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Schedule a School Visit with AwardAward-winning
Texas Children’s Author
Doris Fisher!
WINNER! 2008 Learning Magazine’s Teachers’ Choice Award
One Odd Day tells the humorous story of a young child who awakens to find everything around him is
“odd.” He has three sleeves on his shirt, and his dog has five legs. Things are no better at school, either,
when he stares at a calendar with only odd days. Will his odd day end when he goes to bed that night?
A great introduction to the concept of odd and even numbers that is supplemented in the “For Creative
Minds” section by math trivia, crafts, and games.
WINNER! 2008 Learning Magazine’s Teachers’ Choice Award
My Even Day: In this delightful, rhythmic sequel to One Odd Day, the young boy awakens to find that it
is another strange day—now everything is even, and his mother has two heads! This time, a school
field trip to the zoo is dealt with in an odd, but even-handed manner. And, like its predecessor, children
will spend hours looking for all the hidden objects in the incredible art. Square it all off with more
“number fun” in the “For Creative Minds” section.
NEW RELEASE! Fall 2008
My Half Day: The wacky fun continues as a young boy awakens to find a half-head of hair. After
chugging down his glass of milk that’s two-thirds gooey paste, he and his friend are off to camp for a
day of fraction fun and an out-of-this world soccer game. As with the series’ other books, the
imaginative illustrations are sure to please young readers as they scour the pages for countless oddities
hidden in the art!
WINNER! 2006 NAPPA Gold Award
Happy Birthday to Whooo?: Babies come in all different sizes and shapes. Some have fur and some
have feathers. Some may be the only baby born or some might be born with 100 brothers and sisters!
Some are big (23 feet) and some are little (the size of a jelly-bean)! And, babies have their own special
families, too! Some have a mom and a dad; some have a mom or a dad, and some even live with their
mom, aunts and grandmothers! This witty book of baby announcements will have children giggling as
they use the various text and illustrated clues to solve the riddles and guess what baby was just born.
The riddles introduce twelve different animals including: eagles, leopards, elephants, blue whales,
kangaroos, flamingos, camels, lions, seahorses, giraffes, skunks and great horned owls.
Not only are Doris’s books fun, they’re educational, too!
The back of each book features a “For Creative Minds” section:
My Half Day
We use fractions all the time
Measuring and fractions in recipes
Match the fraction to the picture
A pizza party!
Happy Birthday to Whooo?
Animal families
Animal fun facts
It’s a numbers game!
Make your own birth announcement
Additional Online Resources include: Cross-curricular Teaching Activities, English/Spanish eBooks,
Audiobooks, child-friendly Related Websites, Comprehension & Math Quizzes. Aligned to national and
state curriculum Standards, and AR & Reading Counts Quizzes.
Visit Details:
2009 Availability: Open Calendar as of 12/19/08.
Grades K-2. Readings. 25-30 minutes per group. No charge if books are ordered.
Grades 3-5. Presentations: writing, ideas, publishing, book genres. 30-45 minutes per group.
Travel and fees out of the Humble School District are decided on a case-by-case basis. For
more information, contact Doris at [email protected]
How To Schedule:
1. Coordinate with other classes (or schools or libraries), and decide what day works best.
2. Contact author directly to schedule date, time and details.
Doris Fisher, [email protected]
3. Send letter home to parents announcing the author visit and offering them the opportunity to order
autographed books for their children. (Form letter enclosed!)
4. Preorder books and coordinate book sales with author.
843-971-6722 (of), 877-958-2699 (toll), 843-216-3804 (fax)
Dear Parents,
We are excited to announce that award-winning children’s author Doris Fisher (My Half Day, My
Even Day, One Odd Day, and Happy Birthday to Whooo?) will be visiting our school
to meet our students, talk about her book and lead the
classroom(s) in fun, educational discussions and activities! To purchase a copy of either book so that
your child can receive an autograph and remember this special day, please fill out and return the
attached order form by
Best wishes,
Yes! I would like to help my child remember
Doris’s school visit!
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Personalize Autograph To:
Happy Birthday to Whooo?
One Odd Day
My Even Day
My Half Day
School Fair
Plush 12” Lion
$21. 75
Plush 12” Flamingo
Plush 15” Kangaroo w/ Baby Joey
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