THE THIRSTY CROW Once upon a time, there was a crow. He flew

Once upon a time, there was a crow. He flew for many hours. He was
very thirsty. He looked here and there but could not find anything.
Suddenly he found a pot of water. The crow flew down. He saw that
the level of water in the pot was very low. But the crow was very
clever. He saw some sand pebbles lying on the floor. He picked up
the sand pebbles and threw them in the pot. When he saw the level
he was amazed. He saw that all the water was absorbed by the
sand pebbles. The crow was sad and flew away.
Vatsal- II-B
A small sad girl
Supposed to be as free as a bird
Was lost in the world
Of torture.
Alas! She was an orphan
Living with her uncle
With nowhere to go.
She had broken faith in life long ago
She had lost happiness with the flow
When she grew up
She understood how it is
To soar up in the sky
Like the birds that fly
Then one day her uncle died
Although he was bad, she cried
She was an orphan again
With nothing to regain.
But one day,
Someone came from far away;
To take her to a nice place
But as times changed
She was back, to her life of torture and shame
One day, while going through all these
She quietly died
Leaving all her misery behind.
Ashma Pandya - V-I
A butterfly is the most beautiful insect
And it doesn't infect
It is one of the most beautiful of God's creations
That is why it gets so much of appreciation
A butterfly has so many breeds
I wish I could know what all it needs
Butterflies are so beautiful
And they always make me cheerful
I feel happy when I see them even when I am sad
And those who catch them are bad
So never catch them, never ever catch them
A butterfly is the most beautiful insect
And it doesn't infect.
Ishita Gupta- V-C
Friends are the people with whom you share
They are the person whom you care
They never tell lie
If they do that, then their friendship die
They help you to fly
High up in the sky
If you are in problem
They always have a solution
Good friends are very rare
So don't break friendship, it is not fair
Keep the friendship evergreen
And you will be a person ever seen
Hold your friends like a precious toy
And your life will be full of joy.
Kahan Lakhani- V-G
All day long I play in the pool
Butter, back, free, breast are really cool
Coaches are fun but workout is drill
Diving is full of thrill.
Adwit Shah- IV H
Butterfly oh butterfly
Wonderful butterfly
Bright colours you have
Making the world truly lovely.
You come in a small egg
Turning yourself into larva
Then a caterpillar
And roll yourself in a leaf
Making a pupa
Slowly you become an adult
Roaming here and there
On flowers red, blue and pink
Oh butterfly my love for you
Will never shrink.
Priyal Bhandari- IV-B
I want to be a shining star
That gives its light to others
I have a dream
I want to be the bright sun
That burns itself for life of others
I have a dream
I want to be a beautiful flower
That spreads its fragrance all around
I have a dream
I want to be a pretty butterfly
That makes this world colourful
I have a dream
I want to be a human
To teach the love for nature
I have a dream
Dhruvam Patel- V-E
Always helpful they are to us
But punish us because they love us
Caring and always teaches us good values
Don't let anyone harm us
Encouraging us always, to do new things
Friendly they are with us
Gift they are to us by God
Happy they keep us
It means children are only their lives
Joyful and delightful they are
Knowledgeable and experienced so can tell us
Anything we don't understand
Loving and long life they prey for us
Meanings of our lives they are.
Mann Soni- V-H
Puppy, Puppy you are very cute
Can you give me your cuteness?
If you give me your cuteness
Then I will be cute just like you.
Birdy, Birdy you fly so high
Can you give me your wings?
If you will give me your wings
Then I will fly just like you.
Gold fish, Gold fish you swim so well
Can you give me your fins?
If you will give me your fins
Then I will swim just like you.
To be cute like a puppy,
Sing like a bird,
And swim like a fish,
Is all very well,
But in my heart,
I know,
God has made me perfect
Just the way I am.
Shriya Saxena- III-J
- The key to power
- It builds strong conviction
-It builds optimistic attitudes
-It creates willingness to accept responsibility
- It leads to better relationships and fulfilling lives
- It makes a person open to new opportunities and challenges
- It helps a person to give and receive both criticism and compliments tactfully and
- Knowledge and learning is like eating food. It is not how much you eat that
matters, what counts is how much you digest.
Dhruvam Patel- V-E
Girl: Mom, today my teacher punished me for something that I didn't do.
Mother: That’s very bad of your teacher. What was it that
you didn't do?
Girl: The Homework.
Q. Why did the baby strawberry cry?
A. Because her parents were in a jam.
Q. What did the pencil sharpner say to the pencil?
A. Stop going in circles and get to the point!
Kavya Upadhyay- V-D
Boss: Where were you born?
Sardarji: Punjab
Boss: Which part?
Sardarji: Oye, whole body born in Punjab.
Madam: Ranu, where were you born?
Ranu: Thiruvananthapuram
Madam: Spell it
Ranu: I think I was born in Goa.
Akshat Saxena- IV -I
Rohit: I am thinking of going to USA. How much does it cost?
Rahul: If you are just thinking, you won't need any money.
Father: Thank you doctor for saving my son.
Doctor: It was God who saved your son.
Father: Anyways, thanks.
Doctor: What about my fees?
Father: I will send the money order to God.
Shubham Garg- II-I
Sonu: Why are you continuously looking at the tube light?
Monu: That is because my doctor has advised me to take light dinner…
Arav Patel- I-E
When you are down and troubled
And you need some loving care
And nothing, nothing is going right
Close your eyes and think of me
And soon I will be there
To brighten up even your darkest night.
You just call out my name
And you know where I am
I will come running to see you
Winter, spring, summer or fall
All you have to do is call
And I will be there
You have got a friend.
If the sky above you
Grows dark and full of cloud
And that old North wind begins to blow
Keep your head together
And call out my name aloud
And soon you will hear me
Knocking at your door
And I will be there
You have got a friend.
