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SERVICE PLAN - January 2015
Friday 2
Sunday 4th
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Tuesday 6th
Wednesday 7th
Friday 9th
Sunday 11th
Baptism of
Tuesday 13th
Wednesday 14th
Friday 16th
Sunday 18th
Epiphany 2
Tuesday 20th
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10am Café Church Communion
St Mary’s Hadleigh
8am Said Eucharist (BCP)
St Mary’s Hadleigh
9am Sung Eucharist (BCP)
All Saints’ Shelley
10.30am Morning Worship
St Andrew’s Layham
10.45am Family Communion
St Mary’s Hadleigh
with Re-commissioning of Lay Elder
11am Sung Eucharist (BCP)
The Row
7.30am Morning Prayer & Eucharist
St Mary’s Hadleigh
10am Café Church Communion
St Mary’s Hadleigh
8am Said Eucharist (BCP)
St Mary’s Hadleigh
9am Morning Worship
All Saints’ Shelley
9.15am Sung Eucharist
St Andrew’s Layham
10.45am Morning Worship with baptism
St Mary’s Hadleigh
12.15pm Shortened Eucharist
St Mary’s Hadleigh
11am Mattins (BCP)
The Row
7.30am Morning Prayer & Eucharist
St Mary’s Hadleigh
10am Café Church Communion
St Mary’s Hadleigh
8am Said Eucharist (BCP)
St Mary’s Hadleigh
9am Sung Eucharist
All Saints’ Shelley
9.30am Café Church @ St Andrews
St Andrew’s Layham
10.45am NO SERVICE
St Mary’s Hadleigh
2.30pm Baptism
St Mary’s Hadleigh
4pm CTiH Service for Week of Prayer
St Mary’s Hadleigh
11am Mattins (BCP)
The Row
7.30am Morning Prayer & Eucharist
St Mary’s Hadleigh
10am Café Church Communion
St Mary’s Hadleigh
2pm Wedding
St Mary’s Hadleigh
8am Said Eucharist (BCP)
St Mary’s Hadleigh
9.15am Family Eucharist
St Andrew’s Layham
10.30am Morning Worship
All Saints’ Shelley
10.45am Morning Worship
St Mary’s Hadleigh
12.15pm Shortened Eucharist
St Mary’s Hadleigh
11am Mattins (BCP)
The Row
7.30am Morning Prayer & Eucharist
St Mary’s Hadleigh
7.30pm High Mass
St Mary’s Hadleigh
10am Café Church Communion
St Mary’s Hadleigh
St Mary’s Hadleigh
St Andrew’s Layham
All Saints’ Shelley
In the diocese of St Edmundsbury &
St Mary’s is a member of ChurchesTogether in Hadleigh
Correspondence Address for all parishes:
Benefice Office, St Mary’s Church, Church Street,
Hadleigh, Ipswich, Suffolk IP7 5DT
01473 824987
Very Revd Martin Thrower
Revd Daniel Thompson
Mrs Claire Woods
Mrs Trish Pitt
Mr Graham Brook
Mrs Hilary Griffin
Mrs Olive Martin
Mrs Sheila Webb
Mr Brian Hempstead
Mrs Jackie Cork
Mrs Jane Crowe
Mrs Christine Hempstead
Mrs Jean Herring
Mrs Trish Pitt
Mr James Wilding
Mrs Lesley Turner
Hadleigh Assistants
Miss Aileen Ker
Mr John Parry-Williams
Mrs Audrey King
Mrs Sonia Groom
01473 822218
01473 827926
[email protected]
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01473 824987
[email protected]
01473 828393
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01473 823723
01473 823100
01473 809504
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01473 810171
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01473 823739
01473 827868
01473 810171
01473 823320
01473 828393
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01473 824177
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01473 823233
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01473 822081
01473 822220
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[email protected]
Mrs Anna Dobson
Mr Andrew Scott
Revd Canon David Atkins
Revd John Druce
Revd Eric Fisher
Revd Joyce Willis
Revd Janice White
Mr Jonathan Woods
Miss Margaret James
Mr Bob Smith
Mrs Sandra Brook
Mr Geoff Cooley
Mrs Daphne Parsons
Mr Andrew Scott
Mrs Jane Hudson
Youth Work Co-ordinator
Craig Hutton
Youth Workers
Lisa Gordon
Lizzie Beckett
Jessica Janas
01473 823607
01473 823676
[email protected]
[email protected]
01473 822535
01473 827242
01473 823626
01473 823165
01473 808835
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01473 827601
01473 828860
01473 829332
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01473 822539
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01473 823551
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07811 315667
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01473 822671
[email protected]
Praying the roads in Hadleigh:
4th January
The Green + Tower Mill Lane + Millers Close
11th January
Timperley Road + Timperley Close
18th January
Wentworth Close + Dyers Court
25th January
Wilson Road + Banks Close + Dunn Close
Behold, I am making all things new!” (Revelation 21v5)
Where did 2014 go? But, like it or not, it has and all too soon it will be 2015.
