Navy resolved to keep presence in Indian
Ocean, Eden Gulf
TEHRAN – Navy Commander Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari said Tuesday that Iran's naval presence in the Indian Ocean and the Gulf of Eden will last
for ever.Speaking during a meeting with visiting Chancellor of Oman National
Defense College Major General Salim bin Musallam Qattan, Sayyari said that
the presence of Iranian naval forces in regional waters over the past years have
been aimed at fighting 'maritime terrorism'.
He reiterated that the Navy is determined to boost its presence in the high
seas.Sayyari hailed the all-out cooperation of the Omani Navy with the Islamic
Republic of Iran.
The Only International Persian Daily Newspaper
Iran, Turkmenistan to boost customs
TEHRAN - Iran and Turkmenistan have a plan to establish a joint customs
entry to decrease time of declaring commodities, an official at Khorassan Razavi
Province Customs Office said.
Massoud Atefi said on Sunday that setting up the joint customs entry at the
zero border point with Turkmenistan will provide the chance to ease traffic of
trucks which face space and time limits.
Enhancement of relations with Muslim nations, specially neighboring ones,
stands atop Iran's foreign policy agenda. Iran is among the first countries which
recognized Turkmenistan's independence in 1991.
ISSN : 1353 8838 No. 4767, WEDNESDAY, JAN 21, 2015
Iran announces four areas as
new protected zones
TEHRAN – President
Rohani underlined the importance of safeguarding the
environment and announced
Iran’s four new protected
President Rohani underlined the importance of protecting the environment, adding that four new zones in the
country have been approved
for protection.
President Hassan Rohani
made the remarks during the
second meeting of the Supreme Council of Environment held Monday in Tehran,
MNA reported.
Pointing to the importance
of environmental issues,
Majlis Speaker:
Iraq must protect
territorial integrity
TEHRAN - Iran’s Parliament (Majlis) Speaker Ali
Larijani has warned against
some countries’ move to disintegrate Iraq, stressing that
Baghdad must safeguard its
territorial integrity.
“Maintaining and
strengthening solidarity and
territorial integrity of Iraq as
an important Muslim country in the Muslim world is a
strategic issue for the Islamic
Republic of Iran,” Larijani
said in a meeting with Iraqi
Interior Minister Mohammed Salem al-Ghabban in
Tehran on Monday, Press TV
He stressed the importance of strengthening national convergence in Iraq
and forming public forces
along with the army as the
only ways to fight the ISIL
terrorist group.
He said occupation and
reconstruction of Iraq’s industrial infrastructures play
a very important role in the
war-stricken country’s devel-
opment and reinforcement of
its security and peace.
The interior minister, for
his part, hailed Iran’s support
for the Iraqi government and
nation over the recent years.
Ghabban added that the
establishment of peace and
security in Iraq would improve peace and security in
the region.
ISIL started its campaign
of terror in Iraq in early June
2014. The heavily-armed
militants took control of Mosul before sweeping through
parts of the country’s Sunni
Arab heartland.
The terrorists have been
carrying out horrific acts of
violence, including public
decapitations, against all
Iraqi communities such as
Shias, Sunnis, Kurds, and
Iraqi soldiers, police units,
Kurdish forces, Shia volunteers and Sunni tribesmen
have recently succeeded in
driving ISIL out of some areas in Iraq.
President Rohani highlighted avoiding non-holistic approaches in adopting rules
and regulations related to
the environment. He called
for cooperation from all organizations and ministries in
order to protect Iranian natural sources as well as consideration of development and
social issues.
A number of plans to prevent air pollution were
reviewed during the meeting including setting a new
standard in controlling
contaminants produced by
motor vehicles, fining unlimited and illegal hunting,
submission of regulations
for national action to deal
with dust to the Cabinet
for approval and designation of four new protected
areas confirmed by members of the council.
Accordingly, the Darfack
Cave in Gilan Province
and the Shoy Waterfall in
Khuzestan Province were
declared as natural attractions, Abr Forest (Cloud
Forest) in Semnan Province
as a protected zone, and the
Samandar area in Lorestan
Province as a wildlife habitat are the four new protected zones.
Vice-president and the
head of Environmental
Masoumeh Ebtekar while
presenting a report on the
environmental status of the
country, hailed president’s
symbolic action to take subway to work as part of an effort to mark “National Clean
Air Day.” She expressed hope
that using public transportation be more popular among
citizens in Tehran and all over
the country.
Zarif added Iran and Afghanistan are two countries
with cultural and religious
commonalities which could
enhance bilateral relations.
In his one-day trip to Kabul,
the Iranian FM is to meet with
United Nations Envoy to Afghanistan Nicholas Haysom,
Chief Executive Officer Abdullah Abdullah, President
Mohammad Ashraf Ghani,
National Security Advisor
Mohammad Hanif Atmar,
and former president Hamid
Karzai.This is Zarif's first trip
to Afghanistan after the new
unity government has come
to power.
TEHRAN – India to implement 50 billion rupees investment plan to build a chemical
fertilizer production plant in
Chabahar, southeast of Iran.
