Umina Campus Newsletter

Umina Campus Newsletter
Umina Campus Newsletter
March 2012
MARCH 2012
Frank Gasper - Principal
Age Champions: Damon Brady, Indigo Verhoeven, Ebony Millgate, James Johnson,
Rachel Wood, Taylah Press, Ethan Vorstenbosch, Mason Reineker
It has been a very busy start to 2012 for students and staff at BWSC Umina. The first major event of the year,
the annual swimming carnival, kicked off what we hope will be a very successful year in sport. With a fantastic
show of house spirit and healthy rivalry, the carnival highlighted the array of talented athletes at BWSC. Notable
mention goes to ‗young gun‘ Rachel Wood who continued her record breaking success in setting 5 new BWSC
records. Congratulations to all students who have been selected to represent BWSC at the upcoming Brisbane
Water Zone carnival.
12 Years
Taylah Press
Ethan Vorstenbosch
13 Years
Rachel Wood
Mason Reineker
14 Years
Ebony Millgate
James Johnson
15 Years
Indigo Verhoeven
Damon Brady
Veron Road, Umina NSW 2257
Phone (02) 43419066
Fac (02) 43431704
Email [email protected]
Umina Campus Newsletter
March 2012
Principal’s Report
On February 21, we held a Memorial Assembly for Indah who passed away last November. In all
my years of teaching, I have not seen a large group of students conduct themselves so well during
an assembly and it was a fitting tribute to a lovely life ended far too early. Moving words were spoken by Ebony Millgate, Rachel Wood and Ms Honeysett, the Team 7 Assistant Team Leader. Reflections from Jacqui Anderson, Katelin Wilson and Ashleigh McLean were read at the end of the
assembly after which each girl accompanied the family to place flowers at our Memorial Garden
which honours the memory of students who we have lost during their time at the campus.
Our Year 9 of 2011 and their teachers deserve commendation for a fantastic result in terms of the
growth we achieved from Year 7 in 2009 to their exit point of Year 9 in 2011. A few figures will
help explain why our growth results were amongst the very best:
% of students in top 3 bands
Year 7 2009
Year 9 2011
% of students in top 3 bands
Year 7 2009
Year 9 2011
% of students in top 3 bands
Year 7 2009
Year 9 2011
% of students in top 3 bands
Year 7 2009
Year 9 2011
The next P&C Association Meeting
MONDAY 6th February at 7:00 p.m. Sharp
At: Woy Woy Senior School Campus
Umina Campus Newsletter
March 2012
Our 2 day Year 7 Orientation Program which is a unique feature of this school‘s transition to high
school has again been a great success in easing 280 Year 7 students into our high school setting.
The Year 7 students looked fantastic in their new school uniforms. Many thanks to our Year 9 Peer
Support Leaders under the supervision of Ms Brown and Ms Gilchrist who did such a great job in
organising the new students. Well done everybody.
As I said to students at the orientation, the Year 9 Leadership opportunities for so many pupils have
been one of the features of this campus that we have been proud of. Our students continue to be
given opportunities that are not available till much later years in other schools.
Thanks to all the parents who attended both our Year 9 Laptops Meeting and the Parent / Teams
Meeting that followed on February 21. It is important for you to know and use the communication
channels that our team structure provide for you. Your attendance in large numbers makes such
evenings worthwhile. I also thank the staff members who provided you with this opportunity.
A letter and package has been sent to all parents / caregivers of Year 7 and 8 students.
A significant amount of funding is given to schools on the basis of these results.
Surveys are confidential
Parents should not OVERSTATE their income or educational background. The surveys are not
opened by anyone at school.
Surveys are electronically scanned and no names are on the survey
We need a high return rate to qualify so we urge all parents to complete the forms
Student rewards will be given to those returning the surveys
We have been very fortunate to secure the following staff as permanent staff members for this year:
Ms Hannah returns to her former position as Head Teacher HSIE and Team 2 Leader
after a year at the Senior Campus. We are delighted to have her back at Umina.
Mrs Klaassen moves to the senior campus after doing a great job in 2011.
Ms McMahon and Ms Kitson are two outstanding English / History teachers who now
join our permanent staff after filling temporary roles with distinction.
Mr Byrne joins our Maths Faculty and has already made a very good impression at
Mr Smith also returns to us after a year at Woy Woy campus and adds valuable experience to our Science staff.
Umina Campus Newsletter
March 2012
Congratulations to Dane Allen for being selected as the winner of the Junior Art Prize in this prestigious
competition. Other successful students chosen to exhibit were: Chloe Costin; Sophie Owens; Maddison
Philpott ; Kristy Thompson and Renee Romeo. Well done!
Our successful teams model was established in 2002. This means that every student in the school is in
one of our 8 Teams under the leadership of the Team Leader (Head Teacher) and Assistant Team
Leader (Welfare). This makes it far easier for parents to make contact with any concerns as these
people provide the first reference point for most issues involving our students.
Team Leader
Assistant Team Leader
Ms S. Murray
Ms L. Martin
Ms J. Hannah
Ms D. McMahon
Ms J Crump
Ms J. Beckinsale
Mr J. Phillips
Ms K. Fullagar
Mr B. Medley
Mr C. White
Mrs J. Gilchrist
Mr P. Crouch
Mr A. Montgomery
Ms R. Honeysett
Ms S. Gilchrist
Ms R. Brown
UNIFORM – It Looks Great :
Parents and Students please help keep it that way
Thank you to all parents who have already supported our drive to maintain an excellent school uniform.
