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Sunday, January 18, 2015
MP calls for
round the
clock health
chief of
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Saudi third moSt expenSive in GCC
Crude FaCtS
DT News Network
t sounds rude, but the falling
prices of crude oil have sent
shockwaves across the Gulf
Adding to the ‘Great fall’ of oil,
many conspiracy theories have
propped up in the recent past,
but they have, unfortunately,
failed to make any sense.
Whether the fall in oil price
will lead the world to a recession
as many pundits claim or it will
help in the global growth as IMF
predicts, could be answered only
in the days to come.
Price Change Event
First Oil Shock
Second Oil Shock
Oil Counter Shock (A)
First Gulf War (1)
It’s time for Bahrain to take a
hard look at our economy and
understand the impact this
sudden development will have
on our everyday lives.
diversified, and is not solely
dependent on oil revenue for
its sustenance. The latest GDP
figures stand testimony to this.
The economy of the
Kingdom is spread across
several sectors including
financial services, hospitality
and manufacturing that
contribute richly to the overall
Compared to the starting
year of the new millennium,
the Kingdom has managed
Price change Time
October 1973 to
Yom Kippur War/ OPEC oil embargo
March 1974
April 1979 to July 1980 Iranian revolution 1978)/ Iran-Iraq war 1980)
November 1985 to July OPEC oversupply/ Lower demand
July 1990 to November
Iraqi invasion of Kuwait
Asian Financial Crisis
January 1997 to
Asian Demand
January 1999 to
September 11 Effect
August 2001 to
Oversupply/ American recession
December 2003 to
Rising demand/ Monetary debasement
July 2008 to February
Collapse of asset bubbles/ Demand
December 1998
Contagion (2)
September 2000
Third Oil Shock
Financial Crisis of
2008-2009 (D)
December 2001
June 2008
Debt defaults/ Non-USD currency
devaluations/ Reduced demand
Rising demand/ OPEC output cutbacks
/ Speculation
destruction /Global recession
to diversify the economy
demonstrated by the fall in the
share of mining and quarrying
Nominal Price Change
From $4.31 to $10.11
From $15.85 to $39.50
From $30.1 to $11.57
From $25.17 to $11.28
From $25.17 to $11.28
From $11.28 to $33.88
From $27.47 to $19.33
From $32.15 to $133.95
From $133.95 to $39.16
to 20 per cent from 44 per cent.
The economy of Bahrain
stands at US$32 billion plus,
and for a nation of around one
million people these are good
The only worry is whether
the fall in oil prices can have a
cascading effect on the other
sectors and whether it will
bring an end to the good times.
Oil, of course, provides
big revenue stream for the
Kingdom and it contributes
a heavy chunk of the
Government revenue. In this
regard the overall strength of
GCC economies should give
Bahrain confidence to meet the
future with optimism.
As the manufacturing and
tourism sectors in the Kingdom
are heavily dependent on the
neighbours, economic bad
weather in those regions will
have its impact on us as well.
But, the reserves build-up
by GCC nations could help
them withstand any downside
from oil price fall.
Another indicator that
could be used to gauge the
potential effects of oil-price
fall is the business confidence
Read the full coverage inside
l Page 2-3: Antidote lies
in hospitality
l Page 4: Economy to
Politics, theories are many
8P 11
to Bahrain:
minister to
his nation
DT New Network
ebanese Interior Minister
Nuhad Al Machnouq has
urged his nation to apologise to
Bahrain following the offensive
statements made by Hezbollah
General Secretary Hassan
Nasrallah against the Kingdom.
Speaking to Lebanese daily, Al
Nahar, Mr. Al Machnouq said he
wanted to clarify three points.
“First, the secretary general of
Hezbollah doesn’t speak on behalf
of the state or the government.
Second, Bahrain has been an
Arab country for centuries and
third, I consider an apology to
Bahrainis as a duty, based on the
deep-rooted relations between our
two countries,” the minister said.
Meanwhile, several Lebanese
officials distanced themselves
from the statements made by
Taking a dig at Nasrallah’s
“hostile” statements against
Bahrain, Lebanese Prime Minister
Tammam Salam yesterday stressed
that the remarks didn’t represent
the position of Lebanon.
“Any remarks made by a
Lebanese political faction against
Bahrain don’t represent the
official position of the Lebanese
government,” Salam said in a
statement released by his media
Full report on Page 7
Churches torched in Niger
Rioters torched at least
eight churches in Niamey
yesterday in a second day of
violent protests in Niger over
the depiction of the Prophet
Mohammed on the cover
of France’s Charlie Hebdo
Bars, hotels and various
businesses under non-Muslim ownership or bearing
signs of French companies
in Niger’s capital were also
targeted, an AFP correspondent reported.
“Some of us stayed barricaded in our homes. I have
never been so scared in my
life,” a Christian mechanic
told AFP.
“The government must
put a stop to this,” he added.
“It doesn’t look good for us.”
By yesterday evening calm
returned to Niamey, the AFP
correspondent said.
Sunday, January 18, 2015
Antidote lies
The Great Fall
Mohammed Zafran/ DTNN
[email protected]
rude oil prices are going south each
day, and developing the lucrative
tourism and hospitality sectors could
lessen the impact, analysts say.
Talking to DT News, Four Star
Hotels Committee Chairman and Al
Safir Hotel Board Member and CEO
Hameed Halwachi said, the revenue
lost owing to the oil plunge could be
retrieved via these sectors.
Prime Minister HRH
Prince Khalifa bin
Salman Al Khalifa had
directed to focus on
increasing the non-oil
revenues and diversify
Bahrain’s economic
Recently, Prime Minister HRH
Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa
had directed to focus on increasing
the non-oil revenues and diversify
Bahrain’s economic base.
HRH the Premier had said, the oil
price fluctuations in global markets
had created a “state of confusion”
in economies, especially in the oilexporting countries.
“The Bahraini economy is capable
of withstanding potential challenges,
thanks to its solid base and the sound
economic policies adopted by the
Government,” the Premier had said.
Prince Khalifa had also affirmed
Bahrain’s resolve to go ahead with
its development plans in order to
achieve its strategic goals, particularly
concerning citizen-oriented services.
United move needed
According to Mr. Halwachi, Bahrain
could attain success in tourism and
hospitality sectors.
“I firmly believe that these sectors
could help deal with the issue of
Mr. Halwachi
dropping oil prices. But it needs
more development. Bahrain needs to
be marketed in GCC and the world,”
he said adding the Government and
private sectors need to be united for
the cause.
According to the latest Bahrain
Economic Quarterly (BEQ) report, the
hotels and restaurants sector posted
strong Year Over Year (YOY) growth
of 7.4pc last year.
“In spite of increased volatility in the
global oil markets, economic growth
in Bahrain has remained robust with
clear indications that infrastructure
spending is significantly boosting
the momentum in the non-oil sector
and serving as an important platform
for continued resilience,” Economic
Development Board(EDB) Chief
Economist Dr Jarmo Kotilaine said.
Labour market stable: Minister
DT News Network
[email protected]
One of these could have
your name on it.
The eGovernment Excellence Award 2015
Open to everyone.
Labour and productivity
processes in Bahrain are going
smoothly and the numbers
proved a steady progress of
- Mr. Humaidan
Under the patronage of
H. H. Shaikh Mohammed Bin Mubarak Al Khalifa
Deputy Prime Minister and Chairman of the Supreme Committee for Information and Communication Technology
The eGovernment Excellence Award 2015 acknowledges outstanding accomplishment and modernization
with the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector. The award is open to all citizens, private
organizations, government entities and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). It recognizes projects,
initiatives and concepts that assist and develop the achievement of Bahrain’s technological advancement
readiness and effectiveness.
Award Categories
Multi Sector
• Best eConcept
• eCitizen
Best eContent
Best eService
Best eProject
Best App for Smart Devices
s of now, the oil price
fall has not started
affecting the labour
market in Bahrain, and
Minister of Labour
Jameel Humaidan said,
there was no need to
Speaking to DT News, Mr. Humaidan
Mr. Humaidan said,
labour and productivity
going smoothly and the
processes in Bahrain are numbers proved a steady
Participate today! Submit entries at or call 8000 8001 for more information.
progress of projects.
Commenting on the
regional reports, which
predicted the decrease of
labour force exporting
to the region, in case the
price drop continues,
Mr. Humaidan said,
pessimistic and negative
atmosphere shouldn’t
be promoted, as it
might have unjustified
effects on the progress of
“Some may have an
optimistic view that the
world will overcome
the current situations
while others could sound
pessimistic,” he said.
The minister has also
affirmed the ministry was
situations in the country,
adding, “Results indicate
that everything is stable.”
Sunday, January 18, 2015
in hospitAlity
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According to the latest Bahrain Economic
Quarterly (BEQ) report, the hotels and
restaurants sector posted strong Year Over
Year (YOY) growth of 7.4pc last year.
some make merry, others in despair
[email protected]
ince last June, the price
of the crude oil has
been falling drastically,
and it has evoked a mixed
reaction among the smaillscale businessmen in the
The price per barrel of
crude oil which stood at
USD115 has now dropped
to less than USD50.
Speaking to DT News,
Vice Treasurer Chairman
of Bahrain Asian Traders
Sajid said, Bahrain was the
least affected country in the
GCC with regard to oil.
production of crude oil is
very less compared to other
GCC nations. Bahrain need
to focus on diversifying
its business options and
provide a stable ground
for existing businesses,” he
said, adding the low prices
of crude oil have not started
affecting the small-scale
businesses yet.
Meanwhile, the retail
business owners across
various sectors also echoed
the same view.
“The fall in the crude oil
prices will have an immediate
impact on the government
earnings and the government
will try to neutralise the
deficits by taxing the
business community,” said Mr. Sajid
owner of King Electronics
Reyadh Yousef.
“That’s true,” said the a typical example for this.”
owner of Rasha Flowers Johny
Some retail businessmen
K Joseph adding, “The recent feel it is the ripe time to
hike in medical insurance is enhance their business.
“The fall in the crude oil
price world over will surely
reduce the production and
operational costs, which
will reduce the prices of
the finished goods. If the
and if the public servants
are not affected, then our
business will grow,” CEO
of Al Wasmiya Group
Mohammed told DT News.
But for those who deal
with gold, the days ahead
are looking gloomy. “The
price of gold is immediately
affected by the price of crude
oil. Two days back value of
gold stood at USD1196 and
today it stands at USD1297.
The price has gone up and
our business is dropping,”
said owner of FM Jewellers,
Fakher Malik.
In Bahrain, the production of crude
oil is very less compared to other
GCC nations. Bahrain need to focus
on diversifying its business options
and provide a stable ground for
existing businesses.
- Mohammad Sajid
The fall in the crude oil prices will
have an immediate impact on the
government earnings and the
government will try to neutralise
the deficits by taxing the business
- Reyadh Yousef
Sunday, January 18, 2015
Russia and Iran are blaming Saudi Arabia and the US for the oil
price fall, while Saudi is blaming main oil producing countries
outside OPEC for the turmoil in the oil sector.
Oil price slumps to new low
DT News Network
Brent crude closing prices in London
In dollars per barrel
[email protected]
*Jan 12, 2015
Source: FED St. Louis
here are many conspiracy
theories doing the rounds
behind the global oil price
Russia and Iran are blaming
Saudi Arabia and the US for
the price fall, while Saudi is
blaming main oil producing
countries outside OPEC for
the turmoil in the oil sector.
Russian President Vladimir
Putin does not rule out
the possibility of a price
conspiracy between Saudi
Arabia and the US on the
market of energy resources
but says it is not possible to
confirm the data. “There’s
a lot of talk around what
concerns the causes for the
slide of oil prices,” he said.
“Some people say there is
conspiracy between Saudi
Arabia and the US in order
to punish Iran or to depress
the Russian economy or to
exert impact on Venezuela,”
Mr. Putin added.
In the meantime, the New
York Times columnist Thomas
L Friedman said that Russia
and Iran were at the receiving
end due to downfall in oil
industry. “The US and Saudi
Arabia, whether by accident
or design, could be pumping
Russia and Iran to brink of
economic collapse,” he said.
Political conspiracy
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HIDD, Kingdom of Bahrain
For Iranian President
Hassan Rowhani, it is the
political conspiracy that
triggered the global oil price
“The fall of the oil price is
not just something ordinary
and economical, this is not
only due to global recession.
The main reason for it is
(a) political conspiracy by
certain countries against the
interest of the region and
the Islamic world and it is
only in the interest of some
other countries,” the Iranian
President said.
But the Saudi oil chief
is not ready to accept the
allegations levelled against his
country. Saudi’s Oil Minister
Ali Al Naimi attributed the
global price fall to “a lack
of cooperation by main
oil producing countries
outside OPEC, misleading
information and speculators’
Dismissing the claims of a
Saudi “plot” to push prices
down for political goals, he
affirmed that the kingdom’s
policy was “based on pure
economic principles.”
“The talk about a Saudi
conspiracy has no basis of
accuracy at all and points to
a misunderstanding,” Mr.
Al-Naimi stated.
“Some people say there
is conspiracy between
Saudi Arabia and the
US in order to punish Iran
or to depress the Russian economy
or to exert impact on Venezuela”
-Mr. Putin
“The talk about a
Saudi conspiracy has
no basis of accuracy
at all and points to a
Mr. Al-Naimi
The fall of the oil
price is not just
something ordinary
and economical, this is
not only due to global recession.
Mr. Rowhani
The New York
Times columnist Thomas L
Friedman said
that Russia
and Iran were
at the receiving end due
to downfall in
oil industry.
Sunday, January 18, 2015
DT News Network
[email protected]
l Wefaq Islamic Society
activist Sayyed Jameel
Kazem’s appeal against his
6 months jail sentence for
spreading false comments
online will be heard
on February 1, the High
Criminal Appeals Court has
Mr. Kazem was found
guilty of promoting false
claims about the integrity of
the last parliamentary and
municipal elections.
He had accused the
government of offering
money to individuals in a
Mr. Kazem was jailed for 6 months for promoting
false allegations about the integrity of last parliamentary and municipal elections. He accused the government of offering money to individuals in a bid to
tempt them to contest the elections.
bid to tempt them to run
in the elections. Such
allegations, however, he had
failed to prove before the
Public Prosecution who, in
turn, decided to refer him
to trial. Court files indicated
that Mr. Kazem had
claimed that he was in
possession of documents
that highlight in detail
what he called the “political
financing”, announcing that
he will disclose them at the
right time.
Prosecutors found his
comments affecting the
integrity of the election that
was boycotted by Al Wefaq.
In the same context,
issued a statement about the
sentence, explaining that the
Unionist acquitted of fraud
DT News Network
[email protected]
he High Criminal Court
has acquitted a prominent
unionist of any wrongdoing in
a fraud case due to lack of
evidence. Ali Albinali, the former
Bahrain Free Labour Union
Federation (BFLUF)
relations head was previously
sentenced to 12 months
imprisonment by the High
Criminal Court.
Two more defendants also
standing trial, in connection
with the same case were also
found not guilty due to lack
of proof. The High Criminal
Court also gave them one year
behind bars. Mr Albinali, who is also the
Alba Labour Union chairman
and his co-defendants were
earlier found guilty of conning
a woman out of thousands of
dinars. They were reported to
police for selling a laptop and a
mobile phone, worth BD800 to
their victim for BD4,000. It was said that they tricked
the victim into signing a
blank piece of paper, on
which they later manipulated
the price. Mr. Al Binali was
earlier released from custody
on guarantee of his place of
residence after allegedly
receiving “death threats” at Jaw
Prison following his arrest.
He claimed six men had
assaulted him in his cell before
another group of inmates
entered and started attacking
him. Negligent school bus
driver loses appeal
DT News Network
[email protected]
n Asian driver who
mistakenly locked a
5-year-old child inside his
bus has lost appeal against
his three months prison
The defendant almost
caused the death of the child
after he left him inside the
bus midday for two hours
when he was supposed to
transport him to his home
from school.
Rescuing the child was
made possible after two
pedestrians noticed him
waving his hands inside the
bus for help after waking up
from his sleep.
According to court files, the
two good Samaritans alerted
the bus driver who was sleeping
in his accommodation that
there was a child crying inside
the bus. The case was reported to
police by the victim’s father
who stated that his son arrived
home late out of shape and
seedy due to excessive crying. “Fears began to grow
inside me when my child
didn’t arrive at his usual time
from school, prompting me
to make frantic calls to his
school’s principal and the bus
driver,” the father of the child,
aged 41, said in his statement.
“When I questioned the
driver about my son he said only
OK and hung up the line, while
the principal didn’t respond to
my calls,” he continued.
“He returned after two hours
and from his facial expression I
could make out that he was left
all alone on the bus and he shed
gallons of tears,” he said.
On the other hand, the driver
explained that he thought the
child had not gone to school. HEC no. 0864-14
defendant’s false comments
had coincided with attacks
against parliamentary and
municipal elections candidates.
