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Our Peace Pledge, Our mission and Our vision
A Message from our Leadership
About Kids for Peace
Our Children 2009
Our History
Our World
Our Legacy
Financial Highlights
Our Gratitude
Our Leadership and Contributors
We are an interconnected group of global
citizens–kids, moms, dads, teachers,
students and friends–who are passionate
about making the world a better place.
We believe in empowering youth to be
leaders and stewards of the healthy
and harmonious planet we envision.
We believe every child has innate wisdom
to foster peace, and when cultivated, will
choose a positive path.
We believe every child deserves to
feel and share joy, kindness, love and
We believe every child can learn &
engage in cooperation, teamwork and
We believe that learning about other
cultures, lifestyles and traditions lead to
unity, respect and peace.
We believe every child can participate in
simple acts of kindness and caring for
our earth.
We believe in helping every child express
his or her hopes, dreams and wishes.
We believe in every child.
We believe in peace.
To cultivate every child’s innate ability
to foster peace through cross-cultural
experiences and hands-on arts, service
and environmental projects
orld and
“I trav
t to others
I see that reaching ou at Kids for
is important. That’s w kids!”
Peace is doing. Good jo
I pledge to use my words to speak in a
kind way.
I pledge to help others as I go throughout my day.
I pledge to care for our earth with my
healing heart and hands.
I pledge to respect people in each and
every land.
I pledge to join together as we unite the
big and small.
I pledge to do my part to create peace
for one and all.
Tony Hawk
Professional Skateboar
Our vision is a safe and peaceful world
where all people respect and care for
each other and the planet. Kids for
Peace serves as a model and an inspiration for creating this reality with children leading the way, not only for today,
but for generations to come.
We are overjoyed to share with you the accomplishments of
2009. Thanks to our dedicated volunteers, generous donors and
valuable partners, we have experienced a phenomenal year of
growth, inspiration and love in action.
In 2009, we strengthened our foundation, developed new programs
and expanded our reach. Under the guidance of our strategic
plan, we graduated from being a small, neighborhood group of
kids to a staffed, compliant and sustainable nonprofit organization
with chapters in six continents. We maintained razor sharp focus
on our goal of strengthening our operations at the core so that we
can better serve the children of Kids for Peace and make a greater
impact in communities around the globe.
Our Kids for Peace children have been very busy creating a world
of respect, compassion, kindness, beauty and environmental
stewardship. They sent hundreds of Peace Packs, cleaned dozens
of parks, beaches and rivers, published a beautiful book, thanked
their elected officials, learned compassionate communication skills,
visited senior centers, wrote postcards to veterans and so much
more. Yes, our kids are truly uplifting our world with love and action!!
Kids for Peace hosted several media-worthy community events
including The Great Kindness Challenge, Servapalooza: A Service
Festival and Parade of Wishes, Walk for Peace, Peace Through Our
Eyes Book Signing and the Tony Hawk Peace Hero Ceremony. The
magic of Kids for Peace has touched thousands of children and adults.
Looking ahead, we feel extremely hopeful and optimistic. With
our solid foundation firmly in place, we will continue to flourish as
we provide the platform, the guidance and the inspiration for even
more children to be the natural peacebuilders they are.
With joyful hearts we celebrate...Our Children, Our World, Our Legacy!!
Danielle Gram
Katrina Goldsmith
Jill McManigal
Board President
Cofounder and
Executive Director
More than just an alternative
view or an idealistic notion, Kids
for Peace is an international
nonprofit organization that
provides a plaform for young
people to actively engage in
socially conscious leadership,
community service and global
friendship. Through Kids for
Peace projects and programs,
youth of all socioeconomic
backgrounds are empowered
to become part of positive
solutions leading to a healthy
and harmonious planet.
Founded in 2006 by Jill
McManigal, a mother of two
young children, and Danielle
Gram, a high school honors
student, the mission of Kids
for Peace is to cultivate
every child’s innate ability to
foster peace through crosscultural experiences and
hands-on arts, service and
environmental projects. During
monthly chapter meetings,
children focus on one line of
their “Peace Pledge” as they
learn about other cultures,
make Peace Packs, create
art and participate in servicelearning activities such as
beach, school and park cleanups, environmental rallies,
planting gardens, food drives,
performing for seniors and
veterans, speaking to elected
officials, visiting orphanages
and much more.
Through collaboration with
other nonprofit organizations
such as Feed the Children,
Just Like My Child Foundation,
Pennies for Peace, Sierra
Club, San Diego Rescue
Mission, Surfrider Foundation,
Volunteers in Africa Foundation
and Volunteer San Diego,
youth are directly involved in
raising awareness and funds
for causes that address today’s
most critical issues.
