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January 25, 2015
Third Sunday In Ordinary Time
Mike Appling led us through a wonderful Crab Feed with the Knights of
Columbus. The night was a huge success, with over 300 people in attendance
the Knights were able to raise nearly $6,000 to support the parish and our
other charitable endeavors. If you missed it this time be sure and put it on
your calendar for next year!
St. Pius X Catholic parish
1280 NW Saltzman Rd., Portland, OR 97229 (503) 644-5264 www.stpius.org
MASS SCHEDULE Horario de Misas
Saturday Sabado
Sunday Domingo
4th Sunday
5:00 pm
7:00 pm en Español
7:30 am 9:00 am 10:30 am
1:00 pm en Español
5:30 pm Youth
8:30 pm Contemplative
2:45 pm Adapted Mass
Daily Mass Misa Diaria
8:15 am Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri & Sat
Wednesday Miercoles
8:15 am (& also 9:15 am during the school year)
Thursday Jueves
7:00 pm en Español
Communion Service: 6:30 am Monday - Friday
Saturday 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm or by appointment
Pr ayer Chain
Email requests to [email protected]
or call the parish office (503) 644-5264
Eucharistic Adoration Chapel
Questions - Roberta Schreck (503) 645-4607 or
[email protected]
Parish Office Hours
Monday - Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm
We are Called to be the Eyes and Hands and Hear of the Risen Jesus.
school principal’s note
How fitting on Sunday, the beginning of Catholic
Schools Week, we are breaking ground for the East Wing
Addition to the Education Center.
I look forward each year to the
last week in January, when we
observe National Catholic Schools
Week. As a parish, we recognize
the value of Catholic education
and support families and school in
educating our young people so they
can reach their full potential. We
acknowledge the vital role of the
school faculty, staff, and volunteers in this effort.
May God bless all who contribute to the important work
we do on behalf of the children in our parish and parishes
across the country.
Mary Thompson
School Principal
The theme for 2015 is “Catholic Schools:
Communities of Faith, Knowledge, and Service.”
Rev. Sean Weeks, Pastor
The theme highlights the very core of Catholic
education. Catholic schools are, in the first place,
communities of faith, where children are openly taught
about God, where God is worshiped regularly, and
where students and faculty put their faith into practice
on a daily basis. Secondly, Catholic schools exist to
pass on knowledge, not just the practical knowledge
of reading, writing, math, science, and so on, but also
the knowledge of God and truth, which is our spiritual
heritage as Catholics. Finally, Catholic schools are
communities of service, places where helping one
another and aiding the needy are the normal way of
living life. The school, in collaboration with families,
develops our children into future church leaders and
citizens. Faith development, academic excellence, and
dedication to service are what make Catholic schools
special, what sets us apart from other educational
(503) 644-5264 / [email protected]
Rev. Francisco Bringuela, Parochial Vicar
(503) 644-5264 / [email protected]
Rev. Peter Siamoo, Priest in Residence
(503) 644-5264 / [email protected]
Bob Little, Deacon
(503) 213-1447 / [email protected]
Your weekly bulletin is provided at no cost to the church
by the generosity of businesses who advertise on the back
of the bulletin?
From my personal direct experience in Catholic
schools – 18 years as a student and 43 years on the
other side of the desk as a teacher and administrator
in elementary education – I can verify how true faith,
knowledge, and service are integral components of
Catholic schools and the measures by which any
Catholic school can and should be judged.
Bulletin advertising provides an inexpensive and
effective opportunity for you to promote your products or
services within your parish community. It’s true…people
like to do business with people they know and trust.
If you would like to advertise in the bulletin and support
the church, please call Tom Ott at (503) 650-6347.
Catholic schools are communities – small communities
in their own right, but also members of a larger
community including St. Pius X Parish. As a parish,
you support your Catholic school through your prayers
and resources. As the principal of your Catholic
school, thank you for your support through your
prayers and resources. St. Pius X Catholic School is a
part of our future as a church and a nation.
Support the businesses that help make this
bulletin free to the church.
The Advertiser of the Week is:
Northwest Women’s Clinic
(503) 416-9922
(Continued in next column)
administration, cont.
The Archdiocese of Portland has requested that we
post the following information about an upcoming
IRS mailing that may affect some of you. The contact
information for the IRS is below if you have any
Most past contributors to the Archbishop’s Catholic
Appeal will receive a mailing from Archbishop Sample
within the next few days. At all Masses next weekend,
additional information will be provided in the bulletin
insert. Appeal funds are used to help fund Archdiocesan
offices and agencies that assist the parishes and their
people. In addition, part of the funds are used to assist
retired archdiocesan priests and seminarian education.
