Interim Musings

April, 2014
Volume 5: Issue 4
Newsletter of the Gloucester Unitarian Universalist Church
The First Universalist Church in America
Organized in 1779 as The Independent Christian Church
Worship Service: 10:00 am
10 Church Street [corner Middle & Church Streets]
Gloucester MA 01930 (978) 283-3410 [email protected]
Interim Musings
“Do not be timid or afraid.” Emerson wrote in his journal in
November of 1842.
“Do not be too timid and squeamish
about your actions. All life is an experiment. The more
experiments you make the better. What if they are a little
coarse, and you may get your coat soiled or torn? What if you
do fail, and get fairly rolled in the dirt once or twice? Up again
you shall never be so afraid of a tumble.”
I have always liked this quotation especially after I learned
that Emerson wrote these words just 9 months after the death
of his beloved first son Waldo. Waldo came down sick one
night in January and two days later he was dead, of the
scarlatina that killed so many children in that era. After a
devastating personal reversal like that one, it would have
made sense to expect timidity in Emerson. But he seemed to
have an inborn capacity for resilience. What courage it must
have taken for him to write these lines.
It can feel risky to experiment. It can push us out of our
comfort zone. But what better time than now, as this
interminable winter seems to be lessening its grip, as we move
into what we hope will be a stunning spring season! What
better time to experiment in a church than in the interim time,
between settled ministers. It is a great time to “try on” new
things, in worship, in governance, in church events and
activities. It is a time to invite one another in to participate in
the life of the church, through a short-term volunteer
commitment like “Community Clean-Up Day” on Saturday,
April 26 or a long-time volunteer commitment like being on
the Search Committee.
You probably have seen small experiments in action already.
With the advice and guidance of the Music and Liturgy
committee, we are trying some new things in worship;
different music, different prayers, different speakers. We
have had a wonderful gospel Sunday, a Jazz Sunday and will
celebrate Pete Seeger with a lot of great music on May 4. In
Religious Education, Lucy and her team have experimented
with a new type of children’s chapel this year, getting kids
engaged in a hands-on way to explore and experience
There are always new things happening to the physical space
here! Notice the new paint and improvements in the vestry,
thanks to Kerry and her volunteer crew. The Board has
experimented with holding “congregational conversations”
after church during coffee hour to listen to the congregation’s
views on important issues like how to become economically
sustainable going forward. Is there something new you’d like
to see happen here? Let me know! As always, I welcome your
input via email ([email protected]), phone or by
appointment in the office on Wednesday or Thursday.
I am a New Englander, born and bred, and I actually like
winter. But I am looking forward to seeing green on the front
lawn and watching those sails on the harbor! It’s good to be
here with you.
Accessible Entrance at
Corner of
Pine/Proctor & Church
Page 2
Tickets also on sale in the church office during regular
office hours: 9 — noon Monday, Wednesday, Thursday
and after church services on Sundays.
VOLUNTEERS are needed to help with various tasks before,
during and after the concert. Volunteers are admitted to
the concert free in exchange for their time. These are the
volunteer “positions” available:
Concessions – 4 people
Ushers/Ticket Takers: 4 people
Load-in: 4 people
Load-Out/Put Church stuff back: 6 people
Hospitality: 2-4 people
Raffle (50/50): 2 [possible - yet to be
Please email Dick Prouty, [email protected] or Charles Nazarian, [email protected]
Those who “worked” the Solstice Concert in December found it very rewarding.
Filling Our Pulpit During April
April 6: Rev. Jeremy Melvin
Rev. Jeremy Melvin, is an ordained Unitarian
Universalist minister and member of our
congregation. He attended St. John's College,
Annapolis and Harvard Divinity School.
currently teaches at the Landmark School in Beverly and
resides in Gloucester with his wife Lucinda and their 4 children
Ingraham, Matilda, Eleanor and Florence.
April 13: Rev. Eliza Blanchard (return visit)
Rev. Blanchard began her journey to ministry
from her position as DRE with the Melrose
congregation. A former English teacher, she
made a mid-life career change, attending
Harvard Divinity School to become a
credentialed UU minister. Ordained in 2004, she was called to
the Unitarian Universalist Society of Grafton and Upton that
same year. She served there for five years, leaving to devote
more time to writing and to community ministry. She is
currently an affiliate minister of the First Parish in Brookline,
and offers spiritual care and guidance to animal caregivers.
She volunteers at the MSPCA. She also enjoys spiritual
direction and preaching.
