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2nd Sunday of Ordinary Time
Saint Vincent de Paul Parish
Parish Office/Rectory 13497 S. State Hwy 94 Marthasville, MO 63357• 636-433-2678
School 13495 S. State Hwy 94 • 636-433-2466
Parish Office and School Fax 636-433-2924
Parish email—[email protected] • School email—[email protected]
Parish Website—www.svdutzow.org • School Website—www.svsdutzow.org
Immaculate Conception Parish
Church/Rectory 5912 S Highway 94 Augusta, MO 63332 • 636-482-4455
Parish email—[email protected] • Connie’s email—[email protected]
Parish Website—www.svdutzow.org
Archdiocese Website—www.archstl.org
Our Parishes
The Parish Office Hours at St. Vincent: Mon.-Thurs. 8:00am-4:00pm
All business can be conducted through the SV Parish Office or by calling the IC Rectory.
In the case of Urgent Business, please call the SV Rectory or Fr. Gene’s mobile phone.
Fr. Gene’s Email—[email protected]
Fr. Gene’s Cell Phone—314-560-2692
All information for the weekend bulletin must be submitted to the editor by Tuesday.
Please have any submissions in before Noon on Tuesday by mailing, calling or emailing them in.
Bulletin email—[email protected]
Pastoral Staff
Pastor—Rev. Eugene Robertson
Deacon—Rev. Mr. Raymond Burle
St. Vincent De Paul
Principal—Mrs. Kelly Cassinger
School Secretary—Mrs. Donna Sahm
Office Manager—Mrs. Jacquie Schaper
Bulletin Editor (both parishes)—Mrs. Sara Maune
Music Coordinator—Mrs. Lorraine Struckhoff,
Parish Council
Dan Miller—Chairman Brenda Napier—Vice Chairman
Coletta Hakenewerth—Secretary
John Matlick
Pam Rodriguez
Mike Wessel
Rick Mueller
Bob Good
Rick Schwentker
Finance Committee
Lorraine Struckhoff—Chairman
Karen Holtmeyer
Gena Mayer
Dave Meyer
Rick Gratza
Dan Wessel
Immaculate Conception
Administrative Assistant—Mrs. Connie Struckhoff
Bookkeeper—Mr. Doug Paule
Music Coordinator—Mrs. Mary Ann Kluesner,
Parish Council/Finance Committee
Connie Struckhoff—Chairman
Lori Aholt
Dave Behlman
Mary Ann Kluesner
Doug Paule
Tom Aholt
Doug Holdmeyer
Guy Middleton
Carroll Struckhoff
January 18, 2015
Mass Schedule
IC•Immaculate Conception ~ SV•St. Vincent
4:30pm IC
6:30pm SV
7:30am IC
10:00am SV
8:00am IC
7:30 pm SV
8:00am SV
8:00am IC
8:00am SV-no Fri. Mass 5/23 to 8/8
(During the school year Wed-Fri Masses are school Masses)
Holy Days—Please check the bulletin and/or
website for Holy Day schedule.
Sacrament of Reconciliation
7:00—7:15pm SV
4:00—4:15pm IC
Any other time by appointment
Eucharistic Adoration
SV—Every Tuesday 5:00-7:30pm
IC—Second Thursday of every other month
(odd months) 5:30-7:00pm with Benediction
and prayers at 7:00pm
Mother of Perpetual Help Devotions
Tuesdays after evening Mass at SV
Mondays after morning Mass at IC
Sacramental Preparation:
Marriage Preparation—Couples
should contact
the parish office as soon as possible to prepare for
classes, at least 6 months prior to the wedding date.
Baptism Preparation—First-time parents and parents who have never taken a Baptism preparation
class need to contact the rectory to arrange for a
class. Once the class has been attended a Baptism
may be scheduled for the 2nd or 4th Sunday of the
month. Baptisms are celebrated immediately following the 10 am Mass at St. Vincent’s. Arrangements
may be made for the Sacrament at Immaculate
Christian Initiation of Adults—For more information on becoming a Catholic, call Fr. Gene at the
parish office.
Holy Orders and Religious Life—If interested,
please call the parish office or the Archdiocesan Office of Vocations at 314-792-6460.
