Sydney Annual Women's Health Update 2015 brochure

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Women s Health
update 2O15
Saturday 21 February
8:30am – 6:30pm
Clancy Auditorium, University
of New South Wales, Sydney
Special Keynote Speaker
Prof Freda Briggs AO
Australian of the Year
(2000), University of SA
Strategies to Prevent
Child Sexual Abuse
Autism in Females
Prof Tony Attwood
Clinical Psychologist &
Adjunct Professor, Griffith
Cognition & Mood
Dr Sonia Davison
Endocrinologist, Jean
Hailes Foundation
Influenza Pandemic
Prof Raina Macintyre
Professor of Infectious Diseases
Epidemiology and Head School
of Public Health and Community
Special Topics
Category 2
CPD points
& Bubs
●● HRT – Not All Progestins are the Same
●● Nerve Modulation for Incontinence
●● Medicolegal Cases
●● Hormonal Contraception Troubleshooter
●● Rosacea Management
●● Women’s Cardiology
This seminar is proudly organised by Healthed ABN 83 124 561 922
Leading experts present their independent views and advice
You are invited
Healthed and the Royal Hospital for Women
invites you to attend this unrivalled, high quality,
educational event.
Each year this meeting features leading experts
and key opinion leaders who present the most
authoritative, clinically relevant information on
topic areas specifically requested by Australian
medical practitioners and women’s health workers.
Our 2014 seminar attracted a record number of delegates and feedback
was overwhelmingly positive. We look forward to seeing you at this
unrivalled women’s health education day.
The Haptic Simulator
The Haptic 3D-Simulator is a state of the art Mirena placement
simulator. Designed by Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals and UK
Haptics, it combines realistic end effectors, haptic feedback and
3D-imaging. The aim is to improve placement skills in a virtual
environment and cover a variety of clinical placement scenarios.
Please visit The Bayer Lounge to view the Haptic
simulator and to book a practice session*.
*Connolly, A and Pybowski, S. Advances in intrauterine technique training. J Fam Plann Reprod Health
care. 2011’ doi:10.1136/jfprhc-2011-100190 L.AU.
WH.12.2013.0436. December 2013
The Brains Trust
• Assoc Prof John Eden, Director, Sydney Menopause Centre
• Dr Ramesh Manocha, GP and Convenor
• Dr Christine Read, Sexual Health Physician
• Dr Terri Foran, School of Women’s and Children’s Health, UNSW
Registration Includes
Access to entire program
Handbook with comprehensive lecture notes
Morning tea, lunch & afternoon tea
Access to trade exhibition
Posted copy of an attendance certificate
Registration will be confirmed in writing after receipt of payment
Registration Enquiries
1300 797 794 Fax: 1300 797 792
Healthed Pty Ltd
PO BOX 500 Burwood NSW 1805 Australia
[email protected]
On the Day: Registration desk will be in the trade exhibition area
Healthed strives to maintain the highest possible standard of educational
quality throughout its seminar programs. All our speakers are clearly
instructed to present information that is authoritative, independent,
scientifically accurate and of practical relevance.
In our constant search for high quality educational content we take
input from GPs, specialists, researchers, medical educators, industry and
many other sources. Their ideas are scrutinised carefully before being
introduced into the educational program.
As a result, in 2014 more than 6,000 GPs attended our seminars and
many more used the audio and video recordings derived from them.
Feedback from our most recent seminars
❏❏ 99% very satisfied/satisfied with the seminar’s scientific accuracy
❏❏ 98% very satisfied/satisfied that the lecturers represented
reasonable and balanced views
❏❏ 96% of respondents were very satisfied/satisfied with the level of
independence from commercial bias
❏❏ 98% of respondents felt that the seminar was definitely or probably
worth attending
Venue, Transport & Hotels
Up to date information about venue parking and
accommodation is available online at
The event will be held at the Clancy Auditorium, UNSW, Kensington. Free
parking is available on the campus on weekends.
❏❏ Access by foot or taxi via gate 9, High Street
❏❏ Access by car via gate 11, Botany Street
❏❏ Taxis Combined 133 300; Premier Cabs 131 017
education points
❏❏ Category 2: 16 Category 2 Points have been approved by the
RACGP for the 2014-2016 triennium.
❏❏ Category 1: ALM for Women’s Health has been approved.