Jay Sanghavi- IV -I
One song can spark a moment
One flower can wake the dream
One tree can start a forest
One bird can herald spring
One smile begins a friendship
One handclasp lifts a soul
One star can guide a ship at sea
One world can frame the goal
One vote can change a nation
One sunbeam lights a room
One candle wipes out darkness
One laugh will conquer gloom
One step must start each journey
One word must start each prayer
One hope will raise our spirits
One touch can show you care
One voice can speak with wisdom
One heart can know what's true
One life can make the difference
You see it's up to you!
I love myself
I am wonderful, the way I am
I thank God for my gifts
I will always celebrate my strengths.
Aryan Mishra- II-J
Moments slip away, like sand through hands,
How to save a few, how to make some stay?
See them, feel them, experience them,
Like gentle waves, that our memories save,
Like a clear drop of water, as pure as a daughter
Like the first rainbow after rain,
Like the smile on your kids face with their favourite food,
Like a naughty look due to a bubbly mood,
Like warm hands holding your face,
Like mom and dad telling us, it's just a race,
Like dreams of childhood…..
The chef, the painter, the doctor and the girl's Miss Universe
Wish we could frame each moment
Flying away with a gorgeous smile,
Moments promise to come back to the mind,
Giggling a tease, a silence, a fun filled smile or a tear
Moments slip away, like sand through hands
How o save a few, how to make them stay?
Moments…..yes moments turn to
Sidharth Narwani- III-I
Mom you are my day,
You are night
I am candle,
You are the light,
I am here because of you,
I am fair because of you,
Dil chahta hai tumko,
Jano tum is baat ko,
You are simple and best,
And there is no need to test
Mom, how could I tell you,
That how much I LOVE you.
Karishma Tiwari
1. Why did the boy eat his math homework? ----Because his teacher told him
it was a piece of cake!
2. Why was the math book crying? -----Because it had too many problems
3. What starts with a P, ends with an E, and has thousands of letters? -----A
4. What starts with a t ends with a t and is full of t? -----A teapot!
5. Why are soldiers so tired in April? ----Because they had a long March!
6. What can you hold without touching? -----Your breath!
7. What are the weakest days of the week? ----The weekdays!
- Jeeya Pandya
Last night I had a fantastic dream. I was in a chocolate land, a land full of colourful
chocolates. The buildings, the houses, the statues, the bridges, the roads, all were
made of chocolates. Even the trees and flowers were chocolaty. I was the King of
the chocolate land. My palace was also made of dark chocolate. I led a lavish
lifestyle, sleeping on a chocolate bed, sitting on a chocolate throne, wearing a
chocolate crown and just freaking out with friends in a car made of chocolate. We
painted the town red enjoying the lip smacking and mouth watering varities of
chocolates. To our surprise the sun was also made of chocolate, the clouds too.
Suddenly it started raining cats and dogs. I opened my mouth and was amazed to
know that the rain was also of chocolate. Puddles filled with melted chocolate, also
the lovely river of chocolate. I was on cloud nine. We had a dip in the chocolate
river and drank the delicious chocolate. It really hit the spot. We ate like a pig.
Soon it was night. It was a pleasure to see the marvelous white chocolate moon. The
musical fountain made of colourful chocolates was a great pleasure to watch. We
had a whale of a time. We returned to the palace where we were served chocolate
balls, chocolate cake, puddings, and ice- cream, all chocolate flavoured, at the drop
of a hat. We ate like a horse. We were all tired. I went to sleep on my chocolate
bed…….and mamma woke me up …… Alas! I realized it was a sweet chocolaty dream.
Kush Patel, Aadit Sheth, Rahul Anil, Shravan Goghle , Pratiek Varandai and
Madhwin Kamath
Father, you have given life to me.
Mother, you have nourished me.
O how difficult it must have been for you, my father and mother!
You have begotten me and exhaustively toiled.
I wish to repay your profound graces,
But they are as boundless as the wide heavens.
-Abhijeet singh
One day you will see that it all has finally come together.
What you have always wished for has finally come to be.
You will look back and laugh at what has passed and you will ask yourself,
"How did I get through all of that?"
Just never let go of hope.
Just never quit dreaming.
And never let love depart from your life.
Abhijeet singh -IX B
Yes uncle, I know you are a factory owner,
You’r disposing chemical wastes in the river,
That kills the fish and causes new types of fever,
To gain a lot of wealth is the dream you nurture,
But you have no right to spoil my future,
You have no right to destroy this nature,
Because it belongs to the generation of the future,
Yes uncle,I know you are a forest contractor,
So you want to bring home wealth in a tractor,
Your indiscriminate cutting of trees express your character,
You killed my birds , animals , and trees ,
You are a killer and a destroyer,
O!please ,listen ! Heed my prayer,
Do not destroy my nature ,
O! we will stop these environment killers ,
We will grow new trees because we are fighters,
We will clean the sources of the litter,
We will succeed, we from Delhi Public School,
We love our nature, we from a green school,
There will be no ozone hole and every thing will be cool,
Long live our school,
Our cool green school .......................
_ Abhijeet singh
Once there was a blind girl. She falls in love with a boy.
One day the boy asked him …
” Will you marry me?”
She said …
” Yes I will, but when I shall be able to see you.”
After some days someone donated her eyes. She was very happy to see her love.
But when she saw that boy was also blind. She refused to marry her.
Before leaving, the boy said …
” As you wish my dear but I want to say only one thing.
I can still see you with my heart’s eye……..
Sushant Batra
Christmas brings joy to hearts,
People flock to the marts.
Children wait for lovely Santa,
Dressed in shades of magenta.
Oh Santa! I am so glad,
You never let the innocent kids be sad.
We receive your gifts in our stockings
And find it very rocking!