It will only be sustained if teachers, parents and students maintain the effort to make our school look as
great as it does now. Most Parents have obviously gone to the effort of purchasing full uniform (including
ENCLOSED BLACK LEATHER SHOES). Please make sure students arrive at school in full uniform
Correct BLACK Shoes.
As mentioned in the letter sent to all parents last year, only enclosed leather black shoes will be permitted as we respond to the identified OH&S risk in all areas of the school. Failure to wear appropriate
footwear will prohibit a child‘s participation in key subjects that must be completed in order to meet
School Certificate requirements. Even on mufti days, students must have enclosed footwear.
We ask that all parents support this important aspect of developing school image, safety and self esteem amongst our school community. It requires a combined effort by staff parents and students to
reach the standards we want for our school.
Students should not wear white sports shoes to school on sports or PE days as this undermines the
uniform, especially as large numbers of students have these activities each day. Students have been
informed that they could either bring white sports shoes in their bag or have a pair of black leather track
shoes that can be worn all day.
Umina Campus Newsletter
March 2012
Plain Blue Skirts & Polo Shirts are not part of the Umina Campus Uniform. The tartan skirt can be
worn at both the junior and senior campus in Year 10.
Full school uniform will be a requirement for attendance at school excursions. Financial assistance is
available to families in need, by contacting the principal and completing a student assistance
If a student is unable to wear uniform on a particular day, we ask that parents provide a note indicating
the problem and when the student will be back in uniform. This makes it easy to distinguish from some
students who may choose not to wear uniform. This should be shown to the roll teacher and others who
may enquire during the day.
ALL NOTES – whether for absences, uniform or any other reason must be written entirely by the
parent / guardian – not written by the student and merely signed by an adult. This makes it
harder for bogus notes to be presented, as sometimes occurs.
On behalf of the school community many thanks to the volunteers who gave up an enormous amount of
their time to assist in supplying uniform and bookpacks to students in the holidays. It was a massive
task that you did wonderfully well.
Please note: The Uniform Shop is the sole supplier of some key school uniform items and provide a
reliable and constant supply of most items. Shorts and Shirts with the school crest enhance the appearance of all students. We also thank the suppliers for their contribution back to our school which helps
fund school activities that benefit our students. Student assistance is available to help with the cost of
these items for families struggling to pay the full cost.
While the government provides money to operate the school (salaries, rates, electricity, water etc.), by
raising some additional funding we are able to support and enhance our learning programs for students.
Some elective subjects have specific costs which are needed to purchase materials eg visual arts, food
technology, wood technics. In the case of year 9, these were specified in the electives booklet at the time
of selecting subjects.
The campus also seeks to raise funds through the ‗General School Contribution‘ This is a voluntary contribution to assist with operating costs of a school of this size.
For 2012, the contribution will be $110. This equates with about $2.50 per week and can be paid off in
total, per term or monthly at the school office. This amount can make a huge difference to our programs.
They can be paid at any time at the school office. We will soon be sending accounts to all families. Your
assistance, if possible, will be greatly appreciated.
Umina Campus Newsletter
March 2012
A process was followed involving input from students, staff and parents to formalise the VALUES we wish
to foster amongst our students. These have now been published in our Student Information Booklet
Staff will continue to emphasise 3 key elements of our expectations for students at this campus.
- Doing your best in everything you attempt
- Treating others –students, teachers and parents– with respect at all times.
- Doing what you can to make things work for everyone.
- Developing positive partnerships with others
We have an overwhelming majority of great young people in our school. It is important that the good
students dominate the school and classroom environment and we minimise the influence of any disruptive
elements. The many positive initiatives that our teaching teams have developed and the range of welfare
strategies are all aimed at achieving this goal.
All students referred to me by the Deputy Principals for any of the following will be suspended from school
Physical violence
Possession of drugs / alcohol (Police involvement is also mandatory with drugs)
Persistent misbehaviour and disruption of the classroom environment
Criminal behaviour at school
Please contact the school if you have any enquiries about your child‘s education.
You will be directed to the appropriate staff member to address any concerns.
Frank Gasper
Principal—Brisbane Water Secondary College Middle Campus
Getting off to a good start
Wondering how to help your kids do well at home and at school this year? The department‘s
parent resource School A to Z has a webcast full of expert tips for you to help your children have
a more successful year.
The ‗Getting off to a great start webcast‘ has a number of chapters on how to motivate children
for learning, advice on peer relationships and how to handle bullying, communicating with children and the importance of strong home-school relationships.
The expert panel features advice from a child psychologist, an experienced family doctor and the
department‘s deputy director-general (schools) Greg Prior.
Watch the webcast at:
Umina Campus Newsletter
March 2012
2011 was a stellar year for the College.
Our students excelled in sporting, cultural
and academic pursuits. Indeed our academic results were exceptional. The growth of our students in
NAPLAN from Year 7 to Year 9 was remarkable. The achievement of our students in the final year of the
School Certificate built upon our enviable reputation. The 2011 HSC results can simply be described as
outstanding. We celebrated these achievements at our recent Band 6 and College Blues Assembly which
was attended by our elite students from 2011, our current Year 12 and the Principals of our partner Primary
Schools. The students achieved a record 54 first round University placement offers which was highlighted
by the achievement of Maani McMillan-Truu, our 2011 DUX with 6 Band 6 results..
