Children’s Cancer Research Fund

Children’s Cancer Research Fund
Friends of Rosie –
helping to make a
When five-year-old Rosie Larkin lost her battle
Each year, Friends of Rosie invites proposals for
against cancer in 1991, her family and friends
research into many different aspects of childhood
were determined to carry on the fight to help
cancer, from a range of medical and scientific
other children affected by cancer. They set up
Friends of Rosie, a charity dedicated to raising
money for research into the causes, prevention,
Areas of research include:
diagnosis and treatment of childhood cancer.
Studies of genetic and environmental factors
which cause cancer
Most childhood cancers are very different from
adult forms of the disease. Although some
treatment (which can be particularly
devastating for children)
comparisons can be made, the outlook for
children is not the same as that for adults.
Investigation of the long term effects of
Finding more effective methods of
Treatment is very intensive at a time when young
controlling tumours which prove resistant to
bodies are still growing, and research is urgently
needed to finds less damaging and more effective
treatment methods.
To ensure we fund research of the highest quality,
Friends of Rosie is advised by an independent
One in 600 children will develop cancer in this
Medical and Scientific Committee. This comprises
country. Because it is not as common as adult
nationally recognised clinicians and researchers
forms of the disease, childhood cancer research
who specialise in all aspects of children's cancer.
does not attract large commercial or
They consider the research proposals received and
pharmaceutical company funding. It is mainly
make their recommendations to the Trustees on
dependent on support from cancer charities.
Friends of Rosie has a unique role among these
ones to fund.
charities: to provide the start-up funding which
is vital to help scientists research new ideas,
before their work is at a stage to attract
national funding.
The Trustees, who are all unpaid, award the
Please help us to win the fight against childhood
research grants, manage the charity's funds and
cancer by making a donation, remembering us in
determine its strategy. The scientists who receive
your will or organising a fundraising event.
funding are asked to provide a report on the
outcome of their work, and the charity's
To find out more, please contact:
newsletter keeps supporters up to date with
Anne Irwin, Secretary
0161 834 7333
Friends of Rosie is run entirely by a committed
group of volunteers, so virtually every penny
Or go to our website:
raised is spent on research. We have raised more
than £2 million so far, thanks to the hard work
and generosity of a great many supporters.
Research in this field is of growing importance.
The extent to which we can help depends entirely
on how much money we can continue
to raise.
"While modern
tools that are able to accurately pinpoint the
treatment is
mechanisms by which cancerous cells grow and
resist conventional drugs. The first generation of
successful in
drugs designed specifically to target the
treating many
metabolic pathways present in certain cancer
cells have been successfully deployed. The
cancers, we do
challenge now is to be able to do this for all
not precisely
cancers, and particularly for those that affect
understand why
some children are cured and others fail therapy.
children, for they are the ones most affected by
the long term effects of current therapies."
To be able to cure all children with cancer, we
need a better understanding of the nature of the
Vaskar Saha,
disease and how cancer cells can be killed without
CRUK Professor of Paediatric Oncology,
damaging normal cells. Hitherto we lacked the
University of Manchester Chairman of the
knowledge to more than scrape the surface.
Medical and Scientific Committee
"This is rapidly changing as we begin to develop
Friends of Rosie is very grateful to the Zochonis Charitable Trust
for sponsoring the production of this brochure.
To find out more about Friends of Rosie, make a donation
or submit a research proposal
please contact our registered office:
Cottrill Stone Lawless, 86 Deansgate
Manchester M3 2ER
T: 0161 834 7333
Email: [email protected]
Registered Charity Number 1046278