Stetson , Satin & Lace The Swiss Red Cross Ball Sponsored by :

Ektacolor photograph - 50 x 73 inches - Edition of 2 + 1 AP
Copyright Richard Prince 2001 - Courtesy Gladstone Gallery, New York
Richard Prince - Untitled (cowboy), 2001
The Swiss Red Cross Ball
Stetson , Satin & Lace
Sponsored by :
With the support of :
The Swiss Red Cross Ball
Stetson , Satin & Lace
Saturday 9th June 2007
at the Halles CFF in Morges, Switzerland
presented by
Ilham Vuilloud and Rob Spence
Our sincere gratitude to: Trisha Walker International, Nashville, Events Concept, Skynight, Blossom Communication, Options,
Blandice’s Room, Denogent, Lucchese, Egoïste by J-A Felix, Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Heins, Primera Company Dallas, Grange Hall Dallas,
SAFA, Sauvin Schmidt, Pelichet & Planzer, Prestige Continental Express, RailAway, CFF, PHF Production Mr & Mrs Fehlmann,
Greffe Municipal, Morges
7:00 pm
The Lone Star Lounge
“Blue Bonnet” Champagne Reception by Moët & Chandon
“Desperado Bar” by Diageo
“The High Noon Coffee Bar” by Lavazza
“Edward Curtis Gallery” kindly organised by Sonia Zannettacci
Program of the Evening
8:00 pm
The Silver Spur Saloon
“Best in the West” Dinner by Hôtel Beau-Rivage, Geneva
Menu especially created by Dominique Gautier
Wines graciously offered by H.S.H Prince d’Arenberg
9:30 pm
Fashion Show by Lela Rose in collaboration with
Van Cleef & Arpels Jewellery and Omega Watches
Choreographed by Grazia Covre, Models courtesy of Kai Zen Models Management
Dessert & Coffee
10:00 pm
Charity Auction conducted by Simon de Pury
10:30 pm
Country Night Gala starring:
Jarrod Birmingham
George Ducas
“A Tribute to Johnny Cash”
Our sincere appreciation to all these artists who have flown especially to Switzerland
from Nashville and Texas to give us the best in country music.
Rob Spence, Comedian
11:30 pm
Top Tombola Draw
Dancing to The Cornell Hurd Band from Austin, Texas
“Midnight Round-Up” snack by Yann Vaucher, Lausanne
The Lavazza and Diageo Bars will be opened in the reception area.
3:00 am
Dress Code: Black Tie: Men: “Midnight Cowboy”,
Ladies: Long Dress, “Stetson, Satin & Lace”
Mrs Micheline Calmy-Rey
President of the Swiss Confederation
Swiss Red Cross Ball
Mrs Mary Hofstetter, Executive Director
Ms Paula Behrens Sesso, Event Assistant
Honorary Patron
Miss Shania Twain
Countess Barbara Zanon di Valgiurata
Mrs Marietta Budiner
Honorary Chairman
Sheikh Mohammed Y. El-Khereiji
Honorary Committee
Countess Marie-Laure de ClermontTonnerre
S.A.S. Le Prince Pierre d’Arenberg
Countess Célia von Bismarck
Countess Maily Zegna di Monterubello
Prince & Princess Eric I. Sturdza
Baronne Nadine de Rothschild
Mr & Mrs Ernesto Bertarelli
Mrs Elisabeth Janssens de Balkany
Mr Charles de Boissezon
Mrs Carmela Lagonico
Mr Jacques Mayer
Mr Bertrand Piccard
Mr Jacques Rogge,
President International Olympic
Mr Igor Ustinov
Mrs Vivien Yakopin Tortora Brayda
Mr & Mrs Ion Marin
Swiss Red Cross
Prof. René Rhinow, President
Prof. Pierre de Senarclens, Vice-President
Mr. Michel Dupuis,
President Red Cross Chapter Vaud
Mr Daniel Biedermann, Director
Mr Martin Fuhrer, Management Board
Mr Lukas Sallmann, Management Board
Mrs Beatrix Spring, International
Mr Beat Wagner, Head of Communication
Mr Antonio Battistini
Mr Stéphane Lagonico
Executive Committee
