Alumnus of the Year found passion for geography at BSC

Volume 9. No 1
April 2005
A newsletter for Bismarck State College alumni, contributors and friends.
Alumnus of the Year found passion
for geography at BSC
• Lockheed Martin
Stennis Space
Center operations,
manager of Science and Applications Division
• Consortium for
Earth Science
Information NetGary E. Johnson, Ph.D.
work, vice president and director of Information Resources
and Technology Division
• Hughes STX Corp., deputy project manager
and manager of Science Department
• National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, chief of Climate Applications
Branch, Office of Research and Applications
• Technicolor Graphic Service, Inc., manager
of Applications Science Section, supervisor of Bioscience and Geoscience sections,
principal applications scientist
• South Dakota State University, adjunct professor of geography
• University of Missouri, Columbia, professor
of geography and remote sensing (part-time)
• Graduate fellowships from the National Science Foundation
• Author and co-author of more than 80 papers and articles published in numerous international, national, and regional academic
and professional journals.
• Recipient of awards from the National
Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration,
State of North Dakota American Society of
Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, and
Association of American Geographers
Gary E. Johnson, Ph.D., ‘63, whose success as an earth
scientist, geography professor, and project manager has propelled
him into leadership positions in academia, government, and the
aerospace industry, is BSC’s Alumnus of the Year for 2005. The
college will recognize him at a dinner May 12 at the BSC Student
Union and during commencement on May 13. The BSC National
Alumni Association board selects the Outstanding Alumnus.
Family trips to the West Coast seeded Gary E. Johnson’s curiosity
about the world. He grew up on a farm near Carson, N.D., and occasional family trips to visit relatives during his youth produced eyeopening experiences unlike his rural home. Traveling by car through
half the country etched mental maps of new terrain, natural wonders,
and diversity of life that created a permanent longing for what’s out
The more he saw, the more he imagined, and the more curious he
became – a process of evaluation and discovery that steered a career
interest in earth science and work for NASA, Lockheed Martin, and
federal agencies that track worldwide climate and ecosystems.
Johnson found the scientist within at BSC in the physical geography course taught by retired professor Warren Henke. There, in the
geomorphology, land forms, weather and climate – detailed on captivating maps and projections – Johnson finally had the world at his
fingertips, and a way to observe the planet.
“If you scratch deep enough, inside all geographers is the love and
appreciation of maps,” says Johnson, executive officer of the Upper
Midwest Aerospace Consortium (UMAC) and professor at UND’s
John D. Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences in Grand Forks.
“Maps allow the mind to wander and envision the world in another
His first map gazing had traced raising cattle and wheat in North
Dakota. Henke showed him a bigger picture, and with his future no
longer in doubt, Johnson set aside engineering at BSC to focus his
bachelor’s and master’s degrees in geography at UND and his doctorate in geography, regional economics, and remote sensing from
Indiana State University.
Johnson returned to teach geography at UND from 1971-76 and
chaired the department until taking developmental leave to work for
former Gov. Art Link and head the N.D. Regional Environmental Impact Study. His contributions to that state/federal study on the impact
of proposed lignite coal development earned him a state award.
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Dinner honors Alumnus of the Year
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Friends and associates of Gary E. Johnson
are invited to help honor him as Alumnus
of the Year for 2005 at the alumni dinner
Thursday, May 12, in the BSC Student Union
Missouri Room.
The event starts with a social at 6 p.m. followed by dinner at 7 p.m. Reservations and
payment must be made by Friday, May 6.
Tickets are $20 per person. Make your reservation early, seating is limited. Name tags
and tickets will be at the door. Checks payable to the BSC Alumni Association should
be mailed to Jason Matthews, Alumni Coordinator, Bismarck State College, P.O. Box
5587, Bismarck, ND 58506-5587.
Those unable to attend who would like to
send a letter or card for the memory book
should mail them to the same address. For
more information, contact Matthews at 701224-5692.
Johnson consistently rose to the top (continued)
Johnson then spent 24 years in government and industry, first as an agriculture and
soil applications scientist in South Dakota,
and later as a high level project scientist
and manager-director at various agencies
and companies in the U.S. and overseas.
He worked mostly in remote sensing – the
collection of data and images from aircraft
and orbiting spacecraft to track weather and
land-use changes that affect agriculture and
environmental quality.
