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Bean, Cobra
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inadequate fertility, misapplication of pesticides, planting date, planting location, soil type, irrigation practices, and insects, disease and weed pressures
and other acts of nature.
Jersey Knight F1
Opera F1
A 4’ tall plant with an abundance of purple chokes. In our trials,
chokes were ready for harvest in early June and continued to
produce for several weeks. A great first-year producer; cold hardy.
Tavor Imperial Star (OP)
Imperial Star type. Terrific variety for the Pacific Northwest and will
over-winter in temperate regions. Plant is a hardy bush that produces
many firm, meaty globes. Tavor produces 8-10 chokes per plant.
Another excellent artichoke to get the season started early.
New! ISR F1
During our 2014 trials, we discovered ISR to be more round and
more compact than Tavor. Highly uniform globes on a vigorous,
nearly spineless bush.
Also Available: Green Globe (OP), Imperial Star PVP (OP)
F, Rust
One of the most widely adapted “Jersey” all-male hybrids. Out
performs open pollinated varieties in trials and tolerates heavy soils.
Bush Types
Lewis 53 days
An all-male hybrid that is 7-10 days earlier than Jersey Knight. Well
adapted to temperate climates with very high yield potential and good
rust resistance. Spears have slightly more purpling than Jersey Knight.
Lewis has an upright plant habit that sets attractive, smooth
and straight pods. Consistent 5.5 inch dark green beans are set
midway on the plant with a sieve size of 3 to 4. Heavy yielding and
easy to pick, Lewis performs well into the fall and has an excellent
disease package, and great flavor. Concentrated harvest.
Rocdor 53 days
Ravel F1
Ravel is an all male hybrid with early maturity and unusually high
yield. In Eastern WA trials the spear count far outweighed that of
the standard varieties. Ravel produces straight, smooth and strong
spears that resist breaking. Produced a bountiful crop in our Western
Washington planting from early April, with a long harvest period.
Rapsody F1
Mid to late maturing all male hybrid that works well in all soils.
Strong spears have tight tips and are very uniform. Excellent yields.
The dark green foliage is healthy and remains green allowing for
extended assimilation of nutrients to ensure a healthy crop the
following season.
Jersey Supreme F1
This wax bean produces heavy yields of fancy, slender, pale-yellow
pods on a sturdy plant. Rocdor is the earliest quality yellow wax
bean available. The smooth pods have a delicious buttery flavor
and dark seeds. Continuous harvest.
Barron 54 days
A very productive dark green bean. Pods form high on a medium
tall, strong upright plant. The consistently straight beans are 5.5”-6”
long. In a 12-variety trial planted June 21st North of Pasco, WA it
was the first variety to mature. Consistent sieve 4 sized beans and
very disease resistant.
Crockett 60 days
BCMV, CTV, PSP, Pss, Xap
Beans are slender, 2 to 3 sieve, deep green, straight and uniform.
We loved the fresh sweet flavor. The plant habit is very upright,
and the beans are held high on the plant. Harvest is a breeze due
to concentrated sets held out from the stem in large clusters. This
variety prefers fertile soil.
Tambora 60 days
Tambora’s yield of consistently attractive yellow 5” pods is
impressive. Beans are concentrated in the upper part of the plant,
making for easy picking. This bean is a favorite and a must to try!
Artichoke, ISR
Artichoke, Opera
Asparagus, Ramires
Asparagus, Rapsody (blanched)
Asparagus, Rapsody (plant)
Bean, Lewis
Bean, Rocdor
Bean, Barron
Bean, Tambora
Bean, Crockett
Osborne Seed Company, LLC
Fortex 65 days
BEAN continued
Bush Types
Venice 62 days
A fabulous variety that continues to rate at the top of our trials.
Venice is a very straight and uniform medium-to-late variety with
an upright, solid plant. A heavy yielder of deep green pods with an
extended harvest period and consistent performance. Refined and
Also Available: BBL 274 , Caprice, Concesa, Gold Rush, HM
5101, Jade , Maxibel, Nickel, Provider , Sahara & Savannah
Plant Habit
New! Cobra 58-60 days
A, V1
We added this European type pole bean because of its fantastic
flavor. The pods are large, light green, round, and stringless. The
beans are tender and smooth. Fast maturing: if you plant them at
the same time as Blue Lake Pole you will get a nice crop a week or
more earlier. Cobra is good for tunnel and outdoor cultivation, and is
vigorous but not too vegetative, allowing for good air flow.
Velour 60 days
Upright bush
This purple French filet has the most intense dark color we’ve seen.
Thin, refined, extremely straight beans are easy to see in an open,
sparse, yet sturdy plant. This bean has great crunch and holds very
well on the plant, for a bountiful prolonged harvest.
Poseidon 62 days
Upright bush
A, Ps, V1
Easy to harvest, high yielding, improved Romano type. Long, flat,
medium green flesh and very tasty, tender pods. An upright, strong
plant with concentrated pod production. Poseidon also proved to
have good heat tolerance.
Bean, Cobra
Bean, Poseidon
Compact bush
24” bush
Purple Romano with flat, meaty, slightly curved beans. Dense
upright plants produce beans that are so easy to see and pick, they
almost fall off into your hand! Saturated bright purple color and
delicious flavor make this bean worth trying.
Golden Gate 70 days
6-10.5” Pole V1
A beautiful and prolific flat wax pole bean. Uniform Romanotype beans turn yellow at 5 inches and are still tender at 10
inches long. The open plant habit makes harvest easy. Sweet and
delicious both raw and cooked.
Matilda 70 days
Finally, a classy climber with round podded, stringless beans! Dark
green and glossy, the beans are 6-8 inches long with consistent 4-5
sieve size. Crunchy, juicy and very sweet flavor. Great yield, easy
to pick. If you are a pole bean grower, Matilda is a must try.
Vroma 70 days
3’ bush
A super early fava with an incredibly concentrated, heavy set! You
will get about two big harvests which will get you to the market
early. Follow up with later maturing varieties. Each big pod
contains about 4-6 1” tasty beans. Sturdy upright plants are 3’ tall
and healthy. Pods are borne in the mid to lower part of the plant.
In our 2014 trials we noted a distinct lack of aphids on the Vroma
compared to other varieties.
Bean, Velour
Bean, Purple Dove
Harvest when pods are buttery yellow with bright purple stripes,
which fade when cooked. If pods are left on the plant to full
maturity, the stripes turn red and beans can be used as fresh or dry
shell beans.
Purple Dove 68 days
Pole and Specialty Types
A French filet pole bean with straight, dark green pods and
excellent eating quality. Fortex has an extended production period
and is recommended for anyone looking for gourmet flavor and
easy harvesting. An extra long french filet...
Dragon’s Tongue 68 days
Bean, Fava Vroma
Bean, Venice
Bean, Dragon’s Tongue
Bean, Golden Gate
Teggia 70-75 days
Bush Horticulture BCMV
Teggia is a dual-purpose bean. It has green and red mottled pods
at snap bean maturity. You can also allow the pods to dry for tan
beans attractively speckled with burgundy at shell maturity. Dried
beans are similar in appearance and taste to pintos with a rich,
delicious flavor when cooked.
Fava Broad Windsor 85 days
4.5’ bush
Sturdy plants with broad leaves produce heavy yields of long, green
pods. You can plant the hardy Windsor in the early spring or fall.
Tiger’s Eye 85 days
24-36” bush
Bean, Teggia
This early dry bean caught our eye with its beautiful glowing colors
and swooping patterns. Slightly flattened oval shape, deep orange
with burgundy swirls. Dried down in our trials before Cannelini.
Great for chili or refried beans, with creamy texture and very tender
skin once cooked. Originally from Latin America.
Calypso 90 days
15” compact bush
Looking for an eye-catching dry bean? Calypso, also known as Yin
Yang, was disease free in our trials and dried down in September
from a mid-May planting. Pods average six large oval shaped black
and white beans. Excellent for cooking.
Silvercloud 95 days
Upright Bush
Bean, Tiger’s Eye
Bean, Fava Broad Windsor
Bean, Calypso
Bean, Silvercloud
Soybean, Beer Friend
Beet, Forono
Large-seeded, prolific, white cannellini bean has a beautiful sheen,
and even with a longer date to maturity, still works in western WA.
We think that this larger bean can fill some of the high market
demand for the white kidney class. It has a higher yield by count
and weight than European cannellini. Meaty, large beans are
excellent for fresh shelling or dried. Resistant to lodging, and
tolerant to bean rust. Bred by Washington State University.
Also Available: Black Turtle, Blue Lake Pole, California Black
Eyed Peas, Cannelini, Lady Di, Malibu, Roma II, Royal Burgundy, Scarlet Runner, Soldier, Supermarconi & Taylor’s Dwarf
Beer Friend 110 days
High yields, early maturity and excellent quality. Pods contain 2-3
beans with exceptional flavor.
Lucky Lion 115 days
High yielding variety with an average of 3 beans per pod. Pods are
vivid green.
Root Shape
Top Characteristics
Babybeat (OP) 45 days
Top shaped
Glossy green, short, upright 9”
Looking for a baby beet with proportional tops? Babybeat has really
dark 1.5-2” diameter roots cleanly attached to very uniform 9” tall
glossy medium green tops. These beets will not increase in size,
allowing you to harvest small for up to a few weeks. Very uniform
and clean, Babybeat won us over with its very sweet flavor and
smooth skin.
Forono (OP) 55 days
Medium green, red veined, erect
Uniform size with a smooth root that averages 5 inches long and
1.5 – 2 inches in diameter. Forono is known for its sweet taste and
ease of use for pickling.
Beet, Babybeat
Osborne Seed Company, LLC
Root Shape
BEET continued
Akela (OP) 65-68 days
Top Characteristics
Red Atlas F1 55 days
Top shaped
Bright green, fully upright 14-15”
An attractive beet with pretty, dark green petioles and glossy tops.
Tight clean attachment. Good uniform maturity; refined taproot.
Sweet mild flavor and very easy to peel. Up to 12-15% Brix. Good
disease package.
Zeppo F1 55 days
Round, Globe
Glossy medium green, upright
This fast growing beet is early maturing, making it best suited
for the early bunching market or in any slot as a quick developer.
At bunching stage, Zeppo is exceptionally round and smooth with
a fine taproot and almost no zoning or lenticels. Roots are a vibrant
garnet throughout. Glossy medium green tops were strong and
healthy in all our trials.
Merlin F1 55-60 days
Glossy dark green tops, upright
Merlin offers an exceptionally smooth, uniform round root, is early
maturing and has an outstanding flavor due to its high sugar
content; up to 14-15% Brix. Beautiful leaves with very dark veins,
sturdy tops, and a strong attachment.
Touchstone Gold (OP) 55-60 days
Light green, 7-8”
Our standard yellow beet with crisp green tops, pale golden
petioles and a clean attachment. Works well for bunching. The
roots are vibrant orange with yellow flesh, uniformly globe shaped
and very smooth. Has a sweet, mellow flavor.
New! Yellow Sunrise (OP) 55-60 days
Bright green, upright 7-8”
Yellow Sunrise is an incredibly stunning yellow fleshed beet with
uniform globes and refined taproots. Strong, upright, refined
attachments make for an attractive bunch.
Red Ace F1 63 days
Top shaped
Glossy bright green, upright, 7-8”
Red Ace is a vigorous hybrid with smooth shoulders that works
great for bunching. Resists bolting and has excellent disease
Bright green
Akela has an intense dark red color, high sugar content, and strong
top attachment. Displays high cold tolerance and is slow to bolt.
Akela can be sown early and late in the season. The foliage is strong
and healthy. Offers good storability, and high yields for processing.
Chioggia “Guardsmark” OP 70 days
Flattened globe
Medium green, semi-upright, 10-12”
This beet has striking crimson and white interior zoning and a
sweet flavor. High bolt tolerance. Guardsmark strain is selected for
more uniform roots than the standard Chioggia.
Also Available: Blankoma (OP), Bull’s Blood (OP) ,
Carillon (OP) & Detroit Dark Red (OP)
Days = direct seed to maturity
Castle Dome F1 74 days
Early maturing broccoli that holds well in the field. The heads are
medium dome with tight, refined beads. Castle Dome has good
cold vigor, and can produce large, firm heads with a good quantity
of weighty side shoots. In the Puget Sound area, we recommend it
for the early slot for harvesting to mid-July.
Lieutenant F1 75-80 days
This gem of a broccoli was impressive through the heat of summer
and produced beautiful heads from May, June and July seedings.
The medium high domes are extremely smooth, with medium to dark
green fine beads. Lieutenant is excellent for medium crown cuts and
bunching, with its smooth slender stalks and very uniform maturity.
Green Magic F1 80 days
This medium maturity variety produces a solid high dome with
tight, medium beads. Offers a good crown cut. Green Magic is
very uniform, holds in wet conditions, and does well for summer to
fall harvest. Tolerant to DM. Holds well after harvest.
Izabal F1 80 days
An extremely uniform variety with heads held high in the plant.
We were impressed with the tight, dense heads, durable beads
and smooth medium-tall dome. Everything about this broccoli
was uniform; color, shape, size and maturity. Great for one to two
harvest passes. Thick, smooth and clean stems give these crowns
good weight and make harvest fast and easy.
Beet, Red Atlas
Beet, Yellow Sunrise
Beet, Zeppo
Beet, Chioggia Guardsmark
Beet, Touchstone Gold
Beet, Merlin
Broccoli, Lieutenant
Broccoli, Izabal
Broccoli, Green Magic
Broccoli, Castle Dome
Sprouting Broccoli, Rapini
Ironman F1 80-85 days
An excellent choice for cool season production. The compact plant
is easily harvested, and the slender stalk works ideally for bunching
or crown cuts. Good production of large sideshoots. Ironman’s
heads are weighty; the high domes have uniform, firm beads.
New! Durapack 16 F1 85-90 days
In several years of trialing we found Durapack 16 to be a very
uniform broccoli with nice, small beaded, smooth-domed, firm
heads. Clean tall stems hold heads up high for easy harvest. Great
for both crown cut and bunching.
Gypsy F1 90 days
Well suited for organic growers due to its strong root system,
intermediate resistance to Downey Mildew, and good performance
without added fertilization after planting. Smooth dome-shaped
heads with small-medium beads are ideal for late summer to fall
harvest. Very adaptable.
Tahoe F1 97 days
Tahoe has great yield potential, especially in organic systems.
When given a little more space and irrigation, you can get extra
large dark green heads with high smooth domes and medium
beads. Excellent for crowns over an extended harvest.
Emerald Jewel F1 100 days
This variety shows some intermediate resistance to Clubroot!
Emerald Jewel has tight beads, good dome and holds well in
the heat. We recommend that you plant in the beginning of June
for a mid September harvest. Emerald Jewel is slow maturing, but
definitely worth the wait. Good size and weight potential.
Also Available: Arcadia F1, Diplomat F1, Emerald Crown F1,
Everest F1, General F1, Marathon F1 & Packman F1
Broccoli, Durapack 16
Broccoli, Tahoe
Brokali, Apollo
A unique cross between broccoli and kale with amazing sweet and
tender flesh. The main head can be harvested as a mini head,
followed by many tender shoots. Stems are long enough to bunch
and beads are tight. Needs more space between plants than
broccoli. Transplant or direct seed.
Atlantis F1 – Spring/Summer sowing
60 days from mid-May transplant
Apollo F1 – Spring/Summer/Fall sowing
65 days from mid-May transplant
Brokali, Atlantis
Sprouting Broccoli, Red Matador
Summer Purple OP 90 days from transplant
Summer Purple will produce colorful and nutritious florets June to
October from March plantings. A high-producing, large-framed variety.
Winter purple sprouting broccoli varieties:
We chose the varieties with the longest, cleanest stems for bunching,
and the brightest purple florets. Delicious, tender, productive and
attractive, each variety will give two concentrated flushes. Seed all
varieties together in mid-June, transplant in mid-July, and you will
have sprouts the whole month of February and March.
Rudolph OP- Potential first harvest September; can be planted
spring through mid summer for extended harvest into February.
Red Matador (TZ 7037) F1 – First harvest early February
Red Admiral F1 – First harvest mid-late February
Red Fire (TZ 5055) F1 – First harvest early March
Sprouting Broccoli, Red Fire
RAPINI (also known as Raab)
Thick tender shoots and buds are trademarks of this Italian
specialty. Usually direct seeded; thinned to 1 plant per inch.
Sorrento (OP) 40 days
The blue/green, turnip-like leaves are very uniform with larger
florets than traditional types. For harvest during the shorter days of
spring and fall.
Rapini, Sorrento
Sprtng Broccoli, Red Admiral
Osborne Seed Company, LLC
Days = from transplant to maturity
Gustus F1 110-120 days
Early maturing Brussels sprouts with medium green, firm “buttons”.
Sprouts are evenly spaced on the stalk and uniform with good
quality. Should not be transplanted until late April. Harvest late
August through September. Bulk or short stalk harvest.
Capitola F1 130-140 days
Growers know Capitola for its consistent high quality sprouts. This
variety is adaptable and well suited to fresh market and processing.
It is machine harvestable. Capitola produces heavy yields and is
great for the early to mid-slot in the Northwest. Good for bulk or
stalk harvest, we suggest you top for uniform stalk harvest.
Aurelius F1 150 days
Perfect for the December market and beyond. Aurelius yielded
beautiful tight sprouts on very clean stalks that did not lodge.
Uniform sprouts throughout the stalk were easy to hand harvest,
especially since the plant self-defoliated. Held well in the field into
early February. For bulk or excellent for medium stalk harvest.
Red Ball (OP) 150 days
Red Ball is a colorful way to extend the season. It is great for sprouts
and for red collard-like greens. It produces beautiful, round red
leaves for many weeks. As the season comes to an end, it has nice
red sprouts whose color deepens in the cold. Bulk or stalk harvest.
Also Available: Cumulus F1
Brussels Sprouts, Capitola
Brussels Sprouts, Gustus
Brussels Sprouts, Aurelius
Brussels Sprouts, Red Ball
Burdock, Takinogawa Long
Cabbage, Jetma
Watanabe Early (OP) 110 days
Best planted in March or April for July through August harvest.
Watanabe Early is tender with a mild flavor.
Takinogawa Long (OP) 120 days
Winter hardy variety is very rich in fiber and has a pleasant taste.
Spring plantings can be harvested into winter.
Days = from transplant to maturity
Jetma F1 55 days
2-2.5 lbs.
Jetma is our earliest maturing cabbage. It has a glossy green
exterior and a solid buttery interior with a small core, round to
slightly-oval shape and great uniformity. Heads are held nicely off
the ground. Let this cabbage be the first in the market!
Crystal Vantage F1 60-65 days
3.5-4 lbs.
An early green cabbage with incredibly sweet flavor and crunch.
Holds without splitting. Crystal Vantage performs well in the heat when
many other cabbages bolt! High leaf count provides great low-tothe-ground coverage as well as an excellent jacket around the head.
Great density and a small core in a tender, bright green 7” head.
Expresso F1 60-65 days
3-4 lbs.
Cabbage, Crystal Vantage
BR, FY, Heat
With a good protective wrap, beautiful uniform round head and
dense interior, this cabbage is excellent for spring and early
summer production.
Green Presto F1 62 days
2.5-3 lbs.
