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Moonlight Masquerade
Courtwarming approaches with preparation underway
Amber Kolasa
Business Manager
The View
1.27.06 Vol. 8 Issue 6
Park Hill South High 4500 NW River Park Dr. Riverside, Mo. 64150
Achievement Gaps
Technology Noise
Boys’ Swimming
Money Spent= $265
be when the Courtwarming
attendants are to be
you, as
announced, as well as when
a beautiful chandelier hangs
the King and Queen will be
overhead and giant masks are
in view. Two gold pillars are
The turnout for
in the distance and arches
Courtwarming, being the
are in every corner. You walk
second dance of the year,
in and feel as
tends to draw a
if you have
smaller crowd.
stepped into a
ball, perhaps a
had almost
The theme
1,000 students
is Moonlight
and it is likely
will have probably
that these are
between 600 and
some of the
700 students,”
decorations that
said Mrs. Jennifer
will be found at
Mattson, STUCO
the dance.
sponsor. The
This year,
dress code
is similar to
will be Feb. 11,
from 8-11 p.m.
for this dance as
in the big gym. 2006 Courtwarming Attendants: Row 1: Melissa Estes, Erin Birmingham, Tracy well. Boys still
If dressing to
generally wear a
Young, Kylie Lohnes and Sarah Korsmeyer, seniors. Row 2: RJ Lawson, Derek
Bowen, Russell Utter, Justin Short and Ray Trice, seniors. Row 3: Blake McAltheme is your
suit, and girls can
lister, Samantha Wylie, Jonathan Benson and Kelsey Gutschow, juniors; Isaac
forte, wear
wear mid-length
Borer and Megan Korsmeyer, sophomores; and Sara Bjorgaard and Zachary
colors such as
dresses or long
Ross, freshmen. Photo by: Amber Kolasa
gold, dark green
dresses. The
and purple and even bring a
Erin Myers, Jordan Ortiz,
event is still formal and jeans
mask, to feel as if you are truly Emma Lorraine Bart-Plange,
are not recommended.
at a masquerade. (The mask
and Amy Sickman, freshman.
STUCO budgeted $4,000
cannot cover your entire face
There was some debate as to
for the dance expenses.
and needs to be attached to
whether the dance would be
About $1,000 was spent
a stick.) Tickets will be $15 for
more elegant or more Mardi
on decorations alone from
a single and $20 for a couple.
Gras. The final decision was
various companies like Stump
The price will increase by $5
made, and the committee
Spirit and Anderson’s Prom.
if tickets are purchased at the
went with an elegant Mardi
The rest of the money is put
door. Red card holders will
towards the cost of the DJ,
not be admitted to the dance.
The boys’ basketball game,
food, programs and other
After STUCO narrowed
Friday, Feb. 10 at 7 p.m. will
Hair Style: $50
Spirit Days: Feb. 7-10
Jewelry: $30
the theme choices, “we
decided to go with Moonlight
Masquerade,” said Kara
Fatino, junior. Fatino is
in charge of the dance
committee, along with Molly
Steelman and Kirk Chonis,
juniors, and sophomores,
Monday: PJ Party. Wear your pajamas.
Tuesday: “PHAT” Tuesday! Wear your grade’s color.
Wednesday: Bead Day Bring your own beads.
Thursday: Jazz up your life! Dress-up nice.
Friday: Purple Reign (wear purple and black)
No More Mr. Longenecker
Vice principal completes doctorate
Lauren Russell Being rewarded for achieving
a long-term goal leads a sense
Pedicure: $25
Shoes: $40
Courtwarming= Priceless
of accomplishment and a sighof relief. Vice Principal Dr. Dale Longenecker
welcomes a sigh of relief after completing his
Longenecker earned his doctorate in the field
of education leadership through the University
of Kansas. While in pursuit of his doctorate
he completed the tedious task of writing a
79 page thesis on a subject of his choice.
The thesis was entitled: Investigation of the
Metric Properties of the Interactive Computer
Interview System.
The thesis Longenecker wrote was finished
after four to five years of research done
on the topic. Research included seeking
out information on the interview process,
computer programs, and interviews with
teachers, among other things.
“It was something that needed to be done
in this career path,” said Longenecker upon
completion of his doctorate.
