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Govt. of Karnataka
Government of Gujarat
(an ISO 9001:2008 certified association)
In association with
“Global Textile –
Opportunities & Challenges in
an Integrated World”
13th, 14th & 15th February, 2015
Ambassador Hotel (Convention Hall), Bangkok, Thailand
Knowledge Partners
Participating Countries
Indonesia South Korea
Sri Lanka
Hong Kong South Africa
Czech Rep.
(an ISO 9001:2008 certified association)
on 13, 14, 15th February, 2015 at Bangkok, Thailand
Theme - Global Textile – Opportunities & Challenges in an Integrated World
The Textile Association (India), established in 1939 is the foremost leading and largest National professionals’ body
of Indian textiles, having a more than 23000 strong memberships.
After the grand successful World Textile Conference 2011, TAI is organizing 3 days mega Global Textile Congress
2015 in association with Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau (TCEB), during 13th to 15th February, 2015 at
Bangkok, Thailand. This mega event will be indeed first of its kind, being held outside the Indian shores from the
point of view of Association's history to play leading role and to elevate the image globally. TAI has played very
significant role in Indian Textile Industry and got recognized for last many decades.
The Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) is a public organization established by a Royal Decree with
an objective to promote Thailand as a destination for international business meetings, incentives, conventions and
exhibitions. Ministry of Thailand is supporting TCEB for the development of Thailand with various objective
Global Textile Congress 2015 would be truly international conference which will address all issues related to the
textile industry in Middle East, West Africa, Far East region including China, Indonesia, South Korea, Japan,
Singapore & Hong Kong including India.
This will also provide an opportunity to the global participants and get International textile situation including
Foreign Exchange, Supply Chain, and Cost structure of various countries which will highly benefit to textile Industry
across the world. Most of the participants will also have opportunity to meet buyers and sellers from all over the
world which will increase export business of Textiles and understand critically their requirements and meet their
challenges. The Conference will also help to generate interest in India and this may ultimately bring FDI Investments
into Textile Industry in various fields such as Industrial Textile, Medical Textile, and Camouflage Fabrics etc.
Conference OBJECTIVE
The Conference aims to provide a positive interactive opportunity, where textile fraternity can benefit to enhance
cumulative strength and International conference to create a very positive global environment which ultimately
attracts high quality sponsors and high quality speakers & participants. Also to develop the relation in between
countries and update the trade and technology and also this will be business platform to cater business needs.
Knowledge PARTNER
Thailand Textile Institute (THTI)
Thailand Textile Institute (THTI) is a non-profit organization with the main duty to support and develop Thai
textile and garment industries, with the aim towards sustainable progress and keen competitiveness in the World
market. THTI, later, extends its service function to the fashion industry. As an organization that directs, promotes
and supports cooperation in the textile and modern fashion industry in order to enhance the competitiveness of
textile and garment industry, both domestically and internationally.
Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT)
The Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT) Mumbai, India, was most popularly known as UDCT. Research has
been an integral part of ICT since its inception and it has created over 500 first generation entrepreneurs. The
UDCT grew significantly in stature and was granted autonomy under UGC regulations by the University of Mumbai
and further converted in to an Institute. Under the World Bank TEQIP program, the Maharashtra Government
granted it full autonomy. Further, the ICT was granted Deemed University Status by the MHRD with all provisions
of the UGC for funding and support as the state owned deemed university.
Welingkar Education (We School)
Welingkar Institute of Management Development and Research, established in the year 1977, is a business school
with branches in Mumbai and Bangalore, India. Mumbai is the older center. Institute has chosen the 'design
thinking' approach towards management education. Their efforts and manifestations as a result stem from the
integration of design thinking into management education. Institute dreams to create an environment conductive to
experiential learning.
