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winter 2008
Dear Friends:
In this issue of Hero News, we’re showcasing some of the exciting partnerships that are taking
Doernbecher Children’s Hospital to new heights.
Our cover story profiles the Doernbecher Freestyle program, our wonderful shoe-designing
partnership with Nike. From modest beginnings four years ago, Freestyle has blossomed – in
terms of money raised for Doernbecher and overall good feelings it produces in the thousands
of participating Nike employees.
Two new Doernbecher partnerships seek to address profound clinical needs in our region. The
Harold Schnitzer Diabetes Health Center is a collaboration to confront the surge in diabetes
in our region, especially among children. Made possible by a generous $5.5 million gift to
OHSU from the Harold & Arlene Schnitzer CARE Foundation, the center is one of the few in the
nation, and the only one on the West Coast, to integrate the care of adults and children under
one roof. Doernbecher is also working to fund a major renovation of the Pediatric Emergency
Department. This initiative received a tremendous boost in October at the 10th Annual Heart
of Doernbecher Auction, which raised net revenues of $760,000 for the project. We are actively
enlisting other partners to help us bring 24/7/365 board-certified pediatric emergency care to
our region.
Finally, at the individual level, this issue salutes two people who embody the spirit of working
together. Through his generous endowment of a chair in pediatric research, Ray Hickey and the
Ray Hickey Foundation have built upon the generosity of the Papé family to help OHSU recruit
a national research leader to direct the Papé Family Pediatric Research Institute. And longtime
Doernbecher advocate and board member Christina Blackwell is working closely with countless
other volunteers and donors as head of Doernbecher’s major gifts council.
Every day and at every level, people are working together to ensure that our region’s children
have access to the very best in pediatric healthcare and research. We are so thankful for your
partnership in this important work!
Best wishes for 2008,
Sue Nicol
Joseph E. Robertson Jr., M.D., M.B.A.
Executive Director
Doernbecher Children’s Hospital Foundation
Oregon Health & Science University
for Every
Step They Take
Patients Design Nike Shoes to Help Doernbecher
Imagine if you can what it might
be like to be a teenager with a
life-threatening illness like a heart
defect, leukemia, kidney disease, a
brain tumor or traumatic injury. Life
changing. Painful. Terrifying.
Over the past four years, a handful
of Doernbecher patients facing
difficulties like these have received
the chance of a lifetime: to design
Nike athletic shoes whose sales
would help other kids like them.
Not too hard to imagine what an
experience like that might mean.
It all began when Nike executive and
Doernbecher Board member Michael
Doherty came to the Doernbecher
Foundation with an idea dreamed
up by his teenaged son. Maybe Nike
could design a shoe and the proceeds
would benefit Doernbecher. Come
to think of it, maybe Doernbecher
patients could do the designing.
With that, the Doernbecher Freestyle
program was born, and it just keeps
getting bigger and better. To date the
program has raised more than $1 million.
“To tell you the truth, I’m shell-shocked
at the success of this in such a short
time,” said Doherty. “I haven’t met
anybody at Nike who hasn’t embraced
this project fully. It’s very gratifying.”
In fact, the Nike campus buzzed with
excitement during the 2007 season.
Six patients were selected, and each
was assigned a Nike designer and
developer. Based on the patients’
ideas, the shoes began to take shape.
“First we just listen,” explained Nike
designer Mark Smith. “We go into
the sample room and we show them
materials and other shoes. What they
don’t like is just as important as what
they do like, and they let you know.”
Each patient comes up with his or
her own design, and the production
Above: Lee Banks helps Whitney McClain
auction off her shoe.
Cover photo (L-R, top to bottom): Whitney
McClain, Dr. Stacy Nicholson, Dr. Nathan
Selden, Elliot Hill, Alice Heinz, Michael
Doherty, Mike Armstrong, Dr. Ross
Ungerleider, Sheridan Brenton, Roma Ugarte
and Dr. Amira Al-Uzri.
Cover story photos by Michael Schmitt
Far left: Roma Ugarte helps auction off
her pink and gold shoe.
Left: Nike’s Michael Doherty pumps
up the audience to bid on Ricky
Rudd’s shoe.
Shamrock Run
Time to Start Training!
unveils his
process gets under way. It’s no
small feat to produce a limitededition shoe in such a short time,
and the whole process is expedited.
“We don’t like to say no to the kids so
we make sure it gets done. We have
all the departments at Nike involved
in this,” said Lee Banks, product
line manager. “It’s a very involved
process from the supply chain to
manufacturing to
shipping, marketing
and sales. To get
this done from
the factory to
the public,
about 8,000
people touch
this project.”
who works on the
project never wants
to get off,” said men’s footwear
merchandise manager, Steve Kays.
“This is my favorite part of my job.”
Mark Smith agrees. “We do a
lot of projects for those who
have everything, and this is just
another thing. But with these kids,
you know deep down that it is
important. It’s the most real thing
we do. How can you not smile?”
When Alice Heinz designed her shoe,
she had her mother in mind. Susan
Heinz works in the medical field, and
Alice wanted to create a shoe that
would look good with scrubs.
It’s like Alice to be thinking of
someone else. She has had
four different brain tumors
over the years, facing
multiple surgeries,
chemotherapy and
transfusions. “She’s an
inspiration,” said her
mother. “She’s been
through so much but
never complains. She
shares her belief in miracles
with everyone around her.”
That faith is evident on Alice’s shoe.
It’s covered with pictures of the
things she loves and some words of
wisdom: live, love, laugh.
“That’s my motto,” explained Alice.
“It means we need to live for the
moment, love the moments with
our friends and family, and laugh
with all our heart.”
Last September, Alice joined her five
fellow-designers at a special Freestyle
fundraising event, organized by Nike
and the Doernbecher Foundation
at Wieden + Kennedy in Portland.