BR, FY, Heat
A small cabbage that will fit well in a subscription box! Green Presto
performed well in the early summer and fall slots. Small round
heads were exceptionally uniform and dense when other varieties
ballooned in the heat. Light green heads are held well off the ground.
Cabbage, Expresso
Cabbage, Green Presto
Green Coronet Improved F1 75-80 days
8.5-9.5 lbs.
Princeton F1 115+ days
Looking for a large deep green cabbage? Green Coronet impressed
us all year with its fast growth, small core, density, excellent field
holding ability and size stability. The slightly oblate head was
uniformly 9” wide by 7” tall on a medium large semi-upright plant.
Very uniform maturity, easy to cut, and sturdy enough for longdistance transport.
Castello F1 80 days
5-8 lbs.
This late season green cabbage is well adapted to the boxing
market and holds for long storage production. Princeton’s 5+ lb.
heads are well wrapped and easy to peel. Showed some tolerance
to Fusarium Yellows.
Sufama F1 120-140 days
16 lbs.
Need a high yielding kraut cabbage? Sufama averaged 16 lbs after
2-3 lbs. Bolting, Cracking
140 days, with very high quality. These large plants exhibited a tall
A versatile variety with exceptional field standing ability, growers
stalk and good protective wrap. The heads are very round, clean
worldwide know Castello for its dependable high quality. Has a
with a medium core. Was more resistant to splitting than standard
beautiful medium-green color and a delicious, sweet, crisp taste.
kraut cabbages in trial.
Can be planted in early spring for summer harvest and again in July
Also Available: Fast Vantage F1, Kilagreg F1, O-S Cross F1,
for a late fall crop. Grows well on both sides of the Cascades.
Toughma F1 & Zennith F1
Charmant F1 82 days
2.5-3 lbs.
One of the most dependable cabbages in our offering. Charmant’s
blue green head is round and solid with a short core and few outer
leaves for close spacing. It matures early but has remarkable
holding ability. Best for spring, early summer and fall.
Superstar F1 90 days
3 lbs.
BR, FY 1
The star of our trials, Superstar had consistently good quality
and field holding ability all season long: spring, summer, and even
into early winter! Easy to harvest, these are very round, heavy
heads from plants with many protective leaves.
Zuleima F1 90-130 days
Ruby Ball Improved F1 72-75 days
2-3 lbs.
Cold, Heat
Ruby Ball Improved features medium, compact heads that are good
for dense planting and have a great round shape with good field
holding ability. Worked very well in all the slots in our trials, from
early spring to late fall/winter field holding.
Ruby King F1 75 days
3.5-4.5 lbs.
A fast, heavy, round red cabbage that will steal the early market!
Ruby King did well in spring and fall, producing brilliantly colored
5-12 lbs.
heads with great density and medium-small cores on sturdy plants.
In our trial, Zuleima matured at 115 days from transplant. The large
We observed good uniformity in maturity, size and shape.
heads are slightly flat with large smooth leaves. Light cream colored
Red Jewel F1 80 days
interior. Great for kraut production, cabbage rolls, slaw, etc. This
3-5 lbs.
versatile cabbage has a mild, sweet flavor. Our heads weighed
high yielding red cabbage has very uniform maturity. Red
around 12 pounds, but they can be harvested at 5 pounds for fresh
market use. “This is one nice cabbage” to quote one of our staffers. Jewel has a tight, slightly-flattened head with a fancy frilled wrap, a
medium-small core and small ribs. Red Jewel has performed well in
the summer and fall slots in our trials.
Cabbage, Green Coronet Imp
Cabbage, Superstar
Cabbage, Ruby Ball Improved
Cabbage, Ruby King
Cabbage, Red Jewel
Cabbage, Castello
Cabbage, Charmant
Cabbage, Zuleima
Cabbage, Sufama
Cabbage, Princeton
Osborne Seed Company, LLC
Marabel F1 Winter/overwintering
CABBAGE continued
1-2 lbs., slightly flattened
Days = from transplant to maturity
Red continued
Redma F1 80-110 days
4-6 lbs.
A very adaptable mid-season hybrid with a long harvest period.
Heads are round to oval with an exceptionally striking red color,
both internally and externally.
Ruby Perfection F1 90 days
3.5-4 lbs.
The original hybrid January King type, these vigorous plants
produce green semi-savoy heads with a reddish purple blush on the
outer wrap. Heads are small to medium and slightly flattened. Great
for the winter market. Depending on plant date, harvest can occur
from November onwards. This variety is reputed to be very long
standing. In a grower trial in western Washington, harvest was from
early December until early January from a July transplant date.
Consulate F1 Winter/overwintering
2-3 lbs., round
Cold, Heat
This tried and true red keeps performing with the best of them. This slightly savoyed cabbage is more similar to a green cabbage
than a savoy. Consulate does well in the late winter, maturing
Consistently produces appealing, deep red, globe-shaped heads
with a dense interior. Very good field holding ability into the late fall early February and holding into March. The heads are heavy, with
and light resistance to Black Rot. The plant boasts a large frame for a medium core and some large external ribs. The head color is a
lighter green than a true savoy. Consulate was very uniform, had
good weed suppression. Easy to cut.
very little damage, and was easy to clean.
Kalibos (OP) 105-110 days
Endurance F1 Winter/overwintering
4-5 lbs.
2 lbs., round
A fun pointed cabbage with beautiful, saturated purple-red coloring
This variety is a full savoy for the latest winter/first spring slot. The dark
and good interior density. Kalibos sits high off the ground, has a
great protective wrap and a large frame. Works well in summer and blue sturdy plants are very upright. The heads were similar to Wirosa,
fall. Easy to harvest with a tender, medium-sized core. Has a high
coming on a few weeks later, and are very slow to bolt. Plants are
sugar content and great flavor.
known to go into the winter small, and then fill out in late winter. When
seeded early July, they are ready for harvest March to April.
Also Available: Red Dynasty F1& Roxanne F1
Also Available: Margot F1, Noelle F1, Resolution F1, Savoy Ace
Improved F1, & Savoy King F1
Weight/Head Shape Tolerance
Capriccio F1 90-100 days
Nantes and Bunching
1.5-3 lbs., round
Capriccio is a great early true savoy with excellent field holding
ability and good disease resistance. This cabbage has beautifully
uniform, dense heads with a dark green wrap, tight savoy and a
buttery yellow interior.
Miletta F1 95 days
3-3.5 lbs., round
This blue-green true savoy was beautiful in the spring,
summer and fall slots, reliably developing a compact plant that
produces uniform, dense heads. The most durable of our summer
savoys, Miletta had the least bug damage in each trial. Beautiful
savoyed yellow interior and medium core. Good holding ability.
Cabbage, Redma
Cabbage Ruby Perfection
Root Shape
Top Height
Cylindrical, slightly pointed
A quick carrot with early weight! Bright orange with a small taproot
and a good attachment to finely cut tops. Lots of sweetness with a
mild aftertaste and a great crunch. Best harvested young.
Cabbage, Kalibos
Cabbage, Capriccio
Root Size
Laguna F1 65-70 days
Cabbage, Miletta
Cabbage, Endurance
Cabbage, Marabel
Cabbage, Consulate
Carrot, Laguna
Hilmar (OP) 75 days
Cylindrical, blunt
Incredibly uniform for an open pollinated carrot. Hilmar
surprised us with its sweet, juicy “real carrot” flavor and crunchy
texture. Nice fat blunt tips and good weight. This carrot did really well
in our staff taste test. Best for spring and summer production; not for
field holding.
Jeanette F1 75 days
Cylindrical, pointy
This slender, pointy carrot is great for the early market and is a
fast producer all summer! Sweet flavor, even when very young
makes Jeanette perfect for your first planting. Good internal color
and vigorous foliage with a strong connection. Can be used for
mechanical harvest. A very attractive buncher: not for field holding.
Bolero F1 80 days
Merida F1 80 days
Cylindrical, blunt, long
This carrot did well in our early summer trials, but it is also suited
for mid to late season. This long and slender Nantes type has bright
orange uniform carrots that are crunchy, juicy, and sweet. Best
flavor at full maturity. This carrot held well in the soil along with
Bolero into the early winter.
Also Available: Flyaway F1 & Tendersnax F1
Color & Specialty
Root Shape
Root Size
Top Height
Cumbre F1 65 days
Cumbre is an early Chantenay hybrid with vigorous tops and high
yield potential. This variety is smaller than regular Chantenays
Cylindrical, blunt
and has uniform, heavy triangular-shaped roots with strong tops
Uniform, sweet tasting Nantes with vigorous tops and strong crown
and minimal green shoulders. In our trials, Cumbre tasted best
attachments. Tolerance to Alternaria, Powdery Mildew and frost. Makes
later in the season with a nice, mild carrot flavor. Very attractive for
a great storage carrot and works fantastic for later plantings as well as
bunched or bagged ‘mini’ carrots.
the main season. Holds well in cold, wet soil into the late fall. Produces
heavy yields and is a consistent performer year after year.
We offer a full color line of Imperator types: Cream Pak, Purple
Goldfinger F1 80 days
Elite, Purplesnax, Sherbert, Snowman, Sugarsnax 54 and
Cylindrical, blunt
Goldfinger has a fantastic texture with a beautiful dark orange
exterior and saturated orange interior. Develops blunt tips faster
than other carrots in its maturity class, and holds its cylindrical
shape when grown in heavy, wet soils. We found the flavor to be
mild and sweet. With a crunch that was better than the competition.
The glossy green tops have a strong attachment, and the shoulders
rarely show green discoloration.
Jerada F1 70-90 days
Cylindrical, blunt
This is an all-season carrot with excellent uniformity and flavor. This
beautiful carrot’s high yields will amaze you! In our trials, Jerada
was consistently 1” in diameter, long and straight with a good refined
connection between clean orange shoulders and healthy tops. Very
uniform; adaptable to mechanical harvesting and cold storage.
Known in Europe for its uniformity and high quality even when
planting density is spotty. This carrot had our favorite crunchy texture.
Carrot, Hilmar
Carrot, Jeanette
Carrot, Jerada in the field
Carrot, Goldfinger
Yellowbunch. All mature in a similar timeframe and can be
combined for a lively, uniform, high quality rainbow bunch!
Cream Pak F1 70-75 days
Slightly tapered
This creamy-white carrot got excellent reviews in our grower taste
test. An Imperator-type with consistent cream color throughout and
good flavor, even when oversized. Vigorous, dark green foliage with
resistance to Alternaria and Powdery Mildew.
New! Purple Elite F1 70-75 days
Slightly tapered
Purple Elite is a slightly tapered medium-dark purple carrot with
some light yellow striations, and a nicely contrasting yellow core.
It has a sweet, mild flavor for fresh market, but also works well for
juicing and processing. Good bolt tolerance.
Carrot, Bolero
Carrot, Merida
Carrot, Cumbre
Carrot, Purple Elite
Field of Carrots
Osborne Seed Company, LLC
CARROT continued
Days = from transplant to maturity
Color & Specialty continued
Root Shape
Root Size
Head Shape
Top Height
Celeritas F1 50-55 days
Purplesnax F1 70-75 days
Slightly tapered
A superior purple carrot, bred for fresh eating and bunching!
Purplesnax did not bolt when planted as early as May 10th ; a huge
improvement over any other purple we have trialed. Exterior was
medium-dark purple with some white striation, and a contrasting
orange to yellow core. Flavor was mild and sweet.
Sherbert F1 70-75 days
Slightly tapered
A very unusual and pretty carrot with a slightly marbled peachyorange exterior and interior. Very uniform and refined, with healthy
tops and a root that stays slender. Clean shoulders, earthy flavor
and excellent crunch.
Snowman F1 70-75 days
Slightly tapered
A bright white carrot to make the other colors pop! Snowman has
excellent smooth skin with no green shoulders. The taste was best
when young, with a slight parsnip flavor, and a nice sweetness.
Sugarsnax 54 F1 70-75 days
Slightly tapered
Very early-maturing Imperator with an exceptionally mild and
sweet flavor. Deep-orange interior and exterior color. Tolerance to
Alternaria and Cercospora. Shows some resistance to Pythiumrelated diseases as well. Excellent coverage from healthy tops.
Yellowbunch F1 70-75 days
Slightly tapered
This Imperator-type has consistent yellow color throughout and
has a crispy texture with sweet, mild flavor. The foliage tends to be
vigorous, dark green, and has some resistance to Alternaria and
Powdery Mildew.
Also Available: Chantenay Red Cored (OP), Purple 68 F1,
Triton F1
Cauliflower, Orbit
Looking for an improved early maturing cauliflower with large heads and
great quality? In our trials, the heads were 7” across with a 4” tall dome,
clean white color, and high uniformity requiring only two to three passes.
Healthy plant with an open wrap protected better than the competition.
Short harvest period. A better quality for the earliest slot.
Cheddar F1 70-75 days
Cheddar makes a medium sized, bright orange head with elevated
levels of beta-carotene. The curd maintains a brighter color if the
head is not shaded. The color stays true when cooked, and the
flavor is mild and sweet.
Orbit F1 70 days
Peaked with medium dome
Bright green
This Romanesco cauliflower has been consistently earlier than the
competition in our trials. Heads mature all at once, are of uniform
size, dense, and have great flavor. Average head weight is 1 lb.
Orbit has an excellent wrap, uniform intense green curds and
creamy green interior. With such early maturity this will help you be
first to the market!
Vitaverde F1 70 days
Bright green
A vibrant green cauliflower with firm, heavily segmented curd. A
fast grower with an upright plant habit. Prefers cool conditions for
optimum size, but also performs well in spring and summer slots.
This is a classy item to complement your cauliflower program or
market table.
Synergy F1 75 days
Medium high dome
Bright white
Synergy’s excellent wrap results in top quality heads. A few
days earlier to mature than Bishop, Synergy has a slightly more
open wrap for easier harvest on a more compact plant. Excellent
field holding. Heads are held high in upright, slender plants. Tight,
smooth domes are protected by abundant sturdy ribs and inner
protective leaves. Extended harvest; 3 passes on average.
Carrot (L/R): Yellowbunch, Sherbert, Cream Pak, Purplesnax, Sugarsnax 54
Carrot, Snowman
Cauliflower, Celeritas
Cauliflower, Cheddar, Graffiti & Vitaverde
Cauliflower, Synergy
26-701 F1 75-78 days
Peaked with medium dome
Bright green
This Romanesco’s weight is worth the wait! Incredibly solid and
uniform, with nicely centered peaks and very little bronzing. 26701 is bred to handle the heat. Plant on the same date as Orbit
for a convenient succession. Very uniform maturity in our trials,
and high yield.
Graffiti F1 75-80 days
This cauliflower is stunning! Smooth, tight curds have an attractive
deep purple color, which changes very little when cooked. It
produces large, beautiful heads, a real draw for farmers market
displays. Graffiti requires no sun protection and has tolerance to
Downey Mildew.
Bishop F1 75-80 days
High dome
Cauliflower, 26-701
Bright white
Bishop produces bright white heads, consistently dense curds,
excellent weight, and an exceptional “Hershey kiss” style internal
wrap. An outstanding mid season variety, with good holding ability.
Janvel F1 75-80 days
Medium high dome
Dense, well-filled curds make this an attractive variety for both
fresh market and processing. Tall leaves of this vigorous plant
provide excellent sunburn protection for curds. Recommended for
late summer and autumn harvest.
Also Available: Baldo F1, BOS 92126 F1, Candid Charm F1,
Casper F1, Snow Crown F1, Titan F1 & Venus F1
Cauliflower, Janvel
Cauliflower Field
Cauliflower, Bishop
Cauliflower, Bishop wrap
Overwintering Cauliflower, Alderney
Overwintering Cauliflower, Mumbles
President (OP) 110-160 days
Fast maturing celeriac with excellent tops and a large bulb. Clean
white root can be harvested young at 110 days after seeding, or
wait a few weeks more for increased weight and size. 12-15” tall
tops are very clean, dark green, and tightly bunched with no tipburn
or diseases. High overall uniformity. Suitable for long storage.
Prinz (OP) 150-200 days
This light-skinned celeriac with high bolting tolerance is an industry
standard. Prinz can be sown as early as January until April, as it
has an exceptionally long vernalization requirement before it bolts.
Firm, round, fairly smooth bulb with white, tasty flesh. Dark green,
upright and glossy foliage is short for easy packaging. Allow 150
days for bunching or 200 days for medium bulb.
Celeriac, President
Celeriac, Prinz
Overwintering cauliflower traditionally can be harvested from late
January to mid May in the Pacific Northwest. Large framed plants
can yield heavy, beautiful heads when storage crops are starting
to wane. Very weather dependent, and we have seen results
differ every year. It is recommended to seed from June to late July
for transplant July to August, depending on your conditions and
desired harvest window.
Mumbles F1
The best field holding variety in our trials, which is an important
trait for the May slot when the weather is quickly changing and
can cause quick bolting. The plants are tall with lots of upright,
protective leaves. The inner wrap keeps the head free from sun
exposure, even when fully mature. The heads are large and very
uniform, and hold well. A medium high, smooth dome on a dense
head, along with very little segmenting, and no ricing, results in a
nice quality head.
Alderney F1
Matures about 1 week after Mumbles, we suggest you plant both
for a longer harvest window. Medium sized heads are held high off
the ground on tall, upright plants that do not sprawl. Nice tight wrap
over a very tall dome on a dense head. The quality is excellent with
a smooth dome, attractive curds and no segmenting.
Osborne Seed Company, LLC
Days = from transplant to maturity
Victoria F1 70-75 days
This British variety performs well in our Pacific Northwest trials.
Victoria’s heads are weighty with blanched interiors and dark green
petioles. It is quick growing, even under stressful conditions and is
also bolt tolerant.
Sonora (OP) 75-85 days
Sonora is an excellent variety for fresh market. This mid-early
maturing varieties long stalks are exceptionally smooth and dark
green. Plants grow 20 inches tall. Shows moderate tolerance to
Fusarium and is slow bolting.
TZ 6200 F1 85 days
This is a very attractive mid to dark green hybrid celery with
uniform, long smooth petioles and a high knuckle height. Has
excellent resistance to Fusarium and is available with organic pellet.
Celery, Sonora
Celery, Victoria
Celery, TZ 6200
Asian Greens, Tender Green Misome
Asian Greens, Early Mizuna
Asian Greens, Dark Purple Mizuna
Asian Greens, Orach Purple
Asian Greens, Red Komatsuna
Asian Greens, Tatsoi
Asian Greens, Orach Pink
Asian Greens
Tender Green Misome F1 30 days
DM, White Rust, Heat
Our darkest, most heat tolerant Tatsoi type. Leaves are thick,
glossy and heavily savoyed. Plants grow upright and uniform. Very
quick growing – about 10 inches in 30 days.
Early Mizuna (OP) 35 days
Cold, Bolting
Slender white stalks with narrow, serrated, green leaves. Early
Mizuna has a pleasant, mild flavor, and it prefers cool climates.
Sow often from spring to early autumn for continuous harvest.
Quick growing.
Dark Purple Mizuna (OP) 35 days
Cold, Bolting
Purple Mizuna exhibits a splash of purple on its dark green, glossy
leaves and stems. Its deeply serrated foliage adds a burst of color
and pleasant bite to baby leaf mixes and stir fry.