College Principal - Steve Harris
The College Learning Conference will be held on Wednesday 4th April and Thursday 5th April 2012. In 2009
the College engaged the services of internationally renowned educationalist, Mark Treadwell, in preparation
for the introduction of the Digital Education Revolution student laptop program. We have again asked Mark
to lead our learning conference to review the progress that we have made and to highlight the areas of need
for the College to focus on to meet the needs of today's Learners.
Please note that our Learning Conference replaces the normal School Development Days in Terms 2 & 3.
Steve Harris
College Principal—Brisbane Water Secondary College
Deputy Principal - Mrs Smith
Welcome and Welcome Back
What a wonderful start to the year we have had. I would like to officially welcome our Year 7 cohort and
comment on their flying start to the year. I have been in most year 7 classrooms and have been impressed
by the work ethic displayed by the students and the tireless efforts displayed by their teachers. I was even
lucky enough to see some members of 7.3.1 receive their Bunsen burner licences. Keep up the great work.
I also want to congratulate the two Year 7 boys who found and returned a wallet. The young man who lost it
was very grateful so again, well done.
Kylie Cassidy the PACE worker has also been in to speak to all of our Aboriginal students about her role in
the school and community. She is very excited about working with our families and was impressed by the
formation of the sub- branch of the Junior AECG of which our students are looking to become members.
Exciting times are ahead, I am sure.
I would also like to reinforce and remind all of our community about our three core values of respect, commitment and relationships. If our students continue to uphold these values, I am sure the term will be a
successful one. Keep up the hard work everyone!
National Year of Reading 2012
Welcome to a new school year. This is the national year of reading and to celebrate, there is a
host of literary-related events and competitions happening right around Australia. For an events calendar
and more information go to: Why not make a late New Year resolution to read more
yourself? And if you have younger children and don‘t already read regularly to them, set aside some quality
time to help instil a love of books and reading.
Umina Campus Newsletter
March 2012
The Annual General Meetings of P&C Association of BWSC
The Annual General Meeting of the P&C Associations of BWSC Umina Middle School Campus and Woy
Woy Senior Campus will be held on Monday 5th March 2012, commencing at 7:00 p.m. at the Umina
Middle School Campus, Veron Road Umina
All parents are invited to join our P&C and attend meetings .Parents who would like to know more about
the P&C are invited to contact the Presidents via contacting the school. We hope you can join us on at
Umina Campus of BWSC on Monday 5th March 2012, commencing at 7:00 p.m. Parents are under no
obligation to take on executive roles at this AGM, however it is always pleasing to see new parents join
the P&C and make a contribution to the educational programs of the school and to hear reports from the
Principals about student achievements.
Presidents Bruce Donaldson and Bruce Graf
What is a P&C Association?
A P&C Association is a school-based organisation of parents, teachers and interested citizens.
The Education Act 1990 states that P&C Associations are established to:
 Promote the interest of the school by bringing parents, citizens, students and teaching staff into close
 Assist in providing facilities and equipment for the school and promoting the education and welfare of
the students at the school
 Encourage parent and community participation in curriculum and other educational issues in schools;
 Report, when requested by the Minister, on the material requirements of the school and advice on the
subject of maintenance of the school, alterations and additions to school facilities and the selection of
new sites;
 Assist and co-operate with teaching staff at public functions associated with the school.
 Be responsible for the election of parent representatives to any school council constituted at the school
in consultation with the principal of the school; and
 Assist in any other matters in which the Minister may seek the co-operation of the association.
These objects and functions are included in the prescribed and standard constitutions for both incorporated and unincorporated associations.
P&C Association Notice
Date: Monday 5th March 2012
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Location : Umina Middle School Campus
Harmony Day is celebrated around Australia on 21 March each
year. It's a day when all Australians celebrate our cultural diversity.
In 2012, we will celebrate the important role that sport plays in
bringing together Australians from all walks of life to share in a
common passion with the message Sport — play, engage, inspire.
We will be highlighting the day at our whole campus assembly, with
various classroom and sporting activities being conducted throughout the week.
Umina Campus Newsletter
March 2012
Dance News
I want to take this opportunity in our first newsletter for 2012 to welcome back our Year 8 CAPA
class and the Year 9 Dance students. A warm welcome is extended to the new Year 7 CAPA
Term 1 is off to a busy start in Dance with all Years auditioning for Star Struck 2012. All students
have been busy working away on their audition piece and our fingers and toes are crossed we all
make the cut!
Youth in Performing Arts auditions are coming up and all students should be putting their finishing
touches to their routines to audition shortly, with a date TBC.
Big congratulations to Katia Burke from Year 8 CAPA who
appeared in Gosford Musical Society‘s ―CAMP ROCK‖over the
holiday break.
Lots of exciting performances coming up in DANCE, stay
Umina Campus Newsletter
March 2012
BWSC Agriculture
The Agriculture Department is proud of students who
achieved their Diamond Award in the NSW Premier‘s
Volunteers Program in 2011. Allanah Norris, Clint
McAnally, Luke Boxsell , Cody Moffat –McDonald and
Roy Rooney all qualified for this highly acclaimed
award for their service to
Allanah Norris
presenting the
Overall Champion
of the Show
Luke Boxsell, Cody Moffat-McDonald, Allanah Norris
and Clint McAnally receive their awards. Mrs Lawler,
NSW Premier’s Volunteers Program Coordinator
BWSC and Mrs Arms NSW Premier’s Volunteers
Program Coordinator Central Coast Hunter Region
are also in the photo
Brisbane Water Secondary College Agriculture Department is off to a winning start
in 2012.