Each patient unveiled his or her
shoe, and with some help from Nike
staff, auctioned them off to event
participants. This year, Nike asked
Tiger Woods to sign two pairs of
each patient’s shoe. The patient got
to keep one, and the other was sold
to the highest bidder. The evening
raised $249,000.
Alice Heinz and Michael Doherty
That was only the beginning. In
November, Niketown stores across
the country and online began
selling the shoes to the public.
Collectors lined up outside stores
in Chicago, Miami and New York,
as well as in Portland. It didn’t take
long to sell out some of the styles.
“The whole retail partnership here
has been great,” said Doherty. “I
asked what the chances were of
getting the shoes in Niketown
Portland, and they responded
by saying let’s do it in all the
stores. They were all over it.”
Nike anticipates retail sales
will raise an additional $400,000 for
the program this year.
The folks at Nike call Mike
Armstrong’s shoe, the Captain
America shoe. It reflects Mike’s
concern for his brother serving in
Iraq and love for his country. Mike
is a heart surgery patient, and that’s
evident on his shoe. On the bottom
there’s a graphic depicting the
surgery. There’s an EKG heartbeat
on the back tab, and Mike’s
personal logo – a heart, cross and
wings – is on the tongue. Noticing
Mike always wore a leather jacket
to their planning sessions, his Nike
designer made Mike’s logo into a
patch and presented it to him at
the auction.
For Mike, it was an experience he’ll
always remember. “When I heard I
got to be part of the project, I was
like, ‘Sweet.’”
Right: Mike
and his
America” shoe
Plans are now under
way for the 2008 Doernbecher
Freestyle, and Nike employees are
lining up to be a part of it all.
“We’re kind of competitive here at
Nike,” said Banks. “We’re putting on the
pressure to top ourselves this year.”
“We never look at it as let’s make sure
the Nike story gets out there,” added
Doherty. “But the personal element,
the inspiration and motivation, that’s
why our people are doing it. The best
image I have is that up there on that
factory wall with Michael Jordan
and Lance Armstrong, Nike running
and Nike soccer, it says ‘Doernbecher
Freestyle.’ It has a place on that board.”
And a place in the hearts of some
very special teenagers.
Below: Alice Heinz shows her mother
and grandmother her shoe.
Please join us
in celebrating
30 years of the
Shamrock Run
and help kids at
Doernbecher at the
same time. March
16, 2008, marks
the date of this
year’s event, which
will once again
start and finish at Waterfront Park in
downtown Portland. Doernbecher
has been a beneficiary of the
Shamrock Run for the past 12 years.
For registration information please
visit www.shamrockrunportland.
com. The race offers something for
athletes of all levels including a 5K,
8K, 15K, 3.5 mile fitness walk, and
even a 1K Leprechaun Lap race for
the kids.
Interested in providing additional
support to Doernbecher? Consider
becoming a Patron Saint Patrick
sponsor when you register for
the race. Patron participants
contribute an additional donation
to Doernbecher and are treated to
special race day bonuses.
For more information on the run or
if you are interested in volunteering
please contact Tessa Reeves at
503-220-8344 or [email protected]
Above: Whitney McClain
and her Nike developer,
Angie Morris
Karen and Cooper Reynolds
share their story at the auction.
Credit Unions Never Rest When it Comes to Doernbecher
and Sarah
CU for Kids Wine Auction
The sponsors of the 2007 Oregon
and Washington Credit Unions for
Kids Wine Auction raised
more than $203,000 last
April 13 at Portland’s
Governor Hotel.
“We couldn’t
be happier or
more proud,”
beamed Roger
Michaelis, CEO of
iQ Credit Union
in Vancouver,
Washington, and
one of the event’s
co-sponsors. “To say
we are overwhelmed is
an understatement. This is
nearly $70,000 more than last year!”
Event donors and sponsors
included: iQ Credit Union, Financial
Service Centers Cooperative,
Inc., WesCorp, Co-op
Financial Services,
First Tech Credit
Union, NW
Corporate Federal
Credit Union,
BECU, Mountain
America Credit
Union, Oregon
Community Credit
Union, Columbia Credit
Union, Unitus Community Credit
Union, Credit Union Direct Lending,
ESI, Autoland, Nies Insurance and
Online Resources.
CU Motorcyle Rally
The second annual 2007 Credit
Union Charity Ride, sponsored by
iQ Credit Union and Fibre Federal
Credit Union, raised more than
$33,000 to benefit Doernbecher.
The rally drew 210 registrants —
153 riding motorcycles and 57
passengers — on Saturday, July 28.
A carefully mapped 138-mile route
took the riders from the starting
point at Fibre’s branch in Woodland,
Washington, through several rest
stops and ending in Vancouver at
Love Leathers.
“We raised more than double the
figure we raised in our first year,”
said Larry Hoff, CEO of Fibre Federal
Credit Union. “The support from the
community was unbelievable, which
added to the event’s momentum.”
Larry Hoff and Roger
Michaelis enjoy the view.
Live music and food
greeted the riders
at the completion
of the rally. More
than 40 businesses
and individuals
helped sponsor the
rally or donate raffle
prizes. Among the sponsors
were Washington Credit Union
Foundation, Co-op Network, Love
Leathers, Cochran Electric, Clark
County Chapter of Credit Unions,
INX, NIN Pro and EHS Design.
Doernbecher Foundation Board
Member Pat Smith with Moose Skowron
Hank & Moose Open
More than 300 golfers turned out
last July 23rd for the 8th Annual
Hank & Moose Open, which
featured former major league
baseball players, golfers and
volunteers coming together to
raise money – more than $260,000
this year; nearing $2 million since
the tournament began in 2000.
