Examples of Safe Kids Day Events 2013

Examples of Safe Kids Day Events
Safe Kids Blue Mountain
Susan Anfinson
Walla Walla, WA
[email protected]
Safe Kids Blue Mountain celebrated Safe Kids Day with an event at the Walla Walla YMCA on May 19th
from 1:00pm-4:00pm. Safe Kids Blue Mountain teamed up with their lead agency, the Walla Walla
YMCA, on the event, and hosted it as part of the Y's Spring Round-Up. They had horseback riding, a
petting zoo, roping, pony cart rides, games and much more.
Safe Kids Carbon County
Mindy Graver
Lehigton, PA
[email protected]
Safe Kids Carbon County has partnered with the local Mason Lodge for the past five years to host a “Fun
and Safety Day” event on the first Saturday of May. In 2013, they celebrated Safe Kids Day on May 4th,
with the event called “Carbon County Community Safety Day”. They had different vendors and agencies
participate in the event with safety displays, emphasizing water and drowning safety. They had a
helicopter from the National Guard demonstrate a rescue. Additionally, they had five fire companies
participate in the event.
Safe Kids Chelan-Douglas
J. Kay McKellar
Wenatchee, WA
[email protected]
Safe Kids Chelan-Douglas hosted Safe Kids Day at their local Home Depot and seeked sponsorship from
GM, Wells Fargo, Newmerica Credit Union, Blue Spoon Yogurt and Walmart. They planned a bike rodeo
and car seat check, followed by an evening Lookout Cookout at the Fire Department.
Safe Kids Columbus
Pam Fair
Columbus, GA
[email protected]
Safe Kids Columbus hosted a Safe Kids Day fair at a children’s park called Hollywood Connection, which
has indoor mini-golf, movies, skate park, games and more. They also had a bike rodeo outside. They
sold exhibitor spaces at the event for the parking lot outside.
They had commercials promoting the Bike Rodeo at the Safe Kids Day Fair at Hollywood Connection.
Safe Kids Denver Metro
Erin Baum
Aurora, CO
[email protected]
Safe Kids Denver Metro hosted a Safe Kids Day
Fundraising Walk at the Children's Hospital on Saturday,
May 18 from 9:00 a.m. until noon. They provided free
resources and activities for children and their families.
They marketed it internally through hospital employees
and worked with their Foundation to identify potential
Safe Kids Fargo Moorhead
April Rabideaux
Fargo, ND
[email protected]
Safe Kids Fargo Moorhead planned a Safety Safari at the zoo, with safety
booths throughout. When families visited the safety booths, they got a
piece of code. At the end, they put the code together to form a sentence
and receive a prize.
Safe Kids Grand Forks
Carma Hansen
Grand Forks, ND
[email protected]
Patty Olsen
Grand Forks, ND
[email protected]
Safe Kids Grand Forks planned a Safe Kids Day Lookout Cookout at Lincoln Park on May 18 from 11 am –
2 pm. They had ten booths featuring different safety themes, with a sponsor and host for each booth.
They will also had fun games and activities for guests, and Texas Roadhouse BBQ agreed to come on as
the food sponsor. Their local Chevrolet dealer also participated. They secured media partners who
promoted Safe Kids Day via local radio and TV spots.
Safe Kids Greater Sacramento (with Safe Kids California)
Safe Kids Greater Sacramento
Jennifer Rubin
Carmichael, CA
[email protected]
Safe Kids California
Katie Smith
North Highlands, CA
[email protected]
Safe Kids Greater Sacramento established a strong leadership
committee for Safe Kids Day with three members who worked on
event logistics.
Safe Kids Sacramento planned a Safe Kids Day Lookout Cookout event
to coincide with the start of boating season on Sunday, May 19, 2013
from 10:00 am - 2:00 pm at Discovery Park. Drowning is the #1 cause
of death for children 1-5 in Sacramento. They had the Coast Guard,
Red Cross, and Parks and Recreation on board as partners, as well as
a company that manufactures life jackets. Disney Radio promoted the
event and was onsite to celebrate and broadcast live from the venue.
In addition, the California Department of Boating and Waterways
planned a large press event with a free life jacket trade-in.
Safe Kids Lee/Collier Counties
Sally Kreuscher
Ft. Myers, FL
[email protected]
Safe Kids Lee/Collier Counties had a
wonderful event at an outdoor mall in 2013.