It is a requirement of state certification that
after 10 years a doctorate is mandatory. Not
only is it a necessity in order to keep the same
job, it can be a stressful process. The most
stressful aspect of his journey was getting the
thesis approved.
“It’s nice to have it out of the way,” said
Proof of this achievement hangs in his office
Happenings in South’s Halls: No school Feb. 3. l Boys’ basketball game, Feb. 10 at 7 p.m.
What is the
Bridging achievement
Since the
required to be staffed by highly
qualified teachers who uphold high
academic standards.
bridging an achievement gap in
“The State of Missouri has
schools has been a top priority for
raised the achievement levels
governors and other state leaders. for schools to reach for. By 2014,
The “achievement gap” is a
100% of all students are to be
matter of race and class. Across
proficient,” said Cowherd.
the U.S., the gap appears between
Students are divided into
minority or disadvantaged
subgroups. These include students
students and middle class, white
from economically disadvantaged
families, students
Changes in the
“If one subgroup fails, with disabilities and
Federal Education the whole school
students with limited
Policy have made
English speaking
this gap of high
skills. Individual races
--Mrs. Jeanette Cowherd
are part of their own
The No Child
Left Behind Act (NCLB) requires
Within a school, if any student
states to set performance targets
subgroup consistently fails to
for students. It holds states
meet the performance standards,
responsible for making sure
districts are required to provide
that all students are held to high
services to those students. In
other words, schools are now
“District gaps across the
considered successful if they
nation are why we have No Child
close the achievement gap.
Left Behind,” said Mrs. Jeanette
“It doesn’t matter if the
Cowherd, Vice Principal.
school as a whole passes the
Depending on where the school requirements anymore. If one
is located or the race of the
subgroup fails, the whole school
majority of students, schools are
fails,” said Cowherd.
Hayley Flamm
1980s, school
Editor-in-Chief reform and
What is the
district doing
about it...
The five-year plan
Amanda Lynn
All school districts have achievement gaps, including
the Park Hill School District. However, our district has
made a plan to reduce these gaps.
Their plan for closing the gap includes showing the teachers
different ways to teach classes, which are aimed at helping the
students who are not doing as well. Also, making a different
environment at school which encourages student and parent
participation. The district first has to find which students were testing
worse than others and in what areas. Then, those students are put
into certain tutorials for extra help. Teachers who have a background or
an expertise in working with certain groups will be assigned to those
The teachers will also participate in activities and presentations
which address reducing the achievement gap during district in-service
day on Feb. 3. If teachers have a better understanding of why gaps
exist, they will be able to connect with at-risk students and help them
become more successful.
Another aspect of the plan is to create a different atmosphere at
the school. This environment should invite and encourage involvement
with the community and tear down walls that may exist between
parents, students, the community and the school. The district plans
on having a survey to gather information about beliefs and barriers
regarding parent participation with school activities. Then, the results
will be used to set up a different environment and new activities for
the future.
year opportunity includes: Computer Science,
Web Authoring, Accounting 1 and 2, Desktop
Publishing, Business Law, Business Principles,
and Sports Marketing.
Another course that is changing is
Lauren Russell
As enrollment time nears,
new courses this year only because a new
which will begin to emphasize
students at South will be
required course, Personal Finance, will begin in
presented with new class
the 2007-08 school year, tentatively
to Longenecker,
choices and decisions.
in conjunction with Computer
Enrollment Forms students should
take advantage
Both students and parents are invited to
they may
attend an enrollment meeting on Tuesday,
This change affects students
Jan. 31 in the large group
who have not yet
In Tutorial
viewing room. The freshmen
taken Computer
courses. With growing college
meeting will be from 6-6:45
can ease the pain and
p.m.and sophomores and
Those who have not taken
after high school.
juniors will be from 7-7:45
this class should try to enroll
in it next year before the
and foreign
Completed enrollment
switch to Personal Finance
with the
forms will be due on Tuesday,
goes into effect.
Feb. 7 in students’ tutorials.
Therefore, a wide variety of business
” said
According to Dr. Dale Longenecker, vice
courses that will be listed in the Course
principal, the business department will offer
Description Handbook 2006-2007. This one
New year brings new opportunities
News 1.27.06
Some like it hot, some like it cold
As you sit in
your fourth block
class, you may
be wondering,
“Why is it so cold in here?”
The system has its flaws.