Action alert re: IRS mailing. The IRS informed the
Archdiocese of Portland that, in an effort to assist
individuals potentially affected by tax fraud, it is
attempting to issue an Identity Protection PIN (IP
PIN) number to every individual who had a criminal
background check processed through the former
background check vendor for the Archdiocese of
Portland in Oregon and the Archdiocese of Seattle,
regardless of when, or for which parish, school or other
organization. The IP PIN number has been or will be
sent by the IRS via US Mail by early January 2015. The
IP-PIN must be included on your 2014 tax return. The
IRS will not process returns that do not include this IP
PIN number in an effort to protect people from having
a fraudulent return filed in their name for the 2014 tax
The theme of the 2015 Archbishop’s Catholic Appeal is
“Teach, Bless, Serve.” As you consider the amount you
can pledge to help these ministries, please reflect on the
following: Contributing to the Archbishop’s Catholic
Appeal is one concrete way to “Teach, Bless, Serve”.
Take a moment to honestly examine all the God-given
blessings in your life and then ask not yourself, but
ask God: “What is just?” By our baptism and our
confirmation in the Catholic church, each of us is called
to serve as a good shepherd. We’re called not only to
follow Christ but to be Christ.
Please pray for the Lord’s guidance as you consider the
above reflections, and please give generously according
to the blessings God has given you.
Please read important information posted about this
IP-PIN mailing on the Archdiocesan website: www.
archdpdx.org. Click on Action Alert on the first page.
If you have questions, please contact the IRS Identity
Protection Special Unit at 1-800-908-4490, or visit a
Taxpayer Assistance Center. Please do not contact the
Archdiocese. The Archdiocese has no information on
the issuance of IP-PINs.
More information is available Online for download at
Worship and Liturgy
Friday, February 6, 2015
8:15 am Mass
The weekday morning Mass time has been changed to
8:15 am, Monday through Saturday. The 8:15 am time
will include all weekdays, including Wednesdays.
On Friday, Feb. 6th, we celebrate the sacrament of the
anointing of the sick at the 8:00 am morning Mass.
Please come to be anointed if you suffer from chronic
illness, a psychological condition, advanced age, or any
serious illness. Several priests will be on hand for the
sacrament. A reception follows after Mass.
Without altering the Mass time, the parking lot will not
be able to accommodate increased congestion due to the
expansion of our school.
The Wednesday School Mass time has been moved to
9:15 am.
Fr. Dick Berg, CSC, will lead our parish’s Lenten
Mission on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, February
23-25. Sessions will be in the mornings at 9:00 am, and
repeated in the evenings at 7:00 pm in the Community
Our St. Pius X Parish provides prayer support
for the critical needs of parishioners and
their loved ones. If you have a request for
prayer, or if you can be one of the people praying for
the requests of others, please send an email message to
[email protected]
We invite all St. Pius X Liturgical Ministers, as well as
all interested parishioners, to a gathering on Saturday
morning, January 31, 2015, in the Community Center.
After the 8:15 am morning Mass, we will have an egg
casserole breakfast, followed by a presentation by
Ken Canedo on The Evolution of Liturgical Ministry,
from the Early Church to Vatican II to Today. We will
conclude by noon.
In this Sunday’s Gospel, Jesus says: “Come after me,
and I will make you fishers of men.” As disciples, we
are called to continue God’s work on earth. Taking
care of God’s poor is indeed living gospel values. This
month, through your gifts, the Society of St. Vincent
de Paul was able to assist individuals and families,
providing food, and assistance for utility, rent and other
bills. May God Bless You!
Please RSVP on our website at www.stpius.org, click on
Mass and on Liturgical Ministers Gathering.
Come and find out how you can make a difference in
someone else’s life. Our next meeting is February 2 at
7:00 pm in the Church Hall.
Deuteronomy 18:15-20, 1Corinthians 7:32-35,
Mark 1:21-28
Eucharistic Adoration is the adoration of Jesus Christ
present in the holy Eucharist. At St. Pius X people pray
in our chapel in one hour segments, from 6:00 am to
midnight, 7 days per week, except when Mass is being
offered in church. You can sign up online at www.
Jesus’ mastery of unclean spirits shows he is reordering
the world for God. How has my life been reordered
because of my faith in Christ?
Please join us in praying the Rosary. We meet every
Tuesday afternoon at 2:30 pm in the Community Center
Room S1, second small room on the right as you enter
the Community Center.
The Chaplet is prayed at St. Pius X on Wednesdays at
3:00 pm in the Church. This hour recalls the hour of
the Great Mercy of Christ’s death on the cross, the hour
of grace for the whole world when mercy triumphed
over judgment. In this hour of prayer you can pray for
others and for yourself.