Preparation for the coming show season started before school resumed.
Students have been busy training and preparing cattle for the Maitland Agricultural Show on Friday 17th February. Students participated from several schools in the hunter and central
coast regions.
BWSC was represented by 24 students and 4 show cattle.
The school‘s envious performance record was maintained achieving 1st, 2nd, 3rd in the lightweight class and
1st in the heavyweight class. Cattle proceeded to win champion lightweight steer, champion heavyweight
steer and the overall champion steer of the show.
Other achievements on the day include several students
placing in a strong field in the Paraders competition.
Results are:
Clint McAnally 3rd and Cana Bell 4th in the 15 year old
Eryn Smith 4th in the 14 year old class
Allanah Norris qualified to represent the school at Sydney Royal Easter Show.
Students and staff are busy preparing for the Canberra Royal Agricultural Show in late February followed
by Gresford Agricultural Show and Sydney Royal Easter Show.
The Umina Rotary Club attended the school farm on Wednesday 15th February for a Farm tour and BQQ.
The Umina Rotary Club kindly sponsored the
rebuilding of the Roundyard in 2011 and have
generously sponsored steers in the Cattle
Show Program for 2012. Students and staff
would like to extend their sincere thanks to
Umina Rotary Club for their long standing support of the Agriculture Department and the
Cattle Show Program.
Umina Campus Newsletter
March 2012
Summer has lots of interesting activities happening on the school farm.
Year 8 Students are helping to extract honey with School Apiarist Mr
B W S C P&C Annual General Meeting
7:00 p.m. Monday 5th March
Umina Middle School Campus Staff Room.
Supper Provided
Umina Campus Newsletter
March 2012
Welcome back Team GR8 to the 2012 school year. We have been keeping very busy so far. Some things
that have been happening this term are:
* Welcome to Mrs Brown as our new Assistant Team Leader for Team 8. Unique to our team, Team GR8
is led by two Head Teachers. Ms Gilchrist remains as Team Leader and is Head Teacher of Teaching &
Learning, and Mrs Brown is Head Teacher Welfare. She teaches all Yr 7 and 8 students once a fortnight. If
selective class students (or their parents) have any concerns or questions, please contact either Head
* The Challenge Ranch Camp for Year 7 was awesome! This camp so early in the school year helped to
build some great relationships between students and teachers. It also taught us all a thing or two about how
our team can work together so well. Although the weather was rainy and humid, 7S1,7S2 and CAPA students
were absolutely extraordinary. The aim of the camp was for students to make friends and face challenges
together to overcome personal limitations, and BOY did they ever!!! Those brave enough attempted rock
climbing, flying fox, high ropes course, archery and of course… the DAM! It was so great to cool off on the
waterslide, jump in from the rope swing and use the kayaks after such a long sweaty day. The twilight Karaoke competition was a huge hit. Thank you to all the students and Peer Leaders who took part in this opportunity and the following teachers for giving up their time to share in this great experience: Ms Fullagar, Mr
Dorrington, Mr Phillips and Mr Lawler.
A reminder to all Team GR8 students to collect PBs for upcoming raffle draws and reward excursions. I am so impressed
at how quickly Yr 7 have settled in to the demands of selective classes, let alone the transition to high school. I am
equally proud of how Yr 8 are now leading the way for their
younger peers in the standards set for Team GR8. I‘m particularly pleased with uniform and footwear, using diaries and the respect shown to staff. Keep it up
Let‘s have a productive and exciting year of learning!
Ms Gilchrist
Team 8 Leader
Challenge Ranch
Umina Campus Newsletter
March 2012
Welcome to 2012
A big welcome to all of those students joining us this year and a
welcome back to our regular Team 4 students. Staff changes mean that we have
some fresh faces joining our team. Although we lost some of our regulars to other
teams, we are privileged to have such dedicated teachers on board. Mighty accolades also must go to Miss Fullagar, who takes on the hefty mantle of Assistant
Team Leader. Good Luck...
CAPA CLASSES – Exciting times as we welcome our second selective CAPA class into Year
7. Between the two CAPA classes, we are already seeing some brilliant performances and
great potential as they prepare for the multitude
of events and opportunities coming up...
Miss Fullagar,
our new ATL
UNIFORM – Congratulations for the effort towards
correct school uniform. Our Team 4 students are
looking great and we got rid of the canvas shoes…
Well done!...
2012 has welcomed Seonaid James as the new Head Teacher of the Croft. Seonaid has come
to us from the Assistant Principal‘s position at Kariong Detention Centre. We all welcome Seonaid, and both staff and students are looking forward to another successful year at The Croft.
This year we have students in all years from 7 to 11. The students have now settled into
their lessons at the Croft and are also enjoying participating in the Outdoor Education Programs. This program includes mountain abseiling, bike riding, canoeing, swimming and
bushwalking. In Week 3 the students continued their involvement in the Foreshore Program .This program was made possible with the support of MacMasters Beach Surf Life
Saving Club and the Brooklyn Rugby Club. Students and staff clean up rubbish from the
shores of Brisbane Waters and the Hawkesbury River. This program encourages teamwork
promotes camaraderie and the students are enthusiastic in their tasks.
