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'Where Peter
there is
WEEKLY, Jan 18th, 2015, (761)
True peace can only be
found in the Holy Spirit!
Reflecting last week on the Apostles being frightened upon
seeing Jesus walking on water, Pope Francis said that
despite seeing the miracles done by Christ, the Apostles
were in fear because “their hearts were hardened.”
Among the reasons why one would have a “heart of stone,”
the Pope said that it can easily happen to someone who has
gone through a “painful experience.” The Apostle Thomas,
who refused to believe in the Resurrection, was such.
Another reason is to be closed in on one’s self. To make a
world in one’s self, closed. In himself, in his community or
in his parish, but always closed. And being closed can turn
into so many things: pride, sufficiency, to think myself
better than others, also vanity, no? There are mirror-men
and women, who are closed in on themselves and
constantly looking at themselves. Religious narcissists, no?
But, they have a hard heart, because they are closed, they
are not open. And they look to defend themselves with
these walls that they have around them.”
Pope Francis explained another reason for a hardened heart:
that of “barricading” one’s self behind the letter of the law.
The irony of this is that those who seek security within the
law end up becoming like a “man or a woman in the cell of
a prison behind bars: a security without freedom.”
“The heart, when it is hardened, is not free and if it is not
free it is because it does not love. You can do thousands of
courses of catechesis, thousands of spiritual courses,
thousands of yoga courses, zen and all those things. But all
of that will never be capable of giving you the freedom of a
son,” he said. “It is only the Holy Spirit that can move your
heart to say ‘Father.'"
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Mass times; Vigil Sat 630pm, Sun: 8.30am, 9.30, 11, 12..30, 7pm.
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Mon to Fri: 10am, 7.00pm (Celb), Salesians 8.35
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9.30am daily Mass & Sat vigil Mass, on request.
Pre- Baptism meetings Tuesday 8pm in St. Patrick’s Church. To Confession after
BAPTISM: : 3rd Saturday, 12.30; 4th Please arrange with the priests
book contact Myles 01 6275942
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Parish of Divine Mercy- Lucan South
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Mon-Fri: 9.15, Sat 10; Confession Sat before 6.30 Mass.
Baptism: Sundays 1.00; 2 weeks notice.
Exposition of Blessed Sacrament:
Fri 9.15am to 3pm, Benediction & Divine Mercy Chaplet.
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First Fridays: 9.30a.m. & 7.30p.m.
Confession: Sat: 10.30 to 11.30am &after 6pm Mass
Baptisms:1st Sunday of month at 1.15. Third Saturday of month
12.30p.m. Please
give one month’s prior notice.
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Mass in Irish 3rd Sun of month, & St Patrick’s day 11am
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Church of The Immaculate Conception and St. Killian
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[email protected]
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Administrator: Rev. Damian Farnon, Tel. 459 2665
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Assistant Priest: Rev. Padraig O’Sullivan, 464 0441
At least one-month notice required. Applications at Parish
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(Choral), 12noon (Family) and 5.30pm.
Parish of the Sacred Heart
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Fr. Michael Ruddy
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Sat 9.45am Morning Office, 10am Mass, 10.30 Exposition of
the Blessed Sacrament; Benediction at 12.25; 6.30 Vigil Mass
St Brigid’s Parish, Kill, Johnstown, Ardclough of Sunday. Sunday Masses: 10.30, 12.00
Priests; Fr Willie O’Byrne, P.P., Tel 045-878008.
St Conleth’s Parish Newbridge
Fr M. Kelly, CC, 045- 877880
Masses Saturday: Vigil Mass – 6.15pm. Sunday: 8.30am.
Sunday Mass: Kill: Sat. (Vigil) 7.30, Sun: 11am, 12.15pm.
11.00am. 12.30pm. 7.00pm. Holy Day Vigil: 6.15pm.
Ardclough: Sunday 9.30am.
Holy Days: Masses as on Sunday (no 12.30 Mass)
Weekday Mass: Kill:
Mon-Sat 10am & Fri. 7.30pm.
Weekdays: Monday – Saturday: 9.30am. Fridays only 7.30pm.
Ardclough: The 1 Friday every month, 8.30pm;
Confessions Saturday: 11.00am. – 12 noon & after 6.15 pm
Confessions: Sat after 10am. Mass and 1 Friday
Parish Office: Mon-Fri. 9.30-12.30, (045) 878008
Mass. First Friday: 9.00am. – 9.30am. Penitential Service Mass:
7.30pm. No Confessions during Mass. People are always
Parish of Clane & Rathcoffey
welcome to call to any Priest for Confession at anytime.
Fr Paul O’ Boyle, PP, 045-868249,
Telephone: 045 432808
Weekday Mass; Mon-Fri, 10am Clane
- Dominican Church Masses Sat: Vigil Mass – 8.00pm. Sun:
Sunday Mass: Sat vigil Clane 6.30pm, Sun 9.30, 11.30
9.30am. 10.30am. 12 noon & 5.30pm. Holy days: 7.30am.
Rathcoffey: 10.30. Confessions: before Saturday 6.30 Mass
10.00am. 12 noon. 5.30pm. W/days: Mon-Fri: 7.30am. 10am.
Parish Office Mon-Sat 9.30 - 4pm, beside Church 045 861393 5.45pm. Sat: 8am. & 10am.
Confessions: Saturday: 9.30am. – 10.00am. 10.30am. –
Parish of Dunboyne & Kilbride
11.15am. 7.30pm. – 8.00pm. First Friday: 9.30am – 10.00am.
Parish Office Mon-Fri 9.30-1, 1.30-5pm, 01-8255342,
5.30pm – 6.00pm. No Confessions during Mass. Call to any
Mgr. Dermot Farrell PP, Fr Mark English CC, Fr Gabriel Flynn
Priest for Confession anytime. Tel 045 487200
PC. Email- [email protected]
- Cill Mhuire Ballymany -Masses Sat: Vigil Mass 7.00pm.
Mass times Dunboyne Vigil Sat 7pm, Sun 9am, 11.30.
Sunday: 10am, 11.30am. Holy Days: 10am. Weekdays: Mon –
Kilbride Vigil Sat 6pm, Sun 10am
Friday: 10am. Confessions Saturday: after 7.00pm. Mass First
Holy Days Dunboyne 9am Kilbride 10am.
Friday: 9.30am – 10.00am. call to any Priest for Confession at
Confessions After 10am Mass, before 7pm Mass in Dunboyne.
anytime. Telephone: 045 432286.
Before 6pm Mass in Kilbride.
Daily Mass Dunboyne 9am weekdays, 10am Saturday. 8pm on 1st KILCULLEN Church of Sacred Heart & St Brigid Fr. N Mackey PP 045 481230, Fr. Martin Harte, 481222
Parish Centre Phone Valarie & Vivienne on 045 480 727
First Friday Mass Dunboyne 8pm
Exposition of the Most Blessed Sacrament Dunboyne Tuesday MASSES weekdays 9.30am, Sunday 6.30 (Saturday Vigil),
& Friday 9.30am to 8pm.
Confessions on request before vigil Mass
Baptisms Please book with Parish Office
Eucharistic Adoration Thursdays, Parish Centre, 10am- 9pm.
Contact Marie 086 6088839, Mary 401856, or the Parish Office.
Weddings In either churches, minimum of 3 months; must be
Saint Joseph's Gormanstown Sunday Mass 9.30am
booked through clergy or parish secretary.
'I saw your ad in the Open Door'
[email protected]
[email protected]
poles, 087-9381997
flat pack
2nd Sunday of Ordinary Time, January 18th, 2015
assembly, under stairs
storage, attic insulation, gates,
beds, fencing. Brian
085-7159617 / 01-6245949
Holy Gospel
St John, chapter 1; verses 35 - 42
They saw where he lived,
and stayed with him.
As John stood with two of his disciples,
Jesus passed, and John stared hard at him
and said, ‘Look, there is the Lamb of God.’
looked hard
at him and
said, ‘You
are Simon
son of
you are
to be called
Cephas’ –
Hearing this, the two
disciples followed Jesus.
Jesus turned round, saw
them following and said,
‘What do you want?’
They answered, ‘Rabbi,’ –
which means Teacher –
‘where do you live?’
‘Come and see’ he replied;
so they went and saw where
he lived, and stayed with
him and the rest of that day.
It was about the tenth hour.
One of these two who became followers of
Jesus after hearing what John had said was
Andrew, the brother of Simon Peter.
Early next morning, Andrew met his
brother and said to him, ‘We have found the
Messiah’ – which means the Christ – and he
took Simon to Jesus. Jesus looked hard at
him and said, ‘You are Simon son of John;
you are to be called Cephas’ – meaning
This is the Gospel of the Lord.
From today's Mass Reading of the Holy
Gospel God's calling is revealed to us by
the actions of the two disciples of John the
Baptist who followed Jesus.
For it is Jesus that we must follow in order to
be saved. He is the Lamb of God, the perfect
human sacrifice for the redemption of our sins.
Jesus is our Rabbi, our Teacher. He shows us
the way, the truth and the life. From the Gospel
we also learn how Peter came to follow Jesus.
His call came through his brother Andrew who
was God's instrument of grace to call Peter.
Throughout the Holy Bible and even in our
daily lives, we see how the grace of God works
through His children to implement His Divine
So, I ask you again, "What are you looking
for? Are you looking to answer the calling of
the Lord?" If you are looking for the way,
the truth and the life, then you must fix your
eyes on Jesus. You must answer your calling
by living holy lives.
Your presence at Mass is a spiritual sign that
the grace of God is at work in you. It is an
indication that you are longing to participate in
fellowship as one in the Body of Christ so you
may share together in the great spiritual Feast
with Christ. It is an indication that you desire
to receive the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist,
the Bread of Life. As long as we continue to
receive the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist
worthily, in the state of grace, there is hope.
And as long as there is hope, the grace and
mercy of God will not let us down.
You have the assurance of the Church built
by Jesus on the rock of Peter, led by his
successor, Pope Francis!
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The Epiphany Revealed!
This article uncovers the meaning of the epiphany
and why the Magi -- Caspar, Balthasar are found,
with crowns and camels, in every nativity scene.
Yet if you look closely at the gospel account of the
Magi (Mat 2:1-12), you won’t find these names.
Actually there is no mention of how many Magi there
were or that they were kings riding camel-back. This is
a testimony to something some Bible Christians would
like to deny: that all who read a text of Scripture do so
in the light of some tradition, through some lens. If it is
the right lens, it magnifies the text and allows us to get
at its true meaning. If it is the wrong lens...
It just so happens that the lens the Catholic Tradition
uses to read the story flows from Scripture itself–to be
precise, it flows from the connection between holy
words written hundreds of years apart. But despite the
many years and different human authors, the texts were
inspired by the same Divine Author, the Holy Spirit. In
chapter 60 of Isaiah (Is 60:1-6), it is predicted that at a
time of darkness, the glory of the Lord will shine over
Jerusalem. The heavenly light will be a beacon to the
pagan nations and even to their kings. Here we find
mention of camels whose job it will be to bring the
wealth of these nations, including frankincense and
gold, to the city of the Lord. Psalm 72 agrees that far
off kings will bring gifts to the Son of David.
The tradition of the Church has always seen the story of
the Magi as a fulfillment of Isaiah’s prophecy and
Psalm 72. Hence the crowns and camels. But hold on.
Isaiah 60 mentions only two of the gifts mentioned by
Matthew: gold, fit for a king, and frankincense, for the
worship of God. So what about the myrrh–where does
that come from and what does it mean?
Myrrh, an aromatic resin, was used in preparing the
dead for burial. Gold reveals that the babe in the
manger is actually a king; frankincense tells us that is
he God incarnate; myrrh tells us that he has come to
die. That someone would redeem God’s people
through suffering and death was foretold by Isaiah a
few chapters earlier (Is 53). This was the really hard
thing for those living in Jesus’ time to comprehend–that
the same person who fulfilled all those prophecies
about a glorious new king also fulfilled the prophecies
about a suffering servant.
All three gifts of the Magi are necessary to convey the
true revelation, the true epiphany of who this child is
and what he is destined to do. That’s why for hundreds
of years we’ve sung of three kings, not two or four.
The ancient feast of the Epiphany actually celebrates
three events, tied together by the meaning of the word
epiphany or “manifestation.” Jesus suddenly appears
as who He really is–messiah and God–to the Magi, at
Cana when he works his first miracle, and when he is
baptized in the Jordan. In the early Church, Epiphany
was therefore second only to Easter vigil as the time to
celebrate the sacrament of baptism.
Energy rate your building
Planning applications –
Drawings for extensions,
Conversions, renovations
SEAI registered.
Contact: John Doyle
01 4459153 / 086 7722892
Kildare Alzheimer
Tips for a Healthy Brain
We all brush our teeth every day. But most of us
do not consciously brush up on our brains. This is
unfortunate but understandable as up to recently
the imperativeness of both physical and mental
stimulation has not been fully appreciated.
Activity, attitude and simple lifestyle changes can
boost your brain health and may even act as a
buffer against decline in brain function.
We can shape our brains by the actions we choose
to do and by the way we think and approach life.
Research shows that “modifiable” lifestyle factors
can help to protect brain health and function.
Your brain is very complex and the environment
affects how it works. For your brain that
environment is how you live and how physically
active you are. It is also how much you engage
with others, how you eat and sleep and whether
you occupy your brain with tasks that can
strengthen it.
Remain socially active. Joining a book club, a
community group, a choir or a hill walking
group will improve your social interaction. You
could also arrange to have a regular coffeemorning with a friend. Social intervention
stimulates the brain cells and strengthens those
already formed. New cells also spring to life in
key memory areas of the brain.
(Extracts from TCD Dementia Research – NEIL).
The Alzheimer Cafe meeting takes place on the
last Wednesday of every month from 7pm to
9pm in the Convent tea rooms at McAuley
Place, Naas – beside the Main Church. All
carers and cared for most welcome.
The next meeting will be held on Wednesday
28th January in McAuley Place Naas.
• Enquiries to 045-897833.
The Sacred Heart of Jesus
Dear Heart of Jesus in the past I have
asked You for many favours, but today
I ask You for this special one … (mention
request) Take it Dear Heart of Jesus; place it in
Your own broken heart, where Your Father sees it,
then in His merciful eyes it will become Your
prayer not mine. Amen.
Recite 3 times each day for 3 days;
promise to promote..
Church of Holy Family
Fridays 7.30 to 8.30 pm. All welcome.
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readers are invited to make a donation
towards the growing costs of The Open
Door which has been widely distributed
for almost 14 years as a free weekly magazine.
• Contributions can be made by credit/debit card by phone to
• Or lodged direct to Bank of Ireland, sort code 90-65-07,
account The Open Door, 30810899.
• Contact 01-6292909, 087-9381997, [email protected]
24th Divine Mercy
Members of the Federation of
Active Retirement Associations
Open to Male and Female age 55 and over.
Come along to your local active ret. club, make
RDS Ballsbridge, February 21st & 22nd 2015
new friends, get fit in mind body and soul!
“Forgive us our trespasses....”
Activities- Keep fit exercises /dance, board
games, card games, day trips, theatre visits/ concert
• Sr Briege Mc Kenna OSC
hall, Gaiety etc., computer courses,
(‘Miracles Do Happen’ – International Teacher)
• Fr Kevin Scallon CM
Riverview Court Chapelizod, Mondays, 2pm- 4pm.
for Priests/Author)
New members welcome!
• Fr Michael Ross SDB
Free Pregnancy &
(Spiritual Director of
Parenting Support Service conference committee)
• Philip Ryan (Testimony)
LIFE Pregnancy Care have announced the launch
of our FREE services in St John the Evangelist
[email protected]
National School, Adamstown, Lucan.
Phone/Text: 0860669203
LIFE pregnancy care are a registered charity
(daytime only please)
funded by the H.S.E (Crisis Pregnancy
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Early Booking Advisable
questions and would like some support we are here
to help. Our services are open to Mums, Dads &
Grandparents and include the following:
• Pregnancy Counselling & Support
• Pregnancy Testing
• Social Welfare Advice & Entitlements
On the heels of a major diplomatic coup in paving
• Parenting Support for Mums & Dads
the way for restoring US/Cuba relations, Pope
• Parenting Courses
Francis’ top diplomat, Cardinal Pietro Parolin,
• Accommodation Services (Expectant Mums &
Vatican secretary of state, said the Vatican is
Mums with babies under 6 months). FREE
entering a “more proactive” phase of political
Helpline 1800 281 281
For more information on our services or to book
“With all the conflicts in the world today, we can’t
an appointment in confidence, call 01 6351492
just wait,” said Italian Cardinal Pietro Parolin, the
Vatican’s secretary of state. Instead, he said, the
Statement on ‘Avalon’ marriage DVD Vatican has to take the initiative, making proposals
to break logjams.
Many parishes have been contacted recently with
information regarding a pre-marriage DVD course The Cardinal spoke to reporters during a dedication
being marketed by Avalon RC Limited. The
ceremony for a new addition to the Pontifical North
information and the Avalon website suggest that
American College, the prestigious residence for
this course meets the “Bishops’ Guidelines”.
American seminarians in Rome. He also said that
• This DVD course and online questionnaire
during the pope’s visit to the United States in
cannot meet the Irish Episcopal Conference
September for the World Meeting of Families in
Criteria for Courses of Preparation for the
Philadelphia, he expects Francis to visit New York
Sacrament of Marriage and is not an acceptable
for an address to the United Nations, as well as
marriage preparation in the Archdiocese.
Washington, D.C., but that “nothing is official yet.”
A former papal ambassador to Venezuela with
strong ties across Latin America, Cardinal Parolin’s
inroads into Cuba helped set the stage for Pope
• Teenagers: If you have a parent, family
member or friend who drinks too much, you can
Francis to write to US President Barack Obama and
see what it’s doing to them. But can you see what Cuban leader Raul Castro, suggesting the time might
its doing to you? For information and help phone; be ripe to restore relations between the two nations
Al-anon information centre: 01 8732699, or
severed during the Cold War. Alateen meet in
Both Obama and Castro thanked Pope Francis for
Ballycane Church, Naas, Monday nights at 8.15.
his role in opening the door for the deal.
No meetings on bank holiday weekends.
The Vatican to become
more active diplomatically
Archdiocese of Dublin
Spyware / Virus removal & prevention.
Over 13 yrs exp
Data recovery, Upgrades.
All hardware/ software issues
▪ IPhone Repair ▪
045-899133 / 087-2217103
All Seasons
Domestic / Commercial
Grounds maintenance
Grass cutting - Roll out lawn turf·
Hedge pruning, weed control·
Bark mulch
decorative stone
Fully insured / free quotation
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'' I saw your ad in the Open Door''
- Box Ads - 01-6292909
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• You can pay by card over
the phone.
• Deadline - every Monday
• Distributed every Wed &
• Please note – the Open
Door is not put in letterboxes –
it is picked up by readers and
brought home.
- Self-employed Accounts…
- Tax returns, Arrears…
- Rental Returns …
All dealt with professionally!
01-2842422 anytime
Adult céilí dancing classes
every Thursday from
8.30pm-10pm, at the Old
School, Dunboyne Village.
€5 per night, call Finnian,
Colitis &
Irish Colitis & Crohn's
Support is a helpline
for adults and parents of
children who have been
diagnosed with the long
term illness Crohn's
disease or Ulcerative
Support Helpline:
Phone 01-6282618
'Saw your ad in the Open Door'
[email protected]
[email protected]
• DVD, HI FI087repairs
• Video repairs
• Will collect & deliver
Phone 087 6432710
01 4447468
5 driving lessons get the 6th one free!
