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Manual Pumps
Water Level Indicators
Water Tank Monitors
John Guest Fittings
Water Tanks
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Section: 10
Section: 10
Camco TastePure
Safe for drinking
water systems. 5/8"
This durable water
hose withstands
pressures over 450
p.s.i. I.D. bonded
hose with standard
coupling fittings for
hook up to RVs, &
Available in 50 &
50ft - 7480
25ft - 7485
Flat Hose Reel
30 ft long flat hose
Drinking water safe
Sureflow Non
collapsing hose
Flat Hose Reel - 7486
In Line Water Filter
Water Filter
Greatly reduces bad taste, odor, chlorine
and sediment in drinking water with a 100
micron fiber filter.
Camco TastePure Water Filter - 7492
Run Dry Capability
Multi-step corrosion protection and
seamless motor body for enhanced
protection in any wet environment
Rubber mounting feet for corrosion
protection and noise reduction
UV protected black flexible coiled hose
with garden hose connections
Spray nozzle and Fittings included
Seaflo Washdown Kit - 7504
Seaflo 12v Water Pressure
Pump 17ltr
1. 4 Chamber positive
displacement diaphragm pump for
smooth and quiet operation
2. Max. Flow: 17lpm /4.5gpm
3. Max.Pressure:40PSI / 2.8bar
4. Run dry with no problem
5. Thermal overload protected.
6. Duty Cycle: Intermittent (under
different pressure, the continuous
working time will also be different)
Seaflo 17ltr - 7501
Seaflo 12v Water Pressure
Pump 11ltr
Runs dry without damage
Built-in check valve and thermal
Comes with strainer and elbows
Open flow: 11.3lpm/3.06pm
Volts: 12v
Amps: 3.5a max.amps: 7.5a
Press setting: 55psi/3.8bar
B.E.S.T. = Bacteria Eliminating Silver Treatment
Inline Water Filter.
1 micron filled with activated carbon and
silver coated crystals. (Rated to last 5000
This unit uses the 'Alternative' sanitisation
Comes with 'click fit' hose connections on
both ends (connects to standard garden
hose connections - for filling RV tanks, when
connected to mains or caravan park water,
Seaflo 11Litre - 7502
Seaflo 12v Water Pressure
Pump 4 Litre
Heavy-duty demand
Can run dry
Quiet operation 40PSI
(2.8bar, 4 Litres per
Best Water Filter - 7488
Seaflo 4 Litre - 7503
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High Flow - 4GPM
Smooth flow from 0.7gpm to 2.9gpm
(2.6 to 11.0 lpm). Built-in "Pulsation
Eliminator" to reduce the cycling and
noise. No need for an accumulator tank.
Can run dry and self-primes to 9’ (3m).
Bulk 12v - 7513
Boxed -12v - 7515
Boxed - 24v - 7520
Introducing SHURflo's latest pump creation,
the 4048 4 GPM, 55 PSI RV Pump with Flow
Reaction By-Pass Technology for smooth, low
cycling, high-powered flow. Check out the
features below, all accomplished without the
need for complicated electronics.
·4 GPM, 55 PSI, 10 Amps Max. [12 VDC
Version], high performance
·Smooth, High-Powered Flow
·Reduced Cycling with Flow Reaction
·Eco-Friendly design for reduction of
hazardous waste and power use
·Automatic thermal overload protection
·Runs dry without damage
·Built-in check valve prevents backflow
·Dry primes to 6 vertical feet
·Automatic demand
Section: 10
Shurflo 4048 Series Fresh Water RV Pump
Shurflo 4048 - 7528
Submersible Pump
Single Fixture Automatic
Demand Pump
A compact highly efficient
centrifugal pump.
Designed to be dropped
into a water tank or
container, this
submersible pump
has a built in strainer.