Hosted by First Tech Credit
Union, the event is named for
baseball legends Hank Bauer and
Moose Skowron. It has evolved
to include more than 60 baseball
celebrities, including Don Larsen,
Bob Turley and recent Yankee
standout Scott Brosius.
This year’s gathering was
bittersweet due to the passing of
one of the tournament founders
and namesakes, Hank Bauer.
Bauer passed away on February 9,
2007, in Kansas at the age of 84.
“Hank Bauer was our biggest
champion,” said Tom Sargent,
president and CEO of First Tech
Credit Union. “He never forgot the
real reason we worked so hard to
raise money at our tournaments –
so kids can get the best possible
hospital care, should they ever need
it. His dedication and commitment
will be greatly missed. We will do
our best to carry on his legacy
through the Hank & Moose Open.”
Magic & Miracles Auction
Last year the credit unions of
Oregon and Southwest Washington
brought back their signature auction
after a three-year hiatus. In only
the second year, they raised more
than $105,000 for the neurosurgery/
neurology programs at Doernbecher
and for the pediatric units of both
Sacred Heart Medical Center in
Eugene and Rogue Valley Medical
Center in Medford.
More than 320 people attended
this year’s auction held at the
DoubleTree Inn at the Lloyd Center.
Credit Unions for Kids co-chairs
Kathy Garner, Northwest Corporate
FCU, and Larry Hoff, Fibre FCU,
kicked off the evening with
Mistress of Ceremonies Stephanie
Stricklen from KGW Northwest
NewsChannel 8.
Attendees bid on more than 186
items, and heard a patient
testimonial from 9-year-
CMN Chairman Tom Sargent
and Moose Skowron
old Cooper Reynolds, who
inspired credit union supporter
Mark Loebner from Auto
Solution to purchase a huge blue
tub overflowing with Legos just
for Cooper.
Special thanks to the auction
• Kasey Rockwell, Credit Union
Association of Oregon
• Pam Leavitt, Credit Union
Association of Oregon
• Laura Wieking, Credit Union
Association of Oregon
• Kim Bickford, Northwest
Corporate FCU
• Barbara Harris, Northwest
Corporate FCU
• Rachel Snyder, Northwest
Corporate FCU
• Mary Jane Campbell, OnPoint
Community CU
• Kyleigh Kent, Unitus
Community CU
• JaReda Webb, First Tech CU
Dough for Doernbecher
For 24 years, families have been
coming to the Clackamas Bread
Plant to bake their holiday cookies.
More than 450 families turned out
on Sunday, December 2, to bake
and decorate cookies. Bread Plant
employees make more than 20,000
pounds of sugar cookie dough and
sell it in 10-pound increments, with
all proceeds going to Doernbecher.
After the event,
Union sells
“Dough to
Go” in branches
throughout Portland.
Together the event and
dough sales raised more than
$36,000 this year!
Clackamas Bread Plant and
Rivermark Community Credit
Union coordinate the event, but
it would not be possible without
the generous underwriting from
Duraguard Products and all of the
vendors who provided in-kind
Acosta Sales and Marketing
Advantage Sales & Marketing
Amalgamated Sugar Co., LLC
Arm & Hammer Baking Soda
Barry Callebaut Baking Products
C&H Sugar
DWA Trade Show & Exposition
Eggland’s Best
H.C. Brill
Holman Distribution
Innovated Cereal Systems
Integrated Bakery Resources
Krispy Kreme Doughnuts
Pendleton Flour Mills, LLC
Portland Specialty Baking
Rivermark Community Credit Union
Safeway Bakery
Safeway Deli
Safeway Grocery
Ventura Foods
Western Concord
Willamette Egg
Jack Jia and Eric Simpson wait their turn
at the next hole.
PNW Designer’s Chapter and
the Surface Mount Technology
Association held a Golf Scramble
Tournament to raise funds for
Doernbecher July 13, 2007, at a
private country club golf course in
Rock Creek. A big thank you to the folks
who joined the fun and opened their hearts
to raise funds. Proceeds from the golf scramble
were over $1,700. This is a great feat for 28 golfers and
five hole sponsors!
We would like thank our sponsors: Juki Automation
Systems, Isola Group, Rogers Corporation, Sierra Midwest,
Inc. and special thanks to Streamline Circuits. Thanks
go out for gift donations to Polar Instruments, Cascade
Embroidery, Rogers Corporation, Red Tail Golf Center,
Desert Sun Tanning, Trail Blazers, Vogue Nails, Sherwood
Auto Repair, Blaze’s Restaurant, and Ironhorse Restaurant!
The Cascade Sports Car Club held its 23rd Annual
Doernbecher Dash at Portland International Raceway
on September 15 and 16. Activities included races
with a total of 250 cars; a silent auction; exotic car
and race car rides around the track for the public; a
Pinewood Derby; and a host of other activities for
140 Doernbecher patients and families. Doernbecher
Dash chairperson Margie Swanson
presented a check for $17,000
to Dr. Ross Ungerleider,
head of pediatric cardiac
surgery, to support
the children’s heart
program. The 24th
Annual Doernbecher
Dash will be held in
September 2008.
A Doernbecher patient prepares
for a race car ride!
Success Stories
On October 27-28, 2007, the An Dairee
Academy of Irish Dance sponsored the 2007
Feile Samhain benefiting Doernbecher at the
Vancouver Convention Center. Feile Samhain
is a celebration of Irish dance, music, arts and
crafts. All of the entry fees from the Irish Dance
competition benefited Doernbecher. Thanks
to their effort more than $1,000 was raised to
support Doernbecher.
Costco stores in the Portland area raised a record-breaking
$352,979 for Doernbecher during May 2007. Each
warehouse sells Doernbecher Dolly or Children’s Miracle
Network cutouts to customers in the spring. Some
stores host golf tournaments or sell cotton candy to
raise additional money. The Tigard location raised
more than $108,000! Thank you to all the Costco
employees and customers who support Doernbecher
by purchasing a cutout.
