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Carolina Ties
A newsletter for University of South Carolina parents
Cocky: Behind the mask
By Thomas Wood
Graduate Assistant, Office of Parents Programs
Being Cocky requires complete secrecy so that others do not
know who is behind the mask.
“It was really, really hard, especially with my position in Student
Government,” he said. “I had to ‘lie’ a bit, but people are smart and
can figure things out.”
Armstrong says his view of campus changed after being in the
Cocky suit.
“Cocky gave me a new set of eyes on this campus,” he said. “I am
so very appreciative for this experience. Being Cocky taught me so
much. I learned I can have fun at any given moment, even when I
am not in costume.”
When thinking of the University of South Carolina, it’s hard
not to think of our beloved mascot, Cocky. Despite being in the
spotlight, the identity of the student dressed as Cocky has always
remained top secret until the student graduates.
James Armstrong, a May 2014 graduate of the College of Arts
and Sciences, is a Cocky alumnus. Armstrong had the opportunity
to meet many people and travel all over the state as a representative
of the university. He was involved as a student leader with Dance
Marathon and Student Government and served as a resident
“[Being Cocky] was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and it was
such an honor to represent USC,” Armstrong said.
Serving as Cocky takes a lot of time and preparation to get ready
for special events, especially football games in the hot and humid
summer and early fall in Columbia. As part of his preparation,
Armstrong shadowed others who wore the Cocky costume before
him to gain a sense of how to act in this important role. Prior to
football games, he had to hydrate and carb load, especially when it
was hot. And as Armstrong said, “it is always hot.”
Armstrong’s favorite memories involve being able to become a
family member to people he otherwise would not have been able to
meet. He got to visit the Children’s Hospital in Columbia multiple
“It was great to be able to walk in the room and see everyone’s
spirits lifted because Cocky had arrived,” Armstrong said. “Even the
Clemson fans smiled.”
During commencement, the tradition for the graduating student
who has been Cocky is to wear the Cocky hands and feet as he
or she crosses the stage. The university requests that guests hold
their applause until all graduates have received their diplomas,
but Armstrong said that wasn’t the case when he crossed the stage
wearing part of his Cocky costume.
“No one held their applause – they were so excited!” he
recounted. “Most students were shaking President Pastides’ hand,
but I went in for a hug. I told myself I never would do it out of the
costume, but I even did the beak flap on stage!”
Armstrong continues to represent the university – only it’s in
a slightly different and less hidden way. Currently, he serves the
university as “Mic Man” at Carolina football games where he leads
chants in front of the student section to get the students and fans
pumped up. Armstrong found his place at Carolina through Cocky,
and he encourages students to find their passion as well.
“Listen to your heart, and go Gamecocks!”
From our home to yours
Inside this issue
Dear friends:
Fall 2014
Great to be a Gamecock: USC
Letter from the vice president.
Alumnus feature
Campus traditions
Official ring
Campus resources
Around campus
Parents Annual Fund highlights
Donor recognition
Carolina Ties is published twice
a year by the University of South
Carolina’s Office of Parents
Programs and mailed to the parents
of undergraduate students.
University of South Carolina
Division of Student Affairs and
Academic Support
Department of Student Life
Office of Parents Programs
Russell House, Suite 115
Columbia, SC 29208
Katie Hambrick, coordinator of
parents programs
Thomas Wood, graduate assistant
Parents Assistance Line
(800) 868-6752
To parents of our new first-year students, welcome to the Carolina family. To
parents of our December graduates, congratulations, and thank you for entrusting
us with the education of your student. To parents of our many students who are
continuing their education and planning for the next semester, know that we
remain committed to their educational and personal growth and that we will
continue to provide information and support to you, their parents.
Thank you to all of you who visited our campus for Parents Weekend at the
end of September. We welcomed nearly 10,000 participants and 2,800 families
to our campus. It was especially memorable as Parents Weekend and ESPN’s
College GameDay occurred during the same weekend for the first time ever. It is
always exciting to see the reunion of so many families on our campus, and Parents
Weekend is an event that our faculty and staff truly look forward to each year. We
hope that you were able to get into the Gamecock spirit with your student!
I offer a special thanks to those of you who gave to our Parents Annual Fund
during the 2013-14 academic year. Your generosity is sincerely appreciated by the
university, but it is especially felt by the students who benefit from the various
programs funded by your donation. Thanks to you, we will have a variety of
technological offerings in the brand-new Leadership and Service Center that is
under construction in the Russell House University Union. Through this center,
which opens in January 2015, students will be able to get involved, join student
organizations and engage with their peers. Your donations also helped support
Dinner Dialogues, an annual program that increases the interaction between
faculty members and their undergraduate students beyond the classroom. The
Office of Parents Programs reimburses faculty members up to $10 per student
when they invite their undergraduate classes into their homes for dinner. Dinner
Dialogues helps break down the barriers that exist between students and their
In this issue of Carolina Ties, we are sharing some of the university’s beloved
traditions. With more than two centuries of history, the university boasts many
rich traditions for students to engage in as a way to connect with students who have
come before them. We are excited to share some of these traditions with you so
that you can have a better understanding of what your student experiences on our
To stay informed and in touch with Carolina, I encourage you to join our duesfree Parents Association. Every parent or family member who attended orientation
this summer was automatically signed up to receive monthly e-newsletters, but if
you would like to add additional family members, you can sign up online at www.
Please stay in touch. We are always just a phone call away, and we can help direct
you to the information you need. Best wishes for a wonderful holiday season!
[email protected]
The University of South Carolina is an equal opportunity institution. 11/14
2 University of South Carolina
Dennis A. Pruitt
Vice President for Student Affairs, Vice Provost and Dean of Students
Student leader to successful alumnus
Catching up with Josh Dawsey ‘12
By Katie Hambrick
Coordinator of Parents Programs
Josh Dawsey, a 2012 USC graduate,
earned a degree in journalism with
a minor in political science. During
his time as an undergraduate, he was
editor-in-chief of one of the university’s
longstanding traditions — the studentrun newspaper, The Daily Gamecock. He
now uses what he learned inside and
outside the classroom every day in his
role at The Wall Street Journal in New
York City.
How does what you learned as a student leader
impact the work you do today?
During my year as editor-in-chief [of The Daily Gamecock], I often
left for class at 8 a.m. and arrived home far after midnight. To have
any semblance of a social life, I had to learn to manage time and
prioritize — my parents probably say I should have worried about
class more. I think being a student leader also gave me a sense of
maturity that I probably wouldn’t have — making decisions every
day that actually mattered instilled a deeper sense of confidence and
decisiveness than I had before.
What is your current job/position?
I am a reporter at The Wall Street Journal based in New York,
where I cover Gov. Chris Christie, politics and breaking news in
the Northeast region [of the U.S.].
What is your biggest takeaway from USC?
Extracurricular experiences you embrace, people you meet and
opportunities you take advantage of will define what Carolina
means, and what you reap from your years in Columbia, which is
far more than any classroom experience.