Voltage : 12 VDC
Dimensions Inches/Millimeters : 6.82" x 3.94" x
2.45" [173 x 100 x 62mm]
Flow Rate GPM/LPM : 1.0 GPM [3.7 LPM]
Amps (Max.) : 2.5
Shut-Off Pressure : 30 PSI [2.0 BAR]
Open flow: 13.2l /m
Power 3.15A 12 volt
Hose size 10/13mm
Length: 117mm
Single Fixture Automatic Demand Pump - 7532
Submersible Pump - 7525
SHURflo’s Macerator is designed to accommodate
the need for a reliable, high performance waste
evacuation pump.
• Premium Impeller Technology
• Seamless Shell Motor
• Sealed Manual turn Key
• Run Dry Capability
• Dual Blade Design
• Ignition Protected
• Thermally Protected
• 1 Year Warranty
Macerator - 7542
Revolutionary 4008 Series Pump
The 4008 Revolution™ fresh water
automatic demand pump is super quiet,
thermally protected and can run dry
without damage.
SHURflo’s Pre-Pressurized Accumulator
Tank smoothes water faucet pulsations
and reduces pump cycling to keep water
line pressure up and pump motors cool.
• 3 Gallons per Minute
• Self-Priming
• 45 PSI
• Internal Bypass-Low Cycling
• Quiet Operation
• Runs Dry – Thermally Protected
• Built-in Check Valve
• Reduces pump cycling
• Smooths water faucet pulses
• Pre-pressurized to 30 PSI with
built-in diaphragm
4008 - Bulk - 7552
4008 - Boxed - 7553
Pre-Pressurized Accumulator Tank - 7554
Page: 123
Flojet Pump
Section: 10
Inline Pump
In-line, 12 volt centrifugal
pump, light enough to be
suspended in the hose line.
Sealed against casual water.
Pump is not self priming and
must be gravity fed. Output of
10 litres per minute.
Overall length: 117mm
Whale Inline Pump - 7555
Inline Galley Pump With Tap
12 volt centrifugal pump with mounting
bracket. Chrome plated, swivel faucet with
integral switch. Current draw - 3.15 amps.
13.2 Litres per minute.
Galley Pump
Small inline 12 volt pump. 13.2 litres per
minute. Accepts 10mm hose. 70mm(H) x
120mm (L) x 55mm (D). Current draw - 3.15
Galley Pump - 7570
Submersible Water Pump - 7575
Quick Drain Sewer
Get jet cleaning action with this unique
sewer hose rinser. Fitting attaches to sewer
hose, then hooks to any standard water
hose to create a powerful spray that helps
reduce odors and clean sewer hoses.
These tough wire and vinyl hoses resist
cracking and checking. They also protect
from toilet chemicals and extreme
temperatures. Flexible in all weather
10ft -7576
20ft - 7577
RV Sewer Hose Cleaner - 7571
Low Boy Pump
EZ Flush Triple Wrap
2 – Way Low Boy Pump. Combination hand
pump and city water. Low-profile design that’s
great for fold-down campers
Low Boy Pump - 7568
Extra heavy wire and special three ply virgin
vinyl provides the ultimate in sewer hose
performance. For those who want a strong,
durable hose
10ft -7572
20ft - 7573
Triple Action Low Boy Pump
Spray Away Complete
Triple Action Low Boy Pump - 7569
Handy water pump used
for confined spaces.
Open flow - 12/L/m
Max head - 4.5m
Power - 2.5 A @12 V
Height - 110mm
Base dia - 54mm
RV Sewer
Hose Cleaner
Inline Galley Pump With Tap - 7565
Combination hand pump (by PUMPING
the handle), mains pressure tap(pressing
handle DOWN), and 12V electric pump
switch (holding handle UP (where a 12
pump is wired to the incorporated
Submersible Water Pump
D&W's Spray-Away™ is a self-storing, selfcontained product that eliminates the need
for a bulky hose in marine and RV
Classic Series
Twist on Strainer
13mm pipe inlet twist on strainer.
To be used with Extreme and Classic
series pumps.
Classic Series Twist on Strainer - 7578
Barbed Thead - 7579
Extreme Series
High Flow Strainer
Twist on filter to suit
Extreme Series 5.7 pump.