Every year I pray to Jesus.
To send you every Christmas.
He who knows nothing, doubts nothing
He who knows nothing, doubts nothing,
Being unknowledgeable is never soothing
Why don’t you try anything new?
There are many professions not a few.
Learning enlightens heart and mind,
It makes you good and kind.
Having doubts isn’t a crime,
It’s better than making a juice of lime.
So friends, I hope you understand
The importance of learning and knowing go hand in hand.
Puddles and slush don’t bother me,
I know that peacocks dance in it which is wonderful to see.
Drizzling drops giving pleasant sensation,
Wash away all my tension.
Dew drops enhance the beauty of flowers,
During the time of incessant showers.
The joy of rain,
Takes me back to childhood again.
Monsoon is the best boon given by the deity,
Which fills the people with happiness in the city.
The flapping of wings,
And the songs you sing,
Are pleasant to hear,
But you never come near!
You give birth to beautiful fledglings’
And you have a heart full of loveliness.
It is very surprising that a small bird like you,
Is never tired of working.
You perch on the trees,
And sing with ease,
With beautiful twirls,
When you fly like a glowing pearl.
You keep pecking at the worms,
And keep chattering with your chums,
The most attractive thing in you,
Is the voice of yours.
The rains make the earth green,
But along with them, come worms, mean!
It’s impossible to lean or rest on a tree,
For lightning may start any moment,
And you may scream.
When it rains, the roads get muddy,
And children can’t go out to play.
Rains I hate,
But farmers patiently wait,
For rains to come and change their fate.
Tanya Thapliyal
The Earth is a marble of heaven,
Greater than the wonders, Seven.
It shines like a blue ball,
It is the blue eye of space,
That beautifies the wonders on its face.
When humans will kill the Earth
With fire and frost,
A diamond from the heaven will be lost,
So take care of it, as it is greater
Than the wonders, Seven,
Therefore the Earth is indeed,
‘The Blue Marble of Heaven!’
Tanya Thapliyal
Ah...screamed the mother earth
In utter dismay;
Why because of human realm
Am I facing this day?
Either drying or flooding
Either slashing or cutting
Why so much pains
Am I forced to bear?
Due to human activities
Due to their being inhumane
Why am I suffering?
Are these thoughts all in vain.
Why are fellow animals
Who are helpless
Due to increasing pollution
Are getting homeless?
Global warming, greenhouse effect
That people in concern say
Seem mere theories
Watching the destruction today.
GO GREEN says the man
Degrades me for mere plan
The future I see down with gloom
Less are the chances for world to bloom
The man.............
considered the wisest of all
Can solve the hardest problem
if given a pleading call.
So.....a message I give
For fellow beings
Don't just make a mere existence
Do good for other beings.
Goes fast your technology
Making me repent
Stop using the ways which
pollutes the environment
Shubhangi Rathi
Nature is beautiful,
It makes our life delightful
To see its beauty;
Saving its resources is our duty.
Nature is a gift of God,
So thanks our almighty Lord.
It has trees, rivers and dales,
Behind which there are many scientific tales.
We get fruits from trees
And honey from honey bees.
Not only these, it has many more wonders
Which often get destroyed by human blunders.
At last, I urge all of you,
Save nature with all intentions true.
Conserve it as much as you can,
Or else, we all will lose this precious gem.
Sweta Das
An ocean is a vast country of water
where the ships sail each and every quarter
An ocean is a deep valley of mystery
where secrets abound past,present and history
The dolphins jump in the ocean
while the whales move in a smooth motion
The seagulls dive from the air
while the fishes prove to be oceans heir
The soft breeze is coming by
and a solitary Albatross’s distant cry
An ocean is a vast country of water
Where ships sail each and every quarter
Harshvardhanaa Gadhvi
Class 8
The crops are smiling in the fields
The animals are happy and gay
The farmers are plucking the weeds
The horses are eating the hay
Everyone is so busy
Some people committing crime
working on the farm is not easy
And it takes all their time
The quacking of the ducks
The neigh of the horses
The meow of the kittens
The bark of the dogs
All God’s beautiful creation
Just as the songs of nightingale
When one hears it
In the ocean of feelings with sensation!!
Harshvardhanaa Gadhvi
Class 8
My soul lighter than a feather
As my spirit takes to wings
Through my veins course divine ether
The soulful of melody sings
My spirit drifts into the Netherworld
Where I wait at a river shore
And there I see a baby curled
Covered in blood and gore
I turn away my head in fear
I look away in spite
But the ghastly infant moves near
And darkness shrouds the night
Charon, Judge of the One’s Apart
Takes a weighing scale
And on it is judged my Heart
According to my Trail
A trail of deeds good and Bad
As my soul turn and fret
But even then I could have said
I lived without regret
I lived a life of highs and lows
But Charon gave me way
And his boat gently stows
Into Heaven’s Bay
At long last I feel a ray
As the Divine One glows
And the scent of the springtime of May
Into the air flows
And my senses open in surprise
When I see God rule his land
With his omnipresent, All Seeing Eyes
He takes another stand
Against Satan King of Hell
Who fights against God’s works.
He strikes Doomsday Bell
And then in shadows lurks
With a horde of demons he came
And knocked down Heaven’s Door
But the result was much the same
As God embraced him once more
Divine Love within his embrace shone
In self disgust Satan turned away
And in Heaven God ruled from his throne
For yet another Day
-Aatman Shukla
(The Soft Warrior)
After I was born
He lifted me with his rough hands
In return,tears I had shown
He left me besides my mother
When I was nearly ten
He bought me toys to show
My friends broke them
I cried but he just smiled
Next day under my bed found more toys
But in return I gave nothing
After few years, I entered teenage
The years to study
He worked all-night to pay my fees
Though, I would curse my studies
My result showed me nothing
But I chose to party
When he dropped me to the club on a two-wheeler
I felt hesitant and ashamed of myself
I wouldn't even turn back to thank him
Though, he just smiled
When I was the man of success
I wouldn't even appreciate his support
He organized my wedding
but, during my wedding he sat somewhere, looked at me and smiled
The time has come to serve him
His days of death are near
But, I chose to ignore ,enjoy my life
and I returned he just smiled
At last, the day of his funeral came
I attended with a sense of shame
All I realised about was my meeting
His whole life had gone in helping me
Though he got nothing
too late for me to realize
To do to him something nice
Someone asked me whom do you love more
Pretty obvious!
