The ARC - Autism Resource Centre.

Volume 3, Issue 4
May 2011
Indigo Kids
Free spirits in a challenging world.
Indigo Kids is a support
group for children with
autism or social an communication difficulties,
their parents and siblings.
Our aim is to educate
others about autism and
increase social awareness.
To enhance the lives of
our children and increase
the amount of activities
that they can participate
in. To be a welcome place
for parents to relax and
meet other parents with
similar issues. To become
part of the local community and join with other
groups alike covering the
Counties of Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire.
The ARC - Autism Resource Centre.
We have opened our doors at the ARC
( Autism Resource Centre),
21st March 2011.
Opening hours are 10am—2pm, Monday to Friday except Bank Holidays.
We will be open other times if we
have specific training events or kids
PPS drop—in starts 16th May 10am—
We have a parents
sitting area and
training area as well
as activity areas for
the kids.
Your child does not need
to have a diagnosis to
Dr Wendy Lawson
World Autism Day
Robin Hood Camp
Parent Training
World Autism (cont’d)
Bestwood Conference
Some up and coming events.
We have a visit to Robin
Hood Camp Tuesday
17th May 10.30am if
anyone wants to have a
We will be getting free
tickets for a Notts County
match next season
details to follow.
Some of our mums are
off on a night out to
Jongleurs 27th May, for a
meal and the comedy
show. If anyone wants to
join us it is £17 including
meal, and we need payment to book.
We will be doing a
chick flick night at the
ARC, bring bottle, first
movie is Temple
Grandin. Time: 7-9pm
date: Friday 6th May.
Dr. Wendy Lawson
BSS. Bsw(Hons) GDip(PsychStud) GDip(Psych) PhD(MAPS)
Wendy Lawson has Autistic Spectrum Disorder. However, Wendy has
graduated, over time, from being a child considered to be intellectually
disabled and ‘almost incapable of doing as she is told’ ( as one school
report stated) to a mum of four children with five university degrees.
She now operates her own business and travels the world speaking
about autism.
As well as running training programs for those wanting to understand
autism better, Wendy s a poet and a writer who possesses a real passion
for words. Wendy is from Australia.
Saturday 9th April
Wendy did a talk at
Arnold Hill Primary
School. Some of our
parents received free
tickets to attend.
Those that attended
found it hugely
informative and that a
follow up event is to
happen on 20th
September , free for
parents and £15 for
professionals, venue to
be confirmed and put
on by You Training.
All inquires to Indigo
Kids if anyone is
World Autism Day Event success - 2nd April 2011
The World Autism Day Event was a
fantastic success, with lots of
people coming through the doors
throughout the event. There was
over £500 raised and Indigo Kids
would like to thank everyone
involved and for all the donations.
Thank you also to all the
professionals for taking the time
to come along and offer advice to
all the parents and families that
Glyn Connolly & Aiming High for Disabled Children
Derek Chambers
Mijde Ezzat—Violin Solo
The FA
Newark & Sherwood Play Forum
Virgin Vie
Michael Parker—Hallmark
Tina Every—Exquisite Beauty
Kerry’s Florist
Richard Darrington—Empire Club
Notts Rugby Club
Notts County Football Club
Melanie and Matthew Lawson
Trim Craft Hucknall
Malcolm Lynch
Linda—Tipple & Tape
Rachel Grantham—Zumba
Lynn Johnson—Johnson’s Catering Equipment
Caption describing
picture or graphic.
Total Produce
Christine Hayes
Jenny Carling
(cont’d pg 4.)
Robin Hood Camp - July 2011
Indigo Kids have a weekend
booked at the Robin Hood
Activity Centre, in the heart of
Sherwood Forest. It is a hostel
style occupancy and outdoor
camping with either communal (10
per tent), or take your own tents.
Indoor facilities and central
heated. Specialist facilities and
full access for those
with disabilities. Indoor
and outdoor activities.
Full catering kitchen and
two large rooms catering
for 25—150 people.
The Centre is booked
for Friday 15th July
through Sunday 17th July.
Inside residential places are
limited so its one night per
family unless you are camping outside. £3.50 per child
plus any catering, linen or
activities that may be required.
If you do not wish to stay
overnight you can
come along during the
day. We are hoping to
have a bouncy castle,
camp fire, nature
trails and craft sessions as well as a
movie showing, mini
disco (depending on the
kids) and wifi available.
Contact Emma Hutchinson
at Indigo Kids if you are
interested in joining us
anytime during the weekend as soon as possible
whether staying overnight
or daytime visit.
Funfair for disabled children August 2011
The freemasons are
organising another
funfair for disabled
children in Nottingham.
It will take place
Wednesday August
More details to follow,
but some of Indigo Kids
went along last year
and had a fantastic
time, they can’t wait
until August!
The rides are safe and
to exit or slowed down. If
parents don’t like rides
there are volunteers to
ride with the kids. It is
well organised and a
great afternoon.
if any of the kids have a
problem then the ride is
stopped to allow them
Parent Training at The ARC ~ SUMMER TERM.
There will be a training course at The ARC, during the summer term.
It will be aimed at parents/carers.
Dates: Tuesdays May 17th, 24th
June 7th 14th
The training is titled ‘Your Confident Self’ and the first session is
12.30pm—2pm the other 3 sessions will be 10am—12.30pm.
If you would like to join us contact us at :
The ARC 0115 952 5141.
Indigo Kids
Thursday coffee mornings:
95-97 Annesley Road
NG15 7DR
Held at The ARC, 95-97 Annesley Road, Hucknall.
May 5th, 19th
June 9th, 23rd
July 7th, 21st
Phone: 0115 952 5141
Email: [email protected]
Youth Club
Held at High Leys Children’s Centre, Hucknall
May 11th, 18th, 25th
Free Spirits in a Challenging World.
NONE June 1st
June 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th
July 6th, 13th, 20th.
World Autism Day
- Thank you.
Stella Redmile for your great
organisation and good walking
Callum Abbiss for your patience
sorry we didn’t get to hear your
vocal skills due to technical issues
but next year you are first on the
Pauline and Margaret.
Eleanor for the donation of the
Hucknall Leisure Centre
Inclusion Conference.
March 31st 2011, Inclusion services hosted their annual
conference at Bestwood Lodge. Some of the parents from
Indigo Kids attended. It was an informative day and there
were a couple of the workshops that particularly interested
our mums. The speaker on Behaviour was engaging and informative.
Professionals & Others
Parent Partnerships
Polish Outreach
Flexible Solutions
Reach House
Rainbow Horses
Inclusion Support