teacher registration - Humboldt County History Day

Online Registration for California County Competitions
Teacher Guide
Please use this guide to assist you in the registration process for your National History Day county competition.
Teacher Registration Process:
Each contest year you will be required to enter some basic
information including:
School Name
Each participating student’s name
Use 1234 for the last four digits of the student’s phone
The Category and Division in which the entry will compete
A basic title for the entry (which can be changed later)
7. Enter your username and password to continue
You are now on Teacher Registration Status Page. Read the
instructions on the page, and fill in the requested information.
At the top of this screen you’ll see the NHD Contest Event for
which you are currently registered. If this is not the contest you
expected to see, please contact your NHD coordinator.
Students can begin registering once you have completed these steps
1. Go to: http://ca.nhd.org/ud/templates/register.php
2. Select NHD-Humboldt County 2015 from the list of available
3. If you don’t see your contest listed, registration for your event
may not have begun. If you feel this is an error, contact your local
NHD contest coordinator.
4. Choose “Educator with competing students" from the
Registrant Type drop down menu, click the Go button.
5. Log into the system.
 If you are registering for a contest for the first time in this
school year, select “Don’t have a username and password?
Click here to begin . . .” and then proceed to Step 4.
You will see a summary of your current registration status
Required fields for registration have a red X next to it. As you
complete each step of the registration, a green  will appear
to the left of each item.
Remember some of the items require student(s) or their
parents/guardians to contribute additional information
before you will see a green completion .
To change your personal information, (preferred email
address, username, or password) click on the “Who Are You:
NAME” link.
If another teacher is working with you and your students,
click on the “Add A Teacher . . . “ link.
6. You will be transferred to your Personal
Information form; red items are required.
Next, you will be directed to a log-in page
8. Next, select your school by clicking on the “Add a School . . .
“You can assign your self to as many schools as needed. If you do
not see your school in the dropdown menu, you may add it by
selecting the “Don’t see your school listed? Click here to add it
to the database…” option.
9. You can add your student(s) by clicking the “Add a Student…”
link. You will be asked to select the name of the school he
student goes to, enter your student’s first and last name, and the
last four digits of the student’s home phone number. (It is
recommended that you input 1234 as the last digits of the student’s
phone number for ease of username and password recovery.)
13. Once your students are added, you may now select the “Add a
New Entry…” link to set up your students’ entry information. You
will be taken to the entry form, which will ask you to provide the
following information.
 Name of School
 Division
 Category (paper, individual exhibit,
group exhibit, etc.)
 Project Title
 Student(s) associated with the entry
Once complete, click “Save…” to return to your status page or
“Save and Add Another…” if you have more entries to add.
Any time you add a school, student, and/or entry to your record,
the person’s name or title will appear as a link on your Teacher
Registration Status Page. Click on the link anytime during the
registration period to edit or add to that person’s information.
14. If your contest requires Permission to Participate, click on the
supplemental links, which will take you to the relevant forms in
order to provide the required information.
15. Once you have completed all of the registration items, please
click the “email me a confirmation of my registration…” button
at the bottom of the status page. A summary of your current
registration, as well as the information you entered for each
student will be sent to your PREFERRED EMAIL ADDRESS. If you
do not receive an email, be sure to check the Registration
Profile, and verify that you correctly entered your preferred
email address.
16. Let your student(s) know that they can now access the
registration system and complete their portion of the NHD
Online Registration process.
It is also a good idea, from time to time, to log into your
Teacher Registration Status Page to see whether or not your
students have completed their portion of the registration
Once a student has completed all of his/her registration
requirements via their Student Registration Page, a green
check mark should appear by his/her name on your Teacher
Registration Status Page, letting you know their registration
is now complete.
You can log back into your Educator Registration Status Page at any
time to check the status of payments submitted or to retrieve a copy
of your receipt.
Questions? Please
contact your county
coordinator for
NHD-CA County
Coordinator List