My answer said ,my mother
Who would remember the poor father
Who sacrificed his whole life for me
realizing that it would hurt him
- Bhavya Trivedi(Trademark)
class 10
Many say the world’s his creation
And not accepting him is an abomination
Some say it’s just your imagination
You are your own creation
What are you?
I ask this guy
God, is what he’s known by
He’s everywhere
In you and in me
They say and go on a spiritual spree
It’s their view I respect it
Though it is a bit funny
To imagine the Creator in my sister’s bunny
Where are you then?
I ask this guy
God, is what he’s known by
He fights all despair for mankind
But only if you pray with all your mind
Well thank you very much
But I’d rather put my mind to better use
Instead of wearing this religious ruse
And when in trouble it’s him you blame
To me that’s quite a shame
Now then why are you here?
I ask that guy
God, is what he’s known by
There are questions galore
But silence is all I get, no more
And as the debate rages on
I stand by as a silent pawn
Waiting for answers from that guy
We all know what he’s known by
By- Nishant Bishnoi
here is the solution.
Annoying, is the word that hits your mind when someone disturbs you when you are
listening to songs, BORING , is the word that comes to our mind when we have to
solve a entire exercise in Math, FUN, is the word when we have to watch a movie or
go out with friends. Our brain, a little complex structure, has already decided the
outcome and the way we need to react to certain situations in our life. It is all fixed
up there. Here is the root of the problem. Everyone is in a race to thrive and to do
better than others, overlooking their own self in the search of success. The
increasing competition has thrown away the mere essence of life. “That student was
appreciated and I was not.”, “She did much better than me”, “My friends are
ignoring me” are some of the very common thoughts that come into our process of
thinking whether we accept or deny it. Very commonly seen is that, competition if
healthy then can shape up the minds as well as quicken our development as an overall
student. Unfortunately the increase in technology, modernization has given the rise
to the word – “Unhealthy competition”. Being a student, I have realized that this
lure of outshining others can take a toll on our personalities. If you truly feel that
you are in an unhealthy competition, and most importantly realized it, then
please come out of it. It is for yourself that we are studying. Enjoy everything that
you learn, even if studying history might not sound fun to us now but later on we all
will cherish these memories. Don’t change yourself for others but imbibe the good
values and reflect back the useless materials that are not needed. Again, it is very
crucial to understand that when we gain knowledge, it is for ourselves and not to
show others that we can do well. Until and unless you yourself are satisfied with
your way of living, if your teachers and parents are pleased , then trust me, You are
indeed on the right path. So friends, know yourself, Believe in yourself and follow
the advice of your well-wishers. We live once, for ourselves, not for others! You can
do more better than what you imagine, all you need to do is fly into your dreams
with the positive attitude under the bright sunshine of you parents and see what
the world has in for you.
Ambika Agarwal
Class 9
There does come a time when one realizes that we have made good choices and bad
ones. One realizes that we haven’t really learnt from our mistakes. And we haven’t
really enjoyed all of the good decisions. At some point of time, one does realize that
it doesn’t really matter if you’re not perfect. Some minute, a realization strikes
that changes all your thoughts about anything and everything in a jiffy.
Some vague memories come back if you think of the bad choices or the bad
decisions but then it is also very important for you to realize that it’s over. It is
very necessary to understand that everything ends with some learning.
What I think we all need to realize is that all things aren’t meant to be taken
seriously. Because, along with seriousness, comes intensity. And many a times that
very intensity is followed by hints of insanity. There will be people who will stop you.
But right there comes the “I’m-an-individual-so-give-me-my-space” attitude.
For once, one must let go. And holding on to times which made you upset aren’t
exactly portraying your strength or ability. Looking back and regretting is one of
the dumbest possible things.
You may believe that keeping on pulling that one chord or string might put things
into place. But in the long run, you will realize that letting the chords loose was the
best option to choose.
Namita Bhatnagar
Class 8
In the event of 7 consecutive overseas defeats in as many test matches by the
Indian cricket team, entire country felt helpless. We are all sad to see that our
mighty cricketers are unable to handle class bowling. The team that was world no. 1
in test cricket few years back, the current 1-dayworld champion, now mauled by the
English and Australian team would make any Indian supporter feel helpless. If the
humiliation of defeat was not enough, and then came television channels, in an
effort to increase TRPs, with its set of speculative questions with its experts to
discuss typical
topics like “Hole in the Wall” for Rahul Dravid, “Team India Divided” indicating
infighting inside the team, “Double Whitewash” indicating the English and Australian
defeats, and most strikingly “Dhoni or Sehwag – who makes the better captain”.
Before one addresses the last issue, a look at the batting scenario be looked into.
The Indian team has the first 6 players, whose combined runs in test cricket is
highest amongst the entire test playing nations, if the total of top 6 players of any
team is considered. Then why as a unit, the highly famed batting line-up failed is
the question. There is no doubt on their technique, but with time their reflex has
become slow when they face genuine fast bowlers. Today in English or Australian
fast bowlers bowl regularly at 140 kmph or more and sometimes more than 150
kmph also. They have developed the deadly swingers with the right bouncethat
makes a batsman play and make an error. Adding to that is classic fielding. Our
famed batting line-up looks vulnerable.