What is/was your favorite place on campus?
I’d probably say Capstone Hall, where I lived freshman year, ate
hundreds of chicken fingers, pulled my first all-nighter, met many
of my best friends and almost cried as I moved out.
What advice would you pass on to current USC
students about getting the most out of their
college experience?
It’s pretty simple, but be involved. Pick great teams or clubs or
organizations to join, and embrace them with gusto. Ask to do
more. Don’t be afraid to ask a professor to lunch. If you want to
know someone, get to know them. I grew up in a small town in
South Carolina and found the experience overwhelming at first.
But if I did anything right at Carolina, I think it was embracing life
What is your favorite memory from your time as a
[My] favorite memories would be road trips to football games
with my roommates. We visited eight different SEC campuses,
from watching the soaring War Eagle at Auburn to winning at
Georgia, staging tailgates and seeing many of the best traditions
that really encapsulate SEC football. The best trip came in Fall
2010 when we won the SEC East at “The Swamp.”
USC Connect
Like Josh, students are able to engage in activities outside of
the classroom that enhance and complement what they are
learning inside the classroom. USC Connect is a learning
initiative focused on students meeting educational goals
through integrative learning.
What you need to know about USC Connect:
• USC Connect helps connect students to beyond-theclassroom experiences that fit well with their major and
course of study. These recommendations include sites
to do community service, places and times to study
abroad, ways to conduct research, organizations to join
and more.
• For example, Josh was a journalism major with a minor
in political science. He found a variety of internships
working with newspapers around the state and
country and got involved as a student leader in The
Daily Gamecock. All of these experiences enhanced his
learning and have helped him succeed professionally.
• Students now have the ability to graduate with
leadership distinction in four different pathways —
community service, global learning, professional and
civic engagement and research. General requirements
include extensive beyond-the-classroom experiences,
2-3 enhancement activities, 3-6 credits of related
coursework, presentation or publication and an
• USC Connect won the 2014 Exemplary Program
Processes Award in Co-Curricular General Education
Learning from the Association for General and Liberal
Visit www.sc.edu/uscconnect to learn more.
Office of Parents Programs 3
Campus traditions
What is your favorite USC tradition?
By Thomas Wood
Graduate Assistant, Office of Parents Programs
With more than 200 years of history, the University of South
Carolina has a wide variety of traditions for students, faculty, staff,
alumni and parents to enjoy! You may hear your students talking
about any of these traditions when they return home from school.
With the help of some students and faculty, you can learn more
about the traditions that the university cherishes.
The Sporting News rated USC’s “2001” as the most exciting
pregame entry in all of college football. As the crowd of more than
82,000 begins its roar of anticipation, the first notes of the theme
song from “2001: A Space Odyssey” blare over the stadium sound
system. As the music continues, the enthusiasm of the crowd
is feverish. Finally, in perfect coordination with the music, the
Gamecocks hit the field running, and the stadium goes wild. It is
indeed one of the most special traditions in college football.
Simi Oduwole
Sophomore psychology
major from Myrtle Beach,
“I was not a huge fan of football
before college, but after one
game, I realized what an amazing
experience it was! I love that the
university comes together for an
event like football and is united
as one.”
Cocky during 2001
Carolinian Creed
The Carolinian Creed is a complement to the university’s conduct
code and serves as an institutional values statement. The Creed
emphasizes integrity, openness and the general principles of civility.
By defining the common values of our community, the Creed
helps create expectations that students should strive to uphold.
The Carolinian Creed was written by a group of students, faculty
and staff to encourage students to uphold the ideals of integrity,
compassion, respect, leadership and acceptance, within and outside
of the Carolina community. As students leave Carolina, our hope
is they have the tools necessary to impact their communities and
strive for the level of achievement and virtue suggested by the
Creed itself.
Dr. Julie Rotholz
Clinical Assistant Professor,
College of Education
“It is important for students to
remember that they are ascribing
to this creed and are part of the
Carolina community. Students
should recognize that they are
expected to behave in an ethical
manner. We have high standards for
our students, not only academically
but also socially and morally.”
Carolina Welcome
Each August, students move to Columbia for the start of school.
To welcome both our new students and returning students, the
University of South Carolina hosts Carolina Welcome, starting
on the official move-in day and ending on the following Sunday.
Throughout this week, there are many opportunities and events for
students to attend and get them in the Carolina spirit! Signature
events include First Night Carolina, New Student Convocation,
First-Year Reading Experience, “I Survived the First Day of Classes”
Cookout, Carolina After Dark and much more!
Tempest Bouknight-Davis
Senior psychology major
from Columbia, S.C.
“As an resident mentor, I look
forward to Welcome Week each
August! It is such a fun week to
welcome all of our new students to
Carolina and the USC community.”
4 University of South Carolina
Homecoming is an exciting week full of events with programs
and activities available to USC students, faculty, staff, alumni and
the Columbia community hosted by the Department of Student
Life. The Homecoming 2014 theme was “Under the Carolina Big
Top” and incorporated a circus theme to show Carolina spirit. All
Homecoming events are open to the student body to participate,
and many students chose to take part in the competition. The
competition is divided into categories to give each group of
students or student organizations an equal playing field. The
competition recognized winners in the residence hall division,
registered student organizations division and fraternities and
sororities division. Each group was tasked to compete in the week
of events while keeping with this year’s theme.
Alexis Brewe
Junior psychology major
from Aiken, S.C.
“Homecoming Week is the one
week a year when we all come
together, regardless of organization
affiliations, cultural backgrounds
and class standing, to celebrate
Carolina and take pride in what it
means to be a Gamecock.”
Parents Weekend
Parents Programs welcomed 9,448 participants to USC Parents
Weekend in September! Each fall, students and families can come
together for a weekend of fun, festivities and family bonding. Some
Parents Weekend activities that our parents, families and students
enjoy are the President’s Welcome Reception, Carolina Beach Bash,
Parents Weekend 5k and Tailgate Party. Many other great activities
are available for our participants to experience such as informative
educational sessions, open houses across campus, campus tours and
much more! Parents Programs is looking forward to hosting Parents
Weekend 2015 next fall and will announce more information in
Spring 2015.
“Sandstorm” by Darude is a song known by everyone in attendance
at Williams-Brice Stadium. Anytime the Gamecocks score during
the game, fans will hear the iconic “Sandstorm!” Seeing the student
section start to dance with the music shows the school spirit
Carolina students have. The song always adds to the excitement of
the game and helps cheer the Gamecocks onto victory!
Scott Belle
Senior mechanical
engineering major from
Lexington, S.C.
“My favorite tradition is going to
football games — you must go to
them! There is such a great spirit
and atmosphere.”
Tigerburn takes place each year on the Monday before the Carolina
vs. Clemson football game. It is a fun event to help get Carolina
fans and the Columbia community excited for the football game.