Due to the change in the morning Mass time, we will
move the series to Thursdays at 8:45 am.
For information, call Kris Steven (503) 297-0524.
Pastoral Council Executive
Fr. Sean Weeks……………..Pastor
Jodi dePinna…………….Co-Chair
Matt Anderson…………..Co-Chair
Faith Formation Commission:
Jen Fast…………………..Co-Chair
Annie Eynard…………....Co-Chair
Marie Morris……………..PC Rep.
Steve Franey………...Jenny Emslie
Kristin Mombert………...Dori Pan
Julie Rentz
Molly Washburn….....Staff Liaison
Latino Commission:
Ruth Parra Lopez ..............PC Rep.
Jorge Arias .... Guillermo Martinez
Antonio Cervantes.. Maria Salcedo
Jose Amador……Adriana Centeno
Luisa Miranda ..... Francisca Rosas
Silvia Garcia ....... …Pablo Salcedo
Angelica Huapeo…….Elsa Ochoa
Alejandro Enriquez….David Trejo
Elizabeth Hernandez
Daniel Rodriguez
Guadalupe Santamarina
Josefina……...Veronica Rodriguez
Minerva Trejo..Patricia Hernandez
Eddie & Erika Villasenor
Juan & Vicky Centeno
Jaime Sevilla ............ Staff Liaison
Outreach Commission:
Sam Haber ...................... Co-Chair
Melliza Palazo ..................PC Rep.
Marilyn Berti……...Tess Pimentel
Mary Ryan Hotchkiss
Michelle Schleh ........ Staff Liaison
Prayer and Spiritual Life
Dennis Simonsen ............ Co-Chair
Noreen Soares…………..Co-Chair
Pat Wieber ........................PC Rep.
Gina Burton ........ Wendy O’Hearn
Neeta d’Souza……...Mark Kearns
Jane Franey.......... Ricardo Gaerlan
Christy Simon……Britt McNamee
Bob Little ................. Staff Liaison
School Advisory Council:
Tracy Reeve Rickman .... Co-Chair
Steve Volk ...................... Co-Chair
Sarah Nanson…………….PC Rep.
David Gorman……...Scott Kienow
Jacquie McConnell .... Bob Rosson
Heather Ortiz ....... Jim Scherzinger
Kim Pasion…...Natalie Labossiere
Jennifer O’Neill
Mary Thompson ....... Staff Liaison
Pastoral Council
• Reviewed Christmas Masses and season.
• Discussed exploration of upcoming parish school program offerings.
• Capital campaign and construction timeline updates presented.
Faith Formation Commission
• Reviewed program offerings for Adults and looking at new programs to offer.
• Discussed building a partnership with Catholic Charities for Youth/Children
Lenten Service Project and the possibility of other classes or opportunities.
• Discussed that we will not be hosting a Vacation Bible School this Summer as
the Campus will be under construction.
• We will be offering a Women’s Bible Study during Lent. More info to follow.
Latino Commission
• Discussed planning for a Lenten retreat for the Latino Parish Leaders.
• Planned a Family Latino Parish Congress for the Latino Commission this
• Discussed having volunteer coordinators encourage their group members to
register in the Parish.
• Evaluated the activities of December/2014.
• Discussed activities for the Lent and Easter Season.
Outreach Commission
• Re-capped the Advent Festival, Children’s Christmas Concert and parish
Christmas gift, “Finding True Happiness”.
• Discussed Lent 2015 activities – CRS programs and service opportunities, and
soup supper schedule.
• Brainstormed on how to assist the Latino community immigration
documentation programs.
• Upcoming: Mother and Child Baby Bottle program will begin January 2425. Interfaith Advocacy Day, February 11, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm at Oregon State
Capital, Salem.
Prayer and Spiritual Life Commission
• Discussed the “Sourcebook” as an educational tool our Commission uses.
• Assessed Christmas Liturgies.
• Planned for Liturgical Ministers’ Gathering.
• Planned for Parish Mission with Fr. Dick Berg, CSC.
• Discussed recruiting more members for our Commission.
School Advisory Council (SAC)
• Reviewed construction timeline and logistics for the east wing expansion.
• Strategic Planning Team reviewed Catholic Identity goal.
• Administrative Council reported on the financing plan of Phase II balance.
• Updates on SAC goals on communication with parents regarding school
families at weekend masses.
• Reported on School Auction raffle status and plans for the evening.
Baby bottles will be distributed after all Masses January
24 and 25. Please gather your spare change and keep
them for the mothers and their babies who will most
appreciate our financial aid and prayers.