Red Komatsuna F1 38 days
Deep red, tender leaves with fleshy green stems. Red Komatsuna
lends color, texture and weight to mixes. Plants are uniform with
excellent upright growth for easy harvest. Red Komatsuna maintains
its red color, even in hot weather. Baby leaf harvest in 21 days.
Orach Purple and Pink (OP) 40 days
(Colors sold individually)
Striking color for micro greens and salad mixes! Either deep purple
or dusty rose colored leaves with magenta on the underside. Plants
are erect, branching, and grow up to 2 feet tall with arrowhead
shaped leaves.
Tatsoi (OP) 45 days
Heat, Cold
Glossy, spoon shaped, dark green leaves have excellent taste and
are rich in nutrients. Easy to grow and can be harvested into late fall.
Also Available: Mitsuba, Red Knight F1, Red Violet Tatsoi F1,
Tsoi-Sim (OP), Tsoi-Sim Purple (OP), Yukina Savoy (OP) &
Kailaan (OP)
Red Meat (OP) 60 days
Chinese Cabbage
Note: Even bolt tolerant Chinese cabbage may prematurely go to seed
if exposed to frost or several nights of temperatures of 50°F or less.
Wa Wa Tsai F1 50 days
Mini barrel
Beautiful, 8-10 inch head. Fast developing, dense, weighing almost
a pound at saleable state. Its white stems accent the dark green
outer leaves and creamy yellow center. Heavily savoyed and
sturdy, Wa Wa Tsai reminded us of a beautiful savoy cabbage with
a Chinese cabbage shape, texture and flavor. Slow to bolt. Can be
planted tightly for high yield.
China Gold F1 65 days
In our trials, China Star was a little taller and darker than China
Gold, weighing an average of 3.6 pounds and measuring 14 inches
tall and 6 inches in diameter. Wide, white petioles, creamy yellow
interior and a very round, short core gave it high marks. Highly
uniform, slow to bolt.
Also Available: Blues F1, Chorus F1, Greenwich F1 & Yuki F1
Chinese Radish
Minowase Summer Cross #3 F1 50 days
15 x 2.5”
F, Heat
Quick growing. White root with strong Fusarium tolerance.
April Cross F1 60 days
16 x 2.5”
Large white radish for early summer harvest. Slow to bolt and can
reach over 1.5 pounds in weight.
Green Meat (OP) 60 days
3” diameter
A hybrid version of the open pollinated Chinese radish, Red Meat.
This white radish has vibrant red flesh with a green neck. In a sideby-side growers trial, Starburst is more uniform and showed better
resistance to maggots than Red Meat.
Pak Choi
Choko F1 35-40
China Gold continues to stand out in Pacific Northwest Napa
production. We like the heavy dark green heads and the bright gold
interior. Very uniform with excellent Clubroot and bolting tolerance.
China Star F1 69 days
3” diameter
White radish with a green neck and red flesh. It has a vibrant color
and a mild flavor you can use for salads or pickling.
Starburst F1 60 days
11 x 12”
Early maturing, green-stemmed dwarf pak choi. Choko has
shiny, medium green, attractively cupped leaves, a heavy weight,
and compact shape. Nice contrast between the leaf and petiole.
Slow to bolt.
Tonko F1 35-40 days
9 x 11”
Has been a consistently impressive green stemmed choi with good
size and weight. Leaves are erect, spoon shaped, and glossy with
pliable petioles. Holds well.
Mei Qing Choi F1 40 days
8 x 9”
This popular green-stemmed pak choi is upright and compact with
broad petioles and tender, flavorful leaves. Widely adaptable and
tolerant to cold, heat and bolting.
Li Ren Choi F1 45-50 days
7 x 9”
Cute mini pak choi that is surprisingly heavy. Short and stout with
medium green leaves on pale green/white stems. Tight growth habit
and beautiful shape with outer leaves that curl out a little at the top.
Well adapted to tight plantings.
10 x 2-3”
The top 2/3 of this radish is dark green throughout. Its crisp sweet
flesh works well for pickling and salads.
Chinese Cabbage, Wa Wa Tsai
Chinese Cabbage, China Gold
Chinese Cabbage, China Star
Chinese Radish, April Cross
Pak Choi, Tonko
Pak Choi, Mei Qing Choi
Chinese Radish, Starburst
Pak Choi, Choko
Chinese Radish, Green Meat
Osborne Seed Company, LLC
Pak Choi continued
New! Glacier F1
This dark green pak choi with bright white stems is a compact
version of Joi Choi. Bred for exceptional tolerance to heat and cold
soils, well suited to our PNW climate.
Joi Choi F1 50-55 days
Our largest pak choi growing up to 18” tall! Brilliant white stems
with dark, verdant leaves. Can be harvested at various stages of
development. Vigorous, uniform and cold tolerant with good storability.
New! Tri-BV950 F1
Vibrant purple pak choi that holds its color well. The first purple pak
choi we’ve seen that has good weight as a baby leaf and makes a
beautiful full size plant. Good bolt tolerance.
Win Win Choi F1 50-55 days
Win Win Choi has spoon-shaped leaves, an erect plant habit and
pliable white petioles. Compact and uniform with good bolting
tolerance, it can be grown as a mini or compact full size plant.
Smaller and denser than Joi Choi.
Also Available: Feng Qing Choi F1
Top Bunch F1 71 days
Deep green, slightly wavy leaves grow on tall, semi-erect plants.
Top Bunch is early and uniform with sturdy and rapid regrowth.
Suitable for fresh market bunching and machine harvest.
Blue Max F1 75 days
Blue-green savoyed leaves with close internode spacing for heavy
yields. Plants are vigorous and uniform. Tender and tasty with a
pleasant, mild flavor.
Flash F1 75-80 days
Multiple growers have attested that this variety is very bolt resistant
in both cold and heat. It has very fast regrowth and is a Vatestype hybrid. Flash is uniform and vigorous. Dark green leaves are
smoother and broader than Top Bunch.
Also Available: Bulldog F1, Champion (OP), & Vates (OP)
AUG= Augmented Hybrid
Bi= Bi-color
SE= Sugary Enhancer Hybrid
W= White
Sh2= Supersweet Hybrid
Y= Yellow
SU= Standard Hybrid
SY= Synergistic Hybrid
In order to avoid cross-pollination, supersweets (Sh2) and
augmented hybrids (AUG) must be isolated from sugary enhancers
(SE), standard hybrids (SU), and synergistic hybrids (SY) by at least
250 feet or planted so that the pollination periods do not overlap.
Supersweets: Planting rates for supersweet hybrids are 6-7lbs. /
acre or 18-21 Ms/acre.
Please note that untreated seed may have an increased chance
of poor stand establishment and crop failure. Growers must
assume all risk connected with lack of seed treatment. Also
days to maturity are approximate and differ from area to area.
Ear Length
New! 170A
70 days
This is a great yellow corn for the mid-season slot. A shorter variety
that has nice green leaves and no tillers. The ears offer a crisp,
milky texture that is packed with flavor. There is good tip fill and
cover. This is a pretty easy picking corn. With all these qualities, this
is a perfect mid-season yellow for you.
4106Y F1 Sh2 71 days
This early maturing variety will have your customers returning all
season long. The 5.5 to 6 foot plants have good yields and are easy
to pick. The ears are very fat with good kernel depth. Crisp texture
and sweet, juicy corn flavor.
4001Y F1 Sh2 75 days
4001Y grows tall plant with a long husk for good ear
protection. It has very tender and tasty deep kernels. There is
potential for a long harvest window.
Pak Choi, Glacier
Pak Choi, Li Ren Choi
Collards, Top Bunch
Pak Choi, Tri-BV950
Pak Choi, Win Win Choi
Collards, Blue Max
(baby leaf)
Row Count
Corn, 4106Y
Collards, Flash
Corn, 170A
ACX SS 7078Y F1 Sh2 77 days
Ear Length
Has the best eating quality with fantastic field holding for a
longer harvest window! Another corn with the cold soil emergence
gene, 7078 is the Super Seedware version of Accession. The ears
tend to be bigger than 7501, with juicy corn flavor. Excellent tip fill
and deep kernels in our trials.
MS 5137Y F1 Sh2 77 days
These big, good-looking ears have a terrific “multisweet” taste. The
kernels have fantastic texture and flavor, and with a dark green
husk makes for an attractive package.
ACcession F1 Sh2 78 days
Another gem from the suppliers of top notch varieties, ACcession is
a high quality corn. It produces extra large ears with 16-20 rows of
bright yellow ever-so-sweet and crisp kernels.
ACX SS 7501Y F1 Sh2 79 days
This corn has the Super Seedware gene. This traditional breeding
breakthrough provides a much plumper seed with extremely strong
seedling vigor. Enjoy exceptional eating quality; extremely crisp
and sweet, with very tender kernels. Slightly more tapered than
Honey Select F1 SY 79 days
Synergistic hybrid yellow with delicious, juicy kernels. Plants are tall
and sturdy, yielding a high percentage of two cobs per plant. Honey
Select is a consistent performer in the Pacific Northwest.
Also Available: Spring Treat F1 (SE) 68 days, Sheba F1 (Sh2)
72 days, Kandy King (SE) 73 days, Bodacious F1(SE) 75 days,
Krispy King (Sh2) 78 days, Kandy Korn (SE) 81 days, Golden
Jubilee F1 (SU) 87 days & Jubilee Supersweet F1 (Sh2) 87 days
Temptation F1 SE 72 days
Temptation tolerates cold soil. This variety has demonstrated the
potential for high yields and serves as the standard for early to
mid-season bi-colors with great husk cover and tip fill. Beautiful
glossy cobs.
Cuppa Joe F1 SY 74 days
This is the beloved Charisma replacement! This synergistic bicolor
has good tip fill with an attractive dark green husk that protects the
ear well over the tip. Deep and flavorful kernels make for excellent
eating. Strong plants showed good cold soil emergence and vigor.
7112R BC F1 Sh2 75 days
If you liked 734BC than you should give 7112R a try! 7112R’s
beautiful glossy ears consistently have excellent tip fill and husk
protection. Kernels have great color contrast and superb eating
quality; tenderness and flavor in every bite!
3157BC F1 Sh2 75 days
A nice 7 foot tall plant with good ear height for easy picking.
The plump ears have a light green husk and deep kernels. This is a
great tasting bi-color with high yield potential.
Luscious F1 SE 75 days
Luscious has large, blunt tipped ears in a dark green husk. The
kernels are deep and flavorful with nice color contrast and well
filled tips.
Also Available: Vitality F1 (SE SU Sh2) 67 days, Peaches &
Cream Early F1 (SU) 70 days, Synergy F1 (SE-SU-Sh2) 74 days,
734BC F1 (Sh2) 76 days, Honey & Pearl (Sh2) 76 days & Serendipity F1 (SY) 78 days
Corn, ACX SS 7501Y
Corn, ACX SS 7078Y
Corn, 7112R BC
Corn, ACcession
Corn, 4001Y
Corn, Cuppa Joe
Row Count
Corn Trial
Osborne Seed Company, LLC
Strawberry Popcorn (OP) 105 days
SWEET CORN continued
2 x 1.5”
Ear Length
Row Count
Sugar Pearl F1 SE 73 days
Superb Tablesweet eating quality. Excellent package and vigorous
plant that grows to 6.5 feet tall. Sugar Pearl produces cobs with
deep, plump, high quality kernels.
Whiteout F1 SE 73 days
Terrific early maturing white corn. Sturdy plants produce delicious,
pearly white corn. Cobs are placed 2/3 of the way up stalk at an easy
picking height. Whiteout is an excellent choice for early markets.
2001MR F1 Sh2 74 days
Strawberry-shaped ear adds distinction to a centerpiece, wreath,
or other ornamental display. Popcorn-sized, garnet red kernels are
tightly packed on the small cob.
Bloody Butcher (OP) 120 days
Farmers have grown Bloody Butcher since the mid-19th century.
This impressive ornamental corn grows 10-12 feet tall and has
multiple cobs per stalk. Cobs are pink or red. Can be used for flour
and cornmeal.
Also Available: Black Amber Sorghum (OP), Black Aztec (OP),
Blue Hopi (OP), Early Pink Popcorn (OP), Fiesta F1, Mini Colored Popcorn (OP) & Mixed Color Broom (OP)
One of the best white eating corns we have ever tried with a
sweet, clean flavor. Deep pearly kernels run in straight lines on a
2” diameter cob with great tip fill. Seedling vigor and emergence
are outstanding due to the Super Seedware gene, which allows
for early planting. 2001 also boasts excellent flags and husks, and
grood field holding ability.
Also Available: WSS 3681 F1 (Sh2) 83 days
Baron (OP)
Quick maturing variety jumped out of the ground faster than all
other varieties in our trials. The upright plant habit helps to keep soil
out and makes for quick and easy harvest. Oval-round dark green
leaves can be grown in open field and under cover. For fall to late
fall and very early spring plantings.
Granon (OP)
This robust variety is fairly upright in growth and high yielding.
Leaves are round and thick, with the leaf margin going well down to
Ear Length
the stem. Granon is just a little slower maturing than Baron, but is
Painted Mountain (OP) 80-90 days
more adaptable, working for open field year round.
Vit (OP)
Painted Mountain produces uniform ears in a rainbow of colors that Proven established variety with dark green veined oval leaves.
vary from ear to ear. Although it is grown mostly for ornamental
Vit is a heavy yielder, well suited to grow in cold frames in the fall
purposes, it can also be eaten as hominy or ground into flour. Short, and winter. Sow July through September for harvest September to
stout plants matured two weeks before other ornamental varieties
and performed well west of the Cascades.
Corn, Sugar Pearl
Corn, 2001MR
Corn, Whiteout
Corn, Painted Mountain
Corn, Bloody Butcher
Corn Salad, Baron
Corn Salad, Granon
Note: For nitrogen fixers, for optimum nitrogen-fixing add the compatible Rhizobium inoculate. spring, fall
125-150 lbs, increase in late fall or for weed suppression
Multipurpose- good for soil retention, biomass and weed suppression, as well as a grain crop for animal or human consumption. Very
similar to cereal rye, has lower straw strength and more frost kill, which may work well if rye gets too woody or vigorous. Needs slightly
higher temps to germinate than rye, possibility of more volunteering post harvest, and more susceptible to lodging and flood damage. spring, summer
60 lbs, 1/2 inch deep
Quick growth, suppresses weeds and attracts insects and butterflies. Requires little moisture, grows in most soils. Mow or incorporate
7-10 days after flowering. Frost sensitive.
Clover, Crimson late August - October
25 lbs
Brilliant blooms in late spring/early summer. Plant as part of a mix or alone. Fixes nitrogen, helps control erosion. When managed
properly, it will re-seed, but is easily controlled. Annual. Plant late August-September in the Puget Sound; October in southwest WA.
Clover, White (low) spring, summer, fall
12 lbs alone, 6 lbs mix
Perennial with strong cool weather growth and high nitrogen fixing capability. Good for grazing, great ground covering ability, durable.
early spring or fall
100-125 lbs
Fava Bean, “Diana”
High yielding, 3.5-4 inch pods on thick stands. Nitrogen fixing. Tolerant of wet soil, hardy to 10°F.
early spring/early fall
100-150 lbs Oats, “Cayuse”
Prefers cool, moist growing conditions. If planted in the fall, can overwinter in mild areas or winter kill for easy early spring cultivation.
Produces plenty of organic matter. Plant in the early spring for fall grain harvest.
early spring for fall harvest
100-150 lbs
Oats, Hulless “Streaker”
A high protein animal feed source, or for human consumption, hulless oats require little processing after threshing and winnowing.
Excellent disease resistance, moderate rust resistance.
year round, mostly fall planted
75 lbs, up to 150 lbs late fall
Pea, Austrian Winter
A nitrogen-fixing legume great for winter cover. Mix with winter rye or triticale to help the peas stay upright.
spring, summer
150-200 lbs
Pea, Nash’s Field
A great warm-season nitrogen fixer! Fast growing, lots of biomass for organic matter. Field pea.
spring, fall
90-110 lbs, increase up to 200 lbs late fall
Rye, Cereal & Merced
Vigorous winter cover for soil stabilization. Grows rapidly in cool weather; extensive root system that captures soil nitrogen, loosens heavy
soils and suppresses weeds. Incorporate quickly once cut, or the stalks will become woody. Control rapid early spring growth by mowing
before cultivation.
spring, fall
100-150 lbs Rye Vetch Mix
Our Rye Vetch Mix is certified organic and grown locally here in Washington State! Winter hardy, on averge 40% common vetch,
60% cereal rye.
Cover Crop, Buckwheat
Cover Crop, Cayuse Oats
Cover Crop, Crimson Clover
Cover Crop, Rye Vetch Mix
Cover Crop, Nash’s Field Pea
Cover Crop, Triticale
Osborne Seed Company, LLC
COVER CROPS continued
100-125 lbs Triticale, “Bunker”
Triticale is a cross between wheat and cereal rye; it is highly effective in erosion control. Good for winter weed suppression and wet soils.
High protein.
spring, summer, fall
60 lbs with grains, 100 lbs alone Vetch, Common
Fixes nitrogen, crowds out weeds, and provides plenty of organic matter. Establishes quickly and is cold tolerant. Fewer tendrils and
reduced production of dormant (hard) seeds compared to hairy vetch.
spring, summer, early fall
40 lbs with grains, 60 lbs alone
Vetch, Hairy
Will withstand frozen soil if allowed to establish properly in the fall. Prefers well-drained soil. Fixes large quantities of nitrogen, produces
lots of biomass. Best mixed with grains.
Note: Vetch seeds are toxic to monogastric animals.
Beneficial Bug Mix spring, summer
9-18 lbs/acre or in rows between crops; space 4-8 seeds per inch between 5 ft rows. 1 oz for 100 ft row
We trialed a few different mixes, and this was our favorite low growing, easy maintenance mix. Contains baby blue eyes, bergamot,
bishop’s flower, black-eyed susan, california poppy, candytuft, cilantro, dill, dwarf cosmos, fennel, gayfeather, globe gilia, indian blanket,
lance-leaved coreopsis, purple prairie clover, rockcress, shasta daisy, siberian wallflower and sweet alyssum. French Marigold summer, fall
Summer and fall blooming, this ‘Petite Mix’ contains orange, gold and yellow marigolds with an average height of 8-10 inches. Use these
as a beneficial intercropping plant with many different crops including tomatoes, carrots and brassicas. Research has shown French
marigold intercropping to be effective in reducing pests and disease including nematodes, rust fly and root aphid. spring, summer
Plant single rows 3-4 seeds/inch or 2 lbs/ acre
Lacy Phacelia
This frilly, durable plant grows 3-4’ tall and produces downward curling purple flowers that bees cannot resist. Attracts predatory
insects which need pollen to reproduce - try growing rows periodically throughout brussels sprouts to control aphids. Also an
excellent and unusual cut flower. Will reseed if allowed, can become a dense and early blooming perennial patch.