The tiger is built by the USC chapter of the American Society of
Mechanical Engineers and typically stands nearly 30 feet tall. A
pep rally takes place around the large tiger to build the excitement
of the crowd, and the tiger is lit on fire as the crowd cheers. This
tradition dates back to 1902!
Michael Capers
Junior elementary education
major from Irmo, S.C.
“What’s football season without
Tigerburn? Nothing! I really enjoy
this event because it fosters a sense of
community, family and Gamecock
spirit before we take on our historic
Taylor Boucher
Junior athletic training major
from Calabasas, Calif.
“Parents Weekend is a great weekend
to not only visit with my parents that
travel all the way from California
but to show off how much I love the
University of South Carolina.”
Office of Parents Programs 5
The official ring
Three generations, one ring
By Katie Hambrick
Coordinator of Parents Programs
to later seek out a college education as well. Nick Sr. went on to
own a pharmacy in his wife’s hometown of Whiteville, N.C.
Fast forward to Nick Jr.’s graduation from high school in
Whiteville. Although admittedly immature and unsure of his future
plans, he attended and graduated from East Carolina University
and then joined the Air Force. After a few years of service, he was
let out early and decided to follow his father’s footsteps to pursue
pharmacy. His natural inclination was to go to the University
of North Carolina, but they said he would not be able to begin
coursework until the spring because he was late applying.
Ryan Gross, assistant director for Russell House operations at
USC and a 2005 Carolina graduate, shares a special bond with the
grandfather he never knew. Nick Gross Sr., a 1951 USC graduate,
passed away when Ryan was only 6 months old, but he left a very
important piece of himself behind — his Carolina ring. This special
piece of jewelry, which is recognizable to all Gamecocks, has been
passed down in the Gross family for three generations. Nick Gross
Sr. passed the ring to his son, Nick Jr., a 1974 pharmacy school
graduate, who gave the ring to his son Ryan on his graduation day.
Nick Sr. grew up in the small coal mining town of Dupont,
Penn., as the oldest of nine children in a large Italian family.
He was drafted into the military and served as a tailgunner on a
bomber plane in World War II. He shipped out to Italy in early
1944, leaving his pregnant wife back in the United States. During
a flight over France, his plane was shot down, and the entire crew
was forced to bail out of the aircraft. Nick Sr. landed in Belgium
and was harbored by a farmer for three weeks before being taken
as a prisoner of war by the Nazis. He later found out that his crew
landed in Germany behind Nazi lines and did not make it out
The end of the war brought Nick Sr. back to the U.S., where
his wife and young son, Nick Jr., had moved to Pennsylvania to
be with the extended Gross family. After a stint as a beer delivery
truck driver, he went to work for a drugstore in Tabor City, N.C.
His coworkers told him that he would need to go to school to get
certified if he was going to make a career for himself. When the GI
Bill was introduced, Mrs. Gross called on her family in N.C. to use
their connections to find a place for her husband, and Nick Sr. was
admitted to the University of South Carolina.
The Gross family settled into the veteran family housing on
campus where there was a large population of veterans making
good use of their GI Bill funding. Nick Sr. studied in the College
of Pharmacy under the leadership of Dean Morrison, who would
later make a special impact on Nick Jr. After Nick Sr.’s graduation
in 1951, his extended family pitched in to purchase the official ring
of the university. He was one of the only college graduates from his
small hometown at the time, but he inspired the rest of his brothers
6 University of South Carolina
“I was in Chapel Hill and I said, you know what, I’m going to
try to wildest thing I’ve ever done. I got in the car, and I drove to
Columbia,” Nick Jr. said. “I walked up to the front desk at the
pharmacy and said ‘I would like to see Dean Morrison. My name is
Nick Gross.’” In almost no time, the door opened, Dean Morrison
looked around, looked at me and said “You’re not Nick Gross.
You are his son.” After a brief meeting with Dean Morrison, Nick
Jr. was admitted to pharmacy school thanks to the man who had
helped his father many years before.
Upon Nick Jr.’s graduation from USC, his family gave him his
father’s official USC ring. When the time came for Ryan Gross
to graduate in 2005, he knew that the ring would be his. Ryan’s
mother led Ryan to believe that the ring had been misplaced,
but he received it at his graduation dinner. It had been engraved
with his intials right next to the shared initials of his father and
“The ring,” Ryan said, “symbolizes a connection because I didn’t
know my grandfather. It is a connection of the generations.”
Ryan’s stepchildren know the story of the ring and look forward
to the day that they can add another generation to the Gamecock
family and wear the ring.
“We are almost advertisements for the American experiment in a
way — immigrant kids, GI Bill — it’s a way to show that you can
do anything in this country. South Carolina is a part of my success,
dad’s success, grandpa’s success. Carolina is the one thing between
the generations.”
The official ring
The meaning of the ring
By Katie Hambrick
Coordinator of Parents Programs
USC Ring
• Depicts the USC seal
• Features Latin words
that translate to
“Learning humanizes
character and does
not permit it to be
• Shows the figures of
Liberty and Minerva,
goddess of wisdom
The official University of South Carolina ring is one of the
university’s most treasured traditions and is recognized worldwide
by alumni. A committee of students, alumni and staff designed the
ring to forever symbolize the history and tradition of the university.
Students are eligible to participate in this tradition once they have
achieved 60 credit hours or more.
Once a student meets the credit-hour requirement, he or she will
be sent an invitation to learn more about the ring. Students are
able to purchase their rings during Ring Week, which is held twice
a year. Balfour representatives are on campus to answer questions,
show off the variety of ring designs and help students reserve their
Any student who orders a ring by the end of Ring Week will
be invited to participate in the Ring Ceremony. This event is very
special to the university, as each student receives his or her ring
from President Harris Pastides at a ceremony held on the historic
The Ring Ceremony
The USC Ring Ceremony was started to celebrate the
milestone of students reaching the academic requirements
to receive the ring. The first Ring Ceremony was held in
1998, and eight students attended. This fall, 16 years later,
more than 600 students purchased their rings and nearly 400
attended the ceremony.
Lynn Bradley, assistant executive director of alumni
engagement at My Carolina Alumni Association, says that the
Ring Ceremony is one of her favorite events.
“It is held on the beautiful Horseshoe and is hosted by
our student leaders in the Garnet Circle Student Alumni
Association. They, along with the students receiving their
rings, hold a bond that ties together for a lifetime to Carolina!”
For additional information about the ring and Ring
Ceremony, visit www.mycarolina.org.
Alexa Sonderman
Director of Student
Programs, My Carolina
Alumni Association
“I wear my ring as a constant
reminder of all that Carolina has
given me, as well as what I can give in
return. Seeing another person wearing
a Carolina ring instantly forms a bond
between the two of us, tying us back
to our alma mater.”
Ring Ceremony
Office of Parents Programs 7
Campus resource updates
Each May, the Office of Parents Programs surveys parents of
undergraduate students on the programs and services we provide for
parents. Several campus resources were mentioned as areas you would
like to receive additional information on, so we want to share a few
requested areas of interest with you. Stay informed on other campus
resources using the Parents Blog at www.sa.sc.edu/parents.