According to Wright, one reason
for the rooms being too hot or
cold could be explained by the
building code that mandates 15%
of the air be filtered from the
outside air in order to compensate
for the carbon dioxide created by
Teachers have complained about
the uncomfortable temperatures.
Mrs. Terry Becker, communication
arts teacher, is one of the more
vocal staff members when it
comes to the room temperature.
“It’s one extreme or the other,”
said Becker. She added that it
can be distracting. “When it’s
freezing, everyone complains.
There were days I wore my coat!”
Becker’s biggest complaint
is the uselessness of the
thermostats in each room.
“It’s like it’s there for
decoration,” said Becker.
She believes that teachers
should be able to control
temperatures from their own
rooms and not have to go through
Central Office.
Room temperatures for all
Park Hill buildings are automated,
according to the district’s
director of operations, Mr. Jerry
Wright. Sensors read the current
temperature in each room. The
sensor sends this information
to rooftop units that control the
temperatures for four to eight
rooms. These units heat or cool
the air in the classrooms according
to the preset temperature. These
temperatures can only be changed
from Central Office.
Wright also explained that
computers or other heat-producing
items make maintaining a
temperature more difficult. The
heat produced by computers can
be too much for the system
Mrs. Judy Kelly, executive
assistant, fields all of the
complaints for the building’s
unpleasant climate. Kelly said
that, on average, she receives
three complaints every day
concerning the temperature.
“It is frustrating to report that
a teacher is complaining about a
cold room only to get told that,
according to the computer, the set
point and air [temperature] are just
perfect,” Kelly said.
Kelly believes the system needs
“While there is a lot to be said
about technology, having a heating
system controlled by it can be
Senior publishes his first book
Amanda Lynn
Senior Chad
Shreeves is an
average 18 year old
whom you may know from Open
Mic Night or Big Cat. Something
that is not so average is that
Shreeves published a play in
October and is about to publish his
first book.
Shreeves started writing his
book, The War of Fate, five years
ago. He said he had ideas for
different stories and finally decided
to combine them all into one book.
Shreeves described his story as
“a modern fantasy adventure with
a lot of classic elements from
epic stories. It combines modern
technology with semi-modern
After writing for five years
Shreeves said it is definitely a relief
to be finished. To him the hardest
part of writing was editing from
his first draft to the second draft.
He said he had trouble adapting
to different audiences and tried
to be more descriptive about the
characters. He obviously enjoyed
writing this book; however,
because he has already started
pre-writing for a sequel.
Shreeves said that publishing his
second work was more exciting
because it was more professional,
in the sense that people have to
buy the book to be able to read it,
whereas anyone could access the
play online. He is excited to see
how well the book to sell.
To purchase the book, go to It will
be available Jan. 31 and will cost
Symphonic band hits a good note
Members attended conference last night
T’Nisha Andino
Symphonic Band
performed for the
second time at the
Missouri Music
Educators Association
(MMEA) Conference/
conference was held
in Tan-Tar-A resort
at the Lake of the
Ozarks Jan. 26.
“Most Missouri
music educators
consider this to be the
ultimate performance
opportunity for their
students,” said band
director Mr. John Bell.
Each year the
schools have an
option to send in
recorded submissions
by June 1 to the
“It’s sort of an
‘audition’ for each
school group that
submits material for
consideration,” said
By Aug. 1 the
director is then
notified by the
president if their
group has been
selected to play.
Out of 60 different
music groups that
sent in submissions
to perform, South’s
Symphonic Band was
one of 11 that were
noise noise
What’s allnoise
the fuss about?
noise noise
Can you
being repl
ever, with
may be
Cell phones no l
Capture pictures with cutting edge technology
2. the
types of
rechargeable or
double A batteries.
3. an
Digital cameras
store photographs
in the built-in
memory of the
camera but having
an extra memory
card will allow
you to take more
pictures without
having to erase
different options and
actually purchase
one. However,
It can be
despite all the
intimidating trying
advantages of
to figure out which
digital camera is right purchasing a digital
for you, but there are camera, watch out for
some ways to ensure a few things during
you invest in one that the buying process.
will capture all of your Beware of highresolution cameras
“Kodak Moments.”
with low prices.