She edited two collections of blessings for children and
published a book of reflections on growing older (The
Seasoned Soul: Skinner House Press). She, her husband, and
their Morkie, Maisie, live in Brookline.
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April 20: EASTER SUNDAY: Rev. Jenny Rankin with special
April 27: HDS David Ruffin (return visit)
After graduating from Northwestern University
where David studied music and drama, then
working in campaign politics, education, and
several years as a professional actor in New
York, David realized he was most deeply drawn
to the transformation that could spring from
spiritually grounded community.
Hoping to channel the spiritual connection he experienced in
the arts into such work, he left the stage to come to explore
this path at Harvard Divinity School. There he discerned that,
for him, this work of spiritually grounded transformation was
the work of ministry and he began pursuing the path of
Unitarian Universalist fellowship.
David’s journey also led him to found The Sanctuary Boston, a
community of worship and connection launched by a team of
young adults that were interested in a more heart-centered,
spirit-filled, musically vibrant worship practice.
Please check the official calendar on our
website for updates. As soon as we have
titles for the homilies, they will be posted
on the calendar.
Middle Street Green Space Spruce Up: Come One, Come All!
No more
snow in sight, but the
remnants of our long
winter now visible all
around the outside of
our church. Save Saturday, April 26, 2014 from 10 am until
1pm on your calendar for an old fashioned neighborhood work
The church’s newly-formed Green Committee will have coffee
ready when we start, and will treat us to pizza as we wind
We’re inviting the neighbors living near by, and posting signs on
our trees so that dog-walkers are also invited to work alongside church members. It’s a wonderful opportunity to get to
know each other, and also to enjoy the wonderful green space
we have in front of our church … a kind of oasis on Middle
No need to join a committee: just spend a morning out in the
fresh air, and then look back and get the pleasure of actually
seeing visible results!
The church will provide disposable gloves — “sprucer-uppers”
please bring your rakes, clippers, your favorite yard tools.
We will also be grateful if you have some extra grass seed,
fertilizer, lime etc. that you would like to donate.
This is a “rain -- or shine” event (we haven’t
scheduled a back-up day) .. let’s hope it only shines!
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Music & Meditation in the Meetinghouse
Our popular monthly series
Music & Meditation in the
Meetinghouse continues on the
last Sunday of each month at
7:30pm in the Sanctuary.
On April 27th we welcome back
Dr. Neil Williams as our
meditation leader. Music will be
provided by singer Bonnie
Barish, accompanied on the
piano by Jane Shapiro.
Music & Meditation in the
Meetinghouse (MMM) offers
Cape Ann residents and visitors
a unique combination of
beautiful music and relaxing
meditation. Each event offers
the participants an opportunity
to enjoy a different combination
through various kinds of
meditation enhanced by the
musical offerings.
The MMM experience is
intended to be comforting,
entertaining and spiritual but it
is not a church service and there
is no religious content. It is held
in the candle-lit sanctuary of the
grand 1806 Meetinghouse, a
welcoming for the entire
Gloucester community for more
than 200 years.
Meetinghouse, whose lofty
tower lantern has guided
generations of mariners safely
into our harbor, is on the
National Register of Historic
Places and is the oldest and
largest surviving building of its
type in Gloucester.
A free-will offering is requested
and everyone is welcome. A
social gathering with light
refreshments is held afterwards
in the Entrance House where
participants may greet each
Watch your mailbox for a letter from the Nominating Committee. The process for calling a new minister is getting
underway. Your voice is important. Letters are going out soon explaining the process and inviting your preferences for
the Search Committee. After you have a chance to read the letter, you will be getting a phone call to hear your
thoughts. Please take the time to help ensure a bright future for the church!
Easter Sunday is April 20th
Maundy Thursday
April 17th (6-7:30 pm)
There will be a communion service
at 6:00 pm in the sanctuary followed by a pot luck supper in
the vestry. All who are intrigued by the idea of a UU
communion service are more than welcome to attend. It's an
old tradition in our church and has been revised to reflect our
increasing diversity. Until 5 years ago, the pot luck held was
before the service and was very well attended, but most folks,
satisfied with good food and conversation, skipped the
service. Upstairs and down, the common table represents
our common life in which there are no out casts. Families are
encouraged to attend.
Time to Place Your Flower Orders
We thank Carolyn Edwards for once again coordinating the
taking of orders for tulips (usually pink or yellow) and/or lilies
— and for decorating our Sanctuary with them.