His association with NASA continues at
UND, where Johnson helps direct UMAC’s
Public Access Resource Center and its joint
education programs with seven universities
in five states. The consortium purchases data
and imagery collected by federal agencies
to train farmers and ranchers in precision
agriculture. Stored on the UMAC’s digital
Northern Great Plains server, the free information can be downloaded for use in global
positioning (GPS) and geographic information (GIS) system software to compute rates
of pesticide and fertilizer application, maximize crop yields, and more.
“That’s good for the environment and puts
more money in farmers’ pockets,” says Johnson, who returned to North Dakota in 2002 to
be closer to family. He and his Carson-born
wife Diana, “the wonderful woman who
became an expert in packing,” he says, have
a son Rob, daughter Tracy, and five grandchildren.
Johnson consistently rose to the top in a
management career he attributes partly to
fate, his outgoing personality, and ability to
deal with people of many backgrounds.
“That comes out of respect for all people
and points of view,” says Johnson, a value
he learned as a farm youth. “I’m also a good
persuader and have a good sense of humor –
that’s indispensable.”
International jobs came from his desire to
understand other places and cultures. “By
understanding the rest of the world, you can
better understand yourself and your place in
it,” Johnson says.
His vision and skill as teacher and manager have taken him to Thailand twice to lead
data collection and training projects, and as
a presenter on remote sensing applications
throughout Southeast Asia, Australia, and
During his first trip in 1982-84, Johnson
taught at the Asian Institute of Technology in
Bangkok and helped develop its Asian Regional Remote Sensing Training Center. His
work engaged the interest of the crown princess of Thailand, who became his student,
first one-on-one, and later with 20 graduate
students. Johnson considers his course design
for the crown princess to be one of his greatest professional opportunities. Security and
how to act in the presence of royalty presented unique challenges.
Johnson returned to Bangkok to direct the
United Nations Environmental Programme’s
Global Resource Information Database
(GRID), supervising all aspects of this large
data and image processing installation. He
traveled extensively, providing liaison within
Asia and UNEP headquarters in Nairobi,
After each move, Gary and Diana always
found an anchor in a local church. Johnson
has served on many boards and councils, including their church in Grand Forks. Outside
of work, he has six joyful priorities: his five
grandchildren and travel, he says, laughing.
“There are hundreds of places I haven’t seen
Lesnar presides over golf tourney
Outstanding athletic alum Brock Lesnar,
‘98, returns to campus June 23-24 to preside
over the BSC President’s Cup Golf Classic.
Lesnar won the NJCAA heavyweight championship in 1998 and the NCAA heavyweight
title at the University of Minnesota. A former
champion with World Wresting Entertainment, Lesnar made headlines last fall when
he tried out for the Minnesota Vikings.
Lesnar will share his experiences since
leaving BSC on June 23 from 5-8 p.m. during a Brock Lesnar Community Event at the
BSC Armory.
Lesnar, who lives near the Twin Cities,
praises his BSC coaches and instructors for
his success. “BSC was one of those roads
that I chose to take, and I wouldn’t have had
the chance for my athletic achievements
if BSC hadn’t given me the opportunity to
wrestle and complete school,” he said.
The June 24 golf tourney will be played at
Prairie West, Pebble Creek and Tom O’Leary.
After the tournament, golfers will return to
the campus for a social hour and a chance to
visit with Lesnar.
Both events will help fund athletic scholarships. For details, contact Jaclyn Bugbee or
Rhonda Weyer at 701-224-5700 or register at
Donors’ gifts build endowment
The Foundation welcomes new and renewing President’s Club members for Dec. 15,
2004 through March 30, 2005.
Zachery Allen
Alliance Pipeline - VC Area Office
Myron and Marjory Atkinson, Jr.
Patrick J. Atkinson
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Capital Trophy
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Coteau Properties Company
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Marvin and Lois Erdmann
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Expressway Inn
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Heart & Lung Clinic
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Westmoreland Coal Company
Zuger Kirmis & Smith
The Foundation welcomes new and renewing Executive Club members for Dec. 15,
2004 through March 30, 2005.
Dr. Marcos and Barbara Benitez
Corwin Churchill Motors, Inc.