Ph 087-2514295
from home
• Full or part time,
• full training provided.
For information call
Fencing – Decking
supplied and fitted
Power washing
Garden waste disposal
& Still Photography
Contact Tom 087-2229135 /
[email protected]
Maynooth / Leixlip / Celbridge
Buying Selling or ReMortgaging Property
Domestic or Commercial
Competitive rates,
Debt collection
Free will drafting for senior
Ph:01-6293246 Fax:01-6293247
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Celbridge District
Credit Union Ltd
- Closed Mondays
Tue/Wed: 9.30-5.00
Thur:9.30 - 6.00
Fri: 9.30-6.30, Sat: 9 - 3.00
Citizens Information
Maynooth CIC Mon-Fri 9.30-5.00
Tel: 0761 07 8100, Lo Call 0761 07 4000
Celbridge Library Tuesday: 9.30am – 1pm
Kilcock, Scouts Den, Tue 2.30 – 4.30
Leixlip Parish Centre Wed 9.30am–1pm
Leixlip Youth Premises Thursday 9.30-1.00
FLAC Legal Advice, MABS, CAVA(Certified
Accountant) Advice by appt. Tel 0761 07 8100
Lucan- Ballyowen Castle Comm Ctr, 0761 075 090
[email protected]
Legal advice by appointment on Thursday nights.
Opening hours, Monday to Friday 10am. to 4 pm.,
closed for lunch from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m.
The Brown Scapular
of Our Lady of Mount Carmel
On her final apparition at Fatima, Our Lady held
the Baby Jesus in one hand and both of Them
extended the Brown Scapular to the 70,000 who
saw the great miracle of the sun, Oct 13, 1917.
Our Lady’ s promise:
"Those who die wearing this
scapular shall not suffer
eternal fire."
To obtain supplies of the
Brown Scapular - 01-6292909, 087-9381997
Would you like to answer the
Church’s call for adoration of
the Blessed Sacrament & Rosary?
Salesian Oratory, Maynooth Rd,
Celbridge: Saturdays, 8pm- 10pm
Evening Prayer of the Church 8.30,
Rosary Cenacle 9.00,
Chaplet of Divine Mercy, 9.45.
Come for any length of time…
H.O.P.E. Support Group
Help Other People Endure depression; founded
2003. Help people with depression in Kildare,
Newbridge, Naas and surrounding areas.
New counselling service at 3 Limerick Lane,
Newbridge. To book an appointment, please
contact 087 1513535. We are looking for
volunteers to help out on a part time basis. For
further info phone Sean @ 087 7708921 or Hilda,
secretary, @ 087-2999623.
Leixlip / Confey Rainbows will recommence early
October. Rainbows is a support group for children
who have suffered a significant loss in
their lives through bereavement, parental
separation or any other painful transition. If you
wish your child to take part in this programme
contact Our Lady's Nativity Parish Centre
6243763 or Noreen McCormack 01- 6243741
SEAI Reg’d
Mon - Fri 1890-627272
[email protected]
Celbridge DistrictCredit Union Ltd is
regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland
Tel/Fax 01-6244249
Purgatory (Latin., "purgare", to make
clean, to purify) in accordance with
Catholic teaching is a place or condition
of temporal punishment for those who,
departing this life in God's grace, are not
entirely free from venial faults, or have not fully
paid the satisfaction due to their transgressions.
The Catholic doctrine of purgatory supposes the
fact that some die with smaller faults for which
there was no true repentance in this life.
The proofs for the Catholic teaching, both in
Scripture and in Sacred Tradition, are bound up also
with the practice of praying for the dead.
For why pray for the dead, if there be no belief in the
power of prayer to afford solace to those who as yet
are excluded from the presence of God?
So true is this position that prayers for the dead
and the existence of a place of purgation are
mentioned in conjunction in the oldest passages
of the early Church Fathers.
One has only to read the testimonies to feel sure
that the early Church Fathers speak of oblations
for the dead and a place of purgation; one has only
to consult the evidence found in the catacombs to
feel equally sure that the Christian faith there
expressed embraced clearly a belief in judgment
immediately after death and the existence of a
‘place of cleansing’.
‘The Holy Mass is the most powerful gift for our
deceased friends and relations in Purgatory.
• For information on the thirty Gregorian
Masses please call 087-9381997
‘A very powerful prayer for our deceased …
‘Eternal Father, I offer You the most precious blood
of Your Divine Son Jesus, in union with all the
Masses said throughout the world today, for all the
holy souls in Purgatory, for sinners everywhere, for
sinners in the Universal Church, those in my own
home and in my own family. Amen
The Church teaches the importance of praying for
deceased people… ‘It is a holy and a wholesome
thought to pray for the dead that they may be loosed
from their sins…’ 2 Mac, Ch 12, V 43-46
All aspects covered
No job too BIG or small
No callout fee
free quotations
087 9556056, 01 6282757
if required
Call Dan 087-9437629
'Saw your ad in the Open Door' 7
'Field of FOR
Eddie Stones is based in Emmanuel
God of Life, we rejoice
theProvidence, Clonfert,
Housein of
promise of your coming.
where he conducts
a healing service
weekly and
sent your Son, born
in Bethlehem.
a healing
day on
the lastand
of each month.
is the Prince
of Peace,
Providence, a Catholic centre
in whoseHouse
name all
for prayer
cease. and
May evangelisation,
we welcome his is located in
Clonfert; the Irish version of the name means 'field
each day
of miracles',
the prepare
site of afor6th century monastery
of St. Brendan the Navigator,
near Ballinasloe.
welcomes is
by welcoming
Emmanuel House of Providence
of We
child, bornauthority
and unborn.
pray Kirby
and itChrist
to experience the healing
Lord. Amen.
power of God in spirit, mind and body.
For further information, call 057 9151552.
Freedom from Addiction!
The Community Cenacolo was started in Italy in
[email protected]
The Seven Sacraments
Continued Part 8
“I absolve you from your sins”
Catechism of the Catholic Church…
1440 Sin is before all else an offense against God, a
rupture of communion with him. At the same time it
damages communion with the Church. For this
reason conversion entails both God's forgiveness and
1983 by Sister Elvira. Sr Elvira, concerned by the
reconciliation with the Church, which are expressed
young people
every month
at 8.30pm.
For further
called by Godorto086-1272091.
help them. She begged and accomplished liturgically38 by the sacrament of
Penance and Reconciliation.
her Religious Superiors to allow her to engage in
this work and after eight years they consented.
Only God forgives sin
From the beginning God blessed the work. To-day 1441 Only God forgives sins.39 Since he is the Son
there are 54 houses spread around the world
of God, Jesus says of himself, "The Son of man has
including houses for street children in South
authority on earth to forgive sins" and exercises this
divine power: "Your sins are forgiven."40 Further, by
• New
A house in
was openedWelcome
three miles from
virtue of his divine authority he gives this power to
Co. MayoNights
in 1999.
Knock men to exercise in his name.41
- 10.30 in
does Monday
not receive
state funding
and relies
Divine 1442 Christ has willed that in her prayer and life and
10.00 a.m.
- 1.00on
The Community
not believe in
At Confey
action his whole Church should be the sign and
086 842unlike
1612 government
or 085 118 4480
instrument of the forgiveness and reconciliation that
5404. to have the
centres. The Community
he acquired for us at the price of his blood. But he
to [email protected]
do things Sr. Elvira’s way through
entrusted the exercise of the power of absolution to
prayer, hard work and friendship. The men work
the apostolic ministry which he charged with the
with the animals on the farm, learn skills like metal "ministry of reconciliation."42 The apostle is sent out
work and carpentry, cooking and housework. There "on behalf of Christ" with "God making his appeal"
of St. Martin
de Porres,
Old Bawn, Tallaght;
is no charge
for staying
in the Community
through him and pleading: "Be reconciled to God."43
& Fri - 10am
to 12, there
Wed is
at 7.30pm
- 7.00pm
9.00pm. The
Lord St.
is always
Prayer Group
in thetoCommunity
Peter’s Reconciliation with the Church
1443 During his public life Jesus not only forgave
Church, Phibsboro, Dublin. While the Prayer
but also made plain the effect of this
Group is in progress men and women are
forgiveness: he reintegrated forgiven sinners into the
interviewed with a view to entering the Cenacolo
community of the People of God from which sin had
to be
into theinhouse
on accepted
Tuesday nights
in Knock
male addictsGates)
must attend
interviews for a alienated or even excluded them. A remarkable sign
Hall (Castletown
at 8pm.
of this is the fact that Jesus receives sinners at his
of weeks.
welcome. Contact 087/2191770.
• Contact: Knock 094 93 88286 or 086-3412047. table, a gesture that expresses in an astonishing way
and the return to the bosom
Dublin contacts are Frank 087 909 6007, Jean both God's forgiveness
087 268 7040 and Aida 086 376 0647
1444 In imparting to his apostles his own power to
Celbridge Meals on Wheels delivers 38/40 Meals
forgive sins the Lord also gives them the authority to
in the Celbridge/Straffan/Ardclough area on a
reconcile sinners with the Church. This ecclesial
twice weekly basis. All meals are delivered by a
dimension of their task is expressed most notably in
a programme
of voluntaryisdrivers
working ondesigned
a 3-week to
Christ's solemn words to Simon Peter: "I will give
rota. If you would like to be involved in this very
you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and
The wordwork
means 'rediscovery', and it
please contact
whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in
offers the chance to rediscover your-self, your
heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be
spouse, and your marriage.
loosed in heaven."45 "The office of binding and
Are you in a troubled marriage?
Do you feel alone or bored in your marriage?
loosing which was given to Peter was also assigned
Are you frustrated, hurt, angry with your spouse?
to the college of the apostles united to its head."46
Retrouvaille is a lifeline for Married Couples, the
1445 The words bind and loose mean: whomever
word Retrouvaille simply means ' rediscovery'.
you exclude from your communion, will be excluded
The programme consists of - A residential
from communion with God; whomever you receive
weekend, Friday 7pm - Sunday 4pm Follow up
anew into your communion, God will welcome back
sessions - 4 Sun 9.30am- 4.30pm.
into his. Reconciliation with the Church is
Although Retrouvaille is based in the Catholic
inseparable from reconciliation with God.
tradition, couples of all faiths and those with no
faith are welcome and encouraged to attend.
Catechism of the Catholic Church…
Information 087 7920101
Continued next week
Confey Castle
Bridge Club
Domestic / Commercial
Grounds maintenance
Grass cutting, Roll out lawn turf·
Hedge pruning, weed control·
Bark mulch
decorative stone
Fully insured / free quotation
Call Kevin McMahon –
045-863688 / 087-2670648
New Printer
for a year for only €149
5 The Crossings, Dublin Rd,
Naas, Ph: 045-888459,
[email protected]
Eucharistic Adoration
I.C.A. Celbridge
Meals on Wheels
See: Catechism of the Catholic
Talk to us,
we listen!
Our Dublin branches
City Centre-30 South
Anne St, Dublin 2;
BlanchardstownCrossCare, Main Street,
Tallaght- TWS House, 1-2
Main Street, Tallaght.
For further details
contact: Phone - 01
I saw your ad in the Open Door''
to 6000 homes every week
• Interior/ exterior
An ad in the Open Door is
- 01-6292909,
• [email protected]
Garda vetted
Call Frank 086 3951741
Millicent Woodcraft
Specialists in sitting room,
bed room/ kitchen furniture.
Contact Mick Manning –
087 9972823
tel: 01 6284171
Classes now resuming
Getting Hold of the Right
Person can be Difficult!
- Boiler servicing & repair
- Gas appliance installation
& certification
- Gas fire repair
- Gas leak detection
01-610 4300 / 087-2214854
12th Annual
Interfaith Celebration
at Church of Our Lady’s Nativity, Leixlip
WEDNESDAY 21st JAN 2015 at 8 pm sharp
As usual Speakers from the Bah’ai ,Buddhist,
Islamic and Jewish Faiths along with a Humanist
and Christians from the Catholic, Church of Ireland,
Methodist and Mountain of Fire and Miracles
Ministry have each been invited, to speak for Six
minutes on the above Theme.
Among those very qualified to speak on the Theme
of Forgiveness will be the Jewish representative,
Tomi Reichental, Holocaust Survivor and Person of
the Year 2014 and the Catholic Speaker, Elber
Twomey, whose husband, child and unborn baby
died following a collision with a suicidal driver.
Hosted by Leixlip Intercultural Friends under
the auspices of the Catholic Church of Our
Lady’s Nativity Leixlip and the Church of
Ireland Leixlip/ Lucan
Part Grant aided by Kildare Co. Co. All are
welcome. Light refreshments will be served in the
Parish Centre afterwards
Local History Group
'Gianna Care is a confidential, life affirming
organisation which helps and supports women in
unexpected pregnancies and those suffering after
abortion, completely free of charge.
Our centre provides counselling, ultrasound
scanning, baby equipment and many other services.
These service's are provided by volunteers.
We are looking for new volunteers to help us to
continue to reach out to women. We need help with
general office work, cleaning, organising baby
clothes/equipment and directly helping women in
crisis situations. No previous experience needed full
training provided.
Contact Carolyn anytime 086 029 3727 or email
[email protected] for any questions or
information. Visit our website
Liffey Celtics
Basketball Club
Club of the year 2011
Calling all boys and girls born in 2004, 2005 and
2006. We are currently recruiting players for our
Annual ‘Memorabilia Evening’ in the Glenroyal
Academy. Girls train in Confey GAA Leixlip each
Hotel in Maynooth on Wednesday 21 January 2015 Saturday 9.30-11.00am. Boys train in Confey GAA
at 8.00pm. Memorabilia is defined as ‘things kept
Leixlip each Saturday 5.00-6.30pm
because they have sentimental value or because they For more details re boys call Brian 087-6482285
are associated with some important event or person’. or for girls call Louise 086-1083888
They can include a broad range of items, so search
through those attics, old suitcases, the back of those
cluttered drawers and you may be surprised at what
you might find. Last year’s event was very
‘The Lord delights in the Praises of His people’
successful and many of those who came brought
Elation Ministries are a group of young people who
interesting ephemera and artifacts with them.
aim to bring the Gospel to people through music
These included postcards, photographs, letters,
and song. The group is made of a number of people
family and official documents, a ‘Dunville Match
from various parts of Ireland who have experienced
Holder Striker’ and war memorabilia including
the transforming power of Christ in their lives and
medals. In previous years people brought along
feel a calling to minister to others through their
beautiful samplers – family pieces of embroidery
lovingly and patiently created by one of their
''To sing is to pray twice!''. (St Augustine.)
ancestors in various stitches as a specimen of skill
and typically containing the alphabet and/or
mottoes. Small farm implements have on occasion
turned up. Each person will be given an opportunity
Kilcock branch of CCE
to share his/her story with the rest of the group and
Traditional Music, Sean-Nós dancing, and Set
the evening will end with an informal chat.
Everyone is welcome to attend and you don’t need Dancing classes each Monday night in Scoil Dara,
Kilcock from 7 – 9pm. Classes cater for all ages
to bring anything along with you – just come and
Adults and Children, beginners to experienced.
enjoy an interesting evening. However, if you do
have an item, it would be appreciated if you would Classes in fiddle, banjo, tin whistle, flute, piano and
button accordion, pipes, bodhrán and guitar.
write and bring with you a short note about its
history. This makes it easier for the group to
Info-Millie 086-1780700, Lisa 087-2811669
compose an article which will appear in a
New members are always welcome. Session 1st
forthcoming edition of the’ Maynooth Newsletter’. Thursdays in Gregory’s Lounge, 9.30pm; 3rd
Contact details: Rita Edwards, 087 6387 687
Sunday of each month in Lyons Lounge at 4pm
Elation Ministries
Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann
A Postcard from Oz …
Tears for Erin
A Series on How to Avoid Sun Cancer
The Danger of Sun Cancer
(Fr. John O'Neill)
I heard McCormack sing today his love for his dear land –
'Ireland, Mother Ireland' - Ah! Do we understand
That once she glorified the world with Truth and Light and
Sun-Smart Parenting: Our children haven't a
Love chance of being sun-smart unless we are.
Not flowers of her native soil, but welcomed from above
They will be more or less as sun-smart as we are,
provided we not only "practice what we preach", but When strode the mighty bishop, in youth her captive slave,
To show them Calvary's hero and bring to Him the brave.
see that they do too.
Sun Cancer Protection in The Irish Winter
For those with access to the internet, it is simple to
google the Sun Smart websites. This could well be
our most important homework this winter, as
We need to be very aware that most skin cancers
take 20 - 30 years to grow. But now is the time to
protect our children, starting by becoming sun-smart
An Epidemic of Self-Harming: The rates of
diagnoses of skin cancers, including the deadly
malignant melanoma, are increasing at an epidemic
rate in Ireland. I quoted new figures from The Irish
Cancer Society Sun Smart websites in a recent
article. They are so shocking, and so relevant to sun
protection for our children, I give them here again:
"Public warned to cover up as skin cancer cases
rise by 36%": Members of the public have been
urged to cover up when in the sun - new figures "36 per cent rise in the number of cases of skin
cancer between 1997 and 2007."
Horrific Statistics: "Data from the National
Cancer Registry of Ireland (NCRI) also shows a 75
per cent increase in females under 50 years
presenting with malignant melanoma." "According
to the NCRI statistics, there were 7,743 new cases
of skin cancer diagnosed in 2007, up from 5,687
cases 10 years earlier."
Huge Increase: "Of the cases confirmed in 2007,
some 7,076 were for non-melanoma cancer, the
most common type of skin cancer. In addition, 667
new cases of malignant melanoma cancer were
Who'd Be A Man? "The data shows there has been
an 84 per cent increase in the number of cases of
malignant melanoma skin cancer in males and a 48
per cent increase in women over the decade." It is
no exaggeration to call this an epidemic - an
epidemic of self-harming!
Our children are even more vulnerable than we are,
on several counts. Remember there are three ways
to teach: by example, by example, by example.
Next Week: This Self-Harming Epidemic Is Far
More Serious Than Any 'Flu'!
[email protected]
01-6292909 087-9381997
Nail Surgery, Diabetes Specialist
Sports Injuries, Heel Pain
Orthoses. Chiropody treatments
Corns, Callus,
Cracked Heels etc.
- Late Clinic appts,
- Home visits
Martina Blessing RGN, BSc (Hons)
Podiatrist/Chiropodist, 12 The
Coppins, Castletown, Celbridge.
01-6272400 / 087-2061139
For then that native soil was rich when all the world was poor,
Writhing in the earth's delights, but blind - it needed more:
And from the West God sent them: and soon the new 'Empire'
Through monks and holy missionaries filled up the old desire
For holy things that joyed the heart, and taught the mind to fly SPECIAL OFFER
On eagle's wings to dazzling heights: the Glory there, on high. • Hall, stairs, landing
What was that 'love and beauty' through all the world
The Dear Ould Faith indeed, Ould Erin's genius crowned
And made her great and gave her strength no armies could
As o'er the land they hacked and burned and beat their
thund'rous drum But pounding noise would ne'er drown out the sweetness of
that 'Song'
That echoed through the fields and hills down centuries so
from €170
• Interior/exterior
• Free quotes, top quality
To avail of this offer now call
The song the slave boy longed to hear on Antrim's lonely hills
As torn he was from love and home and all that heart fulfils Yet such was he, well made by God, he won his captors'
With long years run and now well armed, their voice called
from that Isle "Come again, Oh holy boy" - those years refined his soul Now free in Truth, he came again, and made his Erin whole.