Career Center
(803) 777-7280
The Career Center, which recently moved to Thomas Cooper
Library level 5, assists students with making informed decisions
about majors and/or careers through a variety of methods:
Drop-in sessions are available Monday-Friday 1-4 p.m.
for 10 minutes without an appointment to help with
quick questions.
Leadership and Service Center
(803) 777-7130
While currently located in the Solomon Blatt P.E. Center, the
Leadership and Service Center will unveil its renovated space on
the second floor of the Russell House University Union in January
2015. Some programs and services offered include:
Students can schedule a one-on-one leadership coaching
session to learn more about their leadership skills.
A variety of chances to build a portfolio of leadership
skills are offered through leadership education programs
such as Emerging Leaders Program, Skill Builder
Workshops and the Student Leadership and Diversity
Female students and students who have on-campus or
off-campus employment can take advantage of specialized
leadership development programs specifically for women
and student employees.
Any student looking to give back to the community
can participate in a variety of community service
opportunities including Service Saturdays, Impact Weekly
Service Trips and alternative breaks.
One-on-one career counseling is available by
Job shadowing allows students to “shadow” a professional
who works in their career field of interest.
OptimalResume is a web-based resume development tool
that provides interactive examples, tutorial guidance and
JobMate is an online job search resource that allows
students and alumni to search job postings, apply for
on-campus interviews with visiting employers and access a
variety of career-related events.
USC has more than 400 student organization for students
to join. Student organization registration, support and
events like the Student Organization Fairs are managed
out of this office.
Student leaders plan the traditional spirit programs like
Homecoming and Tigerburn each year.
With all of these great programs, there are many peer
leadership opportunities such as service site and trip
leaders, Emerging Leaders mentors and planning
InterviewStream is an online resource that allows students
to conduct mock interviews using a web cam and receive
feedback on their interview performance.
Additional resources are available online at www.sc.edu/
Leadership and Service Center rendering
Career Center consultation
8 University of South Carolina
Off-Campus Student Services
Student Success Center
(803) 777-3366
(803) 777-1000
Off-Campus Student Services serves as a resource to students who
are looking to live off-campus or who currently live off-campus.
Here are a few resources that this office offers for students:
The Student Success Center is a one-stop shop for academic
support services on campus. A variety of free resources are available
to meet student academic support needs:
The Off-Campus Housing Locator is a database of rental
properties near campus. Students also can utilize the
message board to look for roommates, find subleasing
opportunities and find a ride. Visit offcampushousing.
sc.edu to view this online tool.
The OCSS staff can assist your student with learning
more about the various apartment communities located
in Columbia. Their amenities chart shows a breakdown of
the amenities offered by each apartment community.
Each year, a webinar series is offered to assist students
and parents with a variety of topics related to living offcampus including navigating the housing search process.
The Off-Campus Student Lounge is available for students
who live off-campus and need a place to go between
classes. Computers, comfortable seating, a television,
board games and more are available to students in the
lower level of the West Wing at the Russell House
University Union.
Academic Coaching and Engagement assists students with
study-skill strategies, academic planning and other success
Cross College Advising guides students through
changing their major and assists students with academic
Supplemental Instruction provides weekly collaborative
study sessions for students enrolled in traditionally
challenging first- and second-year courses.
A variety of course-specific tutoring sessions are available
for students enrolled in all levels of courses.
Financial literacy consultations support students with
financial goal setting, budgeting, credit and debt.
If your student has an academic-related question, he or
she can call the Student Success Hotline at 803-777-1000
to get questions answered.
Student Success Center tutoring
Student Disability Services
(803) 777-6142
The Office of Student Disability Services serves students with
learning, physical, health or psychiatric disabilities in managing the
demands of the university experience. Here are some quick facts
for your students to know:
Students with disabilities should complete the student
application form for registration with Student Disability
Services and provide the necessary documentation. The
form is available at www.sa.sc.edu/sds and can take two or
more weeks to process.
If your student is ever temporarily injured and in need
of accommodations, he or she should complete the
temporary injury form found at www.sa.sc.edu/sds.
Office of Parents Programs 9
Around campus
Campus happenings
Darla Moore School of Business opens its new
The university’s newest building opened its doors to students
this fall and boasts 251,891 square feet, 2,000 classroom seats, a
500-seat lecture and performance hall, 136 faculty offices, space for
more than 100 Ph.D. students, 40 meeting rooms/project spaces
and 35 classrooms. Darla Moore was on hand to ring a bell at the
opening ceremony and shared her excitement about what the new
building means for the university and the business school. For
more information, visit www.mooreschool.sc.edu.
Date set for upcoming career fairs
The university’s Career Fest (for non-technical careers) and
the Science, Engineering and Technology (S.E.T.) Career Fair
are scheduled for Jan. 27, 2015, from 1-4 p.m. at the Columbia
Metropolitan Convention Center. National, regional and state
employers will be available to speak with students and alumni
about internships, cooperative education opportunities and fulltime positions. For more information, visit www.sc.edu/career.
Green Quad and Preston Residential College
celebrate milestone anniversaries
Green Quad, USC’s sustainability-focused community,
celebrated its 10th anniversary this fall, while Preston Residential
College celebrate its 75th anniversary. Both milestones were
marked with ceremonies and receptions that gathered those who
have been impacted by each community. For more information,
visit www.housing.sc.edu.
USC named in the top 50 smartest public colleges
in America
Business Insider recently published a list of the 104 smartest
public colleges in the United States. The list of schools was
determined by looking at reported SAT and ACT scores. USC
tied for 47th on the list. To view the full article, visit www.
USC Law School and My Carolina Alumni
Association break ground
Both the USC School of Law and My Carolina Alumni
Association soon will have new buildings to call home. The new
Alumni Center will open in Summer 2015 with 60,000 square feet
of space for alumni programming. The law school broke ground on
a new $80 million building set to open in 2017.
10 University of South Carolina
Parents Annual Fund creates
opportunities for students
Each year, several thousand Carolina students
are invited to dinner at their professors’ homes
through the Dinner Dialogues program, which
is sponsored by the Office of Parents Programs.
Dinner Dialogues offers professors a unique
way to increase interaction with their students
beyond the classroom and build community
among the members of their class. During
the 2013-14 year, 129 dinners were held, and
2,633 undergraduate students were invited to
these dinners. Providing students with such
an invaluable opportunity to build stronger
relationships with their professors is made
possible only with your support, as Dinner
Dialogues is funded solely by donations to the
Parents Annual Fund.
In 2014, the Parents Annual Fund will be
supporting the furnishing of the new Leadership
and Service Center in the Russell House
University Union. This new center will provide a
space for students to connect with one another
and impact the community and world around
You should receive a phone call this academic
year from one of the student Carolina Callers
asking you to make a donation to the Parents
Annual Fund. You also can make your gift online
at www.sa.sc.edu/parents. Your gifts, no matter
the size, are important to provide funding for
great programs and projects like these.