Turning on the Lights for Doernbecher! Each spring
Hudson’s Bay High School holds
their annual Mr. Hudson’s Bay
pageant for Doernbecher’s
Kids Making Miracles
program. This fun event
features senior class
boys participating
in a mock beauty
pageant. Each
contestant competes,
not only in a hilarious
“beauty” pageant, but
also to see who can raise the most money
for the kids at Doernbecher. David Mack,
2008 Mr. Hudson’s Bay contestant, wanted
to think of a fun, unique way to raise money
for the hospital…three days and thousands of
lights later his commitment to Doernbecher was
proudly displayed on the rooftop of his Vancouver,
Washington, home. His idea seems to be working;
since the lights went on David has been collecting
$25-$30 each weekend night from people passing
by the house.
Congratulations and thank
you to FIX Auto Collision
Centers of Oregon, which
won a national award for
having the best Customer
Service Index in the
nation in September. With
the award came a cash
prize of $2,312 that the
company chose to donate to
Kiwanis Doernbecher Children’s
Cancer Program (KDCCP)! FIX Auto
Collision Center’s generous donation will go directly
to benefit the hematology/oncology fellowship
program that KDCCP funds. Since KDCCP was
designated as the FIX Oregon Group’s official charity
in 2005, FIX has donated $8,834 - making them
KDCCP’s largest single donor!
Left: Costco warehouse managers presented Ashley Schmidt (R.)
with a check for the total amount raised during their May
fundraising campaign.
Kiwanis Clubs
Step Up for
Congratulations to Margaret Cemulini
from Rainier, who won the drawing for
Kiwanians Jewell Bailey and Dave
the 2007 Ford Mustang GT raffled by
Edwards flanking Doernbecher
the Kiwanis Doernbecher Children’s
patient Conor Oliver.
Cancer Program (KDCCP). The winning
raffle ticket was drawn on September 3rd at the Oregon State Fair
by 14-year-old George Nolan DeHart, a patient at Doernbecher.
The Mustang raffle is KDCCP’s largest fundraiser for Doernbecher.
Kiwanis clubs throughout Oregon and SW Washington sold close to
25,000 tickets at many community events throughout the year. The
2007 raffle raised a record-breaking $112,055!
Be on the lookout for the 2008 raffle car, a hot new Ford Mustang GT.
Raffle tickets are $5 each or $20 for a book of 5, and will be sold at car
shows throughout Oregon and southwest Washington (to view the
schedule visit You may also contact Bob Collison at
[email protected] to purchase tickets.
On July 20, KDCCP supporters enjoyed a perfect day golfing at one
of the best run golf tournaments in Portland, the 11th Annual
Kiwanis Doernbecher Greater Portland Golf Tournament. Conor
Oliver, a Doernbecher leukemia patient, was the honorary chair of
this year’s tournament. He’s a straight A student and 2006 Oregon
State Junior Match Play Champion, and gave all the golfers a run for
their money!
This year, the tournament raised more than $33,000 to support the
hematology oncology fellowships at Doernbecher. The Kiwanis
Doernbecher Greater Portland Golf Tournament Committee is made
up of members of Kiwanis clubs from Portland and surrounding
areas, and of non-Kiwanis volunteers.
The $125 registration fee includes 18
holes of golf, a prize ticket, a golf
cart, and BBQ dinner, and will
be available online for the
July 18, 2008 tournament
Kiwanian Shirley Clemens
(lt) handing keys to
Margaret Cemulini.
Left to Right: Generous donors Harold and Arlene Schnitzer, and
Kristin and Hayden Watson with daughter Alicia, are joined by Dr.
Bruce Boston, head of pediatric endocrinology, and Dr. Joseph E.
Robertson, president of OHSU, at the opening reception.
Physician Scientist
Wins Prestigious
Javits Award
Outstanding Volunteer Leads New
Fundraising Endeavor
For Christina Blackwell,
it’s not enough to run a
business and care for
extended family and
many friends. She has
to put her considerable
energy and talents to
use for young people
she doesn’t even know. For
more than a decade Christina
has rolled up her sleeves for
Doernbecher in a number of
ways. She’s doing it once again
now, as chair of the newly created
Doernbecher Major Gifts Council.
“This is a small group of business
and community leaders with
influence beyond Oregon, along
the west coast and even nationally,”
explained Christina. “The goal is for
each member to identify a passion
and go after it. For one member,
it’s cystic fibrosis; for another it’s
teen psychiatric care. For me, it’s
childhood diabetes and obesity.
We’ll be trying to raise money to
support programs like these at
Christina started volunteering
for Doernbecher in college. But
about 10 years ago, a friend’s
daughter was treated for a brain
tumor. The child died, which
solidified Christina’s commitment
to the hospital.
“The children we treat
tend to be the most critical,”
said Christina. “The way the
interdisciplinary teams work
together with the goal of making
a child well is unmatched, from
what I’ve seen. And parents tell us
that Doernbecher staff become like
family. That is pretty special, I think.”
Christina has served on the
Doernbecher board and chaired
the auction committee for a
number of years. As if she doesn’t
have enough to do, she’s now
launching a new major project
through her company, Metric
Marketing Group: a Mattel/
American Girl Doll fashion show
in the spring. She expects as
many as 800 little girls and their
moms and friends to attend.
“It’s easy to get people excited
about helping Doernbecher,
because its reputation is so high.
I know that every dollar we raise
will be spent well. Plus, we’re not
asking for something for ourselves.
We’re asking for our kids.”
Christina Blackwell is not
about to stop asking. And
in her experience, when
people learn how important
supporting Doernbecher is to our
community, they say yes.