Sweet Alyssum spring, summer
1 lb/acre or in rows between crops; space 4-8 seeds per
inch between 5 ft rows
Use this annual on its own or add it to any cover crop or border mix. Plants are 10-12 inches tall. Sweet Alyssum works well as a
predatory insect habitat: plant dense rows periodically throughout a summer row-crop field and watch the tiny beneficial wasps feed
on the pollen. Sow in spring for continuous summer bloom. Utilize unused space by direct seeding it in field roads, or experiment with
broadcast under-sowing at last cultivation in winter squash for incredible fruit set.
Cover Crop, Lacy Phacelia
Cover Crop, Fava Diana
Cover Crop, Hairy Vetch & Triticale
Cover Crop, Sweet Alyssum
Cover Crop, Beneficial Bug Mix
Monoecious: Separate male & female flowers on same plant
Gynoecious: predominantly female flowers
Parthenocarpic: plants develop fruit without male flower
LD=Length to Diameter Ratio
Expedition F1 55 days
A, ALS, Ccu, CMV, DM, PM
Expedition really stands out for its earliness and yield,
outperforming both Vlaspik and Eureka! Concentrated set of
consistently dark green fruit with a 3-3.1 LD ratio. Can be machine
or hand harvested. Parthenocarpic.
Eureka F1 57 days
Cucumber, Eureka
This indeterminate, monoecious plant produces cylindrical, deep green
fruit with white spines. LD ratio of 3.15. Excellent disease package.
Diamant F1 58 days
Ccu, CMV, DM, PM
A crispy and tasty parthenocarpic gherkin, European pickling type
with many fine spines on a rough textured skin. Diamant has an
abundance of uniform, straight, dark green fruit with a LD ratio of
3.1. Very firm, this European-spined type has improved shelf life.
Also Available: Calypso F1, Pioneer F1, Sassy F1& Vlaspik F1
Cucumber, Expedition
Cucumber, Diamant
Cucumber, Sonja
Cucumber, Saber
Cucumber, Diomede
Cucumber, SV3462CS
Sonja (OP) 55 days
10 x 2”
Flavor and texture of Sonja continues to win us over. A smooth
American slicer type, dark green with some attractive subtle
striping at the blossom end, and skin with no bitter taste. The
flavor is very sweet, the flesh is firm and dense with a great
crunch. Sonja is a versatile all around performer that stayed slim
and clean. Continuous harvest from a compact bush; plant a few
successions and harvest your bounty all summer long. This variety
is gynoecious.
Saber F1 55 days
7-9 x 2”
Cca, Ccu, CMV, CVYV, PM
This early organic variety has vigorous vines that produce
cylindrical, 7-9” fruit. In our trials this year Saber was one of our
earliest cucumbers by almost a week with high yields of very
crisp and firm flavorful fruit. We noticed the fruit being able to stay
firm when large. It is known for good sets in cooler conditions.
Parthenocarpic, works well trellised.
Diomede F1 55-60 days
8.5-9 x 2”
A dark green slicer that can be grown on the ground or on a trellis.
Expect an abundant yield of highly attractive, smooth, 8–9” fruit with
a nice blunt tip and very little yellow belly. This new cucumber comes
with one of the most disease resistant packages on the market.
SV3462CS F1 60 days
8.5-9 x 2”
A 1, ALS, Ccu, DM, PM, ZYMV
Tough disease protection and crisp uniform fruit all in one!
SV3462CS has been bred for high resistance to ALS, Anthracnose,
ZYMV and Scab: it also has intermediate resistance to Downy
Mildew! This gynoecious slicer produces uniform dark green fruit on
a vigorous vine. Straight slender shape with nicely blunt ends, small
dense seed cavity, and a sweet flavor.
Also Available: Constable F1, Cortez F1, Marketmore 76 (OP),
Turbo F1 & USACX 00195
Cucumber Harvest at Osborne Office Ground
Osborne Seed Company, LLC
CUCUMBER continued
Picolino F1 45 days
Cca, Ccu, CMV, CVYV, PM
An extremely prolific, highly uniform mini cucumber with a perfectly
cylindrical shape. Optimal picking size is 4.5 inches. Dark green
with tender skin and a crisp, sweet interior. Picolino was the first
producer in our trials and continued to yield for several weeks.
Adam F1 45-50 days
Similar to Picolino, Adam grew very straight and uniform in our
hoophouse trials with few imperfections. Produces lots of same
sized cylindrical fruit all at once and continues for 4-plus weeks.
Very firm with a crunchy texture at 5 inches long. More appropriate
for harvest 2-3 times per week, while Picolino needs to be
harvested every other day for optimum yields. Parthenocarpic.
New! Baby F1 45-50 days
Cucumber, Adam
Cucumber, Baby
Cucumber, Socrates & Roxynantes (l/r)
Cucumber, Mercury
Cucumber, Summer Top
CMV, Ccu, PM
This highly prolific light green cucumber packs a whole lot of
flavor into such a mini size. Very sweet with a smooth, thin, crispy
skin. Uniform in shape and size. Can be harvested at multiple
stages, and we found the flavor and texture to be the same at all
stages. Very versatile! One of the office favorites! Parthenocarpic.
Socrates F1 52 days
Cucumber, Picolino
Ccu, PM
A dark green, very thin skinned, sweet and crispy Beit Alpha
cucumber. If you like Picolino, this is a larger version with a more
flexible harvest size. Can be picked small or up to 8” with a small
dense seed cavity and firm flesh. Plants are suited for both field
and high tunnels and achieve optimum uniformity and yields when
trellised. Parthenocarpic.
Mercury F1 55 days
A new Beit Alpha meant for on-the-ground field production. In our trials,
this early cucumber produced high yields of quality thin-skinned fruit
with very little scarring. The flavor is excellent, and we like the taste and
crunch better than most other varieties in trial. Slender, slightly ridged,
medium dark green fruit have small seeds and a tight seed cavity. Easy
to harvest with very little damage to stem connections. We suggest
multiple plantings in the season, as Mercury has a concentrated harvest
window. Monoecious with a high rate of female flowers.
Summer Top F1 55 days
A, CMV, DM, Heat, PM
This long, thin burpless cucumber grows easily and is a high yielder
over a long period of time. Great roadside and farmer’s market item.
It has a crisp, refreshing taste and does not require peeling. For
straighter fruit, trellising is recommended. Monoecious.
Roxynante F1 55 days
Cca, Ccu, CVYV
Roxynante is a long English type cucumber with excellent yield
potential. In our trials, we liked its length and straightness. Has
ridged dark green skin, a firm interior and great flavor. Trellising is
recommended. Monoecious.
New! Orca F1 65 days
CMV, Ccu, PM
A most prolific English cucumber of considerable size! Even at a
length of 12-15” this cuke is still crisp and tasty. The thin skin is
dark green and slightly ridged. Fruit are straight and firm, 1.5 to
1.75” in diameter. Extended harvest period. Has the potential to be
even longer up to 18-20”. Parthenocarpic.
Also Available: Armenian (OP) , Crispy Salad F1,
Lemon (OP) , Summer Dance F1, Salad Bush F1,
Sweet Slice F1, Sweet Success F1 & Tasty Green F1
Cucumber, Roxynante
Cucumber, Orca
Cucumber Baby in hoophouse
Epic F1 64 days
Days = from transplant to maturity
Teardrop; 8.25 x 4”
Shape & Size (LxW)
Plant Habit
All eggplant varieties listed perform well in the Northwest from
transplanting mid-May, even on the west side of the Cascades.
Protection can greatly improve yields.
Anamur F1 55-60 days
Long, cylindrical; 9-12 x 2”Deep purple
Large, vigorous
This early, elongated black eggplant is a cross between a
Japanese type and the classic Mediterranean. Long, 6-12 inch fruit
with a slightly bulbous end are shiny, deep purple, with a green
calyx. Uniform in shape and size when harvested regularly.
Hansel F1 55-60 days
Elongated; 2-5 x 0.5-1”
Tall, vigorous
A small to medium Japanese type, with straight shiny black/purple
fruit and a green calyx. The slender eggplants are borne on healthy
plants that produce a continuous, abundant harvest well into
New! Gretel F1
Elongated; 2-5 x 0.5-1”
Tall, vigorous
The perfect companion to Hansel, Gretel bears clusters of slender
white fruit on a compact plant. Very early to ripen, they will continue
to produce into the fall.
New! Fairy Tale F1
Elongated; 2-5 x 0.5-1”
Tall vigorous
Grow these beautiful lilac and white marbled eggplant with Hansel
and Gretel for a full complement of colors. Fairy Tale is early and
prolific, growing clusters of slim fruit.
Traviata F1 55-60 days
Teardrop; 6-8 x 3-4”
Deep purple
Vigorous, upright
Early, beautiful, and productive large Mediterranean eggplant.
Traviata was much earlier to fruit and it out produced all others
in our indoor and outdoor trials, continuing to give large uniform
fruit, even with less than ideal weather! Fruit can be harvested at
varying stages of development
Eggplant, Fairy Tale
Eggplant, Hansel
Eggplant, Anamur
Eggplant, Traviata
Upright, up to 36”
Epic is a high yielding variety! Its strong, upright plant adapts to a
variety of soils and resists Tobacco Mosaic virus.
Angela F1 65 days
Elongated oval; 7-8 x 3”
Tall, vigorous
Angela has beautiful purple striping on a clean white background,
with an attractive and easy to use shape. The fruit has smooth
glossy skin, a green calyx and minimal thorns for easier picking.
Bred for protected greenhouse production, we found that Angela
also had outstanding yields of high quality fruit in the field with
minimal protection. Very eye-catching!
Also Available: Black Bell F1, Classic F1, Fullness F1, Megal
F1, Millionaire F1, Nadia F1 & Night Shadow F1
Catalogna. Emerald
Serrated, dandelion-like leaves are used as early greens. Fast
growing with a mild and slightly bitter flavor.
Catalogna, Garnet Stems
Garnet Stems has serrated green leaves with deep red stems.
Lorca (OP) 90 days
TB, Bolting
A Salad King type with a blanched heart contrasting against deep
green outer leaves. Performs well in cool temperatures.
Séance (OP) 90 days
TB, Bolting, Heat
Séance is a broad leaved escarole with upright growth and a
blanched heart. Large, adaptable and growable throughout the late
spring, summer and fall. Excellent shelf life.
New! Zidane (OP)
Tres Fine
Zidane is a Tres Fine Maraichere type with a very dense head of
highly branded finely cut narrow leaves. Can be used as a whole
head or in a baby leaf mix. Crisp fresh texture and mild delicate
flavor. Highly tolerant to Necrosis.
Also available: Frenzy (OP)
Eggplant, Gretel
Endive, Zidane
Eggplant, Angela
Catalogna, Emerald
Endive, Séance
Osborne Seed Company, LLC
Jaune et Vert (OP) 95 days
Preludio F1
Preludio is a huge improvement in hybrid fennel. In summer
field trials, Preludio produced large, fat bulbs two weeks before
Orion and Finale, and was considerably slower to bolt. Very white
bulbs and higher tolerance to tip burn and strong vigor impressed us.
Preludio has sturdy leaf stalks, and shorter, healthy foliage for easier
access. The thick white sheaths on the bulb had a milder, sweeter
flavor than the competition, even in the middle of the summer.
Finale (OP)
Heavy and uniform bulbs are the signature of Finale. Good bolt
tolerance allows you to plant throughout the season. Dark green
foliage grows upright and stays healthy for a long time, and
contrasts nicely with the white bulbs. In our trials, Finale seeded
early May produced nice medium bulbs in early July, and later
plantings made very large heavy bulbs in late summer. Stood up
well to fall weather.
Florence (OP)
Florence is our best choice if you’re interested in fennel greens or
seed. Aromatic with a sweet, anise-like flavor.
Autumn Wings Small, Medium & Large 90-100 days
2.5-3” bulb, 4.5-12” neck
A unique ornamental gourd that produces a wide variety of wings
and warts in a broad spectrum of colors. Everything from cream
to yellow and orange to dark green with combinations of them all.
Autumn Wings should be handled carefully and allowed to mature
completely prior to harvest. Rough handling can cause breakage
and lead to rotting.
Daisy 95 days
Round with ridges
This is one unique gourd! The Daisy mix was developed by Larry
Eckler of Niles, MI. It has a mix of colors in shades of green, orange,
yellow and white. Most are ridged and have a unique daisy pattern
on the top of the fruit. This variety is high yielding if spaced properly,
make sure you give 1.5-2’ spacing in a row and 6’ between rows.
Fennel, Preludio
Fennel, Finale
Gourd, Turk’s Turban
Round with ridges
4”x6” White w/ green stripes
This is early to mature and very productive. Bushy plants die back
quickly, leaving easy to harvest white flower-shaped gourds with
green stripes. Larger than Daisy and more durable than Shenot
Crown of Thorns. Edible summer squash when young.
Small Warted Professional Mix 95 days
This mix is small, uniform, colorful, and consistently warted. An
assortment of flats, rounds, short pears, pears, and spoons come
in a range of solid, striped, and bicolor patterns with more yellows,
greens and oranges.
Turk’s Turban 95-100 days
Flattened turban
Orange red shoulder, prominent bottom
This colorful, edible gourd displays well for fall fresh market sales
with its orange red shoulder and protruding bottom.
Lunch Lady 100 days
Lunch Lady is a wild mix of large colorful, warted gourds. Fruit vary
from 5 to 20lbs! A must have for your pumpkin patch.
Spoon Platoon 100-110 days
4-5” long
A mixture of the popular Koshare Yellow Spoon, Ball and Claw,
Dragon Toes, and Sleeping Beauty gourds. This unique mix exhibits
a superior plant habit and excellent color retention as well as great
assortment of shapes. Longer days to maturity in cooler climates,
needs a long hot summer to mature!
Snake 100-120 days
Long neck
Up to 4’ x 6”
Light green
This hard shell gourd has smooth pale green skin, creamy yellow
flesh and can be eaten like a summer squash when it is 6 inches long.
Grows up to 4 feet long and develops a hard shell when fully mature.
Speckled Swan 120 days
Swan-like neck
Green w/ light green specks
Sensational swan shapes; a must have for fall displays. Needs long
growing season.
Also Available: Apple, Bi-Color Pear, Birdhouse, Extra Long
Handled Dipper, Luffa, Mixed Small & Large & Shenot Crown of
Gourd, Autumn Wings
Gourd, Lunch Lady
Gourd, Daisy Mix
Gourd, Jaune et Vert
Arugula, Adagio
Eruca Sativa
Arugula, Astro
Eruca Sativa
An improved Astro variety that is more uniform with a slightly darker color and longer holding ability. Good winter hardiness.
Fast growing, hardy with a bushy growth habit. Lobed leaves.
Eruca Sativa
Arugula, Roquette
This fast growing dark green variety is very similar to Astro.
More uniform lobing and consistently had smooth broad leaves with a rich spicy flavor. More growth in the winter, and slower to bolt.
Arugula, Speedy
Eruca Sativa
Extremely quick growing with a fast life cycle. The most heavily serrated leaves in a cultivated arugula type. Quick to get tall, good for a fast baby leaf or bunching.
Arugula, Surrey
Very fast growing with heavily serrated leaves and tall erect habit.
Arugula, Wild
Diplotaxis tenuifolia
Smaller, heavily serrated leaves and a nice wild flavor. A European favorite. This herb does well in heat and humidity.
Ocimum basilicum
Basil, Dolly
Genovese type with broad leaves and large, bushy plants. A little more savoyed on inner leaves than Genovese. Fusarium Wilt resistant. Best for protected production.
Ocimum basilicum
Basil, Genovese
Uniform plant grows to 24 inches. Slow to bolt with 2 to 3 inch dark green leaves. Classic downward sloping shape, aroma and flavor.
Ocimum basilicum
Basil, Italian Large Leaf
Fragrant, medium green, smooth leaves on heavily branched plants. Slower bolting and larger leaved than Genovese strains.
Ocimum basilicum
Basil, Jolina
A gorgeous shiny compact plant with short internodes. The high number of medium-small, dark green leaves create very full
bunches or pots. Outward splayed habit, very uniform. Good aroma and flavor.
Basil, Lemon
Ocimum basilicum citriodorum A
Lemony scented basil with chartreuse leaves and white flowers. Enhances dishes with a hint of citrus, best scent we have found.
Basil, Licorice
Ocimum basilicum
Licorice flavored sweet basil with a hint of cinnamon. Grows 12 to 14 inches tall. Diverse colors, from green to purple, beautiful!
Ocimum basilicum
Basil, Nufar
Productive Italian Large Leaf type with a bushy, outward
spreading habit. Crinkly inner leaves and slightly cupped outer leaves showed no sunburn. Top rosettes were 10” across. Fusarium wilt resistant.
Eruca Sativa
*A: Annuals/ P: Perennials
Arugula, Adagio
Arugula, Speedy
Basil, Genovese, Nufar & Dolly (L/R)
Arugula, Wild
Basil, Jolina
Basil, Italian Large Leaf
Basil, Lemon
Herb Basket
Osborne Seed Company, LLC
Ocimum basilicum
Basil, Rosie
A uniform purple basil with slightly serrated leaves and excellent dark purple color. We observed very little green in our trials. Ocimum basilicum
Basil, Sweet Aroma II
A Genovese variety with medium green leaves, very uniform, high productivity, slow bolting, and Fusarium tolerant. Accepting of cooler temperatures.
Ocimum basilicum
Basil, Thai
Small green leaves, purple stems and delicate blossoms. Wonderful aroma and spicy flavor. Makes a great container plant.
Borago officinalis
Plants can grow to 2.5 feet tall and have long, grey-green leaves with a faint cucumber flavor. Star-shaped, edible, blue flowers attract beneficial insects.
Anthriscus Cerefolium
An aromatic herb with parsley-like leaves. Delicate and flavorful; one of the earliest herbs to grow in the spring.
Allium schoenoprasum
Chives, Garlic
Flat leaves with garlic flavor and aroma. Beautiful little white flowers. Easy to grow, durable.
Allium schoenoprasum
Chives, Nelly
A fine to medium leaved chive with dark blue green color.
Vigorous, upright growth with strong disease and thrips tolerance.
Chives, Polyvit
Allium schoenoprasum
Early, uniform dark green blades with a vigorous and upright growth habit.
Cilantro Calypso
Coriandrum sativum
This large leaf variety was slowest to bolt during Osborne’s trials
two years running in all seasonal slots.
Coriandrum sativum
Cilantro, Rani
This upright variety has vigorous growth, nice saturated medium-
green leaves and good bolt tolerance. Very vigorous.
Cilantro, Santo
Coriandrum sativum
This fast-growing strain is known for its consistent quality, high
yields, dark color and slowness to bolt.
Cress, Curled Peppergrass Lepidium sativum
Fast growing herb with a pleasant, peppery flavor. Produces an
abundance of serrated green leaves. Seed pods make a beautiful
addition to bouquets.
Anethum graveolens
Dill, Bouquet
Typically five days earlier and somewhat taller than Mammoth.
Fern-like foilage is fragrant and dark green.
Anethum graveolens
Dill, Dukat
Very aromatic dill with beautiful, dark green, feathery foliage.
The upright plant produces plentiful yields of both green fronds
and umbels and has a high content of essential oils.
*A: Annuals/ P: Perennials
Basil, Rosie
Chives, Nelly
Basil, Sweet Aroma II
Cilantro, Calypso
Cilantro, Rani
Cress, Curled Peppergrass
Dill, Bouquet
Dill, Greensleeves
Anethum graveolens
Dark green dill that is leafy, finely cut and great for fresh bunches.