Have a good term, Kathy Oldfield, SLSO
Forensic Science & CSI Presentation
A Forensic Science team from New York will be at our school on Wednesday 28th March
to present a crime scene to students. We will hear about the suspects and be able to
examine the evidence found at the scene! Tests carried out in the Forensic Laboratories
will be presented and students will learn how real Forensic Scientists process crime
scenes. Fingerprinting, DNA profiling, ballistics, microscopy, trace evidence transfer, gas chromatography
and much more will be used to identify the murderer.
Make sure you don‘t miss out on this unique presentation. Get your signed Permission Form back as
quickly as possible to your Science teacher, the cost is $10.00.
Umina Campus Newsletter
March 2012
Six of our promising artists had their works chosen from over 300 entries,
of the 15 participating high schools across the Central Coast, selected for
display in this year‘s ‗A Central Vision‘ art show.
Congratulations to Dane Allen, Chloe Costin,
Sophie Owens, Maddison Philpot, Kristy
Thomson, Renee Romeo and Sophie Owens
making this BWSC‘s equal most successful
year. To add to our success, Dane went on
to win the prestigious Junior Art Prize
awarded as the best piece from
a Stage 4 student. Thanks also
to our dedicated art teachers
who help to inspire, select and
organise these artworks. ‗A Central Vision‘ has become the
region‘s most prominent schoolsupported exhibition. Artworks will
be on display at the Gosford Regional Gallery until 14th of March.
Well done to our outstanding artists.
Mr Phillips – HT CAPA
At the conclusion of 2011, the Umina Campus Year 7 students were
provided with an opportunity to learn survival techniques in and around
the water and in doing so gain accreditation and acknowledgement
through the Royal Life Saving Society. The course was conducted over five days with two classes attending the Peninsula Leisure Centre each day.
All students were challenged by their tasks with all students achieving the selected level. Over 80 Year 7
students completed the Swim Survive course, with the students to receive their certificates at a Campus
assembly early next month. Congratulations to all students who stepped outside their comfort zones and
were committed to achieving their personal bests each day.
Umina Campus Newsletter
March 2012
Star Struck Auditions
At right is the Yr9 Dance Elective in their
Starstruck audition piece.
At left is the Yr8 CAPA Dance class in their
Starstruck audition piece.
Starstruck is Newcastle's (Hunter region's) equivalent to Schools Spectacular. This is the 4th year our
students have been involved. They have been successful every time.
It involves over 3000 students & 150 schools. It is a show that opens at Newcastle Entertainment Centre
in June. Students commit & spend many a long day & night rehearsing & preparing.
This year we are auditioning all 3 groups for the first time. If all groups are successful we will have about
45 students involved. We also have some Yr10 students from the Senior Campus trying out too.
Teachers download & teach the set routine to the students who then practice it for only about 10 days
before the performance is videoed and then submitted as the audition piece.
Year 9 Journalism Report
The swimming carnival was held on the 23rd of February at the Peninsula Leisure
Centre. Everyone arrived in great spirits and some with costumes that won‘t be
The day started off brilliantly with the 200 metres girls all age freestyle. Throughout
the day, we saw many amazing swims. Some special mentions to Indigo Verhoeven,
Zac South, Tristan Stewart, Damon Brady and an exceptional mention to Rachel
Wood who smashed a few records on the day and everyone else who had some fun
and participated.
There were over 50 events and it was great to see so many people participating, even if it was just for fun.
We all got a laugh from the kids who entered a variety of races with flotation devices and costumes. A fun
memory of the day was when some year 9 boys organised a synchronised diving routine into the pool at
the start of a race. Overall the day was a big success with Webb taking out the house point competition,
A big thanks to all the teachers for organising and participating during the day, with a big shout out to Mr
Gosden for commentating brilliantly and Miss Spencer and Mr Montgomery for managing the event . We
hope next year will be just as successful.
By Zoe Pardey, Jacqueline White and Lauren Hayes.
Umina Campus Newsletter
March 2012
Taronga Zoo
At the end of last year, the students in the Support
Unit were very kindly invited by Franklins at Woy
Woy to spend the day at Taronga Zoo. A coach
was organised for us to travel down with the senior
Campus Support Unit students as well. Several
staff members from Franklins also came with us for our
day out. A healthy lunch was provided for us all by
Franklins and it was terrific to see all the students mingling together.
All the students had a most memorable day, with the
highlight being the cable car that lifted us all back up to the top of
the Zoo at the end of the day. The view was amazing.
The generosity and community gesture that was shown towards
our students by Franklins and the Rotary Club was very kind indeed and we would like to thank Paul, the Manager at Franklins
especially for organising such a wonderful excursion.
Lesley Leaver - Teacher ,Support.
Woy Woy High School officially opened 50 years ago
This special occasion shall be celebrated by an Open Day Saturday,4th August, 2012.
The P&C shall have a BBQ , Devonshire Tea run by current students, some souvenirs for sale, memorabilia on display and a few guided tours by the Collegiate and Campus Principals.
If you have a few photos or other items of interest please copy and forward them to the official email.
Some students are organizing dinners that night for their own ―Years‖. This is not part of the committee‘s
function although recommendations for suitable venues can be provided.
The email address for the organizing committee is [email protected] and the Committee chairperson is Julie Loaney-Brown.
From time to time photographs are taken of students at Umina Campus during their day to day
school activities or events ie. sports carnivals, drama activities, school concerts etc.
These photographs are then made available for use in school publications ie. school website,
newsletter, school magazine.
NOTE: Parental permission given for these photos to appear in school publications will
be assumed, unless parents/guardians contact the school and advise otherwise.