Stephen A. Back, M.D.,
Ph.D., an internationally
recognized expert in
pediatric neurology at
Doernbecher, recently
was awarded a prestigious
$2,346,313 Javits
Neuroscience Investigator
Award for his pioneering work
in the cellular and molecular causes
of brain injury in premature infants.
The award is granted by the National
Institute on Neurological Disorders
and Stroke (NINDS), a branch of the
National Institutes of Health, and
will support seven years of Dr. Back’s
research funding.
Back’s research looks at the
mechanisms responsible for causing
white matter brain injury in developing
infants. White matter brain injury is the
underlying basis for cerebral palsy, or
CP, a condition in which permanent
brain damage causes movement
disorders, including the inability to walk
without an assistive device, inability to
use one’s arms and legs, and weak torso
muscles. CP also causes intellectual
challenges, including problems
reasoning, remembering, imagining or
learning words.
“Dr. Back’s groundbreaking work is
increasing our knowledge of what
causes cerebral palsy and other
important neurological diseases,” said
Stacy Nicholson, M.D., Doernbecher
physician-in-chief and Credit Unions
for Kids Professor and Chair of
Pediatrics. “His work should lead to real
breakthroughs for patients struggling
with these debilitating disorders.
OHSU and Doernbecher are fortunate
to have a scientist of his caliber.”
Dr. Andrew Ahmann, director of the Harold
Schnitzer Diabetes Health Center, and
Harold Schnitzer each made presentations
during the reception.
Harold Schnitzer Diabetes Health Center
In a bold initiative to confront
the surging public health threat
of diabetes, OHSU has launched
what is expected to become one of
the West Coast’s premier diabetes
health centers – and the only one
serving both adults and children.
The Harold Schnitzer Diabetes
Health Center opened in
November 2007, thanks to a $5.5
million leadership gift from the
Harold & Arlene Schnitzer CARE
Foundation. This gift was the
catalyst for a financial partnership
with OHSU, the OHSU Foundation
and the Doernbecher Children’s
Hospital Foundation to provide
initial operating support and
endow the center director’s
position. In addition to providing
multidisciplinary pediatric and
adult clinical services, the center
trains current and future diabetes
specialists and serves as a resource
to medical professionals in outlying
areas and with other partners
working to raise the standard of
care across the region. Additionally,
funding will support public
education and improved public
policy advocacy.
“OHSU is proud to have earned
this remarkable level of support
from the Harold & Arlene Schnitzer
CARE Foundation,” said OHSU
President Joseph E. Robertson, Jr.,
M.D., M.B.A. “It is an outstanding
example of OHSU’s new integrated
approach to healthcare, research,
education and public service.”
Director Andrew J. Ahmann, M.D.,
said the ability to provide continuity
of care for patients as they mature is
increasingly important as diabetes
strikes more and more children. “In
Oregon alone, the incidence of
diabetes has risen by more
than 80 percent during
the past decade –
and the increase is
even higher among
young people.”
contribute to OHSU’s increased
volume of Type 1 cases, “the
increase in Type 2 diabetes
is clearly tied to the obesity
Below left: OHSU board member Senator
Mark O. Hatfield and his wife Antoinette,
are welcomed by Harold Schnitzer.
Below right: Arlene and Harold Schnitzer
and President Joseph E. Robertson, M.D.,
M.B.A., talk with Marlene Lawrence, whose
mother, Elda Munson, gave a generous
bequest to the Doernbecher Foundation
that has been designated for the pediatric
diabetes program in the Harold Schnitzer
Diabetes Health Center.
diabetes specialist
and head of the division
of pediatric endocrinology
Bruce Boston, M.D., agreed, citing
sharp increases in both Type 1
“juvenile-onset” and Type 2 “adultonset” diabetes among children.
Although he said many factors
Among Friends
Friends of Doernbecher is a grassroots, community outreach organization of more than 200 caring volunteers,
former patients, patient families and their friends, dedicated to ongoing support of Doernbecher. Friends has
nine active chapters and two associate chapters in Oregon and Southwest Washington.
At its heart are members who work in their own neighborhoods and communities to raise friends and
funds for the hospital. Through projects such as golf tournaments, handcrafted products, auctions,
garage sales, dances, t-shirt sales, cookbooks and bunko nights, Friends volunteers have raised more
than $9.4 million to directly benefit the children treated at Doernbecher. If you would like to learn more
about Friends of Doernbecher, are interested in joining a chapter or even starting your own chapter,
please call 503-294-7101.
Supportive Community Leads to
Holiday Cards for Kids Success!
The 2008 committee celebrates its success.
Thanks to the support of community
members and companies from
Oregon, SW Washington and beyond,
Holiday Cards for Kids has outdone
itself again. Since 1991, the program
has transformed festive holiday
artwork created by Doernbecher
patients and their siblings into
beautiful cards, with proceeds
benefitting the hospital.
Holiday Cards for Kids would like to
thank its generous 2007 sponsors:
Bronze Sponsor
Hunters Ridge
Additional Support
Boyd Coffee Company
Joe Salta in memory of Ruth Salta
Steve and Patty Smith
Weller Associates, Inc.
In addition to underwriting support,
Holiday Cards for Kids relies heavily
on the generosity of in-kind donors.
We would like to recognize the
following companies for their
support through donations of
services or materials:
AKA Direct
B&B Print Source
Barbur Blvd. Rentals
Bentley Electric
Centerpoint Graphics
Champion Envelopes
Delta Graphics
Direct Transport
Emily Maletz Graphic Design
Pac-Paper, Inc.
Pronto Messenger Service
Rapid Bind
Shorenstein Realty Services
Spicers Paper, Inc.
Vince’s Die Cutting
West Coast Paper Co.