It is said that a captain is as good as the team. The captain can lead a team,
motivate them and ensure that in certain areas can make valuable inputs. In this
Test Series as far as Dhoni is concerned, he always had very less runs on board to
give a fight back. He tried his best with limited resources, but luck did not support
him. Even if Sehwag becomes the captain, and the team remains the same, things
will not change. So the issue remains the same.
While avoiding this ,will require the age-old formula to work again, “Catchthem
young”. Budding cricketers should be taken to cricket coaching camps where they
are taught basics of cricket and experts build the temperament to play test
cricket. These young cricketers should have extended stay in English conditions,
where they practice with them. Test cricket is different than 1-day and 20-20, and
it is technique and temperament that survives there, not anything else. While that
change happens, let the captaincy remain with Dhoni, India's most successful
captain and we hope that we will win the last test against Australia.
Shubhabroto Mukherjee
‘Every day, a deer wakes up in a jungle, he knows that he has to run faster than the
lion, or it will die. Every day, a lion wakes up and he knows that he has to run faster
than the fastest deer in the jungle, or it will starve to death. Thus is nature.’ Life
offers us many opportunities to succeed and examine it closely. But action is
required in each aspect of life.
A German philosopher Goethe said ‘life is action, not contemplation’. A very true
saying, as a passive citizen is never the one who rises. It is nature’s law that the one
who is not uprising, perishes. So says Charles Darwin in his theory of ‘survival of the
fittest’. Life is not a dream but a reverie.
Action is necessary along with adaptation to adjust ourselves in any possible
circumstance. Dreams often act as propellers in one’s life. These dreams give rise to
the race of ‘doers’. We have seen many such examples right from Mahatma Gandhi
to Anna Hazare.
A man thinks ,imagines and strives for his goal and achieves it. There is time for
everything, for students to study, for traders to buy goods and farmers to sow
seeds. But can these students succeed or a trader get fair goods and farmer good
crop without working tirelessly for it? No. A life of thought and reflection is futile,
if one does not try to make it happen.
Passiveness is almost a crime in the modern world. If people had kept on bearing
every injustice that was done on them, revolutions would not have occurred.
Philosophies and ideals are useless if not applied in reality. But great are those who
enact these ideals. Marx is still remembered for Lenin’s motivation about
communism. Montesquieu and Rousseau’s names remain in history for leading France
to a socialist democracy. By these instances man has reached to do hitherto he once
did not believe in.
Lord Krishna has said,” Let the motive of action be in the action itself. Action is
superior to inaction. The journey of the body cannot be accomplished through
So, we can agree and endorse the view that action is not only instinct, but also the
essence of life.
Ridhima Behl
Class 9
9 H
Music is a work of art and passion combined with skill. It makes you laugh and it
makes you cry .You may be depressed but when you listen to music your spirits can
be instantly uplifted.
For some, music relaxes their soul whereas for others it may give them a newfound
sense of freedom that they never knew they were ever capable of .For me, it is a
little mix of both. It never ceases to amaze me how whenever I listen to the same
kind of songs repeatedly that brings out different emotions every single time I
hear.The highest kind of comfort is the one that I experience after listening to a
song that exactly portrays what I feel. Music is invigorating, it makes me feel on
the top of the world after a particularly uneventful day .It is what I listen to every
night right before I fall asleep and what I wake up to every morning and believe me
it is the best thing to wake up to !
What many of us don’t realize is the importance it holds in our lives. It gives you
something to think about when you are bored out of your wits. It creates an
amazing sensation if you close your eyes and lay back, soaking in every single note
the song has to offer. An overwhelming sense of peace engulfs me during such times
and I find myself desperately hanging on to my love of music as another day ends.
It can give you renewed strength if you just let it. At times all you need to connect
with a person is to share the gift of music. Embrace the comfort it brings.
Music has incredible healing powers. It is capable of expunging an entire day’s worth
of tiredness. Furthermore, Music is not limited to only the beat of drums and the
strum of the guitar. In fact it is much, much more than that. It runs ways deeper
into your surroundings .Music is in the various sounds of nature from the calm,
soothing sound of waves lashing against the shores, the song of birds’ right to the
cricket’s chirp!
Music is vast and endless like the sea is catalogued into differ genres like rock,
country, folk and blues –just to name a few. English Pop is a much sought after
genre these days and it has its own charm. It may not appeal to all age groups but is
greatly enjoyed and appreciated by many as these songs help most feel carefreesomething they crave for after a long day of work.
Music is the one and only window open to your heart which is interwoven with your
soul. It is what feelings sound like. It transcends all barriers and is a language
within itself. It is capable of heightening our sense of awareness and transforms us
into a more conscious human being. Music is above all beliefs and follows no religion.
Music is undeniably food for the soul.
A shower of beautiful, coloured sparks filled the night sky. The garden is
almost full with people standing and watching the fireworks. It is the 4th of July
night, a celebration, but is everyone really happy? What about the elderly
grandfather, lying on his bedside and coughing violently because of the smoke? The
dog, quivering under the sofa, petrified by the loud sound or the little girl who is
nursing a big burn on her hand, of an earlier accident with firecrackers.
The practice of bursting firecrackers is not wholesome, safe or healthy. It is
not even very enjoyable. Why it continues to be encouraged is still a mystery. But
now, the youth and children are intelligently rising up against this thoughtless
entertainment. Posters are being painted, speeches are being delivered, and appeals
are being made. Stop bursting fireworks! Reduce noise pollution! It is the children
who are now questioning such socially and environmentally undesirable practices. You
too can be a part of this movement. Go out and tell a friend how important it to
abstain from bursting firecrackers. Remember that it your decision today that will
decide your future tomorrow. Thank you!