Umina Campus Newsletter
March 2012
Kids Who Are Animal Carers Elective class met 'Frog' the Diamond Python today. Diamond pythons are native to Australia and
eat rats. They need sun to digest food and for energy. It is important not to use rat baits as an animal eating a rat that has been
poisoned will get secondary poisoning. Frog is about 17 years old.
She spends some time at school & is used for educational purposes. She has been a school mascot for about 4 years. When
she eats, she will consume 1 large rat about every 10 days.
On Tuesday February 7th we had a
guest speaker from the Australian
Guide Dog Society.
Her name was Angela and her dog is
called 'Hamish', they came to Australia
from Ireland several years ago. Angela
has only about 10% vision in 1 eye and
spoke about what her life is like being
visually impaired.
Australian guide dogs are trained from a young age and are basically fostered out until they are about
12 months old. They then undergo intense training that can take up to 9 months. When the dog finds a
home, training continues in the immediate area so that the dog and new owner can get used to the
immediate surrounds. It is important never to pat a dog when he is in his harness as he is in
working mode. When they are at home however, they play and live like other dogs. The students gained
a lot of knowledge from Angela and had plenty of pats for Hamish.
Umina Campus Newsletter
March 2012
Team 2 has got off to a ‗Tworiffic‘ start. The teachers are looking forward to a ‗twomendous‘ year. We
extend a warm welcome to Ms. Hannah who returns from the Woy Woy campus to be our Team Leader
for the year. Welcome also to our new Assistant Team Leader / English teacher Ms. McMahon and our
Maths teacher Mr. Byrne.
Welcome also to our new Year 7 students who have made a great transition from various primary schools.
In a letter to their primary schools the students reported on the differences between year 7 and last year.
Lauren Emerton thanked her teachers and assured Year 6 that they had a lot to look forward to next year.
James Halliday-Jones said that he loved sport and P.E. Sam Fonssbach reported that he ‗loved wood
work and it was fun using the tools.‘ 7.2.1 is very proud to have received their ‗Bunsen Burner‘ licences
and the class is looking forward to gaining their tractor licences.
Our Year 8s are enjoying reading their English novel, No Gun for Asmir and have asked some great questions. They love playing maths bingo and double sport, particularly the out of school activities. Although
students from 9.2.1 and 9.2.2 report that they miss their old classes many say that they are enjoying the
more mature approach to learning and they are looking forward to improving their marks. They are also
happy to be doing 14 hours a fortnight of elective classes.
Lastly, a big welcome to all parents of students in team 2. If you need to contact Ms. Hannah you can do
so on 43 419066 or by email [email protected]
Student Spotlight – in this section we select students and do a short profile. This month:
Ben Amiet:
What‘s his Favourite colour? Purple
How about Music? No, not really into music, well I
don‘t have a favourite song
What is he Interested in? Soccer and gaming
What does he like about school? Sport mostly
Brittney Gow
What‘s her Favourite colour? Blue
How about Music? I like Katie Perry
What is she Interested in? Touch football, I‘ve played
for the Dynamites, and netball playing for the Phoenix
What does she like about school? Sport and PE mostly
Jayde McCulloch
What‘s her Favourite colour? Blue
How about Music? I like Cody Simpson
What is her Interested in? Soccer and art
What does she like about school? Sport mostly
Top Team players
Special mention this month goes to Sarah Le Fevre and
Summer Isok for their participation in the school swimming
carnival. Sarah gained 4 ribbons, her favourite race being the
12 year old girls‘ 50 metre butterfly. Summer gained 3 ribbons and enjoyed the 13 year girls‘ backstroke.
Edwards Family Butchery
Peninsula Plaza Blackwall Road Woy Woy 43 422372
Thank you from the Science Department at BWSC Umina for
their kind support in enabling our students to thoroughly enjoy their Biology
Umina Campus Newsletter
March 2012
Rugby League
At the conclusion of 2011, Umina Campus formed a partnership with the Umina Rugby League Club. The essence of the
partnership is to provide the URLC a venue to train during the
summer months, and in return the URLC will provide valuable
assistance to Umina Campus in the form of money and rugby
league resources for our very successful rugby league teams.
Last Month on a Magic Saturday morning a combined group of
some (20)+ volunteers, committee, coaching staff, players,
parents & Kids from both Umina Junior & Senior Rugby League Clubs, spent a day volunteering for the
Brisbane Water Secondary College-Umina Campus, to help up-Grade the school ovals. On the day, the
volunteers followed on from spraying weeds some weeks earlier, on the School ovals, under the watchful
eye of Shannon Sharpe (Assistant 1st Grade Coach) & Troy Hudson (Snrs Head Trainer), to spreading
some (26) Tons of top soil in various areas that were well worn & then were later fertilized & with Natural
Organic fertilizer.
Many Thanks to Chris Hyde from ―The Everglades Country Club‖, Scotty Eaton & Scotty
Hummelstead & their Employer - "Roy Lamb Sand & Soils", Phil Capel & Mick Walsh &
Shane Fish & Shannon Sharpe , "Active Hire" on Blackwall rd, Rob Ryan of Stainless
Steel- EFX , "Peter Hutton's Family Butchers" of Picnic Parade at Ettalong
This is only the start of a great community relationship, and many thanks from the school must go to Scott
Ford from the URLC for his tireless work in organising these days and for continuing to water the fields
after hours each day.