Middle School Youth Nights:
January 25th: Youth Night in Community Center
following dinner
February 1st: No Youth Night due to Superbowl
Questions: Janell Hoekstra, Middle School Youth
Ministry, [email protected]
All proceeds will go to Mother and Child Education
Center (formerly called Birthright) who provides support
and services to women facing unexpected pregnancies.
Bottles will be collected the next week, February 1.
If you have questions, please contact Jo Cooper at
[email protected], or the Mother and Child office
at (503) 249-5801. Their website is momchildpdx.org.
Mothers and babies thank you!
High School Youth Nights:
January 25th: Youth Night in may be in Community
Center instead - pay attention to email
February 1st: No Youth Night due to Superbowl
Questions: Kristin Mombert, Coordinator of Youth
Ministry, [email protected]
As you are cleaning out your closets, please remember
Baby Corner. Baby Corner provides assistance to
mothers for babies and young children who are in need
in our local community.
Due to the school construction and new drop-off and
pick-up procedures, daily scrip sales will take place
inside McMahon Hall beginning Monday 1/26. Sales
times will remain the same - school days at morning
drop-off and afternoon pick-up, as well as Sundays
inside the Community Center from 8:00 am to noon. If
you have any questions or concerns, or would like to
place a special order, please contact the Scrip Team at
[email protected]
Current Needs of Baby Corner: PACK & PLAYS,
strollers, books, used clean clothing newborn to size
4T, diapers (especially sizes 3, 4, 5), diaper cream and
wipes. Please no car seats, cribs or stuffed animals.
Bring donations to St. Pius X Church office Monday Friday 8:30 am - 4:30 pm. Questions? Call Marty (503)
614-9630, or Jennifer (971) 404-8040.
Whether you’re paying with Scrip gift cards or not
(though hopefully you are!), you can still raise valuable
funds for St. Pius X when you shop Amazon.com, Fred
Meyer, Safeway and Target.
Be sure to sign up for each company’s fundraising
program that contributes money directly to St. Pius X!
And once you’re signed up, you can maximize your
fundraising power by paying with Scrip gift cards too!
• Amazon: http://smile.amazon.com/about/
• Fred Meyer: http://www.fredmeyer.com/
• Safeway: http://www.escrip.com
• Target REDcard: http://www.target.com/redcard/
On January 22, our nation will mark the 42nd
anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court decision
that made abortion legal throughout the U.S. Visit
www.9daysforlife.com to download a free app for your
Android or iPhone, or to sign up for daily emails or text
ST. THOMAS MERTON prayed: “My Lord God, I
have no idea where I am going, I do not see the road
ahead of me...But I believe that the desire to please You
does in fact please You. And I hope I have that desire in
all that I am doing.”
Please remember to check our parish website at www.
stpius.org for all faith formation news. We update this
every week and it has information regarding classes,
community service opportunities, as well as special
event information.
Ladies of Light is a Mom’s Faith-Sharing and Bible
Study group that has been meeting at St. Pius X for over
five years. Join us as we explore our faith, strengthen
our families and share the light of God.
Upcoming Knights of Columbus Events:
Sunday, February 15: Knights Café Country Breakfast
Sunday, March 14: St. Patrick’s Day Dinner
We meet Tuesday mornings, 9:00 am - 11:00 am.
Meetings run through the end of May. Newborns are
welcome to join us and childcare is available for those
over age one.
Next General Council Meeting:
Tuesday, February 10: Interested in finding new ways
to get involved with our Parish? Join us at our next
general council meeting at 7:00 pm, in the St. Pius X
Community Center. Please email [email protected]
yahoo.com if you plan to attend – all are welcome!
For information, contact Jennifer Bateman at
[email protected], or Molly Washburn at
[email protected]
If you have an item to be considered for inclusion in an
upcoming bulletin, the deadline is the Friday (10 days)
prior to the weekend during which you want the item
to be published. Email submissions or questions to
[email protected]
Natural Family Planning Classes (NFP) are available in
both English and Spanish through the Couple to Couple
League. Contact Ben and Stacey Pelster at (503) 9920329, or register online at www.ccli.org.
All women are cordially invited to a spiritual Lenten
retreat “An Interior Pilgrimage,” on February 20-21,
2015, with Retreat Master, Father Gary Smith, S.J.,
at Our Lady of Peace Retreat, 3600 SW 170th Ave,
Beaverton, OR 97006.
Are you a parent or caregiver to a child age newborn to
5? Are you looking for a play-based group to be a part
of? If so, we meet most Mondays in the Youth Center
from 10:00 am - 11:30 am.