Have moved to new
premises at New Road
Greg (086)2318615
(opposite the Laurels pub)
We are now open six days
per week
All podiatry and chiropody
How proud an "exile's" heart could boast, as all the world went Medical card & private
patients welcome
In wild pursuit of guile-filled things that finally make us sad:
There's still a land that "keeps the Faith," a place that still
gives hope No more! Has Erin hurled aside what gave her strength to
Ah! Hatred's storming bludgeoning, it made her stronger still.
'Twas Jesus Christ that made her great - Mammon never will!
Fr John W. Ó Néill, PP, NSW, Australia
• Ph 01 - 4543499 for
immediate appt.
* Nobel Prize-Winning Discovery
* High Blood Pressure
* High Cholesterol
* Circulation Problems
* Diabetes
* Menopause
* Obesity
How Nitric Oxide can prevent, even reverse,
heart disease/ stroke by Dr. J. Ignarro (Nobel Laureate in Medicine)
Phone 085 8816759, 086 8486077. *Agents required all areas
We invite you to come and
visit our recently refurbished
Ivy. Enjoy local produce
prepared by our Head Chef
John Nagle and his team …
Caring & Sharing
CASA provide respite care
for children and adults with
physical and intellectual
disabilities. They currently
have a waiting list of people
wishing to avail of their
services. Volunteers needed.
Contact Sharon Reynolds
on 086 3831035
FITTED 3/5 Days,
01-6213039, 087-2695739
Gas + Oil boilers serviced
Local tradesman
Over 20 years exp
Phone 087-2490622
SEI reg no: 10953
RGI reg no: R0911
• Quality food,
• Small / medium parties.
Phone 01-6273597,
[email protected]
Continuing on the theme of healthy meals, this
week I have a recipe that when you look at the
list of ingredients appears a bit unusual, but it
really works. It is quite a fruity, mild curry and I
think it will be a winner.
Most of the work is in the preparation of the
ingredients which will need to be done at least
an hour and a half in advance.
Sometimes I think when we go to prepare a
meal, we think in terms of cooking the food
and serving it immediately.
There are plenty of quick, easy recipes that this
applies to and I have given them to you in the
past, but lots of meals do take time to cook. It’s
not that they actually take any longer to prepare
really, it’s just they need to be done in advance.
So we need to get our heads around preparing the
meal and leaving it to cook, going off and doing
other things and not trying to do everything at
once, in a rush at 5pm or 6pm.
Now I know if you are coming in from work and
you need a meal on the table this is not going to
work for you, but you do have alternatives, you
can prepare it and cook it in advance or double
the ingredients so you can freeze one portion.
As I have mentioned before, if you start doing
this just one day a week, you will be surprised at
how quickly you will be able to put a meal
together and learn healthy cooking skills.
Tropical Chicken
Serves 4
Preheat oven to 150C / 300F Gas 2
1 tbsp vegetable oil
4 chicken fillets
1 tbsp butter
2 onions sliced
1 red pepper cored and sliced
2 large tomatoes quartered
2 medium eating apples peeled and diced
Grated zest and juice of 1 medium orange
2 cloves of garlic crushed
2 tbsp mild curry powder (use less, depending
on your taste)
2 tbsp flour
Salt and pepper
2 medium bananas sliced
3 tsp desiccated coconut (optional but lovely)
Heat the oil in a large non stick frying pan,
season the chicken breasts and add them to
the pan and cook till lightly browned on
both sides, transfer to a large ovenproof
casserole dish.
Melt the butter in the pan and add the
onions, peppers, tomatoes and apple and
cook for 5 minutes.
Add the orange zest and juice, garlic, curry
powder and flour and give it a good stir to
incorporate the flour and cook over a low
heat for a few minutes, stirring continuously.
Stir in the stock, bring to the boil, reduce the
heat and simmer for 10 minutes.
Season with salt and pepper.
Remove from the heat and pour over the
chicken breasts, cover and transfer to the
oven for 1 hour.
Just before serving add the bananas and
sprinkle with the coconut.
• Beautiful Breads –
Wed 28th Jan. 8pm – 10pm
On this evening I hope to show you the
pleasure and satisfaction of baking your own
fresh bread. We will cover yeast breads as
well as brown and soda breads. Also on the
menu will be speciality Mediterranean
breads stuffed with pesto, olives and
sundried tomatoes. So ditch the no-carb diet
for the night, come along and enjoy what
great bread baking has to offer. There will
be samples to take home.
• Easy Family Meals
Wed 4th-25th Feb. 8pm - 10
Are you looking for some new easy recipes
and ideas to replace the old ones you have
been cooking week in week out? Whether
your work is inside or outside the home, this
course is for you. Some recipes will be
quick, for when you are under pressure, and
others, though easy, will require a bit of
advance preparation. Also included are some
simple soups and desserts for the days
you’re feeling adventurous!
• I also do private classes which can
be arranged upon request.
Contact me now if you would like to book a
place on a course, or if you want more details of
upcoming courses on 086 7359190 or
[email protected]
[email protected]
Excellent work,
• Free quote
with Breda Corrigan
Phone John
01-6244318 086-6021445
GoCar is Ireland’s first ever car-sharing service in Ireland and is still the only club of its kind
on the Emerald Isle today. It launched in Cork in September 2008 with the support of Cork City
Council as a pilot scheme and has grown to be the hugely successful business that it is today
with Cork and Dublin playing host to this unique club.
Tips for a
Healthy Brain
GoCar gives you wheels when you need them. Cars and vans
are available to rent in 15 minute chunks for as long as you
need them. The vehicle you require can be booked 24/7
online or over the phone via GoCars customer service
We all brush our teeth every day. But most department. There are a range of cars available, so each trip
of us do not consciously brush up on our
you get to choose the most suitable vehicle for your needs on
brains. This is unfortunate but
that occasion.
understandable as up to recently the
Very useful for shopping trips, weekends away, holiday trips
imperativeness of both physical and
and business trips, you can get the car you want, whenever
mental stimulation has not been fully
you want it. The main aim of this unique service is that you
get to enjoy the use of the vehicle, as what you get in return
Activity, attitude and simple lifestyle
for your money is a well-cared for and regularly maintained
changes can boost your brain health and
vehicle with fully comprehensive insurance and road tax
may even act as a buffer against decline in
brain function. We can shape our brains by thrown in to the bargain.
the actions we choose to do and by the way Gone are the days of leasing, NCT’s and visits to a
we think and approach life. Research shows mechanic. GoCar locations are dedicated parking spaces, so
that “modifiable” lifestyle factors can help
you’ll have hassle-free parking near to your home or work.
to protect brain health and function.
GoCars are parked directly on the streets of Dublin and
Your brain is very complex and the
Cork. Use your own GoCard, which is supplied to you when
environment affects how it works. For your you join the club, to access a GoCar at any time – as you will
brain that environment is how you live and
never need to meet anyone.
how physically active you are. It is also
Your GoCard is your car key for all GoCars in Ireland. You
how much you engage with others, how you
eat and sleep and whether you occupy your simply scan your GoCard in front of a special digital pad
located inside the windscreen of all GoCars and your
brain with tasks that can strengthen it.
allocated vehicle will unlock for you.
Remain socially active. Joining a book
You then access a keypad located inside the cars glove-box
club, a community group, a choir or a hill
and you input your unique 4 digit code (supplied with your
walking group will improve your social
GoCard) in order to release the key of the car. From that
point on you just use the car key as you normally would do
You could also arrange to have a regular
to open/lock the car and to use in the ignition also.
coffee morning with a friend. Social
When you are finished with the car at the end of your
intervention stimulates the brain cells and
allocated time, you simply return the car to the pick-up
strengthens those already formed.
New cells also spring to life in key memory location and reverse the pick-up process and walk away. A
fuel card is also provided in the glove-box for your
areas of the brain. (Extracts from TCD
Dementia Research – NEIL).
I have tried this service out on 2 occasions recently and I
The next meeting will be held on
have to say the scheme is very intuitive and deserves to be
Wednesday 28 January in McAuley
the success story that it is!
Place Naas. There is no December
Breda Corrigan [email protected]
meeting. All welcome. Enq 045-897833.
Landscapes Ltd
All Landscaping
- Specialists in Garden
Design & Construction
Seamus Beirne N.D.A.Hort
Phone 087-6683018
Tel / fax 01-6284972 Portgloriam, Kilcock
& All Home
Floors, doors,
Wardrobes, stairs
Kitchens, decking
Free quotation
Call Gerard
VHS videos or Hi-8 tapes
transferred to DVD,
Camcorder to DVD
Video editing.
Call John Marron
045 868858 or 086-2680777
[email protected]
Getting Hold of the Right
Person can be Difficult!
- Boiler servicing & repair
- Gas appliance installation
& certification
- Gas fire repair
- Gas leak detection
01-610 4300 / 087-2214854
All Seasons
Domestic / Commercial
Grounds maintenance
Grass cutting, Hedge pruning,
weed control·
Bark mulch, Roll out lawn turf·
decorative stone
Fully insured / free quotation
Call Kevin McMahon –
045-863688 / 087-2670648
Oliver Reilly Ltd, IAFD
- Funeral furnishers
- Wreaths, Headstones
- Mourning Coaches
- Funeral Parlours- Kilcock
Prosperous & Maynooth
045-868230, 868482
Sean 086 - 2550526
Paul 086 - 8105581
Paddy 01 - 6287074
La Prima Rosa
Beauty Boutique
Unit 3, Primrose Forge, Hazelhatch Rd, Celbridge
All beauty needs, facial & body, waxing, tanning, nails,
Special - choose one of the following for €20 eye combo, hot oil scalp massage, a full body
spray tan
Phone 01-6279812 or book online via Facebook
12 'Saw your ad in the Open Door'
[email protected]
[email protected]
Irish Countrywomen’s
At the Heart of the Community since 1910
Liffey Valley Guild
Monday nights at 8 pm in St
Bridget’s Girls National School
The ICA is open to all women over the age of
16. Come and find out how ICA can offer
you Fun Friendship &Support. New members
very welcome. To find out the activities that
take place in Palmerstown and how to
become a member contact us at
[email protected] or text ICA, your
Kate Walsh House, The Mill name and contact number to 087-240-6508.
ICA website and is on face book.
Celbridge invites you to come
On behalf of the premature babies in the
and visit us on any Tuesday
Coombe Hospital we would like to thank
from 2pm - 5pm or Thursday everyone who supported our appeal - so far
from 10am - 1pm
we have sent in up to 200 blankets and hats.
We have activities such as Go Please continue the good work!
For Life exercise programme,
Mary Duffy PRO
Indoor-Bowls, Bingo, Sing Along and Dancing, annual
outings. And the all important
cuppa and light refreshments.
New members very welcome, “The quality of your mental
health affects the quality of
male and female.
your life”. If you
• Ph Susan at 01 6275518. are struggling with anxiety or depression,
Day Care
The Two Pillars …
This well-known dream/vision of St John Bosco,
founder of the Salesian Order, has great
relevance for our own times.
St John Bosco, founder of the Salesian Order,
died in 1888 and we celebrate his feast day this
Month, January 31.
It is a good time to recall some of his prophetic visions
granted him by God for the salvation of souls.
The message of this ‘Two Pillars’ vision is very clear - our
salvation and the safety of the Church. The Holy Eucharist
and Our Blessed Lady are our source of strength and
These are Don Bosco’s words:
“In the midst of this endless sea, two solid columns, a
short distance apart, soar high into the sky. One is
surmounted by a statue of the Immaculate Virgin, at whose
feet a large inscription in Latin reads ‘Help of Christians’.
The other, far loftier and sturdier, supports a large white
finding life difficult, isolated or find it
Host of proportionate size and bears the inscription
difficult to talk, we are here to help.
“Salvation of Believers”.
Celbridge - Mill Centre, Mondays 11am,
The flag-ship commander – the Pope – standing at the helm
room 1
strains every muscle to steer his ship between the two
Newbridge – The Parish Centre, Tuesdays at
columns, from whose summits hang many anchors &
Co Kildare
strong hooks linked to chains. The entire enemy fleet, some
Eucharistic Adoration GROW is confidential, non-denominational, with crosses on their banners, closes in to intercept and
anonymous and open to all. No fees. Ellen @ sink the flagship at all costs. They bombard it with
every Wednesday in the
087 2291718 or Office 01 8734029 or
sacristy 10.00 a.m. to
everything they have; books & pamphlets, incendiary
bombs, firearms, cannon... The battle rages ever more
6.00p.m. All welcome to
furiously, but the flagship, unscathed and undaunted, keeps
come and spend some
on its course. At times a formidable ram splinters a gaping
time in quiet prayer.
hole in its hull, but immediately a breeze from the two
columns instantly seals the gash.
Looking for new hobbies or friends?
Freedom from
Meanwhile enemy cannons blow up and fall to pieces,
Countrywomen's Association meet every
Drug Addiction! Tuesday, (from Sept 9) in the Slip Hall beside ships crash into each other, crack up and sink to the bottom.
In blind fury, the enemy takes to hand-to-hand combat,
Community Cenacolo Castletown Gates.
cursing & blaspheming. Suddenly the Pope falls seriously
You are not alone anymore!
wounded. He is instantly helped up, but struck a second
Meetings take place every We offer a varied programme of talks,
time and dies. A shout of victory rises from the enemy, and
Wednesday at 7.30 pm in St.
wild rejoicing sweeps their ships. But no sooner is the Pope
Peter’s Parish Ctr, Phibsboro, The guild is a very friendly group and you
dead than another takes his place. The captains of the
Further information contact
will be assured of a great welcome.
• Aida 086 3760647
auxiliary ships elected him so quickly that the news of the
Do come along and see for yourself.
• Frank 087 9096007
Pope’s death coincides with his successor’s election.
• Jean 087 268 7040,
Further details from 087 2191770.
The enemy’s self – assurance is rocked!
• Doris 085 7071431.
Breaking through all resistance, the Pope steers his ship
safely between the two columns; first to the one
surmounted by the Host, and then the other topped by the
statue of the Blessed Virgin, Help of Christians. At this
Unit 3 Leixlip Shopping Mall (opposite post office)
point something unexpected happens. The enemy ships
Ph 6242511/6245351. Open weekdays 9:30 - 5pm.
panic and disperse, colliding with and scuttling each
CV Preparation & printing, typing, photocopying (b/w & colour), scanning, other…
What is the Lord saying to His people in this vision?
binding etc.
Renew your love & devotion to the Holy Eucharist,
1 to 1 Computer Classes, qualifications Fetac Level 4.
Confession, Our Blessed Lady and loyalty to our Holy
Computer & internet access for Jobseekers and members of the public.
Father and to the teaching of the one true Church!
• Information Officer available
Fr T. Ingoldsby, SDB
Suncroft Parish
Leixlip Resource Centre
Motherhood –
the 'antidote to
St Oliver Plunkett Church, Kilcloon,
near Maynooth.
Eucharistic Adoration
Tue 9am to 9.30pm, Thurs 9am to 10pm
In response to the Church’s call to
honour the Blessed Sacrament there is
also Benediction and Rosary every Tues
night at 9pm. All welcome.
24 Hour Catholic TV now on SKY & NTL
Eternal Word Television Network, EWTN, the
24 hour, 7 days a week Catholic television
network founded by Mother Angelica — is now
on Sky TV, channel 589, and on UPC, channel
815. For more info contact St Brigid Media
Ltd, PO Box 352, Limerick. 061-394400,
[email protected]
Do you have room in your home and in your
heart for a 16 to 18yr old young person. The
HSE have limited openings in our in our
Supported Lodgings Scheme in the Kildare area.
Assessment will include undergoing a structured
assessment, garda clearances, references,
medical. For further information please contact
social work dept on 045 873200 and leave a
message for Mary Clancy, social worker, to call
you back
Dignity of Life at All Stages
A weekly prayer vigil and guided holy hour for
the protection of human life at all stages takes
place in the St. John of the Cross oratory, St.
Teresa's Church, Clarendon St. Dublin 2, every
Wed evening, 7 to 8pm (+ cup of tea!)
All welcome.
Eucharistic Adoration
St. Conleth's Parish Church, Newbridge,
Silent Adoration daily 10 am - daily.
Extended Adoration every first Friday
From to 12.00 midnight.
Could you commit to adore Jesus in
the Blessed Sacrament for an hour
per week, particularly during lunch or
supper time period? Please do call in
and place your petitions in our petition box.
During his general audience last week Pope Francis
lamented how mothers are often under-appreciated in
their family role, and said they are key players in
fighting against individualistic, self-centred society.
“To be a mother is a great treasure. Mothers, in their
unconditional and sacrificial love for their children, are
the antidote to individualism; they are the greatest
enemies against war,” the pontiff told pilgrims.
Mothers, he said, “are often exploited because of
their availability. Not even the Christian community
values them properly, despite the eminent example
of the Mother of Jesus.”
“In this sense motherhood is more than childbearing;
it is a life choice entailing sacrifice, respect for life,
and commitment to passing on those human and
religious values which are essential for a healthy
society,” he said.
Are you a good role model?
Baby & Toddler Group
Join us in Straffan Hall every Friday during
school term 10am-12. €3 per visit. All welcome!
• Talipes Together –
A support network for people affected by
Talipes/ clubfoot.
into 6000 homes every week
01-6292909 - 01-6273219
087-9381997, [email protected]
• Absolute beginners
7.30 - 9 Tuesdays. Rathgar.
Anne: 087-2193125
a Catholic
ALL people’s
in 1960,
and at
Please take
a look
He continued his catechesis on the family, which he
skills and life
website and
in please
roles with our
initiated in December, by turning his gaze to the image
widelyin-areas of
of the Mother of Jesus at Christmas, who presents her
need overseas.
son to the world. Mary’s example provides an
to the former
opportunity for the Church to reflect on the role of all
–of 21
mothers in society and the Church, the Pope explained,
noting how despite all of the “symbolic glorification”
set up
we give to motherhood, it is still under-valued.
in overseas
protest atvolunteering.
the about-turnWe
by Amnesty,
despite colossal
“All of us give credit to our mothers for life and many offer
a comprehensive
in no
to help
other things, but not always are they listened to or
helped in everyday life…Their important contribution
of all
is for
you and
to the life of society, their daily sacrifices and their
the and
aspirations are not always properly appreciated,” he
you do
observed. To be a mother is a gift, the Pope said, and
(31 July
to go overseas.
explained that through their sacrifices, mothers assist
– 25 Feb 2005) was an
in helping society to overcome its self-centred
English lawyer and the
[email protected]
of Amnesty
tendencies, as well as its lack of openness, generosity
Tel. 01-868 9986
and concern for others.
He concluded by asking those present to join him in
thanking all mothers “for what they are and for all that
they give to the Church and to our world,” and gave
his blessing.
Bring your business
'' I saw your ad in the Open Door''
Would you like to offer guidance and support to a
young person?
Le Cheile are looking for volunteers to commit 2 hours
per week to meet with a young person who may need
help to make positive changes in their life.
For more info contact [email protected] 086 7966441.
• Rathcoffey - Mary Flood
• Prosperous - Marie
Kelleher 045/841959
• Ardclough - Brian Walshe
• Johnstown - Bridget
McDonald 045/875225
Leixlip Road, Maynooth (beside Tesco)
Full array of
Decorative stone & pebble
for graves, flower beds, gardens etc…
Great deals on 1 tonne bags
For any queries call Vincent on 087-6874485 for order & delivery
Age Action Ireland/TLC
'Saw your ad in the Open Door'
Care Home GroupCarer Support Partnership
[email protected]
[email protected]
01-6292909 087-9381997
Dublin Rd, Celbridge
Service, sales
& crash repairs
01-6275842 087-2810221
& Heating
Gas + Oil
boilers serviced
• Local tradesman
• Over 20 years exp
Phone 087-2490622
SEI reg no: 10953
RGI reg no: R0911
Don’t replace… Let us
refurbish, from the outside!
