Bulletin - Northview Community Church

Thanks for joining us today as we continue our sermon
series on the book of Joshua. This week we are praying
for Bethel Reformed Church, as well as Brian and Bety
Heppner serving in Mexico. We will also be giving you an
opportunity to pray with our prayer team during the service.
Worship Leaders This Week
Worship Center:
Nate Bosch
Center Court Community:
Brad Steeves
Prayer Room
Open during the services in the northwest foyer. The
prayer request line is available at any time. Send
requests via email to [email protected] or
call the prayer line at 604-743-0201.
On Monday, January 26 at 7:00pm there will be a meeting
to discuss and vote on the proposal of replanting Mission’s
Northside Community Church as a campus of Northview.
Please find the information package at northview.org
or the Info Booth. Both members and non-members are
welcome to attend, however, the voting will be for official
members only.
Imagine Spa
Are you an aesthetician or registered massage therapist?
Imagine Spa is a ministry to mothers of children with
special needs, and we need your help! If you would like
to donate your time and services on February 20 to bless
these moms, please email us at [email protected]
If you would like to sponsor a mom to attend ($50), please
leave your donation in an offering envelope labeled
“Imagine Spa.”
Last weekend giving: $ 63,362
Weekend target:
$ 109,615
Northview’s fiscal year is July 1 - June 30
YTD giving: $ 3,536,641
YTD target: $ 3,069,220
Women’s Missions Trip
Join us for a trip to Thailand in summer 2015! Our 2
week adventure will have us ministering with the Ruth
Center in the slums of Bangkok, helping with the national
YWAM conference in Hua Hin, and visiting Compassion
projects in Northern Thailand. You may be able to visit
your Compassion child on this trip! If interested, please
contact [email protected]
April 24 - May 4, 2015. Join us in serving the Pan de
Vida Orphanage in Queretaro, Mexico! Team members
will help with activities such as taking the orphanage
girls on outings, painting, teaching English, sorting
clothes, sewing, and participating in outreach to the
Otomi indigenous peoples. Women of all ages are
encouraged to attend. The cost is $1,800 per person and
there will be fundraising opportunities. Please contact
[email protected]
Employment Opportunities
Northview is looking for a Care Administrative Assistant.
Please visit northview.org/employment-opportunities
for the job description and submit your resume to
[email protected]
We are also looking for childcare workers for our
Wednesday morning Bible study. These are paid
positions, effective immediately. Contact [email protected]
northview.org to get involved.
Northview Internships
Internships are full time, 10 month, paid positions. Please
visit northview.org/internships for more information.
Our Preschool Ministry Needs You!
5:30pm • Helpers in the age 2 class, age 3 class, and age
4 class. Nursery helpers and supervisors.
11:15am • Classroom teacher and helper.
Contact [email protected] to volunteer.
Detach Here
Extraordinary General Meeting
Thailand Missions Trip
19 Mon Pray First
7:00pm • Prayer Room
Courses for Care
7:00pm • Upstairs Classrooms
Men’s Bible Study
7:00pm • Room 219/221
Women’s Bible Study
7:00pm • Atrium and Room 114
8 Week Life Group
7:00pm • Lower Court
20 Tue Pray AM
6:00am • Center Court
Work Out Worship
9:15am • West Court
Vertical Edge
7:00pm • West Court
21 Wed Women’s Bible Study
9:15am • Center Court
22 Thu Work Out Worship
9:15am • West Court
Drop - In Sports (Grades 5 - 12)
4:00pm - 6:00pm • Bubble
Watchmen Prayer
10:00am • Prayer Room
Young Adults Roller Hockey
7:00pm • Bubble
High School Youth LIVE
7:00pm • Lower Court
Precepts Bible Study (Women)
7:30pm • West Court
23 Fri Canadian Youth Workers
5:30pm • Center Court
24 Sat Men’s Breakfast
8:15am • Atrium
Canadian Youth Workers
9:00am • Center Court
No Center Court Meal
25 Sun Punjabi Connection
3:00pm • Atrium
Men’s Floor Hockey
7:00pm • Bubble
Apologetics Conference
Join us on March 6-7 at Northview. Tickets are available
online at apologeticscanadaconference.com. Use the
discount code “northview15” to get 10% off.
northviewcommunitychurch • northview_cc
Find the bulletin online at b.northview.org
Welcome to Northview!