So I can wish you all a “Happy New Year.” But have you considered what
might be new for you in this coming year? The Book of the Revelation is
the last book in the Christian scriptures. It was written at a time when the
early Christians were being threatened – in some places persecuted – and
when the future looked bleak. But this author, while acknowledging the
current situation, both in the church and the political world, offers a
message of hope and encouragement. He writes in the present tense and
points to the future – “I am making all things new!” So may I offer 3 areas
in which we might consider new directions and a new sense of purpose.
Could we use this New Year to reflect on the place of our faith in our lives.
Just how alive is that faith, or has it become a matter of routine? Following
the way of Jesus could be, and I believe should be, a constant challenge. It
has always been about disturbing the comfortable as well as comforting
those who are disturbed. Over 20 years ago there was a TV programme
that explored the impact of faith, both on the believer and those with
whom they were in contact. The presenter went to Romania and admired
the fine churches and their screens of icons. But the whole process only
came to life when the local Bishop visited and it was said that, it was as if
one of the icons had come down off the screen and walked down the
street. Such was the iridescent nature of the man’s faith it shone out of
him. Does our faith shine through all our lives, not just the holy and
religious bits? Faith is very much about what we are.
Then can we use this refreshed outlook to grow in our faith? We have the
tools at our disposal – are we disposed to use them or do we not
recognise the need? People asked me what I was going to do in my
retirement and my answer was – I am going to explore outside my
comfort zones. And I have - and it has brought me enormous benefits. It
has broadened my horizons in so many directions – in study, fellowship
and worship to name but three. Of course we all have our preferences but
we need to be open to the possibility that there may be other ways of
seeing things and doing things. Our God has always been a God of
surprises and we need to be prepared to be surprised – and rejoice in the
possibility. For we are never too old to learn new things! There are many
opportunities in this town and Benefice to learn and grow in our faith –
please don’t think it’s just for folks who “like that kind of thing” – it’s for
you too. Growing in our faith is not an optional extra it’s critical if we are
going to cut any ice with those among whom we live. What we cannot do
if we are to be a living church is spend so much energy resisting the
actions of a church that is striving hard to live. Over the centuries much
has been made of the Church Militant and the Church Triumphant – How
about the Church Expectant for 2015?
For if we take seriously the need to use the opportunity the New Year
gives to reflect on our journey of faith both personally and as a church it
must lead us to look out beyond ourselves. We need to be active in our
relationships with other Christians of other traditions who may practise
their faith in ways different to that with which you feel comfortable. It’s
not wrong, it’s different, and it’s my experience that faith can grow
through our relationships with other Christians – if we let it. January gives
us a wonderful opportunity in the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity –
don’t let it go begging, make the effort, grasp it with both hands – you
may well be surprised! It has always saddened me when I meet Christians
who have never experienced worship in a church of another tradition. And
it is how we relate to each other that makes a profound impression on
those outside the churches. What must they make of groups of people
who seem so inward looking?
Our living God is, as always, making all things new in the world around us –
are we prepared to seek that God or are we going to confine and limit the
Almighty. Will we face the challenge and renew our faith in 2015?