SEAI Reg’d
[email protected]
Tel/Fax 01-6244249
Dear Grace
I believe that Jesus is truly present in the
Host, which we receive at Communion in
Mass. I would like to be able to explain this
mystery better especially as we are in the
season of Christmas. Can you help?
When a priest, during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass,
repeats the words of Jesus over the bread and wine,
they really do become the Body and Blood of the Lord
How can this be? Where did the Church get this idea?
The simple answer is that we believe it because Jesus
said it, and His Word transmitted to us in various ways.
One of these ways is the Bible. In addition to the
testimony of the Sacred Scriptures, however, we also
have Sacred Tradition, that which the Apostles handed
down to us and which they learned from Christ.
We also have the teaching of the Church, given the
authority to teach by Jesus in His name. Let us look
first, then, at the Bible to see how exactly the Church can
so confidently teach what she does.
Are you a family carer providing care for a
relative or a friend? Family carers provide care to
loved ones in the family home.
For example, spouses care for their partners who
may have become ill or frail, daughters or sons
care for their parents as they become older or
infirm, parents care for their children who have
intellectual/ physical disabilities.
Further info - Barry O’Keefe, Age Action on 0879682406 [email protected] or Tanya
Spellman TLC on 01 6549600.
Kerdiffstown Holiday Centre
Saint Vincent de Paul Society is delighted to offer
Kerdiffstown holiday centre to the wider
community as a venue for a range of activities,
from meetings to classes etc. For information call
Pat 045 866337 [email protected]
Saint Vincent de Paul- serving the community.
Cancer Support
ARC stands for Aftercare Research Counselling
and is a Cancer Support Centre and a voluntary
registered charity located at 65, Eccles Street,
D7. ARC House offers support to people
affected by cancer and those who care about
them. This support is holistic and complements
the primary medical treatment with education
and psychological care. Services in ARC
House are free of charge.
Friends of St Philomena
Patronage of infants, children of Mary,
desperate causes, infertility,
new born, priests, sickness,
young people and for the grace
of perseverance…
The primary Scripture text we have that clearly
St. Philomena’s cords,
demonstrates the reason for the Church’s belief in
holy oils, beads, medals, relics,
the Real Presence of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist is
scarves, statues, etc.
that part of the Gospel referred to as the “institution
Phone 059 9727014
narrative” – the words used by Christ when He gave John Rice, Garryhill, Bagenalstown, Co. Carlow.
E-mail [email protected]
instructions to His apostles on how they were to
commemorate His Passion.
At the Last Supper, Jesus “took the bread, said the
blessing, broke it, and gave it to them, saying,
The Sue Ryder Foundation
The Sue Ryder Foundation is the
largest provider of accommodation
‘This is my body, which will be given for you;
for the elderly in the country.
We support this activity through our charity shops
do this in memory of me’” (Luke 22:19, see
• New revolutionary fat
in Naas and Newbridge, with new shops opening
also Matthew 26:26, Mark 14:22).
melting machine
in Maynooth, Celbridge and Leixlip in the near
• Non surgical, no needles,
It was the beginning of something – He was telling them future. If you have furniture to donate for the
support of our work contact us on 057 87 31071
bruising or pain.
to do this, and every time they did it, to remember Him. or call to our shops.
• Melts fat, tightens skin
It is also evident in the sixth chapter of the Gospel of St
and reduces cellulite.
John that, very early in His ministry, Jesus had already
• Free weight loss coaching,
given the first promise of the Eucharist...
weight measure & meal
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease covers
…A crowd of five thousand had just witnessed one the conditions chronic bronchitis and emphysema,
• Alternative Lipo
of Christ’s greatest miracles (the multiplication of
The Irish Thoracic Society (ITS) has launched a
treatments are 70% cheaper
the loaves) and they were in great awe at what they new web site to help promote awareness of this
condition. The site
than RRP.
had experienced.
provides a 5 point survey that you can complete
• Long lasting natural
So they follow Him to Capernaum, wanting Him to and bring to your G.P. to assist in the diagnosis
results, Targeted fat
of the condition. It also has useful up-to-date
perform more signs.
information re COPD treatment & management.
• Measurable inch loss,
When they begin to speak about the manna that God
Another useful site/contact is
clinically proven
gave to their ancestors to eat in the desert, Jesus uses this This site was developed by a very pro-active
Phone 089 46 96 404,
gentleman called Michael McGloin who has
opportunity to give a discourse that every Christian
Free consultation
COPD, Michael runs a COPD support Group in
should read and re-read very carefully.
Sligo. For further information about any of the
Unit 1, Clane Village Centre.
Continued next week. above talk to your G.P or practice nurse.
(Beside church)
Smokers Cough?
The University of Third Age is a learning circle
or co-operative, where members learn from one
another by sharing knowledge, experiences and
engaging in social activities. The word
"university " in this context comes from the
mediaeval meaning - a gathering or co-operative
- where members share a common programme of
learning. It is open to men and women over
55years and all one needs is interest and
enthusiasm to join. We in Maynooth U3A are in
our seventh year and over that time our activities
have included travel, Ireland, UK, and Europe.
• Activities - Theatre and Film outings,
various Crafts, Walking Club, Book Club.
Singing and dancing being a popular
activity; we have engaged in Carol singing
for different charities since our inception.
• We meet every Friday 11am in Community
Space. Tesco Shopping Centre, Maynooth.
Formal meeting first Friday monthly, with
different interests or social gathering on the
remaining Fridays.
NOTE – In July & August there will only be the
1st Friday meetings –July 4th and August 1st.
Back to usual weekly gatherings in September
• New members are always welcome and you
are welcome to drop in on a Friday morning or
contact any of the following numbers.
• Contact Helen at 01-6286592
• Sunday Worship:
For 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Sundays Service times are:
9am at St Finian’s Church, Newcastle Lyons
10.30am at Straffan Church
12.00 noon at Christchurch Celbridge
For 5th Sundays there is a United Service at
10.30am in one of the churches
ENQUIRIES - re Baptism, Confirmation,
Wedding or Funeral, please contact Rev
Leonard Ruddock, Rural Dean. 045-865178,
[email protected],
Foróige in Kildare
If you are interested in joining Foróige as a
member of volunteer, check us out on Facebook
here: or
the national Facebook page and be sure to get in
touch! You can also email
[email protected] or phone Stephen
O’Leary Public Relations Officer for Foróige
Kildare at 08577352060
AWARE- fighting depression!
Aware, the national organisation to help people
suffering depression and their families meets
Monday evenings at 8.00 p.m., Scoil San
Carlo, Confey, Leixlip.
A service for young people and facilitated by
young people, meets Tuesday nights at 8 p.m.
The confidential information line is available at
the same times at (01) 458 1010. For info call
Aware at (01) 661 7211, 6247214 and 624
2471. A team trained in suicide intervention is
with the
The Papacy
No other office has been as
beloved or maligned as the
Papacy. Many see the Pope as
an autocratic tyrant; some
consider him as the Antichrist.
While several Popes did not
have sterling character, they had
no lasting impact on the Church’s official teaching.
The majority of Popes have been men of holiness,
taking seriously their title: "Servant of the servants of
God." But even with the witness of 2000 years, some
non-Catholics still have issues with the Papacy.
First, most Protestants do not believe there is
Scriptural justification. Catholics turn to Matthew
16: Jesus told Simon, "You are Peter (petros) and
upon this Rock (petra) I will build My Church."
Much written about this passage concerns the
difference between the Greek words "petros" and
"petra": that "petros" usually means a small stone,
while "petra" means a huge boulder. The fact is, the
word "petra" is feminine, and would never be used as
a man's name; the masculine form is "petros."
Also, in the Aramaic spoken by Jesus, the words
are identical: "You are kepha (rock), and upon
this kepha I will build My Church."
According to Ephesians 2 the Church is “built on the
foundation of the Apostles”, making Peter a
foundation-stone of the Church. Matthew 16
continues: "I give you the keys of the kingdom."
Many scholars conclude that Jesus was alluding to
Isaiah 22: King Hezekiah of Judah appointed Eliakim
as prime minister over his kingdom. Likewise Jesus,
the rightful King of Israel, appointed a prime minister
over His earthly Kingdom. Every list of the Apostles
in Scripture lists Peter first. He was the spokesman
for the Apostles; he preached the sermon at
Pentecost; he healed the sick and raised the dead; he
brought the Gospel to the Gentiles; and he issued the
decrees of the Council of Jerusalem.
Peter's supremacy is obvious; and as Judas’ office
was passed to a successor (Acts 1), so was Peter’s.
Second, the doctrine of Papal infallibility is
extremely misunderstood. Many believe a Pope can
make infallible statements at will, but this is not true.
A Pope, speaking from the "chair" (office) of Peter as
chief shepherd of the Church on an issue of faith or
morals, is preserved from teaching error. As Jesus
said, "the gates of hell shall not prevail against (the
Church)." This authority is very limited: in the last
100 years, only two decrees have been proclaimed by
the Pope infallibly.
Evangelicals believe the writers of Scripture were
infallible when they penned the Scriptures. Likewise,
the same Holy Spirit grants infallibility to the regents
of Christ's Kingdom.
Michael Matthews is a Catholic evangelist, apologist,
author and conference speaker, and a former
ordained independent, fundamental Baptist minister.
He can be reached via email at
[email protected]
for notices, accounts &
boxed ads… 01-6292909
Small classifieds - 6273219
[email protected]
Monthly in Palmerstown
Music by "Good Times" live
band, 3-6pm. Admission €5
including light refreshments
in the Community & Youth
Centre (over Supervalue).
Dance the Evening away!
Abigail 087 6640084
If you have a parent, family
member or friend who
drinks too much, you can
see what it’s doing to them.
But can you see what its
doing to you?
For information and help
phone; Al-anon information
centre: 01 8732699, or
Alateen meet in Ballycane
Church, Naas, Monday nights
at 8.00. No meeting on bank
holiday Monday weekends
A listener listens with the
heart! Tuesday
This is asnight
true at
in it
St Eustace
in the 1800’s
St, Celbridge.
Victoire Larmenier listened to
is a
the social
of the young,
old and
drug users
families in
in London.
the Celbridge
compelled to
provide a
for thecall
and on
for the young. With
the assistance of many
generous friends and
surmounting many obstacles,
she established the first
Nazareth House in
Hammersmith, London. From
there her legacy continues to
be a lived reality through the
@ the Mill,
of theCelbridge
Sisters of
to those
in need in
• Nazareth
Tues 2.00pm
- 5.00pm,
• many
Thur 10.00am
the world
New members
welcome …
like tooutings,
Indoor bowls, bingo,
the Sisters of
fun activities.
in Ireland,
Further information from
[email protected]
at 01 6275518
'Saw your ad in the Open Door'
[email protected]
All Ages –
Seniors &
most welcome.
Tailored to
suit requirements.
The Little Way Association Epiphany manifests God’s
The Little Way Association supports religious
and other charitable work, and to upkeep the
Association's religious centres at Lourdes,
Fatima, Walsingham and Knock, Co Mayo.
‘At present, more money than ever goes overseas
to mission countries, yet missionaries themselves
are still in need. Regular Mass offerings help
them to meet basic personal needs in the way of
clothing, shelter and food, which will give them
enough strength and energy to serve their people.
‘Your Mass offerings are the means by which
missionaries can be helped. We like to send them
a minimum offering of €7.50 for each Mass.
All intentions and offerings are sent to the
Missions. Assuring you of a remembrance in our
daily Mass and prayers.
• The Little Way Association, Sacred Heart
House, 119, Cedars Road, Clapham Common,
London SW4 OPR
Caring & Sharing Association
Call Mike 086 1939074
CASA provide much needed respite care for
children and adults with physical and intellectual
disabilities and has two houses for this purpose
in Malahide and Swords, where those in need of
a break can stay for up to three days at a time.
The Association is funded voluntarily and much
of the work is done by volunteer staff.
Short/ long term volunteers are needed.
• Contact Sharon Reynolds 086 3831035
“The quality of your mental health
MATTHEW & SON affects the quality of your life”
Building & Roofing
If you are struggling with anxiety or depression,
Celbridge - Mill Centre, Mondays 11am, room 1
Maynooth - Monday (except Bank Hols),
Library, between 6-8pm. All welcome.
Naas – Community Centre, behind the church on
Insurance estimates &
the Sallins Rd, Thursdays 7.30pm
Quotations, Established 1982 Newbridge – The Parish Centre, Tues at 8.00pm.
GROW is confidential, non-denominational,
anonymous and open to all. No fees.
• Call Ellen @ 087 2291718 or Office 01
8734029 or visit
• Expert cleaning
• Vacuum/ brush
• No mess
Gutter clean & repair
Soffit / fascia power
cleaning, windows etc ,,,
Call Martin
086- 8987404, 01- 4581042
Looking for an alternative to
desire for the salvation of all,
says Pope Francis
The feast of the Epiphany reveals the truth that God
desires to save all people, and not just one people, Pope
Francis said in his January 6 Angelus address.
God’s love, he continued, is impassioned, faithful, and
humble, seeking even those who seem farthest away
from Him.
The journey of the Magi to Christ, the Pope added,
recalls the journey of every Christian, who is called to
walk toward Christ attentively and courageously,
following the Word of God as a star.
After repeating his advice to all to carry a small book of
the Gospels and read and meditate on it every day, the
Pope offered Christmas wishes to Eastern Christians
who were celebrating Christmas and asked the Blessed
Virgin Mary to pray for the spread of Christ’s Gospel
throughout the world.
EmployAbility Service
Supporting people with a disability to secure and
maintain employment
If you have been out of work through Illness, Injury,
Disability and you are looking to get back to work, we
may be able to help you. Call in and meet our JOB
COACH TEAM, No appointment necessary
An EmployAbility Service job coach will be
available at the following venues & times;
• Every Friday from 10 am to 1 pm at Obair Office,
Kilcullen Road, Naas,
• OR The Fás Office, Maynooth, Co Kildare
FREE SERVICE to Job Seekers & Employers
Irish Girl Guides
Come and join in … Do you know a girl who
would like to make new friends, have fun and
participate in exciting activities? Girl Guides are aged
10½ - 15 yrs. For fun and friendship and new exciting
opportunities and much more you and your daughter
would be welcome in The Maynooth Girl Guides- the
place to be.
Jackie 085-1413787 Catherine 087-7724235
The Servite Missions
Parish of The Divine Word
Marley Grange
Join the Young Pioneers! Promise
to abstain from alcoholic drink until at
least eighteen years old and keep away
credit from your used bus ticket can be sent
from illicit drugs for life.
to the Servite Missions - all proceeds to help missions.
Contact your local Pioneer Centre, or
01 8749464
• Please send your bus tickets with credit outstanding
to Frances Murphy 16 Marley Lawn, Marley
[email protected]
Grange, Rathfarnham, D 16.
Give up drink - take up life!
---- DRIVE IN FOR GAS ----
Are you thinking
of selling/renting
Garden Centre, Leixlip Road, Maynooth (past Tesco SC)
your property?
● Calor Gas – drive in for all size cylinders
● 40KG Polish Coal ● B n Mona Briquettes
● Turf ● Logs per bag (also in 1 tonne bags)
● Kindling Wood pellets ● Kiln Dried Timber
For all queries and re free loca
Delivery call Vincent on 087- 6874485
We have a growing database of purchasers and tenants
looking to buy or rent property in your area.
• Contact us for a free, no obligation consultation.
Your local agent Damien Ward, MM Ward Estate Agents
Phone 045-856640
'' Saw your ad in the Open Door''
into 6000 homes !
By Steve Ray
Infant Baptism is a rite by
which children who have not
yet attained the age of reason
are initiated into the Family
of God—the Church.
Original sin, which
destroyed the life God in
soul of our first parents, has
been inherited by all their
descendants. Infant Baptism remits the effects and
stain of Original Sin while Sanctifying Grace is
infused into the infant’s soul (Catechism 1250).
Even though the majority of Protestants practice
Infant Baptism it is rejected by many others. The rite
has a biblical foundation and can be traced back to
apostolic times, though first explicitly mentioned in
the 2nd century.
To grasp the background and origins of Infant
Baptism we must understand the original recipients of
the New Covenant. During the first years, the
members of the Church were exclusively Jewish. The
Jews practiced infant circumcision, as mandated to
Abraham (Gn 17:12), reaffirmed in the Mosaic Law
(Lv 12:3), and demonstrated by the circumcision of
Jesus on his eighth day (Lu 2:21). Without
circumcision no male was allowed to participate in the
cultural and religious life of Israel.
The rite of circumcision as the doorway into the
Old Covenant was replaced in the New Covenant with
the rite of Baptism — both applied to infants. St. Paul
makes this correlation: “In him also you were
circumcised with a circumcision made without hands,
by putting off the body of flesh in the circumcision of
Christ; and you were buried with him in baptism” (Co
2:11–12). The Catechism informs us that “this sign [of
circumcision] prefigures that ‘circumcision of Christ’
which is Baptism” (CCC no. 527).
When Peter preached under the inspiration of the
Holy Spirit on the Day of Pentecost he was speaking
to a Jewish audience (Ac 2:5–35). Peter announced,
“Repent, and let each of you be baptized in the name
of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins; and
you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. For the
promise is for you and your children” (Ac 2:38–39).
The Jews would have been dismayed had the New
Covenant not included their children, especially since
it was promised to them, and the New Covenant was
to be an improvement over the Old in which they were
The New Testament frequently implies that adults
and children were included in the rite of Baptism. For
example, when the head of a household converted and
was baptized, his entire household was also baptized
with him (Ac 16:15, 33; 1 Co 1:16). The inference of
course, especially based on Jewish understanding of
the family and covenants, would include the aged, the
adults, the servants, and the infants. If the practice of
Infant Baptism had been illicit or prohibited it would
surely have been explicitly forbidden, especially to
restrain the Jews from applying Baptism to their
infants as they did circumcision. But we find no such
prohibition in the New Testament nor in the writings
of the Fathers—a silence that is very profound. (Cont)
Steve Ray, a convert from Evangelical
Protestantism, is author of multiple books and
speaks around the world defending the Catholic
Faith. You can learn more about Steve at
On Jan. 21, the Roman
Catholic Church
honours the virgin and
martyr St. Agnes, who
suffered death for her
consecration to Christ.
The story of Agnes'
life and her martyrdom has been passed on since
the fourth century. On the feast day of the young
martyr – whose name means “lamb” in Latin –
the Pope blesses lambs, whose wool will be used
to make the white pallium worn by archbishops.
She was born into a wealthy family at the end of
the third century, during the last persecution of
the Church under the Emperor Diocletian.
Though he was lenient toward believers for much
of his rule, Diocletian changed course in 302,
resolving to wipe out the Church in the empire.
At this time the Church was beginning to suffer
under a set of new laws decreed by Diocletian,
and his co-ruler Galerius, in 303. The emperor
and his subordinate called for churches to be
destroyed and their books burned. Subsequent
orders led to the imprisonment and torture of
clergy and laypersons, to make them worship the
Roman emperor instead of Christ.
Meanwhile, Agnes had become a young woman
of great beauty and charm, drawing the attention
of suitors from the first ranks of the Roman
aristocracy. But in keeping with the words of
Christ and Saint Paul, she had already decided on
a life of celibacy for the sake of God's kingdom.
To all interested men, she explained that she had
already promised herself to a heavenly spouse.
These suitors both understood Agnes' meaning,
and resented her resolution. Some of the men,
possibly looking to change her mind, reported her
to the state as a believer in Christ. Agnes was
brought before a judge who tried first to persuade
her, and then to threaten her, into renouncing her
choice not to marry for the Lord's sake.
