Threat Intelligence Exchange 1.0.0 Release Notes

Release Notes
McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange 1.0.0
For use with ePolicy Orchestrator 5.1.1 Software
About this release
Installation instructions
Known issues
Product documentation
About this release
This document contains important information about the current release. We strongly recommend that
you read the entire document.
McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange for VirusScan Enterprise provides context-aware adaptive
security for your network environment. It quickly analyzes files and content from several sources in
your environment and makes informed security decisions based on a file's reputation and your specific
criteria. It determines if there is a threat and stops it from spreading if it is.
Threat Intelligence Exchange provides the latest technology in detecting and preventing threats:
Fast detection and protection against security threats and malware.
The ability to know which systems or devices have been compromised, and how the threat spread
through your environment.
The ability to immediately block or allow specific files and certificates based on their threat
reputations and your risk criteria.
Real-time integration with McAfee Advanced Threat Defense and McAfee Global Threat
Intelligence (McAfee GTI) to provide detailed assessment and data on malware classification. This
integration allows you to respond to threats and share the information throughout your
Installation instructions
For information about installing Threat Intelligence Exchange and its components, see the McAfee
Threat Intelligence Exchange Installation Guide.
Known issues
License requirements
To comply with the Eclipse Public License requirements, the Paho source code used by the Data
Exchange Layer is available here:
Known issues
For a list of known issues in this product release, see this McAfee KnowledgeBase article: KB82702
Product documentation
Every McAfee product has a comprehensive set of documentation.
Threat Intelligence Exchange Installation Guide — Includes information about requirements, and steps
for installing the Threat Intelligence Exchange server, the module for VirusScan Enterprise, and the
Data Exchange Layer client.
Threat Intelligence Exchange Product Guide — Includes information about using the Threat
Intelligence Exchange server, the module for VirusScan Enterprise and the Data Exchange Layer client.
Help — All pages in the Threat Intelligence Exchange product user interface have context-sensitive
Help that describes each field on the page.
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