“Happy New Year”
David Atkins
On 10 and 11 February we expect to welcome representatives from
Christianity and Culture, a York University Project, who offer a wide
range of services to organisations wishing to enhance their visitor
experience. They specialise in helping churches, cathedrals and other
buildings of ecclesiastical heritage to present aspects of their history to
people of all ages and backgrounds, enabling them to understand and
enjoy these remarkable buildings and the stories which they hold. More
details to follow next month.
8am Eucharist
10.45am Main service at St Mary’s, with FROGs on Sunday
(2nd and 4th Sundays) for all children under 12
Other times and services as published at
St Andrew’s Layham and All Saints’ Shelley
11am-12.30pm Alternate Mondays Coffee, Cake and Chat at St Andrew’s
11am Eucharist or Matins at the Row Chapel, George Street
1.30-2.45pm Tadpoles, for babies, toddlers and their carers.
6pm-8pm The Porch Project (for teenagers)
7.30am Morning Prayer and Eucharist,
followed by breakfast
9.30am – 12noon Café Church (Coffee, croissants etc, and a short, informal
Eucharist at 10am)
7.30 – 10pm The Porch Project (for teenagers)
INSPIRE, financed by a generous grant from the Ann Beaumont Trust, is an
education programme for the primary schools in Hadleigh, using the
church building as a resource and stimulus for learning and inspiration.
Groups usually visit the church on Mondays.
FROGs (for primary school aged children) meet in St Mary's Church once a
month on a Wednesday, and there are activity days throughout the year
during the school holidays.
The MOTHERS’ UNION meets regularly, on a monthly basis
January 2015
Tues 6
Porch Project re-opens
St Mary’s
Mothers’ Union Lunch
Stoke by
7pm Friends of St Mary’s: ‘The Galapagos Islands’
St Mary’s
HADS Pantomime ‘Cinderella’
St Mary’s
Week of Prayer for Christian Unity
Sun 18
4pm CTiH Unity Service
St Mary’s
Mon 19Mon 26
Life Exhibition (see page 15)
Weds 21
6-7.15pm FROGs, for all primary school aged children
St Mary’s
Sat 24
2pm Wedding
St Mary’s
Wed 28
7.30pm High Mass
St Mary’s
Sat 10
Thur 15
Fri 16
Sat 17
Sun 18Sun 25
February 2015
Thurs 5
2.30pm Friends of St Mary’s
Fri 6
9.30am-1pm Farmers’ Market
St Mary’s
3pm Porch Project Management Committee
Sun 8
3pm Civic Service for Rowland Taylor Anniversary
Weds 11
10.30am Ministry Team Meeting
St Mary’s
6-7.15pm FROGs, for all primary school aged children
St Mary’s
Weds 18
Ash Wednesday - High Mass at 7.30pm
St Mary’s
Thurs 19
7.30pm Layham PCC
Weds 25
7pm Porch Project Trustees
Thurs 26
7.30pm St Mary’s PCC
St Mary’s
FROM THE REGISTERS - December 2014
8 December
James Brian Cage, of Magdalen House and
formerly of Mill Cottage, Layham
At Seven Hills Crematorium
LIFE exhibition –
Monday 19th January - Monday 26th January 2015
LIFE exhibition is coming to Hadleigh! LIFE is a multi-media exhibition which
focuses on the life of Jesus and aims to:
Help visitors understand what Christians believe about Jesus
Enable questioning and exploration of the life of Jesus
Consider Jesus’ impact on today’s world
Allow visitors to think for themselves about the teachings of Jesus.
The exhibition is open to schools (pre-booked sessions only) from Tuesday
20th - Monday 26th January.
It is also open to the public (no booking needed) Monday 19th Friday 23rd 5-7pm and on Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th 10am5pm.
LIFE exhibition is supported by the Churches in Hadleigh and will
be held in the URC, Market Place, Hadleigh.
Prayer - Does it make a difference?
Starting on Monday 5th January, 7.30pm at 12, Joseph Close Hadleigh.
In six-sessions using a dvd and study notes we will be looking with
author Philip Yancey as he probes the most fundamental, challenging,
perplexing, and deeply rewarding aspect of our relationship with
God: Prayer. If you would like to join this course or would like more
details please contact Eric or Heather Tel:823626
Saturday 10th January 2015
St. Mary’s Church 7.00 p.m.