If you would like to join our email list, please contact
Lisa Williams at [email protected]; or Kat
Wright at [email protected]
Father Gary Smith, a Jesuit priest of the Oregon
province, has lived and worked among the poor since
1969 and most recently in the refugee camps of Uganda,
South Africa and Kenya. Join him to hear how his work
inspired three journals that will nourish and lift your
spirit in your own journey of faith. Be ready to play an
active part in an interior pilgrimage that will renew your
first love with Our Lord Jesus Christ.
Additionally, we are always looking for gently used
toys. Please email us if you would like to make a toy
Overnight lodging option: single room with shared bath
is $80.00 for retreat, 3 meals and lodging. No lodging
option: $50.00 for retreat, 3 meals. Pre-registration
required, payable to St. Pius X Women’s Club, 1280 NW
Saltzman Road, Portland, OR 97229. Questions, call
Jan Duggan at (503) 646-4252.
All parishioners are invited to attend Parish Hospitality
in the Community Center after the 7:30 am, 9:00 am
and 10:30 am Sunday Masses. Coffee, donuts, bread
and bagels will be served. Please join us for this
opportunity to meet new and old parishioners.
St. Pius X
New Better Buttermilk Recipe
Country Breakfast
Fresh Buttermilk Pancakes - Blueberry Pancakes Chocolate-Chocolate Chip Pancakes – French Toast – Sausage – Scrambled Eggs –
Coffee - Tea – Juice – Hot Chocolate
“FRESH HOME Made French Toast and Scratch Buttermilk Recipes”
At the Knights’ Café, we go out of our way to use the freshest ingredients possible.
Our pancakes are made with fresh buttermilk. French toast is made from fresh loaves of bread,
The eggs are scrambled fresh and the coffee is served with 2% milk or half-and-half.
Each Breakfast / only $7.00
“5 and under free”
February 15, 2015
Serving the Parish after the 7:30 am, 9:00 am and 10:30 am Sunday Masses
At The Parish Community Center
St. Pius X School
Used Book Sale
* Friends & Family Day
Wednesday January 28th
McMahon Hall
* All Books Only .50—$1.00
DVDs $4.00
* All $ Goes to Support the
School Library Program
Cookies and Refreshments Will Be Served, Courtesy
of Your PTO!
Ministerio latino
Nota del Director de
la Escuela
Espero cada ano para la última
semana en Enero cuando observamos
la Semana Nacional de Escuelas
Católicas. Nos reconocernos de la
valor de la educación católica y
apoyo los familias y la escuela en la
educación do nuestros jóvenes para que
pueden alcanzar su máximo potencial.
Reconocemos el papel fundamental
de la escuela personal, profesoras, y
voluntarios en este esfuerzo.
Alerta de acción referente a un comunicado del IRS por
correo postal. El IRS le informo a la Arquidiócesis de
Portland que con el proposito de asistir a individuales
posiblemente afectados por fraude fiscal, está intentando
expedir un numero PIN de Protección de Identidad (IP PIN) a
cada individuo quien obtuvo una verificación de antecedentes
penales a través del antiguo proveedor de verificación de
antecedentes para la Arquidiócesis de Portland en Oregon y
la Arquidiócesis de Seattle, sin importar cuando o para que
parroquia, escuela u organización fue realizado. El numero
IP PIN ha sido o será enviado por el IRS por correo postal
(USPS Mail) a principios de este enero 2015. El numero
IP-PIN debe ser incluido en su declaración de impuestos
para el año 2014. El IRS no procesara aquellas declaraciones
de impuesto que no incluyan este número IP PIN, con la
intención de proteger a personas para que no se presente un
declaración fraudulenta en su nombre para el año fiscal 2014.
El tema por 2015 es “Escuelas Católica: Comunidades de
fe, conocimiento, y servicio.” El tema destaca el núcleo
de la educación Católica. Escuelas católicas, primero, son
comunidades de fe, donde los niños se les ensenan de dios,
donde Dios es adorado regularmente, y donde estudiantes
y escuela personal ponen su fe en práctica cada día. En
segundo lugar, existen las escuelas católicas de transmitir
conocimientos, no solo el conocimiento práctico de la
lectura, escritura, matemáticas, ciencias, etc., pero también el
conocimiento de Dios y de la verdad, que es nuestra herencia
espiritual como católicos. Por último, las escuelas católicas
son comunidades de servicio, lugares donde ayudándose unos
o otros y ayudar a los necesitados son la manera normal de
vivir la vida. La escuela, en colaboración con las familias, se
desarrolla a nuestros hijos en futuros líderes de la iglesia y de
los ciudadanos. Desarrollo de la fe, la excelencia académica, y
vocación de servicio son los que hacen las escuelas católicas
especial, lo que nos diferencia de otras opciones educativas.