Extreme Series High Flow Strainer - 7580
Spray Away Complete - 7574 Extreme Series High Flow Strainer OEM - 7581
Page: 124
Fresh Water/ Holding Tank
Monitor - AX 310
Fresh Water/Grey Water
Holding Tank Monitor
Single monitor
panel. Fresh
water and holding
tank monitor with
pump switch.
Single monitor
panel. Fresh water
and holding tank
monitor with water
switch. 98.3mm x
High quality 15', 3/8" polyurethane coil hose
for the Spray Port with Brass insert to fit
Spray Port Quick Connector. 15 feet,
lightweight, UV resistant hose, re-coils to just
12 inches.
98.3mm x 117.4mm
White - 7587
Black - 7589
Spray Away Complete Hose - 7584
White - 7605
Black - 7610
RV Water Level Indicators
Tip Toe Pump
Section: 10
Spray Away Complete Hose
Single action pump
that incorporates
efficient flap valves,
providing maintenance
of prime. Floor mounted
foot operated.
Capacity: 7L/m
Max Lift: 2.0m
Hose size: 15mm
Cut out dia: 64mm
Single Tank
Double Tank
Triple Tank
There is no need to wire in a 12 volt supply as the top indicator gauge comes
complete with its own battery
H65mm x W65mm x D16mm. Available with either 2.5 metre, 5 metre or 7.5 metre lead
Tip Toe Pump - 7592
RV Water Level Indicator Leads
Flojet Filter
½ MBSP Filter.
2.5m - 7609
Shurflo Revolution
5.0m - 7611
7.5m - 7613
LCD Water Level Indicators
Double Tank /
Single Tank/
Shurflo Revolution
Shurflo Revolution
Replacement Switch
Double Tank
Shurflo Revolution
Motor Assembly
These new technology
gauges have a coloured
LCD analogue display with
LED backlighting for crystal
clear viewing.
The gauges can be matched
with 2.5 metre, 5 metre or
7.5 metre lead sender
Triple Tank /
Page: 125
Flojet Filter - 7597
Section: 10
Water Pressure
Reduces water pressure to
40-50 psi.
Protects RV plumbing
system against high
Includes a stainless steel
internal spring.
Drinking Hose Bag
This check valve allows water to flow in
only one direction helping to safeguard
against back surge pressure up to 100 PSI.
Water Pressure Regulator - 7612
In-Line Check Valve - 7624
In-Line City Water
One Way Valve
In line mains pressure controller reduces
mains pressure to 50psi combined city
water entry, pressure regulator and check
valve. Attaches directly to hose.
WHALE: Fitted into the pump
suction line to ensure maintenance
of prime. Works extremely
effectively with electric
Drinking Hose Bag - 7642
Sullage Hose Bag
The Sullage Hose Bag will assist with
the coiling of up to 20mtrs of Potable
Water Hose or 10mtrs of Drainage Hose
In-Line City Water Entry - 7615
One Way Valve - 7630
Sullage Hose Bag - 7644
City Water Pressure
Controller - White
Quick Connect
Water Purity Tester
RV Water Hookup
90 Degree
Reduces mains water to 50psi
Combines mains water pressure entry,
pressure regulator and check valve.
Very easy to fit.
Available in Black and White
In-Line Check
The IntelliTECTM Digital Water Purity
allows you to instantly and accurately
measure water purity at home, caravan,
90-degree hose saver adaptor makes RV
water hookup quick and easy. Includes spare RV,
boat or on the road.
straight adaptor.
Ideal for testing filters for replacement.
Black - Boxed - 7620B
Black - Bulk - 7621B
White - Boxed -7620
White - Bulk - 7621
City Water Pressure
Controller - Chrome
Reduces mains water to 50psi
Combines mains water pressure entry,
pressure regulator and check valve.
Boxed -7622
Very easy to fit.
