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R o g e r
S .
B e m i s ,
P r i n c i p a l
J a n u a r y
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Dear Parents, Students, & Friends of Kelly High School,
Let me extend my very best wishes for a happy, blessed and prosperous New Year to each and every one. I hope everyone had a
restful and peaceful Christmas break and is now ready to return to
School and work.
M is s i o n S t at em e nt
Established by Dominican Sisters in 1895,
Monsignor Kelly Catholic
High School is a diocesan, coeducational high
school serving the
Southeast Texas Community. Kelly High
School offers cultural
diversity, spiritual and
personal development,
and a strong college
preparation in a loving
and nurturing environment. Professional, caring and dedicated faculty
and staff prepare students spiritually, academically, and morally
for lives of leadership,
faith, and service
----See Page 3 for
Important Dates
Pope Francis met with Vatican employees just before Christmas and
offered them suggestions for things to do in their lives. Those suggestions offer us wonderful ways to live our own lives:
Take care of your spiritual life, your relationship with God,
because this is the backbone of everything we do and
everything we are.
Take care of your family life; give your children and loved
ones not just money but most of all your time, attention
and your love.
Take care of your relationships with others; transform your
faith into life and your words into good works especially
on behalf of the needy.
Be careful how you speak; purify your tongue of offensive
words, vulgarity and worldly decadence.
Heal wounds of the heart with the oil of forgiveness; forgive
those who have hurt you and medicate the wounds you
have caused others.
Look after your work; do it with enthusiasm, humility,
competence, passion and with a spirit that knows how
to thank the Lord.
Be careful of envy, lust, hatred, and negative feelings that
devour your interior peace and transforms you into a
destroyed, destructive person.
Watch out for:
Anger that can lead to vengeance,
Laziness that leads to existential euthanasia,
Finger pointing at others which leads to pride,
For complaining continually which leads to desperation.
Take care of brothers and sisters who are weaker; the elderly, the sick, the hungry, the homeless, and the stranger
because we will be judged on this.
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The last week of January is National Catholic Schools Week. Each school in the diocese
will be celebrating with various events and happenings. The list of activities here at Kelly HS is
on page 5 of this newsletter.
Please mark your calendar for the appropriate upcoming meetings with the Counselors;
Wed., Jan. 14 for current juniors and their parents,
Wed., Feb. 4 for current sophomores and their parents,
Thur., Feb. 12 for current freshmen and their parents.
All meetings will begin at 6:00p.m. in the Café. These meetings will review the college
application process for each grade level and share information about registering for classes for
next year at Kelly HS.
May the peace and joy of Christ be with you during and throughout the New Year.
Yours in His service,
Roger S. Bemis, Principal
Placement Testing Dates:
High School Placement Test:
Saturday, January 17th– Kelly Café, 8am-12pm
Saturday, February 17th, Kelly Café, 8am-12pm
Tuesday, February 17th, Library (IC), 2pm-5:30pm
(3 administrations, same exam)
Pre-AP Placement Tests:
English: Monday, March 9th, 3:30pm-5pm
Spanish: Tuesday, May 5th, 4pm-5:30pm
Algebra: Wednesday, May 6th, 4pm-6pm
Shadow Days:
Each feeder school 8th grade class will be invited to spend a day at MKCHS. Each student will be
paired with a current Kelly student and will follow them through their entire day’s schedule including
classes and lunch. We will provide bus transportation to each of the feeder schools for this event. Any
non-feeder school 8th grade students interested in participating in a shadow day are welcome to contact Admissions to schedule an individual shadow visit. Many dates are available.
Taylor Miller, Admissions Director
(409) 866-2351 x139
Page 3
Blessed are the merciful, for they
shall obtain mercy. (Matthew 5:7)
To be truly merciful means to have real compassion, to actually feel and
suffer with another person, to be intensely aware of another’s pain, and
to feel a yearning for their healing. The more a person starts looking for
opportunities to show mercy, the more situations they are likely to find.