After announcing the
verdict, the defendant had
reiterated that his comments
fall in the scope of freedom
Mr. Kazem
of speech, according to
online websites. Judges also
fined Mr. Kazem BD500 for
his offence.
Sunday, January 18, 2015
Chairman of Isa bin Salman Educational Fund (Endowment), Shaikh Isa bin Salman Al Khalifa has hailed the standard of Bahrain public and private school students. Attending the
final ceremony of the 7th Model United Nations (MUN), he lauded students for their active participation and deep understanding of key international issues. Shaikh Isa was received
by Bahrain Bayan School (BBS) Chairperson, Dr. Shaikha May Al-Otaibi. The event was held under the patronage of Minister of Foreign Affairs, Shaikh Khalid bin Ahmed Al Khalifa.
Minister of Information Affairs, Isa bin Abdulrahman Al Hammadi, Minister of Health, Sadiq Al Shehabi and His Majesty’s Adviser for Media Affairs, Nabeel Alhamer were present on
the occasion.
Hamad Town
MP calls for round the
clock health centres
Muhannad Mansour
[email protected]
Mr. Al Ammadi
Operating both
health centres
on 24-hour basis
will reduce the
existing pressure
on the Kingdom’s
main hospitals
like BDF Hospital
in Riffa and
Complex. – Mr. Al
onsidering the growing
Hamad Town, parliamentary
representative of the area has
called for running both the
health centres of the region
around the clock.
to DT
News yesterday,
Mohammed Al Ammadi
said that his proposal to the
government comes as a result
of the repeated demands of
Hamad Town residents to
establish a public hospital in
the area.
“Both health centres
in Hamad Town and
Mohammed Jassim Kanoo are
open maximum till midnight,
while the area’s population
has grown to 90, 000 during
the past few years,” Mr. Al
Ammadi clarified.
Shedding more light on the
issue, Mr. Al Ammadi said,
“World Health Organisation’s
latest instructions for the
adequate number of patients,
one health centre should
serve is 20, 000. Allocating
a 24-hour operating health
Both the health centres cannot meet the demands of 90 thousand people in routine hours.
establishment and a maternity
hospital in the area is now
a necessity to Hamad Town
The MP also explained
“operating both health
centres on a 24-hour
basis will sure reduce the
existing pressure on the
Kingdom’s main hospitals
like Bahrain Defence Force
(BDF) Hospital in Riffa and
Salmaniya Medical Complex
“In my proposal to
the government, I have
mentioned that the number
of the existing medical and
administrative cadres at both
health centres should be
increased,” Mr. Al Ammadi
He also said that due to lack
of land and not knowing about
the government’s new budget, it’s
now difficult to establish a new
healthcare institution in the area.
According to the lawmaker,
a specialised parliamentary
discussing the proposal, before
it would be referred to the
Shura Council
Charlie Hebdo
he Shura Council has
strongly condemned the
French magazine Charlie
offensive cartoons of Prophet
Mohammed (PBUH).
It also denounced the
of the cartoons, stressing
that the act reflected its
insistence on provoking the
feelings of Muslims in a way
that contravened the ethics
of journalism whose duty is
to build societies and spread
the values of tolerance and
friendship among peoples,
regardless of their religions
and beliefs.
In a statement issued
yesterday, the Shura Council
expressed its categorical
rejection of any attempt by
any media outlet to abuse or
distort any divine religion or
its symbols.
It called upon the French
authorities to put an end to such
an abuse of the Islamic religion,
noting that such a conduct is an
explicit incitement to violence
and persistence in spreading
the culture of hatred among
The Council emphasised
that the essence of freedom
of expression is based on
respect for others’ freedoms
and rights. T
Jordan fire victim laid to rest in Sanabis
DT News Network
[email protected]
he Bahraini student, who died
in a fire accident in Jordan
on Thursday, was buried in her
hometown in Sanabis yesterday.
Hundreds of family members
and friends attended the funeral,
where Zainab Mahdi, 22, was
taken to her last resting place.
The deceased, who studied
Interior Design at Philadelphia
University Amman, died of
suffocation on Thursday, in a
blaze that had erupted in her
dormitory at the university
Jordanian authorities have
attributed the cause of the
mishap to the unattended
heater, which also resulted in the
injury of three other students.
Following the directives of
Prime Minister HRH Prince
Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa,
Foreign Affairs Minister Shaikh
Khalid bin Ahmed Al Khalifa
had ordered the Bahrain
Embassy in Amman to ensure
the body of the deceased is
flown to Bahrain at the earliest.
Hundreds attended the funeral prayer of late Zainab.
Sunday, January 18, 2015
DT News Network
[email protected]
everal Lebanese officials
from the offensive statements
issued by Hezbollah General
Secretary, Hassan Nasrallah
against Bahrain last week,
Lebanese media reported
Taking a dig at Nasrallah’s
“hostile” statements against
Bahrain, Lebanese Prime
Minister, Tammam Salam
yesterday stressed that the
remarks didn’t represent
the position of Lebanon.
“Any remarks made by a
Lebanese political faction
against Bahrain don’t represent
the official position of the
Lebanese government,” Salam
said in a statement released by
his Media office.
“Lebanon’s official position
on regional and international
issues can only be voiced by
the Lebanese government,” he
Speaking to Lebanese daily,
Al Nahar, Lebanese Interior
Minister Nuhad Al Machnouq
insisted on the need to
CSB issues instructions
on secondment system
ivil Service Bureau (CSB)
President, Ahmed bin
Zayed Al Zayed has issued CSB
Instructions 1 for 2015 on the
secondment system.
The instructions regulate
the rules and procedures
of secondment of staff to
government bodies that are
not subject to CSB provisions,
state-owned institutions and
companies in which the state’s
share is not less than 50 per
cent, and to Arab, regional,
foreign and international
governments or bodies.
Salahuddin Abdulrahman Al
Ajlan said that the instructions
are based on Article 17 of the
Civil Service Law number 48
for 2010, and Article 19 of CSB
statute promulgated by HRH
Premier’s Edict 51/2012.
He said the instructions
aim at facilitating legal
means to attract and benefit
from employees with high
qualification and expertise
in developing the work of
nongovernmental bodies.
secondment is based on a
decision by the side concerned
after the approval of the CSB.
Salaries and benefits of the
employees on secondment
are provided by the receiving
side, or based on an agreement
between the two sides, he also
Government of Bahrain may,
“apologise to Bahrain by
Lebanon over the remarks and
to avoid any form of tension
with the GCC states.”
“There are three things that
I would like to clarify. First, the
secretary general of Hezbollah
doesn’t speak on behalf of
the state or the government.
Second, Bahrain has been an
Arab country for centuries and
third, I consider an apology
to Bahrainis as a duty, based
on the deep-rooted relations
between our two countries,”
the minister said.
Quoting Lebanese Labour
[email protected]
Salaries and
benefits of the
employees on
secondment are
provided by the
receiving side,
or based on
an agreement
the two sides.
upon Edict by the Prime
Minister, pay some or all the
benefits prescribed by the
job in case the employees
are on secondment to an
Arab, regional, foreign and
international governments or
He explained that the
secondment is for a period of
one year, that can be renewed
for no more than four times,
except in cases required by
public interests and after CSB
be tolerated regardless of how
deep political differences are.”
“We have to take into
consideration the hundreds
of thousands of Lebanese
who live in the Gulf and who
contribute effectively to its
societies and at the same time
benefit from them. Even the
large remittances from the
Lebanese expatriates have a
significant role in sustaining
the Lebanese economy.
Making political statements
that don’t take such facts in
consideration is not helpful
at all,” said Mr. Jumblatt in a
Mr. Salam
Press statement.
bin Ahmed Al Khalifa has
asked Beirut to respect an
Arab League communiqué
that condemned Nasrallah’s
Award for entrepreneurship
receives a huge response
DT News Network
Mr. Al Ajlan
Minister Sajaan Qazia the
report also said, “Lebanon
can distance itself from the
problems in the region, but
it cannot remain passive and
not take a position towards a
Lebanese group that interferes
in the affairs of the region.”
Progressive Socialist Party
leader, MP Walid Jumblatt
also criticised Nasrallah’s
remarks saying, “We must
object to these remarks
because they are not acceptable
and comparing Bahrain to
Israel, the historic enemy of
the Arabs for decades, cannot
Mr. Al Machnouq
he Bahrain Award for
received a good response in the
Kingdom as enterprises and
entrepreneurs in various fields
have been rushing to submit
their applications.
The deadline to submit
nominations for the five award
categories is January 25.
The five categories include,
Micro-Enterprise of the Year,
Startup of the Year, Enterprise
of the Year (SMEs), Enterprise
of the Year (large scale
ompanies) and Sustainable
Business Award (SME & large
enterprise categories).
All applicants will be
evaluated in accordance with
six preliminary criteria. Their
enterprise should demonstrate
entrepreneurial spirit, by
showing vision, ambition and
With the exception of MicroEnterprises and Startups,
enterprises should showcase
diversity in employment and
maintain healthy and happy
work environments while
also showing a strong sense of
business responsibility.
Applicants will be assessed
on the corporate culture shown
in their enterprises via product,
social and environmental
responsibility as well as fair
treatment of employees,
additional certification and
community contributions.
All enterprises should be
underscored by a sense of
thought leadership with a
research and development
innovation is key, whereby the
venture should demonstrate
imaginative thought leading
to new industry paths
differentiating them from
competitors in their field.
The award has been
launched with the partnership
of Tamkeen, EDB, BDB, and
Knowledge advisors BCCI,
UNIDO, EY Bahrain and
the Ministry of Industry and
New buses arrive in Kingdom
DT News Network
[email protected]
The new buses intended for public
transportation have arrived in Bahrain
ahead of their launch next month.
The 127 buses, manufactured by
leading German bus manufacturer,
MAN Truck and Bus, were shipped to
the Kingdom. The new buses arrived
in Bahrain through Khalifa bin Salman
port. A total of 88 Mini buses and 39 city
buses have been produced with MAN
Lion’s City design. The bus fleet is
expected to serve 40,500 passengers on
a daily basis. The buses will be owned by
Ministry of Transportation (MoT) and
The new buses
arrived in Bahrain
through Khalifa bin
Salman port.
operated by National Express of the UK
and Ahmed Mansour Al Aali (AMA). The buses will include facilities
for passengers with special needs,
surveillance cameras and technology
services. The buses have been
manufactured by using lightweight
materials and innovative body New buses being parked at Khalifa bin Salman
construction to ensure high quality.
Sunday, January 18, 2015
delegation promotes Bahrain
in India
Obama and
I believe more
sanctions now
on Iran would
be counter-productive and
would undermine valu-
able international unity.
”I apologize
to all of you.”
_ Pope Francis,
whose visit to
typhoon-hit part
of Philippines was cut short
2014 breaks
record for
warmest year,
experts say
All #Eurostar
train services suspended
after smoke
Channel Tunnel
has been
across Europe
in wake of last
week’s Paris shootings
& Belgian counterterror
Sachs CFO
said strengthening of Swiss
franc will have
an “immaterial” impact on
the bank’s financial results
Yemeni president’s chief
of staff seized by
Sniper: Bradley
Cooper movie
raises awareness
of veterans’ struggles
years, NASA’s
New Horizons
mission to Pluto
is getting busy
Readers’ VIEW
PatIEnt safEty crucIal
Dear Sir,
Patient safety is a fundamental
principle of health care. Every
point in the process of caregiving contains a certain degree
of inherent unsafety.
Adverse events may result from
problems in practice, products,
procedures or systems. Patient
safety improvements demand
a complex system-wide effort,
involving a wide range of actions
in performance improvement,
environmental safety and
risk management, including
infection control, safe use of
medicines, equipment safety,
safe clinical practice and safe
environment of care.
In October 2004 the World
Health Organisation (WHO)
officially launched a patient
safety programme dedicated
to “bringing significant benefits
to patients in countries rich and
poor, developed and developing,
in all corners of the globe.”
The patient safety programme
(WHO Patient Safety) was
established in response to
Resolution WHA55.18, adopted
by WHO’s 55th World Health
Assembly in May 2002, which
urged member states to pay
the closest possible attention
to patient safety and establish
science-based systems for
improving safety and the quality
of care. The resolution reflected
and advanced various calls to
action to make patient safety a
public health priority.¹
Patients for Patient Safety, a core
action within the WHO Patient
Safety Programme, is designed
to ensure that the perspective
of patients and families shape
the important work of the
programme and the global
patient safety movement.
Patients and caregivers see
things that busy health-care
workers often do not and PFPS
believes safety can be improved
if patients are included as full
partners in reform initiatives, and
learning can be used to inform
systemic quality and safety
There is now growing discussion
about implementing patientcentred, systems-based health
care. Patients and families have
contributed their personal stories
of preventable harm in health
care and the impact it had on
their lives.
The voice of patients and families
who have suffered preventable
harm in healthcare is a powerful
motivational force for healthcare providers across the globe
who wish, first, to do no harm.
However, patients have much
more to offer than visceral
reminders to health-care
assumption that consumers
are unable to appreciate the
complexity of healthcare. Such
an approach fails to take into
account that many consumers
offer the richest resource of
information related to patient
safety as witnesses to every
detail of systems failures from the
beginning to end. Today, however, health-care
professionals and policy-makers,
in increasing numbers, are
recognizing the importance of
patient involvement and there
are examples of successful
engagement and positive
change from around the world.
Patients and consumers
who choose to partner with
health-care policy makers
highly knowledgeable,
motivated and eager
Do you feel strongly about commenting on
to contribute. Patient
champions approach
any issue of social relevance or on any report we
their role with a profound
carried? Be it bouquets or
sense of responsibility
and desire to help create
bricks, you can explore this
a health-care system
space by airing your views,
that is safe, honorable
opinions or comments.
and compassionate for
patients and healthThe best letter, selected
care workers alike. They
once in a week, will receive
challenge health care to
be truly patient-centered
five tickets for watching a
and to partner to help
blockbuster at Dana Cinema. Letters can be sent
make care better.
workers, administrators and
policymakers of the victims of
tragic medical errors. Important
as that perspective is, a victim
orientation does not position
patients well as partners
working with health-care
providers to prevent harm.
Indeed, the perception that
patients and their families
are helpless or antagonistic
victims has served to distance
them from playing meaningful
roles in the development and
implementation of patient safety
work in the past and generated
fear among some clinicians who
would have otherwise engaged
in partnership. Patients and
their families should be able to
expect openness and honesty
when things go wrong, and to
at letters
be involved in the investigation
to find the root causes.
At the health-care service
delivery level, consumers
who wish to contribute
knowledge gained or lessons
learned have often found few
effective pathways for doing
so. Particularly after healthcare accidents occur, a “wall
of silence” may descend and
productive interaction may
cease. When consumers register
concerns, their actions can be
perceived as adversarial threats
or unscientific anecdotes
that lack evidence, rather
than potential knowledge
At the policymaking level,
consumer participation can
be marginalized, with the
Rehmat Khan
Sunday, January 18, 2015
3,000 in Turkey linked to IS
round 3,000 people in
Turkey are believed to
be linked to the Islamic State
(IS) jihadist group, a Turkish
intelligence report said on
Saturday, warning of possible
attacks by extremists.
The report called for enhanced
surveillance of the 3,000 people,
including identifying their rank
within the extremist group or
whether they were active within
it, the local newspaper reported
on Saturday.
A “red alert” had also been
sent to security units warning of
possible attacks on the embassies
of Western countries by IS
jihadists following last week’s
deadly Islamist attacks in France,
the report said.
Security at the diplomatic
missions had been increased to
the maximum level, the report
said, adding that NATO facilities
and Western nationals were also
potential targets.
And it warned of possible
bomb attacks “anywhere and
anytime” in Turkey by “sleeping
US blasts ICC war crimes probe of Israel
he United States joined
Israel in condemning
the International Criminal
Court decision to open
Friday into possible war
crimes committed against
Palestinians, blasting it as a
“tragic irony”.
ICC prosecutor Fatou
Bensouda said her office
would conduct an “analysis
in full independence and
impartiality” into alleged
war crimes by Israel.
Her decision comes after
Palestine formally joined
the ICC earlier this month,
allowing it to lodge war
crimes and crimes against
against Israel as of April.
Nearly 2,200 Palestinians
Israeli soldiers stand with their weapons.
and 73 Israelis were killed
during last summer’s war in
The US criticised the
saying it opposed actions
against Israel at the ICC as
“counterproductive to the
cause of peace”.
Turkish journalist
could face jail term
Turkish prosecutors are seeking a jail term of up to five
years for a prominent female
journalist arrested over a
tweet suggesting a cover-up
in a corruption scandal that
shook the government.
Sedef Kabas has been charged
with “targeting public servants tasked with fighting
against terrorism”.
