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Can you imagine waiting
12 months to see your
Naturopathic Doctor?
What if you were a highly paid executive or an Oscar-winning
actress, the wife of the President of the United States, or a
Grammy-winning musician? Not many in the naturopathic
field have ever had such a long waiting list and such a highprofile clientele. At the height of Lindsey Duncan, N.D.,
C.N.’s practice in Santa Monica, California, his patients
would endure weeks, months and years to see him because
it was “worth the wait” to consult with the man who could
help even the most extreme and difficult cases and individ-
28 The Doctors’ Prescription for Healthy Living / Volume 10, Number 4
uals who were desperate for answers. For example, Dr. Lindsey treated over a dozen people who were exposed or contaminated during the terrible nuclear accident in the Ukraine
known as the “Chernobyl disaster.” He had well over a 90
percent success rate with these patients, while others,
including medical specialists and other natural practitioners,
failed miserably. The difference was that Dr. Lindsey treated
their toxicity at the “core,” while other “experts” treated just
the symptoms.
Born in Texas, “Dr. Lindsey” moved to California in 1982 and
began his studies with the legendary and distinguished
detoxification expert, Dr. Bernard Jensen. Dr. Lindsey studied and worked with Dr. Jensen for several years, spending
much of his time assisting Dr. Jensen at his famous healing
retreat in Escondido, California. The two remained
close friends and colleagues until Dr. Jensen’s
death in 2001.
Dr. Lindsey completed his alternative and
health education with dual degrees in nutrition and
naturopathy, and he credits Dr. Jensen with teach-
ing him about the importance of internal cleansing
and how the bowels are often the starting point for
disease. In Dr. Lindsey’s words, “My teacher and
mentor, Dr. Bernard Jensen, stated: ‘Every cell in
the body is fed by the bloodstream, which is supplied by the bowel. When the bowel is dirty, the
blood is dirty and so are the organs and tissues. It
is the bowel that must be cared for first before any
effective healing can take place.’” This remains
paramount to Dr. Lindsey’s healing philosophy and
his work with Dr. Jensen. His 40,000-plus clinical
hours are why he is, arguably, the most knowledgeable natural health expert in the field of total
digestive care.
Through his clinical work, Dr. Lindsey realized
that no suitable cleansing product was available to
the general public in the marketplace. After seeing
patients for 10 to 12 hours, six days a week, he
would work for another 7 to 8 on the development of
new product formulations. After multiple clinical
tests, Dr. Lindsey created a revolutionary product for
safe internal cleansing. Initially, his product was
available only through his successful Home Nutrition
Clinics. Very quickly, however, he was unable to fulfill the demand, so Dr. Lindsey established Nature’s
Secret and created the world’s first two-part internal
*Dr. Lindsey left Nature’s Secret in 2000 and has no current affiliation with Nature’s Secret in any manner.
cleanser: AM/PM Ultimate Cleanse—all this by the
age of 24!* In addition, he has received numerous
national and international awards for his formulations and has been recognized as one of the top
nutritional supplement formulators in North America.
Dr. Lindsey has traveled the world, sharing the
stage with such notables as Tony Robbins, General Norman Schwarzkopf, Colin Powell, and other
celebrities. Major media outlets including ABC,
CBS, NBC, the BBC (London), and CNN have all
relied on Dr. Lindsey as their natural health expert.
Like all good things in life, it takes a tremendous
amount of effort, energy, and undying attention
with a laser-like focus over a long period of time
in order for something great to “cook” and to
come to a point where the end result is deeply
and undeniably profound and effective. This is
how Dr. Lindsey finally developed his most
important creation to date: Genesis Today.
In 20 years and 40,000 clinical hours of experience, Dr. Lindsey has never deviated from his
philosophy about healing. He has, however,
gained years of clinical knowledge in natural healing, while working with all types of people with a
wide range of conditions.
Tony Dorsett
❍ Dallas Cowboys
We interviewed Tony Dorsett, who is
❍ Four Time
truly a legend in the world of sports
NFL Pro Bowl
and professional football. Notably,
Par ticipant
Tony Dorsett is the only profes❍ Heisman Trophy
sional football player in the history
of the sport to win Football’s Fan❍ Super Bowl
tastic Five:
NFL Hall
❍ A national college champiof Fame
❍ The coveted Heisman Trophy
❍ A place in the Collegiate Hall
of Fame
❍ A Super Bowl championship
❍ And the pinnacle of individual
achievement: a permanent
place in the NFL Hall of Fame.
Dorsett, at only 5’11” and 185
pounds, endured years of having
Volume 10, Number 4 / The Doctors’ Prescription for Healthy Living
Tony Dorsett’s
Greatest Coach
massive (some up to 6’8” and 350 pounds!)
defensive linemen aim to damage, injure and literally take him “out of the game” because of his
speed, distinguished skill at scoring and ability to
win a football game with one run! All of this with
tens of millions of people watching from all corners of the world. A career such as this, of course,
comes with a very large price—including a body
that has been damaged, injured, used and
abused, and has certainly aged before its time.