Parish School of Religion (PSR)—
Please Contact:
Immaculate Conception—Augusta
Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish—New Melle
Our Lady of Lourdes Parish—Washington
Here is general Mass information during bad weather:
Weekends: In general, barring severe weather, there
will always be weekend Masses. Use common sense.
We have an obligation to worship on the Lord’s Day. We
do not have an obligation to put ourselves or others in
danger because of road conditions. We have lots of folks
living on side roads that may not be taken care of as well
as Hwy. 94. Use your good judgment.
Weekdays: The general rule is, if St. Vincent School is
cancelled, there is no Mass that day.
Has your address or phone number changed?
If you have a different contact phone number or
a new address than that listed in our directory,
please contact the Parish Office or fill this out
and drop in the collection basket.
Please keep us up-todate so that we can get in
touch with you if needed.
2nd Sunday of Ordinary Time
This year marks the 42nd anniversary of the Roe vs. Wade decision that legalized abortion virtually on demand in the United States. Thousands from the St. Louis Archdiocese
are expected to attend the annual March for Life Thursday, Jan. 22, in Washington, D.C.
Archbishop Robert J. Carlson will celebrate the annual memorial Mass and prayer vigil
at 9:30 a.m. Saturday, Jan. 17, at the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis. The Mass coincides
with the monthly Helpers of God's Precious Infants Mass. Afterward, there will be a Rosary procession to the nearby Planned Parenthood abortion facility.
Approximately 2,000 young people will go to the March for Life as part of the Office of Youth Ministry's Generation
Life pilgrimage Jan. 21-25. The trip includes special programming, including Mass with Archbishop Carlson. A live
blog of events will be at blog.stlouisreview.com/genlifestl. Also be sure to [email protected] on Twitter and Instagram
and on the Youth Ministry Office's Facebook page at www.facebook.com/genlifestl.
The U.S. bishops have announced a "9 Days for Life" novena Jan. 17-25 to encourage nationwide solidarity in prayer for
daily intentions, including for couples experiencing infertility, those mourning the loss of a child through abortion, children in need of adoptive homes, and for an end to abortion and use of the death penalty. Individuals can join by mobile
app, text message or email. For more information, visit www.9daysforlife.com.
For those not able to make it to the march, the Respect Life Apostolate and Office of Young Adult Ministry will hold a
Young Adult Pro-Life Holy Hour and Rosary at 7 p.m. Jan. 22 at the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis. A gathering will be
held afterward in Boland Hall.
Other events on Jan. 22 include:
- Rosary for Life at St. Raphael the Archangel, 6040 Jamieson Ave. in south St. Louis. The Rosary will be prayed at
7:35 a.m., followed by 8 a.m. Mass.
- Pro-Life Mass, Rosary, and Holy Hour at Assumption, 403 N. Main St. in O'Fallon. Mass will begin at 8 a.m., followed by Rosary and Holy Hour.
- Holy Hour Prayer Vigil at 7 p.m. at St. Paul, 1223 Church Road in St. Paul.
Please also pray for our 8th graders, their parent chaperones, and Fr. Gene who will be leaving Tuesday for Washington,
for a safe journey!
Thanks so much to all who helped take down the outside decorations on our parish grounds this
past Saturday, and to those who helped take down the Church decorations on Sunday. Your stewardship of help is greatly appreciated. Which leads in to my second announcement:
The church was pretty packed at the 10am Mass when I made the announcement that we could
use some help taking down the decorations in Church. When I came back in after greeting everyone, there were 2 people. It was very disheartening. Thankfully, other people showed up from
other Masses. These are the folks who usually show up for everything else. Makes me wonder:
Will we ever get some of our younger folks or new folks to volunteer when we need help for Church-related things?
Time – What is Prayer?
Dynamic Catholic, Alive! – What is Prayer?
Prayer is, first and foremost, a heartfelt conversation and living relationship with God. “Whether
we realize it or not, prayer is the encounter of God’s thirst with ours. God thirsts that we may
thirst for Him” (CCC, 256). Prayer is the first essential element of a serious spiritual formation
process. “There is no substitute for a daily commitment to prayer” (Archbishop Carlson). How
does your prayer life stand right now?