“It is a tragic irony that
Israel, which has withstood
thousands of terrorist
rockets fired at its civilians
and its neighbourhoods,
is now being scrutinized
by the ICC,” US State
Department spokesman
Jeff Rathke said in a
Israeli Prime Minister
Benjamin Netanyahu had
earlier reacted angrily to the
prosecutor’s decision, calling
it “scandalous” and “absurd”
since “the Palestinian
Authority cooperates with
Hamas. (AFP)
Yemen detains two
French Qaeda suspects
emen has detained two Frenchmen
for questioning over suspected links
to Al Qaeda, a top security official said
“During the past two days, two
French nationals accused of belonging
to Al Qaeda have been arrested,” said
national security service chief General
Mohammed Al Ahmadi.
Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula
(AQAP) claimed responsibility for
a January 7 assault on French satirical
weekly Charlie Hebdo in which two
Frenchmen killed 12 people.
The perpetrators, brothers Said and
Cherif Kouachi, are known to have
trained with Al Qaeda in Yemen, which
was formed in 2009 after a merger
between militants there and Saudi Arabia.
Bitter truth
Diabetes to hit 50% Saudis by 2030
nless stern action is
taken, the number
of Saudi nationals with
diabetes is expected to
jump from 24 to 50 per cent
by 2030, the International
Diabetes Federation said
in a report. In terms of
obesity, Saudi Arabia ranks
fifth and third globally and
in the Gulf Cooperation
Currently 36pc of the
Saudi population is obese.
The rate of obesity among
Saudi children stands at
18pc, or 3 million children,
with 50pc of them likely to
develop diabetes.
The treatment costs for
an obese patient is $1,333
(SR4,998) whereas the
Ministry of Health spends
on diabetes nearly $10
billion (SR37.5bn), or 34pc
of its allocated budget, said
the report.
Not only, but also
Arthur Macdonald
his year, like so many before has started off with a disappointment.
I get up every morning and wait for the post man and check my e-mails
and yet still I have not received my invitation to the World Economic Forum
annual bash at Davos in Switzerland.
I am getting used to missing out on this yearly gathering of the rich and
powerful but this time I am particularly down in the month.
For the past decade I have consoled myself about not being invited with
the knowledge that Bahrain is a far more pleasant place to be in January that
freezing your butt off at a Swiss ski resort.
This year I will be chilling out in zero temperatures in Edinburgh and quite
frankly I would rather be enjoying the hospitality at Klosters than paying for
it down at the Bridge Inn at Ratho.
Davos is the ultimate invitation where the good and the great – otherwise
translated as a bunch of rich crooks and comic singers – get together at the
beginning of the year to put the world to rights.
You get a fair cross section of pop stars and politicians along with the usual
entourage of economists, analysts and people who are only there because they
are so rich they have nothing much else pressing in the diary.
This year, if you check the agenda, they have decided that the main
issue facing us is the threat to the stability of the world from the risk of
international conflict.
This has managed to push the weather into second spot on things that
should be keeping us awake at night.
This is surprising given that scientists in the US, including boffins at
NASA, have just announced that 2014 was the warmest year on record.
Now given the number of pop divas who frequent this event, it is surprising
that bumping your gums about global warming is no longer top of the pops.
It was in 2007 and 2008 when the world was going into economic meltdown
so perhaps we should all be getting hot under the collar about global conflict.
I think not.
For starters no one is going to annoy China, because the leadership of the
world’s largest communist party seriously lack a sense of humour when it
comes to foreigners rocking the boat.
Equally anyone trying to disrupt global harmony would do well to think
again given that the next incumbent of 1900 Pennsylvania Avenue is likely to
be either Mrs Clinton or Bush the third.
The US attitude to what it sees as its right to police the globe is about to
become a bit more pro-active with a new president in the White House next
Pax Americana looks set to be a bit less diplomacy and a bit more don’t
mess with me.
The fact that weather has slipped a bit in the charts pleases me because I
am one of those folk who have long argued global warming is a boon rather
than a curse.
Any serious climatologist will assure you that we are moving, not quite as
slowly as we are prepared for, towards a new ice age.
That will probably not effect anyone alive at present, but it will hit the
planet in the not too distant future.
The global warming tree hugging brigade warn of higher temperatures
resulting in flooding as sea levels rise and some land becoming arid.
The truth is that within 1,000 years the issue we should be addressing
now is how we deal with half the agricultural land on earth turning into
No serious scientist doubts that this is an issue we will have to address in
the not too distant future – and the time to do it is now.
The Dutch worked out how to deal with floods 400 years ago. You build
Arid countries have flourished through desalination and other hydro
projects and the bottom line here is that the world today has the same amount
of water as it had a million years ago.
The problems – ask any dinosaur – is when the water goes into a solid state.
So what are the issues that I would be raising at Davos if I were there with
the glitterati?
Well the investment banks appear to be making billions of dollars every
quarter again and their bankers are trousering millions in annual bonuses.
We are getting back to the days where the lunatics run the asylum, and no
one seems much bothered about the fact that the money men are firmly back
in the driving seat.
They will not be discussing this at Davos. But as far as I can see 2015
already looks like he year when we are seriously back dans la merde.
(The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect
the policy or position of this newspaper.)
Sunday, January 18, 2015
Al Ain Police arrest man for theft
Abu Dhabi
l Ain Police have arrested
a Bangladeshi man who
had burgled villas in the city.
The police said that several
residents had reported theft
of their personal belongings
from their residences in Al
Foah and Mesebej areas.
Brigadier Hamad Al
Amimi, director of the Al Ain
Significant rain expected to hit UAE
ave that umbrella or
raincoat ready with you
on Sunday, Monday, and
possibly on Tuesday. The
national weather bureau says
there are chances of rain on
the first three days of this
week. According to reports,
the weather on Sunday will
be partly cloudy in general.
Police Directorate, said that a
team of officers formulated a
plan, which helped them nab
the 35-year-old suspect.
Al Khazan Park gets eco-friendly
But cloud cover will increase
gradually by evening and
could bring rain in various
parts of the country.
ith Safa Park out
of the picture now
considering the construction
of the Dubai Canal, residents
have an option to enjoy the
outdoors in a nearby park, the
newly revamped Al Khazan
This family park, located
between the first interchange
on Shaikh Zayed Road and
Al Wasl Road, is now entirely
powered by solar energy
New challenge for Yemen’s president
A Yemeni child takes part in a demonstration against the
presence of armed militias in the capital and also against
attacks by Al-Qaeda in front of the Yemeni Defence Ministry
in Sanaa. (AFP)
Two Egypt policemen
to stand trial
S. Korean man missing in
Turkey near Syrian border
Egypt’s public prosecutor on
Saturday ordered two policemen to stand trial for kidnapping and sexually assaulting a
woman in Cairo. The duo allegedly stopped a car driven by a
man and demanded to escort
his female passenger home.
Instead, they drove her off in a
police truck to an isolated area
and sexually assaulted her.
A South Korean has gone missing in Turkey near the border
with Syria, a foreign ministry
official said Saturday, following reports that the man had
joined the Islamic State militant group.
Turkish newspaper earlier
reported that the unidentified
man, aged 18, had crossed into
Syria and joined IS.
hia militiamen in control
of Yemen’s capital seized
President Abdrabuh Mansur
Hadi’s chief of staff Saturday
in a new challenge to his
leadership of the violenceplagued country.
The abduction of Ahmed
Awad bin Mubarak, who
heads a “national dialogue” on
Yemen’s political transition,
came shortly before he was to
attend a meeting on a proposed
new constitution opposed by
the Huthi militia.
Yemen has been dogged
by instability since the ouster
in 2012 of strongman Ali
Abdullah Saleh, with the
Huthis and Al-Qaeda seeking
to fill the power vacuum.
The Huthis are widely
believed to be backed by Saleh.
Al-Qaeda in the Arabian
Peninsula (AQAP) also has a
record of acting well beyond
its Yemeni base, and claimed
responsibility for the January
7 attack on French satirical
magazine Charlie Hebdo that
killed 12 people.
Yemeni authorities said
Saturday they had arrested two
Ahmed Awad bin Mubarak
Frenchmen for questioning
over suspected Al-Qaeda links.
“There are around 1,000
Al-Qaeda militants in Yemen
from 11 Arab and nonArab countries,” national
security service chief General
Mohammed Al-Ahmadi told
companions in his armoured
car were stopped by militiamen
in Huthi tribal clothes in the
southern Hada district, a
witness said. He was seized and
driven to an unknown location,
an official from the national
dialogue secretariat told.
Ahmadi said talks were
under way to secure his release.
IS frees over 200 Yazidis
Iran: Nuclear agreement
possible with US goodwill
he Islamic State jihadist group has
freed more than 200 captive members
of Iraq’s Yazidi religious minority, officials
and an activist said on Saturday.
A brigadier general in the Kurdish
peshmerga security forces said that more
than 200 Yazidis, among them elderly men
and women, children, and people with
mental disabilities, crossed out of IS-held
territory on Saturday.
Saman Jabbari, a Kurdish political
Not A Happy Story
official, said the captives were transported
from Nineveh province to Kirkuk and then
Khodr Domli, a Yazidi rights activist,
put the number of freed captives at 350,
and said that they were released southwest
of the city of Kirkuk, the capital of Kirkuk
province, and were met by Kurdish forces
and officials.
IS spearheaded a June militant offensive
that began in Nineveh and overran much
of Iraq’s Sunni Arab heartland north and
west of Baghdad, sweeping security forces
top Iranian negotiator
voiced optimism on
Saturday that talks with the
United States seeking to nail
down a complex nuclear deal
could succeed if Washington
showed “goodwill”.
“We remain hopeful and
I think that if the other side
has the necessary good will
and determination, it will be
possible to reach a deal,” Iran’s
deputy foreign minister Abbas
Araghchi told .
His comments came on a
third day of talks with senior
US officials in Geneva aimed at
accelerating progress towards
a comprehensive deal which
would rein in Iran’s nuclear
programme in exchange for
relief from a tight network of
global sanctions.
Qatar ‘has one of highest birth defect rates’
lthough not all birth
defects can be prevented,
awareness and education are
key to helping increase the
chances of having a healthy
baby, says an expert.
The March of Dimes
Foundation, a US organisation
concerned with improving
infant health by preventing
birth defects, premature
births and infant mortality,
says Qatar is among the 20
countries with the highest
rates of birth defects: 73.4 per
1,000 live births.
According to World Health
Organisation, birth defects
result in about 3.2 million
disabilities every year globally.
The maternal fetal medicine
team at Sidra Medical and
Research Centre shared
guidelines for maintaining a
healthy pregnancy as key to
limiting the probability of
birth defects in newborns
in support of Birth Defect
Prevention Awareness Month
this January. The team will
provide the most sophisticated
and effective care for pregnant
women with complex maternal
and fetal conditions.
diagnosis and fetal therapy
will be offered to meet the
needs of patients and those
referred from other centres for
evaluation and management of
fetal anomalies.
Sidra experts advise mothers
for a healthy pregnancy to
get 400 micrograms of folic
acid every day, prevent
infections, maintain a healthy
weight, avoid smoking,
consult a physician about
any medications, Vitamin D,
vaccinations and have regular
The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources.
If Iran cannot say yes...
then we’re going to have
to explore other options.
In May, Britain faces a
choice: a clear plan to
deal with the deficit and
secure a better future - or
chaos with the other parties.
- US President
Barack Obama
- British Prime Minister
David Cameron
Sunday, January 18, 2015
Japan’s Abe pledges
apanese Prime Minister
Shinzo Abe pledged $2.5
billion in humanitarian and
development aid on Saturday
for the Middle East as he
launched a regional tour that
includes visits to Jordan and
In a speech in Cairo, Abe
pledged $200 million in nonmilitary assistance for countries
affected by the Islamic State (IS)
group’s expansion in Iraq and
Syria, which spurred an exodus
of refugees to neighbouring
“Japan will newly carry out
assistance of 2.5bn US dollars
in non-military fields including
humanitarian assistance and
infrastructure development,
intended for the entire region,”
Abe said, according to an
official transcript.
Two-state solution
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe (L) and his Egyptian counterpart Ibrahim Mahlab attend a business and investment conference in Cairo
politicians and businessmen,
he said Japan would “provide
assistance for refugees and
displaced persons from Iraq
and Syria”.
Gulf Air increases
Larnaca service
ulf Air said on Saturday it
would increase its Bahrain
– Larnaca service to six weekly
services, consisting of three direct
weekly operations and three
weekly operations via Kuwait International Airport, effective from
23 January.
Direct weekly flights will operate on Tuesdays, Thursdays and
Saturdays. Weekly connections via Kuwait (originating from
Bahrain) will operate on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays.
Gulf Air A/Chief Commercial Officer, Ahmed Janahi said,
“The schedule enhancement allows our passengers easier access to
popular Cypriot destinations.”
Flights to Larnaca are operated by an A320-ER aircraft in a twoclass configuration of 14 Falcon Gold seats and 96 seats in Economy.
India foreign reserves
up $236.4 million
India’s foreign exchange
reserves gained by $236.4
million to $319.47 billion
for the week ended Jan 9,
Reserve Bank of India (RBI)
data showed. In the previous week (Jan 2) the reserves
had decreased by $471m to
$319.23bn. Foreign currency
assets rose $308.5 million at
$294.84bn in the week under
review. Gold reserves were
static at $19.37bn.
apanese Prime Minister
on Saturday said Palestine
would be recognised as a
state in near future.
“Japan believes that the
day will come in the near
future when we can recognise
Palestine as a state,” he said.
Abe also appealed both
Israel and Palestine to
resume negotiations.
“In order for that day to
arrive sooner, we will appeal
New Study
“I will pledge assistance of a
total of about 200m US dollars
for those countries contending
with ISIL (IS), to help build
infrastructure, and so on,”
he added. A Japanese foreign
ministry official said that
much of those funds would go
towards assisting neighbouring
to both Israel and Palestine
to resume negotiations to
advance the so-called TwoState Solution,” he stressed.
Palestinians have joined
the International Criminal
Court this month to seek an
investigation into the war in
Gaza last year.
Abe will meet Egyptian
President Abdel Fattah
Al-Sisi before departing to
Jordan and then Israel and
the Palestinian West Bank.
states hosting refugees.
The money is included in the
$2.5bn figure, she said, which
also includes loans to improve
Egypt’s power grid. (AFP)
Moody’s sees zero
growth for Russia
oody’s cut Russia’s
credit rating to one step
above junk level on Friday and
warned the country was under
review for a further downgrade.
The agency said that the
Russian economy would
contract this year by 5.5 per
cent and another 3.0pc in 2016,
“bringing real growth over
the 10 years through 2018 to
virtually zero.
The grade was cut by one
notch to Baa3 from Baa2.
Baa3 is the lowest level for
“investment grade” sovereign
bonds; another cut would take
it into “speculative” or junk
bond grade.
“Russia’s nominal FX
reserves could fall by at least
as much this year as they did
in 2014, when they declined by
around $125 billion,” it noted.
“Added to that,” Moody’s
said, “the risk of politically
motivated actions which either
directly or indirectly raise risks
to creditors is rising in the
context of current geopolitical
The agency said it was
already embarking on another
review which could lead to
another rating cut. (AFP)
Sustainability meet in UAE
Abdulhussain Mirza will
represent Bahrain in the
Sustainability 2015 meet to be
held in the UAE capital from
January 19 to 21. The event,
part of World Future Energy
Summit, will bring together
leaders in the oil industry as
well as professionals from
across the region and beyond.
Discussions would focus on
future energy price and other
regional developments. The
minister will be accompanied
by Oil and Gas Affairs General
Manager Jassim Isa Al Shirawi,
his adviser on technical and
engineering affairs Dr. Abdul
Majeed Abdul Karim Habib
and his office director Ahmed
Google in talks
to buy softcard
Google Inc is in talks to buy
mobile-payments company
Softcard, technology news
website TechCrunch reported,
citing people familiar with the
matter. The deal could help
pair Google with the largest
US wireless carriers to battle
Apple Inc and its new Apple
Pay service. The deal may
be valued below $100 million, the report said citing
sources. Softcard is jointly
owned by AT&T Inc, Verizon
Communication Inc’s Verizon
Wireless Inc and T-Mobile US.
Saudi third most expensive in GCC
hen it comes to
construction, Saudi
Arabia is the third most
expensive country in the
GCC said the annual report
released by EC Harris, an
ARCADIS company and
global built asset consultancy
The report, based on
benchmarks building costs
in 43 countries across the
globe, found that relative
construction costs have
been affected by currency
demand for development in
many recovering economies
throughout the year.
Commenting on the
report, Head of KSA property
at EC Harris Hisham Malaika
said: “Saudi Arabia along
with Qatar and Abu Dhabi
are among the best placed
to be able to continue to
fund budget commitments,
but with oil trading hovering
around $50/barrel this
month, it is possible that
current and capital spending
priorities may come under
Switzerland is the most
expensive country in the
world for construction while
Japan and Singapore have
seen significant relative cost
reductions over the last year.
In contrast to last year’s
index, European countries
dominate the top ten. Costs in
the likes of India, Indonesia,
Malaysia, Thailand and
Vietnam are now around 35
per cent less that of the UK.