Plants are $13 per pot. Carolyn will need your order by
Thursday April 14th! Her phone is (978) 283-9129.
send your check - payable to ICC-UU to Carolyn at: 7 Perkins
Road, Gloucester MA 01930.
Remember to indicate which selection: tulip or lily.
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Call for Nominations: 2014 Citizenship Awards
The Gloucester Unitarian Universalist Church is
inviting nominations from the public for its 2014
Gloucester Citizenship Awards.
pay, and often with little or no public notice. From
young to old, there are no age limits. Nominees
need not be citizens of the United States.
The church annually seeks to recognize up to 10
individuals for contributions they voluntarily make
to Gloucester, without thought of remuneration
or recognition.
Nominations are due no later than Friday, April 4.
They must be in writing and include the name and
address of the nominee, why this person should be
honored, and the name and contact information of
the person making the nomination.
The people who receive these honors will come
from all walks of life. Some are known for simple
deeds they do for their neighbors. Others are
honored for giving generously to the entire
community. All will be people who have worked
persistently and quietly to make a mark on
Gloucester. They will be chosen because their
actions embody the best of the spirit that guides
Unitarian Universalism – open-hearted giving to
others, solely for what those gifts mean, for no
Nominations may be mailed to the Gloucester
Unitarian Universalist Church, 10 Church St.,
Gloucester MA 01930, or emailed to
[email protected]
Up to 10
individuals will be
honored on
Sunday, May 4th.
Final choices will be made by the church’s Social
Justice Committee. The awards will be made at a
public event at the church on Sunday, May 4.
Spring Fair Farmers Market
Saturday, April 19, 2014 9:00 am until noon
Vestry entrance, Gloucester UU Church (corner Pine/Proctor & Church Streets)
This market will feature 6 farms, 6 agricultural producers, 2 crafters, 9 vendors of
prepared foods, and the Back Yard Growers. At least 3 growers will have seedlings
and/or plants for sale. We know the gardeners out there are chomping at the bit
to get out in their yard after this very long winter, so plan to visit the market.
Church members will be selling coffee and muffins
to get you off to a wide-awake start!
From 10 am until noon, during this spring market, church members are offering a special project for all children while their
parents shop. There will be Easter Egg Coloring, and another craft suitable for younger children. There is no charge for this
project; it’s compliments of the Religious Education Committee.
ommunity Meals is always helpful too.
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Leaders Needed to Coordinate Open Door Meal
The Open Door serves free dinners in a clean, pleasant, and friendly atmosphere. These meals are
sponsored by church, civic, and school groups from Cape Ann, with the help of other volunteers.
Currently each sponsoring group serves a meal once every 3 months. Anyone who is hungry or lonely
is welcome. There are no eligibility requirements.
Our church will serve the dinner on three upcoming Saturdays: April 19, July
19, and October 18. Janet Ruth Young, chair of the Social Justice Committee
is looking for a leader to coordinate each dinner and to enlist 4-6 volunteers to plan the menu,
shop, cook, serve, and clean up afterward. If you believe that serving dinner to the hungry and lonely
can be part of your personal ministry on Cape Ann, please consider taking a turn . For families, it’s a
wonderful opportunity to teach community service [suitable for children old enough to set a table.]
Printed directions/instructions are available in the church office; the manager at the Open Door
Community Meals is always helpful too.
Carolyn Edwards
Ryan Carlos Baker Dunn
Col. Dale Corliss
Jacob Gabriel Franklin
Dr. Richard Brown
Jerry Ackerman
Martha Oaks
Genevieve Dionne
Peggy Kimball
Lucille LePage
Deborah Way
May All-Church Visioning Retreat
I have found much to love in the high ideals of Unitarian Universalism:
Faith without dogma Hope through action Love without exceptions
There is much to love in our own church: friends, traditions of worship, opportunities
to help others, music, history………. The list is very long. In fact you have written the
list. During listening circles organized by the Transition Team over the last few weeks,
you have told us what words capture the heart of this place for you. Every three word
essence that we recorded is on display in the vestry today. [Holly Tanguay, 3/23]
May 18, 2014
11:00 am — 3:00 pm
We will walk down Middle Street to Temple Ahavat Achim where we will begin the
retreat with lunch. After lunch we will meet to begin our visioning. More information
will be provided as the date draws nearer. In the meantime, please mark your
Spotlight: Minister’s Discretionary Funds
Babson-Webber Church Fund Helps Out
I have realized since beginning as your Interim Minister last fall
that some of you are not aware of the Babson-Webber fund
we have that allows us to help people in need.