India asked Iran to produce chemical fertilizer and
signed a long term gas contract with the company.
Indian government had
introduced three Indian companies like, RCF, GNFC and
GSFC for construction of 1.3
million tones agricultural
fertilizer plant, Press TV reported.
PTI said that the plan will
have an Iranian partner to
build Iran's agricultural fertilizer production plant.
The plant will use natural
gas to produce chemical fertilizer.
The Indian government
officials want a long term
gas purchase contract with
suitable price.
The two countries have
been discussing the issue
since 2013 for construction
of an agricultural fertilizer
production plant, but talks
were halted on gas price.
Following Iran's expressing interest for investment of
Indian companies in Chabahar, the India's government
has resumed the plan again.
Iran's Ambassador to India Gholamreza Ansari ex-
changed views with India's
Agriculture Minister Ananth
Kumar on bilateral cooperation to construct the agricultural fertilizer plant.
The proposed plan to be
established in Iran is upon
policy of OMIFCO ( OmanIndia Agriculture Fertilizer
In Oman, Indian companies have joint investment
with a local side to make fertilizer plant.
50 percent of total share of
Omani company belongs to
Oman Oil Company and 25
percent of the share belongs
to each of the two Indian
SNSC secretary:
Israel Golan raid in sync with Takfiris
mances at the 2014 FIVB
Volleyball World League
and has also been hailed
as the driving force behind
Iran's recent rise to prominence, could play his first
match with Zenit Kazan on
Sunday," FIVB official site
said.Iranian Capitan joined
Russian Zenith Kazan vol-
terrorism, separatism and extremism.
Earlier in the day, the Russian minister
paid tribute to the tomb of the Unknown
The Russian minister General has arrived
in the Iranian capital, Tehran, at the head of
a delegation of senior officials late on Monday.
Shoigu was welcomed in Mehrabad International Airport by the Iranian deputy defense minister for international affairs and
logistics, Brigadier General Sirous Nasirpour.Russia and Iran currently enjoy close
cooperation in various areas, particularly in
the defense sector.
Speaker invites Palestinians to
develop unity to withstand Israel
TEHRAN – Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani on Monday
called on Pelastinian activists to develop solidarity to
withstand the Israeli occupation to liberate their motherlands.
Larijani made the remarks
in a meeting with the Secretary General of the People's
Front for the Liberation of
Palestine Ahmad Jibril.
Lauding the brave resistance of Palestinian people
against atrocities of the
Zionists, he underlined to
what extent the Muslim
World attaches importance
to liberation of occupied
The Islamic Republic of
Iran fully backs Palestinians
and support them against any
bullying powers underlined
by the Supreme Leader of the
Islamic revolution for many
times, he said.
Condemning the war
crimes perpetrated by the Tel
Aviv regime assassinating
several members of Lebanese Hezbollah, he said the
dastardly move and criminal
act indicated the deep cooperation between Takfirir terrorists and the Israeli authorities.
Solidarity and cooperation between Palestinians,
Syrian and Lebanese people
should be further bolstered,
Larijani said.
Secretary General of the
People's Front for the Libera-
tion of Palestine, for his part,
thanked Iran for its supports
to Palestinian people and liberation of holy Qods.
The oppressed Palestinian
people never forgets the support and assistance made by
Iran, he said.
The current developments in Syria and Iraq and
the efforts made by global arrogance against Resistance
movement should be thwarted, he said.
Syrian government fully
backs Palestinian groups in
their struggles with the Zionist regime, he said adding
that if the pillar of Resistance
in the region be weakened,
there will be no sign of Palestine.
Russian deputy FM:
Political will exists for Iran nuclear deal
TEHRAN - Israel’s latest deadly airstrike on the
occupied Golan Heights in
Syria has been undoubtedly
carried out in continuation
of cooperation with Takfiri
terrorists, a senior Iranian official says.
In a Monday meeting with
Iraqi Interior Minister Mohammed Salem al-Ghabban
in Tehran, Secretary of Iran’s
Supreme National Security
Council Ali Shamkhani con-
demned the Israeli regime’s
terrorist move in violating
the Syrian government’s sovereignty and killing a number
of members of the Lebanese
resistance movement, Hezbollah, in the city of Quneitra,
Press TV reported.
“The move completes the
performance of Tel Aviv’s
rulers to use terrorism with
the purpose of creating a buffer zone in the regime’s fake
borders,” Shamkhani said.
FIVB names Saeed Marouf as World's Best Setter
TEHRAN - Iranian volleyball athlete Saeed Marouf was selected as the best
setter in the world today by
the International Federation
of Volleyball.
"Mir Saied Marouf, who is
the best setter in the world
today and received the best
setter award for his perfor-
TEHRAN – Iran’s Minister of Defense
Brigadier General Hossein Dehqan and his
Russian counterpart Sergey Shoygu signed
an agreement here on Tuesday for bilateral
cooperation on military and defense activities.
The Russian minister arrived in Tehran
Monday night heading a ranking defense
delegation. He is in Iran upon an invitation
of his Iranian counterpart, IRNA reported.
