Children’s Parties at Morley leisure centre  Choose your party

Children’s Parties at Morley leisure centre
 Choose your party!
Type of Party
Bouncy Castle
Small Pool Party
1-7 years old
Football Party
5-12 years old
Large Pool Party
Inflatable pool
Number of People
20 (2 under 8’s to 1
30 (2 under 8’s to 1
30 (2 under 8’s to 1
Age Limits
For ages 5 to 7 year olds £84.00 + food
For ages 5 to 7 year olds £72.00 + food
For ages 5 to 7 year olds £61.00 + food
For ages 8 to 15 year
For ages 8 to 15 year
£89.00 + food
£101.00 + food
Swim parties will follow our normal health & safety guidelines, to include a swim test. Children over
8 and non-swimmers can go on the inflatable with armbands but cannot go down the slide, however
two adults must assist them to clamber off the side of the inflatable for the duration of the pool party.
Anyone over 16 yrs will not be allowed on the inflatable.
 Choose a date
All parties run on a Saturday afternoon for 45 minutes in the main/small pool and for Dry
side parties 1 hour in half of the 6 court hall, then 45 minutes in an area in the Café
Atrium afterwards for refreshments (provided by the café). Menus can be provided at
the Café or Reception. However, if you do require information regarding catering,
please contact the Café directly on 07926133319.
 Check availability
Either coming in to the Centre or phone 0113 3367890 or email [email protected]
to check available dates.
 Fill in the booking form
Coming into the Centre and fill in one of our party booking application forms, or complete
and return online. We require at least three weeks’ notice to book parties into the
centre (late bookings will be considered). Please note – your application is only a
request, please do not arrange anything until you receive your confirmation letter.
 Wait for the confirmation
Once you receive your confirmation letter, your party has been booked into our systems.
We now require payment for the party; we normally require payment upon confirmation
of the party. The café need at least 7 days’ notice prior to the booking date of actual
numbers attending and confirmation of menu chosen. Please be advised you will be
charged for this number plus any extras on the day as per the Café terms and
conditions. Your contact number for the Café is 07837693090.
 The party
It’s time for the party! You will have a dedicated member of staff leading the activity for
that day. After the party you will have access to an area in the Café Atrium area for
refreshments. Payments for refreshments should be made on the day, at the Café, prior
to the party beginning. Payment for refreshments can be made by cash or debit/credit