31 Jan,2015 - Christian Medical College

International Faculty:
Department of Dental Surgery
Dr. Frank Hoebers, MAASTRO Clinic,
Maastricht, Netherlands
Dr. Rabin Chacko
Dr. Arun Paul
National Faculty:
Department of Palliative Care
Dr. Ashwini Budrukkar, TMH, Mumbai
Dr. Alexander John, Cancer institute, Adyar
Dr. Reena George
CMC Faculty:
Department of Radiotherapy
Dr. Subhashini John
Dr. Simon Pavamani
Dr. Rajesh I
Dr. Balukrishna
Dr. Saikat Das
Department of Surgery
Dr. John Muthusami
Dr. Pranay Gaikwad
Dr. Rajinikanth
Dr. Amit Tirkey
Department of ENT
Dr. Anand Job
Dr. V. Rupa
Dr. Ruby Albert
Dr. Rajiv Michael
Dr. Regi Thomas
Dr. Rajan Sundaresan
Dr. Swapna Sebastian
Department of Medical Oncology
Dr. Ashish Singh
First Annual Continuing Medical
Education Programme in
Head & Neck Cancers
Christian Medical College Vellore
January 30 & 31, 2015
Optimizing Care in Head &
Neck Cancer: Current
Standards & Future Trends
Department of Radiology
Dr. Anuradha Chandramohan
Department of Dietetics
Ms. Mahendri N.V.
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Christian Medical College
Organized by:
The Head & Neck Group, CMC Vellore
Contact Us:
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +91 416 228 2046/3145/3143
Mobile: +91 9367985504
Dear colleagues,
Organising Committee:
The Head & Neck Group of the Christian Medical
College, Vellore invites you for the First Annual
Continuing Education programme on January 30 and
31, 2015. The theme of the CME is 'Optimizing Care in
Head & Neck Cancer: Current Standards & Future
Dr. Rajesh I
As the management of Head and Neck Cancers involves
a multidisciplinary approach, this CME will bring
together experts from the fields of Radiation Oncology,
Surgery, ENT, Medical Oncology, Dentistry, Radiology,
Palliative Care and Dietetics.
Future trends in the optimal management of Head &
Neck Cancer include Response Prediction, Personalised
Medicine and Radiomics. The MAASTRO Clinic in
Netherlands, have pioneered these concepts, and Dr
Frank Hoebers from MAASTRO will initiate and facilitate
discussions on these subjects.
The CME will include talks on current guidelines in the
management of cancer in the various sub-sites, as well
as case capsules-interactive sessions with
multidisciplinary panel discussions. There will parallel
sessions on interactive live contouring for radiotherapy
planning and operative videos.
This CME will be of interest to both consultants & postgraduate trainees in the specialities associated with
Head & Neck Cancers.
We welcome you to this academic feast in Vellore.
Dr. Balukrishna
Dr. Saikat Das
Dr. Jeba Karunya
Registration Form
Dr. Naveen KB
Dr. Gautam Sarma
Day 1:
Management of Oral Cavity, Salivary Gland,
Nasopharyngeal, Laryngopharyngeal &
Paranasal Sinus Cancers including endoscopic
approach for Head & Neck Tumours.
S u rge r y V i d e o s & L i ve C o nto u r i n g
Day 2:
HPV in Head & Neck Cancers
Imaging in Head & Neck Cancer
Radiomics & Response Prediction in Head &
Neck Cancers
Brachytherapy in Head & Neck Cancers
Induction Chemotherapy in Head & Neck
Organising Secretary
Dr. Subhashini John
Dr. Simon Pavamani
Pre-Radiation Dental Evaluation
Rehabilitation after treatment.
Christian Medical College, Vellore
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Organising Chairperson
Department of Radiotherapy
First Annual CME in Head & Neck Cancers
C M C, Vellore (January 30 & 31, 2015)
Optimizing Care in Head & Neck Cancer:
Current Standards & Future Trends
Post Graduate Quiz
Registration Fee (Before 20 January 2015):
Rs. 1500(Consultants & Specialists)
Rs. 1000(Post Graduates & Fellows)
Rs. 2000(Spot Registration)
Remittances should be in the name of “The Treasurer,
CMC Vellore Association” by at par cheque or demand
draft and sent to the address below:
Dr. Subhashini John
Department of Radiotherapy
Christian Medical College
Ida Scudder Road, Vellore-632004, Tamil Nadu