Pennsylvania Volunteer Program 2014 Annual Report

Pennsylvania Volunteer News
January 2015
Pennsylvania Volunteer Program
2014 Annual Report
Volunteers give us a bigger vision. Knowing that we have their resources to help us accomplish our mission gives us
confidence that if we set ambitious goals we can (and will) reach them! Each year, the Pennsylvania Program employs
hundreds of volunteers to carry out the mission of The Nature Conservancy across the state and beyond.
This was yet another most successful year for the Pennsylvania Volunteer Program. Although contributions made by
volunteers go well beyond just how many hours we tally, it is a way to measure our success. With that, it is a pleasure to
report that a total of 211 volunteers contributed 5,220 hours to our efforts in Pennsylvania for 2014. This equates to
3 full-time employees with an estimated value of approximately $120K.
We wish to acknowledge the volunteers listed below who reached special milestones for this year:
25+ Hours
Ron Ashton
Trebbe Johnson
Mike Bertram
David Ross
Andy Gardner
Don Roten
Bob Gray
Jerry Skinner
Sam Griffin
Mike Waltz
Anna Hull
Henry Whitesel
50+ Hours
Peter Appel
Barb Baer
Jennifer Esch
Gene Katapski
Bob Snyder
Kent Wagner
100+ Hours
Elisa Barbis
Rob Gregory
250+ Hours
Cathy McAuliffe
2014 Pennsylvania Volunteer Contributions by Program
Habitat & Preserve Maintenance/Management
Operations (Admistrative/Philanthropy)
Conservation Programs
Preserve Committee Meetings
Government Relations
Board of Trustees
Besides the individual volunteers who work independently to support our efforts near their homes and throughout
the state, there are also several groups who dedicate their time as well. And their many contributions can’t always
be counted in hours. We wish to also thank the following groups in acknowledgement for all that they do in
support of our conservation efforts in Pennsylvania and around the world.
Pennsylvania Board of Trustees
Chair, Dennis M. Wint, Ph.D.
The Franklin Institute
Peter C. Hearn
Willis Re Inc.
Christina M. Schmidlapp
Parks Advocate
Treasurer, Katherine J. Bishop
Lebanon Seaboard Corporation
Elizabeth C. Hucker
Superior Family Office, Inc.
William M. Whetzel
Mitchell, Sinkler & Starr
Edward B. Daeschler, Ph.D.
Academy of Natural Sciences
Mark E. Konen
Lincoln Financial Group
Frank A. Wickes, Jr.
Cabin Creek Farms
Billie R. DeWalt Ph.D.
Arts Consulting Group
Douglas A. Neidich
GreenWorks & Solarity, LLC
Susan M. Doering
Philadelphia Insurance Co.
Kimberly C. Oxholm
Leader in nonprofit, grantmaking &
political communities
H. Boyce Budd
Thomas Dolan, IV
V. Richard Eales
Harry C. Groome
Donald W. Hamer
Hugh G. Moulton
Carol Steinour Young
John D. Ehinger
Edwin G. Robb
Kurtz-Hastings (retired)
Leonard P. Friender, III
Gentex Corporation
David W. Schlendorf
Alcoa Building & Construction
Systems (retired)
James R. Grace, Ph.D.