When the judge showed her the various
punishments he could inflict Agnes smiled and
indicated she would suffer them willingly. But
she was brought before a pagan altar to make an
act of worship in accordance with the Roman
state religion. When Agnes refused, the judge
ordered that she should be sent to a house of
prostitution. Agnes predicted that God would not
allow this to occur, and her statement proved true.
The first man to approach her in the brothel was
struck blind by a sudden flash of light.... she was
then sentenced to die by beheading.
Agnes refused and courageously submitted to
death. St. Agnes, is named in the Church's
Eucharistic prayer after the Consecration at Mass.
For an ad in the Open Door
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- [email protected]
Learn the Computer at your
own pace, one to one
Call Jane,
01-6272609, 086-2726231
Unit H5 Maynooth Business
Campus (Junction 7, M4)
2015 Communion
Dresses, Accessories
& Shoes
086 8260825 01 6293585
See website for opening hours
& Timber Flooring
- Supplied & fitted
- Fully Insured
- Free Quotes
086 4106804.
01 6278772
Straffan, Co. Kildare
of being tired?
Exhausted & Stressed?
Overweight, Skin problems?
Digestive problems? Get your
Free Brochure & Get yourself
started steps Today!
• Gertrude Lawler.
Food Technologist,
Natural Juice Therapist.
[email protected]
086 3888535
Top of the Town
Dry Cleaners & Laundrette
Main St Celbridge Ph 01-6288759, 0872446365
Get 3 of same items cleaned only
pay for 2; Get 6 items cleaned - €30
Key cutting, shoe repairs, alterations
Wedding & evening dress specialist
34 years in business in Celbridge
into 6000 homes every
week- An ad in the Open
Door is your man!
[email protected]
Bed &
Greenacres, Dublin Rd,
Ph/Fax 01- 6271163
Autistic Children
Kildare / West
Dublin Support
Parents and careers of
Autistic children! We meet
on last Wednesday of
month at 8.30pm
Riverforest Hotel Leixlip.
A variety of issues are
discussed, empathy
assured and practical
help available.
For information come
along or ring
John Hanlon 087 2621309
Pregnancy Care
Life Pregnancy Care
located in Dublin, Cork
and Thurles offering free,
non judgemental crisis
pregnancy counselling and
post abortion counselling
for both men and women.
All staff accredited
Our Services include:
Homeless Accommodation
- Drop in Centres Outreach Services, Crèche
facilities - Parenting
Courses - Pre Natal
Courses – Educational
Programmes Information
service & Helpline
Phone 1850 281 281
Join a Choir!
In Caelo Choir St Conleth’s Church.
Newbridge, welcomes new members - Soprano,
Alto, Tenor, Bass.
Rehearsals Tuesday evenings.
Singing at Sunday Mass, 12.30.
More information from John 086 6086910. [email protected] 057-9354492
Peamount Health
[email protected]
Enjoy singing?
Opportunities exist for volunteers of all ages to
support people with disabilities and the older
person both on campus and within the
community in the following;
Arts and Culture, Befriending, Education
Sports and recreation, Shop/retail
For further details and an application form
please contact Ms Susan Furness 01 6010300
ext 451, [email protected]
Le Chéile Volunteers
The Le Chéile Mentoring Project is looking for
both men and women to volunteer with
vulnerable teenagers in North Kildare.
The young people we work with are involved
with Probation and would benefit a supportive
and positive adult in their lives.
No experience is necessary as fully training and
support is provided, and out-of-pocket expenses
are covered.. For more information on
becoming a mentor, contact
[email protected] or 087-2016801 or
Cancer Support Centre
• Drop-in Centre, Counselling,
Complementary Therapies, Emotional Support,
Information & Education, Support Groups. All
services free of charge
Open Monday-Friday: 10.30 am – 1.30 pm
4 Woods Way, College Road, Clane, Co.
T: 045902996 M: 0872983140 F: 045902865
[email protected]
Viatores Christi
Travellers for Christ – is a Catholic lay
missionary association in Ireland, founded in
1960. The aim of the association is to recruit,
train and send volunteers to share their lives
and professions with those in need, in mainly
developing countries.
Ph (01) 8749346
email - [email protected]
Rise in US priestly vocations
a sign of ‘great hope’
Cardinal Pietro Parolin, the Vatican’s Secretary of
State, blessed a new 10-story building at the Pontifical
North American College in Rome on January 6 and
celebrated Mass there for the feast of the Epiphany.
Speaking about the increase in priestly vocations in the
United States, he said, “I believe it is a good sign-- a
sign of great hope,” according to the National Catholic
The seminary’s rector, he added, “was telling me that
this increase isn’t coming from all the regions, but the
fact that so many young men are preparing for the
priesthood is truly a cause of great joy.”
Yezidi leaders meet with
Pope Francis
Pope Francis met on January 8 with representatives of
Iraq’s Yezidi minority, which has faced brutal
persecution by the Islamic State.
The leader of the world’s Yezidi community, Mir
Tahsin Said Ali Beg, met with the Pontiff along with
the spiritual leader of the sect, Sheikh Khato. They
reported on the current plight of the Yezidis in
northern Iraq and Kurdistan, and thanked the Pope for
his support of Iraq’s persecuted minorities.
The Yezidi leaders said that their community had good
relations with Christians in their region. More
somberly they reported that since the Islamic State
seized territory in northern Iraq, about 5,000 Yezidi
woman have been taken as slaves.
There are about 1.5 million Yezidis in the world, of
whom roughly one-third live in Iraq, in territory now
controlled by the Islamic State and in Kurdistan. The
remainder are spread across neighboring Turkey,
Georgia, and Armenia, or scattered elsewhere around
the world.
'Unbroken' screened at
American filmmaker Angelina Jolie screened her new
movie, Unbroken, at the Vatican on January 8, and met
briefly with Pope Francis.
Unbroken, which opened in American theatres on
Christmas Day, was shown privately for Vatican
officials. Pope Francis did not attend the showing.
Based on a book of the same name, Unbroken tells the
story of Louis Zamperini, a world-class athlete who
survived brutal treatment in a Japanese prison camp
during World War II. The film has been criticized by
some viewers for downplaying Zamperini’s later
conversion to Christianity.
Translation Agency
Tennis Club
t. 01-627-1249
Celbridge Tennis Club is situated on the Hazelhatch
Road. We have six all weather floodlit courts. Our club
caters for all levels of tennis player from the
competitive League player to the purely social player.
For more information see our website at or contact our membership
secretary Muireann at 087 8335800.
e. [email protected]
Arabic, Brazilian, Portuguese, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish,
French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish,
Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian and more
Support for Visually Impaired / Blind
Is your child blind or visually impaired?
Would you like to meet other parents?
Contact Féach 41 Main St, Rathfarnham,
Tel: 01 4931896, Fax 01 4901541,
email [email protected]
Cherry Orchard Community
Market Garden Shop open Every Thursday 12
– 2pm (Weather Permitting). Locally grown
vegetables - to organic methods - fruit, plants
and herbs for sale.
Get a Vegetable Box delivery each week
for only €10 – free delivery in Dublin 10
Where: Cherry Orchard Green (beside the
Equine Centre), Cherry Orchard, D10. For
more info call Stephen 087 272 4537 or Nicko
0857543805. Communitygardens
Or find us on facebook
for Philippines, India, Indonesia, Romania,
Zambia, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Greece, Costa
Rica, Mauritania, Rep. of China (Taiwan),
Thailand, Ghana, and many more countries.
Rosary beads, Religious: Videos, DVD's,
CD's, audio tapes, medals, small statues,
scapulars, used Christmas cards, Easter cards,
postage stamps, printed matter - magazines,
newspapers etc. Vestments - Chalices.
(in the case of cards - pictures only required)
Contributions to help with postage most
Send to: Tom Wall, Ballynookery, Whitegate,
Midleton, Co. Cork. Tel: 021 4661552
In the current economic climate, we frequently
find ourselves in financial difficulties;
however there are many people in Ireland for
whom this has always been the case. This is
why it is vitally important that we continue to
help those in need in whatever way we can.
We are currently urgently looking for food
supplies and donations.
The following food items are needed: Pasta,
rice, porridge, beans & peas, soup, soap or
toothpaste. If you can help please contact us.
You can find our details on our website: Thank you in advance!
into 6000 homes
every weekthrough the Open Door!
Starting today
the healthy way !
01-6292909, 087-9381997
[email protected]
Series on Food & Health
Top 15 Health Drainers!
Part 2
12. Bottling up your emotions. It can be hard to let go and
face things but you must deal with how you feel. Bottling
emotions and past traumas up will not make the issue go
away; in fact it gives the opposite result. It creates even
more stress and tension and fatigue and anger and
frustration or sadness or whatever it is you are feeling in
the first place. It causes hurt and pain and will not only
affect you personally but will also affect your loved ones,
your relationships, your friendships, your outlook on life,
how you treat yourself and so on. Writing out how you feel
at times can really help relieve some of the stress and you
get you started at least. There is so much professional help
available now, seek it where necessary. Emotions manifest
physically throughout the body and like all other toxins or
infections they must be treated and released.
13. Prescription and non-prescription drugs. If there is an
alternative to the medication you are on find out more and
consult with your doctor and other health professionals to
see what is the appropriate course of action for you.
14. People pleasing, inability to say NO! Taking on too
much, getting overwhelmed and so on. Pick up the courage
this year to say NO, when you really want to and need to
say No. Say YES, when you really want to and can say
YES. You will FEEL so much better as a result as you are
being true to yourself.
15. Taking life way too serious! Having a serious look at
your lifestyle is very important in recovery from any form
of ill health or disease. Of course it is not about changing
things in your life overnight but it is about analysing and
closely looking at what factors are draining you from your
vibrant health and energy. Go through the 15 items and
pick the top three which ring true for where you are at
right now. Write them out onto a separate sheet of paper
and write out more detail about how each area you picked
is having a negative and draining impact upon you and
your life. Ask yourself what can you do right now to
remove the cause or reduce the impact. Many times people
will get help for their particular disease or ailment only to
find it returns again because the underlying aggravating
factor or root cause has not been addressed.
Lifestyle must be addressed too to support a healthy body.
Rest and change are vitally important. The Overall goal is
for you to do less of the things which drain you and do
more of the things which make you feel good. These
changes will greatly move you in the right direction of
improving your health matters.
Gertrude Lawler, Health for life practitioner, Food
technologist, Natural Juice Therapist practices in CLANE.
Enquiries or to obtain FREE ‘Healthy you steps’ please
contact Tel:086-3888535 or Email:
[email protected]
Domestic & Commercial
Free quote from Bernard
087-2321737 / 01-6242727
Serving you for over 15 yrs!
All types of blinds
and shutters
within 4 days
0872695739/01 6213039
• Excellent work,
• Free quote
Phone John
• Hall, stairs, landing
from €170
• Interior/exterior
• Free quotes, top quality
To avail of this offer now call
Greg (086)2318615
Spyware / Virus removal & prevention.
Over 13 yrs exp
Data recovery, Upgrades.
All hardware/ software issues
▪ IPhone Repair ▪
045-899133 / 087-2217103
“Saw your ad in the Open Door''
Bring your business into
6000 homes every week…
01-6292909 - (box ads)
[email protected]
Christian Meditation
Stay healthy ...
takes place before the Blessed
Sacrament in The Oratory,
Celbridge Abbey, Clane Rd, It’s that time of year when all those New Year
resolutions are coming home to roost. I thought that a
Weds, 7.45pm All welcome
few suggestions might be helpful to spur you on to a fit
Youth 2000 Maynooth and healthy 2015.
Prayer meeting every Monday Buy your vegetables in small batches. Many of the
6pm for young adults (18-35)
nutritional compounds that we want from our food are
Pure in Heart prayer group
unstable not just in cooking but in storage. So your
every Wednesday at 7.30pm
St Catherine's, North Campus. carrots, celery, etc. are stored for the week constantly
losing their nutritive value.
PARISH NOTICES It is also important to rethink our relationship with
To be sure of space for parish certain foods. I think it is important to understand what
notices please send in well
they are doing for you both nutritionally and
before Monday evenings,
[email protected]
Ads can now be taken over
Celery is probably better known to form part of a low
the phone if paying by credit calorie diet. It is not as commonly known for its anticard, laser card etc… 01inflammatory health benefits. In addition as well as the
6292909… 087-9381997
typical antioxidants such as vitamin C and flavonoids,
at least a dozen other types of antioxidant nutrients
have been foundin celery. Happily these antioxidant
compounds are resistant to heating so that you can
steam away without the loss of antioxidant properties.
A recent study found that there was substantial loss of
or COPD?
antioxidants from both boiling and blanching
compared to steaming celery even after 10 minutes.
(Chronic Obstructive
Pulmonary Disease)
Research has also found that a compound called
The Irish Thoracic Society
butylphthalide (responsible for the flavour and scent)
(ITS) have launched a new
reduces so called bad cholesterol (LDL). They showed
web site to help promote
that just two stalks of celery a day can reduce bad
awareness of this condition.
cholesterol (LDL) by up to 7 points.
The site provides a 5 point
survey that you can complete Did you know that compounds called polyphenols in
apples can help to prevent excessive fluctuations in
and bring to your G.P. to
assist in the diagnosis of the blood sugar through a variety of mechanisms so that
you have better balance of sugar levels with easier
For information talk to
your G.P or practice nurse.
Therefore, find out more about the food you eat and
what is can do for you.
As well as food intake don’t forget your exercise.
“There is no problem, no
Exercise is one of the most important things you can
matter how difficult it is,
do to balance your blood sugar levels and get fit. High
whether temporal, or above
intensity anerobic activity (short bursts of high
all - spiritual, in the personal
intensity exercise) is considered to burn 9 times as
life of each one of us, of our
families, of the families of the much body fat (per calorie) compared to aerobic
exercise. Aerobic exercise includes walking, running,
world, or of the religious
communities, or even the life cycling for longer periods of time.
of people and nations, that
This type of exercise requires a lot of oxygen to
cannot be solved by the
Rosary. There is no problem, sustain. Both in the right combination will help you get
fit and lose weight.
I tell you, no matter how
difficult it is, that we cannot
Finally while there is considerable overlap, fitness and
resolve by the prayer of the
being healthy is not the same as weight loss. It is
Holy Rosary. With the Holy
important to look to a healthy life style and diet while
Rosary, we will save
looking to reach your ideal weight.
ourselves. We will sanctify
Anna-Maria Keaveney BSc., MSc., is a qualified
ourselves. We will console
Our Lord and obtain the
Medical Herbalist and member of the Irish
salvation of many souls.”
Institute of Medical Herbalists (IIMH,
(Sister Lucy, one of the She can be contacted on 087
three 1917 Fatima seers)
237 8183 for further information.
Got a Problem?
• Clane Toastmasters
If one of your new years resolutions if to
overcome your fear of speaking in public,
Clane toastmasters can help. Our next meeting
will be held in Clane GAA club @7.45 on
Wednesday January 7th
So if you would like to improve you ability to
speak in public in a friendly and encouraging
envoirnment just come along on Wednesday, we
would be delighted to see you there. For more
information call Maureen 0872258020
Tomás 0863064474
• Naas – Plain Speakers Toastmasters Club
Toastmasters is great for personal and
professional development. Plain Speakers, Naas
is a little different. If you think that public
speaking might be for you, exercise your
speaking muscles in an encouraging and
structured space. We meet on the first and third
Monday of each month, all year round. Find us
on www. Next
meeting Dec. 15th (with home made mince pies)
and January 5th, 2015! For further details,
contact Ger 087 2523041 or
• Maynooth Toastmasters
Maynooth Toastmasters meet on the 2nd and 4th
Monday of every month from 8-10pm in the
Glenroyal Hotel Maynooth All visitors
welcome and it is a good learning experience
• Kildare Toastmasters
Time for Toasting
The festive spirit was truly alive at Kildare
Toastmasters last week where members and
guests were treated to a wide-ranging selection
of speeches and some challenging topics.
Anthony Casey inspired members and guests
with his speech on how stainless steel has
revolutionized the world. A demonic dog with a
car addiction featured in Mary Caulfield’s
delightful canine tale. District Governor, Mary
Reynolds captured full attention with an
inspirational plea to give up the booze and go
“On The Dry” for the month of January, get
active and raise money on behalf of the Irish
Heart Foundation. The Topics session drew full
participation with many diverse opinions on
Ebola, pension planning and whether it’s better
to scrunch or fold!
Kildare Toastmasters welcomes new Member’s
so if you would like to learn how to improve
your communication and leadership skills in a
fun, friendly and social environment join us at
our last meeting before Christmas for some
mince pies, sensational speeches festive fun.
Usual times resume in January with our fist
meeting 13th Jan 2015 and meeting thereafter on
2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month 7.50 p.m. for
8.p.m. start until 10:00 p.m.
For more information:
Twitter: @kildaretoasties or Tel: 086 2413747
• Lucan Toastmasters
Meets every second Thursday evening in the
Springfield Hotel near Leixlip. So if you would
like to see what it is all about (guests don't have
to speak) you can go along as a guest at 7.45pm.
Contact their head of membership Austin
at [email protected]
‘Saw your ad in the Open Door’ 21
The Living Rosary
into 6000 homes every weekthrough the Open Door!
You can make a difference –
Join the Living Rosary Today!
When you join the Living Rosary of St
Philomena you are allocated a
particular decade of the Rosary to be
recited every day.
Your decade of the Holy Rosary is
joined in union with millions of other
The Bible points
people around the world and results in
to the True Church!
a very powerful means of intercession.
When you unite your Rosary with
others in this way you gain the benefits
of all the Rosaries being said worldwide!
For details contact - The Universal Living Rosary
Association of Saint Philomena, P.O. Box 1303,
Dickinson, Texas 77539, USA
BAPTISM (Catechism 1213–1284)
[email protected] Web:
Because of the original sin of our first parents,
Adam and Eve, we are born without grace in our
– fighting depression
souls, so there is no way for us to have fellowship
with God. Jesus became man to bring us into
Aware, the national organisation to help people
suffering depression, meets Monday evenings at 8 p.m., union with his Father.
Scoil San Carlo,(white pre-fab) Confey, Leixlip. An
He said no one can enter the kingdom of God
additional new service for young people and facilitated unless he is first born of "water and the Spirit"
by young people meets Tues at 8p.m.
(John 3:5)—this refers to baptism.
For further information (01) 6617211 or any of the
Through baptism we are born again, but this time
Aware numbers. A team trained in suicide intervention on a spiritual level instead of a physical level. We
is available. Confidential line available at the same
are washed in the bath of rebirth (Titus 3:5). We
times at (01) 458 1010.
are baptised into Christ’s death and therefore
share in his Resurrection (Rom. 6:3–7).
Call (01) 661 7211, loCall Helpline: 1890 303 302.
Aware service sponsored by Leixlip Womens’ Studies.
Baptism cleanses us of sins and brings the Holy
Spirit and his grace into our souls (Acts 2:38,
22:16). And the apostle Peter is perhaps the
most direct of all: B.E. is a support group for those coping with the pain
"Baptism now saves you" (1 Pet. 3:21).
of loss of their life partner, through Death, Separation
is the gateway into the Church.
or Divorce. Seeking help is a sign of strength and selfknowledge – not weakness. This is a healing ministry, CONFESSION (Catechism 1422–1498)
which helps to resolve the grief that goes with the end
Sometimes on our journey toward the heavenly
of a marriage or relationship. A team, who are
themselves widowed, separated or divorced share their promised land we stumble and fall into sin. God
is always ready to lift us up and to restore us to
experiences with you.
grace-filled fellowship with him. He does this
Coping Programme in White Friars Community Centre, through the Sacrament of Penance (which is also
Aungier St., D 2. For further information please phone known as confession or reconciliation).