And through performing merciful acts, one is likely to develop a heightened sense of awareness about the needs of others. Developing that merciful view of the world also has the effect of making one less likely to focus on his or her own self-interest.
Queries for reflection and sharing:
1. How have my experiences helped me to be more loving to others? To identify with them, help
them, and to forgive them?
2. How does the Holy Spirit help me to be merciful? What have been my struggles in being merciful and forgiving?
3. Do I know the Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy? Do I try my best to live these out when
Activities to do as an individual or a family:
1. Perform some Corporal Works of Mercy: Click this link or Scan this code for 50 Corporal
Works of Mercy Ideas:
2. Learn about the Spiritual Works of Mercy by clicking this link or scanning this code: http://
A Prayer for Mercy: Lord, thank you for your abundant mercy. Help me to extend your mercy to others. Amen.
Page 4
January 2015
Counselor Connection
Kari Hillin, Guidance Director, Junior and Senior Counselor
Brandi Wulf, Freshman and Sophomore Counselor
Freshman and Sophomore News
Welcome back! I hope you all had a peaceful and enjoyable Christmas break! It’s
time to begin the new spring semester with renewed energy and determination to finish
out the year with success. If you have not yet done so, please take some time to reflect on
your first semester and discover positive changes you may like to make this year. Logging these goals into your Naviance would be awesome!
Also, please keep watch on our Facebook Page, Twitter, and school calendar for
counseling updates and information throughout the spring. I look forward to the parent
meeting of current freshman on Thursday, February 12 th at 6pm in the Café followed by
the individual conferences we will have to choose course selections for sophomore year.
There will be a new test designed by the History department to test into Pre-AP
Sophomore World History on Monday, January 12th so remember to sign up if you want
to test for that course. I will gather teacher recommendations from all core subjects as
well, so make sure you are working diligently in all of your courses by showing interest in
the subject, participating in class, and completing your best work on time. Scheduling is
always an exciting and fun time of year and I look forward to being a part of this journey
with each of you!
Take care and God Bless.
Page 5
Catholic Schools Week
January 26 – 30
Catholic Schools Week is a reminder of the value Catholic education provides to our children and its contributions to our church, our communities, and our nation. Join us in
celebrating the Kelly community of faith, knowledge, and service during the week of
January 26 through January 30.
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Page 7
Annual Fund
Gifts to Kelly’s Annual Fund allow donors, including alumni, parents, grandparents, faculty and staff, and friends to make an immediate impact on the school’s
margin of excellence. Kelly shows its gratitude for Annual Fund gifts primarily by
using those gifts to create a life-changing educational experience for our children
year after year. Each year, members from every part of the Kelly community
show care for the school with gifts large and small to the Annual Fund.
Consider making an investment in OUR children’s futures.
Ways to Make a Gift:
Write a check. Charge to a credit card. Transfer securities.
Pledge today and authorize monthly credit card payments or
pay monthly by check. Your pledge today can be completed
with payments through June 30, 2015
Please contact the Advancement Office for more information: Deborah Drago,
Development Administrator, 866-2351, x 108 or [email protected]
2014-2015 TWIRP WEEK will be held from February 2-7.
TWIRP DANCE: February 7, 2015, Kelly Café.
Please check the calendar online for other important dates and activities.