Thank you for your support!
Dinner Dialogues
The Office of Parents Programs wishes to thank all
donors who made gifts to the Parents Annual Fund
between July 1, 2013 and June 30, 2014.
$5,000 and above
Dr. and Mrs. Scott B. Boyd
Mr. and Mrs. Gary R. Green
Mr. and Mrs. George L. Holm
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J.
Keegan VI
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Koons
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Lucot
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Rumely, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis F. Strigl
Mr. and Mrs. John Abplanalp
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff B. Archie
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Alan Bories
Mr. and Mrs. Glen K. Boucher
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Boyce
Mr. and Mrs. Sergio A. Cadavid
Mr. and Mrs. Derick
Springsteen Close
Mr. and Mrs. Alan W.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Genau, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Haleski
Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Hastings
Mr. and Mrs. Joel D. Hill
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Lepczyk
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gardner
Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Ragsdale
Mr. and Mrs. James Richard Risko
Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy B. Strickland
Mr. and Mrs. Jay M. Swanson
Mr. and Mrs. Maxwell L. Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Turner
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Bernstein
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Blanchard
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lide Coker
Mr. and Mrs. Ellis P. Gardner
Mr. David M. Gianascoli
Mr. and Mrs. Michael John
Mr. and Mrs. Sterling J. U. Laffitte
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony LaGroon
Mr. and Mrs. Tobias Latham
Mr. and Mrs. William Morrisette, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Ragsdale
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel B. Rankin
Mr. Sean Rooney
Mr. and Mrs. R. Lewis Ropp
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew M.
Shannon, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Sharpe, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Lore
Taylor, Jr.
Mr. John A. Abbate
Mr. Joseph Albano
Mr. and Mrs. Paul T. Beste
Mr. John Bickley
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Breunig
Mrs. Elizabeth B. Brueggeman
Mr. Richard S. Burke
Mr. George A. Butcher, Jr.
Mr. Deepak Chowdhary
Mr. and Mrs. James Francis
Devins III
Ms. Carrie C. Dowdy
Mr. Paul Drain
Mr. James Dunleavy
Ms. Dianne M. DuRussel and
Mr. Paul J. Schmeling
Ms. Donna Feldman and Mr.
Karl Krausman
Mr. Christopher J. Franki
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hedrick, Jr.
Mr. Robert Hinton
Mr. Carter W. Hotchkiss
Mr. Victor F. Janas
Mr. Wayne Kitchens
Mr. and Mrs. Joel H. Maness
Mr. Luke T. Meisenbacher
Mr. Ruel Pile
Mr. Joseph M. Radinovic
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Ravins
Mrs. Paula S. Reynolds
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Shandley
Mr. William Shean
Mr. Brian Shepherd
Mr. Richard Taavon
Mr. Roger Williams
Mrs. Dorothy M. Abel
Mr. Gerald Addis
Mrs. Bethan C. Austin
Mr. John T. Bakhaus
Mr. Marc E. Batt
Mr. Gerald Baxter
Ms. Dory Benitez
Mr. Richard W. Black
Ms. Terri Black
Mr. David G. Bordiuk
Mr. George Brian
Mr. W. Cuyler Calton, Jr.
Mr. Jeffrey P. Caporossi
Ms. Brenda J. Cardinal
Ms. Virginia Benson Chanda
Mr. James B. Collawn
Mr. H. Leon Comer, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Steven W. Corso
Mr. Willie L. Davis
Ms. Tammy Deas
Ms. Torri Deaton
Mr. William D. deGolian
Mr. Hazen Dempster
Ms. Gail C. Dia
Mr. Anthony D. Dipaolo
Mr. James F. Dooley, Jr.
Ms. Michaelyn J. Drury
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Dunleavy
Mr. Richard Ector
Ms. Jennifer Eichinger
Ms. Tina Elrod
Mr. and Mrs. William K. Fisher
Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Foster
Mr. Hunter Alston Gibbes
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Dwight Glenn
Mr. Michael Gooding
Mr. Billy J. Gore
Mr. Peter C. Hall
Ms. Lyn Diane Harrison
Mr. Lawrence A. Hetrick
Dr. Judith Farley Hoffman
Mrs. Julia E. Hooper
Mr. Arthur B. Hough
Mr. Carl Hubbard
Mr. Louis Huntley
Mr. Melvin Collier Irvin
Mr. and Mrs. Ozane Jackson
Mr. Todd W. Jared
Mr. Gregory S. Jones
Mr. Michael Kantorowski
Ms. Sharon G. Kizer
Mr. Caroll D. Koscheski
Mr. Scott D. Kuiper
Mr. Todd R. Larrabee
Mr. Michael Lau
Mr. Peter Lehman
Mr. and Mrs. Danny Lloyd
Mr. Douglas Lombardo
Mrs. Cynthia T. Long
Mr. Kenneth Luttmer
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Brock Lutz
Mr. Carl Stanford Madsen
Mr. Peter Marchesini
Mr. John H. Marston
Mrs. Pamela A. Martin
Mr. William L. May
Ms. Karen Kane McDonnell
Ms. Mary McIntyre
Mr. William C. Miller
Ms. Laurel E. Moller
Mr. William F. Moore
Mr. James T. Moran
Ms. Judith L. Murden
Mr. David J. Norman
Mr. Michael Nowak
Mr. Jeffrey O’Reilly
Mr. Marshall Jeffrey Parker
Mr. Charles Adam Peacock
Mrs. Barbara A. Peplinski
Dr. Patricia Harper Petrozza
Mr. Terry Marshall Phillips
Mr. Daniel Radich
Mr. Kevin Reid
Ms. Cynthia Young Reisz
Mrs. Regina Celeste Rolwood
Mr. Lee Rubenstein
Ms. Margaret Rubenstein
Mr. Ramachellapp Sairam
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Shelton
Mr. and Mrs. David H. Simpkins
Office of Parents Programs 11
Mr. David L. Skelton
Mr. Michael Skulkety
Ms. Carla H. Stinson
Mr. Joseph L. Tarullo
Mr. Richard M. Tierney
Ms. Kathy Sue Tranter
Ms. Connie Trello
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Stewart
Mr. Bruce Tyson
Dr. and Mrs. Arthur K. Walter
Ms. Della S. Watkins
Mr. Stephen W. Waugh
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan West
Mr. Todd Whisenant
Mrs. Margaret L. Stewart-White
and Mr. Abraham White
Ms. Theresa K. Wilk
Mr. Jeffery Williams
Dr. Mitchell Jay Wolin
Mrs. Maryanne W. Yates
York County Gamecock Club
Ms. Teresa R. Young
Mrs. Sarah F. Aldridge
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Alston
Ms. Jodie Angelos
Ms. Maria Arias
Ms. Mary Atkinson
Mr. David L. Ballard
Mr. Francisco Barberena
Mrs. Mary E. Barrazotto
Mr. Dean Barsaleau
Ms. Beth B. Bathe
Mrs. Mary Beck
Ms. Paula J. Belken
Mr. Michael J. Berman
Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Berthold
Mr. Charles R. Betivas
Mr. Scott C. Betlesky
Mr. Robert N. Beury, Jr.