087 2742451. or email [email protected]
Jesus gave his apostles power and authority
to reconcile us to the Father. They received
Jesus’ own power to forgive sins on the
afternoon of Easter Sunday when he breathed
San Giovanni Rotondo 7 days
on them and said,
Direct flight to Naples.
"Receive the Holy Spirit. Whose sins you
Visiting all areas connected to the life of
forgive are forgiven them, and whose sins
St. Pio. Also visiting the shrine of St.
you retain are retained" (John 20:22–23).
Philomena. 4 star hotels. Full details on
our web site or call
Implied here is the condition that sins must be
The Irish Office for St. Pio; 01-4536359
confessed directly to a priest, not in a ‘general
absolution’ (which can only be used in an
emergency and must be followed by a personal
individual confession to a priest).
The Kildare Diabetes Group is a support group for
people with type 1 diabetes. We meet once a month to Paul notes that "all this is from God, who has
reconciled us to himself through Christ and given
discuss our lifestyles, what works to achieve better
us the ministry of reconciliation. . . . So, we are
control, eating habits, to organise days out, etc.
ambassadors for Christ, as if God were appealing
It is run by people with diabetes, who understand the
through us" (2 Cor. 5:18–20).
challenges of having diabetes.
Through confession to a priest, God’s minister,
All type 1 diabetics/parents of children with type 1
we have our sins forgiven, and we receive grace
welcome to attend. For more info
to help us resist future temptations.
email [email protected] Follow
(Sacraments continued next week)
The Pillar of Truth
[email protected],ie
Sts Peter &Paul,
The Parish Shop
Children’s books, Calendars,
wreaths and candles, cards,
candles, and many more small
items: Do call in. The shop is
open before and after
weekend Masses: Saturday 7
pm, Sunday 9 am and
Young People
St. Dominic’s Secondary
School Ballyfermot,
Dublin. 10
Encouraging Young People to
Believe & Achieve
Open for Registration for 1st
years 2011 Contact 01.
6266493or call to School
The North Star Swimming
Club is from 1.45 to 2.30 and
2.30 to 3.15 on Sundays in St
Raphael’s Pool, Celbridge.
Phone 086 3612855 or
[email protected] and on facebook- Star
[email protected]
Celbridge Parish Bethany
Support Group is a parish
based ministry which helps
those bereaved or grieving.
We offer one to one support,
group support if desired and
home visits. Meetings are held
in The Eustace Centre on
Weds and are confidential
and free.
Call Teresa 01-6270153
'I saw your ad in the Open Door'
for notices, accounts &
boxed ad - 01-6292909,
[email protected]
Amid Deceptions
of World, We Must Continue
to Ask 'Where is the Star?'!”
January 7, 2015
Carpet Clean
- 3:1:1 Sofa cleaning €89
- Stairs & Landing carpet €49
086 0865525 - Declan
B &C
& Carpentry
Extensions, renovations, repairs
No job too small, free quotes
01-6288610, 086-1712219
Revive your
• Revive your existing
kitchen with a professionally
painted finish.
• Before & after photos of
our work are on our website.
Greg & Orla Martin
• 086-3944272
• 086-8804177
Front & back, downpipes,
valleys, mortar repaired etc
from €50 Fully insured
• Power wash, walls painted
• - Full room makeover
• - Old wallpaper removed
• - Damp walls dry-lined
• - Bathrooms remodelled
• - New flooring, skirting ,
• skimming, painting, etc.
• Free quote, top class work
Call Jack 087-9957301
On Feast of Epiphany, Pope Calls on Faithful Word of God renews our hearts...
to Analyze Personal Journey of Conversion After the Mass, Pope Francis appeared at the
window of his study in the Apostolic Vatican
Pope Francis is calling on the faithful to consider
Palace to pray the Angelus with those gathered
how they can start to undergo the same journey
in Saint Peter’s Square.
of conversion experienced by the Wise Men.
During his address before the prayer, the Pope
During Mass on the Solemnity of the Epiphany,
stressed how the Magi’s experience evokes the
celebrated Jan. 6 in Rome, the Pope said the
journey of every man to Christ. Christians, he
Three Kings are models of conversion to the true
said, must seek God, just as the Magi did,
faith because they believed more in the goodness
which requires “fixing our gaze on heaven and
of God than in the apparent splendor of power.
seeing in the visible sign of the star the
Despite difficulties and temptations, the Pope
invisible God who speaks to our heart.”
said, the wise men realized that God’s criteria is The star that is able to guide every man to
quite different from those of men. God "does not Jesus, he said, is the Word of God, which is the
manifest himself in the power of this world, but light that "directs our path, nourishes our faith
speaks to us in the humbleness of his love.”
and regenerates it,” and “constantly renews our
"What is the mystery in which God is hidden?
Where can I find him?" he asked.
“We must not forget to read it and meditate it
every day," he stressed, "so that it becomes for
There is Jesus in all the realities of today,
Francis responded, particularly in those who are each one of us a flame that we carry within us
to guide our steps and also those of one who
enduring difficult situations, such as war,
walks beside us, who perhaps finds it hard to
trafficking, and exploitation.
“The crib points us to a different path from the find the way to Christ.”
one cherished by the thinking of this world," he Pope Francis has condemned the terrorist
said, for "it is the path of God’s self-abasement, attacks that killed 12 people in Paris last week.
his glory concealed in the manger of Bethlehem, At morning Mass at Casa Santa Marta, the
on the cross upon Calvary, in each of our
Holy Father decried, “The attack in Paris
suffering brothers and sisters.”
makes us think on so much cruelty - human
cruelty - to so much terrorism, be it isolated
The 78-year-old Pontiff also said that the
conversion of the wise men happened when they terrorism, be it State-sponsored terrorism.”
passed from human calculations to the mystery. “But what cruelty man is capable of!”
He also exhorted the faithful to examine their
The Holy Father concluded, asking those
own conversion and told them to ask God “to
gathered at the Mass to pray for the victims of
protect and to set us free from the temptations
the cruelly. “So Many! And we also ask for
which hide the star.”
those who are cruel so that the Lord may
change their heart.”
Amid the deceptions of this world, the Pope
said, we are to always feel the need to ask “the The Holy Father also used his @Pontifex
troubling question: ‘Where is the star?’"
Twitter account to invite the faithful to pray
whenever we lose sight of it.
for the victims. The Pope tweeted
"#PrayersforParis," which was retweeted by
The Pope expressed his hope for all faithful to
know ever anew God’s mystery, and “not to be almost 5,000 followers in less than 2 hours.
scandalized by the ‘sign’ which points to 'a babe Before the attacks, a cartoon of Islamic State
wrapped in swaddling cloths, lying in a
leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi had been
In addition, he called on those present to find the In addition to the Pope’s words in the homily,
courage "to be liberated from our illusions and
the Holy See and the bishops' conference of
presumptions'' and "to seek an encounter with
France also released statements condemning
the Light," just like the Wise Men.
the attack.
Pope's Closing Mass in
Philippines Expected to
Draw 6M to 7M
Organizer: Population has grown since
John Paul II drew over 5M
ROME, January 09, 2015
Organizers for the Pope's trip to the Philippines
next week are expecting 6 million to 7 million
people at the closing Mass on Jan. 18.
So many people are expected to troop to Luneta
(Rizal) Park during the closing Mass of the
apostolic visit of Pope Francis that it will break
the record 5 million-crowd set during the 1995
Papal Mass of Pope John Paul II.
Fr. Rufino Sescon, Jr., executive secretary of the
papal visit steering committee, said the capacity
of the park is only around 1.2 million people, but
that, "we expect an overflow that would reach
Roxas Boulevard and both sides, up to `yung
papunta sa US Embassy and also going to Anda
"In 1995, we had [five] million, so that would be
a conservative estimate. Our population has
grown since 1995,” Fr. Sescon said in an
Some 2,250 priests from different parts of the
archipelago and 250 local and foreign bishops
will be concelebrating with the Holy Father
during his last Mass in the country at 4 p.m. on
January 18.
Organizers will be stationing 18 LED screens
with speakers, 20 first-aid stations, and around
450 portable toilets around Luneta.
Barriers will be scattered all over the park for the
safety of the Pope and the people who will attend.
“[The Philippine National Police and the
Presidential Security Group] assured us that the
Pope will be safe and people also will be safe for
as long as we follow the regulations and the
safety measures,” Fr. Sescon said.
College Ireland
Newman College Ireland is accepting
applications for its second incoming class from 1st
January 2015!
Newman College Ireland is a Catholic third level
institute offering a four year liberal arts degree.
Newman College Ireland complies with Ex Corde
Ecclesiae, the Catholic Church's constitution for
Catholic Higher Education.
Information about Newman College Ireland and
the application process is available from the
college website,
by email from [email protected]
and [email protected]
and by phone +353 (0) 872786552
Elderly Christians Expelled '' Saw your ad in the Open Door''
From Iraqi Village for
into 6000 homes
every week- 01-6292909
Refusing to Convert to Islam [email protected]
Patriarch Sako negotiates refugees entry into
ROME, January 09, 2015
Ten elderly Chaldean Christians and Syrian Catholics
who refused to convert to Islam were expelled from
According to Fides News Agency, the group of
elderly people were welcomed in Kirkuk on January
7th, after spending two days in villages occupied by
the Islamic State. One of the survivors recalled taking
refuge in Mosul after they were expelled from their
“We managed to survive thanks to the assistance of
some Muslim families, who brought us food and
what we needed,” an elderly woman told Fides.
“Then, at some point, those of the Caliphate told us
we could stay there only if we converted to Islam. I
refused. If you want, send me away.”
Once expelled from Mosul, the elderly entered
Kirkuk thanks to the intercession of Chaldean
Patriarch Raphael Louis I, who convinced the civil
authorities to suspend the blockade at the check
points of entry to the city put in place for security.
1st Female Rector of Pontifical
University: Women Shouldn't Have
'Conquest Mentality' in Church
Sr. Mary Melone says Francis is following
predecessors in promoting respect for
women's contribution
January 09, 2015
For the first time in the Church's history, a woman
has been appointed to head a pontifical university.
This July, the Congregation for Catholic Education,
headed by Cardinal Zenon Grocholewski, chose
Sister Mary Melone to head the Pontifical University
Antonianum, run by the Order of Friars Minor.
In a wide-ranging, exclusive interview with ZENIT in
Rome this month, Sr. Mary shared her response to
her appointment, what it took to get there, and
challenges she faced.
In the interview, the sister speaks on whether the role
of women is changing in the Vatican, what's
misunderstood, as well as how Pope Francis is
advancing women in the Church. She also gives
advice to other women wishing to serve in the
Church and the Vatican.
Considered an expert on Saint Anthony of Padua, Sr.
Mary also was the first woman to obtain a permanent
position as a professor on the theology faculty of the
Roman university, as well as be its first female dean,
according to Vatican Insider.
Born in La Spezia in 1964, Maria Domenica, her
birth name, would finish school specializing in
classics. She joined the Franciscan Sisters of Blessed
Angelina, taking temporary vows in 1986 and
perpetual vows in 1991.
She is currently president of the Italian Society for
Theological Research and former head of the Higher
Institute of Religious Sciences "Redemptor
Sr. Mary has held numerous leading roles in
academia, and has published many articles and
• Children's Chess Club
meet every Monday evening
between 6-7pm in Maynooth
Community Library
• Adult Chess meets every
Monday evening, 6-8pm in
Maynooth Library. New
members welcome!
All types of photographers are
welcome- absolute beginners
to advanced!
Would you be interested?
Wed nights 8-10pm
Trudy: 086-4061670
Dee: 085-1479802
[email protected]
Rachel's Vineyard is a healing
place for people hurt by
abortion. Their weekend
retreats are an opportunity for
any person who has struggled
with the emotional or spiritual
pain of an abortion.
The retreat is a very specific
process designed to help you
experience the mercy and
compassion of God. Retreats
are held throughout Ireland in
a confidential setting.
Call Bernadette on 087
8592877 or Marian on
02890 799967 or look up or for info
• If you are hurting after
an abortion, please call.
Based in Lucan, Co.
Dublin, Pieta House, the
centre for the Prevention of
Self-harm or Suicide, is
Ireland’s first communitybased centre for the
prevention of self-harm or
suicide. Services at Pieta
House are free of charge.
Pieta House has outreach
centres in Tallaght and
Finglas. Online and postal
registration available
Bring your business
into 6000 homes
every week…
01-6292909 - (box ads)
01-6273219 (classified)
[email protected]
Suit Cleaning
Top of The Town Dry
Cleaners are now offering
special care / hand finish
cleaning for DEBS
34 years experience serving
the people of Celbridge
and beyond!
01-6288759, 087 2446365
Main St Celbridge –
near Castletown gates
Wig Salon
Hair pieces, thinning hair,
personalised cutting & styling,
human, synthetic, post
mastectomy / bra & prosthesis
fitting... Newtown, Kildare
or Reflections, 149 Emmet
Rd, D8, 4 mins from James St
045 522634
087 4166025
- Full room makeover
- Old wallpaper removed
- Damp walls dry-lined
smooth plastered
- New flooring skirting ,
painting etc. Fully insured
Call Jack 087-9957301
Free quote, top class work
Unsafe decking
removed and paved,
Wide range of slabs
Carpentry, plastering
Bathroom renovation
Tiling, gutters etc
Power washing etc
Fionnuala Ó Fiannachta
Which Starches To Start With?
First of all, which starches not to start with!
The first of these is wheat. Do not give baby wheat
till he is at least 12 months: The most common
food made of wheat in Ireland, is wheaten bread –
“Our Daily Bread”. Do not give baby wheaten
bread till he is at least 12 months. Most commercial
breads, and most homemade breads are made of
wheat - wheat flour, wheaten meal, or a
combination. So many Irish people have coeliac
disease, or other types of wheat-intolerance, or
wheat allergy, that the “western norm” of not
recommending wheat before at least twelve months
of age, might well be extended further, to protect
baby from these conditions. The later you give
wheat, the less likely that baby will have wheat
problems, now or later in life. But definitely not
before 12 months.
Consulting A Specialist Nutritionist About Wheat
& Gluten: If there is any family history of ceoliac
disease or other wheat allergy or intolerance, it
would be wise to consult a specialist paediatric
nutritionist before ever giving wheat to your baby, in
any form. Some people are allergic to gluten also.
Gluten is an ingredient of wheat, oats, barley, and
rye. Google the pre-conceptual advice organisation
“Foresight” as soon as possible in the pregnancy, or
earlier, if possible. There are plenty of other healthy
starchy foods available, most of which can be said to
be more nutritious, and with considerably less risk,
for your baby. These include oats, rye, barley, millet,
and quinoa “the queen of grains”. As well as grains,
there is the favourite Irish potato. More on potatoes
soon. Meanwhile read labels very carefully for wheat
or gluten. Avoid rusks unless they’re wheat and
gluten-free. Commercial rusks are not recommended
anyway. Whole fresh foods are far better.
So which grain, if not wheat? If there is no family
history of problems with wheat or gluten, then oats
may be a good grain to start with. If there is any
doubt about allergic problems with grains, then start
on potatoes first, and introduce grains once baby is
established on potatoes. As with all new foods for
the weaning baby, introduce only one new food at a
time, for at least a week. Millet and quinoa are
excellent, nutritious grains for weaning babies.
Quinoa only takes ten minutes to boil, and has quite
a soft and fluffy consistency. It is very high in
protein, unlike most grains. Wait till baby is at the
very least, six months, before introducing starches,
and ideally, later, after baby has tried mashed
vegetables, and got the hang of them. See weaning
foods in La Leche League’s book “The Womanly Art
of Breastfeeding” for the best guidelines on
introducing starches.
Next Week: Introducing Starchy Foods To
Your Baby?
MULLAGH, KILCOCK, CO. MEATH 01-6287563 / 890 /
Furniture ● Beds ● Fireplaces ● Stoves ●
● Solar Panels● Wind Turbines● Heat Recovery
●Open Monday - Saturday 9am - 6pm
Jesus promised to give us His own peace.
He promised to give it to us as a gift! This is the
answer to the cry of the earth! Everyone wants
peace, however they understand it. Some people
want peace on their own terms, but we cannot
manipulate God to do things our way.
We have very myopic vision. We cannot see the
greater good. God sees everything universally at one
glance. He sees the connectedness of things, the
results of actions. He will not give a false peace.
A false peace is an experience of being content as if
everything was right when the opposite is true, when
no solution has been found to the problems that we
grapple with. This kind of “peace” means that we are
out of touch with reality. God is the Ultimate
Reality. When we are in touch with Him we, too, are
put in contact with reality. To enter into the peace of
Jesus we must allow Jesus to enter into our personal
lives and deal with the actual problems that we have
so that we can begin the journey towards peace. It
brings a lot of healing, grace and joy with it.
So many people have told me that they want “peace
of mind”, but they may not want it badly enough to
pay the price of dealing with the problems that they
have in their lives! If you knew that something was
going to solve your life’s problems and make you
happy forever would you pay a high price for it?
To give us His own peace Jesus left heaven and
the indescribable happiness He had there in
order to become one of us, to join us in our
struggles on earth.
He chose to suffer throughout His life so that He
could pay the highest price for our happiness – not
only in this world but for eternity.
His motivation was Love. There was no other reason
why He should put Himself to so much trouble for
creatures that are not only ungrateful, but don’t even
bother to believe in Him!
What was Jesus’ own peace? Jesus experienced
eternal love, joy and peace in the total unity of the
Blessed Trinity for all eternity. Before His
Incarnation he was called the eternal Word.
The complete oneness of each Person of the Blessed
Trinity is such that the Father loves the Son
infinitely, absolutely, sacrificially and eternally. The
Son loves the Father in the same way.
This extraordinary love between them
constitutes the Holy Spirit. Nevertheless, while
each one is separate, they constitute the One
Eternal God, whose name and nature IS LOVE.
This flowing love and joy and complete oneness in
The Blessed Trinity is the peace that Jesus spoke
about. This is the gift that He wants to give to us “so
that you too may be in union with us (the Church),
as we are in union with the Father and with His Son
Jesus Christ.
We are writing this to you to make your own joy
complete.” (I John 1: 6)
Rosary Audio Player
This Rosary prayer and meditation was
recorded and prepared by the Carmelite
Community & Friends in the Monastery
Chapel, Tranquilla, Knock, Co. Mayo.
Portable Player with
earphone-set - Listen –
Meditate – Pray... The
Rosary Audio Player is
lightweight and easy-to-use
Joyful, Sorrowful, Glorious
and Luminous Mysteries,
Meditations with each
Mystery, Two Beautiful
Marian Hymns
Ideal gift for loved ones in Hospital or
Nursing Home. Available in Church Shops
Would you like to up-skill to gain
employment or to pursue higher
education opportunities?
Certification: Community Health Service
Studies QQI Award (Major) Level 5.
A full time FETAC Level 5 course in
Community Health Services will commence in
February 2015. It will be based in the Mill
community centre, Celbridge
This course has been designed to provide
students with an introduction to the area of
Social Care which will enable them to achieve
both the practical and academic skills
necessary for further study and future
Subjects Include: Human Growth &
Development, Work Experience,
Communications, Care Support,
Understanding Special Needs, Care of the
older person, Behavioural Studies
Personal Effectiveness.
At the end of this one-year course, graduates
will be able to enter the Health Service sector
with a set of professional, recognised skills
with which they can commence their career.