Resists early bolting and suitable for all season growing.
Dill, Long Island Mammoth Anethum graveolens
These vigorous growers reach heights of 24 to 30 inches. Mature in about 70 days.
Hyssop, Anise
Agastache foeniculum
Can be used as a cut flower in addition to having medicinal
properties. The tender perennial can be treated as an annual.
Lemon Balm
Melissa officinalis
Slow to germinate but quickly grows to 30 inches. This member of the mint family prefers moist soil and sun to partial shade.
Marjoram (sweet)
Origanum majorana
Plants are 18 to 24 inches tall. Leaves have a pleasing and aromatic fragrance.
Origanum vulgare
Bushy plant with pale pink flowers that can grow to 24 inches or more. Versatile herb, indispensible in Italian dishes.
Purslane, Gold or Green
Portulaca oleracea
Purslane has succulent leaves and stems with a taste similar to watercress or spinach. Harvest young tender leaves and stem tips or cut 2” from ground and bunch.
Rosmarinus officinalis
This hardy perennial can be grown from seed. Grows 2 to 4 feet with delicate blue flowers. The silvery green plant does best with well-drained soil.
Sage, Ceres
Salvia officinalis
Similar in appearance to regular broadleaf sage, but with a more slender refined leaf. Compared to ordinary sage the aroma is full
and robust but gentle with no harshness. A must for the discerning cook.
Sorrell, Large Leafed
Rumex acetosa
Has strongly flavored lemony leaves. Prefers slightly acidic soil and full sun but tolerates shade.
Sorrell, Red Vein
Rumex acetosa
An attractive unusual herb, Red Vein Sorrel has long, bright
green leaves with red veins. Makes a great ornamental, and lemony salad addition.
Stevia rebaudiana
This alternative to sugar can be used fresh or dried. It has a bushy plant with small white flower. Likes lots of heat.
Summer Savory
Satureja hortensis
Bushy plant grows up to 12 inches with small, fragrant leaves. Plants are hardy into the fall. Versatile herb, pairs very well with green and wax bean dishes.
Thyme, Winter
Thymus vulgaris
Highly aromatic and pleasant tasting perennial herb with very small, narrow leaves on wiry stems. Dries well.
Nasturtium officinalis
A hardy, water-loving plant with a spreading growth habit. Its oval
shaped leaves have a spicy taste that make a great salad
Also Available: Basil Cinnamon, Basil Lime , Chamomile (German), Cilantro Pallas, Cress Upland, Cress Wrinkled Crinkled,
Epazote Peppermint, Purple Dark Opal & Sage
*A: Annuals/ P: Perennials
Dill, Greensleeves
Hyssop, Anise
Sage, Ceres
Sorrell, Red Vein
Osborne Seed Company, LLC
Leaf Color
Slightly flat to round
Grey green w/ purple veins
Red Ursa combines the beautiful red stems and leaf veins of Red
Russian with the frilliness of a Siberian type. Leaf shapes can vary
from flat to lobed to extremely frilled. The plants are large and the
leaves are positioned at an upward angle. Cold hardy, has exhibited
Clubroot tolerance.
Black Magic OP 60 days
Dark green
Take advantage of the market popularity of Lacinato kale with
this exceptionally uniform and productive variety! Black Magic’s
leaves are large, wide, and straight and resist curling inward. It has
a dark and consistent color and an open habit that makes harvesting
easier than other OPs. The plants from our trial had sweet flavor,
vigorous regrowth, and all were uniform and of high quality.
Blue Ridge F1 75 days
Dark blue-green
Blue Ridge is a hybrid kale with fully-curled, dark blue green leaves
on a semi-tall plant. In our trials, it showed highly uniform growth
and out-yielded other hybrid varieties with its higher leaf count.
Slow to bolt, and suitable for hand-stripping.
New! Rogue F1 80 days
24-30” Dark green
New medium green, finely curled kale with an upright habit and
sturdy stem. Thick, healthy leaves sweeten up as the weather
cools. Productive and cold hardy.
Scarlet (OP) 80 days
This open pollinated red kale is very uniform and vigorous,
with vivid, show-stopping dark red color. The stalk when harvested
regularly, produces generous yields of large sturdy and tightly,
heavily curled leaves on 36-40 inch plants.
Also Available: Lacinato (OP) , Red Russian (OP) , Vates
Blue Curled (OP), Winterbor F1 & White Russian (OP)
For Ornamental Kale, please see our flower section.
Aventino F1 62 days
Red Ursa (OP) 50 days
Bulb Shape
Kale, Red Ursa
Kale, Black Magic
Kale, Rogue
Kohlrabi, Azur Star
Light green
Very upright, medium height leaves on slender stalks make this
green kohlrabi easy to bunch and pack. Uniform color and shape
with nice crunchy texture and mild flavor at 4 inches. This variety
is held high off the ground, avoiding cabbage maggot damage and
improving ease of harvest.
Eder F1 62 days
Flat to round
Light green
Eder is uniform in shape, size, and maturity. The upright
foliage lends itself to neat bunches, easy close cultivation, and
allows for the possibility of less disease in the field. Bulbs are very
crisp, juicy, and have a mildly sweet flavor, even at a larger size.
Lech F1 62 days
Flat to round
Light green
Slightly flat to round
Foliage Color
Shaft Size, Color
This is an excellent kohlrabi from the same breeders as Eder. Very
versatile with good field standing ability, this is an adaptable variety
for many situations, as well as being flexible for bunching. Lech
produced harvestable bulbs well off the ground even in trials that
were infected with clubroot.
Azur Star (OP) 65 days
Azur Star is a very quick maturing purple kohlrabi with vibrant color
and attractive, upright, dark tops. It is uniform and can be planted
very early with protection but is especially suited for open field
production. Its flesh is tender and crisp, with a smooth peppery
flavor. Showed good clubroot tolerance in our local trials.
Also available: Winner F1
Rami (OP) Very Early
Medium green
Long, white
Get the season started with Rami, a very early maturing summer leek
with medium green foliage and a long shaft. Rami is high yielding,
one of the best open pollinated leeks on the market. Very stable
variety, does not exhibit bulbing. For harvest June through August.
Kale, Scarlet
Kale, Blue Ridge
Kohlrabi, Eder
Kohlrabi, Lech
Leek, Rami
NIZ 44-4402 MT 68 days
Megaton F1 Early
Bolting, DM 1-6, 13-15, Rs, TB
Long & thick, white
This is a summer leek for harvest late June through September.
Megaton is an upright plant with good green color and long shaft.
Excellent weight, quick to size up, and very productive.
Longton F1 Mid Early
Medium dark green
Long & slender, white
If you want a longer shank, and a slender, rigidly upright and
uniform leek that holds its size, Longton is for you. Robust against
thrips. It has high cleaning efficiency, and is suitable for hand or
mechanical harvesting from late summer to early winter. Can be
planted at 3” in-row spacing for more slender, bunchable leeks.
Belton F1 Mid Early
Blue green
Long & thick, white
Belton is an autumn/winter leek with upright, dark, bluishgreen leaves. Productive with heavy weight and a long white shaft.
Easy to clean, with excellent rust resistance. Great field holding
ability, suited for harvest September through January, though some
growers use it for all fall and winter successions.
Kenton F1 Late
Dark blue green
Medium long, white
Kenton has strong, semi-upright foliage and the true winter blue/
green color, all on top of a white shaft. Excellent holding ability
in the field with very good late winter hardiness. Strong against
rust. For the latest succession transplant late July/early August for
harvest in March/April. Transplant earlier to cover the February slot.
Also Available: Tadorna (OP)
Declaration MT 65-70 days
Bolting, DM, Rs, TB
Declaration is a large heading iceberg variety with vibrant green
color and good head weight that holds well in the field. This variety
features a great disease package including Corky Root, tip burn,
Downey Mildew, and bolting.
This iceberg is extremely dense and heavy with a small round core.
The medium-sized heads have a consistent round shape, heavy
texture, and dark green outer leaves with a nice, contrasting interior.
Also Available: Liberty MI & Victory MT
Green Leaf
Tropicana MT 55 days
Rs, TB
A Corky Root resistant green leaf. Tropicana has more body
and size and is less susceptible to tip burn and “leaf scorch”.
Tropicana’s hardiness makes it well suited to spring and fall
plantings in the Northwest.
Starfighter MT 55-60 days
DM 1-25, Heat , Nr, Pb
Starfighter is a brilliantly colored, large green leaf Batavia with
blistered, slightly shiny leaves. It also has great uniformity and firm,
yet pliable, texture. To top it all off, it has excellent shelf life, a very
full head and good tolerance to internal tip burn. Performs well in
the heat.
Green Star MT 55-60 days
Bolting, DM, TB
Medium-sized iceberg with excellent weight, heavy leaf texture,
light green color, and a dense, round head with a very small core.
The vigorous root system provides reliable performance in difficult
growing conditions. Excellent disease resistance.
Sizzler MT 68-75 days
This lettuce produces a large head with thick textured leaves
that have a freshly picked look thanks to a glossy sheen and an
exceptionally vivid green color. Great field holding, even after
unfavorable weather in October in NW Washington. Nice, erect
shape helps reduce any bottom rot. Lots of leaves, with consistent
frill towards the center. Best color and quality in our trials.
Leek, Megaton
Leek, Kenton
Lettuce, Declaration
Lettuce, Tropicana
Lettuce, Green Star
Leek, Longton
Leek, Belton
Lettuce, NIZ 44-4402
Lettuce, Sizzler
Lettuce, Starfighter
Osborne Seed Company, LLC
LETTUCE continued
Green Leaf continued
Bergam’s Green MT 60 days
Bolting, DM, TB
Medium to large uniform head with an awesome, lustrous green
color, frilled margins and pliable leaves. Bergam’s tolerance to tip
burn and bolting make this green leaf lettuce an excellent choice for
summer production. A good all-around standard, and easy to band.
New! Hampton MT
DM 1-31, Nr, LMV
Medium - Large
Exceptionally beautiful! This EZ Leaf type has a vivid dark green
color that is just incomparable. Has a frilly thick oak leaf that would
make for a dynamite salad mix ingredient. Undeniably uniform and
extremely bolt tolerant during our trials. This variety is sure to impress!
Also available: NIZ-4703 MT
Lettuce, Bergam’s Green
Lettuce, Hampton
Red Leaf
Borromini MT 50-55 days
DM 1-28, Heat, LMV, Nr
This very full dark red, mini oakleaf is one to try! Borromini is very
uniform in shape and size. Bright burgundy leaves with hints of
green showing through and a clean green interior. This unusual
lettuce has an airy, firm, crunchy structure that holds the head well
off the ground and is easy to handle.
Fossey MT 50-55 days
DM 1-26, 28, Nr
Lettuce, Borromini
Fossey is a frilly Lolla Rossa with dark cherry coloring, uniform
shape and good volume. Strong against bolting and has an
excellent disease package. Same color as Dark Lolla Rossa with
improved uniformity and larger size. Holds shape well.
Lovelock MT 52 days
Bolting , DM 1-27, LMV
Want a fast, heavy, absolutely gorgeous lettuce for any season?
Lovelock is a quick maturing, large headed Batavian with bronze
margins surrounding a dense, apple green interior. Wavy, crunchy
blistered leaves give Lovelock a durable texture that holds well in
the field, even into the late fall.
Cantarix MT 60 days
DM 1-26, 28, Heat, Nr
Lettuce, Lovelock
A slow bolting, large-framed shiny red oakleaf, Cantarix has a
bronzy leaf margin with beautiful deep red on lower leaves and tips
of inner leaves, and a delicate, lime green interior. This lettuce has
pliable ribs and a dense, weighty head. Can be planted all summer
and into the fall. Excellent field holding.
Red Dog MT 60 days
A great summer red, with a clean pale green heart, and darker than
New Red Fire. Great durability and density, as well as exceptional
bolt tolerance. Field holding, with continued quality, was great
in summer and fall trials. Heavy weight. Good tolerance to DM
observed in field situations, but not fully DM resistant.
Red Baron MT 60-65 days
Bolting, DM, TB
Lettuce, Cantarix
Lettuce, Fossey, Pomegranate Crunch
& Breen (L/R)
Lettuce, Red Dog
Lettuce, Red Baron
Red Baron’s large, dense heads and excellent weight have made
it a favorite at Osborne. It has thick, blistered leaves on a broad
head. The contrast of dark red margins and green hearts will
amaze you. Great size and weight.
Also available: Dark Lolla Rossa MI, Hornet MT,
New Red Fire MT , & Red Fox MT
Cegolaine MT
DM 1-28, 30, 31, LMV, Pb, Nr
A fun mix of butter and little gem structure, Cegolaine is
stunning with its shiny, bright green contrast of bronzy red and dark
green. In the spring, we liked it paired with Roxy. In the summer
and fall, it was faster growing, developing into a slightly open-faced,
high leaf count, dynamic small-medium head. Grow this with your
other mini types and watch all the colors pop!
Roxy MT 55 days
Bolting, DM 1-17, 21, 23,
A beautiful, small to medium butterhead, that has brilliant red
colored leaves with green highlighting and a bright yellow interior.
Slow to bolt in the spring and fall. Roxy offers an open, loose head
with delicate, broad, heavily blistered leaves. Nice base and strong
resistance to tip burn. Try pairing with Cegolaine.
Skyphos MT 58 days
Bolting, DM 1-26, 28, LMV, Nr
A smooth butter that is quick to head, with the brightest
contrast we have ever seen. If you like the cherry red of
Alkindus, and the chartreuse and tight wrap of Sangria, you will
love the combination of both in Skyphos. A bright cherry on the
outer leaves, with a contrast between chartreuse and fuchsia on
the face. Very uniform. Boasts a good disease package. Heads well
in hot weather.
Alkindus MT 60 days
DM 1-26, 28, LMV, Nr
This beautifully blistered red butterhead has glossy burgundy outer
leaves with just a bit of chartreuse color showing through on top.
Nice dense heart, green with a touch of red. Alkindus has very
uniform size and shape that tends to hold well, even in hot weather.
Bennett MT 60 days
Bolting, DM 1-17, 21, 23,
Bennett has a large frame, flat butt, and dark, shiny green leaves. It
also has excellent texture and weight and holds nicely in the field.
In trials, we have harvested Bennett into October.
Also Available: Dancine MT, Optima MT, Sangria MT & Scarlet
Letter MT
Lettuce, Roxy
Lettuce, Bennett
Lettuce, Skyphos
Lettuce, Spretnak
Dragoon MT 38-45 days
Bolting, DM 1-27, LMV, Nr, TB
A very versatile little gem type lettuce. Dragoon is quick to fill,
and can be harvested as a mini little gem to pair with Rhazes
and Maraine in the cooler seasons, or allowed to get bigger than
Spretnak in spring, summer and fall. 6” tall and 9” wide at top.
Shows a higher leaf count than Spretnak, for optimum yield. Good
field holding.
Maraine MT 40 days
DM 1-31, Nr, Rs
Complete the color gradient in your mixed cases of mini lettuces
with Maraine’s bright green interior wrapped in olive green with
rusty burgandy highlights. Color-wise, this is the little gem version
of Breen! Grows slightly faster, with more weight than Rhazes,
though the two are very complimentary. Beautiful little gem shape.
Rhazes MT 42 days
DM 1, 4-6, 13, 15, 17
Extra mini
A stunning red mini romaine/butter with an upright romaine growth
habit and densely filled butterhead. Rhazes has garnet red leaf
margins that blend into a bright green heart. Very heavy for its size.
Spretnak MT 42 days
DM 1, 4-21, 23-26, 28, LMV
A dark green little gem type. Very upright romaine structure,
with broad outward curling leaves surrounding a closed head.
Spretnak has a densely packed heart with buttery blanched leaves
and heavy weight. It held well in our trials. Larger than Gem 30106.
Breen MT 45 days
DM 1-16, 18-21, 21, 23-26, 28
Slow growing romaine/butter with nice shape and heavy texture.
Superb rust colored leaves have a nice olive green undertone and
contrasting white veins. Dense, clean, buttery heart and heavy
head, especially when left to get larger in the spring and fall. Grow
along with Truchas for complimentary colors.
Lettuce, Dragoon & Rhazes
Lettuce, Alkindus
Lettuce, Maraine
Lettuce, Cegolaine
Lettuce, Breen
Osborne Seed Company, LLC
LETTUCE continued
Romaine continued
Truchas MT 45 days
DM 1-4, 26, 28, LMV
A mini romaine/little gem type that plays well with Breen and
Dragoon. An even cleaner, upright habit than Breen makes
harvesting and cleaning Truchas a snap. Bright cherry red exterior
and a vivid green heart within. If you love Breen, give Truchas a try.
Starhawk MT 46 days
DM 1-26, LMV, Nr
Starhawk is a mini green romaine with an upright, open growth
habit, dense and substantial heads and broad leaves. The outer
leaves are dark green and glossy; the interior is blanched. Despite
its mini status, Starhawk offers excellent yield potential and weight.
Pomegranate Crunch MT 50 days
DM 1-27
Lettuce, Truchas
This midi romaine/butter has medium, dense heads with cherry-red
leaves, light-green hearts with a red blush and clean ribs. The color
transition from the outer leaves to the heart is smooth, creating
a very beautiful contrast. Pomegranate Crunch is beautiful when
paired with Breen, and this variety consistently has uniform shape,
size and color in our trials.
Salvius MT 60-65 days
DM 1-26, 28, Nr, Rs
Lettuce, Pomegranate Crunch & Breen
Lettuce, Starhawk
Lettuce, Salvius
Lettuce, Coastal Star
Lettuce, Triple Play
Lettuce, Green Thunder
The winner in our fall trial when we were hit hard by Downy
Mildew! Salvius has shiny medium dark green leaves with a heavy
blister. Open habit, high leaf count and nice central rosette pattern
make this a beautiful romaine for field production. Tall, uniform
heads with flexible, straight ribs, and very clean lower leaves made
harvest a breeze. Good weight with little waste, a must try if you
have seen DM in your field or want a high quality romaine.
Triple Play MT 65 days
DM, Rs, TB
A large, weighty, adaptable romaine. The leaves have excellent
texture, gloss and verdant color. The disease package helps Triple
Play to stand out in Northwest growing areas. Excellent shape and
size for packing.
Green Thunder MI 68 days
Sclerotinia, TB
Medium large
A tall, very dark green romaine, Green Thunder is well adapted to a
wide variety of growing conditions. Its medium-large frame weighs an
average of 1.5 lbs or more. Stature is very upright, increasing quality
after packing. With medium blister and high gloss, this romaine is
pretty and practical. High tolerance to twisting and mid-rib deforming.
Coastal Star MT 70 days
Rs, TB Large
Tall, upright heads work perfectly for heart packs or 24 count boxes.
Large, heavy heads with strong texture, open habit, and attractive
dark green outer leaves. Interior is a beautiful buttery yellow.
Also Available: Darkland Cos MT, Gem 30106 MI & PIC 454 MT
Specialty Types
Kiribati MT 52-65 days
DM 1-28, Heat, LMV, Nr, TB,
Medium to large
Kiribati is a green oak/butter cross that has tight pleated
leaves with a buttery texture and very dense habit. The
shorter leaves are densely packed making round, beautiful heads.