More retail jobs in 2015
Abu Dhabi
ith expectations of
growth in the UAE’s
retail sector, job hunters can
expect new vacancies in 2015
in fields such as customer
service, merchandise, sales,
and marketing, among
others, analysts said.
According to a report the sector is expected to grow more
than 33 per cent this year, which, in turn, will generate jobs
as retailers open new outlets across the UAE.
Sunday, January 18, 2015
Panic continues
witzerland’s central bank on Saturday
stood by its shock decision to let
the franc soar, insisting the subsequent
turbulence rocking global markets and
the Swiss economy since the move would
eventually subside.
“This was not an easy decision... we
are convinced it is the right one,” Swiss
central bank chief Thomas Jordan said
The Swiss National Bank (SNB), he said,
had determined that by continuing to
artificially hold down the franc, “it risked
losing control of its monetary policy in the
long term.”
Jordan’s comments came after the bank
stunned the markets on Thursday with its
Rates are for indication purpose only. For firm rates or for currencies not listed above please
call Bahrain Financing Company. Telephone: 17228888, Website:
India, US to shake
hands for Digital India
New Delhi
India and the United States
agreed to explore opportunities for collaboration on implementing India’s Rs1.13 lakh
crore Digital India initiative.
The two sides also agreed to
hold the US-India Information
Technology Working Group in
India later this year. The group
aims at enhancing digital infrastructure.
SNB Chief Thomas Jordan
decision to abandon the minimum rate of
1.20 francs against the euro that it had been
defending for more than three years.
This Swiss currency has since gained
around 20 per cent against other currencies
and is currently trading at around parity
with the euro.
The soaring franc caused panic on global
markets, bankrupted foreign exchange
traders as far away as New Zealand and was
seen as a significant threat to Switzerland’s
export-dependant economy.
The Swiss stock exchange’s main SMI
index has plunged more than 14pc since
Thursday’s announcement.
The yield on Swiss 10-year bonds on
Friday meanwhile entered negative
territory for the first time, slipping to
-0.031pc, meaning lenders will now have to
pay to lend money to the country.
FXCM gets $300m loan
to compensate losses
New York
S foreign exchange broker
FXCM was given a $300
million cash injection Friday
after client losses on the sharp
surge in the Swiss Franc left it
on weak capital footings.
The funds came from
Leucadia National Corp as a
secured two-year term loan
with a hefty 10 per cent interest
rate, the two firms said.
The loan “will permit
FXCM to meet its regulatorycapital requirements and
continue normal operations
after yesterday’s loss of $225m
million due to the actions of
the Swiss National Bank.”
FXCM said it faced problems
meeting regulatory capital
requirements after clients ran
up huge losses.
ties discussed
hairman of the Bahrain
Chamber of Commerce
and Industry (BCCI) Khalid
Abdulrahman Al Moayyad
has lauded the depth of the
Bahraini-Egyptian relations,
affirming BCCI’s keenness
to take advantage of them to
enhance partnership between
An Economic Development Board (EDB) delegation visited
India to attend a Global Business Summit in Ahmedabad and
the Confederation of Indian Industry summit in Jaipur, where
they met with Indian businesses looking to access Bahrain.
Above delegates during the visit.
the private sector in the two
Al-Moayyad reviewed with
the Egyptian Ambassador to
Bahrain Issam Saleh Awad
ways to develop trade ties and
consolidate cooperation in all
economic fields, calling for the
need to name the members of
the Joint Bahraini-Egyptian
Business Council.
Google at it again, reveals more Windows bugs
100 YEN
New Delhi
oogle has made more Microsoft
security bugs public as part of its
Project Zero even after the Redmond
giant’s scathing criticism of the
company’s move.
The search giant has made public
a bug found in CryptProtectMemory
memory-encrypting feature found in
Windows 7 and 8.1 after its deadline of
90 days passed.
Describing the bug, the project
member James Forshaw posted that the
function CryptProtectMemory allows an
application to encrypt memory for one
of three scenarios, process, logon session
and computer. However, due to the
security bug attackers could impersonate
a user and decrypt or encrypt data on
Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 systems.
He later posted that Microsoft had
informed that a fix was planned for the
January patches but had to be pulled due
to compatibility issues.
Sunday, January 18, 2015
SA Prez wants vexed energy bill to be reconsidered
African oil and gas
bill, giving the state free
ownership of stakes in new
energy projects, has been
sent back to parliament for
reconsideration, the president
announced on Friday.
Passed by parliament in
Oil price dip
risks clean
energy push
Abu Dhabi
alling oil prices could have
a negative impact on global
efforts to develop renewable
energy sources, experts warned
Saturday at a conference in
Abu Dhabi.
Oil prices have fallen by
almost 60 per cent since June,
crashing on worries over global
oversupply and weak demand
in a faltering world economy.
Energy Agency (IRENA)
Saturday in the oil-rich United
Arab Emirates (UAE) said the
trend could spell doom for
plans to shift to clean energy.
The fall in oil prices could
be a “game changer”, Italy’s
Deputy Minister for Economic
Development Claudio Vincenti
told the two-day meeting.
Oil price rises in the past
have encouraged clean energy
investments, said Vincenti.
March, the bill was referred
to President Jacob Zuma to be
signed into law.
consideration of the Bill and
the submissions received, the
President is of the view that
the Bill as it stands would not
pass constitutional muster,”
his office said.
The bill would have given
the state twenty per cent
ownership in energy ventures
and the right to buy an
additional stake, dismaying
Already a mining giant
in coal, gold and platinum,
South Africa has repeatedly
sought to assure investors that
the nationalisation of mines is
not an option.
But the ruling African
National Congress pushed
the energy bill through
parliament with 226 votes
to 66 less than two months
before general elections last
Oil workers in UK to benefit from price fall
ompanies benefiting from
lower oil prices should pass
on gains to their employees by
raising wages, British Prime
Minister David Cameron said.
A glut in global oil supplies
has caused Brent crude prices
to more than halve in little
more than six months.
Britain’s political parties are
competing to try to show they
can best help voters benefit
from the fall, as a national
election looms in May.
Cameron, on a trip to the
United States, was asked
whether he wanted businesses
to pass any higher profits from
lower oil prices on to workers.
“I want to see companies’
success passed through in
terms of wage increases,” he
was quoted as saying by the
BBC on Saturday. “It has to be
done in a way that’s affordable,
and in a way that companies
can continue to grow. We need
to see productivity increase.”
Cheaper oil has handed
Cameron and his ruling
Conservative Party a political
gift ahead of the election by
helping to lower prices for
everything from petrol to food
and thereby blunting rival
Labour’s attack over a “cost of
living crisis”.
British Prime Minister David Cameron
Sliding oil prices have driven are finally rising faster than
down inflation, so that wages prices in the UK.
a meeting with the French
Ambassador to Bahrain
Bernard Régnauld-Fabre, held
recently in Beit Al-Tijjar in the
presence of BCCI First Deputy
Chairman Othman Al-Rayes.
They discussed the date for
holding the “French Week”
2015, hosted by the Kingdom
for the fourth year in a row for
shedding light on the depth
of the Bahraini-French cultural
and economic relations.
hairman of the Bahrain
Chamber of Commerce
and Industry (BCCI) Khalid
Abdulrahman Al Moayyad
has expressed the desire of the
private sector in the Kingdom
to develop the economic and
investment ties with France
and increase the volume of
bilateral trade in various
economic sectors.
He was speaking during
InterCHARM 2014
Junaid Perfumes’ fragrance reaches Russia
Snap shot taken during the exhibition.
he Gulf Petrochemical
(GPIC) announced its support
for the 15th Conference of
the International Institute for
Project Management – Arabian
Gulf Chapter being held later
this month.
The conference will discuss
challenges faced by project
management professionals in
various Gulf countries and
highlight the importance of
project management.
It will also provide a Forum
for those in the Gulf region
to activate communication and
exchange views.
BCCI, French ambassador discuss economic ties
the region, participated at
Russia InterCHARM 2014
international perfumery and
cosmetics exhibition that took
place in Moscow.
During the four-day-event,
Junaid Perfumes displayed
GPIC mulls
over project
variety of their popular
fragrances, including the
newly launched “Taraf” for
the confident man and the
charming “J Essence” for the
classy woman as well as the
magnificent “Sarab”, in addition
to the authentic “Wishah”,
together with a variety of
scents, oils, lotions and incense
Sales Director in Junaid
Perfumes, Hamad Fuad, has
emphasized on the company’s
eagerness to join the various
International Exhibitions for
the unique opportunities they
offer including reaching Junaid
Perfume’s customers across the
Inflation in
hits 24pc
Buenos Aires
rgentina’s inflation hit
23.9 per cent last year,
according to official figures
released Friday, the second
worst in South America after
Venezuela, but the opposition
says the figure is much higher.
The rate given by the Indec
statistics agency is lower
than the 38.5pc estimated by
opposition lawmakers.
The official figure was
calculated using a methodology
agreed with the International
Monetary Fund (IMF) after
doubts were raised about the
credibility of the country’s
inflation statistics.
Sunday, January 18, 2015
Shamekh Sharaf
Sacred Heart School
Krishnendu. B. Menon
New Millennium School
Quality Education School conducted the open day on January 10 at Zamil Campus Budaiya.
Quality Education Director Prakash Devji inaugurated the event. The event included science
and arts exhibition, variety of games and food stalls. It was a fun filled day for students, parents and the staff of Quality Education School.
The Festive camp by SPARTA (St Christopher’s
Sports and Arts Academy) was organised once again this
December. The camp hosted children aged between 5 to 12
years , and took place at Saar campus. There were lots of
fun activities and sports on offer. Children practised and
developed skills in tennis, swimming, athletics, football
and basketball, as well as many other sports. The relaxed
atmosphere and the fantastic facilities made it a very
special festive camp, and was a great start to the winter
Ministry of Interior conducted a workshop with fire drill for the students and staff of Quality
Education School to improve their emergency response skills. An interactive session was also
held along with which helped students clear their doubts regarding safety in the event of fire
in any part of the school.
Short story
ne day, Mulla Nasruddin was talking to
his neighbour. The neighbour was looking so miserable that Nasruddin asked him
what was bothering him. The man started to
complain about the lack of space in his house
and said, “It is such a small house, Mulla.
And me, my wife, my three children and my
mother-in-law--all have to live together in
the same little cottage. It is very cramped and
there is hardly any space to move around.” He
asked Nasruddin for some advice on how to
deal with this problem.
Nasruddin said, “Do you keep chickens in
the yard?” “Yes, ten of them,” replied the
man. “Good. Bring them inside the house
and keep them there,” said Nasruddin. “But,
Mulla!” the man exclaimed. “My house is
already overcrowded.” “Just do as I say,”
Nasruddin replied.
The man was really very troubled and wanted to find a solution to his problem. He
decided to give the Mulla’s advice a try. So
the man went home and brought all the
chickens into the house. Next day, he went
to meet Nasruddin again. He said, “Mulla, I
followed your advice and took the chickens
into the house. But it did not solve anything. In fact, it has made matters worse. My
house is even more cramped now.
“I see,” said Nasruddin. “ Now take your donkey and keep it inside your house. The man
did not think much of this idea but Nasruddin
managed to convince him to do it.
The next day, the man came to Nasruddin,
looking very distressed, and said,”Now, it’s
six humans, ten chickens and a donkey
inside my house. It is so crowded that one
can hardly move.” Nasruddin replied, “You
own a goat too, don’t you?” “Yes, I do,” said
the man. “Great,” Nasruddin said. “Take it
inside the house too.” The man objected,
“How is that going to solve anything?” but
Nasruddin once again convinced him to do
as he had said.
The next day, the man walked up to
Nasruddin in a state of anger and distress
and said, “Your plan has made our lives miserable. The house is now so crowded that
we are finding it difficult to even breathe.
My family is upset and everyone is complaining about the lack of space.”
“Don’t get so upset, friend,” said Nasruddin.
“Go back home and take all the animals
back outside.” The man did as he was told.
Next day, when the man came across
Nasruddin, he was beaming. He said, “I
must thank you, Mulla! Your plan has
worked wonders. Now that all the animals
are outside, there is enough space in the
house for all the family members. Everyone
is happy and content with the house now.”
“Absolutely!” replied Nasruddin, “The only
thing I cannot remember is whether I saved
him from a tree or from a well.”
Sunday, January 18, 2015
Capital Governor, Shaikh Hesham bin Abdulrahman Al Khalifa yesterday received
the Russian Ambassador, Victor Smirnov. Shaikh Hesham lauded the advanced
level of the Bahraini-Russian relations, and the steady growth of bilateral cooperation. He affirmed the Capital Governorate’s keenness to provide all requirements
to enhance bilateral partnership in order to boost joint cooperation.
Minister of Energy, Dr. Abdul Hussain Mirza has received the Iraqi Ambassador,
Ahmed Rashid Nayef Al Dailami. Dr. Mirza praised the strong relations between
Bahrain and Iraq and said that the two countries had witnessed a lot of cooperation in the development of the energy sector.
Bahrain Keraleeya Samajam (BKS) Literary Award 2015 winner, Prof. K G Sankara Pillai was received at the airport by
the BKS vice-president, T. Soma Rajan, Literary Wing secretary, Prakash Babu, internal auditor, Sajeevan and Aneesh.
The Gulf Hotel Bahrain has announced the official opening of its 10th outlet, ‘Rasoi by Vineet’. Rasoi by
Vineet is the first fine-dining restaurant in Bahrain operated by a Michelin starred chef, Vineet Bhatia,
who has been awarded a Michelin star on three occasions and who currently holds a Michelin star
for his Rasoi restaurants in London and Geneva. To complement the innovative cuisine, their equally
imaginative décor offers a modern interpretation of traditional Indian style using vibrant colours,
imaginative artworks and sparkling crystals.
Minister of Ed
special needs
category of vi
finish their ex
sidelines of th
for these stud
made lap-tops
Bahraini national Anod Alanzi has won a kilogram of gold from
Bank, after winning the first quarterly prize in the bank’s improve
based savings account, Thimaar. She is the first ever person to w
a prize in Bahrain. Ms. Alanzi was presented with a box of 125 gol
each of eight grams, by the Ithmaar Bank Chief Executive Officer,
Abdul Rahim at the bank headquarters.
Aligarh Muslim University Alumni Association Bahrain (AMUAAB) has felicitated emin
Award for his contributions to AMU and also as the founder Vice-Chancellor of Maula
Sunday, January 18, 2015
ducation, Dr. Majid Al Nuaimi paid an inspection visit to exam centres where students with
were taking their tests.The minister was reassured about the services being provided to this
isually and hearing-impaired students. He also gave directives to allow them extra time to
xams and assign supervisors to help them read and grasp questions. In a statement on the
he visit, Dr. Al Nuaimi stressed the ministry’s efforts to create favourable school environment
dents and provide appropriate facilities to suit their special needs. These include specially
s, braille systems and school buses equipped with electrical lifts.
ed prizewin such
ld coins,
, Ahmed
Minister of Information Affairs, Isa bin Abdulrahman Al Hammadi yesterday received Indian
Ambassador, Dr. Mohan Kumar and hailed good relations bonding the two friendly countries and steadily growing cooperation on all levels. The minister and the Indian envoy
discussed ways of further bolstering joint cooperation in all fields.
Minister of Information Affairs, Isa bin Abdulrahman Al Hammadi yesterday
received Russian Ambassador, Victor Smirnov and hailed good relations bonding
the two countries. The minister and the Russian envoy discussed ways of further
expanding cooperation, particularly in the Media sector.
nent zoologist and INSA honorary scientist, Prof. Shamim Jairajpuri with the Sir Syed Memorial
ana Azad National Urdu University. A large number of Alumni attended the function.
The New Indian School has organised a session for the students of Class X and XI in the
School Auditorium. Dr. Terry O’Brien, a renowned academician, author and quiz master was
the guest speaker. Director and principal, Dr. V. Gopalan welcomed Dr. O’Brien.
Sunday, January 18, 2015
Like sportsmen don’t play too much after a certain
age as they are physically weak after a while,
similarly when actors get old, their face changes.
There comes a time when an actor does not fit
certain characters and films.
Bollywood Big B, Amitabh Bachchan
January 18, 1955
here was a star-studded movie party at the
White House this weekend.
President Barack Obama hosted a private
screening of the historical drama film Selma,
which included guests Oprah Winfrey, Common,
director Ava DuVernay, David Oyelowo (who
plays Martin Luther King Jr.), Carmen Ejogo (who
portays Coretta Scott King) and actor Tim Roth
(who portrays Gov. George Wallace).
producer and director who
has won two Academy Awards,
three Golden Globe Awards, and
one Emmy Award, and has been
nominated for three BAFTA
roles include Eliot Ness in The
Untouchables, Crash Davis in Bull
Durham, Ray Kinsella in Field
of Dreams, Lt. John J. Dunbar in
Dances with Wolves, Jim Garrison
in JFK, Robin Hood in Robin Hood:
Prince of Thieves, Frank Farmer in
The Bodyguard and Jonathan Kent
in Man of Steel.