Wayne R. Harris
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Kramer Agency
Mid-America Steel
Wesley and Myra Norton
Office Systems, Inc.
Dr. Albert and Carol Samuelson
John and Kay Wanser
Al and Karen Wolf
Brock Lesnar
Scholarship honors Frank Koch
Frank Koch
The BSC Foundation has received funding
for a named scholarship honoring chemistry
professor Frank Koch.
The Frank J. Koch Chemistry Scholarship
was established by his niece, Dr. Cheryl Elsbernd, a chemist for 3M in St. Paul. A 1981
BSC graduate, Elsbernd took chemistry from
Koch and became one of the many students
he mentored into science.
“I am pleased to be able to honor Frank in
recognition of his exceptional contributions
to BSC and the entire community,” said Elsbernd. “Frank’s enthusiasm for the promotion of science and his excellence in teaching
have inspired many students, including myself, to pursue rewarding careers in science.”
Local and national awards suffuse Koch’s
In memoriam
Contributions were made to the Foundation in memory of:
Given by:
Lorraine Anderson...............BSC Employees
Mabel Boekes.................. Dr. Lloyd Anderson
BSC Employees
Doug Darling
Vern and Arlene Fluto
Kenneth and Linda Knodel
Mike and Dena Lenhardt
Dr. Kermit and Patty Lidstrom
Hal and Sheila Peterson
Jane and Gary Schulz
Dr. Donna and Sloan Thigpen
James Coats..................Dr. Kermit and Patty
Bis-Man Retired Teachers Association
Winifred Fossum..................BSC Employees
Ida Gappert..........................BSC Employees
Elizabeth Hilsendeger..........BSC Employees
Elwin Hite.............................BSC Employees
Margaret Hopfauf................BSC Employees
Evan Lips .............. Carol and Dan Cashman
Virginia George
Dr. Donna and Sloan Thigpen
Debbie and Steve Van Berkom
LaVonne Reidman ..............BSC Employees
Robert Schaible............ Dr. Wayne and Ellen
Anton Schatz........................BSC Employees
Donald Seibert......................BSC Employees
Remy Stecher.... Dr. Wayne and Ellen Boekes
Bernice Temanson...............Bis-Man Retired
Teachers Association
Mary Wold....... Dr. Wayne and Ellen Boekes
career at BSC, where he developed innovative methods for first-year chemistry lab now
adopted by several North Dakota universities. He received the BSC Alumnus of the
Year Award in 1998 for his dedication to
science education for all ages.
The $1,000 annual scholarship will benefit
a student in engineering, pharmacy, or other
chemistry-related field.
Koch continues to help with
science events, institute
Frank Koch has guided students in the sciences for 37 years of teaching chemistry, but
thyroid cancer, now in remission, is keeping him from continuing to actively teach.
Cancer destroyed the nerves that control the
left side of his vocal cords, so talking for any
length of time is difficult.
While Koch is no longer employed by
BSC, he plans to help out with events he
started, such as Science Olympiads and National Chemistry Week. He is the coordinator
of a summer physics institute for high school
teachers that will be held at BSC for the next
three summers.
Great River Energy receives
partnership award
Great River Energy (GRE), one of BSC’s
industry partners, recently received the Silver
Star of Excellence Award from the American
Technical Education Association and the National Technical Honor Society.
GRE, which operates Coal Creek Station
and Stanton Station coal-based generating
plants, was nominated by BSC as an exemplary case of how industry partnerships improve
technical education for students.
Partnership projects include the placement
of a $1.2 million power plant simulator on
campus in 1999 for shared use, and 80 hours
of job-shadowing experiences for BSC’s online power plant and process plant technology
students. In addition, GRE plans to donate a
large portion of the fly ash needed for construction of BSC’s proposed Career & Technology Institute. Fly ash is a primary component of FlexCrete, a high-quality construction
Employees donate to Foundation
Employees of Bismarck State College have
generously donated a total of $68,998.07 to
the Foundation over the past year. The employees are listed.