West Linn Paper
As we begin to look forward to the
2008 Holiday Cards program, we
would like to take a moment to
thank the wonderful Holiday Card
committee. Without the help of this
dedicated group of volunteers the
program would not be possible.
Going the Extra Mile …
Friends of Doernbecher appreciates the following volunteers for their
outstanding contributions over the summer and fall:
Kathi Kopet’s background in retail
helped connect Oswego Friends with
the chapter’s two fall fundraisers November’s Shopping Extravaganza
at Woodburn Company Stores and
December’s Grand Opening of Brooks
Brothers in the Portland Galleria. But it’s
Kathi’s kindness, commitment, and
organization that made these events so
successful! Members love to work with
Kathi because of her easy-going, “no
worries” style. Even after the demands
of a full day at the office, Kathi still has
the energy to go the “extra mile” and
give her best to Doernbecher.
Holiday Cards for Kids and Maryann
Silva are proud to honor Jerrie and
Jack Johnson for their outstanding
work as the retail chairs and for
increasing the amount of retailers
for the program. Jerrie and Jack have
organized the retail process, and have
spent countless hours working with the
retailers to fulfill their orders. They have
personally delivered cards and display
stands to each retailer. It has taken a lot
of dedication and many hours of travel,
throughout the area and beyond, to
complete retail orders. Thank you for all
your hard work!
Austin’s Chapter would like to honor
two individuals with the Extra Mile
award. It would be difficult to separate
the accomplishments of these two
volunteers. Elaine Shepherd has been
chapter secretary since its inception.
She keeps monthly meeting minutes,
sends thank you letters, and makes
many phone calls to organize chapter
meetings and events.
Erma Hurst has been valuable in
coordinating volunteers for Oktoberfest
in Mt. Angel, Oregon. She spends many
long hours recruiting and organizing
volunteers that are essential to make
the fundraiser successful. Both Erma
and Elaine spent 12-14 hours per day
working during the festival. They are
great assets to the chapter.
“Bad Pants” Help
Make Douglas County
Dinner & Golf Classic
a Success
Last August 17, Douglas County
Friends of Doernbecher and 400
other guests enjoyed an evening
of spectacular auction items and
delicious food, all while dancing
the night away to live music. The
dinner and auction was held at
Seven Feathers Hotel & Casino. The
next day, golfers dressed in “bad
pants” showed up for a tournament
at Myrtle Creek Golf Course. Overall,
the weekend raised $70,000.
Special thanks go to top sponsors,
Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Tribe
of Indians and Seven Feathers
Hotel & Casino Resort for making
the event a success.
(L-R) Dr. Alan Zastrow, Scott Nicol, Allyn
Ford, Dr. Joe Gilhooly and Dr. David Spiro
enjoy the Bad Pants Golf Tournament.
Far left: Kevin and Cheryl Joshi and Rebecca and Gary Welch
Middle: Honorary Chair Dr. Stacy Nicholson and wife Carol
Right: Honorary Chair Allyn Ford with Linda and Bob Kraus
Tonnie Moss and
Kris Dickinson
Jerry Reser
and Ron Brake
Above: Kate McCoy, Xandra
McKeown, Sue Nicol, Hadley and
Jack Fried
Below left: Jack Fried raises a bid paddle
for Howard Hedinger who was unable
to attend.
Heart of Doernbecher Auction
It was certainly “some enchanted
evening” last October 20, when
more than 400 Doernbecher
friends and supporters
gathered to celebrate
the 10th Annual Heart
of Doernbecher Auction
at the Portland Art
Museum. The evening
raised more than
$760,000 to renovate
the pediatric emergency
department at Doernbecher.
The goal is to create a facility that
looks and feels like Doernbecher,
while providing family-centered
care to every child who comes to
the hospital through emergency.
the Donald C. and Elizabeth
M. Dickinson Foundation,
which motivated attendees to
donate more than $259,000
during the special appeal.
Other outstanding supporters
were Howard Hedinger, the
Ray Hickey Foundation, Sean
& Gretchen Keys, Craig & Kate
McCoy, Rick & Debbie Wright,
and Junki & Linda Yoshida.
Event chairs Cheryl Joshi and
Rebecca Dickinson Welch started
the evening off by welcoming
guests. (Co-chair Christine
Dickinson was unable to attend.)
Joe Donlon and Stephanie
of KGW
NewsChannel 8
served as emcees,
and Doernbecher
cancer patient Jack Fried and his
mother Hadley helped by sharing
their story.
Popular auction items included
a dinner hosted by presenting
sponsors Junki and Linda
Yoshida; a polo party from Sean
and Gretchen Keys at Hidden
Creek Polo Club; and a trip for
two to Italy.
Allyn & Cheryl Ford and H. Stacy
Nicholson, M.D., M.P.H., served as
honorary chairs of the event.
Highlights included a
$250,000 match from
A polo party in 2008 was
one of the many exciting live
auction items sold at the event.
The evening would not have
been possible without the
tremendous work of the
volunteer committee and
the generous support of the
auction sponsors:
Presenting Sponsor:
Linda and Junki Yoshida of
Yoshida Group
Gold Sponsors:
Unified Grocers
Zimmer Gunsul Frasca
Architects, LLP
Silver Sponsors:
Umpqua Bank
West Coast Bank
Chapter members - Myrna Brown, Stan Christy,
Alvaretta Wolf, and Elaine Shepard – present
their fundraising check for $6,100.
Oktoberfest Earns
Austin’s Chapter
Even More Money
On September 13-17, Austin’s
Chapter and about 60 other
dedicated volunteers were
hard at work serving sausages,
sauerkraut, popcorn, and chili
dogs to thousands at the annual
Oktoberfest in Mount Angel. This
is the fourth year for Austin’s
Chapter to staff a food booth,
raising $6,100 – that’s $1,100
more than last year.