They had fun activity areas and booths that
taught lessons in safety, parents who have
been affected by preventable injuries speak
to the audience, live entertainment and two
levels of sponsorship. Sally approached every
restaurant and store at the mall for
sponsorship of the event.
Safe Kids Maricopa County
Zoraida Ettrick
Phoenix, AZ
[email protected]
Safe Kids Maricopa County partnered with Desert Ridge Mall in
Paradise Valley to produce Safe Kids Day Safety Heroes event. Kids
came dressed as safety heroes, and competed in a
scavenger hunt with an opportunity to gain extra points
for visiting safety booths scattered throughout the
property, taking a picture with their roaming Safety
Hero, posting pictures on the Safe Kids Maricopa
County Facebook page and Instagram, etc. Every point
earned gave a child a chance to win great prizes at the
end of the event. The suggested online donation was
Safe Kids Orange County
Carissa Johns
Orlando, FL
407-521-4673 ext 114
[email protected]
Safe Kids Orange County planned their Safe Kids Day at the Future Hero Fun Run and Adventure Race at
the Children's Safety Village on May 18, 2013 from 8:30am-12:00pm. The event was a children's fun run
with activities for the whole family. Central Florida's Public Safety Professionals came together to raise
awareness on child injury prevention. They had multiple workshops including Gun Safety, CPR/AED, Fire
Drill/Extinguisher/911, Pool Safety, Bike Safety, and Car Seat Safety.
Safe Kids Palm Beach County
Kelly Powell
Riviera, FL
[email protected]
Safe Kids Palm Beach County held a sports
safety event at Boca Raton High School on May
11. The ROTC volunteered to help out, and the Miami Dolphins
sponsored the event and sent cheerleaders. Chevrolet vehicles were
also on hand for lessons in heatstroke, teen driving and child passenger
Safe Kids Placer County
Jim Owens
Roseville, CA
[email protected]
Safe Kids Placer County hosted their event on May 18 from 11:00am-3:00pm at Bill McAnally Auto
Racing Shop, which is affiliated with their local NASCAR Auto Speedway. In addition to a BBQ and child
passenger safety information, they held car seat checks, had celebrity NASCAR racers attend for photoops and autographs, and had tours of team racing cars. They also offer free 31 point tune-ups for event
attendees, and had auction items and tickets to the local All American Speedway as gifts.
Safe Kids Portland Metro (with Safe Kids Oregon)
Safe Kids Portland Metro
Lucy Drum
Portland, OR
[email protected]
Safe Kids Oregon
Ruth Harshfield
Lake Oswego, OR
[email protected]
Safe Kids Portland Metro celebrated Safe Kids Day at the local zoo on May 4 in partnership with their
local HeadStart program. They had 6000 parents and kids to attend, with the first 300 eligible kids who
completed the scavenger hunt winning a bike helmet. They had a strong committee of five working on
the event. They had twelve safety stations located throughout the zoo that provided learning
opportunities about calling 911, water safety, poison prevention, traffic safety, helmet safety, fire and
burn prevention and other major risk areas for children. Visitors who complete the 'Safety Safari' earned
a prize. The event was from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm and free with zoo admission.
Safe Kids Union County
Heather Stanhope
LaGrande, OR
[email protected]
Safe Kids Union County in LaGrande, OR planned a Safe Kids
Day 5k and bike race to celebrate and kick-off their summer
activities for kids. They partnered with a local bike club, the
Chamber of Commerce and Mountain Valley Therapy and Fitness. They also invited their local GM dealer
to get involved. They promoted Safe Kids Day at their University's Safety Fair in April, which attracts
1,300 attendees.
Safe Kids Utah
Eden Anderson
Salt Lake City, UT
[email protected]
Safe Kids Utah produced fifteen bike and car seat check events at local Chevrolet Dealerships in the
greater Salt Lake area on May 18, 2013, thanks to generous support from Rocky Mountain Chevrolet and
local Fox Channel 13. Together, they contributed $13,000 in sponsorship revenue that will go towards
event costs, bike helmets to be given to event attendees, and on-air TV promotion.
Safe Kids Walker County
Traci Reece
Chickamauga, GA
[email protected]
Safe Kids Walker County will celebrated Safe Kids Day with an event at Rock City Gardens on Saturday,
May 18 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. They had various safety games set-up in the pavilion, and a safety
scavenger hunt for the kids. They gave prizes to the kids who complete the safety circuit.
Additionally, there was also a kids’ night at Chattanooga's minor league baseball team, and Safe Kids
Walker County partnered with Safe Kids Chattanooga to promote Safe Kids Day there.