A presentation by Wendy and David Atkins
These islands, some 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador, are a revelation
in geology, geography, flora and fauna.
There are some creatures that can be found nowhere else,
no tourist brochure can do them justice.
Come and see for yourselves as we offer the sights and sounds of
Tickets £5.00
Available from The Parish Office or The Idler Bookshop
'Hidden Gardens of Hadleigh’
It will be on Saturday, June 6th from
Please make a note in your diaries of this
event - about 20 gardens will be open.
As last year it is hoped that ploughman's
lunches and teas will be available in St Mary's.
Proceeds from each £5 ticket (£3 for 12-17 year olds), which
gives access to all these gardens, is to St Mary's.
If anyone is interested to open their garden who did not do so
last year please contact
John Hunt ([email protected]; tel:827101) or
John Parry-Williams ([email protected]; tel:823233).
18th – 25th January 2015
This is about precisely what it says in the title. It lasts a week. It enables prayer in
a variety of forms. It shares worship and fellowship with Christians of differing
traditions. What it is not is a cosy week for those who, “Like that kind of thing!”
Every year the focus is prepared by Christians from a different part of the world.
In 2015 it has been an ecumenical effort by Christians in Brazil based on the
story in John’s Gospel of the meeting of Jesus with the woman at the well. Each
national ecumenical body then makes this available to its member churches and
leaves it to local churches to create a programme that can be relevant in their
own situation. Here in Hadleigh there are 3 distinct but integrated elements:
A United act of Worship – On Sunday 18th, 4pm in St. Mary’s, Hadleigh
An event each day from Monday to Saturday at differing times and locations.
An exchange of pulpits on Sunday 25th at the principal morning service.
We are very pleased to welcome as our speaker to the United Service on 18th
January The Rev Peter Colwell. Peter is a URC minister who is the Deputy
General Secretary of Churches Together in Britain and Ireland. He is the person
who attends all the International meetings that plan the Week of Prayer – in the
Vatican, in Geneva and in this case Brazil. Every year we receive the finished
article – possibly never thinking how it came to be. Well, in January we can hear
it from, “The horse’s mouth”. Don’t miss the opportunity – it will be very
During the Week there will be events in different styles and locations all based on
the themes of the day. It is hoped that the different times will make it possible for
the greatest number of people to participate.
Monday 19th – 7.30pm - URC Community Room – Led by Rev Mary Playford
Tuesday 20th – 11am – Row Chapel – Led by David Atkins
Wednesday 21st – 10.30am – St Joseph’s – Led by Fr Peter Brett
Thursday 22nd – 2-4pm – St Joseph’s – An event led by the Encounter Team
Friday 23rd – 7.30pm – Salvation Army Hall – Prayer, Praise & Fellowship
Led by John Tubby/ Philip & Audrey Mann
Saturday 24th – 10.30am – Café Church in the Ansell Centre
Led by Nigel Crisp
Throughout the week Churches Together is also sponsoring the Life Expo event
in the URC – details of which you will find elsewhere. The services on Monday
and Saturday are intentionally geared to link in with this.
Working and worshipping together with Christians of other traditions should be
an important priority as it is a way in which we can all learn and grow. Please
look ahead – engage with your new diaries and “Come and join us!”
David Atkins – Moderator, Churches Together in Hadleigh
What do you think over a drink?
All at 8pm in the George, Hadleigh; as usual, all men welcome.
28th January 2015; what is the future for EBay, and the Internet in
25th February 2015; Is Romance dead? Is there a future for St.
Valentine's Day?
Isn’t it time you addressed the elephant
in the room?
Puzzling Questions is a new 6 session course
giving you the opportunity to explore life’s
deepest questions in an open and informal
environment. It is ideal for people from 25 – 45
and for those who aren’t satisfied by ‘overly
simplistic’ answers to the challenges life brings.
Starting Tuesday 3rd Feb 2015 at Hadleigh bowling club.
7.30pm – 9.00 at the latest.
Totally free.
Oh, and there’s a bar…
Contact St Mary’s Church Hadleigh 01473 824987 to book
your place.