Por favor lea la información importante que ha sido publicada
sobre este tema del numero IP- PIN en la página web de la
Arquidiócesis: www.archdpdx.org. Haga clic en donde dice
Action Alert en la primera página. Si tiene preguntas, por
favor póngase en contacto con la Unidad Especializada en
la Protección de la Identidad del IRS al siguiente número:
1-800-908-4490 o acuda a un Centro de Asistencia al
Contribuyente. Por favor no contacte a la Arquidiócesis. La
Arquidiócesis no tiene información sobre la emisión de los
numero IP-Pin.
Desde mi experiencia personal en las escuelas católicas ‒18
años como estudiante y 43 años, por el otro lado de la mesa
como un maestro y administrador en la educación primaria‒
yo puedo comprobar como la verdadera fe, el conocimiento,
y el servicio son componentes integrales de las escuelas
católicas y las medidas por las cuales cualquier escuela
católica pueden y deben ser juzgados.
III Domingo del Tiempo Ordinario, Ciclo B.
La primera lectura del profeta Jonás 3, 1-5.10 nos narra como
Dios le habló diciendo: “Levántate y vete a Nínive, la gran
capital, para anunciar ahí el mensaje de que te voy a indicar”.
Vemos como Dios elige siempre a una persona para transmitir
su mensaje a la humanidad, en este caso la gran ciudad de
Nínive, Nínawa en árabe, cerca a la actual Mosul en Irak hoy
día y la cual era la capital del imperio Asirio. Jonás lleva ese
mensaje de Dios, el cual era una advertencia e invitación a la
conversión, pues de no hacerlo, la ciudad sería destruida. Hay
dos enseñanzas en este punto que podemos meditar: primero,
la llamada de Dios a la conversión a los pueblos fuera del
de Israel, conocidos como Gentiles en el Nuevo Testamento;
ya que Nínive nada tenía que ver con el pueblo elegido de
Dios. Segundo, vemos como los extranjeros responden con
generosidad a ese llamado de la conversión de parte de Dios
y en respuesta Dios muestra su misericordia para con ellos.
Esto volverá a repetirse en tiempos de Jesús y Apostólicos,
ya que los Gentiles abrazaban la fe cristiana y formaban parte
del Nuevo Pueblo elegido de Dios.
(Continua en la pagina 12)
Las escuelas católicas son las comunidades-pequeñas
comunidades en su propio derecho, también los miembros de
una comunidad más grande incluyendo San Pio X Parroquia.
Usted apoya a su escuela católica a través de sus oraciones
y recursos. Como el director de la escuela católica, gracias
por su apoyo a través de sus oraciones y recursos. San Pio X
Escuela Católica es una parte de nuestros futuros como una
iglesia y una nación.
Que Dios bendiga a todos los que contribuyen a la importante
trabaja que hacemos en nombre de los niños de nuestra
parroquia y parroquias todo el país.
Mary Thompson
Director de la Escuela
ministerio latino cont.
Podemos ver entonces a Nínive como el prototipo de lo que es
la Iglesia en el Nuevo Testamento, en donde no hay diferencia
entre Judíos y Gentiles, hombre o mujer, esclavo o libre, según
lo dice elocuentemente el Apóstol Pablo a los Gálatas; ya que
la salvación es para la humanidad completa.
Invitamos a todos aquellos que deseen tener un encuentro
personal con Dios a que reserven su espacio para nuestro
próximo Retiro de Evangelización Parroquial, el 20, 21 y
22 de Febrero del 2015. Mayores informes en la Oficina del
Ministerio Hispano o con cualquier miembro del Ministerio
de Evangelización Parroquial.
En el Santo Evangelio según San Marcos 1,14-20 nos narra
como Jesús fue a Galilea a predicar el Evangelio de Dios
y decía: “Se ha cumplido el tiempo y el Reino de Dios ya
está cerca. Arrepiéntanse y crean en el Evangelio”. Al igual
que en la primera lectura, el llamado de Dios es siempre a
la conversión, tan necesaria para poder ver con claridad su
Reino. En su caminar por el lago de Galilea, ve a Pedro y
Andrés, hermanos de sangre, echando las redes al mar, Jesús
les llama y les dice: “Síganme y haré de ustedes pescadores
de hombres”. Inmediatamente dejaron las redes y lo siguieron.
Lo mismo pasó con Santiago y Juan, dejaron todo, y lo
siguieron. Esto es lo fascinante de seguir el llamado de Dios
convincentemente, ya que sin importar lo que pasará mañana,
somos capaces de confiar en esa palabra de Jesús, porque en
esa llamada hemos descubierto al Mesías, por tanto, confiamos
plenamente en lo que el nos dice, por eso no tememos en
dejar posesiones materiales, familia e incluso la renuncia a
uno mismo que es lo mas complejo y difícil; porque hemos
escuchado que el tiempo está cerca y que el Reino de Dios
está ya entre nosotros. Los cuatro discípulos del Evangelio
de hoy escucharon esta llamada y siguieron al maestro sin
titubear nada; Dios nos está llamando a cada uno de nosotros,
ojalá correspondamos a ese llamada de una forma convencida
como lo hicieron los Ninivitas y los Apóstoles.