Before taking
Also, avoid buying
the plunge into the
cameras that are
vastly growing digital
powered by normal
camera market,
batteries (such
it is important to
as AA.) You will
determine the
most likely end up
reasoning for
purchasing a camera. spending more on
the batteries than
For most South
students, the purpose getting the photos
of investing in a
Finally, avoid
digital camera is
cameras that
to be able to
only have
take pictures
Kodak Easy Share
to pay to
get them
digital camera
kinds of
- $149.99.
usually only
high school
hold up to 15 or
students snap
20 photographs at a
a picture, save it to
either their camera or time, so when the
perfect situation for
computer and rarely
a snap shot presents
get them developed.
itself, your camera
This approach to
might be prematurely
photography makes
full. Buying cameras
it very affordable for
that enable external
teenagers once the
camera is purchased. memory usage will
allow you to take
After reviewing
more photos without
reasons to invest in
having to delete any.
a digital camera, it
is time to consider
Hayley Flamm
communication via the Internet and instant messenger.
Some also have cameras and video cameras that allow users to send and
receive both photos and movies. But which of these cell phone features is
right for you?
Mr. Ugene Walker, an employee at Radio Shack, seems to think
that Sprint has the best call coverage but a survey on the web shows
that Verizon has the best. Personal preferences and services should
determine the best phone for each individual.
All phone services come with different plans whether you are using
Sprint and Nextel, Verizon, Cingular or T-Mobile. According to Walker,
Cingular seems to have the best family plan. Cingular’s plan this month
is called Familytalk and Rollover minutes, meaning if you don’t use all
your minutes in one month your minutes rollover to the next month. This
seems to be a popular plan for families who have teenagers.
Most people want to know what the hottest new technology is for cell
phones. The new Sidekick, made by T-Mobile, is selling like crazy.
“I really like the Sidekick. It’s like my own small laptop that I carry around
in my pocket. I can quickly get access to the internet and talk to my friends
anywhere I go,” said Ben Fries, junior.
With the Sidekick’s unlimited internet use, unlimited text messaging,
Artwork by Tyler Moody.
Buy the
1. camera
with the
resolution you can
afford, However,
if you will only
put pictures
onto a computer
or webpage,
an inexpensive
digital camera
with a lower
resolution will
work. If you
plan to print the
paying the extra
money for a
higher resolution
will be worth it.
Cell phones are no longer used for just calling and
Audrey Gardner
chatting. They are raising the bar when it comes to
If you
one. F
are ou
has m
iPod N
iPod V
DVRs: The brain inside the box
Austin Pleser
DVRs are becoming more popular every day
because of the modern families’ busy lifestyle.
Everyone, from little kids watching their favorite cartoons to moms
catching their “soaps”, can use this new technology.
A digital video recorder (DVR), is a small device that can record
TV shows in a digital video format. People can record their favorite
shows and watch them later.
DVRs were first made in 1965 by CBS broadcasting to start an
“instant replay”. This was replaying parts of a televised sports game
so the referee could make a more accurate call. This type of DVR
only had a record time of 30 seconds, so it was not very useful in
anything else.
Gradually the DVR became smaller with more memory to be
used in police cars in the mid 90s. This was used to record what
Feature 1.27.06
officers did and how the arrest went.
DVRs became cheaper and more available to the public in early
1999 in the United Kingdom only, and it was called BSkyB‘s Sky+.
At the end of 1999, it was available in the U.S. and called TiVO.
The first public versions of the DVRs were expensive, costing
$100-500 a unit. Now, they have gone down in price and have a
few more features then the earlier models. These features include
commercial skip, timed recording, pause live TV, rewind TV, fast
forward TV and the ability to block unwanted material. In the
future, makers of these DVRs hope that they will be able to provide
interactive TV and word censoring but not quite yet.
DVRs make watching a persons favorite shows more convenient,
because they can access the show whenever the user has time.
own t
by Bli
Me b
the fir
and unlimited email use, who wouldn’t want to have a Sidekick? Those
people who wouldn’t want to spend $300 on a cell phone would probably
be against such a top-of-the line cell phone, especially if they only need it for
business or emergency use.
