Newsletter - DiLucia Management Corporation

January 2015
Board of Trustees
Norma Meyer
Regional Manager
Jamie Naame
Community Manager
Office Hours
Association Office
Tuesday, Wednesday,
& Thursday
Please note that the office
hours will now be
Tuesday, Wednesday, and
Thursday from 9AM to
Phone 609-804-3311
Fax 609-804-3310
[email protected]
Clem Thomas
Vice President
Rosemary McGloin
Lilly Nuer
Calendar of Events
December 25– DiLucia offices will be
January 1– DiLucia offices will be closed
for New Year’s Day
Online Billing
Steve Hazzard
January 11– Late Fees Assessed
January 29– Association Meeting
February 1– Census Forms Due
Frank Tummillo
Census forms are due no later than
March 15th, forms are needed
from everyone- owners and
tenants. These forms are essential
in keeping our records up to date
with contact information to keep
you informed.
Timber Glen
Mays Landing
on Facebook!
ACUA will be picking up Christmas trees
every Saturday in January with the Yard
Waste collection
FHA Certification
Our community is once
again approved for FHA
The Timber Glen Association is managed
by an elected Board of Directors who make
important decisions regarding the
community, whether it be financial or
regulatory. This year there are two
positions that will be available. If you are
interested in running for the board, a
candidate statement can be obtained from
the office, these statements are due by
February 18th.
The New Year is a good time to remind everyone about the Association’s Regulations…
1. Patios and balconies are not to be used as storage areas. The only items permitted on the patios or balconies are lawn or
patio furniture in good condition. Please “de-clutter” your patios and balconies according to the rules.
2. Trash is collected Mondays and Thursdays, with a once monthly bulk pickup the first Monday of each month. Recycling is
collected every Friday. Please do not put your containers out for collection prior to the night before pick-up. Containers
should be brought in the same day as collection. You may contact the Township for bulk collection guidelines. Electronics
will not be picked up, this includes TV’s. Residents have had success calling Best Buy to recycle electronics.
3. Pets must be registered with the Association and proof of licensing and vaccinations are required. No pet is to be unleashed
while outside at any time. All solid waste must be picked up.
4. Each unit is designated one parking space, and may park one additional vehicle in a Visitor space, which are available on a
first come, first served basis. All Vehicles must display a valid parking sticker. Overflow parking is available at the
Clubhouse parking lot.
5. You must follow the Association’s guidelines if you rent out your unit. Contact Jamie to familiarize yourself with these
Rule enforcement protects the assets of each homeowner and enhances the quality of the community.
We thank you in advance for your cooperation.