They also have the option of continuing their
education at third level. Please note: All
learners wishing to complete the programme
will be required to receive clearance through
the Garda vetting process (forms will be
provided on application). SOLAS training
allowance available were applicable.
Childcare assistance available were applicable
Priority will be given to those aged between
18-35 years with an incomplete Leaving
Certificate or less.
You can register you interest by emailing us at
[email protected] by
calling us on 01 6288670/ 086 3670980
Alternatively you can register through your
local Employments Services: Maynooth 01
6290556 or Newbridge 045431372. Please
quote course code: AT58S.
"Raise the Roof"
2015 Calendars showing scenes from
Maynooth and also Christmas Cards in
English and Irish are available in the
Maynooth Book Shop Main St., Maynooth
and Maynooth University Book Shop on the
Proceeds to Maynooth Tidy Towns and St
Patrick`s College "Raise the Roof" campaign.
Richard Farrell PRO
Maynooth Tidy Towns
11th May, 9 nights, €599 (€100 deposit
secures €599; after 17th February price of
€649 applies). 13th May, 7 nights, €599.
Call Liam Cotter on 087-6381157 or 014928194 or Marian Pilgrimages on 018788159.
Maynooth Bethany
Are you grieving the loss of a loved one?
You can now talk to our trained listeners
either in your home or group setting.
A group meeting is held every Thursday
8pm next door to fruit and veg shop next to
the old Tesco, Maynooth. (Voluntary Service)
Ph 086 2700740
Animal Ark Ireland
Animal Ark Ireland - a Clondalkin based
charity. Our aim is to promote and encourage
people and companies to defend the welfare
of animals and help ensure that they are cared
for and treated in a positive, responsible and
loving manner.
We need all kinds of clothing, shoes, handbags, bric a brac, electrical.
Unit 4B Elm Field Court, Ninth Lock Road,
(beside the Mill Shopping Ctr), Clondalkin.
If you would like to become a seller for the
charity please contact our fundraisers on 086
0764909/ 086 0764907. You can support the
charity by liking the Animal Ark Ireland
Facebook page or by dropping down to the
charity shop in Clondalkin Village.
(Down the road from The Mill S/Centre)
'Saw your ad in the Open Door'
in Celbridge
Dara Residential Services is
situated in Celbridge and
provides Residential and
Respite to young adults with Intellectual
Disability. We are looking for caring,
energetic people to provide a regular
social contact through volunteering with
people we support in our service.
Anyone interested who has some free
time and would like to volunteer or would
like to share an interest such as walking,
football, cookery, swimming, karate,
cinema and photography, contact Michael
Stokes 01 6271484/086 3582134,
[email protected]
AL-ANON Meetings
Naas: Mondays 8 15. Ballycane Church,
(Tuesdays on Bank Holiday weekends).
Blessington Parish Centre, starts Friday 24th
of June 2011 at 8.15pm and every Fri.
Portarlington: Tue 8 Mt. St. Anne’s,
Newbridge: Wed 8.30 Parish Ctr, Station Rd.
Celbridge: Wed. 8.30 Oakly Park Hse, St.
Raphael’s, Clane Rd, Celbridge.
Kildare: Thurs 8.30 Aras Bhride Parish
Athy Thur 8.30 Kare Ctr, Woodstock St.
Tullamore Thurs 8.30 Parochial Hse.
Lucan: Sat 7.30 Parish Ctr, St. Mary’s Church.
Rathcoole: Sun 8.30 Dr Clarke’s Surgery.
Tea Dance
Sunday afternoons
3 to 6pm
Palmerstown Community & Youth Centre
(Beside Supervalu)
Only €5 admission
Light refreshments
Live Band – “Unity”
Raffle and loads of Prizes
Sept 28 (Cheating Hearts),
Oct 26 (Unity),
Nov 23 (Brian McDermot), Dec 28 (Good
Jan 25 (Emer)
• More info contact 01 6166981
''I saw your ad in the Open Door''
[email protected]
[email protected]
01-6292909 087-9381997
Forever Living
Aloe Vera products
For health & well-being
Now available – from
Gavin 087-2662098
If you are having
difficulties … getting
your free weekly copy of
The Open Door please call
01-6292909 / 087-9381997
Clane bridge club meets
Thursday nights 7.30
Manzors lounge, Clane
New members welcome.
Contact secretary Rita Mc
Cormack 045 868234.
Guiding a
Come along to your local
group for fun, team spirit,
friendship and adventure
for all girls.
Group Ages: Cygnets, 5-6
yrs, Brigins 6-11yrs Girl
Guides 11yrs- 17yrs!
• Scoil Ui Riada,
Kilcock, Weds 6pm7.30pm, (cygnets 6.00pm
to 7.00pm). Jacqueline
Harris is the contact - 087
• St Brigid’s School
Hall, Celbridge
Monday Evenings
(excluding B/H)
Brigins 6yrs-11yrs @
6.30pm to 8.00pm
Guides 11yrs - 17yrs @
8.00pm to 9.30pm
Contact Sandra Whelan
on 0877797948 / 086
[email protected]
m or visit
for further information.
So why not come
along one night a week –
join your local Girl Guide
group – you will be
surprised how much
guiding can offer you!
Fearful, Anxious, Depressed?
Recovery Int. offers you a way out!
Weekly Recovery Meetings
Abbey St.: Wesley Room, D. Cen. Mission, Lr.
Abbey St., D. 1(16-35 ages) Wednesday @7.00pm
Blanchardstown: St. Bridget’s Comm. Centre,
Main St., Friday @ 8.00pm
Clondalkin: Pastoral Centre, Village Church,
Monday @ 8.00pm
Lucan Village: St. Mary’s Parish Centre, Friday @
Newbridge: Dominican College, Tuesday @
Rathgar:Par.Cnr,52 Grosvenor Rd. Mon, Tues,
Thurs @ 8.00pm
Rowlagh: (Clondalkin North) Community Room,
Rowlagh Church,(Side entrance) Monday @
Tallaght: Social Room,beside St Martin De Porres
Church, Old Bawn, Tallaght, Mon @ 8.00pm Phone 01-6260775
e-mail: [email protected]
Law, by its nature, can only act as a lash, an xray and a halfway measure.
Not only St. Paul knew this, so did the
founders of the United States!
They created a government based on the
realistic assessment of human beings as both
made in the image of God, yet fallen.
"If men were virtuous," said James Madison,
Scoil Chearbhaill Uí Dhálaigh
"there would be no need of government."
Tá Scoil Chearbhaill Uí Dhálaigh cláraithe sa
Since we are not virtuous, or at any rate, not
scéím 'phonesforboards' de chuid The Jack and Jill
very virtuous, we need the cattle prod of law
Foundation. Bhéinn an bhuíoch as aon seanfón atá
to herd us toward things like the common
agaibh a sheoladh chugainn le bhur dtoil.
good and sharing our cookies.
Scoil Chearbhaill Uí Dhálaigh has registered
But the law of Moses was interested, not only
with the Jack and Jill Foundation for the
in making sure that everybody shared their
"phonesforboards" scheme. Please help us to
cookies, but in making sure that everyone was
achieve our target by sending your old mobile
pleasing to God. The paradox of that law is
phones in to us for recycling.
that it could not do this. It could only function
as an x-ray, telling us what was broken in our
FOSTER CARERS NEEDEDsouls and dealing out punishment to us but not
help to our souls.
Foster carers are required for children of all ages.
Like all diagnostics, it existed to be
Children need both short & long term care in a
stable family environment. If you are interested and transcended, not by more diagnosis, but by
healing. Therefore, it pointed beyond itself to
would like more information please contact
the Healer, Jesus Christ.
Today, if you discover a fault in your soul,
The Silver Thread Club Celbridge remember that you are still in God's image and
that the one who made you has given you not
New members are always welcome. The venue is
only the law to highlight the problem, but
"The Mill" - each Wednesday from 10am until
Jesus Christ to forgive you and change you
12.30. Come join us!
into his image with your cooperation.
Turn from the x-ray machine to the physician
and thank God for his enormous gift!
Caragh Parish
Church of Our Lady & St. Joseph
Mass times: Saturday: Vigil 6:30pm, Sunday:10.00am. Weekly Mass or Morning Prayer &
Communion Service:- 9.30 am
Caragh Parish Office
Office Hours Mon – Fri 9.00am to 1.00pm
Phone 045 875602 [email protected]
Would you give a young person with an Intellectual
Disability/ Special Needs an opportunity to get
experience in work place? We are looking for a small
number of hours per week e.g. 4 – 6hrs for our
excellent candidates. St. John of God Community
Services Celbridge will provide insurance and full
range of support services free of charge. Call Breda
Claffey on 087 6775068
Law came in, to increase the trespass; but where
sin increased, grace abounded all the more, so
that, as sin reigned in death, grace also might
reign through righteousness to eternal life through
Jesus Christ our Lord. Romans 5:20-21
The Secret
of The Rosary
A book for our times… to obtain copies ( €5)
phone – 01-6292909, 087-9381997 –
Pay by debit / credit card.
‘The weapon for these times’
St Padre Pio
Parish ‘Slip Hall’
The wit & wisdom of
Available for hire
The ‘Slip Hall’ is located at Castletown gates, beside
the Church of Ireland. It was formerly Celbridge
National School, built by Lady Louisa Conolly in
1813/1814 as a gesture towards integrated free
education. The building, now affectionately known
as ‘The Slip Hall’, was restored in 2004 and is a
charming example of 19th century institutional
architecture. It is currently used by many groups
within our local community and is suitable for many
activities, adult education, training sessions, business
meetings etc.
It is a bright, spacious, wheelchair-accessible hall;
with seating for ninety, a kitchenette, car parking,
toilets and disabled person’s toilet.
For information contact Linda on 086 822 6217
after 6pm or email [email protected]
Mrs Quin’s Charity Shops
Celbridge, Clane, Naas, Newbridge & Maynooth
would like to thank all our Customers for their
support over the past number of years. During this
difficult period we would appreciate donations of
clothes, bric-a- brac, books and household items. Call
in and see our new jewellery, clothing and gifts. New
Volunteers are always welcome. Mrs Quin’s Charity
Shop Celbridge support NCBI working with people
with sight loss.
Adult céilí dancing classes every Thursday from
8.30pm-10pm, at the Old School, Dunboyne Village.
€5 per night, call Finnian, 01-8255247
School Hall to Rent
San Carlo Junior School, Confey, Leixlip
The hall is currently used for :- Cardio Circuit &
Pilates, Irish Dancing, Weight Watchers, Dance &
Drama, Art Work, Key Boards.
Typically evening classes with varying times
between 5:30pm - 9:30pm Mon-Fri. The hall is also
available by arrangement at weekends.
Our current hourly rate is: €20. If heating is required
that is separately priced at €5 per hour.
Contact Paddy @ 086-8590715
Divine Mercy
Rathcoole: Divine Mercy
devotions takes place in the Parish
Church each Saturday morning
following the 10am Mass.
Celbridge: every Monday
evening after the 7pm Mass
All are welcome.
Last week I promised to get back
to Chesterton’s book on Robert
Browning. This week I am going
to break that promise, though I do
promise we will soon return to our
leisurely chronological tour
through Chesterton’s works.
'' Saw your ad in the Open Door''
into 6000 homes every week-
An ad in the Open Door!
& Carpentry
[email protected]
Extensions, renovations, repairs
No job too small, free quotes
Today, however, I want to talk
about Chesterton’s views on dogma. This is
prompted by a Chesterton piece that I’ve just read for
Nursing Home
the first time, one called ‘Philosophy for the
Schoolroom”. It is also prompted by a rather silly
Oldtown, Celbridge,
opinion piece which appeared in The Irish Times last Ph 01-6272694, Fax 01-6275906
week and has generated a fair bit of debate.
Convalescence The Times article describes the author’s return to
Mass after many years of absence. (She isn’t
impressed.) She also has this to say about Catholic
Respite &
education: “
Day care
A Catholic education changes a person. At worst, it is Prop; Garry & Norma Gavigan,
designed to narrow intellectual scope. At best, it
discourages objective inquiry; whichever questions a
precocious young person may have, the answers are
set for them. Genuine examination of issues just isn’t
allowed to happen.
I felt permanently tense and stunted at school.
Questions weren’t encouraged. Opting out of
religious services wasn’t allowed. I wrestled
• DVD, HI FI repairs
internally with the supernaturalism that permeated
• Video repairs
everything. I felt trapped and couldn’t understand
• Will collect & deliver
why it was that I felt permanently out of place.
Phone 087 6432710
This is a common critique. Schools are to be centres
of enquiry, and telling a pupil (or anybody else) what
01 4447468
they must believe is putting intellectual blinkers on
Against this, Chesterton writes: “What modern
people want to be made to understand is simply that
all argument begins with an assumption; that is, with
something that you do not doubt. You can, of course,
if you like, doubt the assumption at the beginning of
your argument, but in that case you are beginning a
different argument with another assumption at the
beginning of it. Every argument begins with an
infallible dogma, and that infallible dogma can only
• Small loads 804, 6/8
be disputed by falling back on some other infallible
ton delivered,
dogma; you can never prove your first statement or it
Hardcore 804
would not be your first. All this is the alphabet of
thinking. And it has this special and positive point
• Building sand,
about it, that it can be taught in a school, like the
Plastering sand
other alphabet. Not to start an argument without
• Batch gravel, Drainage
stating your postulates could be taught in philosophy
gravel, 6/10/20ml
as it is taught in Euclid, in a common schoolroom
Road, Maynooth
with a blackboard.
Simple? Of course! So why do so few people ‘get it’?
We need more Chesterton!
For deliveries call
Vincent 087-6874485
Maolsheachlann O Ceallaigh
DEPOT [email protected]
''Saw your ad in the Open Door''
into 6000 homes
every week- 01-6292909
[email protected]
True Devotion
removed and paved,
For a free leaflet on St Louis
• wide
of slabs “True
de Montfort’s
to Mary”
please send a
envelope to
• Tiling,
• Hodgestown,
Power washing
etc Naas,
on the
‘True Devotion
to Mary’
be work
on request.
Choice of colours with
1 colour printed logo
JUST €360 + vat
Call 087- 9448911
[email protected]
Roll up Banner
just €120 + VAT
10’ x 3’ Outdoor Banner
just €150 + VAT
Call 087- 9448911
Have you yet met someone in your life who has
never let you down….. never cast you aside in
spite of your faults and shortcomings?
I found that person in my life as a SISTER OF
like to tell you about it sometime! Text: 00353
087 7829608, [email protected] and
[email protected]
the Rosary Way !
Meditation made Easy …
‘AMEN’ is an organisation, which provides a
confidential helpline, information and support
service for male victims of domestic abuse.
Weekly emotional support meetings are held in
our office, on Tuesdays from 8pm to 10pm.
If you are interested in attending please contact
the office for more information 046 9023718
One to one meetings are also available by
appointment on Tuesday nights 8pm -10pm and
during office hours, Monday to Friday.
Court accompaniment /counseling services
available. Helpline 046 9023718.
Before Jesus taught us to call God Father, people lived
in fear of God. At least that was so among the ancients
who worshipped many gods. The great exception was
Prometheus, who was moved to pity for humans and
took fire from heaven and gave it to the world.
Zeus, the chief of the gods was angry
and chained Prometheus to a rock in
the Adriatic Sea. By day, he was
tortured from the burning sun and by
night from the cold. A vulture tore
out his liver every day, but it grew by
night, only to be ripped out again.
Such was the treatment meted out to a
god who tried to help the human race.
Not so with our Father God who sent his Son to cast
fire on earth, the fire of divine love. At the beginning
- Dunboyne
of each mystery of the Rosary, I like to look at the
The Bethany Bereavement Support Group is a
Parish based ministry to help those bereaved and crucifix and remember how Jesus on the Cross cried:
Father, into your hands I commend my spirit.
those suffering loss of any kind. We offer oneto-one support, group support if desired and
They tell of a Roman Emperor returning after success
home visits. Meetings are held in: 41 Avondale in battle. He rides in his chariot with his trophies of
Square, Dunboyne, on first Wednesdays at 8pm. war and with his generals up to the Arch of Triumph.
Contact Mary/Gerry 086-8497176
On the side-walks, the citizens of Rome acclaim his
victories with loud cheers. At one stage in the grand
march, a small boy breaks through the barriers and
towards the Emperor’s chariot. The Legionaries
for those affected by addiction runs
shouted: “What do you think you’re doing rushing at
The Irish Bishops’ Drugs Initiative, an
the Emperor?” The lad replies, “He may be your
initiative of the Irish Catholic Bishops’
Emperor, but he is my Father.”
Conference, is a cross community support
The Rosary teaches us to see the Emperor of
working in over 250 parishes involving over
Heaven and Earth as our Father.
1000 volunteers, to assist parishes and
Fr Gabriel Harty, OP. Tel: 01 404-8100 or
communities to address the challenges of
alcohol/drugs misuse which affects every quarter
[email protected]
of the country. It was founded in 1997. This
new book of prayers and reflections is intended
as a pastoral and spiritual resource that is
available through contacting: The IBDI,
Columba Centre, Maynooth, Co Kildare, or can
be ordered through the website
If so we can help! In Bawnogue Community Centre,
Clondalkin. Classes Re-Starting Monday
23rd September 2013, 7.30 pm to 9.00 pm
Start any Monday night, from September to June,
Tuition Free. Phone or Text Dominic 086 8473576.
Come see for yourself. All Welcome
Do you want help to get Eucharistic Adoration
started in your parish?
If so contact the Apostolate of Perpetual
Eucharistic Adoration for help and assistance.
Tel: (01) 6625899 Mobile: (087) 2478519
[email protected]
Does your child
have a Reading Problem
Eucharistic Adoration
in your parish -
Saving Lives
The St. James Camino Network was founded in 1997 to provide a holistic
approach to the rehabilitation and education of young men with drug
dependencies. Rehabilitation in our centre focuses on the primary nature of
addiction and the resulting harmful consequences for the dependent person
and his family.
• We are based at Meadowbrook, Cloncurry Cross, Enfield, Co. Meath.
Anyone who is seeking help should contact us at 046 9549241
Interested in
to help others?
Can you give just three hours a week to volunteer with
the Aware telephone helpline service?
Volunteers make a real difference in the lives of others,
providing vital information and emotional support. For
more information contact:
• John Bennett, Volunteer Support Officer, Aware.
01 6617211, [email protected]
Options for daytime, evening and weekends. Aware:
Support Through Depression
to Walk
the Way of St
you care at
an elderly orin
Celbridge Mill Community
Sports Centre
help with
Why not
it while
much needed
short respite
breaks. Please call or phonefor Diabetes
The Camino
de Santiago,
Way of St.C/O
is oneMain
of theStreet,
most Newbridge,
famous pilgrimage
walks in
Co Kildare.
the world. The trip will be walking the Camino
Portugués (Portuguese Way) of the route
(115km) from Tui to Santiago.
(Teams of
The total fundraising
this trip is
15 Teams
in theaccommodation
Dublin region and
consists generally of 4-6 couples and
your interest please contact Gary on
01 842 8118
or emailwas
[email protected]
founded by Fr. Henry
Phone 6288556 Fax 6276259
[email protected]
Face- book "The Mill Community Centre".