Sports Report
Rugby 7’s: Year 7 boys were offered the opportunity to participate in a Rugby 7‘s development
day organised by Mr Crouch. A total of 60 boys participated in this event, with a group of 40
students selected to represent BWSC at the Central Coast Rugby 7‘s Championships.
Girl’s Athletic Academy: The girl‘s Athletic Academy, comprising students in years 9 and 10,
participated in a Surf Survival Program in week 4. Involvement in this day allowed the girls
the opportunity to gain their Surf Survival Certificate, with all girls successfully achieving this
outcome. Congratulations to those students.
NSW All Schools State Triathlon Championships – Tues 6th/Wed 7th March
Year 9 Touch Football Gala Day – Tuesday 6th March
Zone Swimming Carnival – Thursday 8th March
Area Swimming Championships – Tuesday 13th March
15yrs Sydney North (Central Coast Area) Rugby League Trials – Wednesday 14th March
Sydney North U15‘s Touch Football Trials – Thursday 15th March
Central Coast Futsal Championships
CHS Swimming Championships – Sunday 1st – Tuesday 3rd April
Umina Campus Newsletter
March 2012
Each year NSW Health offers the vaccines recommended by the
National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) for adolescents as part of the school-based vaccination program.
In 2012 the following vaccines will be offered:
Hepatitis B vaccine for all Year 7 students who have not received 3 doses of hepatitis B
vaccine when they were a baby.
Varicella (chicken pox) vaccine for all Year 7 students who have not previously received
varicella vaccine or had chicken pox.
Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine will be offered to Year 7 girls only as a 3-dose
course over a six-month period.
Diptheria, Tetanus and Pertussis (Whooping cough) vaccine will be offered to all Year 7
and Year 10 students.
Parent Information Kits will be sent home to parents/guardians. To consent to the vaccination of
their child. Parents/guardians are advised to read all the information provided, complete the
consent form and return it to their child‘s school. Please ensure that your child eats breakfast o
the day of the school vaccination clinic.
Parents/guardians who wish to withdraw their consent for any reason may do so by writing to the
School Principal. The Procedure for Withdrawal of Consent is available on the NSW Health
Website at
To improve vaccination completion, students will be opportunistically offered any missed doses
throughout the year.
Please note that for HPV vaccine only, parents/guardians must record their Medicare Number
(all 10 digits and the 11th number beside the child‘s name) on the consent form, as this is required to record the student‘s information on the National HPV Vaccination Register and link to
the National or State Cervical Screening Program.
A Record of Vaccination will be provided to each student vaccinated at the clinic. Parents/
guardians should ensure that this record is kept for future reference and should not assume that
their child has been vaccinated if they do not receive this Record of Vaccination.
Aboriginal Cultural Day
An Aboriginal Cultural Day is held on the first Saturday of every month at Wyoming Youth Centre,
9 Warrawilla Rd from 1pm-4pm. Come along and enjoy an afternoon of Art and craft, storytelling
& culture in a series of sessions held by cultural leaders and artists. Lunch is provided. Contact
Dylan (02) 4325 0661.
Umina Campus Newsletter
Aboriginal Education
Welcome to PaCe Co-ordinator
We would like to welcome Parent and Community
Engagement Co-ordinator Kylie Cassidy. Kylie will
be working closely with Parents and Community
this year running events and informing parents and
community of happenings within the college and is
looking forward to meeting you all.
Personalised Learning Plans (PLP’s)
What is personalised learning?
Personalised learning recognises the individual
strengths, needs and goals of students and that
schools respond to these differences and learning
by tailoring to meet each student‘s needs.
Discovering and nurturing individual talents, as well
as identifying and addressing gaps in knowledge
and skills, is crucial to personalised learning. It
requires sound, precise information on student
achievement, targeted attention to specific needs,
and regular monitoring and reviewing student progress to ensure high expectations and successful
outcomes for all students.
Parents and/or Guardians are being invited to discuss your child‘s PLP to identify, organise and
apply personalised approaches to learning. The
plan may also consider and deal with issues in the
student‘s background and school context that are
affecting their learning. This may lead to other goals
focused on personal growth, social skills and cultural achievements.
March 2012
Koorana AECG
(Aboriginal Education Consultative Group)
The last 12 months of Koorana AECG have been
wonderful for our kids here on the Peninsula. We
held the Young Black and Ready 4 School Program on November 22nd 2011 preparing our PreSchool kids for Kindergarten. Our Inaugural
Deadly Awards at Woy Woy Public School on
December 6th 2011 were very successful with an
overwhelming response from community (the
venue will be changed this year to ensure more
space is available for everyone to see the stage)
and Koorana AECG also organised and ran cultural awareness training for all staff during their
professional learning at the end of Term 4 at Brisbane Water Secondary College.
In 2012 the Koorana AECG will be moving in a
new direction. We intend to meet at times more
suitable for Parents and Community and will invite
more guest speakers to attend and inform us
about how we can work together to benefit our
kids here on the Peninsula. We will also be forming a Junior AECG and doing more fundraising,
community workshops, and training and developing resources for our community and our kids.
We hope to see more involvement from our Aboriginal and wider community.
The next Koorana AECG meeting will be held on
Wednesday 7th March at Woy Woy Public School.
Coffee, Tea & Light snacks start at 5:15pm and
the meeting begins at 5:30pm. Koorana AECG is
now on facebook and has its own website!!! Like
the Koorana AECG page to receive the latest
information on events, and matters in Aboriginal
and/or Torres Strait Islander education around the
region or check out the website at http:// .