Page 8
Page 9
Msgr. Kelly Catholic HS
Gold Honor Roll - 2nd Nine Weeks
2014 - 2015
10th GRADE
Robert Bowling
Bailey Brewton
Dallin Broussard
Hannah Chaudhury
Abigail Drago
Chibueze Ezike
Garrett Halbert
Emily Hale
Logan Henke
Lauren Hill
Taylor Ho
Shanil Jasani
Kendall Jones
Josef Kalathra
Caroline Kirschner
Lily Knowles
Simran Maredia
Jason Mccollough
Katherine Myrick
John Oliverio
Armin Panjvani
Walker Reese
Sydney Roy
John Steinman
Myra Truong
Hannah Tweedel
Desire Wenzel
Rose Alincastre
Isabela Anawate
Olivia Austin
Elizabeth Baldo
Cynthia Bean
Gabrielle Bertrand
Garrison Bowling
Melissa Bransford
Carrie Carlisle
Adam Clarke
Randle Coker
Sarah Colon
Alexandra Colson
Allen DeLord
Meagan Duplissey
Stephanie Echegaray
Elizabeth Figueiras
Marcus Gleinser
Alexa Harp
Dominique Leano
Catherine Moses
Juliette Murphy
Coleman Nickum
Kimberly Nunez
Sahiti Patibandla
Joshua Payne
Madison Phelan
Magdalena Salazar
Owen Socher
Chance Talbot
Kendall Wheeler
11th GRADE
Noah Andel
Damanty Bakker
Chloe Bergeron
Elyse Broussard
Harrison Bryan
Aruba Bukhari
Chase Burrell
Alina Dinh
Jennifer Do
Angelica Doucet
Kate Fears
Anna Fiedler
Madeleine Fuselier
James Johnson
Ellen Lane
Claire Leonard
Max Medina
McKenna Morris
Vanessa Nunez
Aman Panjwani
Joseph Patrick
Munir Pavez
Hayden Raps
Nandini Singh
Chase Talbot
Alec Trahan
Michelle Wu
12th GRADE
Alizeh Ahmad
Joseph Broussard V
Tristin Chaudhury
Margaret Coker
Jason Conley
Patrick Flanagan
Adam Harrison
Reagan Healey
Paige Hooper
Brent Johnston
Makenzie Kibel
Samantha Marchner
Matthew Miller
Merlyn Miller
James Payne, II
David Reese
Katherine Reyes
Alexis Scott
Anna Sigur
Cole Simon
Brooke Terrill
Katherine Tweedel
Caroline Wied
Page 10
Msgr. Kelly Catholic HS
Blue Honor Roll - 2nd Nine Weeks
2014 - 2015
10th GRADE
11th GRADE
12th GRADE
Gonzalo Alvarez
Sara Asta
Alexandria Babineaux
Alexander Bahrim
Addison Bartkowiak
Macie Begnaud
Gage Bernard
Mary Bloomfield
Brian Boudreaux
Bailey Braneff
Morgan Brown
Katherine Cartwright
Patrick Clay
Clifford Crenshaw
Cullen Dickerson
Blair Donnelly
Markie Fontenot
Olivia Fuselier
Kristen Gould
Rae Guidry
Makayla Harris
Alexandra Hill
Jack Kirksey
Amy Landry
Nicole Lavergne
Sharon Lopez
Dominique Marcel
Hannah Mayfield
Jonathan Miller
Zachary Miller
Sarah Morrow
Olivia Nembhard
Vanessa Nguyen
Chinye Nwaobi
Priscilla Parra
Sabin Patel
Elizabeth Peeler
Jianne Peregrino
Christine Phan
Daniel Phelan
Nathan Punay
Ellen Radford
Taylor Roy
Joel Schiesler
Kennedy Simon
Jesyka Stewart
Maryclair Strassburger
Allie Thorpe
Timothy Tran
Elijah Vigil
Jason Wu
Caroline Anawate
Tevin Baker
Aliyah Broussard
Cannon Broussard
Reese Brown
Christine Cabradilla
Colin Cormier
Giuliana Daleo
Jurnee Dennis
James Edgeworth
Audrey Funchess
Rachel Funchess
Bethany Hall
Jace Harrington
Bailey Heartfield
Connor Henry
Kathryn Hernandez
Hadyn Ingram
Cleveland Keal
Joshua Lamb
Troy Laughlin
Micaela Magdaleno
Sophia Manibo
Katherine McClelland
Madeline McLemore
Cameron Meaux
Efrain Medina
Madeline Morphew
Michael Mouton
Callie Roane
Edward Sherlock
Cade Theriot
Anne Trevino
