of This month, you can help a child walk for the first time.

World of Children Award
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This month, you can
help a child walk for
the first time.
Imagine not being able to walk to the market, tie your shoelaces or jump out of bed. Imagine not being able to go to school because
you couldn’t walk there by yourself, or you were afraid that people might hurt you because of the way you looked. 93 million
children face these challenges of being disabled every day.
Simply having access to orthopedic care can dramatically transform a child’s life. Getting fitted with a prosthetic limb suddenly gives
a child who could barely stand the ability to walk to school, play soccer with friends, and even run in a race. Once resigned to a life
of dependence, closed doors and limitations, a child is suddenly given the ability to walk, run and thrive.
This month, you can become a child’s lifelong hero by funding their orthopedic care. Your support will provide prosthetic limbs,
corrective surgery and more for children with limb disabilities in developing countries. To learn more, visit worldofchildren.org/ability
Lee Linda was afraid to go to school because of
her disability. Now, she’s first in her class.
Until the age of 7, Lee Linda hated going to school. She was born in Cambodia with Spina Bifida, a severe spinal
disorder that weakened the muscles in her legs and prevented her from walking normally. Eventually, Linda
stopped going to school because getting there was painful and difficult, and she couldn’t endure another cruel
word from other children.
Then one day, everything changed. Linda’s mother was connected to 2013 Honoree Mead Welles’ program, A Leg To
Stand On (ALTSO). ALTSO fitted Linda with leg support braces and provided her with follow-up physiotherapy.
It’s been two years since Linda took her first steps with braces, and her life couldn’t be more different. Now, she
walks confidently to school where she earns the highest grades in class. She’s growing fast and ALTSO is right there beside her, refitting
her braces as she grows and helping her take one step closer toward achieving her dreams.
See Linda Walk at worldofchildren.org/linda
Have you overcome the impossible? Do you have a unique ability? Let us know and your story could be featured on our website
or social media networks. Email [email protected] or use the hashtag #ability to join the conversation!
Three Ways You Impact Children’s Lives Every Day
From providing life-saving heart surgeries to building soccer fields in Uganda, you are making a vital impact in the lives of
children around the world. Here are 3 ways that your support is having a life-changing impact right now:
1. You Are Empowering Girls with Self-Defense Skills
Today, girls are learning how to defend themselves in self-defense classes that you funded.
2012 Youth Award Honoree Dallas Jessup founded Just Yell Fire to end global abuse and violence against
women and girls. Dallas used your funding to teach easy-to-remember self-defense techniques to 5,000 girls
who live in some of the U.S. and Canada’s most dangerous communities. She also trained 162 teachers and
counselors how to teach self-defense to their students, ultimately empowering more than 10,000 girls every year.
Thousands of other girls are being empowered every day. Read more at worldofchildren.org/girlpower
2. You Are Providing Life-Saving Heart Surgery for Sick Children
Right now, a child suffering from a heart defect is receiving life-saving surgery, thanks to you.
2012 Health Award Honoree Dr. Nilas Young and his team at Heart to Heart International Children’s Medical
Alliance provide free heart surgery for children with heart defects. Dr. Young used your funding to expand
the capacity of one of Heart to Heart’s program centers in Russia. Thanks to you, 600 children received heart
surgery and are now making their parents laugh, like 3-year-old Dasha; learning to love math, like 8-year-old
Nikolai; and dating their first girlfriend, like 20-year-old Roman. Hundreds of other children are waiting to receive
surgery this year. Read more at worldofchildren.org/heartsurgery
3. You Are Enriching the Lives of Children in Uganda with Soccer
Today, thousands of children in Uganda are playing soccer on fields that you helped build outside
their schools.
2012 Youth Award Honoree Kyle Weiss is the co-founder of FUNDaFIELD, a nonprofit that builds soccer
fields in places where children have experienced trauma or conflict. Kyle used your funding to build two fields
for children in Western Uganda, an extremely impoverished area with little access to outside aid. Kyle built the
fields next to local schools and has had great success getting children to come to school so they can earn the right
to play. Thanks to you, 15,000 children living in the surrounding communities are playing more than 3,000
hours of soccer every year, giving them a healthy incentive to attend school and learn the power of teamwork. Thousands of other children are
waiting for the chance to compete. Read more at worldofchildren.org/soccer
You Taught Rwanda’s Youth
How to Build a Better World
In April, Founders Harry Leibowitz and Kay Isaacson-Leibowitz traveled to
Rwanda to visit 2009 Honoree Jessica Markowitz, attend the 20th Anniversary
Commemoration of the Rwandan genocide, and visit Agahozo-Shalom Youth
Village, a program inspired by 1998 Honoree Chaim Peri. Thanks to your
support, more than 40 girls in Rwanda are about to graduate from high school
with big dreams of changing their communities, country and the world. Harry
and Kay had the chance to meet some of these inspiring young people and see
how our Honorees and your generous support impacted their lives.