Based on the agreement, Tehran and Moscow are to improve bilateral relations and the
level of their military and defense cooperation to safeguard regional and international
peace, security and stability and fight against
India to make 50 billion rupees
investment in Chabahar
Zarif in Kabul
TEHRAN – Iran's Foreign
Minister Mohammad Javad
Zarif, heading a high-ranking
delegation, arrived in Kabul,
Afghanistan, on Tuesday.
Afghan Acting Foreign
Minister Atiqullah Atef Mel
welcomed Zarif at Kabul
Talking to reporters at the
airport, Zarif said he is scheduled to review further promotion of bilateral ties with Afghan top officials.
He also said he would extend an invitation from President Hassan Rohani to his
Afghan counterpart, IRNA
Iran, Russia ink document for
military cooperation
leyball club last month, FNA
reported.The Asian champions had showed excellent
consistency throughout the
competitions last year, and
for the first time in Iran's
history secured a spot in the
third round of 2014 FIVB
Volleyball World Championship in Poland.
Iran defeated two volleyball powerhouses in the 2014
FIVB Volleyball Men’s
World Championship in the
group stage. In their first
match, they defeated Italy
3-1, and then overpowered
the US 3-2. They lost their
next match against France
3-1, beat Belgium 3-1 and
thrashed Puerto Rico 3-0.
Also, in the second round
Iran won Australia, Argentina
and Serbia and lost a match to
the hosts, Poland, to qualify
for the third round along with
French and the Polish.
In the third round of
the tournament Germany
trounced Iran 3-0, and
then were overpowered by
France 3-2 to loose their
chance for a spot in the final
four.Iran's national Volleyball team were overpowered
by Russia in their last game
of in the 2014 FIVB Volleyball Men’s World Championship to stand sixth in the
Also, Kovac's men won
the gold medal in the 2014
Incheon Asian Games in
South Korea after beating
Japan 3-1 in their last game
of the tournament.
Based on previous experience, Hezbollah would give a
severe and revolutionary response to the Israeli regime’s
measures in due time and
place, he added.
The interior minister, for
his part, said many Iraqi provinces currently have very appropriate security situation.
Ghabban called for the expansion of cooperation with
Iran given its great capabilitiesinvarioussecuritysectors.
TEHRAN - Russian dep- of talks on Iran’s nuclear
uty foreign minister says
program in the Swiss city of
that Iran and six world pow- Geneva.
ers have the required will to
The top Russian diplomat
reach a nuclear agreement
said, however, that there is
before the end of March.
“no guarantee” that the curSegei Ryabkov said
rent slow progress in talks
Monday that major dis- would be transformed into
agreements remain on the
a decisive shift or a compromajority of disputed issues
mise. He added that the next
between Iran and the P5+1 round of negotiations may be
group of world powers, but held at the beginning of Febthe two sides have the “po- ruary but there is no "solid
litical will” to sign a deal be- understanding regarding the
fore the end of March, Press
[exact] date and venue of the
TV reported.
next round".
“It (the will) is definitely
Senior negotiators from all
here. Everyone sees incom- sides involved in the nuclear
ing external factors and the
talks have stepped up their
attention, which a number of diplomatic efforts to pave
countries pay to what is go- the way for a final, long-term
ing on at the talks,” Ryabkov accord aimed at putting an
said after political directors
end to the 12-year-old diswrapped up their latest round
pute over Tehran’s peaceful
nuclear activities.
The latest Geneva talks
were held at the level of political directors and included
lengthy meetings between
Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and his
US counterpart John Kerry in
Geneva and Paris.
Iran, UAE to boost air transportation cooperation
TEHRAN - Senior officials from Iran and the United
Arab Emirates (UAE) inked
a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to further
consolidate their relations in
air transportation.
The document was signed
by Iranian Deputy Minister
of Road and Urban Development and President of the
Civil Aviation Organization
(CAO) of Iran Alireza Jahangirian and Director-General of UAE General Civil
Aviation Authority (GCAA)
Saif Mohammed Al Suwaidi
in Dubai, IRNA reported.
The two sides stressed the
further expansion of bilateral
ties in all fields. Based on
the deal, Iran and the UAE
agreed to raise the number of
flights, establish flight lines
between Dubai and other Iranian cities, secure the flights
between the two countries,
establish a system for cooperation in the fields of aviation safety, search and rescue
activities and air accidents.
During the meeting, Jahangirian said that talks with
the UAE would represent a
new starting point to strengthen and expand cooperation
between the two countries.
“The historical, economic
and religious ties between
UAE and Iran play a vital
role in enhancement of our
bilateral relations in all fields,
including aviation. The strategy of the GCAA supports
open skies agreements that
benefit all parties in the air
transport industry. It is in our
interest to develop air trans-
port relations with Iran, leading to full open skies relation
between the countries in the
near future.” Al-Suwaidi said
for his part.
Iran attaches importance
to strengthening ties with
the Middle-East countries in
a bid to maintain security in
the region.
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