What is Officer Academy? - Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity

What is Officer Academy?
Lambda Chi Alpha’s premier online officer training program, Officer Academy (OA) is a self-guided
program designed to prepare newly-elected chapter officers for their journey to lead their chapters. OA
is designed to better educate officers about the roles, responsibilities, and duties of their office, as well
as the Fraternity’s governance and policies.
The website for Officer Academy is oa.lambdachi.org. Officer Academy works on all browsers.
How do I log in?
To log in to Officer Academy you must have your Officer Portal account set up. You will use your Officer
Portal user name and password to access Officer Academy.
How many modules do I have to review?
It varies for each officer. Each officer has office-specific modules and will also have to complete all
general modules. There are also modules for members of the Executive Committee to complete. When
reviewing a module for the first time, you must go all the way through it, or it will not recognize that you
have reviewed the module.
Do I have to review all modules before completing the certification?
Yes. You must review all modules, officer-specific and general, before you will be able to complete the
Do I have to listen to the audio in the modules?
Yes. You must listen, in full, to the audio on each slide before the “next” button will be available to
select. After you have reviewed the entire module the first time, any time you return to that module
you will not have to listen to the audio again.
Why should I get certified?
The certification process allows you to test your knowledge and become the best possible officer for
your chapter. Plus if all members of the High Zeta and the Executive Committee complete the
certification and pass with a score of at least 90%, your chapter will receive a discount on its Risk
Management Assessment (RMA).
All officers and Executive Committee members in your chapter must be certified by November 1st for
the spring’s RMA discount and April 1st for the fall’s RMA discount.
How many attempts do I have to get certified?
You have two attempts to get 90% on the certification. If you wish to retake the certification, must wait
24 hours to try again.
What are the questions about on the certification?
The questions are pulled directly off the general modules and will not be officer specific. Officers will
have 25 questions to answer, which will be randomly selected from a large pool. Each officer’s
certification will have a different set of questions.
How long do I have to complete the certification process?
Each officer has 45 days from the start date entered into Officer Portal, for his office, to complete the
certification process. If you do not successfully complete the process within that time you will have to
wait 90 days to try again. When your 90 days are up you will be given another 45 days and 2 more
attempts to achieve the 90% on the certification.
Can I stop part way through the certification?
No, once you begin the certification process you must complete it.
How often do I have to get certified?
High Zeta officers and Executive Committee members must get certified once annually, or when and if
they are elected to a new office position.
Can non-officers participate in the Discussion Board?
Unforunately, no. Officer Academy is only available for officers to utilize; this includes the Discussion
Is the Discussion Board anonymous?
No. Your name and chapter will be tied to all questions and comments posted on the Discussion Board.
Who do I contact if I have issues or questions about Officer Academy?
You can always reach out to your Educaitonal Leadership Consultant or email
[email protected]