 Ministry of Textiles, Various Countries
 Representatives of Chamber of Commerce & Industries
 Academic and Research Institutes
 Textile Industry Representatives
 Exporting and Importing Firms
 Professionals in the field of Fibres, Clothing and Apparel
Corporate Companies
Banking and Financial Institutions
Manufacturers & Suppliers
Technical & Management Advisors
Market Research organizations
CMDs, CEOs and CMOs
Speakers and Topics
 Prof. Jinlian Hu, Hong Kong - Technological Innovation in Textile and Clothing and Industrial
Competitiveness with a Special Reference to China
 Mrs. Mayuri, Thailand – Review of THTI Industry
 Jiří Militký, Dana Křemenáková & Rajesh Mishra, Czech Republic - Side Emitting Polymeric Optical
Fibres for Safety Textiles
 Prof. Dr. Huseyin Kadoglu, Turkey - Current Developments and Future Trends in Turkish Textile
Industry as a Global Player
 Dr. Md. Humaun Kabir, Bangladesh – Vision 2020: The Readiness of the Textiles and RMG Sectors of
 Rajeev Gopal, India – Viscose Fibre Trends & Developments in Market
 Y.C. Gupta, Indonesia – Spandex: Growth and Applications
 R.D. Udeshi, India – Polyester and New Variants to Meet the Needs of Today and Tomorrow
 Suresk Kotak, India – Scope of Natural Fibres
 Dr. Eyal Sheffer, Israel - Wearable Technologies - State of the Art and Challenges for the Textile Industry
 Prof. Tilak Dias, UK - Fibre Electronic Technology for Wearable
 Fiker & Selashi, Ethiopia – Ethiopian Garment and Textile Sector : Current and Future Prospects
 Lijing Wang, Australia – Abaya – A Barrier to Thermal Comfort in Hot Environment
 Rahul Mehta, India – Global Garment Market Review and future Forecast
 Prof. Samir Karkhanis, India – Role of Design Development and Leadership in Business Management
 Sanjeev Saran, India – Global Review of Value Added Textiles
 Bhaskar Panda, India – Global Trends of foreign Exchange and How to Conduct business Volatile
Foreign Exchange Markets
 Mr. Ishtiaq Ali, India – Legal Issues Such as Contract Management and How to Safeguard Your Interest in
Foreign Courts
 Xiaogang Chen, UK - Developments in Protective Textiles against Ballistic Impact
 Dr. Fawzy Sherif, Egypt - Technical Textiles for Medical Treatment Specially Bone Fixing
 Dr. Ing. Habil & Mr. Roland R. Seidl, Switzerland – The Exciting Role of Narrow Fabrics in the Technical
Textile Branch
 Arvind Sinha, India - Defense Textile – Huge Global Opportunity
 Mrs. Bhagyashri N. Annaldewar, India – Insitu Synthesis of Cerium Nanoparticles on Cotton Fabric by
hydrothermal Method
 Rajesh Mishra, India - Textile Based Green Composites
 Prasad Potluri, Manchester - Role of Composites for Aerospace and Automotive Textiles
 Dr. Rajesh D. Anandjiwala, South Africa - Technical Application of Natural Fibres for Value Added
 Nicola Monti, UK - Assisting Brands in Developing Entry Strategy for India
, Germany – Clothing Physiological Research and Professional Textile Care
 Jimmy Lam & Inti Wong, Hong Kong – Fabric hand on Light Weight Warp Knitted Fabric
 Rajiv Padhye & Rajkishore Naik, Australia – Challenges Faced by the RFID Systems in Apparel Sector
 Prof. Kim Gandhi, UK – A Horoscope of the Developments in Weaving and ITMA 2015
Dr. M.D. Teli, India – Sustainability in Textile and Role of Innovation
Dr. Arun Pal Aneja, USA - Textile Sustainability: Living within Our Means
Dr. Jess Power, UK – Integration of Performance Materials into the Clothing Curriculum
Dr. Sanjay Muthal, India – Making Textile Industry an Employer of Choice Generation Next-How to
Attract Them to the Textile Industry
Sushil Parikh, India - Shortage of Skilled Labour Worldwide and Effective HR Practices
Dr. Nessreen Elmelegy, Egypt - Origami Art, The Creating of Geometric Optical Reflection in Fashion
D. Devadas, Thailand - Technology of Air Vortex Spinning – The Future of Textile Spinning
Tianyong Zheng, China – Modeling of 3D Yarn’s Geometric Configuration
J.C. Suresh, Indonesia – Challenges of Managing Textile Industry
In order to make a truly International Conference and Global Reference Conference on Textile Industry it has
combined various International Issues, various markets, economical situations, banking, highly technical issues,
research, latest developments, IT in textile etc.
Conference Partnership Opportunity
The conference provides an excellent opportunity for companies to gain global visibility and publicity by
promoting their products and services to a highly focused audience besides networking with the participants
from various parts of the world. The partners are assured of full publicity through brochures, book of papers,
backdrops, Link on TAI website etc.
Mr. Arvind Sinha
: National President
Mr. D.R. Mehta
: President Emeritus
Mr. K.D. Sanghvi
: National Vice President
Mr. V.D. Zope
: Chairman
Dr. N.N. Mahapatra
: Vice Chairman
Mr. H.B. Parekh
: Hon. Gen. Secretary
Mr. V.N. Patil
: Hon. Treasurer
Mr. Virendra Jariwala
: Hon. Jt. Gen. Secretary
Mr. M.G. Shah
: Hon. Jt. Gen. Secretary
Dr. M.D. Teli
: Chairman – Editorial Board
Dr. H.V. S. Murthy
: Chairman - PAC
Prof. A.I. Thakkar
: Chairman - BPC
H.K. Agarwal
V.K. Agarwal
D.B. Bhatt
Dr. Kim Gandhi
Uday Gill
S.P. Khaitan
Manish Khanija
Amrish Maheshwari
Nirmal Maheshwari
Somsak Srisuponvanit
Sanjeev S. Sharma
Ade Sudrajat
Lilly Tamin
D.R. Agarwal
C.L. Dugar
Mr. R.K. Vij
: Conference Chairman
Mr. Arvind Sinha
: National President
Mr. D.R. Mehta
: President Emeritus
Mr. K.D. Sanghvi
: National Vice President
Dr. M.D. Telil
: Chairman – Paper Committee
Mr. T.L. Patel
: Conference Advisor
Mr. R.K. Kalia
: Conference Advisor
Mr. M.L. Bagaria
: Conference Advisor
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