Mon-Fri 9am-10.30pm, Sat 9.30-6pm,
Sun 9.30-6pm
Equipes Notre-Dame
Caffarel some 60 years ago and since then,
Teams has spread to more than 70 countries
the adult
It is a Movement
course in for
the Christian
Spirituality on
over 100,000
Centre, Prosperous
& Tony
086 806parish
is a structured
based course that is up and running in many
dioceses throughout the country. It is about
answering questions and misgivings we
ourselves might have regarding our faith, and
those of others who might disagree with it or
oppose it. The course involves some weekday
study, or reading of the Maryvale notes,
in from
1898 by
12 week
Fr James Cullen
SJ, theand
to Christmas
to Easter
has mid-term
played a vital
role in Irish society for over
of phone
the Association
is to
- Ask in the parish office,
045 841806
build adetails.
society where people can live full
lives without being dependent on alcohol or
drugs. There is another way...
PTAA members seek to address alcohol-related
in society,
selfNorth Kildare
Club have
a new
lawn bowling facility membership now
available. If you wish to join please contact the
office or write to North Kildare Club. The
sporting club is situated between Maynooth and
Kilcock and already has Rugby, Hockey,
The Men’s Shed is ideal for men who are keen to
up, Cricket
chat, work
projects, develop ideas, as
well as to socially integrate with men in the area.
Catechism Course
Pioneer Total
Outdoor Bowling
St Joseph's
Young Priests’ Society
Catering for 18 - 80 years the Men’s Shed is
ideal for men - retired, unemployed, on shift
work, with time on their hands, new to the area,
A society
of sick
lay people,
by the
long term
leave orapproved
was founded
in 1895,
may want
to contribute
in any way
the priesthood
and religious
• vocations
They meettopresently
on Wednesdays
life, and
to assist
the education of
& financially
require newinblood...
the priesthood.
Society also
9447515 forThe
seeks to promote the vocation of the laity, foster
a greater understanding
and love of the Holy
Eucharist, and help members to be Christ's
presence in every
aspect of life.
and help
on your
You can support St Joseph's
Society by supporting
branch in your
on services
or contact the
General Secretary
the Society
at: St Joseph’s
Young pregnancy–
Priests' Society,
– Post 2.
Merrion Square,
Tel: 01-6762593
- 01-8780066
[email protected]
Quick appointments inc. weekends
Centre Notes
Your Centre !
The Centre for all the Family
Fancy a Monday Spin at Lunch- time?
NEW- We are commencing a lunchtime Spin Cycle
Class on Mondays 1.15 -1.45pm for those who want
to kick start their week. Interested then just pop up to
our attic studio.
Indoor Soccer -NEW -Mixed Indoor soccer Session
now on Tuesdays at 6pm.Interested? Phone Emily at
Basketball -NEW - Women’s & Mens Open
Basketball Session for all. Mondays for women at
9.30pm & Tuesdays at 9pm for Men.
Soccer -Open Indoor soccer Kick-A-Bout every
Monday night at 8pm- All welcome if you fancy a
game or you might be new to the area & may not
know anyone in your area. Come on down , have a bit
of fun & keep fit at the same time.
Exclusive 7 weeks to Fitness Weight Loss course. 35
classes –Morning & Evening –Tues- Friday. Super
Value – Works out at €2 per class. Limited number of
places available. Starts 13th Jan.
Basketball Boys & Girls Mondays & Fridays @
4pm. 7 -12years.
Mini soccer academy! Damiens for boys and girls 59 years . Tuesdays at 4pm & Sunday Mornings 10am
& 11am.
No Strings Attached Adult Badminton for all.
Monday Evenings 6-8pm & Wednesday Mornings
10-12noon. All players welcome to come along if
you fancy a fun session with lots of fun & if you
fancy a game of this fast & exciting sport.
Also Available Birthday Party Service, Fully
Equipped Gyms, Sauna, Steam, Fitness Classes,
Circuits, Spinning, TRX, Zumba, Drama, Art, Music,
Playschools, Day Care for the elderly, Youth Café,
Bridge, Whist, Men’s Shed, Units & Rooms for hire.
Weight Watchers, Pigeon Club, Parent & Toddler ,
Table Tennis, Archery, Bowls, Judo, Karate, Kick
Boxing, Rugby School, Camps, Education, …………
Our Free Crèche facility is available for customers
attending centre organised activities. Mon – 9.30am –
12.30pm (12noon Fridays)
The Community Centre for all the Community.
Ronald McDonald House
The Ronald McDonald House is situated in the grounds of
Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin Dublin 12. Since
2004 we have provided in excess of 1,600 families with
accommodation, care and support when their child was
seriously ill in hospital. We urgently need Volunteers to
help with our Day to Day Housekeeping: Hovering,
Dusting, Ironing, Changing Beds, Cleaning Kitchens,
Bedrooms, Bathrooms – A few hours a week or a month is
all we ask at a time that suits you.
[email protected]
'' I saw your ad in the Open Door''
/ 01-4560435
Books, Newspapers,
Magazines, DVD’s
Opening Hours - 10am to 5pm
Monday to Sat
T - 626-9324
[email protected]
• All makes & models
• Old or new
• Will call to inspect
• No obligation
• Fair prices
Phone 087-2662098
All you need in Celbridge at your
fingertips, Support local business
Turn Your
with a 3rd tap on your
sink or whole house unit
Call Gavin 087-2662098
Aid to the
in Need
If you would like to find out
more about Aid to the Church
or would
like mugs
and newsletter
please contact us at:
Aid to
Church in Need,
151 St. Mobhi Rd, Dublin 9.
Tel 01 837 7516
€450 + vat
[email protected]
[email protected]
I saw your ad in the Open Door''
01-6292909, 087-9381997
[email protected]
Classified Ads
BRING YOUR 6292909
into 6000
homes 5pm
€5.00 including VAT
& Carpentry
Extensions, renovations, repairs
No job too small, free quotes
Back/Joint Pain, Sciatica,
Sleeping, Mobility or
Migraine Problems?
All aspects of plastering.
Big jobs / small jobs
Garda vetted.
Call Frank 0863951741.
J D Paving
& Landscaping
• Patios, Driveways,
• Walls, Lawns
• Gardens cleaned up.
Phone JD – 086 8441218
01-5056015, Lucan
For information on this ancient custom and great
gift for our dearly departed family and friends of
having 30 consecutive daily Masses offered for
their release from Purgatory, call 087-9381997.
While we ask you to
please support them,
the Open Door
cannot vouch for any
of its advertisers…
Commemorative Verse
DELETE - Please delete email address
[email protected] - no longer in use
Chatterbox -Relief and holiday staff required for
Chatterbox Creche. Please ring between 2 - 4pm
Monday to Friday. Phone 01-6102427
TV REPAIRS, DVD, HI FI, Video repairs. Will
collect & deliver. Phone 087 6432710, 01 4447468,
Art Classes, materials supplied, adults Tue & Fri,
children Saturday. The Mill Celbridge. 085 7235231.
Wanted to rent – house or flat to suit a quiet gent;
non drinker, non smoker. Phone 087 9381997
Heating repairs - Oil Burner Servicing and repairs.
Ph. Paul 0831913742
House wanted
Contact Colm - Physical
Therapy - 087 2423816
The Thirty Gregorian Masses
Celbridge area, to purchase,3 / 4 bed.
Ph 087-9381997
Carer – reliable kind, Irish woman, 16 years
experience, offering expert nursing care in your
home. Excellent refs. Phone Mary 087 6209382.
Religious items / statues WANTED - Church items,
statues (all sizes or damaged), pictures, Stations of
the Cross, artefacts, etc. Wanted Phone 087 2662098
Electrician: House rewires, extra lights, sockets &
showers, new fuse-boards, grant work for OAPs.
Member of ECSSA, Kevin Moffett 0872077081
Patient School of Motoring 5 driving lessons get
the 6th one free. Phone: 087-2514295.
Bed & Breakfast: Greenacres, Dublin Rd,
Celbridge, Ph/Fax 016271163. [email protected]
Spain, Alicante, Torrevieja 2 bed apt available to
rent. Suit family, Airport pick-up, 01-6284171.
Custom made FURNITURE, Millicent
Woodcraft Specialists in sitting room, bed room/
kitchen furniture. Mick Manning - 087 9972823
Prosperous Parish choir
The choir sings at 11.30am Mass every Sunday
morning - new members welcome - male and female
- all ages. Please contact Brigid at 0876992977 for
further information.
Tiling, Electrical,
Plumbing, carpentry,
Electric showers,
screens / doors –
all supplied & fitted.
(18-40 yrs)
Contemplative, monastic… … An opportunity to step
aside from the hustle and bustle of
modern living to reflect on God's
tender love for each of us. A retreat
takes places one weekend a month,
Fri evening to Sun afternoon.
• Cost: donation. Contact Sr Úna
also full tiling service, Call Colm
087-2572764 / 045-446841
[email protected]
Prestige uPVC
Kilcock & Naas
Triple lock, energy efficient, A rated.
01-6757133, 086-1641818, 086-8767924
• Free quote, no obligation.
Specialist Fascia, Soffit, Guttering
(Established 1994)
Would you like to have your loved one
remembered in verse that is true to your
memories and love?
Verse suitable for memorial cards,
headstones, keepsakes etc.
Payment as you see fit and if you can't afford it,
fine. Email: [email protected]
Training Course
The College of Further Education in Inchicore is
enrolling for a
FETAC LEVEL 5 Starting in middle of January on Saturday's - 9am
to 3pm (including lunch -) A full Fetac Level 5
qualification will be awarded. This courses is
open to all who want to get work full or part time.
12th Annual
Interfaith Celebration
Church of Our Lady’s Nativity, Leixlip
Wednesday 21st Jan at 8 pm
Speakers from the Bah’ai, Buddhist, Islamic and
Jewish Faiths along with a Humanist and
Christians from the Catholic Church, Church of
Ireland, Methodist and Mountain of Fire and
Miracles Ministry have each been invited, to
speak for six minutes on the above Theme.
Among those very qualified to speak on the
Theme of Forgiveness will be the Jewish
representative, Tomi Reichental, Holocaust
Survivor and Person of the Year 2014 and the
Catholic speaker, Elber Twomey, whose husband,
child and unborn baby died following a collision
with a suicidal driver.
Hosted by Leixlip Intercultural Friends under the
auspices of the Catholic Church of Our Lady’s
Nativity Leixlip, Church of Ireland Leixlip/ Lucan
Light refreshments will be served in the Parish
Centre afterwards... Part Grant aided by Kildare
Co. Co. All welcome.
'' I saw your ad in the Open Door''
Second Sunday in Ordinary Time
• Sunday 18
1 Sm 3:3-10, 19, Psalm 39:2, 4, 7-10,
St John 1:35-42
We have been called by Christ to become
children of God. How we respond is illustrated
in today’s readings. There is a seeking which
develops into a search that leads to seeing and
Monday 19
Heb 5:1-10, Psalm 109:1-4, St Mark 2:18-22
Jesus grew in suffering and learned to obey
God’s will. He is the bridegroom who is always
with us.
Tuesday 20
Heb 6:10-20, Psalm 100:1-2, 4-5, 9, 10,
St Mark 2:23-28
‘The celebration of Sunday observes the moral
commandment inscribed by nature in the
human heart to render to God an outward,
visible, public and regular worship “as a sign of
his universal beneficence to all”’ (Catechism,
St Fabian had been pope for fourteen years
when martyred under Decius in the year 250.
St Sebastian may have been a soldier and was
martyred in the persecution of Diocletian. He
sustained many others in their trials.
Wednesday 21
Heb 7:1-3, 15-17, Psalm 109:1-4,
St Mark 3:1-6
‘Sunday worship fulfils the moral command of
the Old Covenant, taking up its rhythm and
spirit in the weekly celebration of the Creator
and Redeemer of his people’ (CCC, 2176).
St Agnes, wealthy and beautiful, was martyred
for her virginity in the last persecutions in
Rome in the early fourth century. Patron of
betrothed couples, gardeners and young girls.
(See page 17 for her life story)
Thursday 22
Heb 7:25-8:6, Psalm 39:7-10, 17,
St Mark 3:7-12
‘Christ always gives his Church the gift of
unity, but the Church must always pray and
work to maintain, reinforce, and perfect the
unity that Christ wills for her’ (Catechism,
St Vincent, deacon of the church of Saragossa,
Spain, martyred in 304 in Valencia after
prolonged torture.
Friday 23
Heb 8:6-13, Psalm 84:8, 10-14,
St Mark 3:13-19
Jesus founded the better covenant, as
prophesied by Jeremiah; ‘I will put my laws
into their minds and write them on their
hearts.’ The preaching of the apostles is to
enable all to know God’s love, the least no
less than the greatest.
Saturday 24
Heb 9:2-3, 11-14, Psalm 46:2-3, 6-9,
St Mark 3:20-21
‘Relations between Christians call for every
possible form of practical co-operation at all
levels: pastoral, cultural and social, as well
as that of witnessing to the Gospel
message... Unity of action leads to the full
unity of faith’ (Ut Unum Sint, 40).
St Francis de Sales, 1567-1622, Bishop
of Geneva, founder of the Visitation Sisters.
He worked with gentleness and love to
rebuild the Catholic faith after the Protestant
Reformation. Patron saint of writers, editors
and journalists.
Copyright Irish Episcopal Commission for
Liturgy first published by Veritas
Publications. Used with permission
The Pope’s
for January 2015
Universal: Peace - That those from diverse
religious traditions and all people of good
will may work together for peace.
Evangelization: Consecrated life - That in
this year dedicated to consecrated life,
religious men and women may rediscover
the joy of following Christ and strive to
serve the poor with zeal.
Now in its 54th Year, every Monday night at
The Mill, Celbridge, 8.45pm.
Admission €5.00 inc raffle & refreshments.
• Further info; Mary Donovan 01 6288174.
New players and beginners especially welcome!
Loss & Bereavement
The Irish Hospice Foundation provides a range
of training services in the area of Loss and
Bereavement. Places on all workshops are
limited - early booking is advisable.
The website is
A full list of all workshops can be found under
Training. Further information [email protected] or phone 01 6793188.
Adult Folk Group
Musicians and singers wanted for St Finian’s
adult folk group in Newcastle.
We practice every Tuesday from 8.30pm9.30pm. We sing every second Saturday at 7pm
vigil Mass. We are a lively group who enjoy
harmonising and singing lively contemporary
music. For info call Emer - 087 2733846
into 6000 homes
every week(plus free internet coverage)
[email protected]
[email protected]
Peter Mulreid
& Decorator
Painting, Papering, Coving,
Dado rails, all guaranteed. Ph
01 6273311, 087-6985291
of Mary
required in
Naas of
the of
Mary hasSociety
started in
of Leixlip
and meets in the Parish
St. Vincent de Paul.
Centre at 10.30am on
Please contact
New members
in Maynooth
on Fri Sept 12th,
Come on your own or
bring a partner.
All welcome
Phone 087 2578526
[email protected]
Latin Mass
Dublin Latin Mass Chaplaincy
St Kevin's Church,
Harrington St, Dublin 8
Traditional Sung
Latin Mass
Every Sunday at 10.30 a.m.
Monday to Friday, 8.00
a.m., Saturdays 9.00 a.m.
[email protected]
Phone 01 4758611
'Saw your ad in the Open Door'
[email protected]
[email protected]
Repairs, advice,
Sports gum-shields,
Teeth whitening …
01-8015695 / 086-3964614
M &M
Stove & Chimney cleaning
Soffit / fascia power clean
Windows, drives,,, Martin
086-8987404, 01-4581042
House rewires, extra lights,
sockets & showers,
New fuseboards,
Grant work for OAPs.
Member of ECSSA
Kevin Moffett 087 2077081
Clutter Out!
Help with organising your
room/ house, Clearing attic,
dispose unwanted goods.
Qualified interior
designer helping
with all decisions...
Please call 087 6202989
Van & Driver
Collection, deliveries, flat
removals, competitive rates
Phone Pat
087-2598392, 01-6241051
Allen Independent
BMW Specialists
Station Rd, Straffan
• Sales, service, parts,
• All makes serviced
- 24 hr roadside assistance
01-6279630 fax 01-6279631
Mark 087-2658402
No 498 with Paul Campbell
Here are some interesting facts to let you know
just how our body reacts to a night’s drinking.
The first drink of the evening is probably the best one
of the night. When the alcohol hits your stomach it
enters your blood stream; there it heads to your brain’s
pleasure centre. After just one drink alcohol boosts the
levels of four key brain chemicals, dopamine,
serotonin and a variety of opiates. All these combine to
produce feelings of euphoria, relaxation and lack of
inhibition. The feeling of euphoria continues with the
next few drinks but the brain simply can’t cope with
the above chemicals and can’t keep producing the “feel
good” factors. Eating even a small meal before a
session can significantly slow down the impact of
Certain nerve cells in our system “normally”
control our behaviour and what we say. As the
drink sets in more and more inhibitors go. Hence,
normally civilised people saying very indiscreet
things and even dancing on tables! Our natural
self-protection system is seriously impacted and
the alcohol masks warning signals from the brain,
hence the inappropriate behaviour and speech from
“respectable” well behaved people!
As you continue drinking your liver starts loosing the
battle. It will be unable to metabolise the alcohol fast
enough and the alcohol starts to be diverted to other
parts of the body. This will cause further
disorientation, nausea and lack of coordination.
It’s at this point many drinkers start to have memory
problems (next day). The excessive boozer will have
affected the hippocampus and sepal parts of your brain.
The two brain areas are responsible for emotional
responses and registering and storing memories. This
also explains why excessive alcohol causes aggressive
behaviour or unexplained outbursts of tears
(particularly from females).
By now it’s probably around 11pm and many start to
switch from beer or wine to spirits. In reality you
should stop now but your brain has long given up the
battle to tell you that you’ve had enough. If you switch
to spirits then stick to white spirits e.g. vodka or gin.
Drinking dark spirits will give you a much worse
hangover and stay in your system longer. This comes
in part from the fermentation process and from that
many impurities.
And yes, women cannot handle alcohol as men do
and they get drunk faster. Women’s bodies are
made up of more fat and less water. This means a
man’s body will automatically dilute the alcohol
quicker than women.
Most of us have no idea about the above impact on our
bodies. It’s probably a good time to reflect on our
alcohol consumption last year. Next week I’ll write on
hangover – be prepared!
Paul Campbell, Dip Psych, Dip Therapy
Call 087 3414590 for counselling appointments
Do you know that having your tank cleaned by a
licensed operator once a year is the most cost
effective way to comply with the new regulations?
• Septic tank cleaning
• Bio-cycle cleaning....
Best rates - €20 discount with this ad!
Call Jim
045 851801 or 087 6041896,
Pope Francis Twitter... @pontifex
with the Irish Wheelchair Association
John Sullivan Centre, Clane
CE Scheme Vacancy
Job reference number: ES-904127
Closing date: February 2015
This is a developmental opportunity, no
experience necessary. Accredited training will
be provided to support your career. Duties as a
programme assistant will include assisting with
programmes and activities in a resource centre
for adults with a physical disability. Also
assisting with personal care, maintaining the
standard of hygiene in the centre and acting as a
bus escort as required. Applicants must supply
character references and be prepared to complete
a Garda vetting application form.
For further information contact/send a CV to
[email protected]
Mary Lueders, CE Supervisor, IWA
045 861346 – select option 1
Save the evening for
The ACRE Project
Annual Table Quiz!
Friday, 23 January, 8 p.m.
at the Kildrought Lounge, off Main Street,
Teams of 4 at €10 per person.
Already the 1st and 2nd cash prizes are
sponsored, as well as five great spot prize for the
essential 2015 raffle! Ring or email to book a
table. 01 627 1249, [email protected]
Top of the Town
Dry Cleaners & Laundrette
Main St Celbridge Ph 01-6288759, 0872446365
Get 3 of same items cleaned only
pay for 2; Get 6 items cleaned - €30
Key cutting, shoe repairs, alterations
Wedding & evening dress specialist
34 years in business in Celbridge