Adnah Bright
“Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans.”
― John Lennon
I had a friend, Lets call him Siddhart. He was the golden boy of his school- soccer
captain, straight A’s and a kind smile. A gentleman through and through. His parents
loved him and he was the kind of person who could brighten up the room by just
being in it. And one fine day, I got a call that would change everything. I remember
I was just lazing around when my phone beeped, informing me that I was indeed
receiving a call. I picked up and what happened in the next Twenty-four hours was
nothing short of a huge blur.
All I remember were tears, anxiety and impatience. Siddhart was missing. His
Physical Education coach had taken Siddhart and three of his friends to a beach
and one second he was there and the next second he wasn’t. Siddhart had drowned.
And siddhart was probably not going to make it. I demanded to go to mumbai but I
couldn’t because I had my math Exam the very next day. I waited anxiously for the
phone call that would tell me that he was safe and sound. He was after all, an
excellent swimmer.
I remember going through the motions in a blur. I remember breaking down in my
class the next day. I also remember feeling numb when I heard the news that a
body was found a few kilometers off the coast and it was identified to be siddhart.
I remember being angry when I was told that I could not attend his funeral.
But most of all, I just realized how short life actually was. The next few weeks
would be spent by me gazing outside my window and remembering our long, neverending phone conversations which would end with me hanging up in mock fury or him
having to cut his call due to his hostel warden, It would be spent sobbing when I
recalled him telling me that he wanted to be an entrepreneur, It would be spent
feeling miserable when I learnt that he had made it into his dream college, It would
be spent criticizing god for his unfair ways, It would be spent hoping that he had
found his peace. He never believed in heaven, he told me that once as we were
casually walking in the park, he said it was what people invented to make themselves
feel more comfortable about death, it gave people a false sense of security.
He was a good kid through and through. I still miss him sometimes. But he teaches
me so much even today. He reminds me everyday what its like to be a good and true
friend, He reminds me to work hard and not let the fear of striking off keep me
from playing the game, He reminds me how short life really is and that one day I
could wake up not knowing that it was my last,He reminds me to forgive and forget,
because life’s too short to wake up with regrets, He teaches me to be patient and
kind, He reminds me that god has a bigger plan for you than what you have for
yourself. But above all, he reminds me that he’s still here somewhere and that I can
hear him if I choose to listen.
You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching, Love like you'll never be hurt,
Sing like there's nobody listening, And live like it's heaven on earth. Make each day
count, because life is too short to be anything but happy.
1. िचंटू िमंटू से: अगर म माउं ट एवेरेःट पर चढ़ जाऊँ
तो तुम मुझे
या दोगे ।
िमंटू: एक जोर का ध का ।
2. अ या पक: ब च ऐसा कौन सा फल है जसम ना ह िछलका होता है ना गुठली
छाऽ: माःटर जी, पर ा फल ।
अिनँका िसंह
क ा: IV- F
संज:ु सीता,
या तु ह पता है क दादाजी गंजे
य ह ?
सीता: नह ं ।
य क उनके बाल बैठे बैठे बोर हो गए ह गे इसिलए इधर उधर घूमने चले
गए ह गे ।
अिनँका िसंह
क ा: IV- F
अंमेजी का भूत
अब सब पर अंमेजी का भूत चढ़ा है , घर घर पर उसका रा य बढ़ा है ।
“है लो” “हाय” का ूचार बढ़ा है , “नमःकार” बेचारा हताश पड़ा है ।
कभी कृ ंण और बलराम हुए, अब “ डःको” भगवान हुए ।
भूल गए सब “शु बया” “माफ ”, अब सीखते वह “थ यू” “सौर ” ।
दाल भात से बचते ह अब, केक पीएज़ा खाते ह सब ।
गीत भजन समझ ना आए, माइकल जै सन ह सबको भाए ।
ू दह संग है नह ं नाता, पे सी कोक से ह
दल लग जाता ।
सब ओर अंमेजी क बहार, संःकृ ित पर हो रहा ूहार ।
य क अब सब पर अंमेजी का भूत चढ़ा है , घर घर पर उसका रा य बढ़ा है ।
अमृतांश ौीवाःतव
क ा: IV- B
पढ़ो और हं सो
1. िश क: कनु खड़े हो जाओ. बताओ, गांधी जयंती कब आती है ?
कनु: सर, गांधी जयंती मुझ से कह कर गया है
क म पानी पी कर आता हूँ ।
2. िश क: राजेश बोलो म खी और हाथी के बीच
फक है ?
राजेश: सर, म खी हाथी पर बैठ सकती है पर
हाथी म खी पर नह ं बैठ सकता ।
3. पर
ा म बैठा हुआ मनु पीछे के व याथ के उ र
दे ख रहा था । िश क ने उसे खड़ा कया और पूछ: तुम पीछे
य दे ख रहे हो ?