Pennsylvania State University
Florence Shelly Preserve Stewardship Committee
Kathy (Shelly) Cameron
Dave Clemens
Andy Gardner, President
Trebbe Johnson
Hank Hartman, Treasurer
Jim Sanderson
Stuart Slocum
Mike Solomon
Janet Tedesco, Secretary
Tim Tedesco
Friends of the State-Line Serpentine Barrens
Bob Gray, Chair
Anna Hull, Vice Chair
David Ross, Secretary
Rose Chase, Treasurer
Mike Bertram, Research/Advisory
Henry Whitesel, Volunteer Workday Coordinator
Kay Davies, Member/Advisory
Ruth Galantino, Member Advisory
Kent Wagner, Member/Advisory
Mike Waltz, Member/Advisory
Tannersville Cranberry Bog Committee & Friends
Amy Albert
Joe Bedrick
Jim Hannon
Ann Harmon
Al Kagan
Ellen Kagan
Ray Milewski
Don Miller
Candace Roper
Ray Roper
Roger Spotts, MCCD
Laurinda Rubin
Sue Young
Lorraine Anderson
David Buck
Bob Demarest
Pam Finkbeiner
Tim Grover
Ken Sandri
Woodbourne Stewardship Committee
Jearalyn Adams
Bill Aileo
Pat Bidlake
Charlie Denkenberger
Ken Ely
Paula Giorgio, Secretary
Jim Kessler
Rich Mackey
Bill Walker
Ed Schirra, Treasurer
Jerry Skinner, Resident Naturalist
Henry Spering
Mary Spering
Joyce Stone, Chair
Tim Woolcock
Nancy Wottrich, Vice Chair
In memoriam
It is with great sadness that I report to you on the recent death of a remarkable woman &
conservationist, Cathy McAuliffe. As some of you may know, Cathy made such a
tremendous impact on everything she touched and to all who knew her. She first blessed our
lives as a volunteer in March of 2013 and was hired on June 30, 2014 as Administrative
Assistant for Hauser Nature Center. Cathy also volunteered at the Delaware Water Gap
and she retired from St Paul’s School, Brooklandville, Maryland in 2010 where she was the
Executive Assistant to the Headmaster and Board of Trustees from 1984-2010. She is
survived by her husband Larry and son Sean.
Cathy once wrote;
“For as long as I can remember, I have been in awe of our beautiful blue planet. I’m totally
in love with Mother Earth. Nature grounds me. It’s what I’m all about.”
In lieu of flowers, donations in Cathy’s memory may be sent to The Nature
Conservancy/Pennsylvania Chapter or to St. Paul’s School/McAuliffe Memorial, PO Box
8100, Brooklandville, MD 21022 where all memorial donations will be directed to the
Catherine McAuliffe Environmental Stewardship Endowment Fund.
Other Opportunities
Outreach Opportunities:
Vernal Pool Hike Leaders: Volunteers are needed to lead our Vernal Pool Hikes at our Forest
Pools Preserve @ Kings Gap (Carlisle, PA in Cumberland County) as well as our Minsi Lake
Preserve (Bangor, PA in Northampton County) in March. Training will be provided.
2014 Hike Leaders: TNC-PA is looking for volunteers interested in leading hikes across the
state, throughout the year. Suggestions for great places to hike are also greatly appreciated.
For more information about these and other opportunities, please contact Molly Anderson at
[email protected] or (717) 418-9518.
More News
The Nature Conservancy
We wish to extend a very warm
welcome and many thanks to our
new volunteers who have recently
registered to join our great team
through the new online tool.
2014 Conservation Highlights
Please join me in welcoming
Gwen Johnson, Carolyn Shaner,
Kathleen Smith, Greg Navarro,
Sandi Bush, Tim McCullough, John
Carbone, Kevin Erb, Sarah Maxwell,
Andrea Fernandez, Kara Schoch,
Taylor Rycroft, Nicole Metas,
Lorelle Sherman, Stephen Ailes,
Jessica Carlson, and Carol Weisl.
We look forward to working with
you all this year!
From California to Kosrae, thank you for
everything you did over the past year to help
protect lands and waters around the globe.
It’s safe to say that The Nature Conservancy
has never been stronger. 2014 was our best
fundraising year ever, in large part because it
was also our most collaborative and
innovative. Thanks to your support, we enter
2015 well-positioned to protect important
places, transform the way people value and
use nature, and inspire greater investment in
Penn’s Woods
Interesting facts, figures and
statistics, teaching old dams
new tricks, science and
values in the Eastern Forest,
to read all of these stories
and more please take a
moment to download the
latest Fall/Winter edition of
the Penn’s Woods
Please enjoy this short video that highlights
our successes by clicking the link below:
Visit our website at
Wish List
Nature Trivia
We are currently seeking donations of the
following items:
The first to respond with the correct answer to this month’s trivia
question will win a prize. Please contact Molly Anderson with your
answer at (717) 418-9518 or [email protected]
Wood chipper
(In good, working condition)
Pickup Truck
(In good, working condition)
Personal Protection Equipment
(helmets & chaps)
If you have these or other items you
would like to donate, please contact
Molly Anderson at
(717) 418-9518
[email protected]
January 2015 Question:
What is the hottest temperature ever recorded
in Pennsylvania?
Answer for December Trivia: The coldest temperature ever
recorded in Pennsylvania is -42 ºF in Smethport, PA (the county seat
of McKean County) on January 5, 1904.
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