Lisa Aamodt
Christopher Abbott
Betty Aberle
Greg Achtenberg
Zachery Allen
Dr. Lloyd Anderson
Marlene Anderson
Karen Arlien
Robert Arso
Gregory Bach
Shirley Bachmeier
Charles Barth
Karen Bauer
Joseph Bawolek
Angie Benz
Dee Bertsch
Lonnie Bertsch
Carla Bickert
Don Bigwood
Gordon Binek
Dr. Patrick Bjork
Dr. Wayne Boekes
Stephanie Borud
Elaine Bowman
Wes Braun
Tanie Brodigan
Lois Carley
Dr. Drake Carter
Carol Cashman
Dave Clark
Jeff Collier
James Conley
Jordis Conrad
Bill Cossette
Dr. John Darling
Jocelyn Deutsch
Bruce Dolajak
Jan Dralle
Mary Ann Durick
James Eggert
Mary Eisenbraun
Joe Ellefson
Donna Ellison
Bruce E. Emmil
Marjory Zalk Enerson
Julie Erickson
Vi Fish
Donna Fishbeck
Carol Flaa
Linda Fossum
Donna Fricke
Sandra Fried
Lee Friese
Mary Friesz
Tanya Fuher
Karla Gabriel
Kathleen Gappert
Virginia George
Buster Gilliss
Arlene E. Gray
Pat Gross
Dean Gunsch
Dawn Halle
Joanne Harrington
Lorraine Hatzenbeler
Lori Heinsohn
Amy Helgeson
Tammy Heupel
Deb Hieb
Jean Hinton
Carla Braun Hixson
Mark Holkup
Micheal A. Holman
Kevin Holmstrom
John Holtan
Mel Hopfauf
Dr. Perry Hornbacher
Dr. Valeria Howard
Lisa Hoynes
Michael W. Hubbell
Lane Huber
Brian Hushagen
Jean Hushagen
Jeff Jacobs
Larry Johnson
Michael Jordan
Pat Jund
Dr. Ron Jyring
Laura Kalvoda
Jim Kautzman
Paula Kemnitz
Michael Kern
Jayne Kiner
Nick Kjos
Jack Kline
JoDean Knutson-Person
Albert Koch
Frank Koch
Pam Kostelecky
Ed Kringstad
Robert Kuntz
Michael F. LaLonde
Ken LaMont
Dan Landeis
Keith Landeis
Catherine Langedyk
Daniel Leingang
Mike Lenhardt
Michelle Lindblom
Rita Lindgren
Susan Lipp
Sue Lippert
Richard Malsam
Debbie Mantz
Dr. Janelle Masters
Yvette Matthews
Sam May
Mike McCormack
Jay Meier
Lonna Meier
Melba Millard
Bernie Miller
Carmel Miller
Francis L. Miller
Karla Mongeon-Stewart
Cindy Mormann
Gary Mormann
Evelyn M. Morrell
Kathy Murphy
Marvin Mutzenberger
Katherine Netzer
Rita Nodland
Arlan Okerson
Mika N. Olson
Lynette Borjeson Painter
Wendy Pank
Byron Paul
Ken Paulus
Ronald Pennenga
June Perrizo
Yvonne Peters
Kristie Petersen
Dr. Thomas Porter
Mary Jo Prochnow
Todd Reidman
Jean Reisenauer
Dr. Henry Riegler
Daniel Rogers
Art Rude
Daniel Schmidt
Jane Schreck
Julie Schroer
Dr. Jane Schulz
Marlene Swenson
Nick See
Karen Selensky
Heather Sheehan
David Sitte
Carla Sivesind
Jeff Skibicki
Eunice Smith
Carol Stanek-Markel
Len Stanley
Cheryl Templeton
Dr. Donna Thigpen
Sean Thorenson
Linda Tonolli
Earl Torgerson
Pam Torgerson
Laurie Torgerson
Ivan Tschider
Carolyn Twingley
Debbie Van Berkom
Sara Vollmer
Joseph Vuolo
Connie Wagner
Daniel B. Wahlman
William R. Wahlman
William Walz
Michael Wardzinski
Lyle Warner
Mike Wavrin
Elmer Weigel
Eva Wentz
Rhonda K. Weyer
Pamela M. Whiteley
Anita Wilson
Julie Wilson
Mike Wilson
Shirley Wilson
Marge Windhorst
James Wright
Vickie Wyant
Ronald Zarr
EDITOR’S NOTE: Multiple mail lists
were used to distribute this issue of Connections. Although efforts were made
to reduce duplication, some readers will
receive more than one copy. We ask you to
share it with a friend.
