PI Week 36 September 3 - September 9, 2011

Week 36
September 3 - September 9, 2011
Slim Chance: Fix My Family, is coming up in
BBC Northern Ireland’s new autumn season of
television programmes
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New Season - New stories from BBC Northern
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BBC Northern Ireland announces a new season of television
Slim Chance: Fix My Family Page 5
Three families are hoping to lose some weight and unhealthy habits
in a new six-part series on BBC One NI
New Season - New stories
from BBC Northern Ireland
BBC Northern Ireland announces a new season of television programmes
Angie and Helen Boyle who feature in At The Crossroads on BBC One Northern Ireland this autumn
BBC Northern Ireland launches a new season of programmes
this autumn, with a broad range
of stories that reflect life in our
region and issues of interest and
importance to local audiences.
Ailsa Orr, BBC Northern Ireland’s Head of
Programmes, said: “This autumn we are offering our audiences a wide range of new
factual programmes, original new series and
returning entertainment and comedy output. We believe these programmes reflect
the people, their real life stories, the history
and humour, the issues and themes which
are relevant to Northern Ireland.
“Some of the highlights include Slim
Chance: Fix My Family, a new six-part reality
series following the trials and tribulations
of a group of families as they undergo a
gruelling but potentially life-changing
experiment to lose weight and overhaul
their lifestyles. BBC One Northern Ireland will also broadcast a number of single
films reflecting on and telling the stories of
significant events in our recent history; some of which had impact beyond
Northern Ireland.
“At The Crossroads meets four of the
mothers and daughters who were caught
up in the events of the Holy Cross
protest, 10 years after it shocked the world.
Bombs Bullets And Business As Usual tells
the story of the world’s most bombed
hotel, the Europa in Belfast, with testimonies from journalists like Anne Robinson
and John Sergeant who ‘all but lived’ there
during the Troubles.
“Film maker Alison Millar goes to the
Shankill Road to explore the lives and
times of The Men Who Won’t Stop Marching. For four months she joined the men of
Eleven-year-old aspiring drummer Jordan and his dad Jackie, who feature in The Men Who Won’t Stop Marching
the marching bands and in particular spent
time with Jordan, an 11-year-old aspiring
drummer from one of the families on the
“Bloody Sunday: The Long Wait tells the
emotional inside story of the events
that led up to the findings of the Saville
Report, the multi-million pound inquiry into
Bloody Sunday which concluded on June
15, 2010, and Hume, is the latest in a series
of BBC Northern Ireland documentaries
describing the careers of key political
figures in Northern Ireland, with exclusive
access to John Hume.
“Later in the autumn we will also see the
return of Sketchy, starring stand-up comedian and actor Diarmuid Corr and The
David Meade Project, where the incredible mentalist unleashes more tricks on
the unsuspecting public. Out Of The Blue
is a new eight-part series taking a look at
contemporaneous arts in Northern Ireland
challenging the conventional view of what
an arts series should be, with presenters
Graham Little and Joanne Salley and a team
of five reporters travelling all over Northern Ireland to uncover the stories of the
people who ensure our leisure time is as
enjoyable and varied as it can be.
programming with several new series for
autumn, while sports fans can look forward
to some great local action. The new season
also sees the return of the multi awardwinning Spotlight and Spotlight Special.
“Across the rest of our output BBC
Northern Ireland continues in our commitment to Irish Language and Ulster-Scots
“We hope this wide variety of programmes
will offer something for everyone on BBC
Northern Ireland.”
John Hume’s life and career are the subject of the latest in a series of BBC Northern Ireland documentaries
describing the careers of key political figures in Northern Ireland
Slim Chance: Fix My Family
Three families are hoping to lose some weight and unhealthy habits in a new
six-part series on BBC One NI
BBC One Northern Ireland, Monday, September 5 at 7.30pm
The experts, from left to right, Amanda Hamilton, Dr Raman Kapur, John Coulter and Dr Rachel Andrew hope to give three families a new body and frame of mind
in Slim Chance: Fix My Family
struggling with their weight embark on a potentially life-changing
experience in the new series, Slim
Chance: Fix My Family.
Starting on BBC One Northern Ireland on
Monday, September 5 at 7.30pm, this sixpart series follows the families as they take
part in an intensive weight loss programme
in the beautiful setting of the Fermanagh
Slim Chance: Fix My Family captures
the highs and lows experienced by each
family as they throw themselves into a
gruelling week-long programme where
experts in nutrition, health, psychotherapy
and fitness will be on hand to help them
Hoping for a healthier outlook on life are Armagh family Cara and Johnny Toner and children Ryan and Ellie
tackle their weight issues and give them the
support and guidance needed to sustain a
new healthy way of life.
Leading the team of professionals is
nutritionist and health and wellbeing
expert Amanda Hamilton. With more than
10 years’ experience in her field, Amanda
will be helping the families improve their
diets and will be advising them on how to
live healthier lifestyles.
Dr Rachel Andrew is a Chartered
Clinical Psychologist who specialises in the
psychology of children, young adults and
their families. In the series, Rachel will
meeting the children and their families to
discuss how they feel about themselves,
their diets, their bodies, their lifestyles and
their relationships with each other.
Dr Raman Kapur is Chief Executive,
Consultant Clinical Psychologist and
Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist with a
mental health charity, running therapeutic
communities within Northern Ireland. He
was the former Course Director of the
Masters in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy
Course at Queen’s University Belfast. In
Slim Chance: Fix My family, Raman will
be meeting each of the adults to discuss
the reasons they have found themselves
leading unhealthy lifestyles in the hope of
discovering a new frame of mind when it
comes to their future wellbeing.
are: Armagh secretary Cara Toner, 33, her
two children Ryan, 12, and Ellie, 9, and her
husband Johnny Toner, 35, an assistant catering and banquets manager; Portrush shop
Personal trainer John Coulter will be
putting the families through their paces in
an effort to introduce exercise into their
daily routine. With 10 years’ experience
under his belt, John will be finding out each
family member’s individual exercise needs
and building a fitness routine around them.
The families who are hoping Slim Chance:
Fix My Family can help them escape the
unhealthy rut they have found themselves
stuck in and give them a new, fitter future
Rosie Stewart, from Portrush, and her daughter
Ellen are gearing up for a fitter future in Slim
Chance: Fix My Family
Nick Thompson and his partner Isobel Cousins from Dundonald and their daughter Rachael are ready to put in the work in the intensive week-long weight loss
programme the experts have planned for them
owner Rosie Stewart, 45, and her 14-yearold daughter Ellen; and senior clerical
officer Isobel Cousins, 45, from Dundonald,
her partner Nick Thompson, 42, a watch
commander for the Fire Brigade and their
10-year-old daughter Rachael.
Series Producer Nicki Young says:“Shocking
government health statistics show there’s an
obesity epidemic sweeping across Northern Ireland. In this series, Amanda Hamilton
and the experts are attempting to change
the lives of three families battling with their
weight. The aim is to transform their hearts,
minds and bodies and put them on the road
to a happier, healthier and lighter life.
Slim Chance: Fix My Family is made for
BBC NI by Northern Ireland independent
production company Tern Television.
“The format of Slim Chance: Fix My
Family aims to help the whole family but
especially the children, with emphasis on
empowering and educating the upcoming
generation.The focus is on fun, food and the
psychology of what’s making us overweight.
By following the progress of our volunteer
families, viewers may also feel able to make
simple but positive changes in their life.”