Also: We have all of the sheets of those interested in a group. We are currently getting those
together. You will be contacted shortly. Finally, there are 2 things of note from Dynamic Catholic! for your Year of Prayer spirituality:
‘Decision Point’ is a series designed for Confirmation classes and consists of 72 5-minute videos. It is FREE for anyone
who wishes one (you just pay for postage); might be good for family watching or just to re-discover the teachings of the
Church for yourself. It’s available at http://dynamiccatholic.com.
Looking for something for Lent? You can also go to Dynamic Catholic! to receive a daily meditation during Lent from
Matthew Kelly. Go to http://dynamiccatholic.com/bestlentever/ to sign up.
January 18, 2015
Liturgical Ministers
Mass Intentions
Servers for weekday Masses Jan. 21 & 23
Julia Struckhoff & Lexie Meyer
Monday, January 12
8:00 a.m. at IC
Saturday January 24, 4:30 p.m. at IC
Lector: Vic Kuchem
Eucharistic Ministers: Chris Warren, Jim Warren
Tuesday, January 13
7:30 p.m. at SV
Wednesday, January 14
8:00 a.m. at SV
Saturday January 24, 6:30 p.m. at SV
Servers: Olivia Jacquin, Tyler Stieffermann,
Wil Heggemann
Lectors: Karen Holtmeyer
Eucharistic Ministers: Jo Anne Ruether, Karl & Sue
Lenzenhuber, Michael & Eileen Molitor
Sunday January 25, 7:30 a.m. at IC
Lector: Maryanne Sadler
Eucharistic Ministers: Viola Struckhoff
Norbie Struckhoff
Sunday January 25, 10:00 a.m. at SV
Servers: Brea Hindersmann, Ashley Molitor,
Natalie Maune
Lector: Dan Miller
Eucharistic Ministers: Rick Schwentker, Kelly
Schwoeppe, Christa Schwoeppe, Mark Struckhoff,
Becky Adams
Breakfast Time at IC
All You Can Eat, 8am-Noon.
Serving Pork Sausage, Baked Ham, “Real”
Scrambled Eggs, Biscuits & Gravy, Regular
AND Potato Pancakes, Baked Apples, Juice
& Coffee. Adults $8, Kids (6-12) $3
Monday Jan 19
8am Mass at IC
Quilts of Valor in Parish Hall
Dinner Auction Mtg. 7pm
Tuesday Jan 20
No Mass/Services
Wednesday Jan 21
8am Communion Service at SV
Thursday Jan 22
8am Communion Service at IC
School Board Mtg. 6:30pm
Friday Jan 23
10am Mass at SV with Fr. Foster
Saturday Jan 24
SVS Trivia Night
No Mass
Communion Service
Thursday, January 15
8:00 a.m. at IC
Communion Service
Friday, January 16
10:00 a.m. at SV
William Sullentrup
Saturday, January 17
4:30 p.m. at IC
6:30 p.m. at SV
Bernice Eckelkamp
Sunday, January 18
7:30 a.m. at IC
10:00 a.m. at SV
Kenneth Roesner, Sr.
Olivia Hellebusch
I.C. Friends and Parishioners
Audrey Aholt
Nick Baravick
Greg Behlmann
Duane Bell
Steven Carter
Suzi Cross
Jim Delargy
Rose Edler
Mary Feldmann
William Giffenberg
Chris Harvey
Please volunteer for a 2015 breakfast!
The list is posted in the back of church. Your help is always needed and appreciated.
This Week
All Souls
Ken Harvey
Ruth Heman
Pat Holden
Joan Hopkins
Charlie Lawrence
Virginia Lawrence
Roger Leesmann
Tammy Leesmann
Deb McNear
Lisa Nadler
Donna Reed
Helen Reiling
Joyce Sanchez
Julia Schwartz
Pat Siener
Irene Snyder
Archie Spencer
Cathy Spencer
Al Struckhoff
Paul Struckhoff
Rita Struckhoff
Chris Warren
Jim Warren
St. Vincent Friends and Parishioners
Jim Davis
Gary Dobsch
Kyle Doner
Robert Eisenbath
Karen Eustice
Rosemary Feldmann
Elsie Fertag
Karen Fleer
MaryJo Gentry
Marie Gremaud
Mike Goll
Teresa Hakenewerth
Amy Heggemann
Don Heiman
Helen Koper
Steve McCoy
Glen Molitor
Richard Parmentier
Kirk Ruether
Barb Schaper
Henry Schaper Sr.