Dr. Lindsey Breaks Down
His Six-Step Program
Please keep in mind that, although this is called a six-step program, each of
these steps or elements of the program are to be completed simultaneously.
THE FIRST STEP—The first essential step in Dorsett’s
(or any comprehensive) health program was to put him
on a Whole Body Cleanse using two products called
4Total Cleanse and 4Fiber. 4Total Cleanse contains 46 all-natural, organic and wild harvested, non-irradiated and non-synthetic ingredients that are all focused on one critical function,
which is to cleanse, purify and detoxify all of the chemicals,
toxins, poisons and built up residue in our cells, tissues,
organs, blood and intestines, and to improve the critical functioning of all seven channels of elimination. 4Fiber is a unique,
blend of organic cold-milled flaxseeds, organic cold-milled
hemp seeds, noni fruit fiber, carrot fiber, beet fiber, guar gum,
slippery elm bark, cat’s claw, nopal, cumin, boldo and the best
probiotic I have ever used—Lactospore®. These two products
accomplish the first element of the six-step program: Total
Body Purification.
THE SECOND STEP—Proper digestion, assimilation and
absorption are essential for any successful health-building
program. This was accomplished by incorporating 4Digestion into Mr. Dorsett’s daily routine. By simply taking two capsules before each meal, the digestive enzymes and unique plants
in the product help to support, rebuild and repair the entire digestive system (versus only the stomach or liver or just one organ).
The gentian, centaury, turmeric and cardamon in this product
help to stimulate and improve bile flow and digestive juices,
which are critical in cleansing, repairing and rebuilding all digestive organs. Of course, the digestive heat that this product generates is also essential for proper digestion and regeneration.
THE THIRD STEP—The 140 nutrients and novel compounds (such as acubin, asperuloside, damnacanthal,
scopoletin) that are found only in pure noni juice like
Noni100 are essential for purifying and building the digestive
and glandular systems. Noni100 helps to destroy harmful
fungi, bacteria and yeast (especially Candida albicans),
worms, parasites, and liver flukes. This bitter, pure juice will
also help to strengthen the immune system. It has proven antiinflammatory effects, which was essential for Dorsett (or for
anyone with pain and inflammation) after all those years on
the field!
THE FOURTH STEP—Goji100 is loaded with very potent
Lycium barbarum polysaccharides, known as LBPs 1, 2, 3
and 4, which are found in no other plant known to
humankind and are responsible for much of goji’s beneficial
effects. For the physically active, LBPs may improve the adaptability to increase exercise load as well as reduce fatigue. Taken
daily, they will enhance the storage of muscle and liver
glycogen, increase the activity of LDH (low-density
lipoprotein) before and after swimming or other exercise,
diminish the increase of blood urea nitrogen (BUN)
after strenuous exercise and accelerate the
clearance of BUN after exercise,
and most importantly enhance
our own natural hGH (human
growth hormone) levels, which
make us look and feel youthful.
The glycoconjugates in goji are
exceptional sources of essential
cell nutrients (such as rhamnose, xylose, mannose, arabinose) that are necessary for proper immune
function and intercellular communication. Goji has
been clinically proven to support freedom from
depression, repair low sex drive, and fight premature aging, fatigue, mental confusion, high blood
pressure, and more. Mixing two ounces of Noni100
with two ounces of Goji100 together is the most potent “super
tonic” that any person can take on a daily basis.
In Dr. Lindsey’s
own words, here
is the six-step
program that
helped football
star Tony Dorsett
to recover from
years of brutal
punishment on
the football field.
THE FIFTH STEP—Mental stress and tension can create excess acid in the body, as can overeating, kidney,
liver or adrenal malfunction, and poor diet (too many
acid-forming foods like meat, colas, sugar, coffee, fried
foods, etc.). The Genesis Today Alkaline Diet is based upon
comprising your diet of mostly alkalizing foods and high-quality proteins in order to maintain healthy pH levels, which is
key in any health-building program.*
THE SIXTH STEP —The 12 Golden Rules provide simple,
easy-to-follow steps to enhance your lifestyle in terms of diet,
exercise, water intake, and other “basic health choices.”*
30 The Doctors’ Prescription for Healthy Living / Volume 10, Number 4
*Available at or call
(800) 916-6642 to request a copy by mail or fax.
This is why the average professional football
player’s career is less than six years!
This damage, and the resulting pain that
plagued Dorsett in retirement, led him to Dr. Lindsey’s doorstep. Dorsett stated that for years and
years, he had tried everything the medical and
nutritional professionals gave him to help repair his
body from such intense career injuries—all to little
or no avail—until he began working with Dr. Lindsey. “I thought I knew a lot about supplements—I
had been taking supplements of one kind or
another for almost 30 years. I had the best coaches
in college, the best coaches in professional football and the best sports mentors in the world. Until
I began Dr. Lindsey’s six-step program, I did not
realize that what I really needed was the best nutritional doctor in the world—Dr. Lindsey Duncan.
After just a few weeks on the program, I literally felt
my whole body change and begin healing. My
energy increased, my digestion and elimination
improved, and all my pain and stiffness and soreness started to diminish. I thought it was all temporary. I thought it might be a placebo effect. I am
proud to say that was over a year ago, and I’ve just
gotten stronger and healthier with each week. Dr.