Rebecca Wied
Kacy Yancey
Mattie Yoes
Caroline Bean
Megan Benge
Jacob Bennett
James Brammer-Sterling
Maria Brannon
Brooke Charleston
Kasey Clay
Roussel Clement
Lilliana Cortez
Madison Davis
Jacob Dickerson
Dillon Edwards
Jennifer Egan
Sarah Ellis
Richard Funchess
Erin Green
Michaela Guillory
Zachary Herink
Erin Hester
Logan Hillin
Morgan Ho
Michaela Jackson
Benjamin Jowers
Caldwell Kent
George Kilgore
Lyza Lora
Oksana Lyon
Amaan Maredia
Brendan McClelland
Kathryn McDaniel
William Miller
Amy Moncla
Mollie Nelson
Christine Nguyen
Juliane Nguyen
Trinh Nguyen
Kevin Phan
Connor Quinn
Maurice Rissman
Rocio Salazar
Matthew Scheurich
Ryan Smith
Andrea Steward
Dustin Toups
Taylor Toups
Noah Vigil
Jillian Wenner
Tristan Westbrook
Axle Wisor
Quentin Bartkowiak
Sean Bebeau
Brooke Carroll
John Darling
Katrina Dunn
Matthew Duplissey
Christopher Falgout
Theresa Figari
Hayley Harrington
Kimberly Javellana
Bailey Jones
Zoe Karahouni
Huey King, Jr.
Ryan Kirschner
Caroline Meadows
Cody Meaux
Zachary Myrick
Son Nguyen
Rachael Nichols
Andrew Pace
Steven Phan
Blaine Prejean
Jay Proctor, IV
Anna Rinando
Anna Steinhagen
Morgan Steward
Hope Swain
Maxwell Taylor
Nicole Thompson
Daniel Valdez, Jr.
Thomas Waddill
Jeremy Weighmann
Allonte Wingate
Page 11
Beyond the Blue & Gold Lecture Series
The Blue & Gold Alumni Association is sponsoring a guest lecturer, Chad Sweet, MKCHS
Class of '87, on Thursday, January 29, at 6:30pm in the Centennial Complex as part of
the school's Catholic Schools Week festivities.
Rally with Kelly alums, students, parents, faculty, staff, and friends for this first annual
event! Mr. Sweet will share his Kelly experience and how it has influenced him in his
career path as well as answer student-generated questions directed by the Student
Chad Sweet is the Co-Founder and CEO of The Chertoff Group, a global advisory firm
and investment bank exclusively focused on the security sector. Mr. Sweet formerly
served as the Chief of Staff of the United States Department of Homeland Security. Prior to becoming Chief of Staff of DHS, he worked as an investment banker at the firms of
Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs as well as served in the CIA's National Clandestine
Join us for this community-building event and affirm your investment in your child’s future!
Page 12
KDF, under the direction of April Vernon, represented Kelly at the Main Street Market on Saturday, December 6 at the Beaumont Civic Center. Thank you, Mrs. Vernon and KDF,
for the outstanding performances!
Page 13
Coach Rabb presenting Logan Hillin (Jr.) with 1st
Team Offense All-District Award
Page 14
2nd Team
Cynthia Bean (Soph.)
Honorable Mention
Jasmine Alexander (Soph.)
Aliyah Broussard (Soph.)
Cross Country State Meet Qualifiers
Matthew Miller, Sr., and Caroline Kirschner, Fr., qualified for the Texas Assoc. of Private and Parochial Schools (TAPPS) state meet in the cross country track division.
Girls All-District Volleyball Selections (left to right) : Cynthia Bean
(Soph.), Aliyah Broussard (Soph.), Jasmine Alexander (Soph.)