Ms. Diane Biddix
Mr. and Mrs. Richard G.
Mr. Mark Edward Bishop
Mr. Randy D. Black
Mr. Thomas Black
Mr. Christopher M. Blanchard
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Cahill Blinn, Jr.
Mr. Mitch Bluhm
Ms. Sharon A. Bodner
Ms. Diana J. Brady
Mrs. Mary Beth Branham
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Brennan III
Mr. Steven Brockmiller
Mrs. Julia Ann Bryan
Ms. Angela Buckman
Ms. Frances M. Bullman
Mr. Louis T. Butler
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen T. Butler
Ms. Sarah G. Byars
Mr. Carey Mcginnis Capell
Mr. Frank Caputo
Mr. Thomas R. Carragher
Mr. Henri Castro
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher
Joseph Celani
Mr. John William Chambers
Ms. Chelan I. Chipman
Mr. Michael Ciarroccki
Mr. Gary B. Clark
Mr. Leonard M. Cleveland, Jr.
Ms. Kathryn Sue Collins
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen A.
Mr. Todd Cowen
Mr. David E. Cox, Jr.
Mr. Kevin Cox
Mrs. Susan Custer
Mr. Gerald Joseph Danko
Mr. Mark Davidson
Mr. Paul Christian Davies
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Demichiei
Dawn M. Dempsey
Mr. David DePorter
Mr. James Philip DiChiara
Mr. Patrick Dixon
Mr. Guy A. Donatelli
Mr. and Mrs. G.T. Dotterer, Jr.
Mr. Michael Doyle
Mr. Mark Dreyer
Mr. and Mrs. William Dudziak
Ms. Susan Diane Eadie
Mr. William M. Easterday
Mr. Donald Edelmann
Dr. Richard Edelson
Mr. Charles M. Ellis
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Elster
Mr. Michael Joseph Enright
12 University of South Carolina
Mr. and Mrs. Martin J. Etzel
Dr. and Mrs. John A. Feldenzer
Mr. Robert Ferguson
Mr. Carlo Figueroa
Ms. Teresa A. Fischer
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond M. Fisher
Ms. Catherine M. Foust
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Fouts
Mr. Wilmer J. Freiberg
Mr. Michael J. Freix
Mrs. Santina M. Gallimore
Ms. Brenda Garbo
Ms. Susan Gardner
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Gates III
Mrs. Priscilla B. Gayle
Mr. Jeffrey Gersbach
Ms. Shannon K. Ghrigsby
Ms. Claire D. Glover
Ms. Lynn R. Goldsmith
Mrs. Kathleen E. Goodwin
Mr. Simeon Gordon
Mr. James D. Gostylo
Mr. Stephen L. Grant
Mrs. Debra R. Green
Ms. Anne Johnston Gregg
Mr. and Mrs. George J. Gregory
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald G. Grilli
Mr. and Mrs. Darryl Gross
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Hall
Mr. and Mrs. Dan W. Hamilton
Mr. Dan W. Hamilton
Ms. Sharon S. Hammond
Mrs. Rebecca K. Hanckel
Mr. Fred Harchelroad
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Hare
Mrs. Donna J. Harrell
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey W. Harris
Mr. Dale Hastings
Ms. Janine L. Havens
Mr. Jeffrey C. Hawk
Mr. Eric Helmick
Mr. David Hershkowitz
Ms. Janice M. Hinnant
Mr. Douglas Holthus
Mr. Thomas Hoskins
Mr. and Mrs. David Ross Howard
Ms. Marjolein Huber
Ms. Pamela Hughes
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Mark
Mr. George Hunt
Mr. James R. Hutchins
Mr. Robert L. Inskeep, Jr.
Ms. Joyce Cook Jackson
Ms. Esther H. Jaridau
Mr. and Mrs. Hogan D. Kane
Mrs. Maria Kastrenakes
Mr. Kevin Keefe
Ms. Pamela Keefer
The Honorable Mark S. Kelley
Ms. Maura Ann Kerley
Mr. Michael Killough
Ms. Sally King-Gilreath
Ms. Barbara Kiselak
Mr. Jeffrey C. Klein
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Kozik
Mrs. Amy Krysiek
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey J. Kudlata
Mr. Keith Larkin
Mr. Lawrence Lavender
Mr. Mark Leas
Mrs. Janet Marjorie LeClair and
Mr. John Bragg
Ms. Toni B. Lindbloom
Mr. Eric Glenn Little
Mrs. Wanda H. Littlejohn
Mrs. Catherine M. Long
Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Ludwig
Ms. Juana F. Lugo
Mr. William Luttmer
The Reverend Frank Lybrand
Mr. Steven Lynch
Mr. William K. Maguire
Mr. and Mrs. Lance Mailman
Mrs. Margaret C. Maloney
Mr. Joseph M. Maltby
Ms. Maria Maltby
Mr. Thomas Margle
Mr. Thomas E. Martin
Mrs. Amelia N. Martinez
Mr. Byron C. May
Mr. Michael D. May
Ms. Jane E. McAlpine
Mr. Tommy Albert McBride
Mrs. Deborah A. McCabe
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. McCarty
Ms. Linda McGill
Mr. Thomas M. McHugh
Mrs. Donna Marie McIntosh
Mr. Raymond Allan McKinney
Mr. Michael McNamara
Mr. Gregory J. Meiman
Ms. Melissa Meredith
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Midgette
Ms. Jeanette S. Miller
Mr. Rufus Miller
Mr. Steven A. Morrison
Mr. Troy Anthony Moss
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen G. Mowles
Mr. Michael Mueller
Mr. James Mullooly
Mrs. Constance Murphy
Ms. Danielle Lauren Musachia
Mr. Robert Myers
Ms. Susan Elaine Newberry
Mr. Michael Kevin Newell
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Newton
Ms. Katherine Nishnic
Mr. Michael Nishnic
Mrs. Ginger E. Nolan
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. O’Connor
Mrs. Brandi R. O’Haren
Mr. Edward D. Olsen
Ms. Rebecca Olsen
Mr. and Mrs. Lyden D. Olson
Mr. Ralph D. Orth
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Palombo
Mr. Jefferson Panton
Mr. Dilipkumar A. Patel
Mr. Jitendra Patel
Mr. and Mrs. Gregg R. Pelowski
Mr. Craig M. Peterson
Mr. Garrett A. Pfeifer
Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie C. Plyler II
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Powers
Mr. Thomas A. Powers
Mr. and Mrs. Brian G. Pullen
Mr. Trent K. Purcell
Ms. Leelian Quek
Mr. Daniel Quigley
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel S. Rajczak
Mrs. Barbara Ruehl Reagan
Ms. Sallie S. Rice
Mr. and Mrs. George Dicenzo