Greg Hill, ‘78, Kirkland, Wash., is president
of Roth Hill, a full-service public works consulting firm in Bellevue, Wash. The firm was
ranked as one of the top engineering firms in
the nation to work for, based on the results
of the “Best Civil Engineering Firm to Work
For” contest, conducted by CE News, a civil
engineering industry publication. The firm
was 10th in this year’s rankings, and was the
highest ranked Washington State based firm.
Nathan Ruud
Cheryl Arndt, ‘82, Bismarck, completed the
Emerging Leaders Program through Western
Area Power Administration. Arndt is property management specialist for DOE, Western
Area Power Administration.
Bruce Emmil
Brent Hodgeson, ‘95, Casselton, was promoted to design/construction supervisor at
Cass County Electric in the Fargo Service
Center. Before the promotion, Hodgeson
worked as a journeyman lineworker for eight
years at Cass County Electric.
Bruce Emmil is Jack
Fellowship recipient
Bruce Emmil, ‘87, is the 2005 recipient of
the Jack Fellowship, a professional development award from the BSC Foundation. Emmil is an energy technology online program
manager, responsible for Electric Power and
Nuclear Power Technology programs. He
will use the fellowship to complete a bachelor of applied science degree through Dickinson State University.
“I would like to thank the Foundation and
the Jacks, as this fellowship will help accelerate the completion of my degree,” Emmil
A Foundation committee selected Emmil for the fellowship, which helps BSC
employees further their education, conduct
research, or pursue other personal growth opportunities. Tom Jack and the late Peg Jack,
lead contributors to the Jack Science Center,
endowed the $25,000 fellowship in 1999.
Suzanne Brown, ‘95, Concord, Calif., is
a financial analyst for Bank of the West in
Walnut Creek, Calif.
Nathan Ruud, ‘00, Parshall, journeyman
lineman for McLean Electric Cooperative,
was presented with the Outstanding Apprentice Award at the Apprentice, Training
& Safety (AT&S) Banquet on January 13 in
Bismarck. Each year one graduating apprentice line worker is recognized for outstanding
academic achievements and on-the-job performance, in completing his or her apprenticeship training. Nathan began his career at
McLean Electric in 2002.
Crystal (Bobbe) Schaunaman, ’00, McClusky, is the extension agent for Sheridan
County. She attended North Dakota State
University, where she earned bachelor’s and
master’s degrees in farm business management.
Let us know what’s new in your life by submitting updated information to:
BSC Alumni Association
P.O. Box 5587
Bismarck, ND 58506-5587
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BSC retirees plan to stay busy
When graduates toss their hats into the air
at commencement May 13, four long-time
faculty members might just give their mortarboards a heave-ho, as well. As retirees,
they probably won’t need their graduation
garb again. Retiring are Mary Ann Durick,
Dr. Val Howard, Larry Johnson and Mike
“There aren’t many other
professions that allow you to
have an impact on students. I
will miss them tremendously.”
– Mary Ann Durick
Mary Ann Durick, professor of chemistry, says the thrill of teaching is that you’ve
helped students succeed.
“You like to think you’ve made a difference in somebody’s life,” she said. “There
aren’t many other professions that allow you
to have an impact on students. I will miss
them tremendously.”
During her 31 years at BSC, Durick has
taken on other responsibilities, such as
starting the medical lab tech program, and
assisting with creation of the phlebotomy
program. She also served as department
chair and advised the Rodeo Club for nearly
20 years. In 1995 she received a Faculty
Achievement Award.
Durick serves as a trustee on the BSC
Foundation board and on Medcenter One
College of Nursing college board.
In retirement, she plans to spend more
time with a two-year-old granddaughter. Her
horses may also get a bit more exercise.
Dr. Val Howard, associate professor of
biology, has taught at BSC for 15 years. Her
skills have been invaluable in assisting with
BSC Science Olympiads and science fairs.
On the national level, she has been a faculty
consultant to Educational Testing Service.
A recipient of the Faculty Achievement
Award in 1992, Dr. Howard won’t stay away
from teaching long. She plans to return in
the fall as an adjunct instructor, teaching
environmental science online and a biology
course on campus.