A scene from the movie
Winfrey served as a producer for the film,
and also portrayed civil rights activist Annie Lee
Cooper. Meanwhile, Common teamed up with
John Legend for the movie’s song, Glory, which
has already won a Golden Globe, Critics’ Choice
Award and is nominated for an Oscar.
Common snuck a quick IG video for fans while
at the screening, and captioned the clip, “Some
people take their friends to the movies, and I take
the movies to my friends @selmamovie.”
While the event included an array of big names
from the film, one especially important attendee
was Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.).
Lewis helped lead the Selma-to-Montgomery
march on March 7, 1965, that was stopped at
the Edmund Pettus Bridge when state troopers
attacked the demonstrators. He is currently a
leader of the Student Non Violent Coordinating
For those of us who weren’t invited to the special
screening (yup, that’s pretty much all of us), you
can catch Selma is in theatres now.
Los Angeles
ctress Felicity Jones says drinking red
wine helps her prepare for emotionally
draining scenes.
“I just resorted to the night before just
drinking loads of red wine because then the
next day you’re sort of in a slightly suicidal
depressed state. For some reason red wine has
this effect,” The Invisible Woman star said.
The practice seemed to help the actress
as she has been nominated for Best Actress
Academy Award for her film The Theory of
However, the 31-year-old actress doesn’t
recommend others to use her method.
ctress Richa Chadha is happy
doing some “homework” for her
role in the film Cabaret, directed
by Pooja Bhatt, by trying to take up
as many live dance performances as
In preparation for her character of
a professional cabaret dancer, Richa is
said to have asked her management to
get her to do live dance performances.
nglish singer-songwriter Rae Morris hopes
to collaborate with Coldplay frontman Chris
Martin in future.
“I was over the moon to hear he likes my music as
I am a massive Coldplay fan. I’d never turn down that
opportunity (to collaborate with him) -- he is one of the most
amazing songwriters there is,” she said.
Though she’s yet to work with Martin, Morris is gearing up for the release of her
debut album “Unguarded” later this month.
Sunday, January 18, 2015
DT News now gives you a chance to quiz
Through our Celeb pages we’ve introduced
you to the world of glitz and glamour, In &
Out! So lets see how much you know about
the stars in limelight!
Clue: Bollywood heartthrob of 80’s, 90’s
and early 2000’s best praised for her acting,
beauty and dancing has been awarded the
Padma Shri, India’s fourth-highest civilian
award, by the Government of India in 2008.
New York
he swimwear model and fashion muse known for her
lithe figure but Abbey Clancy maintains that she does
‘zero exercise’ to stay in shape.
The Strictly Come Dancing champion - who has threeyear-old daughter Sophia Ruby with husband Peter Crouch
- claims she doesn’t have to work out a lot to maintain her
enviable figure.
She does, however, admit that she’s been taking yoga classes
since becoming pregnant with their second child.
Quizzed on the secrets behind her bikini body, she told
‘Zero exercise. Everyone in my family is slim and tall. My
mother bounced back after kids, my brother’s skinny - so I
think my genes are a huge part of it.”
To register your guesses and find out this
Follow us on:
Happy guessing!
Kim Kardashian
ctor Varun Dhawan is
turning into a hopeless
romantic! No, he has not found
the love of his life but it’s a song
from his dark, intense revenge
drama Badlapur that’s making
him go all warm inside. The
actor took to Twitter to share
his views on the ‘Jeena jeena’
track, to which Pakistani singer
Atif Aslam has lent his voice.
“Starting my day with a bandage
and #JeenaJeena. I’m not that romantic
but this brings it out in me. Thank u
#SachinJigar [email protected] for this,” he
Badlapur, which also stars
Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Huma Qureshi
and Divya Dutta, is set to release
he Taare Zameen Par actress,
Tisca Chopra said that the star kid
phenomenon is like a “double-edged
She agrees that debutantes who are
acquainted with the pressures of the film
industry have an advantage, but says that
they also have to face “huge expectations”
for being related to a star.
“The star kid phenomenon is a doubleedged sword. If you have grown up watching
the business, the chances of doing well are
high. To get used to people looking at you
minutely and behave as if nobody is looking
at you, is hard anyway,” she said.
She has authored the book Acting
Smart, which is about making a career in
An American television and social media
personality, socialite, model, and actress who
gained media attention through her friendship
with Paris Hilton, and received wider notice after
a sex tape with her former boyfriend Ray J was
leaked in 2007. Later that year, she and her family
were commissioned to star in the reality television
series Keeping Up with the Kardashians. In 2010,
Kardashian was reported to be the highestpaid reality t.v personality, with estimated
earnings of $6 million.
&B star Rihanna, actress Sarah
Jessica Parker, comedienne
Rachel Feinstein, model Jourdan
Dunn and author Leandra
Medine have teamed up with an
Italian fashion brand, Fendi to
personalise their own 3Baguette
handbag as part of a charity
The five bags will be unveiled
during a cocktail party at the brand’s
new flagship store on New York’s
Madison Avenue on February 13 and
will remain on display for a month.
During that time the accessories
will be available to buy from online
auction site launch3baguetteauction.
Fendi.Com, which will go live by the
end of January.
The profits will go towards a charity
close to each of the celebrity’s hearts.
Los Angeles
op star Lady Gaga has reunited with
her Poker Face producer RedOne in the
studio for her new album.
The 28-year-old singer revealed she’s
working with the producer again when
she shared on Instagram a photo of them
hanging out in the studio.
RedOne has co-written and produced
some of Gaga’s biggest hits in her career,
including Poker Face, Love Game and Just
Dance from her 2008 debut set The Fame.
The duo also worked together for some
tracks on the album’s follow-up, 2011’s
Born This Way.
Sunday, January 18, 2015
by John Graziano
How many engineers does
it take to change a light
You need 250 just to lobby
for the research grant.
Joe asked God, “How much is a
penny worth in heaven?”
God replied, “$1 million.”
Joe asked, “How long is a
minute in heaven?”
God said, “One million years.”
Joe asked for a penny.
God said, “Sure, in a minute.”
Child: How do you know that
carrots are good for your eyesight?
Mother: Have you ever seen a
rabbit with glasses?
A man cheats on his
girlfriend Lorraine with
a woman named Clearly.
Lorraine dies suddenly.
At the funeral, the man
stands up and sings, “I
can see Clearly now,
Lorraine is gone.”
What does an Irishman get
after eating Italian food?
Gaelic breath.
20th March - 20th April
So many ideas are flooding your
mind today that you might have
trouble sorting them out if you
don’t write them down, Aries. They could
involve travel, education, group activities,
writing, and publishing. You might want to
discuss them with friends or members of a
group to which you belong.
20th July - 20th Aug
If you’ve been thinking of
taking a long trip by air, Leo,
this is the day to start planning
it - or even leave, if you can work it in.
Your excitement and anticipation are
high, and your sense of adventure is at
a peak.
20th Nov - 20th Dec
Friendships or love relationships
formed today are rooted as much
in intellectual compatibility as emotional attraction, Sagittarius. Stimulating
conversations could take place with old and
new friends alike. Creative projects go well.
If you’ve been looking for some information, you should find it today.
20th April - 20th May
A copious amount of physical
and mental energy could focus
on psychic, metaphysical, or spiritual activities today, Taurus. You’re feeling
especially intuitive. You could almost read
minds. One possible channel for all this energy is service to others, perhaps counselling or maybe even healing of some kind.
20th Aug - 20th Sept
Paperwork regarding money
might need attention today, Virgo,
as you could be planning to entertain
visitors. These are apt to be exciting people
bringing good news and interesting information. You might also expect a delivery of some
new books or equipment, and this should
contribute to the excitement.
20th Dec - 20th Jan
You’re generally intuitive, Capricorn, but today you could be
so sensitive to others that you pick
up on just about everything. Stay away
from hospitals or police stations if you
can. You might absorb everyone’s pain.
It’s better to put this vibe to work spiritually or artistically.
20th May - 20th June
Social events and group activities are likely to take up most of
your day, Gemini. You could
come into contact with so many people
you may not be able to keep track of them
all. Get contact information for all new
acquaintances. You should experience a
lot of intellectual stimulation.
20th Sep - 20th Oct
You might spend hours on the
phone today, Libra, possibly
discussing opportunities to perform services for others. Your mental and
physical energy should be high. You will
want to use as many tools as you can to
get whatever information you need, including books and the Internet.
20th Jan - 20th Feb
Expect a busy day, Aquarius.
You’re likely to spend a lot
of time in the car running errands and paying visits, perhaps related
to projects. A number of phone calls
might have to be made to friends or
members of a group with which you’re
20th June - 20th July
Today you might work on a lot of
writing, Cancer. It might be your
own or editing the work of others.
You could find what you’re doing exciting
and stimulating. Phone calls to interesting
people could also take place. The only caution is don’t tire yourself out.
20th Oct - 20th Nov
New, exciting opportunities to
earn more money might come
your way today, Scorpio perhaps
through new fields. Colleagues could bring
information. Your sense of adventure is
high, so risks might seem more attractive
than usual. Don’t get carried away.
20th Feb - 20th Mar
Today you might want to put
one last burst of effort into a
project, as this could make a big
difference to your income and status, Pisces. It could put you before the public in
some way. Your physical energy is high
and mental abilities especially sharp.
Sunday, January 18, 2015
1- Prefix with dextrous; 5- Cow or doe; 8- Metal-shaper;
13- Enticement; 14- Somewhat; 15- Where Hercules slew
the lion; 16- Warner ___; 17- Where heroes are made;
18- Equipped; 19- Musical instrument; 21- Bump off; 22___-disant (self-styled); 23- Bard’s nightfall; 24- One whose
name appears under the head; 28- Truly; 30- Couples;
31- ___ Quentin; 32- Eats to a plan; 33- Extremely; 34Goat’s milk cheese; 35- Double-breasted overcoat; 38Gin flavorer; 41- ___ Hashanah; 42- Umbilicus; 46- You
betcha!; 47- Yarn; 48- “West Side Story” Oscar winner; 49Undress; 51- Obtain; 52- Actor Erwin; 53- Bit of resistance;
54- Nauseous; 57- Frenzied; 59- Speaker of Cooperstown;
60- Trigonometric function; 61- One of Chekhov’s “Three
Sisters”; 62- Bell-shaped flower; 63- Cpls.’ superiors; 64Ready ___...; 65- China’s Sun ___-sen; 66- Nair rival;
Yesterday’s solution
1- Caliph from Baghdad; 2- Radio pioneer; 3- Pesticide;
4- Wishing won’t make ___; 5- Beer mug; 6- Circle of light
often seen around the head of saints; 7- Capital of Scotland;
8- Slowpokes; 9- Paris “thanks”; 10- Vast; 11- Driver’s aid;
12- Possessed; 14- Summed; 20- Actress Witherspoon;
25- Spoollike toy; 26- Consume; 27- Genetic material;
29- French 101 verb; 30- Compact; 33- Vehemently; 34Extreme reverence; 36- Dull; 37- Govt. security; 38- Barrett
of Pink Floyd; 39- Circle of flowers; 40- Constituent of blood
serum; 43- Trace; 44- International accord; 45- Noisiest; 47Male domestic feline; 48- Unordered; 50- Thick-skinned
charger; 51- Culpability; 55- “Tosca” tune; 56- Org.; 57- O
Sole ___; 58- Sheet music abbr.;
Little Known Facts
How to play:
Place a number in the empty boxes in such a way that each row across, each column
down and each 9-box square contains all of the numbers from one to nine.
Yesterday’s solution
Hoy en la Historia
January 18, 1996
Lisa Marie Presley filed for
divorce from Michael Jackson
after just 20 months of marriage.
They married in secret in the
Dominican Republic in May 1994
1778: Captain James Cook discovered
the Sandwich Islands, now Hawaii
1944: The World War II siege of
Leningrad was broken by Russian
forces after 900 days during which
almost one million civilians died
1995: Cave paintings around 20,000
years old were discovered in the
Ardeche region of southern France
2005: The “superjumbo” Airbus
A380, capable of carrying as many
as 850 passengers, was unveiled
Picture: Getty Images
People are 1% taller
in the morning
than they are in the
Sunday, January 18, 2015
eventy years on, mystery
disappearance of Swedish
diplomat Raoul Wallenberg
who saved tens of thousands
of Jews from the Holocaust.
The young diplomat went
missing on January 17, 1945
after being summoned to
the Soviet headquarters in
wartime Budapest.
Historians, experts and
relatives have long questioned
circumstances surrounding
his disappearance as well as
Soviet assertions that he died
two years later in a prison
beneath the secret service
Lagergren (left), 93-year-old half-sister of Wallenbergen, sits
headquarters in Moscow.
But Wallenberg’s 93-year- next sits to her granddaughter, 41-year-old Aahlberg at her
old half-sister Nina Lagergren apartment in Djursholm near Stockholm.
is unequivocal.
“It is possible to find the still playing the cat and information
truth,” she said, remembering mouse,” said author Ingrid Wallenberg to a German
her older sibling as “funny Carlberg, who wrote an businessman
extensive biography of protected by Nazi leaders,
and warm”.
In 1944, Wallenberg was Wallenberg. “Russia must suggesting the full story had
sent as a special envoy to the open its archives. It’s been 70 not been told.
Hans Olsson, who is in
capital of Nazi-controlled years since he disappeared, his
Hungary and by early 1945, sister is alive and still awaiting charge of the case at Sweden’s
foreign ministry, said the
had issued Swedish papers to a response.”
In 1957, Carlberg said, government
thousands of Jews, allowing
them to flee the country and Soviet authorities produced the Wallenberg dossier
likely death at the hands of a document claiming that “completely open”.
For a long time, “the
a prisoner by the name of
the Fascists.
Several months before the Wallenberg had died a decade behaviour of the foreign
ministry and its lack of
war ended, the Soviets invaded earlier.
And “after the fall of the interest were really strange,”
Budapest and summoned the
Swede to their headquarters. USSR, the Russians presented Lagergren said.
In her apartment in a
numerous documents relating
He was never seen again.
Lagergren, like some to the Swede, but there is no Stockholm suburb, she has
experts on the Wallenberg doubt that to this day they devoted an entire room to the
case, is convinced the truth have not shown it all,” she files she has collected on her
about her brother’s fate is said.
“We (she and her older
A group of researchers
hidden in Russian archives.
“It’s a shame that Russia is recently produced new brother Guy von Dardel)
always admired him,” she said.
“He meant a lot to us because
he was tremendously funny
and warm.”
Lagergren is the last
family member to have seen
Wallenberg alive, when she
lived in Berlin in the summer
of 1944.
“He was in a big hurry (to go
to Budapest). He understood
the gravity of his mission,”
she said.
Wallenberg was sent to
Budapest by the War Refugee
Board -- a US agency created
to save civilian victims of the
Nazis by providing them with
papers for neutral countries
such as Switzerland, Sweden
and Turkey.
He organised the Budapest
according to certain estimates,
saved 100,000 people from
“In the few lines he sent
in telegrams, we understood
the situation,” Lagergren said
of his brief messages from
Thanks to his efforts,
he was in 1981 the second
foreigner ever to be named
an honorary citizen of the
United States, after Britain’s
wartime prime minister
Winston Churchill.
Wallenberg’s commitment
made him “a symbol of
civic courage,” said Johan
Perwe, spokesman for the
Swedish government body
that promotes tolerance
Lagergren holds a picture of her brother at her apartment in
Djursholm near Stockholm.
“Unlike my grandmother’s
generation and the generation
after that, who have grieved
closely, my generation can
use Raoul (Wallenberg) as
something positive,” said
Cecilia Ahlberg, Lagergren’s
“As an example and an
inspiration,” she said.
Philippines spread hands to mall worshipping
Mynardo Macaraig
n a busy evening in one of
the Philippines’ top malls,
shoppers wandered through
luxury brand shops while
prostitutes sat expectantly at a
bar and a priest gave a sermon
at a chapel.
The scene may appear an
unlikely combination but in
the Philippines the Catholic
Church has successfully
set up shop where millions
increasingly spend their
leisure time.
As a visit by Pope Francis
to the Philippines this week
shines a spotlight on the
nation’s vibrant brand of
Catholicism, local Church
leaders said he would endorse
the mixing of faith with
“It was Jesus who went to
market places to preach the
good news of salvation. We
must go where our people
are,” Father Rufino Sescon, a
member of the local organising
committee for Francis’s visit,
The 30-year-old Santo Nino
de Paz chapel in the financial
district of Makati’s upmarket
Greenbelt mall helped to
pioneer mall worshipping in
the Philippines.
In the 1980s, when the retail
complex was much smaller,
the chapel was surrounded
only by greenery and a serene
But gradually the mall
encircled the chapel as it
developed and expanded.
Today it offers almost
anything a shopper might
desire -- including the city’s
best restaurants, luxury
fashion outlets, a fish-feeding
pond to amuse the children
and a bar well known for its
On any early evening,
Father Paul Marquez presides
over mass, as brightly dressed
women and transvestites sit
on chairs within view of the
altar at the front of the bar and
tout for clients.