Looking for a regular phone? Sprint seems to have the best deals and
average service. Sprint seems to provide the best quality as well because
there has been very little complaint about their cell
phones breaking.
like my
The newest and well-liked phone seems is the
own small
“The Razor seems to be very popular, but for
laptop that I
carry around in my girls they really like the new pink Razor,” Walker
As cell phones are changing every month,
-- Ben Fries, junior.
they are becoming more advanced as well. The
greatest fear to many is when there will be no
more regular cell phones left, and how on earth
will the new ones be used. Some services have a “save the day” plan
where users can block all the fancy features like text messaging, internet
use, and email use that they think are unnecessary, so they just have a
regular phone.
)) )
longer just for talking
hear me now?
With today’s frenzy for technology,
it is hard for many teenagers to
fathom not having one of the most
popular items.
Digital cameras and iPods topped
Christmas lists for many students,
and when we came back to school
after break I felt surrounded.
Amber Kolasa
I have had absolutely no
Business Manager desire to get an iPod and
wonder what seems to be
so fantastic about this little handheld “radio thing”.
Granted, it’s all the music you like at the touch of
your finger, but I think it’s almost more of a hassle
to pay for songs, download them and then have to
transfer them to your iPod. The only feature that I like
about iPods, is being able to play it on your car radio.
I like that because I think the songs on the radio can
sometimes become redundant and CDs allow much
selection. With or without the benefits, I don’t think
iPods are worth the money or the time.
However, it is hard not to feel ostracized when
you are one of the only ones in a class of 25 without
an iPod. If I want music, I listen to the radio or my
portable CD player. I don’t need to follow the iPod
trend, because there’s always a smaller, better
version coming out. How am I supposed to compete
with that trend and even know where to start looking
if I were interested?
On the other hand, while I have not bought into
the digital camera trend, I may be looking into it. But
I am too lazy to take the time to put the pictures on
my computer and actually print them. I would rather
use a one-time-use camera and have someone else
do it for me. However, it would be nice to have
pictures at easy access just to look at in a moment’s
notice and be able to choose which ones I wanted
to keep or delete. Then again, that takes away the
element of surprise and anticipation for that picture
you are dying to see. I don’t know if I’ll ever fall into
these trend traps, but I know that now, I’m happy to
go without.
CD players, 35 mm film cameras and
d ring tones are out. These things are
laced with innovative technology. Howh all the latest gadgets on the market, it
difficult to decide which ones to buy.
advancements have left me
iPod’s take place of portable CD players
in Sisney
eryone’s got one.
u don’t, you want
Fact is, CD players
ut, and iPods are
itely the new
nology craze. Apple
made iPod Shuffles,
Nanos, and the new
hen a new iPod is
e, Apple discontinues
oto by: Hayley Flamm
ng any of the older
ons. Many students
the original iPod.
What’s My Age Again
ink 182 and Best of
by Starting Line,” are
rst songs that Taylor
, sophomore, put
into his iPod. Those songs 14 hour of continuous
show how old the original battery life. The iPod Nano
iPod is compared to the
shows the album cover of
the current song you’re
newer ones.
“I like the games, and
listening to on the screen.
being able to make a
If you’re a reader, you can
random play list,” Flora
download audio books to
said. This shows how far
listen to it. The iPod Nano
Apple has come with all
costs around $199 to
the new additions and
features Apple has added.
Probably the most fancy
What’s smaller than a
and expensive iPod so far
pack of gum, but weighs
is the Video iPod. It costs
as much as a car key?
the same as the
The iPod Shuffle.
Xbox 360, but
With the iPod
you won’t
Shuffle, it’s a
have to
“you never
iRiver 512 MB MP3
know what’s
player $179.99. This MP3
coming next”
players has a 2.2” color
thing. It
in line
LCD display, along with a
randomly mixes
at the
built in FM tuner and
your songs, and
voice recorder.
it doesn’t have
Best Buy
the screen like the
for three
other iPods do, so
hours to get it.
you can’t see what song
The new iPod plays
is playing. It holds up to
movies, displays pictures,
240 songs and 12 hours of and plays music, audio
music. The shuffle costs
books, and pod casts.
anywhere from $99 to
Costing anywhere from
$299 to $399, the iPod
The iPod Nano is
Video has a 20 hour
basically a replacement
battery life, holds 15,000
of the iPod Mini. Holding
songs, 25,000 photos, and
1,000 songs and has
150 videos.
Ring tones
provide users with new way
of expressions
Austin Pleser
The students at
South are entering
a new age of
technology and
thus finding new
and modern ways
for expressing their
The newest
“fad” for people to
express themselves
is to personalize
their cell phone.