Bulk - 7623
Quick connect - 7640
Water Purity Tester - 7671
Valterra Hose
12mm - 10m Food Grade
With Connectors
Stops hose kinking at faucet or RV
connection. Medical grade plastic is
drinking water safe. 1/card.
Valterra Hose Saver - 7641
Quality Food grade reinforced hose
with fitted easy to use snap on water
10m Food Grade With Connectors - 7646
AC41 Water Filler
White surface
mount water filler with
hinged cap.
White braided drinking water hose.
12mm Food Grade - 10m - 7645
12mm Food Grade - 20m - 7650
Filler and Cap - 7680
Cap only - 7682
Filler and Flap - 7705
Flap only - 7708
32mm Fluted Sullage
Clear Tube Foodgrade Hose
Clear Tube Food Grade
20m - 32mm - 7652
10m - 32mm - 7653
30m - 7685
1m - 7690
25mm Fluted Sullage
12mm Hot Water Pressure
25mm 20m - 7710
25mm 1m - 7715
32mm 20m - 7716
32mm 1m - 7717
Flatout Drinking Water
It is made of 100% polyester with a food
grade liner providing safe drink water
quality. 19mm easily winds up for easy
20m - 7695 storage.
12 meter - 7725
1m - 7698
18 meter - 7730
20m - 25mm - 7654
10m - 25mm - 7659
Flatout Multi Reel
Flatout Multi-Reel
With 12mm FoodGrade Hose
Lockable Water Filler
Easy to use flat out
reel with 10m of
braided food grade
Ideal storage reel for hoses or
electrical leads.
410mm x 390mm x 110mm.
Small - 7660
Large - 7665
Flatout Sullage Hose
Made from a vinyl compound with
memory providing a flat hose when
stored on the Multi-Reel. Available
in 7 and 9 meters.
7 meters - 7670
9 meters - 7675
Section: 10
Recessed Water Filler
And Cap
Lockable water filler supplied with two
keys. Flap door opens 180 degrees to be
flush with RV wall. Available in black or
White - 7732
Flat Out Multi Reel
Black - 7734
with Food Grade Hose - 7700
Flatout 32mm Sullage Hose
High Pressure Hot Cold
Spray Port Water Outlet
Hot/cold Spray
Port is the only
product on the
market that
places a high
water spray
within fast,
easy reach yet
requires so
Hot Cold Spray Port Outlet - 7737
Flatout 32mm Sullage Hose - 7703
Sold in 9 metre
lengths on the “Multi
Reel”, the larger
diameter allows
faster drainage. "The
hose for those who
need extra flows!”
Page: 127
12mm Food Grade
Section: 10
Gravity Water Inlet
Australian RV Hand Pump
Popular self priming hand pump
Australian RV Hand Pump - 7758
Gravity/city water inlet in lockable hatch
1/2″ MPT / 1-1/4″ barb connections; 1/2″
air vent.
Available in black or white.
Gravity Water Inlet Hatch White - 7735
Gravity Water Inlet Hatch Black - 7735B
Rocket Hand Pump
Electric Faucet
- White
Multiple-axis 360 degree rotation and leadfree washerless ceramic plate valves offer
smooth flow when used with a pump or a
city water system.
Electric Faucet - White - 7786
Australian RV Lockable
Water Filler
Piston action
mechanism for high
water flow and longterm prime lock. .
Chrome-finish base
and spout.
Water Inlet Hatch
32mm fitting
Rocket Hand Pump - 7759
Australian RV Lockable Water Filler - 7787
Shower Tray
Single Touch Tap
Smooth and easy
flowing with
durability. Designed
for ease-of-use with
a water pump or
city water system,
they are the perfect
solution to
any RV.
Lockable hatch
1-1/4″ barb connection and 1/2″ air vent
Universal size fits both 4-1/4″ W x 4-3/4″ H
and 4″ W x 3″ H cutouts. Available in
black or white.
Water Inlet Hatch White - 7736
Water Inlet Hatch Black - 7736B
Trojan Hand Pumps
ABS acrylic. White. 965 x 585 x 125mm.