Hardworking members of Austin’s Chapter waiting for
customers to enjoy some goodies.
Bronze Sponsors:
Ron & Alisa Brake
Fred Meyer
Gerding Edlen Development
Joe Hanna
Hoffman Construction
RBC Dain Rauscher
Reser’s Fine Foods
Left: Erika Yoshida, Michelle Guthrie, Kristina
McMorris and Linda Yoshida enjoy a moment
during the silent auction.
Right: Scott Nicol, Linda Hickey, Frank Roberti
and Sue Nicol
Linda Hickey with her father Ray
Linda Hickey and the Ray Hickey Foundation
Hope on the Horizon
Women for Children’s
15th Annual Auction
The rooftop at Jax Bar and Grill was once
again jammed with guests supporting Women
for Children on September 15. There was no
shortage of tasty food and drinks, steel drum
music, or auction items for people to savor. The
O’Scannlain family shared their Doernbecher
experience and expressed their gratitude and
appreciation. This year’s auction raised an
outstanding $67,000.
Thank you to the following sponsors:
DEH-LL/Dave Helm
Jax Bar and Grill
City Graphics and Imaging
ESCO Corp.
GSL Properties Inc.
Lifewise Health Plans of Oregon
DeLozier Enterprises Inc.
Howard S. Wright Construction
Forest Park Federal Credit Union
Otak Inc.
Duck Pond Cellars
Mt. Hood Beverage
McClaskey’s Wine & Spirits
Impact Sign Co.
Pepsi Cola Bottling Co.
Al Amir
Acadia Advertising
Silva Graphics
Beautiful Blossoms
The Bossa Boys Steel Band
Pink Rabbit Design
Barbur Blvd. Rentals
Grower’s Garden & Florist
Can’t Stop the Momentum
of Oswego Friends
For Doernbecher Foundation
board member Linda Hickey,
philanthropy is more than
charity. It’s a family value,
instilled by what she calls the
“amazing generous spirit” of
her father.
Oswego Friends of Doernbecher once again took
part in the Shopping Extravaganza fundraiser
at Woodburn Company Stores. Prior to the
November 3 event, the group promoted ticket
sales with half of the $20 cost going directly to
area charities, including Doernbecher. Ticket
holders not only received store discounts and free
gifts, but they got a fantastic day of food, fashion,
and fun. This year’s sold-out extravaganza raised
more than $5,000 for Doernbecher.
Linda is the youngest daughter
of Ray Hickey, Vancouver
philanthropist and former
owner of Tidewater Barge
Lines, the largest shipping
company on the Columbia
River. A businesswoman and
community volunteer, Linda
has worked with her father
since 1991.
Oswego Friends kept the fundraising momentum
going with another event: the Grand Opening of
Brooks Brothers in downtown Portland. Hospital
supporters and interested shoppers joined
together at Brooks Brothers’ beautiful Galleria
location on Thursday, December 6, to browse and
buy. The event included delectable appetizers,
lovely live music, and wonderful savings! Thanks
to the generosity of Brooks Brothers, attendees
enjoyed a memorable evening and raised $2,781
for the hospital.
When Tidewater Barge Lines
was sold in 1996, Linda began
devoting much of her time to
the newly formed Ray Hickey
Foundation, and has recently
begun developing a website
that will focus on the work of
local charities.
The Hickey family decided to
make healthcare services for
children a top priority of their
family foundation. The choice
to support Doernbecher came
naturally – the Hickeys had
several friends whose children
were Doernbecher patients
over the years, and they had
seen the impact of the excellent
care provided by Doernbecher
specialists. Linda was already
involved with Doernbecher
from her time spent as a
member of the Junior Executive
Board, and when Doernbecher
Foundation Executive Director
Sue Nicol took Ray to the
hospital for a tour, a partnership
was born.
“It was incredibly moving for
him to see first hand how the
care and the research work
together to benefit not only the
patients, but the community as
well,” said Linda.
This tax season
check Doernbecher –
for many happy returns.
Oregon Charitable Checkoff Program
Doernbecher Children’s Hospital Foundation (Code 9).
On Form 40S, write in code 9 on lines 38a and b or lines 39a and b.
On Form 40, write in code 9 on lines 68a and b or lines 69a and b.
On Form 40N, write in code 9 on lines 86a and b or lines 87a and b.
On Form 40P, write in code 9 on lines 86a and b or lines 87a and b.
Linda is particularly excited
about the Harold Schnitzer
Diabetes Health Center, which
combines the expertise of the
Doernbecher Children’s Hospital
pediatric diabetes team and
the OHSU adult diabetes
care specialists to provide
continuous age-appropriate
care throughout a patient’s
life. “Diabetes has affected
my family extensively, and
the Harold Schnitzer Diabetes
Health Center will go a long
way toward addressing the
healthcare needs of children
and families coping with this
disease,” she said.
According to Linda, the
generous spirit of her father is a
large part of what motivates her
to continue his philanthropic
tradition. “He taught us that
we have an obligation to give
back to our community because
none of us would be here
without the support of others
before us. Doernbecher is a
wonderful place to direct that
passion for giving back.”
Donate a portion of your Oregon tax return to
Doernbecher Children’s Hospital and make your
refund check count for kids with cancer.
OHSU is an equal opportunity, affirmative action institution.
2008 Board of Directors
(As of January 1, 2008)
Judi C. Inglis
Community Leader
(As of January 1, 2008)
Senator Elizabeth K. Johnson
Transwestern Aviation
Xandra T. McKeown
Executive Vice President
West Coast Bank
Christina Hoover Blackwell
Metric Marketing Group, Inc.