With its extensive disease package, unique appearance and great
characteristics, this is a must try for the new season. Travels well
and holds well in the field during spring and summer. Continues to
grow but keeps excellent quality.
Lettuce, Gem 30106, Dragoon, Spretnak & Starhawk (L/R)
Rutilai MT 65 days
DM 1-28, Nr, LMV
Medium to large
Love Kiribati? Here is a red that can match it! Rutilai is a
dense, pleated butter-oak cross with beautiful triple red coloring!
Not as deep dark as Rouxai, but faster maturing. Large lobed
leaves, densely filled center, and nice stacked heads.
Rouxai MT 65-75 days
DM 1-28, Nr
Small to medium
A stunning “quatro red” oak/butter cross that has lobed, ruffled
leaves packed tight on a medium small head. With its glossy cherry
color leaves, dense green heart and very round head, Rouxai is a
smaller compliment to Kiribati and Rutilai. Make sure you stagger
your planting so they can be sold together. Does well for the whole
growing season and has good bolt tolerance.
Lettuce, Rutilai & Kiribati
Multileaf MT 35-45 days cut leaf, 50 days mini full heads
Innovative leaf lettuce that separates into a multitude of individual
same size baby leaves with one cut! Traditional lettuces have larger,
broader leaves on the outside and smaller leaves in the center of
the head. Multileaf lettuces have a high number of uniformly shaped
and sized leaves through the whole head. The flavor, texture and
crunch will change your customer’s outlook on salad mix.
You can use Multileaf lettuces in two different ways:
Mini full heads: cut low so that the leaves stay attached to the
core, market as a mini head, individually or in a mixed case.
Customers and chefs will appreciate the easy processing with low
waste and high quality. Plant heads 6-8” in row.
Loose leaves: cut a few inches above the ground in field- either
by hand or mechanically- to create an improved baby leaf lettuce
product. Vary height of cut to desired leaf size. Great texture and
durability will give you excellent volume and bag filling. Improved
shelf life due to the fact that they are mature leaves and they have a
small cut surface which also addresses health and safety concerns.
Plant multiple varieties in one bed for a diversified salad mix. We
suggest a high density planting of 3” in row for high yields.
We carry the following:
Variety, Type
Multigreen 3, tango
Multigreen 57, oak leaf
Multired 54, spiky leaf
Multired 4, oak leaf
Multiblond 1, tango
medium green
very dark green
red w/gr. center dark maroon
Lettuce, Multired 54, loose leaf
med-small med-small
Lettuce, Rouxai
Lettuce, Rutilai
Lettuce, Multiblond 1, full head
Lettuce, Multigreen 57, cut leaf
DM 1-26, 28,31
1-23, 25-27, 29-31
DM 1-31, Nr
DM 1-31
DM 1-26, 28, 31 LMV 1
Lettuce, Multigreen 3, cutting
Lettuce, Multileaf mix
Osborne Seed Company, LLC
Salad Mixes (All ingredients are mosaic tested)
Gourmet Salad Mix
Our mix contains different varieties of butterhead, green and red
leaf, romaine, and other unique lettuce types. The wide range
of colors and textures combine to form an outstanding product
for the restaurant trade and specialty markets. The organic and
conventional versions will vary slightly due to seed availability.
Please note: Red varieties mature slower than their green
counterparts; second cuts may have a different mix as slower
varieties grow quickly after initial cut.
Mild & Wild Brassica Mix
A wide diversity of shapes and colors, with nothing too spicy. Quick
growing - a good mix for the spring, though the milder flavors hold
through the summer as well. A great combination of lacy, frilly
leaves and juicy, crunchy texture. The winner in our winter trials;
hardy and brightly colored.
Rouge Remix Lettuce Mix
This mix glows! An exciting eye-catching mix of all the different
red colors and shapes, with just enough bicolor leaves with tints
of green to set it off. Beautiful as is, or plant in the same bed as
our Gourmet Salad Mix, and then harvest together to push lettuce
diversity and color to a new height.
Super Frilly Lettuce Mix
Acting on the principle that dry lettuce will have a longer shelf
life, we have combined varieties with stiff frilly structure and
good crunch. Water will run more readily off these leaves post
harvest, and their lofty structure will fill a bag faster. A bright color
combination with a diversity of textures and flavors. Developed with
the growers’ needs in mind as well as customer satisfaction.
Also Available: Spicy Salad Compliment
Gourmet Salad Mix
Mild & Wild Brassica Mix
Rouge Remix Lettuce Mix
Super Frilly Lettuce Mix
Lettuce, Auburn
Lettuce, Bixby
Lettuce, Blade
Lettuce, Bolsachica
Lettuce, Dane
Lettuce, Gaviota
Days to Maturity/Speed
We have selected the following varieties based on their performance
as baby leaf lettuces, but we have successfully grown many of them
to full heads in the cooler seasons. The varieties that work well for full
. We encourage you to experiment
head also are indicated with
with both types of production with our baby leaf varieties!
Auburn MT
Medium fast
DM 1-16, 18-21, 23-26, 28
A very upright bronze-cherry romaine leaf with lots of green
contrast. Semi-thick, not as thick a leaf as Breen but a similar color.
Broad leaf with a narrow attachment.
Bixby MT
DM 1-26
A truly dark Lolla Rossa/red leaf cross. Pure, saturated color on a
medium, frilled leaf. Very quick growing.
Blade MT
DM 1-28, Nr
Beautiful red oakleaf with deep burgundy color, upright habit and
well lobed leaves. Blade provides superb yields and shelf life.
Bolsachica MT
DM 1-26, Nr
Bolsachica’s color is the darkest green we’ve observed on an
oakleaf and it extends all the way to the base. Leaves are lobed
with a slightly serrated margin and resilient texture.
Dane MT
DM 1-11, 13, 15, 17
An incredibly frilled and blistered green leaf with an iceberg crunch.
Heavy ruffle on the edges of a deeply cupped leaf makes this a
lettuce to increase loft.
Gaviota MT
DM 1-27, Nr
An organic, fast-growing Tango-type with medium green, densely
frilled leaves. Soft texture, good body, slight blister and great stiff
Gilaad MT
Westside! Varieties that have performed well in our
extensive western Washington trials are noted below.
A lightly ruffled bronzy-pink leaf with a light green base. A beautiful
contrast to other stronger reds and greens. Also makes a nice
upright head, dark red with pink highlights.
Giorgia MT
DM 5-15, 16, 18, 20, 21, 23-25
A fast growing tango-type green leaf with plenty of frill, an upright
growth habit and crisp texture. Unique baby leaf with great shelf life
and more tip burn tolerance and mildew resistance than Tango.
Osterley MT
DM 1-15, 18-19, 22, 24, 25, LMV
Outstanding texture and color make Osterley a winner. Thick,
crunchy cos-type leaf is a deep, shiny green and slightly blistered.
Very upright plant habit makes harvesting a breeze.
Refugio MT
DM 1-11, 13, 15, 17, LMV
Single oakleaf-type with refreshing, vibrant-green, curly leaves.
Quick growth and regrowth.
New! Tamarindo
Fast DM 1-31
Fast growing baby leaf with an upright habit and exceptional color
contrast. These ruffled baby leaves are a crimson red front with
absinthe green accents on the back. Add some color to your mix
with this Refugio improvement.
TZ 7189 MT
5-6 lbs.
F 1, 2, PM 1, 2
Westside! This early Eastern shipper melon is a great way to start
the season. Goddess produces heavy yields of 5 to 6 pound melons
with firm, flavorful orange flesh. Good disease tolerance.
Sugar Cube F1 70 days
1-2 lbs. F 0, 1, 2, PRSV, WMV
Westside! A fantastic taste meets an outstanding disease package,
all in one mini cantaloupe melon. 4-5” diameter on average, with
deep orange flesh and a small seed cavity. Heavily netted thin skin.
Sweetness reaches 14% Brix. Very heavy set, ¾ slip at perfect
ripeness. A wonderful single-serving type. Continuous harvest with
larger fruit in later pickings.
Amy F1 75 days
DM 1-28
A very dark red leaf, narrow with nice ruffle and a firm bow-shape
that adds structure. A burgundy front with a cherry back.
Sulu MT
Goddess F1 68 days
This red leaf shows surprisingly heavy ruffle with bright cherry
coloring offset by hints of pink. Very eye-catching.
NIZ 44-4703 MT
Days = from transplant to maturity
Melon and Watermelon sales are restricted to the Western United States.
2-3 lbs.
Westside! This canary melons’ flavor, texture and juiciness
are just incredible. Super sweet with hints of honey and vanilla. An
AAS winner, Amy had a nice concentrated set, beautiful glowing
yellow fruit, and tender white flesh, that shows a hint of orange
blush when fully ripe. Fruit averaged about 14% Brix. It was
productive in our western WA melon trial, with a healthy plant and a
decent set. Athena F1 75 days
5-6 lbs.
F 1, 2, PM 1, 2
Early maturing, orange fleshed cantaloupe with good yields and
sugary flavor. Athena will stay firm even when harvested at full slip.
Stands up well to field stress and is a good shipper.
DM 1-16, 19, 21, 23
The quickest red romaine with slender leaves, a uniform burgundy
color and a clean rib.
Lettuce, Gilaad
Lettuce, Giorgia
Lettuce, Osterley
Lettuce, NIZ 44-4703
Lettuce, Tamarindo
Lettuce, Sulu
Lettuce, TZ 7189
Melon, Sugar Cube
Melon, Amy
Osborne Seed Company, LLC
MELON continued
Days = from transplant to maturity
Melon and Watermelon sales are restricted to the Western United States.
4-6 lbs.
F 0, 2
Agustino F1 75 days
This melon has a loose net and shallow green sutures. The very
sweet, juicy flesh is a deep rich orange with a medium sized cavity.
This melon is a great alternative to French Orange. Hands down, a
taste test favorite.
Savor F1 78 days
1.5-2 lbs.
F 0,1,2
Westside! Super sweet, mid-late Charentais type melon
averaging 1.5-2 pounds. Good yields of rustic slightly flattened,
lightly ribbed, green-gray skinned orange fleshed fruit. These
melons are perfect for roadside stands and farmers markets. This
small melon delivers big time flavor and is unforgettable!
Snow Mass F1 75-80 days
Round to oval
4-6 lbs.
Melon, Agustino
Melon, Savor
Melon, Snow Mass
Melon, Origami
Melon, Visa
Melon, Hannah’s Choice
Melon, Tirreno
Melon, Honey Brew
F 0, 2
A medium sized honeydew with a smooth rind on round to slightly
oblong fruit with a small cavity. The flesh becomes light green and
the taste is exquisitely sweet. Great yields on vigorous vines with
large protective leaves. Ships well.
Visa F1 75-80 days
Slight oval
4-5 lbs.
PM 1, 2
Westside! Visa is an early mid-season Galia melon with strong,
vigorous vines that produce oval shaped, well-netted fruit. The thick
green flesh tastes wonderfully sweet due to its high Brix content.
Visa is very productive and adaptable in multiple production areas.
Origami F1 80-85 days
Round to oval
4-6 lbs.
F 0, 1, 2, PM 1, 2
This unique melon grows on a very vigorous vine and has a
high yield potential. The attractive fruit is round to oval with a tight
net and a small internal cavity. The flesh is a rich orange with a
sweet, fruity dessert like flavor.
Hannah’s Choice F1 80 days
3-5 lbs.
This tasty “chef’s melon” has outstanding flavor and sugar content,
up to 14% Brix. Hannah’s Choice holds well and provides an
impressive disease package. Grown successfully with protection in
the Pacific Northwest.
Tirreno F1 80 days
2.5-3.5 lbs.
F 1, 2, MNSV, PM
Westside! This is the Tuscan melon you have been looking for! It
is a main season heavy producer of beautiful 2.5 to 3.5 pound fruit.
The round to slightly high-round melons have uniform sutures and
thick netting. The dark green sutures form a bright yellow stripe on
their edges to let you know it is the perfect time to pick. The flesh is
a very rich orange with crisp texture and an excellent sweet flavor.
The Brix on this melon is 13-15%.
Honey Brew F1 85-90 days
4-6 lbs.
F 0, 2, PM 1, 2,
With Honey Brew, you can expect high yields of mid-sized, pale
creamy green fruit. The flesh is light green, darkening toward the
rind. It consistently has high Brix, great flavor, and will ship well.
Also Available: Aphrodite F1, Atlantis F1, DaVinci F1, Double
Dew F1, French Orange F1, Honey Gold F1, Minerva F1, &
Superstar F1
Melon, Tirreno
New! Frizzy Joe (OP) 35 days
Light green colored leaf mustard with a pleasantly mild flavor. Its
attractive, strongly sinuated and feathered leaf brings volume into
salad mixtures.
Frizzy Lizzy (OP) 35 days
This mustard has uniquely ruffled leaves and serrated
lobes, offering more body and loft in a salad mix. Leaves
have beautiful coloring; back of the leaf is green with some purple
veining while the front is mostly cherry-purple with green flowing
from the center. Has nice spicy flavor.
Red Dragon F1 35 days
Upright, fast, frilly, broad-lobed mustard that is the perfect
complement to Spicy Green or Pizzo mustard. Purple and green
variegated leaves on lime green petioles with purple veining
throughout. Slow to bolt.
Ruby Streaks (OP) 35 days
Beautiful mustard with deeply serrated purple leaves. Great for
baby mixes or bunched at full size.
Spicy Green (OP) 35 days
Our most beautiful green mustard. Uniform, serrated and cupped,
the leaves have great weight and loft, with delicious wasabi flavor.
Crimson Red (OP) 40 days
Lightly lobed bright crimson mustard with a fuchsia vein and dark
contrast on the back. Chartreuse stems. Good for baby leaf and
young bunching.
Also Available: Golden Streaks (OP), Green Frills (OP), Green
Wave (OP), Garnet Giant (OP), Pizzo (OP), Red Lion (OP) &
India Red Giant (OP)
Mustard, Frizzy Joe
Mustard, Frizzy Lizzy
Mustard, Spicy Green
Mustard, Red Dragon
Mustard, Golden Streaks & Ruby Streaks
Mustard, Crimson Red
Okra, Jambalaya
Onion, Alpine
Onion, Candy
Onion, Trekker
All Okra needs heat to thrive.
Not recommended for west of the Cascades.
Jambalaya F1 Early
This extra early maturing okra has a compact plant habit with small
leaves. You can expect high yields of a uniform dark green, shiny fruit.
Days to maturity for our area has not been determined, but it is early.
Also Available: Clemson Spineless (OP)
Westside! Varieties that have performed well in our
extensive western Washington trials are noted below.
Hard Globe, Intermediate and Long Day
Alpine F1 83-88 days
Medium to large
Westside! Alpine is one of the earliest onions on the market,
making it ideal for our shorter growing season areas or getting to
the market first. Good for transplants as well as direct seeding.
Bulbs are globe-shaped with light brown skin and sweet flavor. Best
suited for the fresh market and short-term storage.
Candy F1 95 days
Large to jumbo
Westside! True to its name, Candy tastes sweet and mild. This early
maturing intermediate onion produces a large to jumbo bulb with pale
gold skin and a small neck. Does well on both sides of the Cascades.
Trekker F1 95-100 days
Medium to large
Westside! This is an early maturing, long day onion with dark
skin and nice shine. An extra-firm long storage type that will store
until May under optimum conditions. Resistant to basal and neck
rot. Did very well in our NW Washington trials. One of the best ever
for both sides of the cascades.
Also Available: Frontier F1 (95-100), Ovation F1 (105 days), Elbrus F1 (112 days), Esteem F1 (115 days), Pontiac F1 (115 days),
Morpheus F1 (118-120 days) & Barbaro F1 (120-122 days)
Osborne Seed Company, LLC
ONION continued
Red and White Globes
Skin Color
Dark red
Bolting, F, PR
Red River F1 105 days
large to jumbo Westside! Red River is a highly adaptable intermediate onion.
This variety boasts a strong root system and a nice dark red color.
High yield potential of firm, jumbo, globe-shaped bulbs that have
good storage potential.
Cabernet F1 100-110 days
Westside! This intermediate storage onion dried down well in
our Westside trials and held in our storage trial until the middle
of March with very little discard. Results have been reaffirmed in
grower trials. Cabernet has medium red external color and internal
ring development with a high percentage of single centers.
SV4058NV F1 115 days
Large to jumbo White
This new high yielding white long day onion offers good bolt
tolerance, a very attractive bright white scale and long storage
ability for a white. It has been a consistent performer under
overhead irrigation with its strong erect tops and root system. The
large jumbo size, consistent globe shape and high resistance to
Pink Root add to the excellent quality.
Red Devil F1 115-118 days
Slightly flattened globe Large Red
Onion, Red River
Onion, Cabernet
Onion, SV4058NV
Onion, Red Devil
Onion, Apache
Onion, Lillia
Cipolla di Rovato o Borettana-Sorriso
Bolting, F, PR
Red Devil is a long day red onion with large size, but maturing up to
10 days earlier than Redwing. It will cut around 75% single centers
and has an attractive interior. Will store up to 6 months.
Also Available: Sierra Blanca F1 (95 days), Ruby Ring F1 (110
days), & Red Beret F1 (115 days)
Bunching and Pickling
Apache (OP)
Vibrantly colored red/purple scallion. Apache develops deep color
early, making it excellent for easy, low input bunching onion sales.
If left to mature, it develops into an elongated pearl shape which
is easy to peel and retains color. Vigorous roots, clean attachment
and medium green tops.
Cipolla di Rovato o Borettana-Sorriso (OP)
This selection from Italy produces an absolutely classic cipollini.
Expect to harvest small, flat, almost perfectly disc-shaped onions
with no indentation or raising in the top-center. Bulb size will range
from 2-3” in diameter and 1-1.25” in thickness. The multiple layers
of skin are delicate, light gold and the necks are small. Flesh is
white and barely pungent. Good storage life and matures in 110115 days.
Fukagawa (OP)
A customer favorite, Fukagawa is erect and vigorous. One of the
most uniform bunching varieties we have seen. Fukagawa is a
great summer performer.
Lillia (OP)
A beautiful reddish purple bunching onion with more upright
tops than the standard red. Lillia is fast and large for a red
buncher, with dark color extending 2+ inches up from the base, and
multiple layers deep. Vigorous roots and a very clean attachment.
Easy to clean.
Also Available: Crystal White Wax (OP), Gallop F1, Green
Banner (OP), Ishikura F1, Kincho (OP) & Piatta di Bergamo (OP)
Onion, Fukagawa
Skin Color
Desert Sunrise F1
Flattened globe
Dark Green Italian 70-75 days
Wide and flat
Westside! This is a versatile onion; plant for summer and
harvest a flattened bulb that looks like a cipollini, or direct seed at
the end of August for a spring onion. Control your size by spacing
your transplants in the spring: 2” for classic stew-pot cipollini, or 4”
for medium flattened onions with more weight. When planted for
overwintering, the 2.5” flattened globe has intense red skin with
crisp white flesh at harvest. This onion has a solid root system and
was mature by mid June – the first red onion at the market!
Hi Keeper F1
Golden yellow
This one is the standard for overwintering onions and the earliest
maturing for our area. It produces a globe-shaped, large, goldenyellow bulb that will store until Thanksgiving. Highly tolerant to
Downey Mildew and bolting.