Shower Tray - 7770
Chrome Mixer Tap
Double action system
supplies water on both up and down
strokes. Moulded nylon bodyand anodised
aluminium barrel.Mounting hole is 32mm
Trojan Hand Pump White - 7742
Trojan Hand Pump Black - 7745
Sink Hand Pump
Manual pump for
Caravans & Rv’s
Simple to install
Corrosion resistant
Polyurethane interior
With Bonus Repair Kit
Single Touch Tap - 7788
Everpure EV9000-90
Faucet - Chrome
Slim Line Swivel Sink Mixer Chrome
Chrome Mixer Tap - 7779
Hot or Cold Single Faucet
Chrome plated
single basin
Available in left
hand and
right hand.
Left - 7780
Right - 7785
Sink Hand Pump - 7755
Sleek, versatile design Lead-free
Forged brass construction Aerator
tip provides even, clearstream of
filtered water Ceramic disc type
valve Easy Installation 0.5 GPM
flow Certified to NSF/ANSI 61 RO
compatible with the use of
aseparate air gap.
Everpure EV9000-90 - 7789
Shower Mixer Tap
An attractive, high gloss, white ABS shower
tray, to match the VT90 bathroom module.
80mm wall mount with hot and cold mixer.
Moulded to accommodate the THETFORD
Porta Potti Cassette toilet.
830mm x 670mm x 55mm high.
VT 90 Shower Tray - 7790
Shower Mixer Tap - 7795
Shower Set
Spray-Port Outlet
150mm swivel spout and non drip
ceramic discs.
Compact Basin Mixer Faucet- 7800
Fixed Faucet
Shower Kit
Sliding rail with water
shower head.
Shower Set - 7791
Compact Basin Mixer
Section: 10
VT 90 Shower Tray
Anodised aluminium water
outlet comes complete with
2 nuts for securing to
Features heavy duty chrome
finish. On/off trigger included
in handle. Wall bracket to suit
sold separately.
Shower set - 7796
Wall Bracket - 7797
Fixed Faucet - 7801
Single Folding Faucet
Recessed Shower Set
·Mountable shower
box for hot and
cold water
Key lock to ensure
·Water saving
on/off valve
·6"H x 9.5"W x
Spray-Port* brass quick connect outlet port
only, with 3" round, bright white hatch. Hose
not included
Spray-Port Outlet - 7793
Shower Rose, Hose and Kit
Quality chrome
metal finish. When
folded up
only 35mm high
Single Folding Faucet - 7804
Hot And Cold Basin Mixing
Recessed Shower Set- 7798
With 200mm spout.
Shower Rose, Hose and Kit - 7792
Hot And Cold Basin Mixing
Faucet - 7805
Hot And Cold Basin Mixer Tap
Chrome. 90mm centre
basin mixing faucet.
Convenient, watersaving on/off
showerhead valve.
Runs hot and cold
Hot And Cold Basin Mixer Tap - 7794
Exterior Shower Box White - 7799
Exterior Shower Box Black - 7799B
Page: 129
Exterior Shower Box
Section: 10
Hot And Cold Basin
Mixing Faucet
Single hole fixing featuring an
extra long 200mm angles spout.
Hot And Cold Basin Mixing Faucet - 7811
Stainless Steel Basin
With Glass Lid
Smev Series 8000
Stainless Steel Basin Round Stainless Steel Basin
Concealed fixing
145 x 380 x 280mm
275mm diameter x 110mm deep
Stainless Steel Basin - 7809
Chrome Cold Tap
Round Stainless Steel Basin - 7815
Stainless Steel Sink and Tap
Height: 145mm
Width: 420mm
Depth: 440mm
Stainless Steel Sink and Tap - 7816
Includes double folding
Stainless Steel Basin
With Glass Lid - 7802
Kitchen Centre
Low profile fixed pillar tap
Chrome Cold Tap - 7810
Stainless Steel
Easy-to-clean and easy-to-install, this
KitchenCentre is a beautiful space
saver too.