They also partnered with WalMart to set-up info booths in store during Safe Kids Day.
Safe Kids Washoe County
Lisa Bagley
Reno, NV
[email protected]
Safe Kids Washoe County used an existing educational event called Give Kids a Boost on May 18 as their
Safe Kids Day. They provided 1,000 immunizations to underserved children, and had a bike safety booth
and a car seat booth.
Safe Kids Weber-Morgan
Jan Fawcett
Ogden, UT
[email protected]
Safe Kids Weber-Morgan celebrated Safe Kids Day with an event at Weber County Fair Grounds in
Ogden on Saturday, April 20 from 10 am to 3 pm. They had over 75 booths to educate people on ways to
keep their family safe. Booths included reptile petting, fire engines, princess festival, zero fatalities and
much more. There had free helmets for the first 200 kids, t-shirts (to the first 500 kids, plus many other
giveaways. They also recycled old and expired car seats.
Additionally, they also celebrated Safe Kids Day at an event at John Watson Chevrolet on Saturday, May
18 from 10 am to 1 pm. They held a car seat check event and had informational giveaways.
Safe Kids York County
Robert White
Rock Hill, SC
[email protected]
Safe Kids York County celebrated Safe Kids Day with an event at COOLFest in Downtown Rock Hill on
May 18 from 10 am to 2 pm. COOLFest offers exciting games, hands-on activities, interactive booths and
lots of outdoor fun. The best of the best of York County students will perform for York County Idol finals,
and their entertainment stage will showcase singing, dancing, musicians, a magician, a clown, and much
more. COOLFest is truly a community event, featuring summer camps and programs, law enforcement,
public safety and local agencies to educate about the services available to York County youth. Safe Kids
York County also hosted a bike rodeo at the event, with their staff teaching proper helmet use, bike
safety and allowing kids to take a ride on their safety course. They also gave a limited number of free
Safe Kids Benton-Franklin
Malvina Goodwin
Kennewick, WA
[email protected]
Safe Kids Benton Franklin is hosting their 21st Safe Kids Saturday on May 10, and using this large
event as their Safe Kids Day event. The event is sponsored by a local medical center so sponsorships
will not be sold for the event.
Safe Kids Kansas
Cherie Sage
Topeka, KS
[email protected]
Safe Kid Kansas is holding a safety themed scavenger hunt at the Topeka Zoo. They will invite
sponsors and partners to participate and hosts booths throughout the zoo. As people enter the zoo,
Safe Kids Kansas will provide them with the scavenger hunt list, which will drive attendees to the
various booths. Booths will have giveaways, interactive safety games etc. People who complete the
scavenger hunt will be entered into a raffle.
Safe Kids Lee/Collier Counties
Sally Kreuscher
Ft. Myers, FL
[email protected]
Safe Kids Lee/Collier Counties is building off of their successful 2013 event hosting a Safe Kids Day event
at an outdoor venue. A partner organization wants to plan a race that would end at the Safe Kids Day
event. Money from the race would go to Safe Kids Lee/Collier Counties and another local nonprofit.
They also plan to get the Florida Gulf Coast basketball team (a Cinderella team in 2013 Tourney)
involved again around sports safety.
Safe Kids Palm Beach County
Kelly Powell
Riviera, FL
[email protected]
Safe Kids Palm Beach County is hoping to hold two events. The first is a field day competition among
area high school sports teams. They will have a sports safety focus, but make it fun and competitive.
They will also try to get the teams to fundraise and make that a competition as well. Money raised by
the teams would be split between the coalition and the team/school to be used for sports safety
materials/gear. The second event will focus on younger kids and likely be more of a safety fair. They also
have a local restaurant chain with twelve locations that wants to support Safe Kids Day with a
percentage of sales or some other form of cause marketing campaign.
Safe Kids Springfield
Daphne Greenlee
Springfield, MO
[email protected]
Safe Kids Springfield is holding an event at the Springfield Cardinals’ stadium (minor league baseball
team). The stadium has a “Chevy Pavillion” out front that they will be able to incorporate into the event.
The event will be free to the public and address multiple risk areas. They are also celebrating their 25th
Anniversary, and will conduct fundraising around the event and their anniversary.
Safe Kids Washington State
Julie Alonso
Olympia, WA
[email protected]
Safe Kids Washington is working to set-up an event at a Seattle Mariners baseball game in partnership
with Seattle Children’s, their lead agency. They are also working with a few of the local coalitions in the
state that cannot host their own event but wish to participate.