T-420 F1
Golden yellow
An early-maturing yellow overwintering onion in the same class as
Hi Keeper. A nice globe-shaped bulb with light golden skin and a
medium-sized neck. Should produce high quality looking jumbosize onions. Highly tolerant to Downey Mildew and bolting.
Walla Walla Sweet (OP)
Round to flat
The flat, dark green leaves have a more intense flavor than curled
types. Upright habit and good uniformity with thick leaves and
sturdy stems. Has diverse culinary uses.
Forest Green 75 days
Double to triple curl
Consistent, upright growth for high quality bunching. Medium green,
uniform color saturation and height.
Peione 75 days
A new large Italian field type with excellent bolt tolerance! Very
comparable to Dark Green Italian, but maturing a week earlier.
It has large stalks, thicker leaves and unbeatable dark green color.
It can handle the heat, develops a multitude of stalks, and has really
aggressive regrowth when selectively harvested. We suggest Peione
for bunching or processing.
Wega 80 days
This moss curl variety stood out as the most uniform in our trials this
year with deep green color and consistent high branching. Wega’s
sturdy stems make for easy harvest and clean bunches. Uniformity
of height and leaf curl result in a great pack-out and very attractive
bunches. Excellent regeneration of upright, long stems.
Also Available: Juwel, Laura & Splendid (Commum 3)
Light brown
Westside! We’ve chosen an excellent strain of the legendary
Walla Walla Sweet seed. Produced for us in the Northwest, this
seed consistently yields large, sweet bulbs, even on the cooler
west side of the Cascades. Direct seed in early fall for summer
harvest or in the spring for fall harvest.
Also Available: Red Rock F1
Parsnip Delivery
We at Osborne make every effort to ensure you receive your seed
in a timely manner. Due to the difficult logistics of getting pelleted
parsnip seed, these orders must be placed by January 15, 2015.
We cannot guarantee delivery of orders received after this date.
Albion F1
This hybrid offers improved uniformity, flesh firmness, long, tapered
roots with noticeably whiter skin and increased resistance to canker
and Phoma, a specific form of canker on both foliage and root.
Javelin F1
Javelin produces high quality, slender white roots. Uniform in size
and shape, this parsnip has shown to have good canker resistance.
Also Available: Gladiator F1
Onion, Desert Sunrise
Onion, Hi Keeper
Parsley, Dark Green Italian
Parsley, Peione
Parsley, Wega
Onion, T-420
Onion, Walla Walla Sweet
Parsley, Forest Green
Parsnip, Albion
Parsnip, Javelin
Osborne Seed Company, LLC
Super Sugar Snap 75 days
Pod Size
Plant Height
3” Cabree’s plant is very healthy and upright. Matures very quickly:
ours was ready in about 50 days from an early May seedling.
Abundant yields of sweet, flavorful peas. Cabree beats other peas
for earliness and yield.
Mr. Big 75 days
Pod Size
Plant Height
SL3123 50days
Very straight, heavy pods on vigorous, short vines. These
stringless, tasty, tender and very juicy peas won the taste prize in
our earliest bush pea trials. Trellising improves fruit quality but is
not required. Tolerated early cool weather as well as some early
summer heat. Extended harvest, good yield.
Sugar Ann 50-55 days
This snap pea is early and tasty! Pods are medium green and
packed with an average of 7 peas per pod. Vigorous bush-type
plants do not require trellising.
Sapphire 66 days
Pod Size
Plant Height
Sweet Horizon 60-70 days
An AAS winner, Mr. Big is a great pea with very large pods.
The peas are dark green, sweet, and come packed 8 to 9 per pod.
Outstanding yields and good stress tolerance.
Also available: Alderman, Progress #9 , Green Arrow, Icebreaker & Maestro
Super Sugar Snap offers significant advantages over the old Sugar
Snap, including increased disease resistance, taller vines, longer
pods and better flavor. Trellis these tall vines to maximize yields and
make harvesting easier.
Also available: Sugar Sprint
AP, F1, PM
A beautiful and extremely straight snow pea with dark green
pods. There was no curling, even in overmature peas in our trials.
Good break point on stems allowed a gentle harvest with only one
hand. All the peas came in sets of two and grew on the top half of a
very upright, self-clinging and vigorous bush. Fantastic taste, great
yield and very easy to pick.
Oregon Giant 65 days
This compact plant yields a plethora of large, sweet, flat pods.
Popular choice for fresh market sales.
Oregon Sugar Pod II 68 days
26-32” CW, PEMV, PM, WPSV
High yielding snow pea noted for its mild, sweet flavor and good
quality. Large, flat pods with a concentrated harvest. One of the
best selling snow peas for our area and a popular choice for pea
Also available: Dwarf Grey Sugar, Green Sugar & Mammoth
Melting Sugar
Sapphire produces a clustered set of slightly curved, 3 inch snap
peas. The pods are crisp, sweet and stringless and the vines have
an upright growth habit, dark green color. Can withstand significant
disease pressure. Best with some support for vines.
Pea, Cabree
Pea, Mr. Big
Pea, SL3123
Pea, Sugar Ann
Pea, Sapphire
Pea, Sweet Horizon
Pea, Super Sugar Snap
Pea, Oregon Giant
Pea, Oregon Sugar Pod II
Atris F1 65 days
Sweet & Bell
This “Corno di Toro” or Bull’s Horn type pepper is extremely prolific.
Like the heirloom original, the skin is smooth and quickly turns from
green to bright red with outstanding flavor. The fruit are conical in
shape with a thick wall. The strong open plant provides good leaf
cover. Pairs well with Palladio.
Kapello F1 65 days
Days = from transplant to maturity
Green to red
Fruit Size (l x w)
Light yellow to golden orange 9 x 2” XCV
Sweet Amarillo F1 55 days
8 x 3”
An early maturing sweet banana type with great yield potential,
especially for a large pepper. Very early maturing fruit on a sturdy
6 x 2”
plant. Fruit has nice thick walls, a full appearance, and smooth skin. Red
This Kapia-type pepper is so sweet and tasty we could not stop
Quite sweet when it reaches maturity.
eating our way through the trial. Kapello ripens to a bright, beautiful
New! Tinker Belle (colors sold individualy) 55 days
red, is very smooth and very prolific. An excellent pepper for
Red, Yellow, Orange
Small, 2 x 1.5”
These 3’ plants are loaded with peppers. We counted over 40 roasting or fresh eating. Try pairing it with Oranos and Xanthi.
2-3 lobed tapered fruit on each plant. Grow individual vibrant colors Oranos F1 65 days
5-7 x 1.5”
Tobamo P0
or mix these sweet firm fruit together and watch them fly off your
This beautiful orange conical pepper has tons of sweetness and is
market table.
really early to ripen. Slightly lobed, bright orange fruit with medium
Yum Yum F1 55 days (Colors sold individually)
thick walls. Looks great paired with Xanthi and Kapello, and has
Chocobelle, Red, Yellow, Tangerine Small, 15-20 g
performed well in two years of partially protected trials in Western
Plants are medium height with good leaf cover and an abundance
Washington; our first harvest gave us 6 fruit/plant, with many more
of fruit. The peppers have very few seeds, are crisp, sweet and
very flavorful. Makes a great fresh snack and also great grilled on
Tequila F1 65 days
kebabs or stuffed. This very colorful, tasty pepper will be a big hit!
Lilac to red New! Cute Red Stuff 56 days
Red 3.5 x 2.5”
“Cute” is not enough to describe this mid-sized red bell pepper.
Early to color up in our unheated hoophouse. Fruit matures from
green to a bright red with an apple-like appearance. The skin is
impressively shiny, has a nice firm texture and sweet flavor. During
our 2014 trials, Cute Red Stuff was high-yielding and weighed about
3-3.5 oz. Growers, you will love this pepper! Use it in a salad mix,
stuffed or sautéed; the possibilities are endless.
King Arthur F1 60-65 days
Green to red
4.5 x 4.5”
PVY 0, TEV, Tm, Tobamo P0, XCV 2
Sweet blocky bell with excellent yields. Large fruit size, early
maturity, and colors up faster than most. King Arthur has adapted
well to the Northwest.
4 x 3”
Tequila is a smooth, blocky lilac bell that turns red at full maturity. It
delivers heavy yields of eye-catching fruit.
Xanthi F1 65 days
6-8 x 1.5”
Tobamo P0
A yellow long sweet conical pepper, beautiful by itself or when
paired with Oranos and Kapello. Fruit are slightly lobed with
medium-thick walls and are medium-early to ripen. Did well in our
westside trials with early season protection.
New! Jimmy Nardello 65-70 days
This sweet Italian frying pepper is amazing! Plants bear up to 10
inch long, thin, tapered rustic peppers that are perfect for whole frying
or just about any other application. Colors up quickly. Fruit holds well
on plant, great for extended harvest. You have to try these peppers!
Pepper, Cute Red Stuff
Pepper, Tinkerbelle
(Red, Yellow, Tangerine)
Pepper, Jimmy Nardello
Pepper, King Arthur
Pepper, Tequila
Pepper, Sweet Amarillo
Pepper, Chocobelle
(Yum Yum Chocolate)
Pepper, Oranos & Xanthi
Pepper, Kapello
Pepper, Atris
Osborne Seed Company, LLC
PEPPER continued
Days = from transplant to maturity
Sweet & Bell continued
Fruit Size (l x w)
Red Knight X3R F1 65-70 days
Green to red
4.5 x 4.5”
PVY, Xcv 1-3,
A vigorous, productive plant with large to extra large fruit that
maintains good quality at maturity. Early to turn a deep glossy red.
Allegiance F1 65-70 days
Green to red
4.5 x 3.5”
PVY 0, TMV, Xcv 1-5
This early, mostly four-lobed, blocky bell pepper has performed
quite well in our trials. The plant is vigorous with high yields of
smooth and firm fruit that have thick walls and an exceptionally
sweet flavor. These make for great stuffing peppers!
Gatherer’s Gold (OP) 70 days
Golden orange
Pepper, Red Knight
Pepper, Allegiance
Pepper, Gatherer’s Gold
Pepper, Joelene’s Red Italian
Pepper, Mindoro
Pepper, Cajun Belle
8-9 x 2”
Large plants have great leaf coverage and bear an abundant
crop. This long tapered “corno di toro” type has thick walls and
very sweet flavor. Fruit ripens to a vibrant gold but is even sweet
harvested green. Extremely productive! Pairs well with Joelene’s
Red Italian.
Joelene’s Red Italian (OP) 70 days
Bright red
8-9 x 2”
This brilliantly colored pepper is the red version of Gatherer’s Gold
with smooth sides, medium-thick walls, and strong shoulders that
taper to a slightly blunt tip. In our trials, plants continued to produce
into the fall season with protection.
New! Mindoro F1 70 days
Orange 5x5
This blocky bright orange pepper is quite large. Mostly 3 lobed,
very sweet flavor, firm and crunchy. It had a good yield on a
compact plant with large leaves for coverage.
Also Available: Baron F1, Camelot F1, Encore F1, Flamingo F1,
Gemini F1, Gypsy F1, Mavras F1, Pritavit F1, Revolution F1,
Stocky Red Roaster (OP) , Sweety F1, Tabby F1 & Vangard F1
Hot Peppers
Fruit Shape & Size (l x w)
Golden Dagger F1  55 days
Light yellow to red/orange8 x 2”
Hot banana
The perfect combination of sweet and spicy, this pepper is
delicious! Early, large and beautiful, blushing orange and red over
yellow as it ripens.
New! Cajun Belle (OP)  60 days
3 x 1.5”
This mini bell will win you over with it’s adorable size and brilliant
cherry red color. She may be small and cute, but Cajun Belle is
loaded with delicious sweetness perfectly complimented by a
spiciness that can really pack a punch. We’ve even seen her make
a grown man cry! Heavy yield and consistent ripening completes
the package.
Solero Ring O’ Fire (OP)  60 days
Green to red
4-5 x .5”
Pepper, Golden Dagger
This open pollinated cayenne is one hot pepper. Prolific and
dependable, Solero Ring O’ Fire has an abundance of glossy red
fruit averaging 4 inches long.
Pepper Mix Trials
Bilbao F1  65-75days
Dark green
Cylindrical, blunt; 4 x 1”
Size (w x h)
3 x 5-6”
0.5-1 lb.
If you are in need of a large, dark green jalapeño with heat and
flavor, this is one you should try. Bilbao sets a good crop on a strong
vigorous bush. It has a main season maturity and produces fruit that
average 4” x 1”; many times even larger. The fruit are characterized
by their smooth surface and dark green thick flesh. Its large size
makes this jalapeño adaptable to both fresh and processing markets.
Works well both east and west of the Cascade range.
Jalapride F1  65-75 days
A perfect companion to Lil’ Pump-Ke-Mon and Lil’ Orange-Mon,
Casperita is an attractive deeply ridged ornamental that is also
edible! Flesh and flavor are reminiscent of acorn winter squash.
Fantastic yield, very early setting, and easy to harvest from a big
semi-bush habit. Tolerant to PM race 2 and WMV.
Kandy Korn F1 90 days
A very high yielding and early jalapeño, with excellent
performance on both sides of the Cascades. Fruit is shiny,
check-free and medium green. Produces good flavor with a kick.
Anthocyanin free so it will not turn black with stress. In our trials on
the westside, our first harvest yielded almost 4 lbs per plant.
Camino Real F1  75-80 days
This little pumpkin proved to be a heavy yielder with 8 to10 fruit per
plant. Space saving vine is compact; maturity is early. Kandy Korn
is precocious with deep orange color contrasting with dark green
New! Warty Goblin F1
Medium green
Medium green
Cylindrical, blunt; 3.5 x 1.5”
Cylindrical, 3-4 x 0.5”
Tapered; 5-7 x 2.5-3”
Camino Real is a mid-season maturing serrano pepper. It grows on
a tall bush and produces a continuous set of 3 to 4 inch medium
green, slender peppers. The extended set results in good yields.
Corcel F1  75-80 days
Dark green to brown
A large Ancho type, Corcel matures from a dark green and
glossy shade to an even darker green, almost black. Shape is
flattened, and the pepper tapers to a blunt point. Two to three lobed
fruit grow on a tall strong plant; astonishing yield!
Sinaloa F1  75-80 days
Casperita F1 80 days
Pure white Deep orange
3.5 x 4.25”
1-1.5 lbs.
Dark orange w/ green warts
8-20 lbs.
Warty Goblin is a show-stopper! This very unique hardshell pumpkin
has a fruit base that turns dark orange early, while the intense
green warts stay green for several weeks post-harvest. It has a dark
green, firmly attached handle; a round to slightly tall fruit shape, and
has intermediate powdery mildew resistance.
Field Trip F1 90-95 days
Deep orange
7 x 4”
5-7 lbs.
Field Trip is the perfect size for children. Its long twisting handle is
very distinct and makes it easy to carry. The dark orange fruit are
flattish with deep ribs. Fruit are very uniform in both shape and size.
Very dark green 4-5” Serrano Has intermediate resistance to powdery mildew.
An early maturing, extra dark serrano with large size for quick harvest Cannon Ball F1 90-95 days
Dark orange
6.5 x 6.5”
5 lbs.
weight. Very glossy cylindrical fruit with thick walls pack some heat!
Cannon Ball has a nearly perfect round shape, smooth dark orange
Great post-harvest holding, one of the longest hot peppers to stay
skin, and slight ribbing along with a well attached handle. The semifirm and attractive that we have seen. Plant is healthy and sturdy,
hard shell extends Cannon Ball’s shelf life. The thick, meaty interior
producing concentrated sets, even in Western Washington.
makes great pies.
Tiburon F1  85-95 days
WeeeeeOne F1 95 days
Dark green
Elongated; 5 x 2”
A pepper that works great for stuffing. Fruit is large, dark green and
Medium orange
2.5-3 x 2.5-3” 0.5 lb.
thick walled. Provides sturdy bushes and prolific yields.
Looks like a regular pumpkin, with shallow ridges and a slightly
elongated shape, but all in miniature! Smooth medium green handle,
Also Available: Barajas F1, Benito F1, Big Jim (OP), Cherry
& Super uniformly colored rind, and unusual appearance make this a new look
Bomb F1, Habañero (OP), Hungarian Hot Wax (OP)
Chili F1
for ornamentals. Very productive bush has good PM resistance.
Pepper, Bilbao
Pepper, Sinaloa
Pumpkin, Casperita
Pepper, Camino Real
Pepper, Corcel
Pumpkin, WeeeeeOne
Pumpkin, Warty Goblin
Pumpkin, Field Trip
Pumpkin, Cannon Ball
Osborne Seed Company, LLC
PUMPKIN continued
Size (w x h)
Hijinks F1 100 days
Winter Luxury (OP) 95 days
Light orange with tan netting
7 x 6”
5-7 lbs.
This unusual and attractive pie pumpkin is well known for its
excellent flavor, reported to make the most velvety of pies. A warm
but pale orange color with darker ribbing and tan netting, along with
a twisted and striped handle draw the eye. Moderately productive
vine habit with uniform fruit shape and size.
Hannibal F1 95-98 days
12 x 15”
18-22 lbs.
Hannibal is a medium sized Jack-O-Lantern with a blocky round
shape, deep rich orange color, and dark thick strong handles. A
sure winner in the Howden class. This disease tolerant plant’s
beautiful fruit keeps impressing us and our growers.
Magic Lantern F1 95-100 days
7.5 x 8”
7-9 lbs.
This 2011 AAS winner delivers uniform, attractive small fruit in great
numbers every time. Hijinks consistently has square shoulders,
medium deep ribbing and nice dark green handles. Resistant to
powdery mildew and very dependable, it’s a must have for pumpkin
lovers everywhere!
Baby Wrinkles F1 100 days
Deep Orange
7 x 8”
Round out the ‘wrinkled’ family with this smaller compliment to
Mr. and Mrs. Wrinkles. A large pie-sized pumpkin on a semideterminate vine, with a dark green stem. The skin has a burnt
orange color with a rough ribbed texture. Wrinkles improve with
optimum growing conditions.
Jack Sprat F1 100 days
Dark orange
5 x 6”
3 lbs
This little pumpkin can take a lot of abuse! It has nice straight dark
Dark orange
12 x 16”
20-25 lbs.
green embedded handles that are well attached to very round,
This compact, powdery mildew tolerant vine yields 2 to
dark orange, smooth fruit. Very slight, shallow ribbing is attractive.
3 large pumpkins with the best deep orange color. A traditional
There is great yield potential with outstanding uniformity. Good
looking pumpkin, slightly taller than wide, with moderate ribbing and
tolerance to PM.
a good handle attachment. A long time favorite of our growers.
Snowball F1 100 days
Moonshine F1 95-100 days
8 x 9”
7-10 lbs.
An early maturing white pumpkin. Produces good yields of uniform
7 to 10 pound fruit, even with poor spring conditions. Has a slightly
flattened shape with a well attached handle. Does not turn blue.
This is a nice one!
Super Herc F1 95-100 days
Dark orange
14 x 12”
25-35 lbs.
Three words describe Super Herc: an awesome giant. The dark
green handle attaches well to the rich orange fruit. The skin is
smooth with uniform ribs.