Lindsey’s Noni100, Goji100, 4Total Cleanse, 4Fiber
and 4Digestion are all stars in my supplement program. I am also a firm believer, as is my entire family, in the Genesis Today Alkaline Diet and the whole
program. There is no question that these work, and
I’ve tried just about everything.”
Dr. Lindsey is the naturopathic doctor who gets
results. He goes to the core of each health problem
and addresses it using his six clinically proven lowstress and easy-to-follow steps to whole body healing. Perhaps the most telling statement we can
make about Dr. Lindsey is the fact that we learned
during our time together that Genesis Today has
donated more money to a charitable foundation,
which supports starving children in Africa, than the
entire corporation profited in the years 2005 and
2006 combined. Oftentimes, we hear the statement
“I am in this industry to help people.” We believe
this to be the true essence of Dr. Lindsey Duncan
and his work at Genesis Today.
Visit to view Dr. Lindsey’s famous
six-step program in full detail or call (800) 916-6642 to
receive a copy by mail. You can also receive a free copy of
the Genesis Today Alkaline Diet and the 12 Golden Rules by
mail or e-mail.
Dr. Lindsey’s Six Undeniable
and Unquestionable Steps
to Better Health
Below is a brief description of the six elements
Dr. Lindsey recommends for a healthier lifestyle.
CLEANSE AND DETOXIFY YOUR BODY—Properly and safely cleanse and detoxify
every single cell, tissue and organ in the human body with a special emphasis on our
seven channels of elimination (skin, kidneys, bowels, lungs, blood, lymphatic system,
and liver). Always make sure that you have two to three good, complete and full bowel
movements each and every day of your life!
rebuild our abused and overworked digestive system. Dr. Lindsey states that it is critical
to understand that we are not “what we eat” but rather “what we choose to eat, digest,
absorb and assimilate—and if we are not careful, we may become what we do not eliminate.”
PURIFY AND BUILD YOUR DIGESTIVE AND GLANDULAR SYSTEMS—Use 100 percent pure noni (Morinda citrifolia) juice that has not been diluted with water, fruit juices
or other non-therapeutic additives, to purify and build our entire digestive system,
remove Candida albicans, stoke our digestive fire or “Chi,” and enhance and strengthen the
health of our entire glandular system with special emphasis on the pineal and pituitary glands.
“I have found pure, bitter noni juice is the quickest and most effective way to enhance our
glandular system.”
percent pure goji (Lycium barbarum) juice that has not been diluted with water, fruit
juices or non-therapeutic additives, to enhance liver function, strengthen mood, mind
and memory, enhance cellular health and communication, and stimulate our bodies’ own
production, release and uptake of the all-important human growth hormone (hGH). As we
age, our bodies stop producing hGH; we start to weaken, become fatigued, and lose our
sexual powers, spark, desire for life and the feeling that we can take on anything! “I have
found that enhancing our bodies own ability to produce hGH is the surest way for us to
regain this passion on many levels,” Dr. Lindsey says.
will help to reduce the acidity of your body and help to enhance your overall health.*
THE GENESIS TODAY 12 GOLDEN RULES—The 12 Golden Rules are simple, easy-tofollow steps for a healthier diet and lifestyle.*
*Available at or call (800) 916-6642 to request a copy by mail or fax.
We are certain that as Healthy Living readers, you will be hearing a
lot more about Dr. Lindsey and Genesis Today over the next several
years. Dr. Lindsey can be reached at [email protected]
or (888) 3Be-Well. Please be patient if you contact Dr. Lindsey,
because his travel schedule is very intense. Contact Genesis
Today at (800) 916-6642 or
Volume 10, Number 4 / The Doctors’ Prescription for Healthy Living
1. Limit your consumption of sugar and white flour or eliminate it
entirely from your diet
2. Eliminate fried foods or foods cooked in heated oils from your diet
3. Eliminate canned, frozen and processed foods from your diet
4. Eliminate fast food or junk food (i.e. burgers, fries, cakes, pastries,
candy, donuts, etc.) from your diet
5. Do not eat after 9:00 p.m.
6. Do not overeat
7. Limit dairy products in your diet (except plain sour yogurt or plain
8. Eat fruits that are in season (if fruit is permitted in your diet)
9. Avoid certain food combinations. Do not eat starches with
proteins*, eat lots of vegetables; fruits should be eaten apart from
other foods
10. Always chew your food well (this is important for digestion)
11. Exercise at least three times per week. Exercise should include an
activity that gets you sweating and breathing deeply
12. Drink 12 – 13 glasses of purified water everyday
* PROTEINS: Fish, beef, chicken, eggs, nuts, seeds, etc.
STARCHES: Grains, potatoes, cereals, oats, corn, etc.
At Genesis Today we are committed to helping you make a difference in your life
and the lives of your loved ones. We also offer the following:
• The Genesis Today Alkaline Diet
• Custom Health Programs
No information contained here is meant to replace the advice of your Doctor of Health Care Practitioner. The data and
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