Following one recent mass,
Marquez said he was happy
with his chapel’s setting.
“Jesus went to the
prostitutes, the tax collectors.
He was criticised but we
cannot remain an antiseptic
church,” he said.
Susana, a self-described
“sex therapist” who works the
bar and other establishments
in the mall, said she was
comforted by the presence of
a place of worship nearby.
“I go there to pray
occasionally,” Susana said
as Marquez’s evening mass
employee Editha Ramos, who
patronises several mall chapels,
said she preferred them to the
traditional churches. “They
are air-conditioned and so
clean and orderly. Not like the
old churches, so hot and so
dusty,” she said. (AFP)
Sunday, January 18, 2015
Our biggest advantage is
that our Muslim populations feel themselves to
be Americans and there
is this incredible process
of assimilation that is
part of our tradition
- US President
Barack Obama
Charlie Hebdo carton of
Prophet Mohammed is
an insult to the sacred
religion of Islam and the
Muslim world
While we may not always
agree with any particular
judgment or every item
of content, the right to
publish that information
is fundamental
- Afghan President
Ashraf Ghani
- State Department spokesman Jeffrey Rathke
Anti-Charlie Hebdo protests rock African village
ioters burned at least seven
churches Saturday in
Niamey over the publication of
a Prophet Mohammed cartoon
on the cover of France’s Charlie
Hebdo weekly. Some of the
mainly evangelical churches in
the Niger capital were housed
in small villas with no outside
“Some of us stayed
barricaded in our homes. I have
never been so scared in my life,”
a Christian mechanic told. “The
government must put a stop to
this,” he added. “It doesn’t look
good for us.” Bars, hotels and
various businesses under nonMuslim ownership or bearing
signs of French companies were
also targeted.
“As soon as the protesters
started toward the grand
mosque we knew this was
coming,” said Kiema Soumaila,
manager of the Toulousain a
well-known bar in Niamey.
“They burned everything
after smashing anything that
was glass on the road,” Soumaila
added. About six groups of 200
to 300 protesters were believed
to be rampaging through the
city, a security source said.
Around 100 helmeted riot
Church files for bankruptcy
to repay sex abuse victims
A US archdiocese said on
Friday that it is filing for bankruptcy to compensate victims of sexual abuse, the 12th
Roman Catholic district to do
so in a years-long scandal that
has rocked the Church.
The Archdiocese of Saint Paul
and Minneapolis is filing for
bankruptcy for the “reorganisation of the archdiocese corporation,” said Archbishop
John Nienstedt. “I believe it is
the fairest and most helpful
recourse for those victims and
People sets a hotel on fire during a demonstration against
French weekly Charlie Hebdo’s publication of a cartoon of the
Prophet Mohammed in Niamey, on Saturday. (AFP)
Charlie Hebdo sells
1.9 million copies
rench satirical magazine
Charlie Hebdo has sold
1.9 million copies of its latest
issue, which has provoked
protests by Muslims around
the globe over a new cartoon
of the Prophet Mohammed.
Distribution has however
been hit by printing problems,
with only 230,000 copies
ready against the one million
that had been expected to
ship this weekend,.
The technical problem
had been resolved and
“distribution will resume
normally on Monday”, said
a source.
The issue was the first
since two Islamist gunmen
stormed Charlie Hebdo’s
Paris office on January 7 and
massacred 12 people.
police stood in front of the
Niamey cathedral at midday,
protecting it from a crowd of
stone-throwing youths.
Police had used tear gas
earlier in the day to disperse
a crowd of about 1,000 young
people massed in front of
Niamey’s grand mosque who
were armed with iron bars
and clubs. France’s embassy
in its former colony warned
French citizens to stay indoors
after rioters ransacked several
including telephone kiosks run
by Orange.
Charlie Hebdo has repeatedly
Mohammed over the years
and its latest issue, released on
Wednesday, features a cartoon
of Mohammed on its cover
holding a “Je Suis Charlie” (I
Am Charlie) sign under the
headline “All Is Forgiven”.
It came a week after attacks
by three Islamists on its offices,
a kosher supermarket and a
policewoman left 17 people
dead in and around Paris over
three days, deeply shocking
the country and sparking an
outpouring of international
support. (AFP)
Thousands rally against
Mohammed cartoons
round 15,000 people
on Saturday rallied
in Russia’s Muslim North
Ingushetia against Western
publications that insult
the Prophet Mohammed,
authorities said, in the wake
of the Charlie Hebdo attack
in France.
The crowd gathered for
the officially sanctioned
meeting in the regional
capital Magas to protest
“against cartoons of the
and insulting the beliefs
of Muslims,” said the local
Paper banned for ‘I am Charlie’ headline
ran has banned a reformist
newspaper for publishing on
its front page the headline “I
am Charlie”, state news agency
IRNA reported Saturday.
published the slogan next to
a picture of Hollywood star
George Clooney who had said
it at the weekend’s Golden
The New World
Tongan volcano creates new island
Tongan volcano has
created a substantial new
island since it began erupting
last month, spewing out huge
volumes of rock and dense
ash that has killed nearby
65 kilometres (40 miles)
northwest of the South Pacific
nation’s capital Nuku’alofa,
rumbled to life on December
20 for the first time in five
years, the Lands and Natural
Resources Ministry said.
It said the volcano was
erupting from two vents, one
on the uninhabited island of
Hunga Ha’apai and the other
underwater about 100 metres
The ministry said experts
took a boat trip to view the
eruption on Thursday and
confirmed it had transformed
the local landscape. “The
new island is more than one
kilometre wide, two kilometres
long and about 100 metres
high,” it said in a statement.
“During our observations
the volcano was erupting
about every five minutes to
a height of about 400 metres,
accompanied by some large
government’s press service.
Regional head YunusBek Yevkurov described the
publication of caricatures
of the Prophet as “state
extremism on the side of
several Western countries”
in a statement addressed to
the protest.
“Instead of decisively
destructive steps, the
political authorities in the
West are trying to set people
of different religions and
nationalities against each
other,” said the statement
published on the local
administration’s website.
rocks... as the ash is very wet,
most is being deposited close
to the vent, building up the
new island.” (AFP)
The words have come to
symbolise the fight for freedom
of expression after a January
7 deadly attack on the French
satirical magazine Charlie
Hebdo in Paris.
“The court in charge
of cultural affairs and the
media imposed the ban on
the newspaper,” informed
Mardom-e Emrouz director
Ahmad Sattari.
Thousands rally in Chad
against Boko Haram
Tens of thousands of people
rallied in the capital of Chad
on Saturday in support of the
authorities’ decision to send
troops to fight Nigeria’s Boko
Haram Islamists.
Prime Minister Kalzeube
Pahimi Deubet led the demonstrators as they marched
from city hall in the capital
of N’Djamena to the Place
de Nation square, carrying
Chadian flags and chanting,
“Kick the forces of evil out of
our territory,” in French and
Sunday, January 18, 2015
IS uses kids in propaganda to target next gen
W.G. Dunlop
young boy raises a pistol,
aims at two kneeling
men and fires, in a shocking
propaganda video highlighting
the Islamic State jihadist
group’s efforts to indoctrinate
another generation with its
brutal ideology.
22 die as
boat sinks
in China
Members of a rescue team
look at a section of the hull
(C) of a tugboat which sank
on a trial voyage in Jingjiang,
east China’s Jiangsu province.
including eight foreigners
have been confirmed dead after
a tugboat sank on a trial voyage
on the Yangtze, China’s longest
The vessel was raised on
Saturday, 40 hours after it
sank while undergoing testing
with 25 men, including the
eight foreigners, aboard in the
eastern province of Jiangsu on
Thursday afternoon, the state
news agency Xinhua said.
Three survivors were pulled
out by rescuers, whose efforts
were complicated by strong
currents and icy temperatures.
The final body was retrieved
maritime officials said.
Taiwan’s ruling party looks
to new leader to turn tide
Taiwan’s Beijing-friendly ruling
party appointed a new leader
on Saturday in the hope of
reversing its fortunes after its
worst-ever local election setback reflected growing fears
over Chinese influence.
President Ma Ying-jeou
resigned as chairman of the
Kuomintang (KMT) over the
election defeat in November,
seen as a backlash over warming ties with China since he
took power in 2008. Eric Chu,
the mayor of New Taipei city,
stood unopposed for the party
leadership Saturday and was
elected with 99.61 percent of
the total cast by members.
The boy, who doesn’t look
older than 12, has allegedly
executed two men said to have
confessed to spying for Russia,
the voiceover saying their
bodies “lay humiliated” at the
feet of the young jihadist.
Their fate could not be
independently confirmed.
When asked in another
video what he wanted to do in
the future, the boy said: “I will
be the one who slaughters you,
O kuffar (unbelievers). I will
be a mujahed (holy warrior).”
The video is one of many
examples of propaganda
aimed at spreading IS’s beliefs
to a younger generation to aid
recruitment and to perpetuate
the “caliphate” the group has
declared in areas it holds in
Iraq and Syria.
Charles Lister, a visiting
fellow at the Brookings Doha
Centre, said that over the past
six months IS media materials
“have steadily escalated the
level of violence involving and
being carried out by children,
with this video being the most
extreme level reached so far”.
“Showing off children
undertaking such violent acts
is (IS’s) way of suggesting
its fight is one that should
be undertaken by all men of
‘fighting age’,” he said.
One of the IS videos shows
young boys undergoing
classroom instruction in
religion and Arabic, then
firearms practice and physical
Typhoon ravages Philippines
kills mass
Jean-Louis De La Vaissiere
ope Francis was forced
Saturday to flee a fierce
storm in the Philippines,
cutting short a mercy mission
to weeping survivors of a
catastrophic super typhoon.
Wearing a yellow plastic
poncho to protect him from
intense rain, Francis delivered
an emotional mass to about
200,000 people in the typhoonravaged central Philippine city
of Tacloban.
However, plans to spend
the entire day in Tacloban
and nearby areas that were
devastated by Super Typhoon
Haiyan 14 months ago were
ruined by another storm,
forcing him to fly back to
Manila at lunchtime.
“So I apologise to you all. I’m
sad about this, truly saddened,”
the 78-year-old pontiff told
thousands of people who had
gathered at one church shortly
before he raced back to the
The pope’s plane made the
90-minute flight back to the
Philippine capital of Manila
as a volunteer for
Pope Francis’s mass in
the Philippines was killed
Saturday as stormy weather
crashing on to her, a church
spokesman said.
The scaffolding hit the
21-year-old woman in
the chest and pinned her
to the ground, killing her,
Father Amadeo Alvero,
Archdiocese of Palo, told
He said she was one of
many volunteers helping
at the mass the pope had
given earlier in the day at
Tacloban airport.
Pope Francis (C) wears a plastic poncho as he waves to well
wishers after a mass in Tacloban. (AFP)
The trip to Tacloban and
surrounding areas was one of
the top reasons for the pope
making a five-day visit to
the Philippines, the Catholic
Church’s Asian stronghold,
where he is a highly revered
The pope celebrated a
truncated but still deeply
emotional mass for survivors
at Tacloban’s airport, after
receiving a joyous welcome
from a crowd that police
estimated at about 200,000
“Long live the pope,” the
crowd chanted as he walked
off the plane to be immediately
buffeted by strong winds.
His welcome echoed the
rapturous reception that
millions gave the pontiff during
the first two days of his trip.
“I would like to tell you
something close to my heart,”
the pope said as many in the
crowd clutched crucifixes and
cried. (AFP)
Bystanders and airport staff
rush to offer help after a
plane carrying top aides of
Philippine President Benigno
Aquino that was following
Pope Francis overshot a runway. AFP
Plane following Pope
overshoots runway
plane carrying top aides
of Philippine President
Benigno Aquino overshot a
runway in stormy weather on
Saturday, shortly after Pope
Francis’s plane took off from
the same airport.
The plane’s nose wedged into
the mud at Tacloban airport
in the central Philippines but
no-one was injured, informed
Francis Tolentino, a senior
government official.
secretary, Paquito Ochoa, and
spokesman, Herminio Coloma,
were among those on the
chartered plane.
They were among a group
of senior officials in Tacloban
to accompany the pope as
he visited survivors of Super
Typhoon Haiyan, the strongest
storm every recorded on land,
which killed 7,350 people in
The plane carrying the
presidential aides tried to take
off less than 30 minutes after
the pope took off, reports said.
Bitter Cold Life
Volunteers help homeless survive icy winter
Saint Petersburg
Marina Koreneva
very evening in a quiet
neighbourhood on the
edge of the Gulf of Finland,
a group of homeless people
huddle for warmth against the
icy wind as they wait in front
of a tent.
Just before 9:00pm, a
minibus arrives and volunteers
from the charity Nochlezhka,
which translates as Shelter,
start doling out dinner and
opening up the heated tent.
“I wait for this moment all
day,” says Valera. “The meal
is good and the tent is warm.”
Most people coming to the
tent are slightly drunk, but the
atmosphere remains calm as
they quickly settle down in the
warmth of the shelter.
Over 1,700
people died
from cold last
winter in St
“The homeless here really
appreciate our help and in
general they behave well,”
said Igor Antonov from
“We don’t have to receive
people if they are drunk but
we do it all the same,” he said.
“You can’t kick a human
being out in the middle of
winter, it is far too risky.”
died from the cold in Saint
Petersburg last winter,” he
said. Hundreds more end
up in hospital with either
hypothermia or serious burns
caused by the fires they light to
try to keep themselves warm.
According to official
figures there are some
30,000 homeless people in
Saint Petersburg, but charity
workers estimate the real
figure to be double.
Sunday, January 18, 2015
Pakistan hangs 19th militant
Volunteer charged with minor rape
epalese police have
charged a Canadian
orphanage volunteer with rape
for allegedly abusing a nineyear-old boy in a suburb of
“Ernest Fenwick MacIntosh,
71, who arrived on a tourist visa
last August, was volunteering
with St Xavier’s Social Service
30 militants
killed in
t least 30 militants have
been killed after the
Afghan security forces waged
offensives in two provinces, the
police said on Saturday.
Afghan army and border
police, backed by army
helicopter gun-ships, pounded
several hideouts of militants
in eastern Kunar province’s
Dangam district, Xinhua
quoted provincial police chief
Abdul Habib Sayyedkhel as
“The raid was launched
Friday. It is still going on
there,” he added. He informed
that the operation will continue
before the militants in the area
are cleared.
The district has been the
scene of fierce fighting after
Taliban militants launched
frequent attacks in apparent
efforts to take control of
the district centre in the
mountainous province over the
past couple of months.
akistan on Saturday
hanged a sectarian militant
whose execution was cancelled
but later reinstated after a
court rejected a pardon from
his victim’s family, officials
The hanging brings to 19 the
number of executions Pakistan
has carried out since it lifted
Centre for homeless children,
took the victim to his room
and molested him,” said a
police spokesman.
UN to discuss Ukraine crisis
United Nations
he UN Security Council
will meet next week to
discuss the flare-up of violence
in Ukraine. A meeting of the
15-member council will be
held on Wednesday at the
request of Lithuania.
There has been an upsurge
in violence this week, with
fighting around Donetsk
a six-year moratorium on the
death penalty in terror cases
following a school massacre
last month.
Countering China
New Delhi
apan’s foreign minister used
a visit to India on Saturday
to push for tighter maritime
security ties between the two
nations, as Tokyo seeks to
shore up its relationships in
Asia to counter an increasingly
powerful China.
Fumio Kishida, who met
with Indian Prime Minister
Narendra Modi on Friday,
is on his first overseas visit
since Japanese Prime Minister
Shinzo Abe secured a landmark
victory in national elections
last month.
“Japan and India have been
increasing cooperation in the
field of maritime security... It is
Japanese Minister of Foreign Affairs Fumio Kishida (L) shakes
hands with Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj prior to a
meeting in New Delhi on Saturday. (AFP)
important to further strengthen our cooperation,” Kishida
said in a speech to the Indian
Council of World Affairs in
New Delhi on Saturday.
Both India and Japan
have signalled a keenness to
beef up their defence ties in
recent months to counter an
increasingly assertive China.
The two governments are
expected to discuss the possible
amphibian aircraft in India and
Japan’s continued participation
in India-US maritime exercises.
Kishida also urged closer
economic collaboration with
India, a subject close to both
Modi and Abe, who have been
compared for their economic
reform zeal. (AFP)
airport on Thursday forcing
monitors from the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe to turn back.
Booby-trapped honey jar
kills Ukrainian soldier
n elderly man pretending
to bring Ukrainian troops
a jar of honey turned out to be
an attacker in disguise, with
the gift exploding and killing
a soldier, a local official said
The incident occurred at a
checkpoint in the country’s
war-torn east on Friday, with
a new wave of fighting between
government forces and proRussia rebels having wracked
the area in recent days.