The “Babson-Webber-Mustard Fund” was started many years
ago by Mrs. Grace Knight Babson who wanted to help
individuals in need. Each year, our church — as well as other
faith communities in Gloucester — receives $2400 to give out.
Under the direction of the minister, and with the
administrative help of Karen Rembert, we give out these funds
in the form of gift cards to local pharmacies and grocery
stores, as well as providing help, by check, with utilities,
transportation costs, rent, etc. The fund is only available for
residents of Gloucester.
I know that $2400 sounds like a lot of money, but you might be
surprised at how quickly the money goes.
Karen keeps
meticulous notes on each case, with specifics on what the
money is being used for. Recently, we made a policy that an
individual could make no more than 2 requests per calendar
This year, we have noticed a change. In the past, most of the
requests we got were for food cards ($10 each). We gave out
one food card for each member of a household. Beginning in
2013, people began asking for help with back rent and utility
bills. This meant that each individual would require up to $100
per request, rather than $10-$40. Many landlords are able to
accept these small amounts from churches and have not
evicted their tenants, who continue to pay a small amount
toward their back rent.
You can see that $2400 doesn’t go very far to pay rent and/or
utility bills if it has to be spread out over the entire calendar
Page 7
If you are approached by someone in need asking for
financial help, please do not give that person cash. Instead,
refer the person to the minister or the church administrator,
so we can have a record of assisting Gloucester residents in
If you would like to help us make this fund go a little farther
and help more people, consider making a donation to the
Minister’s Discretionary Fund. This fund is ONLY used to help
Gloucester residents in need.
Please make your check
payable to “Minister’s Discretionary Fund” and send it to
Gloucester UU Church, 10 Church Street, Gloucester MA
Here is an example of some of the “thank you” notes that we
receive from individuals we have been able to help.
Dear Rev. Rankin,
I cannot thank you enough for your kind contribution to my
“rent pledge.” I am grateful and very pleased to be able to
report that with your help and the help of a number of other
area churches, I was in fact, able to raise the money for my
back rent. I am still working on raising the requisite sum for
my electric and I am half-way there.
I am very touched to discover that help like that exists for the
asking. I hope to never have to avail myself of it again, but it
is a blessing to our community that willingness to help people
in acute need exists.
Rest assured that should I ever find myself on the more robust
end of the financial spectrum, the organizations that helped
me in my time of need will not be forgotten. God Bless. Carry
on the exceptional work of kindness.
Apologies: the listing of flowers for February was inadvertently left out of the March newsletter.
Given by Jerry and Carol Ackerman in thanks for all the friends they have made in this church.
Given by Willie Alexander and Ann Rearick in loving memory of Willie’s father, Reverend Edward Gordon Alexander,
his sister, Janice Alexander, his mother, Madeline Mercer and his step father, Ken Mercer.
Given by Carolyn Edwards, to honor the Care Committee and its members for all the kindnesses extended to Carolyn
during her recent illness.
Page 8
R.E.marks from Lucy
Spring Activities in the
Religious Education Program
Much is in store in the coming weeks
for the children. Please join us during
the Farmer's Market on April 19th from
10am to noon for a special Easter Egg
dying and decorating craft in the
Clean up day will take place on April
26th from 9 am to noon. The RE group
will work inside going through
materials, paring down and cleaning out
cupboards. All ages are welcome. Kids
who like to sharpen pencils, test
markers and carry things are especially
There will be no Religious Education
class on Easter Sunday. Look for special
pew packs to work on during the
service. We will also have a small plant
for each child to bring home.
Special Thanks to
Schoel, Rose Sheehan
and Neil Williams
have helped with our
program by donating materials,
activities and expertise.
Lucy Boynton Melvin
Vegan Cooking Demonstration a Success!
On Saturday, March 8, vegan chef Elizabeth Reed of
Rockport presented a class in cooking with winter
vegetables. An avid crowd of nineteen cooking enthusiasts
swarmed the church kitchen as Reed demonstrated the
preparation of three dishes: creamy roasted root vegetable
soup, raw winter vegetable salad, and roasted Brussels
sprouts salad with toasted spice pecans. Students tasted all
three dishes, learned about the benefits of a plant-based
diet, and received plentiful recommendations for groceries,
kitchen tools, and cookbooks. The event drew cooks from
Salem, Malden, and Concord as well as Cape Ann. Reed
was assisted by her partner and sous-chef, Bill Joyce.
