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£552 (weekly)
The Second Sunday In Ordinary Time
18th January 2015
1st Reading
Samuel 3.3-10.19
In our first reading we meet a
young boy, Samuel, who has yet
to be introduced to the Word of
God and to the moral demands
of living as a disciple. And we
also meet, alongside him, the
figure of Eli, who teaches him
how first to hear and then live out
God’s word. May Samuel’s
prayer become our own: ‘Speak,
Lord, your servant is listening.’
What does it mean to be a follower of
Jesus? The Gospel sums it up in two
questions: his question to the two
disciples – ‘What do you want?’ –
and their question to him – ‘Where do
you live?’
Holding these two questions together
will guide us all, young and not so
young, on our task of building a world
at peace.
Jn 1.35-42
St Paul’s strong response to the
disordered lives of some of his
disciples in Corinth comes not
only from his Pharisee
upbringing, with its emphasis on
ritual purity, but also from his
Christian understanding of
human beings as ‘temples of the
Holy Spirit’. May we also use
both our bodies and the whole of
our being ‘for the glory of God’.
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2nd Reading
1 Cor 6.13-15,17-20
Permanent Notices
1.The two red sanctuary
lamps in the sanctuary are
permanently lit for the
Holy Souls.
2. The porch of the
Church is open for people
to pray from 8.00am –
5.30pm every day except
Sunday, when the Church
will close after the last
Mass or baptism.
Gloria Page 9 in the Mass Books.
Readings Page 127
The Creed Page 11
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to parishioners who join the
Planned Giving scheme
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in the Parish Office.
Fr Stewart’s Thought Leads To The
Christmas Seems A Long Time Ago?
I’m sure there must be a fair few people
who come into the church and think we’ve
forgotten to take the crib down. We haven’t
of course. Whilst most people think
Christmas ends after Epiphany or even
Boxing Day(!!!) the Season actually ends
on February 2nd, the Feast of the
Presentation. This is the last of “the
epiphanies” when Jesus makes his
presence known to Simeon in the Temple.
For parishioners who come from countries
on the continent it is common to keep the
crib up for the whole season, but why are
we doing it this year?
Christmas is the season that reveals God’s
love to us as “human beings” – he took on
our human nature, when he was born in
Bethlehem. In doing so he sanctified
humanity and Jesus would later say,
“WHATEVER you do for the least of these
brothers and sisters of mine, “YOU DO
We must not just celebrate Christmas, we
must LIVE IT: and live it as Pope Francis
emphasises, especially with the poor.
We must remember though, there is
another poverty, that can effect everyone,
including those in our wealthier developed
world. This too is what Christmas is all
about. I remember Cardinal Hume speaking
of this when he said…
“My first visit to the Third World changed
me. You cannot look into the eyes of a
starving child and remain the same. The
first relief camp I was able to visit, with my
colleagues from CAFOD, was Quiha. The
camp was enormous and hundreds of
women and children were sitting in groups
trying to keep warm with only simple
ragged shawls. Many people were just lying
on the ground and I sought as a simple
priest to give comfort to many who were
obviously close to death. By next morning
in this one camp 300 people had died. I still
have a vision of a small boy in another
centre who took my fingers and rubbed
them against his face, and put his fingers in
his mouth to show he was hungry. He had
only a loincloth around him. He would not
let go of my hand. I thought this child is
craving for food, craving for love.
There, in a very simple uncluttered way I
realised once again the fundamental needs
of human beings. They need food just to
live, and they need love, to be valued.”
For information on Growing in
Faith, contact the Parish Team as
6.00pm Mass - Pauline Cooper
07752 413859
8.00am Mass - Jo Rowthorn 07971
10.00am Mass - Therease Bright
07455 003597 / David Rielly 07938
12.00pm Mass - Christine Cattini
07724 089174
Parish Hall
We now have a new booking
procedure for anyone wishing to
hire the parish hall for a private
function. Enquiries and
confirmation of bookings will be
handled by Mary Bradley. She will
liaise with the Parish Office.
Please contact Mary on 07709
639628 and leave a message if no
reply. The charge is £25 per hour
and a £100 deposit.
Please could all Parish Groups who
use the hall also contact Mary to
advise of changes to regular dates
and holidays.
Foundation Governors
Needed for St Mary’s Catholic
Primary School, Isleworth
The Archbishop of Westminster
Cardinal Vincent Nichols invites
you to consider serving the
Church in this special ministry.
Foundation governors are
appointed by the Archbishop to
serve as his representatives on
the governing bodies of all
Catholic schools to ensure the
Church’s mission and practice
are upheld.
For more information please visit
St Mary’s Isleworth’s website or
Foundation Governor Coordinator
Vaughan House
46, Francis Street
London SW1P 1QN
Telephone 020 7798 9005
Email: [email protected]
Cardinal’s Mass of Thanksgiving for the Sacrament of Matrimony,
Westminster Cathedral, Saturday 23rd May 2015 at 3pm.
The Archbishop will be inviting to this Mass all couples in the Diocese who
are celebrating their 10th, 25th, 30th, 40th, 50th and 60th (and every year
over 60) wedding anniversary of Catholic marriage in 2015. If you are
celebrating an anniversary, please give your parish clergy the following
details: husband and wife’s names, wedding date, full postal address and
email (or telephone number, if no email).
For those parishioners who are expected to be admitted into
This leaflet which is in the porch explains the importance of asking ward
staff to contact the Catholic chaplain, introduces the Sacrament of the Sick
and provides an “identity card” in the event of being admitted unconscious
First Holy Communion 2015
There is a meeting for parents and catechists on Wednesday 21st January
at 6.30pm in the hall.