Fighting in eastern
Ukraine kills 3 soldiers
Fighting in eastern Ukraine
has killed three soldiers, as an
upsurge in clashes in recent
days between the army and
pro-Russian rebels centred
around control of a battered
The wrecked shell of the airport has been repeatedly hit
by battles, but remains of strategic importance.
Search for flood victims continues
Chilobwe, Malawi
Felix Mponda
People light candles at the Koyaike park in Itami city
on the eve of the 20th anniversary of the earthquake in
Kobe, which left 6,400 dead in Japan. (AFP)
hile helicopters and
boats fan out across
Malawi’s devastated floodlands
to search for the living, families
and friends of the missing have
begun the grim task of digging
for the dead.
Armed only with hoes,
six young men on Saturday
combed the banks of a new
watercourse created by flash
Malawians displaced by the torrential rains and floods of the last
few days take shelter in a tent in the Milima area of Chikhwawa,
Malawi. (AFP)
A Shot From Past
floods through Chilobwe, a
shantytown just five kilometres
(three miles) from the
commercial capital Blantyre.
“We have not lost hope. We
hope to find the bodies to give
our friends a dignified funeral,”
said Rodney Chikoja, one of
the volunteers.
A total of 176 people have
been confirmed dead in the
floods, with 153 missing and
200,000 homeless, according to
official figures.
130-year-old ‘gun that won the West’ found in US park
Los Angeles
S experts are scratching their
heads after finding a more
than 130-year-old Wild West rifle
leaning against a Juniper tree in
a remote area of a national park.
The Winchester Model 1873
firearm was found in Great Basin
National Park in Nevada by a
park employee, Eva Jensen, who
happened to be working in the
area with an archaeology team.
Exposed for years to the
elements, the rifle’s cracked wood
stock was “weathered to gray,”
while the brown rusted barrel
“blended into the colours of the
old Juniper tree,” officials said.
Tucked into a remote rocky
outcrop, the rifle appeared to
have remained “hidden for many
years,” they added in a statement.
The gun’s serial number
indicates that it was made and
shipped in 1882. But beyond that
it remains a mystery.
“Who left the rifle? When and
why was it leaned against the tree?
And why was it never retrieved?”
the statement said, adding that
experts were poring over old
newspapers and family histories
to search for where it may have
come from.
The Winchester Model 1873
rifle holds a prominent place in
local history, referred to as “the
gun that won the West.” Some
720,610 were manufactured
between 1873 and 1916 when
production ended. The gun was
not loaded when it was found, but
would have held .44-40 caliber
ammunition when in use. (AFP)
Sunday, January 18, 2015
Must have at least 2-5 years of
working knowledge and experience on Microsoft technologies
including .Net, Visual Basic, SQL
Server and source code control
systems * Degree (Bachelor or
Master) in computer science or
software engineering * 2+ years’
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cad with GCC experience (there
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SOFTWARE PROGRAMMERMust have at least 2-5 years of
working knowledge and experience on Microsoft technologies
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Server and source code control
systems,Degree (Bachelor or
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Required Senior Software Engineer with Bachelors degree
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The position is for immediate
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Spicy and delicious, this kedgeree is dead easy to
make and perfect for a big family brunch. Some
people love peas in a kedgeree and some don’t – it’s
up to you. It tastes great either way.
475g/1lb 1oz undyed smoked haddock fillet, cut
in half
2 bay leaves
200g/7oz basmati rice, rinsed in cold water and
4 free-range eggs
100g/3½ frozen peas (optional)
40g/1½oz butter
1 tbsp sunflower oil
1 onion, finely chopped
1 heaped tbsp medium curry powder
3 tbsp double cream
3 tbsp chopped fresh parsley
½ lemon, juiced
Freshly ground black pepper
Place the haddock in a large frying pan, skin-side up.
Pour over 500ml/17fl oz water, add the bay leaves
and bring the water to a gentle simmer. Cook the fish
for 8-10 minutes until it is just done and flakes easily.
Drain in a colander set over a bowl, reserving the
cooking oil, and discard the bay leaves.
Pour the cooking oil into a medium saucepan and
stir in the rice. Cover with a lid and bring to the boil.
Reduce the heat and simmer the rice very gently
for 10 minutes. Turn off the heat and leave the rice
covered for 3-5 minutes more. By this time it should
have absorbed all the fish liquor.
While the rice is cooking, bring some water to the boil
in a medium pan. Add the eggs and cook for eight
minutes. Drain them in a sieve under cold running
water and when cool enough to handle, peel them
carefully and set aside. Cook the peas, if using, in a
small pan of boiling water and drain.
Melt the butter with the oil in a large pan and cook
the onion over a low hear for five minutes until well
softened, stirring occasionally. Add the curry powder
and cook for another 3 minutes, stirring constantly.
Place the cooked rice into the pan and stir in the
onions. Add the peas, cream, parsley and a few twists
of ground black pepper.
Flake the fish into chunky pieces and add these to
the pan. Gently stir the lemon juice and cook for 1-2
minutes. Cut the eggs into quarters and place them
on the rice. Cover the pan with a lid and heat through
for 2-3 minutes or until the eggs are warm, then serve.
If not serving immediately, tip the kedgeree into a
warm dish and dot with a few cubes of butter. Cover
with foil and keep warm in a low oven for up to 20
minutes before serving.
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Reaching the right audience
Sunday, January 18, 2015
Sunday, January 18, 2015
Negredo winner lifts Valencia
Lacazette keeps Lyon top
rench strike sensation
Alexandre Lacazette scored
his 20th goal in 21 league
matches so far this season as
Lyon made short work of Lens
in a 2-0 Ligue 1 away win.
This latest victory leaves Lyon
clear at the top on 45 points,
four clear of Marseille on 41,
while Saint Etienne are on 39.
Saudi Arabia
play Oman
DT News Network
audi Arabia take on Oman
in the Group B Huawei 6th
GCC U-23 Championship for
Olympic teams at the National
Stadium, Riffa at 4.30pm on
Sunday. Kuwait and Qatar play
later in Group A meeting.
Saudi Arabia had opened the
campaign with a last gasp 3-2
win over hosts and defending
champions Bahrain on Friday,
while Qatar went down to UAE
2-0. The final matches in the
round-robin stage are set for
Tuesday when Bahrain take on
Oman at 4.30pm in Group B
and Qatar meet UAE in Group
A. A knockout phase with a play
off for fifth and sixth places will
be held on Thursday with the
championship concluding on
January 26.
Thomas shares lead
PGA Tour rookie Justin Thomas
carded nine-under-par 61 to
charge into a share of the lead
with fellow Americans Matt
Kuchar and Webb Simpson
after the second round at the
Sony Open in Hawaii.
ormer Manchester City
striker Alvaro Negredo
came off the bench to score
the winner as Valencia moved
into third in La Liga thanks
to a thrilling 3-2 win over
Almeria on Saturday. The
hosts went in front twice in the
first-half through captain Dani
Parejo and Rodrigo, but on
Lacazette is on track to eclipse
the goals scored by Zlatan
Ibrahimovic, top scorer in the
last two Ligue 1 seasons.
Troicki crushes Kukushkin
erbian Viktor Troicki took
a big step on his comeback
trail after a doping ban by
dismantling fellow qualifier
Mikhail Kukushkin 6-2, 6-3 to
win the Sydney International.
The 28-year-old, who returned
to action last July after serving
a one-year ban for missing a
dope test, took just over an
both occasions the lead lasted
barely a few minutes as Tomer
Hemed’s double sent the sides
in level at half-time.
Showjumping Championship
DT News Network
li Issa clinched Grand
Prix title in the Khalid
bin Hamad Al Khalifa
Showjumping Championship
at the BDF Equestrian Centre
in Sakhir on Saturday.
Issa (89.01 seconds) claimed
the title by conquering fences
with 120-130 cms height,
riding Bascal, ahead of second
placed Sami Ghazwan (79.19,
four faults) on Fairuz. Eyad
Ahmed (83.34, four faults)
finished third with Tawfiq
Al Qattan (84.83, four faults)
coming in fourth.
The championship was held
under the patronage of Supreme
Council for Youth and Sports
First Deputy Chairman and
Bahrain Athletics Association
President HH Shaikh Khalid
bin Hamad Al Khalifa.
In the Juniors A event,
Mayoof Al Rumaihi (30.48),
riding Granis, came first in
the category of over 85-95 cm
fences as Mohammed Dadallah
(32.94) on My Baby finished
second place.
The third place went to
Nedhal Abdulnabi (34.90)
on Loshito and Emmy Kane
(37.45) on D.J. fourth.
In the Juniors B race,
Ahmed Isa (34.81) claimed
first place on Osina in the
category of over 95-105 cm
fences, with Katie Edison
(37.50) second on West, while
Mayoof Al Rumaihi (29.12,
four faults) on Grensee was
Ali Issa (25.58) enjoyed
double success in winning the
Adults A category of over 85-95
cm riding Collin, followed by
Jassim Mohammed (26.07) in
second on Al Yabis, while third
place went to Basil Al Dosari
(27.60) riding Doori and fourth
place going to Abbas Yousif
(28.60) on Argentina.
hour to claim his second career
ATP title. Troicki will take Jiri
Vesely in the first round tie at
the Australian Open.
Butt 5-for-22
sinks Khan CC
DT News Network
CC A defeated Khan CC
by 40 runs in a thrilling
low scoring match in the BFC
Professional League at the
Hunainiya Valley in Riffa.
Batting first, BCC A were
bundled for 136 with Fahad
Sadeq (22) top scoring as
Kashif Moosa, Adil and Safdar
claimed a couple of wickets
Khan CC were bowled out
for just 96 runs thanks to a
brilliant spell of fast bowling
by Imran Butt (five for 22).
In another match, ABM
Climax defeated Titans by 107
runs after scoring a record 304
runs in 25 overs with Imran
Anwar blasting 50 off just
12 deliveries including six
strikes over the rope. Jabbar
Amjad (67) and Waqas Khan
(71) also chipped in. Titans
were then restricted to 197 as
Mohammed Ishtiaq claimed
five wickets.
Meanwhile, BCC defeated
Indian Club by 105 runs after
posting 245 with Adnan Butt
(57) top scoring. Indian Club
were folded for 140.
Shaikh Hamad, Alkooheji maintain winning streaks
DT News Network
haikh Hamad bin Isa
Al Khalifa and Hussain
Alkooheji kept their perfect
records on the tracks intact
on Friday when they claimed
yet another double triumphs in
their respective championships
at Bahrain International
Circuit (BIC).
The double for Shaikh
Hamad in the BIC 2,000cc
Winners on the podium
Challenge fourth round
streak to eight in a row. Al
Kooheji, meanwhile, followed
suit, winning in the BMR
600 Championship, thereby
stretching his unbeaten run to
four races.
Both races were held in
Sakhir as part of National
Racing Festival, organised by
BIC in cooperation with the
Bahrain Motor Federation and
Circuit Racing Club.
Shaikh Hamad had a
slow start with Abdulaziz
Ashkanani, in Honda S2000,
topping free practice with
registering a best lap time of
one minute and 18.877seconds.
Hussain Karimi then steered
his Honda CRX to win pole
position in 1min 18.841secs.
After starting from third
on the grid, Shaikh Hamad
managed to power to the front
a few laps into the race and
he held on strong to take the
chequered flag by 19mins and
In the BMR 600 Hussain
Alaswad began the day on top
after registering a best lap of
1min 16.067secs during free
practice. He improved on his
time to gain pole position in
qualifying with a fastest lap
time of 1min 15.995secs.
Al Kooheji won race one in
15mins 18.058secs. Alaswad
finished 8.064secs back, while,
Saleh Alkandari was third
8.170secs from first.
Congo hold hosts 1-1 Qassim-Rahul duo wins Juniors Open doubles title
frican Cup of Nations
hosts Equatorial Guinea
were denied an opening game
win as Thievy Bifouma scored
a late equaliser to share the
spoils with Congo in a 1-1
draw on Saturday.
Emilio Nsue’s 16th-minute
strike appeared to have put
Equatorial Guinea - who
were only given a place at
the tournament as hosts after
Morocco were stripped of the
right to stage the competition
- the victory.
Aidan Payne/DTNN
[email protected]
assim Obaidan from Saudi
Arabia and Saudi-based
Indian Rahul Jaideep came from
a set down to defeat Bahraini
cousins Mohammed Dhaif and
Yousif Dhaif 3-6, 7-6, 13-11 to
clinch the boys doubles title at
the third E.K.Kanoo Juniors
Open tennis championships on
Mohammed and Yousif took
a 4-1 first set lead but Qassim
and Rahul responded by taking
the next game with a break of
service at the Bahrain Tennis
Club premises in Juffair. But
the Bahraini duo raced to 5-3
lead breaking their opponents to
clinch the first set. In the second
set, Qassim and Rahul won an
early break to lead 2-0 but it was
cancelled out before restoring
the two-game lead at 4-2.
In the third set tie-break,
Mohammed and Yousif raced
to 5-3, before Qassim and Rahul
levelling at 7-7 and eventually
securing the title with three
unanswered points.
The girls 16 years and under
singles title was comfortably won
by 12-year old Grade 7 Sacred
Heart student Aleina Alex in
straight sets 6-0, 6-0 against
Bahraini Maria Taleb, who is
also a 12-year old student at
Sacred Heart School.
Sunday, January 18, 2015
We are the
winner but
we saw
some good
opportunities for
Australia and
maybe it could have
been 1-1. But for us the
result was not important, we didn’t mind
who we play from now
on. The performance is
what was important.
South Korean coach
Uli Stielike
Endo sheepishly
reaches 150 caps
Japan’s Yasuhito Endo reacted
with mock horror
he had tied
German superstar
Matthaeus by
winning his
150th cap in
his country’s 1-0
Asian Cup victory over
The 34-year-old midfielder, given his international
debut by Brazilian Zico in
2002, is expected to surpass
Matthaeus, who skippered
West Germany to World
Cup glory in 1990, when the
Blue Samurai play Jordan in
their final Group D game on
“Me going level with
Matthaeus is a bit of an insult
to Matthaeus,” said Japan’s
record caps holder, initially
discarded by Japan coach
Javier Aguirre following their
flop at last year’s World Cup
before forcing his way back
into the Mexican’s reckoning.
Maaloul rues lengthy
Kuwait injury list
Kuwait coach Nabil Maaloul
blamed a long injury
list for his team’s
failure to win a
single game in
a tough Group
A at the AFC
Asian Cup.
And after losing 1-0 to Oman on
Saturday despite dominating
most of the match, Maaloul was
quick to point out that most of
those injured were strikers.
“Too many of our players are
injured and it affected our
attacking line. We don’t have a
clear goal scorer,” he said.
Beat Kuwait 1-0
bdul Al Maqbali struck
with a second-half
header as Oman beat Kuwait
1-0 in a dead rubber at the
Asian Cup on Saturday, both
teams already having been
A scrappy encounter
between the Gulf rivals
appeared to be meandering
towards the tournament’s
first draw before Al Maqbali
pounced with a superb header
to break the stalemate in
Group A game with only
pride at stake.
It was Oman’s first victory
at the Asian Cup since 2004.
Al Maqbali’s goal briefly
sparked the game to life
and the striker could have
snatched a hat-trick inside
three minutes, first blazing
wide on the volley and then
seeing a header cleared off
the line.
Their bags already packed
having been beaten by Group
A powerhouses Australia and
South Korea, both teams were
limited to speculative long-
Ki revels in Korea’s success
Korea Republic’s 1-0 victory over AFC Asian Cup
hosts Australia that won them Group A on Saturday
was extra special for captain Ki Sung-yueng, said
the Swansea City man.
Ki spent four years as a teenager in Brisbane and in
the city he once called home and in front of his old
friends, the midfielder helped Uli Stielike’s side edge
the Socceroos and was named Samsung Man of the Match after
leading Korea Republic to their third victory in as many games
in the first round.
Korea will now play either Saudi Arabia or Uzbekistan from
Group B in the quarter-finals in Melbourne on Thursday.
Suliman Al Busaidi of Oman (left) and Fahad Al Ebrahim of
Kuwait (right) fight for the ball.
range shots in a first half
offering very little for a crowd
of 7,000 in Newcastle to get
excited about.
Abdullah Al Buraiki forced
a superb save from Oman
goalkeeper Ali Al Habsi
before squandering a giltedged chance to equalise by
nodding over the bar when it
appeared easier to score.
Fahed Al Ebrahim smashed
wide for 1980 champions
Kuwait, who huffed and
puffed but with no end
product as they failed to break
an 11-match winless streak
against Oman and finished
without a point.
Kuwait also finished
bottom of their group with
no points at the last Asian
Cup in 2011, won by Japan.
Kim Min Woo of Korea receives attention for an injury during the
first round Asian Cup football match between South Korea and
Australia at the Suncorp Stadium.
Le Guen delighted Coach turns shrink to improve Saudi mindset
with Oman win
man coach Paul Le Guen
was delighted his side
recorded their first win in the
AFC Asian Cup Australia 2015
after surviving a tough match
against Kuwait on Saturday.