Mrs Cristel Belce-Kennedy
Mrs Francesca Brignone
Mrs Hilary Dayton-Busch
Mrs Roba El-Khereiji
Mrs Suryia Hill
Mrs Stéphanie Mouthon
Mrs Anna Pedrotti
Mr Jean Pelz
Mrs Claudia Pioline
Mrs Dana Woodyatt
Mrs Graziella Zanoletti
Event Committee
Mrs Rania Al-Baroudi
Mrs Luzia Allgauer
Mrs Emmanuèle Argand
Mrs Eva Barbarakis Boeglin
Mrs Sandra Bauknecht
Mr Philippe Charriol
Mrs Bente Conelli
Mrs Joanna Corsaro Georgiou
Mr Philippe Cramer
Mrs Christiane Dawson
Mrs Kareen de Geer
Countess Iris de Maigret
Mrs Romy Demaurex
Mrs Amandine Demole
Mrs Marie Firmenich
Maître Franco Foglia
Mrs Emeline Gauer
Mrs Nicole Gebruers
Mrs Charlotte Grobet
Mrs Eva Hagman
Mrs Helena Harless
Mrs Cornelia Heins
Mrs Catherina Hentsch
Mrs Yvonne Hill
Mrs Clarina Hocké
Mrs Tina Jones
Mr Bernard Junet
Mrs Jennifer Lagonico
Mr Salvatore Latrofa
Mrs Inge Leutscher
Mrs Chrisanta Marin
Mrs Suzanne Martel
Mrs Tatjana Mouawad
Mrs Sabine Parenti
Mrs Christine Pinto
Mrs Carmen Queisser
Mr Jean René Saillard
Mrs Esme Sarasin
Mr Thierry Scherz
Mrs Judith Seekopp
Mrs Nazy Sheikhan
Mrs Sandra Smadja
Mr William Tavelli
Mr Guillaume Taylor
Mrs Anne Thoviste Headon
Ms Tamara Tubin
Mrs Marie-Carmen Urban-Perlingeiro
Mrs Marie Christine von Suppan
Mrs Dina Vygovskaya
The proceeds of the Swiss Red Cross Ball 2006 were
used for the “Victims of Forgotten Disasters” in:
In Ecuador tuberculosis and malaria are widespread. The SRC helps
the indigenous communities to establish a system of basic health
care. In addition to the general health care in 180 remote villages, a
total of 2’000 children in 70 schools were given a dental check-up.
Laos / Cambodia
The SRC has set up a fund to give the poorest patients access to
hospital treatment. This fund covered travelling expenses, medical
treatment and food. Mobile medical teams travelled to remote villages and provided medical care. The SRC also supplied materials
to build water systems and latrines.
The SRC continued its work to provide better health care for pregnant
women, mothers and children. In the two poorest districts of Botosani
and Iasi the SRC has trained a total of 85 community nurses and
health-care assistants and set up four community centres.
In the western province of Sudan, Darfur, the SRC was responsible
for the medical services for the internally displaced as well as the
nomad population. Especially pregnant women and small children
received medical treatment.
In southern Africa about 33% of the adult population are infected
with HIV. The Red Cross is working on the front line of the epidemic
in prevention, home care and providing medical treatment for AIDS
patients. In the Red Cross clinic in Sigumbeni AIDS patients have
been receiving antiretroviral therapy for the past two years, a first for
this rural region. The SRC is now supporting two more rural clinics.
The proceeds of the Swiss Red Cross Ball 2007 will be used for projects in Vietnam: 50 houses are to be built in the Ca Mau province of
Ho Gui village, providing 275 people with a safe home. Romania:
Continuing with improving
the health care programme for mothers and
young children. Paraguay:
Supporting a training center in San Miguel which
helps young peasants to
receive culturally adapted
training. Sudan: Set up the
health service in the
region of Yirol.