“I have the best colleagues here in biology,
they are excellent, hardworking, dedicated
people,” Dr. Howard said. “I’m so glad I’ll
be coming back to see them Tuesdays and
Thursdays when I teach on campus.”
Her plans include participating in more
service trips with the Sierra Club. In late
May, she’s heading to Arizona with a group
that will search for and document ancient Native American sites in the Hidden Hills area
of Grand Canyon-Parashant National Monument.
“We’ll spend much of our time surveying
and mapping as yet unfound habitation sites,”
she said.
Larry Johnson, assistant professor of
electronics/telecommunications technology, joined the faculty in 1976. Not ready
to totally retire, Johnson plans to continue
part-time engineering work for local radio
stations. A motorcycle enthusiast with a new
Harley, he’ll take advantage of freedom from
full-time teaching to tour the United States.
His travels will put him in touch with family
he hasn’t seen for a while.
“My colleagues have been wonderful over
the years and I’ve enjoyed working with
students,” said Johnson. “I’m proud of our
students’ achievements and my part in helping prepare them for careers in this field.”
Johnson said he appreciates the college’s
open working environment and the thoughtfulness of BSC’s administrators. “I have
enjoyed their support over the years,” he said.
Mike Wilson has been called the heart and
soul of the lineworker program. An assistant
professor, Wilson has been with BSC 27
years. He has provided a great deal of leadership, serving as department chair for many
years and maintaining contact with industry
for curriculum development and placement of
When the lineworker program started,
eight students were accepted each year, and
now 54 students enroll each year. There’s a
surplus of jobs if students are willing to relocate, he said.
Wilson said his teaching career has been
very rewarding. “Our students have had a lot
of success in industry. It feels good to know
that you played a part in their success,” he
He and his wife will be spending more
time with their seven grandchildren, who live
in Nebraska and Iowa.
Mary Ann Durick
Val Howard
Larry Johnson
Mike Wilson
BSC student groups garner
regional and national awards
Jennifer Weisgerber
Angie Frenzel
Student groups at BSC have excelled in
several areas this spring, and regional and
national awards are proof.
BSC’s Phi Theta Kappa chapter garnered
four awards at a regional conference, including the Pinnacle Gold Award for increasing
membership by 10 percent for three consecutive years. The chapter also won the Spirit
Award for reinvigorating the chapter and the
Distinguished Chapter Award. Mathematics
assistant professor Dan Leingang was named
regional Advisor of the Year. PTK is the
international honor society of the two-year
college. The four-state region has 53 chapters.
The Board of Governors was honored
with the Campus of the Year Award from the
American Student Association of Community
Colleges (ASACC) at the National Conference on Student Advocacy in Washington,
D.C. BSC students have been very active in
ASACC and had three students serving on the
national board.
The Mystics women’s basketball team
made its second appearance in three years at
the NJCAA National Women’s Division II
Basketball Tournament in Phoenix. The Mystics beat Carl Sandburg College 74-53 in their
first game, but lost to Community College of
Rhode Island 87-79 and Kellogg Community
Bismarck State College
P.O. Box 5587
Bismarck, ND 58506-5587
College 93-69. Angie Frenzel of Mandan
was named NJCAA First Team All American and to the All Tournament Team. The
Mystics were also awarded the Sportsmanship Award. Coach Len Stanley was named
Region 13 and District F Coach of the Year.
BSC’s Figments of Imagination Spring
2004 literary publication won the first place
Mark of Excellence Award as Best Magazine
published once a year from the Society of
Professional Journalists Region 6. The publication will be placed in national competition.
The literary publications class produced the
magazine, with student Jennifer Weisgerber of Bismarck serving as editor-in-chief.
Others in the class were Carly Thompson,
Keenan Retterath, Matt Kinev, Bridget Minard and Jake Maher. Advisor for the project
was Karen Bauer, journalism instructor.
View photos from final
BSC Foundation ball
Revelers enjoyed dancing, dining and
remembering past BSC Foundation Balls at
the 25th annual and final ball in February. For
photos of the event, held on campus in the
BSC Armory, go to
US Postage
Permit #9
Bismarck, ND
Permit # 251
Bismarck, ND