Features include:
·Complete unit - 7817
·Integrated dish rack - 7818
·Special designed wash bowl - 7819
·Cutting board - 7820
·Drainer - 7821
·Cutlery box - 7822
145 x 380 x 380mm
Stainless Steel Basin - 7803
Waste Outlet With Plugs
Stainless Steel
Argent Sink Mk3
Caravan Sink Plug
Chincilla glass,
unbreakable, heat
resistant, usable as a
chopping board.
Weight 5.5kg
470 x 630 x 1459mm
Right Angle
25mm t/s SMEV sinks only.
Black or Red - 1&1/8” t/s 25mm
Rubber sink plug.
Straight - 7806
Right angle - 7807
Black -7812
Red - 7813
Stainless Steel Sink
Stainless Steel Sink
Argent Sink Mk3 -7845
with Glass Lid
Sink and drainer
combination. With
integrated glass lid
and inbuilt tap.
600mmW x
With concealed fixing
145 x 650 x 380mm
Stainless Steel Sink - 7808
A compact and attractive sink. Top
fixing. 125 x 590 x 370mm
Stainless Steel Sink - 7814
With Hot/Cold Tap - 7870
With Cold Tap - 7871
No Tap - 7872
Page: 130
White. 330mm x 279mm
Acrylic Rectangular Basin - 7825
Acrylic Rectangular Slimline
Compact white hand basin
508mm wide X178mm deep
Acrylic Rectangular Slimline Basin - 7850
Acrylic Sink
Page: 100
White acryilic sink. 711mm x
330mm wide. Does not include
plug or waste outlet
Acrylic Sink - 7855
Double Water
Filter Housing
Single Water
Filter Housing
Standard Filter
Housings are
manufactured of a
durable polypropylene
or clear FDAcompliant StyreneAcrylonitrile (SAN).
The reinforced
polypropylene cap
an optional pressure
relief button on the
inlet side to relieve
pressure inside the
housing when
changing filter
• Easy installation under counter or in
service bay
• Bottled water quality for only pennies per
• Eliminates the hassle of bottled water
• Uses any 10" PENTEK replacement
cartridge to choose your level of safety
Single Water Filter Housing - 7860
Double Water Filter Housing - 7840
Pentek Inline
Water Filter
Section: 10
Acrylic Rectangular
Silver Charcoal
For temperatures up to
62 degrees celcius
Treated with bacteriostat
This inline filter is easy to install
to effectively reduce
for your drinking water.
the growth of bacteria
Flow Rate: 1.9 litres/minute
on the filter media
Has a service life of 12,000 litres
Pentek Inline Water Filter - 7842
Water Guard
Quick Change
Water Filtration Kit
Silver Charcoal Filter - 7880
Charcoal Filter
For temperatures up to
51 degrees celsius
Acrylic Corner Basin
White. 279mm x 279mm
Acrylic Corner Basin - 7873
Plastic Oval Basin
White. Includes outlet and plug
150mm H x 380mm W x 305mm D
Package includes:
1/4" Quick Connect Filter Head
with built-in bracket
Disposable Quick Change Filter
Drinking Water Tap
Mounting Screws
Water Guard Quick Change
Water Filtration Kit - 7843
On The Road RV Water Tank
Cleans your water tank from
all those nasty
RV Water
Tank Cleaner - 0260
Paper Filter
For temperatures up
to 62 degrees
celcius. Reduces
Paper Filter - 7865
Plastic Oval Basin - 7876
Page: 131
Reduces chlorine
taste & odour
Bad taste & odour
Charcoal Filter - 7885
Section: 10
Plastic Barbed Joiners
Plastic Threaded Directors
13mm - 7900
25mm - 7903
13mm - 7933
25mm - 7936
Plastic Barbed Elbow
Plastic Nut & Tail
13mm - 7906
25mm - 7909
1”N x 13mmB - 7940
1”N x 25mmB - 7942
Plastic Barbed Tee
Plastic Barbed Reducer
10mm - 13mm - 7945
19mm - 25mm - 7946
25mm - 32mm - 7948
13mm - 7912
25mm - 7914
Hose Clamp Combo
Stainless or
galvanized steel
clamps with hex
head screws.