Las clases sobre la Biblia se reanudarán el próximo 7 de
Introducción a las Sagradas Escrituras.
Las clases de formación son todos los Miércoles, Jueves y
Domingos. Los Miércoles estamos desarrollando el curso
sobre La Biblia, tanto a las 9:00 am como a las 7:00 pm.
Los Jueves estamos desarrollando el curso La Luz de la Fe.
Domingos a las 3:00 pm estamos estudiando el curso de Los
Sacramentos. Hay cuidado de niños.
A todas las parejas, casadas y no casadas, les invitamos a
nuestras reuniones los días Domingos a las 7:00 pm. Venga
y comparta con otras parejas la Fe, la experiencia de Familia
y la ayuda mutua. Mayores informes con Don Pablo y María
Salcedo o la oficina del Ministerio Hispano.
No ha recibido aun los Sacramentos del Bautismo,
Confirmación o Primera Comunión y es mayor de 18 años?
Le invitamos entonces a las reuniones todos los Viernes a las
7:00 pm en el Centro Comunitario. Mayores informes con
José Flores.
La segunda lectura del Apóstol San Pablo a los Corintios 7,
29-31 nos dice que la vida es corta. Por tanto es necesario
que pongamos toda nuestra atención a esa llamada de Dios
a participar de su Reino, ya que este mundo que vemos es
pasajero. Tanto el sufrimiento, la alegría, el dinero, la familia,
las posesiones terrenales, etc. Son como un suspiro que pasa,
por tanto no vale la pena estar apegado a ello. Hoy Jesús
te llama por tu nombre y te invita a seguirle, ¿cual será tu
excusa? ¿Como será tu respuesta? Quizá es necesario tomar la
actitud del salmista de hoy: “Señor, instrúyeme en tus sendas.
En el amor de Jesucristo,
Jaime Sevilla.
Si su hijo desea ser un monaguillo, por favor comuníquese con
la Oficina del Ministerio Hispano al tel. (503) 213-1446 o con
la Señora Patricia Hernández.
Les recordamos a todos los padres de familia de las clases de
primera comunión de los Domingos que traigan a sus hijos el
Jueves 5 de Febrero a las 7:00 pm para el tour en la Iglesia.
La plática es de 9:00 am a 1:00 pm.
Solamente tiene que asistir a una sola plática.
No tiene que registrarse antes para tomar la plática/clase.
Traer una copia del acta de nacimiento de su hijo(a).
Durante la plática se le darán los documentos necesarios
para bautizar.
Si va a bautizar fuera de nuestra parroquia, le daremos
un comprobante de pláticas.
El cupo para tomar la plática/clase no es limitado.
Padrinos de fuera, pueden tomar su plática de donde son,
y traer un comprobante.
No tenemos cuidado de niños. Favor de dejar sus niños
con alguien a cuidar.
Fecha de Próximas Platicas
Febrero 7, 2015
Junio 6, 2015
Abril 11, 2015
Julio 11, 2015
Mayo 9, 2015
Agosto 8, 2015
Fecha de Próximos Bautizos
Los Bautizos inician y son a las 10:00 am.
Es obligatorio estar en la iglesia a las 9:40 am.
Febrero 14, 2015
Junio 20, 2015
Abril 18, 2015
Julio 18, 2015
contacts and resources
Parish Office
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Fr. Sean Weeks, Pastor
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Fr. Francisco Bringuela, Parochial Vicar
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Fr. Peter Siamoo, Priest in Residence
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Bob Little, Deacon
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Anthony Vuky, Business Services Manager
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Adult Education and Enrichment
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Annulment Advocacy
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Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon
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Baby Corner
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Bridge Group - Social
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Burnside Meals
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Centering Prayer
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Confirmation (9th - 12th grades)
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Facility Reservations
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Peace and Justice
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Faith Café
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Prayer Shawl Ministry
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Faith Formation
Molly Washburn, Little Saints - Preschool - K
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Chris Kirnak, Sacramental Preparation
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Michelle Schleh, Faith Formation-Elementary
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Janell Hoekstra, Middle School Ministry
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Kristin Mombert, High School Ministry
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Secretary - Faith Formation
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RCIA / Returning Catholics (Landings)
Bob Little, Deacon
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Filipino Community
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Sanctity of Life
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La Casita
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Latino Ministries
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Liturgy and Worship
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Loaves and Fishes
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St. Francis Dining Hall
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St. Pius X School
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Mary Beth Anderson, School Secretary
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St. Joseph Toolbox
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Sunday Nursery
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Mary’s Pantry
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Ministry to the Sick and Homebound
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Women’s Club
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Community Resources:
Care to Share-Food Assistance
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Child Abuse Reporting
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Pregnancy Resource Center
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Housing Assistance
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St. Pius x community calendar
7:30 am 9:00 am 5:30 pm -
25 Monday
Patrick Leyden 
Eldon Konzen 
Sr. Mary Jeanne Kennedy
Faith Formation Classes
9:00 am - School
High School Discipleship Team Meeting
3:00 pm - Parish Office Conference Room
Youth Choir
3:30 pm - Church
Youth Ministry Activities
6:45 pm - Community Center, Etc.