The cooking class was sponsored by the church's recently
formed Green Committee, which hopes to make the church
a community headquarters for information on
environmentally conscious living. Please contact Janet
Young if you have ideas for future Green activities or would
like a copy of the recipes from the cooking class. For more
information on Elizabeth Reed, or to see more recipes, visit
her blog, Elizabeth Runs.
Krissie Burnham photo
Photo by Janet Ruth Young
Krissie Burnham photo
Photo by Janet Ruth Young
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Why Have a Will?
Sunday, April 27, 2014 at 5:00 pm in the Church Vestry
Ensure your wishes are
carried out.
Church members, and the public are invited to
this free presentation. Two local layers, Bridget
Murray and Meredith Fine will be presenting the
program "Why Have a Will?"
They will discuss the steps to take to make sure
your affairs are in order, and to insure that the
government gets less of your estate than your
heirs and favorite charities.
We send our condolences to JoeAnn Hart, Gordon Baird and family. JoeAnn’s
father Thomas A. Hart, 84, passed away quietly on March 11; his wife of 60
years, and his family were by his side. A memorial Mass was held on March
28th in Danvers.
Dorothea (Dotty) Addams Brown passed away on March 20th … the first day of spring.
As a long-time friend of our church, her family has requested that people consider making
a contribution to the Gloucester UU Church in her memory. Dotty’s memorial service
will be held at the church on May 3, 2014 at 2 pm and will be conducted by the
Reverends Jenny Rankin and Wendy Fitting.
Please Join Us
Second Annual Cape Ann Area UU
Lay Leadership Brunch and
Discussion Circle
Saturday morning May 10th (9 — 11:30)
Hosted by:
The Unitarian Universalist Society of Rockport
4 Cleaves Street, in downtown Rockport
For you who are new, we welcome you.
For those who attended last year's gathering at the
Gloucester UU church,
we look forward to being with you again.
Join us in this opportunity to know one another,
to share our knowledge and experience, our
uncertainties and questions in our shared journey
as UU lay leaders.
Please RSVP by 1 May
Judy Metcalfe, President, [email protected]
Home telephone 978 546-0264
Linda Kidder
offers FREE
Bill Jackson is
looking for a
tennis partner
could go here
Page 10
Volunteer Appreciation Dinner
ee Mem
ked and
who coo
us to a lo
Ellie … a rescue dog who has
“separation anxiety” and therefore volunteers along with her
person, Ann Straccia, at the
Grace Center each week.
Photos by Paula Gray
Financial Report: 1st Quarter
The Finance Committee
works throughout the year to
business operations.
includes budget generation
and management, event
reconciliation, building use
contracts and policies, giving
and donations, capital equipment governance and more.
We are actively seeking 2 new working members for the
committee to assist us with this important set of
responsibilities. If you have a passion for, some background in
financial or business operations, or like to take on some
projects in this type work we would love to meet with you to
give you more information; you don’t have to have a degree in
accounting to be a member of our team.
Please talk to Scott Memhard (Treasurer), Ken Belanger (Chair,
Finance Committee) or contact Karen at the Church office.
Our Winter kept us busy this year and prevented us from
opening on several Sundays. The cold and long winter also
resulted in additional heating costs. We would be grateful if
pledgers could catch-up (and those who donate would
consider giving) for those lost weeks make up for the shortfall.
Your Giving Statements for the first quarter (January - March)
will be issued in early April. Please check them for accuracy
and report any discrepancies to the office.
Ken Belanger [email protected]
(Finance Committee Chair)
Page 11
Board Notes
Chair, Ken Belanger is summarizing the
Q1 Financial results which will be
available the first Sunday in April for
review. He is also reviewing the church
insurance policy, changing the internet
from Verizon DSL to Comcast to enable
the increased use of the internet and
the anticipation of security cameras.
STRATEGIC PLAN: Ken Belanger is
updating the Strategic Plan status to
add the 2013 results and will be
holding a Strategic facilitating a review
session in April to review and update
the Strategic Plan. The current version
of the Strategic Plan is available on the
Church Website.
project is about complete with some
small detail tasks left. Great job by
Newt and the B&G team!
Nominations for 2014 Citizenship
remarkable volunteers, will close on
April 4. Give Karen Rembert your
nominations this week by paper or via
email, stating the person's name and
contact info and what he or she has
done to deserve the nomination.