मनु ने उ र दया: सर, म सूचना का पालन कर रहा हुँ । मेरे ू
पऽ म
नीचे िलखा है “पीछे दे खो” ।
जय सांघवी
क ा: IV- I
कहानी: उदारता
बहुत साल पहले क बात है , जंगल म एक ऋ ष ने अपने िलए एक झ पड़
बनाई । झ पड़ छोट थी, परं तु ऋ ष के िलए पया
थी ।
एक बार बाहर बरसात हो रह थी । रात का समय था । तब एक ऋ ष
भीगते- भीगते वहाँ आए और झ पड़ म आौय के िलए अनुमित मांगी ।
झ पड़ वाले ऋ ष ने कहा- इस झ पड़ म एक आदमी आराम से सो सकता
है , इतनी जगह है । परं तु हम दोनो बैठे- बैठे समय पसार करगे, आ जाओ अंदर ।
दोनो ऋ ष बैठे थे क कुछ समय म तीसरा ऋ ष बरसात म भीगते- भीगते
वहां आया और आौय मांगा ।
झ पड़ वाले ऋ ष ने कहा- इस झ पड़ म अब बै ने क जगह नह ं है परं तु
तुम आ जाओ । हम तीन खड़े रहगे, इतनी जगह है । इसिलए आ जाओ ।
तीसरा ऋ ष भी झ पड़ म आ गया । तीन रात भर खड़े - खड़े बरसात से
बचते रहे । सुबह होते ह बरसात बंद हो गई थी । दोनो ऋ षय ने अपने ःथान
पर जाने क तैयार क और झ पड़ वाले ऋ ष का आभार माना ।
झ पड़ वाले ऋ ष ने कहा- इसम आभार कैसा । एक इं सान दस
ू रे इं सान के
काम आए, यह हमारा धम है ।
जय सांघवी
क ा- IV- I
बूझो तो जान
1. आसमान म घर है मेरा, दन भर दखाई दे ता हूँ ।
पल भर भी आराम ना लेता, भर दप
ु हर जलता हूँ ।
2. कभी हूँ पतला कभी हूँ मोटा, कभी गद जैसा
हूँ ।
मेर कोई बहन नह ं पर, ब च का म मामा
हूँ ।
(च िमा)
3. दो भाई एक रं ग के, गहरा उनका नाता ।
एक ब ड़ गया तो, दज
ू ा काम ना आता ।
जय सांघवी
क ा- IV- I
सबसे अ छ जोड़ है , म और मेरा CRICKET |
FRIENDS तािलयाँ बजाते ह, जब म लेता हूँ WICKET |
बनूँगा CRICKETER DHONI जैसा, लोग दे खगे ले लेकर
हमानीश बासु
क ा- II- F
टे ली वजन
ट वी का अपना ह एक मजा है ,
एक दन ट वी से
ये ट वी वाले भी
या दरू रह गए, मानो िमल गई सजा है ।
या गजब ढाते ह,
एक तरफ स यता का पाठढ़ाते ह,
तो दस
ू र तरफ सास और बहू को खुद ह लड़वाते ह ।
ट वी पर भी चढ़ा है आधुिनकता का रं ग,
नामुम कन है ट वी दे खना घर प रवार के संग ।
सबके अपने अपने ह यूज़ (views)
कोई दे खता है कायबम तो कोई
यूज़ (news) ।
डब यू डब यू ई (WWE) और ःमैकडउन (smackdown)
ह कर रहे ह ब च का भ वंय मंगल,
दोःत बन गए ह बा संग पैड (boxing pad)
और हो रह ह क ाएँ दं गल ।
ब च का काटू न से गहरा नाता है ,
21वीं सद म तो ‘ौीरामजी’ और ‘हनुमानजी’ का भी काटू न आता है ।
टे लीॄ स (telebrands) वाले भी
या गज़ब ढाते ह,
मुँह कुछ बोलता है और ह ठ कुछ और बतलाते ह ।
बड़े बूढ़ को तो ‘आःथा’ और ‘संःकार’ चैनल ह भाता है ,
पर पौप
यू ज़क (pop music) के आगे राम नाम कसे समझ म आता है ।
ट वी म सच है , झूठ है , क पना है , ूेम है ,
आ द अना द गुण वराजमान ह ।
पर कायबम वह अ छा है , जसम नसीहत है ,
ान है ।
ट वी तो िसफ खाली समय बताने का उपाय है ,
फलहाल मेर तो यह राय है ,
ट वी दे खने के साथ ब च , पढ़ाई म भी द जए
और कायबम वह दे खए जसम ूा
ान ।
अ त ख ना
क ा- III- F
पयावरण बचाना हमारा अरमान !
धरती माँ का है फरमान,
पयावरण बचाना हमारा अरमान ।
मेहनत के हम बीज बोएँगे,
हरे -भरे वृ
का ढे र रोपगे ।
ूद ू षत वायु क जड़े काटगे,
संसार का सूखा पट डालगे ।
पशु-प ी का जंगल राज करे गा,
मानव समाज का नाम गूज
ं ेगा ।
द ू षत जल क बात पुरानी,
कहे गी यह भ वंय क वाणी ।
न ह गे बजली के ख भे,
न लाल ॄगेड के ब बे,
बस ह गे पेड़-पौध के हरे झंडे ।
न तेनु ग ड होगी,
न मेनू मोटरसाइ कल,
बस मौज करे गी अपनी साइ कल ।
नह ं चा हए क ब ट के जंगल,
हर -भर धरती रहे मंगल ।
धरती माँ के हम संतान,
पयावरण बचाना हमारा अरमान ।
ूया भायािन
आठवी आई
आँख मेर नम नह ं
जंदगी के कस भंवर म फँसे
ले कन मन म गम नह ,
आज अंत सामने है
पर आँखे मेर नम नह ं ।
जाना था जस ओर
आ पहुँच उसी छोर ,
मातृभिू म क र ा के िलए ूाण दए
इसिलए आँख मेर नम नह ं ।
क सेवा बहुत हमने,
बस अब एक ह ूाथना है ,
अगले ज म म भी हे भगवान !