In just three years, Kids
for Peace has grown from
one small group to over 50
interconnected chapters
around the world including
Sierra Leone, Ghana, Australia,
Greece, Canada, Bangladesh,
the Dominican Republic,
Liberia and throughout
the United States.
Kids for Peace is now at a
critical juncture in our growth
– making the leap from a small
grassroots, all-volunteer
start-up to a staffed, funded
and compliant organization.
Our goals are to develop and
implement policies, systems
and infrastructure that will
support and guide chapter
leaders and children worldwide in creating a more
compassionate, serviceoriented and environmentally
sustainable planet.
Kids for Peace is calling
on parents, educators,
child advocates, business
professionals, corporations,
elected officials and concerned
citizens everywhere to work
together in “being the change
we wish to see in the world.”
What we choose to give
through our individual and
collective time, energy and
financial support will make
a tremendous difference for
generations to come. The
future of our children and
our world is in our hearts and
hands. The choice is ours…
June: First Kids for Peace
August: First batch of Peace
Packs created and sent to Nepal
September: Co-hosted First
Walk for Peace
October: Local congressman
visits meeting
15 chapters
March: Created and performed
“Peace through Our Eyes: A
April: First Kids for Peace Board
of Directors’ meeting
June: First international chapter
– Sydney, Australia!
August: International peace
mission to orphanage in Mexico
September: Co-hosted Second
Walk for Peace
September: Presented Peace
Hero Award to acclaimed
actress Frances Fisher
November: Kids for Peace
Pledge created by the kids
November: 501 (c)(3) nonprofit
status granted
32 chapters
February: The Valentine
Project–sent Thank Yous to
community helpers
April: Daydreams and Dandelions
Children’s Art Auction
May: Hosted “Save the Seals” rally
August: Recorded Kids for Peace
theme song
August: First Annual Great
Kindness Challenge
August: Hosted Paws for Peace
at Animal Shelter
September: Presented Peace
Hero Award to world renowned
surfer Rob Machado
September: Co-hosted Third
Walk for Peace
December: Presented Holidays
Around the World event
50 chapters
January: Katrina Goldsmith
becomes Board President
February: Published Peace
Through Our Eyes: A Book of
Hope and Inspiration
April: Co-hosted Servapalooza
April: Declared “Kids for Peace
Day” in San Diego County
May: Jill McManigal receives
Congresswoman Susan Davis’s
Award – Outstanding Adult
Empowering Youth in Service 2009
June: Presented Peace Hero
Award to Tony Hawk
August: Great Kindness
Challenge 35 countries participate
October: Jill McManigal receives
Bank of America’s “Local Hero Award”
Our Chapters
Peace Packs
Alexa McGuire
Alicia Lafferty
Aline King
Allison Millenacker
Amy Dahm
Amy Engel
Amy Mace Farnham
Andi Barke
Andrea End
Anne W. Dosher
Anne Mangiafico
Antonella Bollettino
Apple Tax Group
Art N Soul on 101, Inc.
Barbara Greig
Barbara Rosen
Barry Crossno
Barry Rothenberg
Becky Bartling
Beejal & Yogi Parmar
Beverly laning
Bill Goldsmith
Brian Mahoney
Carl Jantsch
Carol Scurlock
Carol Van Vooren
Carolyn Gengo
Di Domenico
Carrie Conti Fetter
Cathryn Flynn
Chris Kopp
Cleo & Mila Kennedy
Craig Smith
Danielle Gram
Dara Webman
Dawn Vettese
Debra Ostergren
Delores Loedel
Diana M. Giffin
Diane Crisman
Family Trust
Diane Goodwin
Dianne Lamb
Dianne McKay
Donna Goldschlag
Donna Pinto
Dorothy Lorraine
Dyess & Porter Verfurth
Ed & Sue Earl
Endless Summer
Enterprises, Inc.
Eric & Jennifer Hardy
Erin & Cindy DeAngelis
Eugene V. Helsel, M.D.