THEATER TICKETS: As part of the
Connections program, the church is
now eligible for blocks of ten or more
tickets to many of the theater's
productions for either no cost or the
low cost of $15 per ticket. Watch the
church's Facebook page to see what
productions are offered. Janet Young
will coordinate the theater outings,
including ordering tickets, planning
transportation, and suggesting places
for a meal or snack before or after the
theater. Please let Janet know if you
are willing to be a driver for one of
conference at Murray Grove in New
Jersey. The Universalists gathered at he
conference brainstormed many ways
to celebrate the 250th anniversary of
John Murray's first sermon in America
which will occur in 2020. As the first
Universalist church in the new world
which of course was led by John
Murray, our church has a role to play in
the planning and in the upcoming
celebration. Speak to Holly or Jenny if
you would like to participate.
these excursions.
Discussion times for the congregation
and board members will continue this
month during coffee hour on April
dates not yet determined. We will be
discussing the formation of a separate
Gloucester Meetinghouse organization
to increase use of the building and help
sustain it as well as the possibility of
serving beer and wine at concerts and
SOCIAL MEDIA: The church is now
posting news every day on a Facebook
page (as "Gloucester Unitarian
Universalist Church") and on Twitter (as
"Gloucester UU Church"). If you are
online, please share, like, post,
comment, tweet, retweet, and reply
with us!
Circles, conducted during the month of
March, gave most of our memos a
chance to reflect on what the church.
Means to them and what their hopes
and concerns are for the future. A
compilation of all the answers will be
available in a three ring binder in the
vestry. There will be another copy in
the library. If you did not have a chance
to participate, we can send you the
questions by email and add your
responses to those already recorded.
On Sunday, May 18, after church (SAVE
THE DATE) we will have an all church
retreat to contemplate the mission of
our church and discuss our vision for
other secular events.
Dick Prouty, continues to pursue
income for the church from rental of
our vestry and other spaces. A Request
for Proposal will appear in the local
papers and blogs this week and will be
sent to local real estate agents. He will
organizations like the Lanesville
Nursery School, the Grace Center and
the Buddhist Center who have
expressed interest in using our space.
the future.
During March Holly Tanguay and Rev.
Jenny Rankin attended a visioning
There were no fresh flowers in memory - or celebration - given during the month.
Page 12
Sunday, March 30, 7:30 pm — Music & Meditation (All welcome)
Thursday, April 17, 6 pm, — traditional Maundy Thursday service -- Potluck dinner to follow (All welcome)
Saturday, April 19, 9- 12 noon — Farmer’s Market & Children’s Easter Egg Coloring Activity (All welcome)
Saturday, April 19, 3 pm — The Open Door , offering dinner and sociability to local people in need. Coordinator and
volunteers wanted.
Sunday April 20, 10 am — Easter Sunday Families and children welcome Festive music (All welcome)
Friday April 25, 7 pm — Gimme Sound concert Brian King
Saturday, April 26, 10 am-1 pm — Community Clean-Up Day Neighbors and community friends welcome Pitch in! Clean up!
Welcome spring! Make our green space more beautiful!
Sunday, April 27 10 am — worship Special guest, Harvard Divinity student David Ruffin preaching (All welcome)
Sunday, April 27, 7 pm — “Why Make a Will?” (All Welcome)
Sunday, April 27, 7:30 pm — Music & Meditation Bonnie Barish, Jane Shapiro and Neil Williams (All Welcome)
Sunday, May 4, 10 am — Celebrating the Life & Legacy of Pete Seeger Celebrated local folk musicians. Jenny Rankin
preaching Intergenerational service (All welcome; families welcome)
Sunday May 4, 4 pm — Community Recognition Award Ceremony Come and honor Gloucester’s outstanding volunteers
(All Welcome)
Saturday, May 10, 9-11:30 am — Cape Ann Area Lay Leadership Brunch @ Rockport Unitarian Universalist Church
Saturday, May 10, 7 pm — Gimme Sound concert
Sunday, May 11, 10 am — Special worship service Mother’s Day (All Welcome)
Saturday, May 17, 9-noon — Farmers Market (All Welcome)
Sunday, May 18 , 10 am — Celebration of Judith Sargent Murray , special music with Steve Armington string quartet, in
collaboration with Sargent House Museum (All Welcome)
Sunday, May 25, 7:30 pm — Music & Meditation (All Welcome)