Housing is
positively locked to
the band – no spot
Toilet Paper Holder
Shurflo 10mm Fitting - Straight 7966
Shurflo 13mm Fitting - Straight 7968
Shurflo ½" Adaptor - 7971
Plastic Swivel
Shurflo 10mm Fitting - Elbow 7965
Shurflo 13mm Fitting - Elbow 7970
Kitchen Mixer Tap
220mm Spout - 7972
Basin Mixer Tap
Perfect for keeping your toilet roll dry.
Available in flush mount or recessed
Hose Clamp Combo Pack - 7918
Recessed - 7955
Flush Mount - 7956
Hose Clamps
Plastic Inline Shut Off Valve
5-10mm - 7920
10-20mm - 7922
20-25mm - 7924
Plastic Straight
Quick action shut off valve.
13mm - 7958
25mm - 7960
150mm Spout - 7974
Basin Mixer Tap
100mm Spout - 7896
Page: 132
Section: 10
We reccommend John Guest fittings.
Page: 133
Section: 10
HOW TO John Guest fittings:
Cut the pipe square ensuring it is free of score marks. When using
Speedfit BPEX barrier pipe, cut along an insertion mark. We recommend
the use of one of the John Guest pipe cutters. For soft or thin walled
plastic pipe we recommend the use of a tube insert or pipe insert.
With the fitting clean and undamaged and the pipe cut
square, you are now ready to make the connection.
Do not insert fingers into the fitting as the stainless steel
teeth may cause injury.
Note: Do not use hacksaw
1/4" High Pressure LLDPE Tube
Reducing Straight
12mm - 10mm - 8033
Shut Off In Line Valve
with Tap
Red: 12mm X 100m Roll - 8010
Blue:12mm X 100m Roll - 8020
Black:12mm X 100m Roll - 8030
Shut Off In Line Valve with Tap - 8040
Plastic Straight Joiner
Plastic Tee Adaptor
Equal straight t/s 12mm tube - 8036
Plastic Barb
Straight Plastic Joiner
Half inch barb to suit tube fitting.
Plastic Barb - 8038
To suite 12mm tube x ½ MBSP - 8034
Plastic Tee Adaptor - 8045
Plastic Elbow Joiner
Equal elbow t/s 12mm tube
Plastic Elbow Joiner - 8060
Page: 134
Reducing Elbow
Stem Adaptor Male
12mm x 3/8” MBSP - 8062
12mm x ½” MBSP - 8065
Locking Clip - 8087
Stem Elbow
12mm - 8mm - 8110
12mm - 10mm - 8115
Section: 10
Locking Clip
Plug - 8070
Bulkhead - 8090
Stem Elbow - 8120
Swivel Elbow Male
Collet Covers
Equal Divider
12mm x 3/8”MBSP - 8073
12mm x ½”MBSP - 8076
Collet Covers - 8095
Equal Divider - 8127
Tap Adaptor Female
Wingback Elbow
Single Check Valve
12mm x 3.8”FBSP -8079
12mm x ½”FBSP- 8080
Pipe Insert
Wingback Elbow - 8098
Single Check Valve - 8135
Tube Cutter
Straight Adaptor
For Suburban HWS Only
Up to 28mm
Pipe Insert - 8082
12mm x ½" NPT - 8099
Amazon In Line Pump
Tube Cutter
Suitable for fresh water, sea water and diesel
Up to 12mm
Maximum liquid temperature 80 deg C
Continuously rated motor
Hose barb connection
Amazon In Line Pump - 8085
18 l/min, 12 Vdc
Tube Cutter - 8100
Tube Cutter - 8140
Page: 135
15mm x ½”FBSP
Section: 10
Australian RV 60 Ltr Tank
Australian RV 60 Ltr Tank - 8200
55 litre (12gallon) capacity. Australian made
water tank.