❏❏ Crowne Plaza Hotel t t t t
242 Arden St, Coogee 2034, Phone: (02) 9315 7600
❏❏ Avonmore on the Park Boutique Hotel t t t t
34 The Avenue, Randwick 2031, Phone: 1800 333 583
Faculty & Speakers
Dr John D’Arcy,
GP and Journalist
Dr Rosie King,
Sex Therapist, Educator and
Assoc Prof John Eden,
Gynaecologist, Director,
Sydney Menopause Centre
Sexuality and the Older
HRT – Not All Progestins are
the Same
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healthed: Australia’s most popular one-day seminars for GPs
Registration from 7:30am
Each talk is approx. 25 mins in duration.
Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea will be provided.
Androgens in Women: Cognition, Mood and Wellbeing
Prof Sonia Davison, Endocrinologist, Jean Hailes for Women’s Health
HRT – Not all Progestins are the Same
Assoc Prof John Eden, Gynaecologist, Director, Sydney Menopause Centre
Hormonal Contraception Troubleshooter
Dr Terri Foran, Sexual Health Physician, School of Women’s and Children’s
Health, University of New South Wales
M e n tal H ealth
Autism in Females
New Mood Disorder Guidelines – Practical Implications
Prof Tony Attwood, Clinical Psychologist & Adjunct Professor,
Griffith University
Prof Philip Boyce, Psychiatrist, Department of Psychiatry,
Westmead Hospital
s e x u al health & Relat i o n s h i p s
Dr Rosie King, Sex Therapist, Educator and Author
Sexuality and the Older Woman
Female Genital Mutilation – Clinical, Cultural and
Ethicolegal Issues Relevant to GP
Strategies for Preventing and Responding to Child
Sexual Abuse
Dr Jill Benson AM, Senior Medical Officer, Migrant Health Service
Prof Freda Briggs AO, Emeritus Professor in Child Development, University
of South Australia, Australian of the Year (2000)
W o me n ’ s Ca r d i o l o gy
Does Gender Make a Difference When Managing CVD in
Clinical Practice?
See for updates
Why Atrial Fibrillation is More Fatal for Women
See for updates
D e v el o p me n tal O r i g i n s o f H ealth a n d D i s ea s e
Genetic Testing in GP in the Very Near Future – Important
Information GPs Need to Know
The Role of Omega 3s in Pregnancy
What Happens in the Womb Lasts a Lifetime
Assoc Prof Peter Illingworth, Infertility Specialist, Medical Director,
IVF Australia
Prof Robert Gibson, NHMRC Research Fellow, Director, FOODplus Research
Centre, University of Adelaide
Assoc Prof Adrienne Gordon, Neonatologist, RPA & Charles Perkins
Centre, University of Sydney
M i s c ella n e o u s
Overactive Bladder – Pharmacotherapy vs Sacral Nerve
Rosacea – Optimising Management, Tips and Traps, New
Developments, When to Refer
E-Cigarettes, Nicotine Replacement and Women
Influenza: Maternal Vaccination, Pandemic Management,
Understanding Infection Control
Medicolegal Cases – Chaperones, Culturally Sensitive
Intimate Examination
Prof Marc Gladman, Colorectal Surgeon & Gynaecologist, Head of
Colorectal Surgery, Concord Hospital
Taryn Hallam, Physiotherapist, Alana Health Care for Women
Dr Ritu Gupta, Dermatologist and Skin Specialist
Dr Colin Mendelsohn, Tobacco Treatment Specialist, Vice President
Australian Association of Smoking Cessation Professionals
Prof Raina Macintyre, Professor of Infectious Diseases Epidemiology and
Head School of Public Health and Community Medicine
Dr Walid Jammal, Senior Medical Advisor, Avant Mutual Group Limited
The above program is an indication of topics and speakers only and is not the final schedule. Program was correct at time of printing and is subject to change
without notice. See for updates.
Dr Terri Foran,
Sexual Health Physician,
School of Women’s and
Children’s Health, UNSW
Hormonal Contraception
Dr Jill Benson AM,
Senior Medical Officer,
Migrant Health Service
Female Genital Mutilation
– Clinical, Cultural and
Ethicolegal Issues Relevant
to GP
Register Online & Save
Dr Ritu Gupta,
Rosacea – Optimising
Management, Tips and Traps,
New Developments, When to
Enquiries 1300 797 794 Email [email protected] Fax 1300 797 792
The Annual Women’s Health Update 2015
Saturday, 21 February 2015, 8:30am–6:30pm
Clancy Auditorium, UNSW, Kensington Campus, Sydney
Christmas Special until Dec 19
This seminar is
proudly organised by
Healthed Pty Ltd
ABN 124 561 922
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GPRA Special Offers
Basic CPR for RACGP
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The future of general practice
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The Bayer
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