“We had some difficulties
during the game but we kept
fighting. I like that about this
team,” said the Frenchman.
“Kuwait are a good team. It
is good for us and the state of
our mind in the future. It was
important to get a result.”
audi Arabia’s caretaker
coach Cosmin Olaroiu
Saturday said he’s spending
as much time acting as a
psychiatrist to his players as
imparting tactical wisdom at
the Asian Cup.
strengthening the mentality of
the Saudi players was one of his
biggest challenges as the threetime champions look to secure
a spot in the quarter-finals.
“Improving the psychology
of the players is a very
important part of my job,” he
told reporters. “You need to
build the confidence of the
players. Attitude if the most
important thing in football.”
Saudi Arabia won the last of
their three Asian Cup titles in
1996 and were runners-up for
a third time in 2007 when they
were stunned by Iraq in the
final, but have slipped behind
the region’s powerhouses
Japan, South Korea, Iran and
Australia in recent years.
Saudi Arabia recovered from
a shock 1-0 defeat by China
in their opening game by
overpowering North Korea 4-1
in midweek, effectively making
Sunday’s Melbourne clash
against the Uzbekis a knockout
game with the Chinese already
Naif Hazazi and Nawaf Alabid
have both fluffed penalties,
raising questions as to the mental
strength of the Saudis.
Perrin says China not the best team
hina coach Alain Perrin
Saturday played down his
side’s chances at the Asian Cup
as he attempted to dampen
rising expectations after two
wins out of two games so far.
China are already assured of
finishing top of Group B after
their best start to the tournament
in 27 years, but Perrin insisted
his team remain outsiders.
“I think our team are not
the best at this tournament,”
the Frenchman said ahead
of Sunday’s final group game
against North Korea in
“But even although we are not
the best we will challenge and
try to beat our opponents,” he
The Chinese will top of Group
B irrespective of Sunday’s result,
following their 1-0 win against
Saudi Arabia and 2-1 upset of
The fast start has been a
surprise from a team known as a
“sleeping giant” of football and
which is yet to win the Asian
Sunday, January 18, 2015
I am happy that we are
not the favourites, to be
very honest. Because it is
a big pressure, being the
favourites. We were not the
favourites last time either
but we played excellent
cricket and reached semis.
-Pakistan coach Waqar Younis
Rain washes
out third ODI
Rain forced the abandonment
of Saturday’s ODI between New
Zealand and Sri Lanka, leaving
the seven-match series tied at
1-1. Opener Martin Guptill had
made a timely return to form,
scoring an unbeaten 66 as New
Zealand reached 145-3, before
rain washed out the match in
the 29th over. Players were
chased from the field when
New Zealand were 88-1 after
18 overs and again at 131-1
after 25 overs before the final
Ballance suffers
fractured finger
Ballance has suffered a fractured finger in Australia but
is expected to be fit for the
World Cup. There will not be
an additional batsman called
into the squad for the ongoing tri series. Ballance sustained the injury - to his right
little finger - during fielding
practice in Canberra where
England played their two
warm-up matches. Ballance
was the batsman brought into
England’s squad following the
sacking of Alastair Cook.
Record for
Hashim Amla
South African batsman Hashim
Amla has became the fastest
player to notch up 5000 oneday international runs. Amla
scored 66 in South Africa’s
total of 279 for eight in 48.2
overs to reach 5000 runs in 101
innings against West Indies at
Kingsmead, well ahead of the
previous record of 114 jointly
held by West Indies great Viv
Richards and Virat Kohli.
Morale Booster
With the two new balls, the
fast bowlers will get that
level of assistance up front in
the coming World Cup. The
grounds are bigger too so it
won’t be that easy to clear the
ropes. I think it will be a challenge for the captains.
Pacer Ishant Sharma and
all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja
are not fit for the game
against Australia. In the triseries the most important
thing for us will be to get
the combination right for
the World Cup.
-Rahul Dravid
-Mahendra Singh Dhoni
ODI tri-series
iming to boost their
World Cup preparations,
India start their One-Day
campaign against Australia
at the Melbourne Cricket
Ground (MCG) on Sunday.
The last two World Cup
winners. The top two ranked
ODI teams. Two of cricket’s
three financial giants. There
is much that is momentous
about any 50-over meeting
between Australia and India,
especially so close to the start
of another World Cup.
But there is also plenty that
is uncertain. India are being
led by a captain who has just
retired from Test matches and
is hanging on for another tilt
at the limited-overs crown
he lifted in 2011. Australia’s
captain has been ruled out of
this tournament entirely, and
is no certainty to take any
part in the Cup itself, leaving
leadership in the hands of
George Bailey.
Then there is the shadow
of the recent Border-Gavaskar
series, in which Steven Smith
and Virat Kohli each showed
themselves to be their country’s
pre-eminent Test batsmen
by a distance, but their teammates provided reasons for
pause. Australia’s batting did
not always look certain despite
a succession of exceedingly
friendly pitches, while Mitchell
Johnson’s pace ebbed away
a touch from the peak he hit
icky Ponting believes
England have “missed a
trick” in choosing to discard
batsman Kevin Pietersen.
Ponting also said his desire to
“learn more” about the inner
workings of the England
cricket team was the catalyst
for his in-depth questioning
of Pietersen during a BBL
commentary stint last Monday
that drew headlines in the
cricket world.
“I saw Kevin Pietersen last
week and told him that if I
got him in the commentary
box, there were a few things I
wanted to talk to him about,”
Ponting wrote in a column.
Starc predicts
tight contest
Kohli is expected again to lead India’s charge.
last season. India’s bowlers a decidedly similar ODI
proved too inconsistent, raising combination can manage to do
the question about whether so in this series.
Al-Attiyah claims
second Dakar title
Buenos Aires
atar’s Nasser Al-Attiyah
clinched his second Dakar
Rally car title on Saturday to
give British marque Mini their
fourth consecutive success in
the gruelling 9,000 kilometre
Al-Attiyah, who won his first
Dakar in 2011, became only the
seventh multiple winner in the
car category.
miss trick’
In overall second came South
African Giniel de Villiers in a
Toyota and the winner in 2009.
Poland’s Krzysztof Holowczyc
in another Mini took third.
The 44-year-old veteran
Al-Attiyah, who has also
enjoyed success in the 2012
dominated the 2015
Dakar from start to Nasser Al-Attiyah (right) and co-driver
Mathieu Baumel.
Squaring off with India once
again after a fiercely fought
Test series, left-arm Australian
pacer Mitchell Starc predicted
an intense contest against the
same opponents on Sunday.
“It’s been a pretty intense Test
series. It will be very much the
same on Sunday,” Starc, who is
averaging an impressive 21.58
with the white ball, said.
Westbrook shines
in Thunder victory
Oklahoma City
exploded for a tripledouble and Kevin Durant
scored 36 points as the
Oklahoma City Thunder
dominated the Golden State
Warriors 127-115. Westbrook
finished with 17 points, 17
assists and 15 rebounds and
Serge Ibaka scored 27 for the
Thunder, who bounced back
nicely from loss in Houston.
The Thunder led the
entire second half in front
of a crowd of 18,200 at the
Chesapeake Energy Arena.
Klay Thompson led the
Warriors with 32 points in
the loss. Golden State played
without stars Andrew Bogut
and Andre Iguodala. Both
teams shot over 60 per cent in
a 68-point opening quarter.
Massacre survivors inspire Pakistan team
akistan cricketers on Saturday
met survivors of last month’s
horrific Taliban school massacre,
with captain Misbah Ul Haq saying
the brave youngsters had inspired his
team to win the World Cup.
Pakistan cricket team visits a student
Along with Misbah, all-rounder
at a military hospital in Peshawar.
Shahid Afridi, Umar Akmal, Ahmed
Shehzad, Ehsan Adil, Yasir Shah and
Mohammad Irfan visited the armyrun school in Peshawar where 150
people, most of them children, lost
their lives on December 16.
Misbah said meeting with
students who survived the attack -the deadliest in Pakistan’s history
-- had given the cricketers enormous
courage ahead of next month’s
World Cup in Australia and New
“The kids gave us tremendous
courage and wished the best for us
in the coming World Cup,” Misbah
“We are hugely motivated by these
kids,” Afridi said. “We want to show
the same courage in the World Cup
and win the event for our nation and
for our people and kids like these.”
“Players have promised that they
will do their best for the Peshawar
victims,” said Pakistan team manager
Naveed Cheema, who also handed
over a cheque of $75,000 from the
Pakistan Cricket Board.
Sunday, January 18, 2015
Robertson makes Masters final
eil Robertson raced into
the Masters final as the
Australian crushed defending
champion Ronnie O’Sullivan
6-1. Robertson delivered one
of the best performances of his
career in the last eight when
he demolished Ali Carter 6-1
and the world number one
was equally dominant as he
handed O’Sullivan his first
Blanc forgives
Cavani, Lavezzi
Paris Saint Germain coach
Laurent Blanc said he had
forgiven strike pair Ezequiel
Lavezzi and Edinson Cavani for
coming back from Christmas
holidays late as he named
them in his squad to take
on Evian on Sunday. Blanc
dropped the South Americans
for the first three games of the
new year as punishment and
he warned them that he has
not forgotten, adding that they
owed something to the team.
Blanc’s men are hoping to
bounce back from a 4-2 Ligue
1 defeat at lowly Bastia in their
last outing.
Armitage stars in Toulon win
ever Masters semi-final defeat
in his 11th appearance at that
stage. The 32-year-old faces
Shaun Murphy or Mark Allen
on Sunday.
Kaymer nears fourth
Abu Dhabi title
Abu Dhabi
birdies in a third-round 67
in Abu Dhabi on Saturday,
moving six strokes clear of
Thomas Pieters.
German Kaymer is a
three-times winner of the
Abu Dhabi HSBC Golf
Championship and a fourth
title is within his grasp,
having gone 36 holes without
Watson wins Hobart title
ritain’s Heather Watson
secured her second WTA
title with a 6-3 6-4 victory over
Madison Brengle in the final
of the Hobart International.
Watson was a popular winner
of an event, which battled rain
and blustery conditions all
week, wrapping up a hardfought but error-strewn
contest in under one-and-a-
dropping a shot to stand on
20 under.
He started Saturday on
13 under, two strokes clear
of McIlroy, and sank five
birdies in eight holes to
stretch a lead that was never
in jeopardy. So focused was
Kaymer that twice on the
back nine he did not even
wait for partner Pieters
to finish putting before
marching to the next tee.
Sociedad beaten
at home by Rayo
David Moyes’s unbeaten
home record as Real Sociedad
boss came to an end as former Manchester United striker Manucho handed Rayo
Vallecano a 1-0 win at Anoeta
on Saturday. In a game of few
clear-cut chances, the Angolan
rose highest to power home
Roberto Trashorras’s corner
10 minutes from time. Despite
beating Barcelona earlier this
month, Moyes has now overseen just two wins in eight
league games since taking
charge in November. Defeat
leaves Sociedad still just three
points off the relegation zone.
Paris, France
teffon Armitage scored a
hat-trick as Toulon turned
on the power and style in
becoming the first side to reach
the European Champions
Cup quarter-finals following
60-22 win over Ulster. The
reigning champions earned
a bonus point after running
in eight tries through Nicolas
Sanchez, Bryan Habana,
half hours. The world number
49 will take a major confidence
boost for the Australian Open,
where she meet Tsvetana
Pironkova in the first round.
Mathieu Bastareaud, Martin
Castrogiovanni, Armitage’s
treble and Mamuka Gorgodze.
Leigh Halfpenny kicked 20
points for the hosts.
Oscar, Costa score twice
scar and Diego Costa each scored
twice as Chelsea established a fivepoint lead at the Premier League with a
crushing 5-0 success at Swansea City.
The victory, which saw Chelsea go 4-0
up inside the first 36 minutes, enabled
Jose Mourinho’s side to pull clear of
Manchester City.
Manchester United climbed to third
place after winning 2-0 at Queens Park
Rangers, with Marouane Fellaini and
James Wilson finding the target after
Chelsea had lost two and won only
one of their previous four away games,
but they went ahead inside a minute at
Swansea when Oscar drilled a shot into the
bottom-left corner after Gylfi Sigurdsson
conceded possession.
Sigurdsson hit the crossbar within
seconds of the restart, but Chelsea doubled
their lead when Cesc Fabregas teed up
Costa to slot home. Costa punished a
mistake from Federico Fernandez to claim
Diego Costa (right) runs with the ball past Swansea City goalkeeper to score
his 17th goal of the campaign in the 34th
minute and two minutes later he teed up
Oscar to finish with the inside of his right
foot. After the change of ends, Andre
Schuerrle added a late fifth from Branislav
Ivanovic’s cross.
Barca look to improve away form
f Barcelona are to overhaul leaders
Real Madrid and wrest the La Liga
title back from Atletico Madrid for a
fifth Spanish top-flight triumph in seven
years they will have to improve their
form away from home.
Barca have won eight out of nine
games at their Nou Camp stadium but
have dropped 10 points on the road
following defeats at Real Madrid and
Real Sociedad and draws at Getafe and
Real, a point clear of second-placed
Barca at the top, have won seven out of
nine away games although they still have
to play at Barca and champions Atletico
Daunting Task
Malacca Strait spells danger for Ocean Race
olvo Ocean Race’s six-strong
fleet enters one of the most
hazardous phases of the ninemonth, round-the-world event in
the next 24 hours when it will
reach the Malacca Strait on the
third leg from Abu Dhabi to
Sanya, China.
The 500-nautical mile (nm)
stretch of water, which separates
the Indonesian island of Sumatra
and Malaysia, narrows to 1.5nm
as it funnels past Singapore into
the South China Sea and is one
of the busiest shipping lanes in
the world.
It is notorious for the huge
mountain of man-made debris
that has been dumped there. The
racing boats have had to dodge
discarded washing machines
and fridges in past editions of
the 38,739nm, 41-year-old event,
which is held every three years.
There are huge tankers to avoid
plus dozens of slow moving or
stationary fishing vessels to
navigate around and their nets
can easily become snagged in
the boats’ keels. “We’ve got to
negotiate this narrow passage
with intense shipping and get out
of that alive and in one piece,”
Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing’s Justin
Slattery said.
Volvo Ocean Race teams have to negotiate a
dangerous 500-nm stretch of water
Sunday, January 18, 2015
South Korea rock hosts
Australia 1-0 at the Asian
Cup on Saturday to top the
Group A standings and secure
a potentially easier path to the
final while leaving the host
nation facing a treacherous
first half to give his team a
surprise lead then the Koreans
held on against a wave of
attacks to
t h e
Striker Lee Jeonghyeop
goal in
Lee Jeonghyeop celebrates his goal
The win meant South
Korea finished at the top of
the Group A standings with
three wins and will play either
Uzbekistan or Saudi Arabia in
the quarter-finals.
As Group A runners-up,
Australia will play the Group
B winners China with the
defending champions Japan
lurking as a possible semifinalist.
dominated possession and
territory but paid a high price
for squandering their best
chances and resting
some of their
s t a r
striker Tim Cahill, who only
came on for the last 20 minutes
when the Socceroos were
desperate for an equaliser.
The Korean goalkeeper
Kim Jin-hyeon pulled off
a series of sharp saves to
keep his team ahead and the
visitors were unlucky not to
grab a second on the counterattack as they raised hopes of
winning their first Asian Cup
since 1960.
Lee, who was recalled to the
starting lineup after missing
South Korea’s previous group
win over Kuwait, broke the
deadlock in the 32nd minute
when he got his foot on to
a perfectly angled cross from
his team mate Lee Keun-ho.
The glance was just enough
to divert the ball into the net
at the far post, evading the
diving Australian goalkeeper
Mat Ryan.
already assured of a place in
the quarter-finals, the two
regional powerhouses initially
adopted a cautious approach,
on a hot and humid evening
at Brisbane’s Lang Park that
was invaded by thousands of
The match began in slightly
bizarre circumstances when
thousands of moths descended
onto the stadium field and
grandstands, forcing staff to
vacuum some of the benches
where players and officials
were trying to sit.
But once the Koreans
scored, the match opened up
as both teams ran themselves
to the point of exhaustion.
Tomi Juric forced the South
Korean goalkeeper Kim Jinhyeon to make a sharp save at
the near post after an attacking
run while James Troisi just
missed the target after he
fooled the Korean defence in
the box and turned quickly to
The Australians raised
the tempo in the second
half, starving South Korea of
possession and pressing for an
Juric missed another chance
shortly after the re-start when
he shot over the bar from close
range after combining with
Ivan Franjic.
Nathan Burns almost scored
when he weaved his way past
two defenders and into the box
only to see his shot saved.
Burns was immediately
substitution which saw Cahill
and Robbie Kruse introduced
with 20 minutes remaining.
Kruse was given golden
chance to equalise three
minutes from the end when
he found himself free in the
box but couldn’t beat Kim Jinhyeon one on one. (AFP)
Tomi Juric (right) of Australia fights for the ball with Kwak
Taehwi (left) of South Korea
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