960 x 470 x 175mm (rear depth) x 185mm
Mk2 55 Litre Water Tank - 8225
Australian RV 95 Ltr Tank
59 Litre Water Tank
170mm D x 1000mm L x 480mm W
200mm D x 1200mm L x 480mm W
59 litre (13 gallon) capacity top quality
water tank. Used by the majority of
Australian caravan manufacturers.
865 x 490 x 190mm
Roto Water Tank 86 Litre
(19 gallon) capacity standard
front link rear link.
860 x 520 x 220mm
Roto Water Tank 86 Litre - 8250
Roto Water Tank
100 litre (22 gallon) capacity
standard front link rear link
915 x 635 x 180mm
Australian RV 95 Ltr Tank - 8205
59 Litre Water Tank - 8230
Roto Water Tank - 8255
ALKO Water Tank
82 Litre Water Tank
Roto Water Tank
52 litre (11.5 gallon) capacity
1010 x 330 x 180mm
Australian RV
55 Litre Water Tank
82 litre (18 gallon) capacity.
1220 x 490 x 190mm
127 litre (28 gallon) capacity
standard front link rear link
910 x 790 x 180mm
Roto Water Tank - 8260
ALKO Water Tank - 8210
82 Litre Water Tank - 8235
Roto Camper Tank
Roto Round Cornered
Water Tank
Roto Millard Water Tank
55 litre (12 gallon) capacity
Can be installed either
vertically or horizontally.
Roto Camper Tank - 8215
64 litre (14 gallon) capacity.
900 x 485 x 170mm
Roto Round Cornered Water Tank - 8240
70 litre (15 gallon) capacity.
860 x 525 x 165mm
Roto Millard Water Tank - 8265
Square 60 Litre Water Tank
120 Litre Water Tank
390 x 390 x 795mm
395 X 395 X 395mm
Blue -8220
Black - 8222
Black - 8245
Blue - 8270
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50L Slimline Tank
60L Upright Tank
Roto moulded polyethelene
Roto moulded polyethelene
Roto moulded polyethelene
L:440 x W:260 x H:410
L:1350 x W:100 x H:600
L:600 x W:320 x H:500
3/4” brass fittings.
3/4” brass fittings.
3/4” brass fittings
60L Upright Tank - 8315
Roto Water Tank 86 Litre - 8280
50L Slimline Tank - 8300
70L Under Body Tank
Roto moulded polyethelene
L:810 x W:610 x H:200
3/4” brass fittings.
70L Under Body Tank - 8285
85L Long Tank
80L Slimline Tank
Roto moulded polyethelene
L:810 x W:610 x H:240
3/4” brass fittings
3/8 plastic thread breather.
85L Under Body Tank
Section: 10
30L Mud Guard Tank
Roto moulded polyethelene
L:810 x W:610 x H:240
3/4” brass fittings
3/8 plastic thread breather.
80L Slimline Tank - 8305
85L Under Body Tank - 8320
125L Under Body Tank
100 Litre Stainless
Steel Water Tank
Roto moulded polyethelene
L:1040 x W:940 x H:170
Roto moulded polyethelene
3/4” brass fittings
L:1200 x W:200 x H:400
3/8 plastic thread breather.
3/4” brass fittings.
85L Long Tank - 8290
125L Under Body Tank - 8310
85 Litre Stainless
Steel Water Tank
1000L x 480W x 200mmD
100 Litre Stainless Steel Water Tank - 8326
Water Tank Bracket
Water Tank Bracket - 8330
Water Tank Cover
1000L x 480W x 130mmD
70 Litre Stainless Steel Water Tank - 8322
900L x 480W x 200mmD
85 Litre Stainless Steel Water Tank - 8324
Galvanized to suit 95L tank.
Water Tank Cover - 8331
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70 Litre Stainless
Steel Water Tank
Section: 10
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