This has become
the biggest rage
with everyone trying
to make even the
slightest fashion
statement or just
trying to make their
cell phone unique.
There are many
ways to personalize
a cell phone like:
custom ring tones,
cool wall papers and
fun new games.
Ring tones seem
to be the biggest
thing to do with a
cell phone these
days, and why not?
It’s so easy now to
go on the internet
and pick out a new
song and make it a
ring tone.
“I think they’re
cool. I love them,
except, I do think
it’s stupid how if you
switch phones you
have to download
them again”
said Tea Baltic,
senior. People get
attached to their
ring tones because
they become
a personalized
“They’re too
expensive, so I
don’t use them”,
said senior Elizabeth
McDonough. A lot
of the companies
that allow people
to download songs
charge a huge
amount, but there
are a few that don’t
charge at all like This
is a well known ring
tone company that is
used by many high
school students.
songs, screensavers,
wallpapers, and
even games can be
downloaded directly
to the phone for
free. This site can
be accessed by
phone but, if the cell
phone does not have
internet access,
you can hook it up
to a computer and
download it that
So, what
exactly are the
real advantages
to getting new
and different ring
tones on a cell
phone? Having
songs and pictures
downloaded to a
phone allows the
user to personalize
how the phone looks
and sounds. Some
phones give the user
that option to play
songs for the person
calling instead of the
traditional ringer; this
is called “Play Back”.
A race to the top:
Boys’ swimming aims for another conference championship
It’s 39 degrees outside. Students are wearing
jackets and gloves to school. The temperature has not
topped 70 in two months. Let’s go swimming.
South has the best boys’ swim team in the conference. Currently 13-0
in meets, the team finished third in both the Iowa City Invitational and
the Park Hill Invitational, chasing that undefeated season.
“We know, as a team, that if we train hard and focus on swimming
fast and perform our best, good things like a conference championship
will happen,” said Head Coach Todd Harvey about vying for an eighth
straight conference championship.
Harvey has been swimming since high school; he attended St.
Charles High School in Illinois, which has had 15 state championships
since 1979. He went to the University of Iowa where he was a part of
the 1993 National Championship team
“We like to think of all of our guys as being leaders in the water by
performing their best. But, the leaders of this pack would be Chris
Novak [junior], Ethan Rose [sophomore],
Colin Livasy [freshman], Nick Bell [senior],
We like to think
Lawrence On [senior]. These guys are
of all our guys as and
performing at high levels in practice and
being leaders...
when racing,” said Harvey.
Rose is one of the top swimmers on
by performing
the team. He won All-State honors last
their best.
year as a freshman, and medaled in the
state championships. With more years of
--Mr. Todd Harvey
swimming, comes more experience, and
Rose has plenty of experience. He is definitely a member that the swim
team is proud to have.
“The first time I jumped into the water, I was 11,” Rose said when
asked about his first experience swimming.
He plans on racing in the 100-meter backstroke, 200-meter freestyle,
50-meter freestyle and the 200-meter individual medley. He considers
his best races the 100 back and 200 free, but loves racing in any other
Almost everyone attends a football game or a basketball game while
at South, but good luck finding large crowds at a swim meet. Swimming
sounds like something to do with friends in the summer time, but try
swimming a race for 200 meters with other people from other schools.
Boys’ swim team is the best in the conference, despite the lack of
attention it gets.
Westin Sisney
Stephen Abraham, senior, exits the pool after his race in the 100-meter freestyle. He and his teammates are off to a 13-0 start. Photo by Jacob Rhodus
How to keep New Year’s resolutions
I spent the last week of 2005 thinking about what the perfect New Year’s resolution
would be for this year.
One that wouldn’t be to out of the ordinary like backpacking through Europe, but at
the same time, I didn’t want one that was too tedious like trying not to eat too much
As New Year’s Eve came around, I was sitting in a hotel room in Santa Fe, New
Mexico with my family and I realized what my resolution was going to be. I was going
to clean up my life this year. I was going to spend more time with family, be a better
friend, focus harder in school and eat healthier.
It takes determination and dedication for someone to follow through when it comes
Audrey Gardner
to a New Year’s resolution. My greatest fear after New Year’s was finding myself not
doing my homework, skipping family night to stuff my face with cheeseburgers at
McDonalds after ditching my friends for a boy. But luckily, I have kept on track because it is something
I really want to do. I want to be a better person and live life with a better meaning, and I truly think that
is what making a good New Year’s resolution is all about.