8:15 am 9:15 am -
26 Tuesday
8:15 am -
Sacramental Prep (Grades 6-12)
6:00 pm - Parish Office
Latino Bible Study
7:00 pm - Youth Center
Ladies of Light Bible Study
9:00 am - Community Center
Social Bridge
10:30 am - Church Hall
Choir Rehearsal
6:30 pm - Church
ESL Class
7:00 pm - School
7:00 pm - Community Center
Confirmation Class
7:00 pm - McMahon Hall
28 Thursday
TC Smith 
Patty and Paul Reid
8:15 am - Tom Smith 
8:15 am -
Pat Lowman 
Jane Klecan 
8:15 am -
Catherine Franey 
Latino Adult Faith Formation (Parents)
9:00 am - Community Center
St. Pius X School Friends and Family Mass
1:00 pm - Church and Church Hall
Chaplet of Divine Mercy
3:00 pm - Church
Youth Choir
6:30 pm - Church
Confirmation Class
7:00 pm - McMahon Hall
Old Testament Video Series
8:45 am - Parish Office Conference Room
10:00 am - Youth Center
Latino Youth Choir
5:00 pm - Church
ESL Class
7:00 pm - School
St. Pius X School Archdiocese of Portland
Faith Formation Inservice
9:00 am - Church, McMahon Hall, etc.
Latino Adult Choir
7:00 pm - Church
Latino RCIA
7:00 pm - Community Center
Latino Marriage Encounter
7:00 pm - Community Center
8:15 am 5:00 pm -
Lauryn Catherine Grace Coelho 7:30 am Mariella Carrera 
9:00 am 1:00 pm 5:30 pm -
Coyote Club
7:30 am - Youth Center
Latino Adult Faith Formation (Parents)
5:30 pm - Youth Center
Tom Smith 
Joni Tugade 
Jack Day 
Joseph Sam Tran 
Faith Formation Classes
9:00 am - School
Youth Choir
3:30 pm - Church
For additional information regarding our calendar, visit our
website -www.stpius.org.
For those who are suffering illness . . .
For those who have died . . .
Bill Wilson
Leticia Rivera
New members
Joseph Keizer
Elizabeth & Bryan Harrington
Brian & Koren Ferriola
Jerry & Heather Carleton
Pope Francis said, “Let us act so that our brothers and
sisters never feel alone.”
Spend a day with people living in poverty or on the
margins of society in Old Town Portland. Experience
the Gospel call to serve those in need. Serve guests of
St. André Bessette’s Hospitality Center and visit other
service providers in the neighborhood. Spend time in
discussion, prayer and reflection.
Next Retreat is January 28, 2015. Hours of retreat are
8:00 am to 4:00 pm.
For more information or to register, call (503)
228-0746, ext. 110, email [email protected]
saintandrechurch.org, or go to the website: www.
The local Huruma Chapter Kileo, a 501c3 nonprofit,
announces the first annual fundraiser, Taste of Tanzania,
in support of the Huruma Special Unit school for disabled
children in Mwanza, Tanzania. The event begins at 5:00
pm, February 8, 2015, at St. Edward Catholic Church,
10990 NW 313th Avenue, North Plains, OR 97133.
Portland area supporters have developed a delicious
menu of special Tanzanian foods for an exotic buffet
dinner. Dramatic entertainment will have everyone
singing and dancing to rousing African music. A silent
auction includes Tanzanian handicrafts and a raffle
offers a handmade quilt in African prints. Artwork and
treasures collected by travelers to Mwanza, Tanzania, will
be on display. Tickets are $30, Students $15, Child $5
and available thru www.BrownPaperTickets.com, or by
emailing [email protected] Huruma Special
Unit is on Facebook, YouTube and http://www.kileo.org/