Read more about their trip at worldofchildren.org/rwanda
~ Jessica Markowitz hugging Joyce, one of the girls in her program.
Join us to Honor Marlo
Thomas and Six Heroes
Changing Children’s Lives
On Thursday, November 6, we will host the 2014 Annual World of Children Awards
Ceremony to officially present our Awards to some of the bravest people we know: our 2014
Honorees. This year, we will present our Lifetime Achievement Award to Marlo Thomas for
her outstanding leadership at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. We will also present our
Board of Governors’ Award to Jim Gold, President & Chief Merchandising Officer at The
Neiman Marcus Group, for his significant commitment to children. Stay tuned: the rest of our
2014 Honorees will be announced in September.
Visit worldofchildren.org/awardsceremony to learn more about the event.
~ Marlo Thomas,
2014 Lifetime Achievement Award recipient
We Hope you can join us
2014 Awards C eremony
Your miles mean
the world to them.
Thursday, November 6, 2014 at 6 pm
583 Park Avenue, Park Avenue at East 63rd Street
New York City
Since 1989, American customers have donated millions
of AAdvantage® miles to support children’s programs
around the world. Help put a smile on a child.
Marlo Thomas
Donate to Miles for Kids in Need® today
on aa.com/joinus.
2014 Lifetime Achievement Award
National Outreach Director,
St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
Jim Gold
2014 Board of Governors’ Award
President & Chief Merchandising Officer,
The Neiman Marcus Group
Chaim Peri, Ph.D.
2014 Alumni Award
Director Emeritus, Yemin Orde Youth Village
Founder and President,
The Village Way Educational Initiatives
Alina Cho
Master of Ceremonies
Stephanie March
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Alison Kjeldgaard
[email protected]
or visit worldofchildren.org/sponsorships
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World of Children Award
Celebrity Ambassador
Stephanie March
This Summer, We’re Running for
Children. YOU Can Help Children Run.
“My family and I have been
fortunate to not have any major
terminal illnesses and have been
blessed with many wonderful
children that are expanding our
family. I don’t have any of my
own yet so I think running with
your great team is a way for me to
help those who are less fortunate.”
– Jon, Changemakers for Children runner
We’re proud to announce that we are
an official charity of The San Francisco
Marathon! On July 27, our very determined
team of runners — Changemakers for
Children — will run the marathon to
support children who cannot walk or run
due to a limb disability.
By race day, our team plans to raise more
than $5,000 to ensure more children have
the chance to run in their own race. Help
our team reach their goal by underwriting
the cost of a leg brace, prosthetic limb
or corrective surgery. Learn more at
World of Children Award
Board of Governors
Harry Leibowitz, Ph.D.
Co-Founder & Co-Chair
World of Children Award
Kay Isaacson-Leibowitz
Co-Founder & Co-Chair
Director, GUESS? Inc.
Director, Coldwater Creek, Inc.
Jim Gold
Vice Chair
President & Chief Merchandising Officer,
The Neiman Marcus Group
Ranjan Manoranjan
Chief Executive Officer, 3SGLED.COM
Roberta V. Romberg J.D.
Attorney at Law
Jill Beraud
Chief Executive Officer, Living Proof
Director, New York & Company
Director, Levi Strauss & Co.
Devin Beresheim
Managing Director, Marsh USA, Inc. - FINPRO
Francis Fraenkel
Managing Director, Neuberger Berman, LLC
Bertan Kalatchi
Chief Executive Officer, JohnPaulRichard, Inc.
Archana Kumar
Chief Strategy Officer, MediaCom USA
Give Your Donation 12 Times the Power
The math is simple; the effect is enormous. By chipping in
just $12 per month for 12 months, you will provide vital help
to children in need of healthcare, food, shelter, education
and more. The best part? 100% of your monthly donations
directly support children who need it most.
12x12 Benefits
New 12x12 supporters will receive a
special welcome package in the mail
along with regular updates about how
your funding is having a real impact for
children. For a limited time, you will also
receive our signature key necklace as an
added thank you!
Maxine Martens
Chief Executive Officer, Martens & Heads!
Karen Mayell
Houston Community Leader
Ann O’Malley
Executive Vice President, Brand and Creative
Services, Victoria’s Secret Direct
Sandy Piontak
Co-Founder, P2F Holdings
Jerry Politzer
Chief Executive Officer, National
Retail Consultants
We’ve Moved!
Sue Steinberg
San Francisco Community Leader
Our address and phone number
have changed:
World of Children Award Team
World of Children Award Office
Lynn Wallace Naylor
Executive Director
11501 Dublin Blvd., Suite 200
Dublin, CA 94568-2827
[email protected] • (925) 452-8272
Brock Weaver
Online Marketing Manager
Alison Kjeldgaard
Marketing and Development Associate
Arwen Lange
Operations Manager
Visit worldofchildren.org/12 to sign up.