February 4, March 4, April 1, and May 6, 9:30-11:30 AM, 12:30-2:30 PM. Come
experience LDCSS in action! RSVP: 519-455-4360 ext.231or [email protected]
LDCSS school tours are also available by appointment.
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GROUNDWORK - Service and Giving: On today’s Groundwork we’ll study passages
from Matthew and Luke to help us understand the spiritual discipline of giving – giving of
time, service, and money. Join the weekly conversation: subscribe for free weekly email
notifications at; visit to find a local
radio station or listen now.
KIDS CORNER - Don't Judge a Book by its Cover: Liz and Lucille visit the Basilisk
family—who have a reputation of being a little strange. But they find they have more in
common than they thought. Follow the Kids Corner adventures of Liz and his pals every
week: subscribe for free at Find more great resources for kids and
parents at
HOW TO READ THE BIBLE FOR ALL IT’S WORTH! Dr. Jeff Weima, Professor of New
Testament at Calvin Theological Seminary will be presenting a seminar at Maranatha
Christian Reformed Church, 94 Elgin St. SOUTH, Cambridge, on Saturday, February 7,
at 9 am, followed by lunch and a demonstration preaching from 1:15 – 2:30 p.m.
Registration is $20 before January 26 and at the door at 8:15 a.m. for $30; email
[email protected] . Pastor Weima will be preaching on Sunday, February 8 at
10 am at River City Church, Galaxy Cinema, Cambridge Center Mall and at 4 pm at
Maranatha Christian Reformed Church. The seminar and preaching is intended for lay
persons, church leaders, pastors, students who have a desire to become more confident
in their understanding and interpretation of the Bible. For more information, visit
FREE WEBINAR - Join us on February 4 when Mike Hogeterp and Mark Charles will
present "Icebergs in History-The Doctrine of Discovery". They will examine how the DoD
may have shaped our relationships with Indigenous Peoples and address key questions:
"What is the DoD?" "Why is it important?" and "What does it have to do with ministry
today?" For details and registration for this free, one-hour event, visit
GOT A QUESTION ABOUT ACCESSIBILITY? - Disability Concerns and our network of
hundreds of volunteer disability advocates are eager to help your church overcome
barriers of attitude, architecture, and communication. Contact us at
[email protected] or 888-463-0272.
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HIGH ADVENTURE SUMMER CAMP - Rock climbing, orienteering, rope courses, arts
and crafts are some of the activities at this adventure camp high in the Staja mountain
region of Romania, where youth are challenged in creative problem solving, facing and
conquering fears, team work, compassion and more. You are invited to be a North
American Christian role model and come alongside Romanian camp leaders in this
unique ministry that empowers youth with the skills to live life well. Additional details can
be found at or contact [email protected]
SERVE AND LEARN IN EGYPT - Come see the pyramids of Giza along with other
ancient sites of Egypt—all while serving God’s people.
CRWM’s service and learning trip will take place from April 27-May 7. Visit to sign up.
FAMILY FIRE - is an online community exploring Spirit-led family, marriage, parenting,
in-laws, blended families, and intimacy. Find encouraging articles and devotions at Subscribe for regular email updates and connect with our Family Fire
community on Facebook.
BAD WEATHER PROCEDURE: Winter is upon us, and in the event of bad weather
which would necessitate canceling a worship service this would be the procedure:
The decision will be made at least 2 hours before the service (by 8:00am or 4:30pm)
Elders would call the people in their district to advise them.
Please listen to the following radio stations for cancellations:
WNFA 90.7 FM
FOX FM 99.9 AM
CHOK 1070 AM
If we can be of assistance……
Youth Pastor Marc Hoogstad (O) 519-337-6485
E-mail: [email protected]
Office Hours (at Redeemer CRC) are Tue. and Thurs. from 2 to 5 p.m.
Office Administrator:
Betty Boot (O) 519-336-8808
E-mail [email protected]
Church Office hours are Tue. & Wed. 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. & Thurs. 9 am. – 4 pm
Harry Verburg (519-331-8919)
E-mail: [email protected]
Chair of Council:
Recording Secretary: Lucille VanderVies (519)542-3080
E-mail: [email protected]
Clerk of Council:
Dianna Brown (519)330-0793
E-mail: [email protected]
Pastoral concerns: Contact either Harry Verburg (see his info above), or
Diane Plug (519)383-1096 E-mail: [email protected]
Prayer Coordinators
Ethel DePooter (519-336-3169) and Ann Veenkamp (519-383-0887)
Ray Kapteyn (519-332-0868)
E-mail: [email protected]
Custodians: Doris Calderon & Libardo Rubio (519-491-6609)
[email protected]
The Network:
Please have all bulletin announcements into the office by 4 p.m. Wednesday