Junior AECG- BWSC Sub-Committee
A Junior AECG BWSC sub-committee will be established at both campuses, the students will volunteer to
be on the Junior AECG. Office bearers will be elected. The president and secretary will attend SRC meetings to communicate matters and will take the matters from the SRC (School Representative Council) to the
Junior AECG. It is also expected that two members from BWSC sub-committee will attend Koorana AECG
and SRC meetings. Our youth and students are our future and we have a responsibility to ensure our next
generation is fully prepared for the future. Any students interested in becoming a part of the Junior AECG –
BWSC Sub-committee please see Mrs Smith or Ronnie Bowman for a membership form.
Umina Campus Newsletter
March 2012
Whole Scotch Fillet $22.99 kg Whole Rump $12.99
Chicken Mignon or Kiev $4.50 each or 3 for $12
Round Bacon $14.99 kg perfect for egg and bacon
10% off orders $50 and over
Phone orders Welcome
3/41 Pacific Highway , Ourimbah (02) 4362 1231
Walk For an Aussie Kid
Sunday 11th March 2012 – Begins at 9:30am
Gosford Waterfront Park, Gosford Foreshore
Entry Fee: Includes Promotional Silicon
Wrist band per person
$10 per adult
$5 per child
$20 per family
The Australian Lions Children‘s Mobility Foundation has been set up to provide funding for
Hart Walkers and other mobility aids for Aussie
We, as Lions Clubs members are seeking
Entry & Sponsorship Forms Available
Contact: Lions Club of Wyoming Inc.
Judy Maudsley – (02) 4369 6460
Email: [email protected]
The Peninsula Women’s Health Centre
at 20a McMasters Rd, Woy Woy, is holding a
―Ways to Happiness‖
During this 6 session group we will look at the
concept of happiness and how what we ‗choose‘
has an affect on our health, wellbeing and happiness.
The group commences on Thursday 1st March
from 10.00am to 12 noon then each Thursday
finishing Thursday 5th April. Childcare is available
and bookings for childcare and the group is essential. You can book by calling the centre on
43425905. The group is free however we do ask
for a gold coin donation to help cover our costs
Umina Campus Newsletter
March 2012
The Canteen opens at 8am, allowing students to order their lunches. Available also are muffins, ham & cheese rolls, raisin or plain toast, milk, juice, water and Up & Go. We have a special window where the orders are written and picked up from. This means anything can be
ordered—no lining up necessary.
To hasten serving, 3 items only can be asked for. Students are requested to line up behind the white lines,
coming to the window when called. We hope this will help stop queue jumpers.
I would like to thank Michele, Kerry and Mrs Brown for their support during Bookpack selling .......Great
Welcome ladies to 2012, especially our new mums—Welcome. We would like to welcome You!
Come and joins us. Times to suit you. Some mums start early, serve then go home. Others serve only
10.40am then go at 11.10am or after a cuppa, others 9.30am until 1.40pm. We would love to meet you!
Lorraine May 43414672 after 6.30am.
Melted Cheese Rolls
Up & Go
Plain Milk
Hot Chocolate
Small Flavoured Milk
Large Flavoured Milk
Salad Plates
Hot Food
Buttered Roll
Cheese & Tomato
Ham & Tomato
Ham, Cheese,Tomato
Hot Dog
Cup of Noodles
Sausage Rolls
Chicken Burgers
Chilli Burgers
TAFE NSW GOSFORD CAMPUS C. E. E. W. (Career, Education and
Employment for Women)
Topics covered include: English, Maths, Women and Culture, Aged
Care, Computing, Horticulture project, Careers, First Aid
PROGRAM This course is designed for women who want to return to
work or study. It encourages the development of personal and new skills
in a very supportive learning environment. It aims to assist and encourage women to establish a career direction and develop new skills, knowledge and attitudes One semester,
part time study— usually 4 days a week, 20 hours per week Course cost is $25.00. DURATION- 18 weeks.
For further information contact the Co-ordinator Pauline Eade on 43482282. Students who successfully
complete this TAFE course will gain a Certificate II in Skills for Work and Training.
Umina Campus Newsletter
March 2012
MARCH 2012
 Staff meeting
 P & C Meeting at
SRC Induction
 AECG meeting
 NSW Touch Footy
Festival nominations close
 Bushcraft Ex
 Learning support
Syd Nth swimming
Concert auditions
PL Moodle 2
 Zone Swim-
 World Maths Day
 PL Click View
 Team meeting
 Hunter Dance
 Gresford Show
 Welfare meeting
 Marine Studies Ex
 Bushcraft Ex
 Gresford Show
 Bushcraft Ex
 Geography Field
 Barista Course
 Marine Studies first
aid course
 SRC Mufti-Day
 Faculty meeting
 NAPLAN practise
 PL Using SM
 Learning support
 Canberra Royal  Bushcraft Ex
Show 22nd—
 Dance Party
 DP network
HCC SED Conference
 PBL meeting
 CHS swimming
 Catholic Scripture
 Parent Teacher
Woy Woy
 CHS swimming
 Welfare meeting
 CSI—New York Sc
 Year 9 Concert
 CHS swimming
 PL Smartboard 2
 Team Meeting
 P & C meeting at
AECG meeting
CHS swimming
PL Mental Health
 Careers Expo
 Yr 8/9 Barista
Yr 9
P&C Association Meeting
The next meetings will be on:
Monday 5th March at Umina Middle School Campus
Monday 2nd March at Woy Woy Senior Campus