Spirent DLS 5900 Datasheet

Spirent DLS 5900
G.FAST Noise Impairment Generator xDSL Wireline
and Noise Testing Solutions
The requirement for high-speed
transmission over the traditional
copper network has driven the
continuous advances in DSL
Network equipment manufacturers, chipset designers
and service providers seek competitive advantage
by being first to deliver reliable products or services
to market. Spirent supports these efforts by providing
Impulse shaping
testing solutions that enable first results for exacting conformance and performance standards.
ƒƒ DLS 5900 allows users the ability
The Spirent DLS 5900 is a flexible noise impairment generator developed for G.FAST
to shape both time and frequency
domain parameters
ƒƒ Users selectable filter for start and
stop frequencies
Spirent solution users know that this advantage translates into robust performance, earlier product
delivery and greater market share. DLS 5900 helps address this market requirement.
requirements. The impairment generator is packaged with a user interface tool to allow easy
creation and customization of a variety of noise conditions. Spirent DLS 5900 will allow a user to
create a continuous and background noise, power line transmission (PLT), impulse and RFI noise.
These noise conditions/types are problematic for G.FAST transmissions. Spirent DLS 5900 series
Shaped spectrum
noise generators ensures complete testing of noise events for both 106 and 212MHz band plans
ƒƒ User selectable breakpoints to
transmission. The Spirent DLS 5900 also comes pre-packaged with a set of real world measured
shape power levels (selectable for
both time and frequency domain)
ƒƒ Unlimited breakpoint settings to
currently outlined in ITU-G9700. Users can now optimize the features in this noise generator
tool to create unlimited testing scenarios to identify the impact noise conditions have on G.FAST
noise events specifically designed to test G.FAST. The figure below displays a screen capture of
DLS 5900 tool illustrating a continuous impulse noise event.
G.FAST is the latest ITU-standardized xDSL technology and capable of delivering up to a Gigabit
allow maximum flexibility of impulse
per second over telephony wiring by using hundreds of MHz of physical bandwidth. Testing
G.FAST systems therefore requires a testing solution for this new frequency range, capable
of generating various types of noise impairments that are to be expected in the operational
environment. The DLS-5900 is just that: a powerful, versatile, flexible tool for the generation of
impulse, RFI, PLT and other continous noise, capable to produce all the noise that you will need to
test G.FAST.
Spirent DLS 5900
G.FAST Noise Impairment Generator xDSL Wireline and Noise Testing Solutions
Spirent services
Spirent Global Services provides
a variety of professional services,
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services—all focused on helping
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Key features
ƒƒ Perform advance modeling of Impulse
ƒƒ Shaping/filtering in both frequency and
time domain
ƒƒ Pre-packaged with real world measured
impulse noise for G.FAST testing
ƒƒ User selectable settings for noise duration.
number of bursts, burst spacing
ƒƒ Setting for start and stop frequency band
ƒƒ Generate continuous RFI according to user defined PSD profile
ƒƒ Unlimited power spectral shaping levels
ƒƒ High impedance noise unit included suitable for injecting noise on real wire
ƒƒ Capable of producing REIN/PEIN/SHINE noise
ƒƒ Dedicated, high impedance injection module for injecting noise on real wire, featuring low
noise floor and low insertion loss
Radio frequency interference
ƒƒ Ability to easily modify/customize measured RFI noises
ƒƒ Ability to apply narrow band noise power and spectrum levels to pinpoint design issues
Integrated systems
The product can easily be integrated into an automated test environment allowing for control of
the system in a customer’s own scripting environment
Requires the use of DLS 5900 noise generator impairment generator.
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