If you want to lose 30 pounds, then you can’t eat cheesecake every night and expect to lose the
weight by walking from the table to the sink to wash your dish. If you want to be a better student then
you can’t play video games while trying to study for finals. My point is that New Year’s resolutions
should be something you know you will follow through with because it is something you really want to
do. Self determination and self respect come into play when you are following through with a goal. A
New Year’s resolution is more or less like a year long goal that should be able to last the whole year and
not just a week or two after you make it.
Hayley Flamm
Chad Shreeves
Features Editor
Kara Fatino
Copy Editor
Amber Kolasa
Business Manager
In the December issue of The View, the angel tree was mentioned in an editorial article. In
response to this article, I would like to clear up a few misconceptions that people may have had.
The purpose of the angel tree is two fold. There are times when people may ask for necessities like
tennis shoes or a coat. The tree is there to help provide them with those necessities. However, the
tree is also there to make Christmas wishes come true. If you ask any teenager, what he or she
would really want for Christmas, in this day and age, you would probably get a response like an iPod,
X Box, or some other form of technology. Their response may be because they want to fit in with
their classmates or it may be because they want to wish big. Whatever the case, the point of the
tree is to help them receive the best possible gift.
If it isn’t possible to give them the full amount for the gift, then a gift card towards it is the next
best thing. I too, do not have an iPod. But, I am willing to forgo getting one to insure that a child on
the angel tree gets his or her gift. It is about putting a smile on someone’s face that normally doesn’t
have much to smile about. It is about giving back in some form. If you don’t have the money to buy
a gift or a gift card, then give back in other ways. Giving should not equate to money. Many students
this year wrapped the gifts or went shopping for their club or group. There were clubs through out
the building uniting in a cause to help those less fortunate. They were willing to give of their time.
Did they give back? Absolutely.
So next year, when the angel tree is up and you see the dreams and wishes hanging from it.
Remember the purpose of the season and the feeling you will get when you think about helping
someone out. If you can’t give back financially, contact Miss Walker or me. We will give you some
ideas of how to give back without ever spending a dime.
Jennifer Mattson
Student Council Sponsor
Sean Scarborough
Sports Editor
Amanda Lynn
Beats Editor
Lauren Russell
Audrey Gardner
Westin Sisney
Austin Pleser
T’Nisha Andino
Brittany Libra
Athletes and the law
Sports stardom no excuse for bad behavior
Every week, it seems like
there is a report of an athlete
getting into some sort of trouble
with the law.
Former Ohio State running
back Maurice Clarett was
accused of lying to investigators,
claiming someone had stolen
more than $10,000 in clothing,
CDs, cash and stereo equipment
SeanScarborough when a car he had borrowed
Sports Editor from a local dealership was
broken into. More recently,
Clarett had been accused of holding a gun on a
man and woman behind a restaurant in downtown
Columbus, Ohio.
Everyone remembers the notorious Pistons’/
Pacers’ Brawl, in which players got into physical
confrontations with fans.
By now, most are familiar with the Minnesota
Vikings’ “Party Boat” scandal in which multiple
team members participated in inappropriate acts
while attending a party on a boat.
More recently, former Virginia Tech quarterback
Marcus Vick was dismissed from the team for
multiple incidents, including allegedly holding
a gun to a 17-year old boy and several on-field
incidents including stomping on an opponent’s leg
during the 2006 Gator Bowl.
Why do professional and collegiate athletes
have trouble making rational decisions?
On the field, in the heat of the moment, with
all of the adrenaline in his system, I can see how
a player could react to some trash talking or a
dirty play, but it does not justify the actions. At
what point does stomping on an opponent’s leg
or going into the stands to attack a fan sound like
an intelligent thought? Do they not think they
will go unpunished after doing something like
spitting in an opponent’s face, similar to how the
Washington Redskins’ Sean Taylor did during this
year’s NFL playoffs? Sure enough, Taylor received
a punishment in the form of a $17,000 fine.
Some professional and college athletes, though,
have egos to defend and reputations to protect.
If an incident occurs that in any way disrespects
them, the excessive amount of testosterone in
their system prevents them from swallowing their
pride and focusing on the game.
