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Brant Community Church
Sermon Notes
Jan 25, 2015
10:30 a.m.
Close Encounters: Meeting Jesus Up Close
and Personal
A Temple Tantrum
John 2:13-25
Jan 25
Feb 1
Feb 8
Lisa Lumax, Ryan Drayson,
Bruce & Sandy McBride
Bev McLean, Margaret Mazurek,
Brian & Shirley Rushton
Dana & Sean Houston, Bev & Greg Guthrie
The D___________ of Assessing
Human Hearts (John 2:23-25)
The D____________ of Corrupt
Hearts (John 2:13-17)
The P_____________ to Change
Hearts (John 2:18-22)
Take your heart h___________
Jan 25
Feb 1
Feb 8
Carli Drayson, Josh Furry,
Amanda & Harrison Lumax
Sharlene Huizinga, Tara Wilson,
Jonathan Duchene, Aidan Louter
Jeannie Flood, Chris Newell, Lorissa VandenHeuval,
Mikayla Flood, Jessica Hutchinson
Jan 25
Feb 1
Feb 8
Shirley Rushton
Beth Morris
Trish Reansbury
Jan 25
Feb 1
Feb 8
David Peck, Jeff Young
Margaret Mazurek, Nathan Wray,
Carl Trepanier
Brian Methot, Rob Putt
Jan 25 , 2015
Speaker: Brad Lehman
Topic: Close Encounters
BCC nursery for children under 30 months is in
room 103-104 and opens 15 minutes before
the start of the service. Children age 2 1/2 to
grade 5 will be dismissed from the main service
after a time of worship and announcements.
Sunday Morning
Babies—30 months
Preschool ( 2 1/2—3)
Elementary ( grade 1-5)
Jr High (6-8)
Elevation ( High school)
New? Visiting?
Thank you for joining us today at Brant Community
Church. If you drop by the Welcome Centre at the back
of the sanctuary and fill out a visitors’ card we have a
welcome gift for you. If you have any questions, please
feel free to call the office at 519 756–3993 or email
[email protected]
Please join us for coffee before or after the service in
the Community Room (downstairs)
-room 103/104
-room 102
-room 105
-room 106
-room 202
-room 204
JR & SR Youth Mid Week
Elevation ( High school)
Every Wednesday evening at 7 pm
Contact : Paul Clugston [email protected]
Fusion (Grades 7,8 ) the Jr. Youth program at BCC
Every Tuesday evening at 7 pm
Contact : Paul Clugston [email protected]
Super Moms
Moms and Tots playgroup
Every Wednesday from
We have offering boxes located at the front
and rear of the sanctuary for people to place
their offerings.
...For God loves a cheerful giver 2 Cor. 9:7
Consider our Pre Authorized Chequing program which
makes automatic withdrawals from your bank account on
a monthly or bi-weekly basis. Copies of this form are
available on our website at:
bcc_preauthorized_chequing_plan.pdf or pick one up at
the Welcome Centre.
Souper Sunday
Sunday , Feb 8
Chicken Noodle Soup & Grilled Cheese
If anyone would like to make soup one month—
Please talk to Gloria McLaughlin.
Check us out on Facebook
BACE -Christian Education starting in
Sunday morning classes
*How to Effectively Read your Bible– Reg
*Simplicity Book study—Matt ( $15)
*5 Things God Uses to Increase Your FaithDwayne and Lisa
Monday Evening class
*Life Of David—Reg
Up and Coming Events For Ladies
March 7—One Day Retreat
Cost $35
April 10—Concert and Comedy with Wendy
Please be praying for the Yugo
Missions team.
The team leaves for Mexico on February 13.