Betty Schulte
Judy Schwentker
Marvin Schwoeppe
Tim Short
Dan Stacy
Lisa Stacy
Audrey Wagener
Christian Wenzel
ICC PSR Students (6th, 7th, 8th graders) are
scheduled to assist at Harvest Table at St.
Peters UCC in Washington, MO on Jan. 31.
We are needing 3-4 chairpersons (teachers or
parents) to serve with us that day.
Call 636-228-4397 if you can help out.
2nd Sunday of Ordinary Time
Calendar of Events
Sunday January 18, 2015
Jan. 22— ProLife Candlelight Vigil at Jefferson & 5th St. by the
Washington Library 5-6pm.
2nd Sunday of Ordinary Time
Jan. 26— Annual KC Basketball Free Throw Tournament sponsored by Father Berten’s Council 1927 in the SVS gym. Register at 6:30, competition starts at 7pm. Boys & Girls welcome
ages 10-14 as of Jan. 1, 2015
Jan. 29— Singles Again meets at St. Cletus Church (2705
Zumbehl Rd, St. Charles). This is a support group for those
who are separated, divorced, or widowed. All faiths are welcome. Contact Rick 618-520-0966
Jan. 31— St. Barnabas 14 N. Main St. in O’Fallon, MO is hosting a “Night at the Races. Doors open at 6pm. $15/ticket, races
start at 7pmin the cafeteria. Drinks and light snacks served.
Saturday, January 24 Trivia Night at St.
Vincent sponsored by St. Vincent School
Society. 8 & 10 person tables available.
Contact Laura Schmidt for reservations
Saturday, February 7 Immaculate Conception Trivia Night sponsored by the Holy
Name Society. Held at Our Lady of
Lourdes Hall in Washington. 8-10 to a table.
Both groups do a lot for our parishes and
school. Please support them by getting a
table together. These are fun nights.
Come join us!
The Archbishop’s Committee for Eucharistic
Adoration is sponsoring a Lay Eucharistic
Conference on February 28th with The Most
Reverend, Edward M. Rice, at the Rigalli Center, 20 Archbishop May Drive, St. Louis, MO
63119. Registration begins at 8:00 a.m. conference concludes at noon.
It will be a great conference and will offer us
an abundance of grace during Lent. Reservations must be received by Friday, February 13, 2015. For
more information, call 314 846-8207 ex 200 or go to the
website: www.archstl.org/adoration
Anyone interested in taking the old SV
Rectory windows, please contact Darren
Holtmeyer 636-433-2043
They’d be great for craft projects!
“Jesus turned and saw them following him and said to them.
’What are you looking for?’”
(John 1:38)
What are you looking for? Are you wasting your time looking for the
material comforts of the world? Or, is your heart longing for something deeper that can only be found by spending time with God?
Take time, each day, in silence and ask the Lord what it is that He
wants you to do.
Immaculate Conception Parish & Support
Week of January 11, 2015
Building Improvements
School Fund
Tuition Payments
First Offering
Total Offering
St. Vincent de Paul Parish & Support
Week of January 11, 2015
Budgeted Goal
Weekly Over (Under)
Month to Date Over (Under)
Fiscal Year to Date Over (Under)
Parish Operating Expenses
School Operating Expenses
Tuition Assistance
First Offering
St. Louis Review
Capital Campaign goal
Pledges to Date
Collected to Date
Please remember in your prayers the
repose of the soul of Theola Holdmeyer, mother of St. Vincent parishioner
Lou Ann Feldmann, who died this past
week. May her soul and the soul of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen!
Effective January 4, 2015, the ION
channel is moving our local Sunday
TV Mass to the 5:30 a.m. time slot.
The change is due to an expansion of
their entertainment programming schedule. For up to date information about all Mass options available for the homebound,
please visit archstl.org/mass or call 314.792.7500.