Off the field incidents, like the “Party
Boat” scandal, have no excuse. I guess the
stress of being in the spotlight because of a
physically demanding profession that makes you
unbelievably rich gives athletes an excuse to break
the law.
There are plenty of other athletes and everyday
people with stresses of their own that deal
with their pressures without pulling a gun on
somebody. Athletes need to recognize that they
are constantly under the public eye and anything
they do reflects on their family and organization as
well as themselves.
Megan Dennis
Mrs. Susan Newburger
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1.27.06 Opinion
Advent Rising:
In 1997, one story surprised
gamers around the world and
revolutionized the gaming
industry forever, Final Fantasy
VII. Now, almost eight years
after the release of one of the
greatest games in history, the
director of Final Fantasy VII,
Chad Shreeves
Tetsuya Nomura, continues
Features Editor
the story in a full-length
computer generated image (CGI) movie with
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.
Unfortunately, the last several years most
movies that have been released that are
adaptations of video games have been marked
as some of the worst movies ever made.
Most of the failures have been because the
producers of the movies have had nothing to
do with the production of the game and didn’t
know what they were doing with the source
Advent Children, however, was created by
the exact same developers who reunited to
create the original game more than 10 years
ago. The developers of the movie have taken
the original story and built on it to create an
epic story which is nearly just as good as the
original game itself.
The story itself seems simple. Two years
after the end of the game, the citizens of the
After years of failed video game adaptations,
‘Advent Children’ almost perfect
city of Midgar have slowly begun
to return to their normal lives.
Unfortunately, the damage done
to the planet in the game has
infected several of the citizens
with a virus known as Geostigma.
Determined to cure the
Geostigma, the president of the
antagonistic corporation Shin-Ra
from the game calls upon the hero Cloud to
protect the planet once again. A group of three
unknown enemies led
by Kadaj, one of the
few new characters in
the movie, who plans
to use the cells of an
alien named Jenova
to turn himself back
into one of the most
memorable enemies
in video game history,
The computergenerated graphics
featured in the movie
are spot on. Every
character is developed
Movie cover for new Final Fanto a realistic state.
tasy Photo by: The environments are
also very realistic and
true to the original game. A lot of
attention was paid to every detail
and not a moment is seen where
the graphics rival most Pixar
The movie is also full of hitand-miss moments. Sometimes
the movie is possibly the greatest
video game adaptation in recent
years. In other moments, the movie contains
scenes that will leave viewers in disgust.
The story is epic, but unfortunately it’s closed
to people who never experienced the story of
the game. Where all of the characters from the
first game make cameo appearances, the story
only revolves around Cloud and Tifa.
The story starts out dramatic and as good as
any Hollywood movie, but the last half hour of
the movie becomes a fast-paced slew of fight
scenes with little plot development. The fight
scenes start out good, but end up becoming
gravity-defying sequences with the characters
literally flying in the air.
Despite a few drawbacks, Final Fantasy VII:
Advent Children is probably the best video
game adaptation yet. However, the English
version of the movie is not yet available until
this summer, but import versions of the
Japanese movie with English subtitles are
available if you go through an import service.
“...the movie
is possibly the
greatest video
game adaptation
in recent years.”
View from the Halls
What do you think about
having early release
instead of late start?
“I think it’s a good idea, because
you can go home and do homework
faster.” Nick Higgins, freshman
“It sucks, because I don’t get
to sleep in.” Lindsay Short,
“I miss Corner Cafe breakfast.”
Dawn Michael, junior
What does your scholarship involve?
“The coach from Stanford called after watching
me play, and when I went to visit, he offered me
a soccer scholarship.”
by Megan Dennis
What are your plans after high school?
“I will attend Stanford University and get a degree. Right now I’m undecided on what I will
Are you happy with what you have accomplished so far? What do you still want to
accomplish after high school?
“I’m happy with what I’ve accomplished during
high school, but I still have a lot of goals for the
future. I want to graduate college, and start a
Brant was also awarded the Daughters of
American Revolution community service Award.
Hey all! This is Greg, Marrie and Rei!
We’ll be talking about technology.
Or at least a story about it.
Now Greg, don’t touch
the computer!!!
You’re so
And that’s what
Hey, how did you
make it blow up?
You’re safe