Eva & Matthew Winter
Evelyn Elly
Gabe Gardner
Gail Thompson
Gary & Regi Block
Glen & Michele Moller
Gloria McManigal
Heather Moore
Helen Gray
Helen M. Moore
Ilona Kirilova
Irene Kratzer
Jacqueline Richardson
James Wilson
Jan Jewell
Janet Fisher
Janice Baer
Janice M. Walker
Jean Norris
Jeanne Richardson
Jeff & Kathy Timpson
Jeffrey Schreiner
Jerrel McBrayer
Jessica End
Jill M. Secard
Jill McManigal
Jim & Chris Machado
Jim & Suzan McNeil
Jim Guerin
John Atkinson
John Reiger
Jon Pearson
Josefina P. Ibarra
Joseph Furtado
Joy McManigal
Joyce Vano
Julia & Larry Kitts
Julie Gengo
Julie Less
Kabir Kadre
Karen Feinman
Kathleen Capistran
Kathy & Clark McAfee
Kathy & Terry Pike
Katie Brunini
Katrina Goldsmith
Kayce Gardner
Kelli Major
Kevin Barry
Kevin Emperger-Landel
Kevin Reedy
Krista Kiessling
Krista Yamada
La Vonn Dennison-Bules
Larry Dalen
Laurie Megery
Lisa Gibson
Lisa Merkle
Lisa Wanzenried
Lisa Warner
Lissa Lazaro
Lita Bookland
Liz Shear
Lovette Hazzard
Marcia Brooks
Marcy Morrison
Maren Phillips
Margeaux Fischer
Marian Hailley-Ross
Marianna Pinto
Marilyn Shepard
Marilyn Spencer
Mark Lucia
Marlene Gotz
Mary Ann Mullen
Mary Lou Oaks
Mary McCoy
Maureen Carasiti
Maxine Blaurock
Maxwell Lee
Megan Yu
Merrill Gill
Michele McDougal
Michelle Cherne
Mojgan Akhavan Amini
Monica Majek
Morland McManigal
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald
Myrick Rozier
Nancy Gengo
Nate Gardner
Nicole Casali Joseph
Nicole Stowell
Paula Fitzgerald
Pearl Wolfe
Peggy Lebo
Phil Turner
Phyllis Cohen
Richard Bird
Richard Wrangham
Robert David Minson
Roberta Humphrey
Robin Gordon-Jackson
Ruth Kaminskas
Sabrina Leitner
Samantha Tooke
San Diego Botanic
Sandoval Kids
Sara Honandale
Sassan Alavi
Scott Hovda
Seaside Center for
Spiritual Living
Shannon McAfee
Shari L. Simon
Shelia Padgett
Sheri & Chriss Wyss
Stephen Cohen
Steve Powell
Susan Donald
Susan Giraud
Suzan Tusson-McNeil
Suzanne Bergstedt
Suzanne J. Hampton
Suzanne Sandoval
Tanja Sutton
Teresa Hanson
The Celebration Center
for Conscious Living
The Oien Family
The Tucker Family
Timothy Gager
Travis Pauck
Verona Endrizzi
Vincenzo Bollettino
Vjolca Bollettino
Wehtahnah Tucker
Will & Loey Giles
William Fox
William Henderson
William J. & Roberta
L. Frank
Our Legacy Society
Peace Ambassador Level
($1200 per year for 3 years)
Janice Walker
Jill McManigal
Katrina Goldsmith
Foundation Level
($500 per year for 3 years)
Carol Kennedy
Donna & Glenn Pinto
John and Dawn Gram
Scott Boras
Shari Simon
Steve Karfaridis
Chapter Leaders
Board of Directors
Shari Simon
Development Director
Donna Pinto
Katrina Goldsmith
Shannon Mcafee
Del Mar Union School District
Board Members
Scott Boras
Boras Urban Consulting
and Development
Janice Walker
Daymon Worldwide
Tanisha Denham
State Compensation
Insurance Fund
Julie Gengo
Gengo Consulting
Jennifer Hardy
Fat Cat Graphix
Kevin Reedy
Wehtahnah Tucker
Co-Founder and Executive Director
Jill McManigal
Director, Great Kindness Challenge
Rick Moore
Alexandra Quigley
Alyssa Schaan
Brent Roach
Christina Sintek
Faris Jalores
Jerry Chen
Karen He
Ken Barker
Mariana Lazarte
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Natalie Ibarra
Rebecca Jacobs
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Stephanie Bai
Tania Lopez
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Alexa McGuire
Allison Rodriguez
Allyson Baehr
Angel Gregory
Angie Brooks
Brandi Burdine
Candy Heitner
Carolyn Myers
Claudia Kennedy
Cyndi Croff
D. Sommer
Danica Edelbrock
Delores Loedell
Dennis U. Akpan
Di Coop
Donna Pinto
Dr. Sahadat Hossain
Eleni Skrekou
Elizabeth Collardey
Emily Russell Sharin
Giji Galang
Jackie Jenkins
Jill Dimaio
Jill McManigal
Karen McKay
Katrina Goldsmith
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Kristen Tellez
Kristin Butterfield
Lisa Grady
Lisa Kaufman
Madeleine St. Jacques
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Shirley Weyker
Solomon Ayamba A
Tim Collardey
Trudi Sandoval
Valentyna Banner
Weta M. Butterfield