January 18, 2015
Children’s Worship Bulletin
2nd Sunday of Ordinary Time
St. Vincent De Paul Catholic School
13495 South State Hwy. 94
Marthasville, MO 63357
Serving families from Dutzow, Augusta, Defiance, Femme Osage, Foristell, Lake Sherwood,
Marthasville, New Melle, Washington, and surrounding areas.
I received this email from a parent PRINCIPAL’S
from another school. I wanted to
share with the community what great kids we are
raising/forming at SVS and in our community:
“I just le a basketball tournament at Our Lady
of Lourdes. My son’s basketball team played
your school. We lost the game, by quite a few
A er the game was over, and a er the teams tell
each other ‘good game’ walking off the court; one of
your students spoke to my son on our way out. He
told him ‘good job’, ‘good game’, ‘good luck in the
Teenage boys at their age are very compe ve, and
some mes full of themselves. This young man’s nice
words really struck us of what a good kid he is...
I just wanted you to know what a nice experience
that was and how well your students represent
themselves outside of your school.”
Trivia Night is January 24, 2015
Door Open at 6:15,
Games start at 7pm
Baseball/Softball Sign Ups
Feb. 1st during the First Sunday Breakfast at SVS
9am-Noon OR
February 7th at Dutzow Ball Park 10am-Noon
1 Player
2 Players
3 or more Players $120
$10 late fee applies after Feb. 7, 2015
New for 2015: Any player whose registration is received or post marked after February 7
will be not be guaranteed a place upon a team.
For more info go to www.dutzowballpark.com
or call Tim: 636-390-3739, Chris: 636-828-5921,
or Steve: 314-691-3560
Sign up NOW through January 31st
1 Player
2 Players
3 or more Players $120
$20 late fee applies after Jan. 31, 2015
For more info email
[email protected]
Cash Prizes
Attendance Prizes
Lottery Raffle
Best Table Theme
(tables of 8 and 10
Bring Your Own
Soda, Beer, Wine for purchase.
Please no outside coolers
For reservations contact
Laura Schmidt 636-262-0307
We are in NEED of waitresses
for the evening!
Please contact Michelle Tuepker
January 25-30— Catholic Schools Week
February 1— SVS Open House, 8:30-11:30am
March 13-14— SVS Dartball Tournament
March 15— FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment due
This service allows schools to award financial aid
with confidence to families who truly need it. You
can apply online at www.factsmgt.com/aid. You can
fill out and submit your online application (application
fee required). Then you’ll need to submit all supporting documents by uploading them online or by faxing
them. For additional information contact the school
January 18, 2015
January 2015
1 Solemnity of Mary,
Mother of God
No Mass
4:30pm Mass at IC
6:30pm Mass at SV
8am Mass at SV
4:30pm Mass at IC
6:30pm Mass at SV
8am Mass at SV
4:30pm Mass at IC
6:30pm Mass at SV
10am Mass at SV
4:30pm Mass at IC
6:30pm Mass at SV
7:30am at IC
10:00am at SV
7:30am Mass at IC
10:00am Mass at SV
Classes Resume
1st Sunday Breakfast
at SV
8am Mass/Perpetual
Help Devotions at IC
Eucharistic Adoration
Rosary, Mass, Devotions 7:15pm at SV
8am Mass at SV
8am Mass at IC
Eucharistic Adoration
Benediction 7pm at IC
Holy Name Mtg.
7:30am Mass at IC
10:00am Mass at SV
No Mass /Services
School Society Mtg.
6pm at SV
Eucharistic Adoration
Rosary, Mass, Devotions 7:15pm at SV
8am Mass at SV
8am Mass at IC
Finance Committee
Mtg. 6:30pm at SV
Dinner Auction Mtg.
7:30am Mass at IC
10:00am Mass at SV
No Classes SVS
No Mass/Services
8am Mass/Perpetual
Quilts of Valor set up in Help Devotions at IC
the early afternoon at
Quilts of Valor 7am SV
Dining Hall
7:30am Mass at IC
10:00am Mass at SV
Catholic Schools Week
8am Mass/Perpetual
Help Devotions at IC
8am Communion Service at SV
8am Communion Service at IC
School Board Mtg.