M. Wakefield Mack
Immediate Past President
Senior Business
Development Officer
First Republic Investment
Dirk T. Davis
Corporate VP Marketing
Unified Grocers
Ronald G. Brake
Executive Vice President
Senior Vice President
Co-Sales Northwest
Bryan L. Timm
Vice President of Finance
VP/CFO & Treasurer
Columbia Sportswear
J. Craig Wessel
The Business Journal
Myron G. Child
Board Member at Large
Community Leader
Junki C. Yoshida
Board Member at Large
Chairman & CEO
Yoshida Group
Michael F. Doherty
Global Presentation Creative
Nike, Inc.
David F. Evans
David Evans and Associates, Inc.
Allyn C. Ford
Roseburg Forest Products
Kelly J. Johnson
Sr. Managing Director, Oregon
RBC Dain Rauscher
Cheryl C. Joshi
Community Leader
Sean T. Keys
K&F Development
Cathrine L. McCoy
Community Leader
Gerald E. Reser
Sales Manager
Reser’s Fine Foods
Joseph E. Robertson, Jr., M.D.,
Oregon Health & Science
Stephen T. Sanders
Oregon Health & Science
University Foundation
Patricia E. Smith
Unitus Community Credit Union
Todd R. Stucky
LKE Partners, LLC
D.J. Wilson
President/General Manager
KGW Northwest NewsChannel 8
Candace D. Young, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist
Linda B. Maletis
Community Leader
Terry J. Grover
Duraguard Products
Edward J. Hepp, Jr.
Hepp Steel Resources
Linda R. Hickey
Ray Hickey Foundation
H. Stacy Nicholson, M.D., M.P.H.
Chairman, Department of
Doernbecher Children’s Hospital
Susan H. Nicol
Executive Director
Doernbecher Children’s Hospital
Shirley N. Papé, R.D.
Community Leader
Carol K. Ehlen
Manager Trustee
James R. Kuse Family Foundation
S. Douglas Meek
(Newman’s Own Representative)
Team Leader
Acosta Sales & Marketing
Arthur K. Olmsted
Community Leader
Mary V. Bishop
Community Leader
Peter O. Kohler, M.D.
President Emeritus
Oregon Health & Science
William K. Blount
Senior Vice President Investments
Richard W. Olmsted, M.D.
Community Leader
Alyce R. Cheatham
Community Leader
K. Risa Olsen
Vice President, Regional Sales
Wells Fargo
Serge D’Rovencourt
Consul A.H.
Republique of Guatemala
John L. Trachtenberg
Joseph J. Hanna, Jr.
Hanna Strader, P.C.
Alan C. Jones
Community Leader
Doernbecher Staff
Sue Nicol
Executive Director
Tessa Reeves
Special Programs Manager
Deniz Conger
Director of Major Gifts
Ashley Schmidt
Special Programs Manager
Michelle DuBarry
Grant and Proposal Writer
Tamara Thompson
Associate Director of Development
Meg Evans
Board Coordinator
Sandy Poole Keiter
Hero News Editor
Traci Kramer
Special Programs Manager
mark your calendar
February 12
National Pancake Day at IHOP
Visit any IHOP for a free short stack of
buttermilk pancakes, and make a donation
to Doernbecher.
Information: Ashley Schmidt at 503-412-6351
or [email protected] or visit
February 23
Kiwanis Day at Doernbecher
Time: 9:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
Location: Vey Conference Center,
Doernbecher Children’s Hospital 11th floor
Information: Traci Kramer 503-220-8343 or
[email protected]
March 9
15th Annual Spring Brunch and Auction
Friends of Doernbecher, Claudia Swanson
Time: 9:00 a.m.
Location: Vancouver Hilton, Washington
Tickets: $30
Information: Julie Moe at 360-910-2586 or
Kathy Belzer 360-833-1020
March 16
Shamrock Run
Time: 7:00 a.m.
Location: Waterfront Park, Portland
Features a 15K, 8K, 1K Leprechaun Lap,
3.5 mile fitness walk and the
5K Shamrock Race.
If you would like to volunteer contact
Tessa Reeves at 503-220-8344 or
[email protected]
March 18
Oswego Friends, Movie Night
Time: 5:30 p.m., movie starts at 8:00
Location: Lake Twin Cinema, Lake Oswego
Tickets: $25
Information: Colleen Rebello at
April 20
American Girl Fashion Show® and
Time: 11:00 a.m. and 2:30 p.m.
Location: Governor Hotel, Portland
Tickets: $50, Patron $100
Information: 503-294-7101 or
[email protected]
May 16
Kids Making Miracles Candlelight
Procession and Pajama Jam
Time: 6:00 p.m.; 9:00 p.m. registration for
Pajama Jam
Location: Doernbecher Children’s Hospital
and Bullwinkle’s Family Fun Center
Information: Tessa Reeves at 503-220-8344
or [email protected]
May 16
16th Annual Kiwanis Doernbecher Golf
Time: Shotgun starts at 8:00 a.m.
Location: Camas Meadows Golf Course, Camas,
Information: Gary Mael at 360-891-0908 or
[email protected] or visit
May 17
15th Annual Kiwanis Doernbecher Memorial
Bicycle Tour
In memory of Phillip James Tofflemire
Location: Sturdivant Park, Coquille, Oregon
Information: [email protected] or Jim
Tofflemire at 541-756-7037
July 18
12th Annual Kiwanis Doernbecher Greater
Portland Golf Tournament
Time: 10:00 a.m.
Location: Gresham Golf Course
Entry fee: $125 (Early Registration of $100 for those
registered by May 31).
Information: Bob Smith 503-656-6900 or David
Edwards 503-761-3558 or visit
Non-Profit Org.
US Postage
Portland, OR
1121 SW Salmon, Suite 201
Permit No. 3916
Portland, OR 97205-2021
503-294-7058 fax
OHSU is an equal opportunity, affirmative action institution.