Mr. Taggart H. Robertson
Mr. David L. Robey
Mr. Andrew N. Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Roche
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Rosner
Mrs. Joanne Rubert-Ward
Ms. Ann D. Schaumburg
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Schenasi
Ms. Donna Schwartz-Watts
Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell E. Scruggs
Mr. Daniel Seaborn
Ms. Juanita C. Seabrook
Mr. David Shannon
Mr. Aaron Sheehy
Mr. Arthur Shepard
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Xavier Shields
Mr. and Mrs. John Sidoni
Ms. Kathy A. Slivka
Mr. Arthur L. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rufus
Smith III
Ms. Carol T. Smolen
Mr. Russell C. Snapper
Mr. Christopher Snyder
Mr. Henry J. Stein
Ms. Cheryl Sage Stevens
Mr. Kurt E. Stoffer
Mrs. Jane C. Stugart
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Olman
Mrs. Doris C. Suggs
Mr. Steve Sulser
Mrs. Amy M. Swindle
Ms. Stefaney Tate
Mr. Daniel Tedesco
Mr. Alan D. Thomas
Mr. Joram Thomas
Mr. Scott R. Treiber
Mr. Anthony Tulisiak
Mr. Maxwell Lee Turner
Mr. John J. Urh
Mr. Philip C. van Leeuwen
Mr. Ronald Derek Vick
Mr. Timothy Charles Vile
Ms. Lisa Wasserman
Ms. Rachel L. Waterhouse
Mr. Steven Watts
Mrs. Audrey Weil
Ms. Kelly B. Weiss
Mr. and Mrs. David Mark Wendt
Ms. Allison Whitlatch
Ms. Doris Wiese
Mrs. Tracy Wilde
Mr. Joseph Willis
Ms. Karen R. Witherspoon
Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson V. Wright
Ms. Eileen Young
Mr. and Mrs. Steve E. Young
Mr. and Mrs. David Allen
Mrs. Amy D. Adams
Yetunde Adegbite
Mr. Alfred Garner Agee
Mr. Daniel J. Alion
Mr. Larry Anderegg
Mr. Daniel J. Anderson
Mr. John Armand
Mr. Dana Paul Arneman, Jr.
Mrs. Susan Asbaty
Mrs. Geraldine M. Avitabile
Dr. Keith Reeves Barron
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Edkar
Barrs, Jr.
Ms. Tanginica Barton
Mr. Gregory Bauer
Ms. Lisa F. Beaulieu
Mrs. Cheryl A. Begnal
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Y. Bennett
Mr. James A. Benson, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Einer
Mrs. Becky D. Berry
Mr. Joseph R. Bishop III
Mr. John L. Biskaduros
Ms. Michelle E. Bjork
Mr. Mark Boissonneault
Mr. Andrew J. Boone
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Bott
Mr. John J. Brennan
Mr. Leonard Brooks III
Ms. Lisa Kay Bruce
Ms. Leslie C. Bryson
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel H. Buffum
Ms. Sandy B. Burns
Mr. David E. Buxton
Mrs. Anna M. Cambron
Mr. James C. Campbell, Jr.
Mr. William Carey
Mr. Frederick Carragher
Mr. Michael F. Carter
Ms. Susan M. Centeno
Mrs. Jacqueline Chiarolanza
Mr. Russell Cole
Mrs. Tracey Lynch Coleman
Mrs. Allison S. Collie
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Collins
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Condon, Sr.
Ms. Deborah Ann Corvini
Mrs. Elizabeth A. Crabtree
Ms. Deborah C. Craven
Mr. John Crawford
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond A.
Mr. Christopher Cunningham
Mr. Ronald L. Daniels
Ms. Meg Todd Davis
Ms. Kelly Ann Delaney
Mr. Kevin Derrick
Ms. Gillian Bell Dewberry
Mr. and Mrs. Brad Ditmar
Ms. Lisa B. Donevant
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Dopp
Ms. Carrie D. Doyle
Ms. Marie Dupree
Mr. Robert Durkin
Mr. Matthew Durst
Ms. April Efros
Ms. Reta J. Ellisor
Ms. Sharon Elstein
Mrs. Anne Marie Emerick
Ms. Christine Marie Ettridge
Ms. Sandra Polk Fairchild
Ms. Randy Farmer-OConnor
Ms. Susan Federico
Ms. Janet A. Feler
Mr. Daniel Feruck
Mr. Paul Philip Fierszt
Ms. Diane Flanagan
Mr. R. Keith Fletcher
Mr. Efrain Flores
Mr. Clifton P. Flynn III
Ms. Donna Formoso
Ms. Christie Foster
Mr. Chales J. Fox IV
Mrs. Margaret FreemanKarcewski
Mr. Dennis A. Gaishauser D.D.S.
Mr. R. Brett Gash
Mr. Ross Allen Geiger
Ms. Susan L. Gilliam
Ms. Jonie Gray
Mr. David F. Green, Sr.
Ms. Elizabeth Green
Office of Parents Programs 13
Mrs. Pamela R. Greenfield
Mr. Steve Gregar
Mr. Doug Grier
Mr. and Mrs. William Darrell
Mrs. Elizabeth W. Gryger
Ms. Josephine Gunter
Ms. Lynne Gunther
Mr. Arthur V. Hall
Ms. Debra L. Hall
Mrs. Normagean J. Hall
Mr. James Barry Hand
Ms. Christina Marie Hanselman
Ms. Patricia Harper
Ms. Marilyn W. Harry
Mr. Douglas S. Hart
Mr. Allen Hauser
Mr. Thomas E. Hay
Mr. John Wagner Helms
Mr. James D. Henderson
Mr. Sean L. Henderson
Mr. A. Scott Hendrix
Mr. Peter C. Herbert
Rabbi Ron Robert Herstik
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Hinton
Mr. Raymond L. Hodgkinson
Ms. Deannie B. Holt
Ms. Joy R. Honeycutt
The Reverend Ralph F. Howe
Mr. Alan R. Hubbard, Jr.
Mr. Willis Huffman
Ms. Carla Huntzinger
Mr. Michael Ingraham
Ms. Kathleen M. Jacobus
Mr. Gregory James
Mr. Christopher P. Jameson
Mr. Vincent Jannetty
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Jessee
Ms. Susan Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Jones
Mrs. Amy K. Joslin
Ms. Teresa Justice
Mrs. Hyeong Jin Kahng
Mr. Stephen Wade Kalkofen
Ms. Susan L. Kampe
Mr. and Mrs. Alherd P. Kazura
Mrs. Cathryn L. Keane
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Keefer
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Kehoe
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Vincent Kelly
Mr. James G. Kennedy
Ms. Martha Mary Kessler
Ms. Stacey Ann Kirchenheiter
Ms. Robin B. Kloeppel
Mr. Thomas J. Kochenash
Mr. Mark Todd Koumas
Mrs. Mary E. Krueger
Ms. Leisa D. Lackey
Ms. Candace H. Lambert
Mrs. Sylvia A. Langford
Mrs. Anne Marie Langmack
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Lees
Ms. Allison R. Leggett
Mr. Durall T. Legrone, Jr.