इस मातृभिू म क संतान बनाना हम ।
जसने दया बहुत कुछ हम
आसरा , भोजन , पानी, जीवन,
उसके िलए ूाण
यागते हुए ,
आँख मेर नम नह ं ।
हे माँ ! ये अंितम साँसे
जी रहा तेर गोद म
अगले ज म म भी तेरा पुऽ बनूँगा
यह सोचकर आँख मेर नम नह ं ।
याद आती है बचपन क
वो िम ट क खुशबू , वो खेत-खिलहान,
वो िमौी सा झील का पानी ,
वो फसल क फुहार ।
बड़े हुए आये शहर,
सीखे बहुत कुछ और पढ़े ,
क ूेरणा से ठान िलया
ई र के आशीवाद ने वीर जवान बना दया ।
कुछ पल और होते तो
शु बया अदा कर आता
उन माता- पता को ज होन मुझे
जीने का था साहस दया ।
हे मन! िनराश न होना ,
जान ये बात और याद रखना
तेरे अपने समझते थे तुझे
तेरे अपने समझते ह तुझे ।
यह बात ल ज म भले ह
न बयाँ हो पाएगी
पर दली रँते से बात उन तक जायेगी
इसिलए आँख मेर नम नह ं..... आँख मेर नम नह ं ।
शुभांगी राठ ,आठवीं आई
छाते क वाणी
बादल को ध कयाती आतीं ह बूँद क फुहार ,
म सज धज कर रहता हूँ तैयार ।
म हूँ छाता बड़ा उपयोगी ,
बा रश से ह मुझको दोःती ॥
जब पानी क बूँदे मुझपर िगरती ह ,
वह इधर उधर खूब फरती ह ।
मुझे बड़ा मजा आता है ,
दल मेरा गाता है ॥
ब चे मुझे पकड़कर घूमते ह ,
यहाँ वहाँ वे झूमते ह ।
गलती से िगर जाता हूँ ,
म रोने लग जाता हूँ ॥
बा रश जब चली जाती है ,
ठं ड लपककर आती है ।
अगले साल वह फर आएगी ,
फर से मुझे हँ साएगी ॥
यािमनी जोशी
छठ एच
ना दिु नया का गम ,
न रँत का बंधन ।
जब िलया इस धरा पर ज म ,
य खोएँ बचपन ।
बड़ खूबसूरत है जंदगानी ,
दे र रात तक सुनते ह कहानी ।
दन – भर खेल कूद म मःत ,
और है तन – मन तंद ःत ।
काश !
क जाए ये पल
ना आए कभी जवानी
य क, ना दिु नया का गम है
ना रँतो का बंधन
जब आए इस दिु नया म
तो कभी न जाए बचपन ।
रया ौाँफ
छठ जी
सूय दय क पहली करण
जब घटा – टोप अंिधयारे से
सब ढ़का हुआ था सारे जग म
तब आशा क अलख जगाई
सूय दय क पहली करण ने ।
घने कुहासे से िघरा हुआ
सार रात का िचंितत मन
एका – एक उजास जगाई
सूय दय क पहली करण ने ।
वचिलत और उ े िलत भावनाएँ
करती थी िनशा म हास – प रहास
उस दग
ु म घड़ से मु
सूय दय क पहली करण ने ।
एक नया दन , एक नई आशा
एक नया सवेरा , एक नया वचार ।
मन म जागा ; जब दःतक द
सूय दय क पहली करण ने ।
यशःवी बाँझल
नवी सी
धुन का प का
लआय हािसल करने के िलए हर कोई अपने तर के से काम करता है । कोई मेहनत को मह व
दे ता है , तो कोई एकामता को । कोई संपक पर आिौत है , तो कोई जानकार पर । पर मं जल तक
पहुँचने के िलए आपके िसर पर एक धुन भी सवार होनी चा हए । एक ऐसी धुन , जसके आगे आपको
कुछ न सूझे । बस आपको दन रात , सोते जागते अपने सपने का
याल रहे । आप चाहे कोई भी
काय कर मन क धुन अपने लआय म रमी हुई हो । अ सर हम कहते है क फलां श स तो अपनी ह
धुन म मःत है । ऐसे इं सान को दिु नया क
फब नह ं रहती । वह अपने लआय के साथ खुश रहता है
। इितहास बताता है क दिु नया म उ ह ं लोग ने अपनी मं जल हािसल क है , जो अपना सुख चैन
छोड़कर बस अपने लआय के पीछे पड़ गए । हो सकता है , आज आपके पास संसाधन न हो , आपको
कोई दशा िनदश दे ने वाला न हो , ले कन अगर आप धुन के धनी ह , तो इन चीज से कोई फक
नह ं पड़ने वाला । धुन का धनी अपनी सार ऊजा बस अपने सपने को पूरा करने म लगा दे ता है । पर
अगर कसी लआय क धुन दमाग से उतर गई , तो फर आप कभी उस मं जल को नह ं पा सकते ।
इसिलए आप सब भी अपना एक सपना चुन और फर उसे पूरा करने क धुन म मःत हो जाएँ ।
उदय ूकाश
छठ ई
आई दवाली फटे पटाखे
धुआँ उड़ा है खूब
Pollution से धरती है गई हमार डू ब ।
राम ने रावन पर पाई थी जीत
जससे िमलती है हम एक Nice सीख ।
क क रए बुराई को दरू और अ छाई
को बनाइए अपनी Life का नूर ।
फर जब ौी राम अयो या लौटे
तो मनाई गई पहली द पावली ।
न जलाकर harmful पटाखे
मगर जलाकर happiness के दए ।
मगर आ गया है रावन
शाह ख के नह ं पटाख के भेष म ।
जो हमार जान जलाए इस Life क Race म ।
मगर Sensible Students है हम ,
पटाख से रहगे हमेशा दरू
धरती को रखेग हर - भर और Oxygen से भरपूर ।
Also िनकाल फेकग Corruption को
अ ना हज़ारे क तरह माँ भारत ।
जससे आएगी सोने क िच ड़या फर से ।
यह सब जानने के बाद भी अगर कोई मूखराम
जो जलाएगा पटाखे सुबह शाम
या Corruption का उपयोग करना होगा उसके िलए आम
तो दे ना उसके कान के नीचे एक चाटा ।
जससे वह भागेगा िच लाते हुए Papa Papa !!!
ूािशव स सेना
छठ ज़ी