Senior Football Boys (left to right): Joe Broussard, Blaine Prejean , Chris
Falgout, Alonte Wingate, Sean Bebeau, Armando Ledet, John Darling
Page 15
Just on the heels of winning her chair in the TMEA All-Area Choir, The Voice of
Kelly High School Vice President ANGELICA DOUCET has been selected for the
2015 High School Honors Performance Series at Carnegie Hall, performing in February 2015. Participation in one of the three Honors Ensembles is
limited to the highest rated high school performers from across North America
and select schools internationally.
Angelica auditioned this fall for the Honors Performance Series and was accepted
after a review by the Honors Selection Board. Acceptance to the elite group is a
direct result of the talent, dedication, and achievements demonstrated in her application and audition recording. She will join other performers from the United
States, Canada, and select international schools for a special performance at
world-famous Carnegie Hall, a venue that marks the pinnacle of musical achievement.
Next for Angelica is the final audition for the TMEA’s All-State Choir in early January.
John Oliverio
Josh Lamb
Chase Burrell
Brent Johnston
Page 16
1: Girls’ Soccer @Vidor Tournament
2: Staff Workday
2-3: Girls’ Basketball @San Marcos Tournament
2: Boys’ Basketball @Sabine Pass
3: Boys’ Basketball @Bridge City
5: 2nd Semester Begins (Homeroom Schedule)
5: Boys’ Soccer @Nederland
6: Girls’ Soccer @Lumberton (6:00 pm)
6: Girls’ Basketball vs. DASH (Centennial Complex; 6:00 pm)
6: Boys’ Basketball @Big Sandy (5:00 pm)
9: Girls’ Soccer Tournament @Waller
9: Boys’ Soccer vs. San Antonio O’Conner (Bulldog Stadium)
9: Girls’ Basketball vs. St. Agnes (Centennial Complex; 6:30 pm)
12: Boys’ Soccer @Pt. Arthur Memorial
13: Girls’ Basketball vs. Awty (Centennial Complex; 6:30 pm)
13: Boys’ Soccer @St. Pius (5:30 pm)
13: Girls’ Soccer @Awty (6:00 pm)
14: Project Graduation Meeting (5:30 pm)
14: Class of 2016 Meeting (Cafeteria; 6:00 pm)
15: School Mass (Centennial Complex; 12:45 pm)
16-17: Boys’ Soccer @Boerne Tournament
16: Boys’ Basketball @St. Thomas Episcopal (6:00 pm)
16-17: Girls’ Soccer @Waller Tournament
16: Girls’ Basketball @Tomball Concordia (6:00 pm)
17: High School Placement Test in Cafeteria (8:00 am-12:00 pm)
19: MLK Holiday
20: Boys’ Soccer @St. Thomas (5:30 pm & 7:00 pm)
20: Girls’ Soccer vs. IWA (Bulldog Stadium; 6:00 pm)
20: Boys’ Basketball vs. St. Thomas (Centennial Complex; 4:30 pm)
20: Girls’ Basketball @St. Pius (7:00 pm)
21-22: Band Tryouts (after school) for GreenFest
23: Boys’ Soccer vs. St. Pius (Bulldog Stadium; 5:30 pm)
26-30: Catholic Schools Week
27: Girls Soccer vs. Duchesne (Bulldog Stadium; 6:00 pm)
27: Boys’ Basketball vs. St. Pius (Centennial Complex; 4:30 pm)
27: Girls’ Basketball @IWA (6:30 pm)
28: Rainbow Mass ( St. Anthony’s Basilica Cathedral Church)
29: Girls’ Soccer @Tomball Concordia (6 pm)
29: “Beyond the Blue & Gold” Chad Sweet-Guest Speaker (Centennial Complex; 6:30 pm)
30: Boys’ Soccer @Awty (5:30)
30: Boys’ Basketball @Tomball Concordia (4:30)
30: Girls’ Basketball @DASH (6:30 pm)