Ms. Linda C. Leonard
Ms. Sue Ellen Librizzi
Ms. Stephanie A. Litz
Mrs. Gayle Lofgren
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Joesph Lohnes
Mr. James C. Lolli
Mr. Jack W. Long
Mrs. Nancy Jones Lowe
Mr. Charles P. Luera
Mr. David Lummis
Mrs. Geraldine Marie
Mr. Ronald A. Malstrom
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Edward
Massey, Jr.
Ms. Gretchen E. Mathes
Ms. Miriam Lynne Mathis
Ms. Elizabeth Matricciano
Mrs. Margie Bright Matthews
Ms. Ann Marie Mazur
Mr. and Mrs. T. V. McCone
Ms. Catherine S. McFadden
Ms. Ann McIntosh
Mr. James J. McKittrick
Mr. Marshall Poulnot McMillan
Mr. Jerome McNamara
Mr. Troy Alan McNear
Mrs. Marianne D. Melton
Ms. Anne Miller
Mr. Philip C. Miller
Ms. Sylvia L. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan R. Mills
Ms. Lisa Ernistine Minshew
Ms. Michele Mitchell
Mr. Benjamin Mollo
Mr. Kevin P. Mooney
14 University of South Carolina
Ms. Ann Keiger Morrison
Mrs. Helen Morschauser
Ms. Georgette Moses
Mr. Kevin C. Muldowney
Mr. Charles C. Munford
Ms. Linda R. Nelson
Mrs. Anne C. Neuville
Mrs. Sylvia B. Newsome
Mr. Lanh Ngo
Mr. and Mrs. Scott C. Nicoll
Ms. Janice P. Nolan
Mr. Thomas P. Nolan
Mrs. Louise Hoffman O’Connor
Mr. Michael O’Connor
Ms. Lisa L. O’Dell
Ms. Margaret Odoi
Mr. Peter Olyarchuk
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Orford
Ms. Emma J. Parnell-Klabo
Mr. Timothy L. Peachey
Mrs. April A. Pennisi
Mr. Wade R. Perry
Ms. Corinne Pfeiffer
Ms. Joanne G. Pitts
Ms. Jane Ann Plante
Mr. Brian Plunkett
Mr. George Allen Priester
Mr. Anthony Principe
Mr. Peter Murray Prominski
Mrs. Donna Prothro
Mr. John Pruser
Ms. Glenda Quade
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond John
Mr. Michael R. Quinn
Mrs. Michele R. Raines
Ms. Theresa Randall
Ms. Cammie Lowry Read
Mrs. Janet M. Repp
Mrs. Linda L. Reynolds
Mrs. Suzanne M. Reynolds
Mr. Carl W. Richardson
Mr. George Earl Richardson
Mrs. Teena V. Richardson
Mr. Peter A. Riordan, Sr.
Mr. Lester W. Robinson
Dr. Gregory Rokosz
Mrs. Karen Romanyzyn
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lance Roper
Mrs. Nancy Rosengarth
Mr. Eugene Joseph Rossi
Mr. Kevin E. Russell
Ms. Ruth Lois Sabella
Ms. Karen Sakolish
Ms. Helen Sandy-Hector
Mr. Jeffrey W. Sargent
Mr. James Saum
Ms. Anne Marie Schaub
Mr. Robert Schetlick
Mr. Lyle K. Schiavone
Mr. Thomas G. Schiller
Mr. Bradley Dean Schober
Mr. Christopher W. Schroeder
Ms. Denise P. Schwartz
Mr. David S. Septoff
Ms. Lisa Fraim Seu
Mrs. Heather Sharpe
Mr. Dale Teruo Shirasago
Ms. Patricia M. Shull
Ms. Cheryl Lynn Silakoski
Ms. Vickey G. Simmons
Mrs. Mary F. Sinclair
Mr. R. Grant Singleton III
Mr. John Daniel Smith
Ms. Vicke Smith
Mr. Jeffrey Hunt Solomon
Mr. Greg Solsrud
Ms. Diantha S. Southworth
Mr. Arthur Speck
Ms. Gwinn Spence
Ms. Lisa R. Spera and Mr. Paul
S. Bell
Ms. Molly McGee Spurgeon
Ms. Malgorzata Srednicki
Mr. John L. Steed, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stein
Ms. Natalie Stiles
Ms. Patricia H. Stoddard
Mr. Steven Richard Stoll
Mrs. Marcia K. Storb
Mr. Gregory S. Stowers
Mrs. Lesia Michelle Sturkie
Mrs. Phyllis L. Suber
Mr. and Mrs. Brian E. Szabo
Ms. Maryann L. Tallon
Ms. Debra M. Taylor
Mrs. Janice Teixeira
Mr. John Thompson
Mr. Michael J. Thompson
Mr. John Edward Tranter
Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Tucker
Ms. Lisa Twomey
Mrs. Evelyn B. Utley
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Vales
Ms. Rosalyn J. van Baaren
Mr. Jasper B. Varn, Jr.
Mrs. Victoria A. Vincent
Ms. Natalie Waggener
Mr. Benjamin Walker
Mrs. Sheila B. Wallace
Mr. Jeffrey P. Walling
Ms. Susan Stellmann Walsh
Mr. Norman Bryan Walters
Mr. Eric J. Wansong
Ms. Pylisha Ward
Mr. and Mrs. David S. Warren
Ms. Deborah G. Washington
Mr. and Mrs. Hilton
Washington, Jr.
Mr. Gregory Weiner
Ms. Kathy Whaley
Mr. R. James Wheaton
Ms. Christa Wilson
Ms. Katherine Winship
Ms. Ann Scott Wolf
Mrs. Catherine Woods
Mr. Larry Worsham
Ms. Susan I. Yates
Ms. Lisa Schultz and Mr.
Michael A. Yeager
Mrs. Nancy Davis Yglesias
Mrs. Deborah J. Yokum
Ms. Kathryn Joan Young
Ms. Marilyn S. Zaker
Mr. Eric Zelman
Ms. Deborah Ann Zimmerman
Mrs. Eileen O. Zimmerman
Ms. Terri L. Zuke
Care has been taken in the
preparation of this report to assure
complete and accurate recording.
However, if omissions or errors
have occurred, we express our
sincere regret and request that you
bring such errors to our attention.
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Spring 2015 Calendar
January 7
Residence halls open at 8 a.m.
January 12 First day of spring semester
January 19
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day
of Service (no classes - campus
offices closed)
January 20
Last day to change/drop a
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being recorded
February 2 Last day to apply for May
March 5
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being recorded
Midpoint in the spring semester
March 7
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March 7-15
Spring break (no classes)
March 15
April 16
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April 27
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April 28
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April 29-May 6
May 7
May 8-9
Residence halls open at 8 a.m.
Spring semester final exams
Residence halls close at 10 a.m.
Commencement exercises