If your child was not baptised in this church, we will need a copy of their
baptism certificate. Please return the form to the presbytery once
2015 Commemoration Calendar - 600th Anniversary of the Foundation of
Syon Abbey in Isleworth
We are pleased to advise that copies are now available from the Repository
Gift Shop. Price £7.00. Orders can also be placed by email to
[email protected]
Regular Groups & Events
In the Parish Hall unless
otherwise stated
Feast Day
Saturday 17th January
Vigil Mass
The People Of The Parish
Sunday 18th January
Second Sunday In
Ordinary Time
Peace Sunday
Brigid Mc Shane R.I.P & Ann Keating R.D
Margaret Oliver R.D, Maurice Oliver
(Intentions) & Tina Lenahan
Friendship Club for Older
Next meeting is the 19th Jan
Legion of Mary
Every Monday at 7.30pm
Tuesday Club for Youth/
Adults with Special Needs
Resumes Tuesday 20th January
7.00 – 9.00pm (Term time)
Monday 19th January
The Rielly Family (Intentions) &
All Parishioners
Tuesday 20th January
The Rielly Family (Intentions) &
All Parishioners
Wednesday 21st January
St Agnes
The Rielly Family (Intentions) &
All Parishioners
Thursday 22nd January
The Rielly Family (Intentions) &
All Parishioners
Friday 23rd January
The Rielly Family (Intentions) &
All Parishioners
Saturday 24th January
St Francis de Sales
Vigil Mass
The Rielly Family (Intentions) &
All Parishioners
Little Angels Toddler Group
(closed until further notice)
Church Cleaning after 9.00am
Gentle Seated Exercises for
Older People
physiotherapist. Every Thursday
from 2.00 – 3.00pm
Molly Sullivan R.D & Dino De Maria R.D
Little Angels Toddler Group
Due to other increased commitments, the Wednesday Little Angels
Toddlers Group is closed until further notice, but may re-open if a new
volunteer leader and helpers can be recruited.
Should anyone be interested in reforming the group, please advise Marie
in the Parish Office and someone will contact you to discuss the situation.
There are many toys available in safe storage.
St Richard Reynolds Catholic College
Will shortly begin recruiting staff for September 2015.
We are looking for teachers of RE, Art, Technology, Geography/History,
Languages, English, Mathematics and Science together with teachers of
EYFS/Key Stage 1 pupils and Assistant Principal roles.
Further information and application forms are available on our
Mental Health Drop-In
Has now resumed.
Parish Hall, Fridays 12 noon – 4.00pm Mini Mary's Music Mayhem
£1.50 child, £2.50 max
9.15-10.15 am
Mental Health Drop-In
12noon to 4.00pm
Refreshments after 10.00am
Mass this week.
Sunday Breakfast
Next Sunday after 8.00am Mass
Sick Eileen Benton, Howard May, Stella Eusubio, Eloise Poiret, Eileen O’Connor, Edna Garrod, Gerald Kauser, Arthur Stratton,
Michael Chapman, Kath Bolton, Wladzia Siedlecka, Helen Fernandes, Alison Rebello, Sian Hughes, Ellen Bradley,Gary Hales, Georgia
Clark, David Fairweather, Christine Barker-Malcolm, John Mc Grae, Emma Hennessey, Odette Barnes, Ellen Bradley, Christopher
O’Regan, Ted Reilly, P J Mc Mahon, Lesley Martin, Michele Lees, Dickie Bell, Shirley Jackson, Gloria Ihme, Bradán Peacock, Theresa
Breen, Ann Cronin, Eric Tuckwell, Heather MacMillan, Alison Grant, Hugh Breach, Soirse and Maj Cunningham, May Kissane, Jack
Brady, Pat & Roy Edwards, Maureen Pierce, Elizabeth Russell, Martin Russell, Mary Nathan, Anthony Casey, Richard Atterwill, John
Dennison, Christine Steele, Maria Zehetner, Sr Anne Marie, Marie Donnelly, Philip Casey, Sue & Bob Young, Cathie Budge, Miriam
Gutteridge, Pawla Dennison, Pauline Williams, Sophie Bordi, Joyce Ennis, John Okonjo, Onyeka Okonjo, Kiana Gooding, Sheila Dodd,
Marie Seymour, Terry Sharpe, Tony Richardson, Loretta De’Silva, Pamela Fernando, Clarina Dias, Peggy Convery, Angela Convery,
Bob Stainton, Margaret Mullin, Simon Allad, Marie Aiyadoria, Mabel D’Cruz, Florence Harwood, Christiana Ziregbe, Reg Legro, Jackie
McGuinness, Marie Whitehead, Bernadette McCullagh, Flora Ziregbe, Tony Treacy, Anthony Casey, Catherine Hynes
Recently Deceased: Dino De-Maria, Maria McKenna, Bridget Mc Shane, Margaret Courtney, George Thomas, Mrs Marr, Josephine
Dunne, Dilys Vaughan, Eugeni Broi, Margaret O’Reilly, Norman Harris, Daphne Richards, Victims in France
Those whose anniversaries occur about this time: Susan Maloney, Joseph Chong Chee Ming,Thomas Moore, James Bracken,
Vi Hurst, Shirley Bosi, Barbara Williams
May their souls and the souls of the faithful departed rest in peace
Open after all weekend Masses
(t) 020 8560 1431
(e) [email protected]