6:30pm at SV
Trivia Night at SVS
8th Grade Pro Life Trip
Washington D.C.
Eucharistic Adoration
Rosary, Mass, Devotions 7:15pm at SV
8am Mass at SV
8am Mass at IC
SV Parish Council 7pm
IC Parish Council 7pm
8am Mass at SV
4:30pm Mass at IC
6:30pm Mass at SV
New Melle Dental
Your Home Owned Community Bank
Since 1877
E.P. MOORE lll, D.D.S
620 Market Street
Washington, MO 63090
Life Insurance, Annuities & Medicare Supplement
Dave Brown
(636) 219-2508
All Major and Minor Repairs
ASE Certified
Advanced Level Specialist
104 Commercial Drive
Marthasville, MO 63357
“Providing a way to Remember”
310 Elm St., Washington, MO
Free Inspection
Mike and Todd Pickering
Rick Wilkins
✂ Please Cut Out This “Thank You Ad”
and Present It The Next Time You
Patronize One of Our Advertisers
15395 Hwy 47
405 W. MAIN
In Business Since 1834
Thank you for advertising in
our church bulletin.
I am patronizing your business
because of it!
Bulk or Bottle Gas
Appliances: Sales & Service
15956 State Highway 47 • 433-2248
Dennis Glosemeyer
18 West Second Street
Washington, MO 63090-2531
Melissa K. Zyk, DDS
800-870-7373 636-239-6439
Lighthouse Dental
560 East 14th Street
Washington, MO 63090
Tim A. Unnerstall, C.P.A.
Steven G. Unnerstall, C.P.A.
We light up your smile!
& Nurserymen
Cappeln Small Engine
Sales & Service
Open Monday-Saturday
Major Credit Cards Accepted
Leon Beier, Owner & Technician
2057 Washington Crossing
(636) 239-6167
Since 1953
Area’s Leading Gift Jewelry Store
“DOWNTOWN” Washington
111 Elm St. - (636) 239-4667
Wholesale • Retail • Landscaping
550 Hwy. F Defiance
3815 Hwy T • 636.228.4434
“Join us after Sunday mass for a relaxing day with your family
in wine country! Kids are welcome.”
Open Daily Mon-Sat: 11 AM-5 PM • Sun: 12-5 PM • Lunch Served
Visit our website for live music and event dates: www.noboleisvineyards.com
Vineyard Weddings available: email [email protected]
Parishioner Owned and Operated
100 Hemsath Rd., Augusta, MO 63332
24/7 HELP
630 Market at S. Jefferson
$19.95*/Mo. + 1 FREE MONTH
➢ No Long-Term Contracts
➢ Price Guarantee
➢ American Made
Direct 636.497.0137
Home 636.828.5475 • Office 636.398.5770
[email protected]
Termite &
Pest Control
Scott Evans, IHM Parishioner
Retired Veteran
TOLL FREE: 1-877-801-8608
*First Three Months
Your Parish in
Your Will.
Town & Country Nursery
Montelle Winery & Klondike Cafe’
Hwy 94, 1.5 Miles East of Augusta
Open Daily for Sampling and Lunch
Open Fri. & Sat. Evenings May - Oct.
Saint Margaret
Sunday Missal
• Landscape Design & Construction
• Lawn Seeding & Maintenance
• Lawn Irrigation Systems
• Retaining Walls & Patios
Ken Heggemann: 636-433-2234
For further information,
please call the Parish Office.
Dutzow, MO
An ideal companion
for personal prayer.
In Stock & Ready to Order Today.
800-566-6150 • www.wlpmusic.com
Knights of
Fr. Berten’s
Council #1927
First Tuesday of Month
Come Sail Away on a 7-night Catholic Exotic Cruise
starting as low as $1045 per couple. Daily Mass and
Rosary offered. Deposit of only $100 per person
will reserve your cabin.
Space is limited. Thanks and God Bless,
Brian or Sally, coordinators 860.399.1785
an Official
Travel Agency
Grand Knight: Rick Mueller
937650 St Vincent Church Dutzow
A way for you to partner with service
providers who support your parish through
their sponsorship of the parish bulletin.
For Ads: J.S. Paluch Co., Inc. 1-855-685-5703