Gladiator F1 98-105 days
Bright orange
13 x 15”
15-25 lbs.
A strong plant with good powdery mildew tolerance, Gladiator stood
out in Northwest trials. The fruit are similar to Magic Lantern’s but
are more round and have a particularly durable handle. Given
proper spacing, Gladiator will consistently yield 25 pound fruit.
Pumpkin, Winter Luxury
Pumpkin, Hannibal
Pumpkin, Magic Lantern
6 x 6”
2 lbs.
The most productive pumpkin in past trials. Snowball is very clean,
and is known to make even the toughest guys (and girls) say
“cute”. The short vines are loaded with glowing white fruit; a smaller
relative to Moonshine. Medium PM resistance. Edible. Perfect size
for kids and urban decorations.
New! Tiffany F1 100 days
Dark orange
6 x 6”
4-5 lbs.
This highly productive variety will give you an abundane of round,
dark orange fruit with dark green handles. It has light ribbing on the
fruit. The plant habit is a semi-vining, tall bush. The fruit are fairly
uniform in shape and isze.
Knuckle Head F1 105 days
Orange with warts
10 x 12”
12-16 lbs.
Goosebumps’ big brother Knuckle Head is taller than wide. Joining the
freak show, Knuckle Head displays greenish orange colored warts on
an orange background. A fantastic addition to Halloween displays.
Pumpkin, Moonshine
Pumpkin, Tiffany
Pumpkin, Jack Sprat
Pumpkin, Snowball
Pumpkin, Hijinks
Rouge Vif D’ Etampes (OP) 105 days
Bright reddish orange
6 x 12”
12-22 lbs.
A real beauty, Rouge is a very unique pumpkin from France. A
Cinderella-type with a flattened shape, mild ridges and unmatched
red color. Expect heavy yields of great tasting pumpkins. Pairs well
with our collection of oblate pumpkins and winter squashes.
Big Moose F1 110 days
29x18” 50-125+ lbs
This jumbo pumpkin had great yield and large size even when it
was not babied or thinned. Bright saturated color with a fun rounded
shape; will attract attention at roadside stands and other marketing
outlets. Fruit grows on a heavy vine that is attractive in its own right.
Captain Jack F1 110 days
Medium orange
15 x 13”
Pumpkin, Big Moose
Pumpkin, Captain Jack
30+ lbs.
A new jumbo pumpkin for growers who appreciate a large,
well attached crow’s foot handle. This smooth barrel shaped, flat
bottomed, light ribbed pumpkin is uniform in size with excellent
yields. In our trials, Captain Jack was the earliest of this size class
to color up and die down. The dark handles are the thickest we
have seen.
Mr. Wrinkles F1 110 days
Deep orange
13 x 10.5”
20-30 lbs.
Mr. Wrinkles is a large Jack-O-Lantern pumpkin with wrinkled and
bumpy skin. It has a strong handle that can hold its heavy weight.
Stress on the plant will reduce wrinkling.
Mrs. Wrinkles F1 110 days
Deep orange
10-12 x 9-10”
Pumpkin, Mr., Mrs. & Baby Wrinkles
20-30 lbs.
A smaller companion to Mr. Wrinkles, with deeply wrinkled ribs and
a thick, nicely embedded handle. Mrs. Wrinkles was able to tolerate
stress in our trials better than Mr. Wrinkles. Even with less than
ideal conditions, she still developed more wrinkles! We found the
height to be variable, with some attractive squattier shapes.
Cronus F1 110-120 days
Dark orange
15 x 14”
25-60 lbs.
This was a big hit in our pumpkin patch! New from the breeders
of Magic Lantern, Cronus is an extra-large pumpkin with weights
ranging from 25–60 lbs. In our trials we consistently saw 2 fruit per
vine. It has a rich, dark orange surface with well defined ridges and
a somewhat bumpy surface. The eye-catching handle is large, dark
green and firmly attached. Give this one a little more room than
usual when you plant.
Porcelain Doll F1 115 days
10 x 7”
Pumpkin, Cronus
Pumpkin, Porcelain Doll
20-25 lbs.
This pumpkin is one of a kind! Prolific long vines produce blocky,
deeply ribbed peachy pink fruit. Porcelain doll ripened earlier than
115 days, but the color continued to intensify with time. For a pink
and blue combination on the same shape, we suggest pairing with
squash Jarrahdale.
Flat White Boer Ford (OP) 115-125 days
8-12 x 3-5”
15-17 lbs.
A flat pumpkin with a creamy white rind and thick orange flesh. The
vines are vigorous, providing good cover for the fruit. Flat White
Boer’s fruit are large, lightly ribbed and versatile. It is both superbly
tasty and great for fall decoration.
Phat Jack F1 120 days
Dark orange
25 x 20”
Pumpkin, Knuckle Head
50+ lbs.
A fat, deeply-embedded, green handle tops off this awesome,
tall, round pumpkin. Phat Jack is one of the most impressive big
pumpkins we’ve seen. The skin is heavily ribbed.
We carry many more varieties. Please see our website.
Pumpkin, Rouge Vif D’Etampes,
Flat White Boer Ford, Fairytale
Josue with Pumpkin, Phat Jack
Osborne Seed Company, LLC
T&T 4050 (OP) 90 days
Days = from transplant to maturity
New! Nettuno (OP) 55 days
This sugar loaf radicchio was the earliest of our mid-summer Skagit
Valley trial; 55 days from transplant. Consistent in shape, color
and size; heads were 15” tall and very dense. Medium dark green
wrap gives way to a yellow and white crisp heart. Wraps were clean
and free of tip burn. This large sugar loaf has reduced bitterness
compared to most red radicchio varieties and makes a great addition
to salads but can easily shine on its own in any culinary preparation!
T&T 4070 F1 60 days
Uniform for fall harvest, these large dark red heads did not show
as much uniform shape in the spring and summer, but were very
beautiful if shape consistency is not a requirement. Protective outer
leaves improve quality, and a touch of green in the white veining is
very festive. Average weight: 14 oz.
Baldo (OP) 90 days
This variety is for the fall slot, and should have good tolerance
to the cold. Brilliant red and white medium sized Treviso
type. Excellent for cold storage.
Also available: Giulietta (OP) & 5070 F1
This hybrid round red radicchio is used for late season production in Shape
Top height
Italy, however it did best in the spring in our trials even though there
was more shape variability in that slot. If you are looking for a hybrid Cherriette F1 22 days
Globe to round
Bright red
radicchio, we suggest you try 4070 in the spring and fall.
Cherriette is a crisp, bright red radish that grows quickly. Good
Sirio (OP) 60-65 days
flavor and firm flesh. Produces high quality, uniform roots. Performs
very well under warmer conditions.
Best for spring and early fall plantings, Sirio also performs well
Celesta F1 24 days
in the summer. Small and round with a uniform maturity, we found
this one to be the most similar to Indigo. Color was a lighter red in
the spring, but darkened during the summer, and was a beautiful
contrast with the white ribs and veining. Average weight: 10 oz.
TVG1 (OP) 75 days
Dark red
Round, dark, cherry red roots with a refined taproot and sturdy
short top. Celesta is easy to harvest and is well adapted to Pacific
Northwest production.
Escala F1 24 days
Bright red
Short to medium
Radicchio TVG1 is the improved replacement for Mesola, a
This impressively uniform variety has bright-red round roots
Treviso type. Beautiful and weighty in our spring trial, and decent in
our summer trials. TVG1 had clean white ribs and a deep red color, with smooth taproots, clean shoulders and good attachments. Escala
and held longer in the spring than Fiero abainst bolting. Better color, tends to have good resistance against cracking and a nice flavor with
a little bite. Suitable for bunching; has good shelf life and high yield.
increased production and higher uniformity.
Pink Beauty (OP) 25 days
Globe to round
Deep pink to magenta
Short to medium
Beautiful pink radish with an almost magenta color. 3.5 to 4 inch tops
and a nice single taproot. Clean shoulders with good attachment.
Radicchio, Nettuno
Radicchio, T&T 4070
Radicchio, Baldo
Radish, Cherriette
Radish, Celesta
Radicchio, Sirio
Radicchio, TVG1
Radicchio, T&T 4050
Radish, Escala
Radish, Pink Beauty
New! Red Crown F1
Slightly flattened globe
Dark Red
Short to medium
Looking for a dark red short top radish with good disease
package? Well look no further! This round slightly flattened
radish has short tops even in the longest days of summer in NW
Washington. Red Crown has horizontal resistance to rhizoctonia
and intermediate resistance to downy mildew and fusarium yellows.
Even when over-sized, this radish retains its opaque white interior
and excellent crunch.
Amethyst (OP) 25 days
Amethyst’s smooth purple skin and crisp white flesh are a great
combination. This one really glows! Medium height tops, good color
uniformity, and small taproots. Our taste testers liked its spicy flavor!
Ping Pong (OP) 30 days
Ping Pong is a pure white radish with exceptionally tender, smooth
skin. It has medium tops and a clean top attachment. Roots are
consistently round in shape with small taproots.
Lollipop Mix (OP) 25-30 days
Globe to tall globe
Purple, pink, red, white
A new exclusive Osborne radish formula mix with great uniformity
and high quality yields! We’ve adjusted the percentages and tested
the mix in our trial fields to create the most attractive bunches of
white, red, purple and pink radishes.
Also Available: Cherry Belle (OP), Crunchy Royale F1, Easter
Egg (OP), French Breakfast (OP), Icicle (OP), Red Velvet F1,
Rudi (OP) & Tinto F1
Radish, Red Crown
Joan 90-100 days
Purple crown w/ yellow bottom
Joan was voted best in flavor in a 700 person taste test at
Organicology 2013. The flesh is dense, crisp and mild with a very
sweet flavor, especially after frost. Uniform round roots showed
good resistance to Clubroot.
Laurentian 90-100 days
Radish, Lollipop Mix
Purple crown w/ yellow bottom
Laurentian has smooth, globe shaped roots with finely grained,
crisp flesh. The tops grow 15-18 inches. Recommended for
shipping, processing and storage.
Magres 90-100 days
Purple crown w/ yellow bottom
This is a widely adapted purple topped rutabaga with excellent
quality. It is suitable for early cropping as well as late. The roots have
good uniformity and will store. Resistant to mildew and soft rot.
Radish trial on display
Radish, Ping Pong
Rutabaga, Joan
Rutabaga, Laurentian
Rutabaga, Magres
Osborne Seed Company, LLC
upright growth habit and nice oval-shaped, thick leaves. Excellent
yields and dark color. Best suited for production in the spring and
fall, but does work well the entire growing season. Trialed this year
for fall production with good results.
New! SV3580VC F1 50 days
Mandolin F1 50 days
DM 1-12, 14
If you liked Waitiki you should give Mandolin a try! Semi-savoy
with a deep green color, very upright plant habit and a nice gloss.
Leaves are thick with good texture and excellent pliability. Showed
good semi-savoy qualities as a baby leaf and even more savoy at
bunch stage.
SV2157VB F1 50 days
DM 1-13
This semi-savoy stood out in our trials with its glossy, thick,
dark green leaves. Shape, size and habit were very consistent
throughout the season. Its nice upright habit with fountain shape
helped keep leaves clean and well off the ground. As a baby leaf,
SV2157VB had mildly savoyed oval leaves and at bunching stage,
beautiful heavily savoyed leaves.
Tyee F1 50 days
DM 1,3,5,8,9,11,12,14
Tyee is a long standing semi-savoyed hybrid. Medium-green,
savoyed leaves grow quickly and vigorously. It resists bolting under
high temperatures and long day conditions.
Also Available: Chevelle F1 & Waitki F1
DM 1-13
Toucan has excellent resistance to bolting even in heat. This variety
has great uniformity with oval shaped leaves that are medium dark
green, an upright habit and versatility to work for baby or bunching
production. Works well all season.
Violin F1 50 days
DM 1-12, 14
With its good vigor, Violin is well suited for cooler temperatures.
This is an extremely fast growing variety for main season
production. Has medium-size rounded leaves with good uniformity
and glossy green coloring. Habit tends to be upright and it works
great for bunching.
Cello F1 52 days
DM 1-12
Consistently producing dark green oval leaves with great gloss,
medium length petioles and a nice upright habit. This variety would
work well for baby leaf or for bunching.
Caladonia F1 55 days
Molokai F1 48 days
DM 1-13
This is a fast maturing variety for full season production. Molokai
consistently produced round, dark green leaves with great gloss.
Leaves had good texture and pliability. With its upright habit and
long petioles, Molokai works well for both baby and bunching. Great
Downey Mildew resistance!
Corvair F1 50 days
DM 1-11, 13
This is a very adaptable babyleaf spinach! Corvair has done
extremely well under stress in many trials. Early maturing with good
DM 1-13
The most saturated, dark green color we have ever seen in a
spinach! In addition to the gorgeous color, SV3580VC has oval
leaves with a hint of savoy, long petioles, and an upright habit for
stunning bunches and good for baby leaf production as well.
Toucan F1 50 days
DM 1-14
A spinach variety with impressive Downy Mildew resistance!
Caladonia is a mid-maturing smooth leaf with beautiful dark green
color and gloss. Slower growing and fairly low to the ground.
Works great in the heat of the summer with excellent field holding
ability and good bolt tolerance.
Also available: Bahamas F1, Baker F1, Barbados F1, C2-606
F1, El Real F1, Olympia F1, Piano F1, Seaside F1, Swan F1 &
Unipack 12 F1
Spinach, Mandolin
Spinach, SV2157VB
Spinach, Molokai
Spinach, SV3580VC in row
Spinach, SV3580VC, baby leaf
Spinach, Corvair
Spinach, Toucan
Spinach, Violin
Spinach, Cello
Spinach, Caladonia
Amaranth, Garnet.......................... Beautiful garnet colored sprouts
Arugula....................................Robust, nutty flavor and crisp texture
New! Beet Rubens......................... Dark red color, Bull’s Blood type
Basil......................................... Fine sprout with classic “basil” flavor
Broccoli, Waltham................ Healthy sprouts contain high levels of
sulforaphane, a cancer fighting compound
Cabbage, Red.....Red sprouts provide color and nutritional benefits
Chervil..............................Bright green color and a refreshing flavor
Cress.......... Standard European sprout will add pizzazz to your mix
Kale, Red Russian....Serrated green leaf with attractive purple vein
Kale, Vates Blue......................................... Frilled green blue sprout
Kohlrabi, Purple............... Bright purple sprouts add a dash of color
and a pleasant, mild taste
Mustard, India Red.......................... Reddish green cotyledons add
a spicy mustard flavor
Onion.......................................... White roots and light green shoots
add a mild onion flavor
Pak Choi...................................... White root with bright green shoot
Pea, Alaska..............................Quick sprouting early variety is great
for pea shoots and sprouts
Popcorn...................................Surprisingly sweet and tender sprout
Radish, China Rose...........................Tasty sprouts have bright pink
shoots with dark green leaves
Swiss Chard Magenta Sunset..............Bright magenta shoots with
medium to dark green leaves
Swiss Chard, Orange Fantasia.................... Same taste as Lipstick
but with vibrant orange shoots
Sprout, Amaranth, Garnet
Sprout, Popcorn
Sprout, Mustard, India Red
Sprout, Radish, Purple Sango
Sprout, Kale, Red Russian
Squash, Noche
Squash, Green Tiger & Sunstripe
Squash, Bari
Squash, Desert
Squash, Dario
Green Summer Squash
Noche F1 42-45 days
Very dark green
Continued favorite of ours, Noche has smooth, deep green, glossy
skin and prolonged heavy yields. Has a clean blossom end and
early flower release that makes it suitable for baby production.
Noche is an attractive variety with excellent quality and tolerance to
ZYMV and WMV2.
Green Tiger F1 45 days
Dark green w/ light green stripes
This unique zucchini has an abundance of glossy, striped,
green fruit with clean blossom ends. The plant is spine free and
has an open bush habit, which makes for easy hand harvest. This
variety colors up and the blossom ends drop off early so you can
harvest these young! Outstanding flavor and texture. Excellent
tolerance to PM and DM in our trials.
Bari F1 45 days
Elongated teardrop
Medium green, speckled
A slender, darker version of the classic grey/light green
zucchini. In our trials, Bari was by far the most attractive of its
type- both the fruit (exterior and interior), and plant habit. Very
open, smaller, upright plants produced a consistent yield of shiny,
speckled, faceted fruit. Highly uniform, great quality. Good disease
Desert F1 50 days
Dark green
A darker, straighter version of the high yielding Dunja, Desert is
earlier with a more concentrated set and is easier to harvest. Great
for high tunnel production in addition to open field production, due
to the way the flowers stay open for long periods of time. Slightly
shorter, darker fruit than Noche. CMV and PM resistance.
Dario F1 55 days
Dark green w/ light green stripes
One of the most interesting varieties we have seen. This squash
has long, slender, dark green fruit alternating with distinct light
green stripes. The white flesh tastes great. Amazing shelf life.
Osborne Seed Company, LLC
SQUASH continued
New! Yellowfin F1
Green Summer Squash continued
Magda F1 51 days
Elongated Teardrop
Light green, speckled
An established Lebanese-type zucchini with uniformly sized fruit.
Magda is highly prolific with appealing, light green skin and smooth
white flesh.
Also available: Amatista F1, Ambassador F1, Dunja F1 ,
Envy F1, Raven F1, Reward F1 & Zucchini Elite F1
Yellow Summer Squash
Ocelot F1 45 days
Light yellow
Ocelot showed huge improvements in plant structure, speed, yield
and quality. Very open zucchini-like plant habit (especially for a
crookneck) greatly helps improve post-harvest quality. Medium
gloss, saturated color even at very young stage. Heavy fruit are
held off the ground, close to growing point.
Sunstripe F1 45 days
Golden yellow w/ light yellow stripes
Sunstripe is an extremely vibrant golden yellow striped zucchini.
This variety is high yielding and has a spine free bush that helps
make harvesting easy. Pairs well with Green Tiger. Has good shelf
life and tends to have a slight bulbing shape.
Gentry F1 50 days
Rich yellow
High yielding, semi-crookneck squash with deep rich yellow color
that did not exhibit striping or green tinting. Smooth bush type
plant with few spines on petioles made for easy harvest and better
quality fruit. Gentry consistently produced all summer, often outyielding others in our trials on a weekly basis.
Golden Glory F1 50 days
Medium-dark yellow
Golden Glory is high yielding and has improved disease resistance.
Open, upright plants yield straight, medium to dark yellow fruit well
into the fall.
Bright yellow
A striking yellow squash with great uniformity. Provides
gorgeous, straight semi-gloss fruit. A nearly spineless open habit
growth allows for easy picking in this high yielding variety.
Also Available: Golden Arrow F1, Gold Rush F1, Gold Star F1,
Golden Delight F1, Golden Dawn III F1 & Sunglo F1
Specialty Summer Squash
Color Cue Ball F1 35-40 days
Eight Ball F1 40 days
One Ball F1 40 days
Light green
Dark green
Bright yellow
Vigorous vining plants produce high yields of shiny, uniform round
fruit that work great for stuffing. Fruit are held high off the ground
making it easy for hand harvest. COLORS SOLD SEPARATELY.
G Star F1 50 days
Medium to dark green
These plants are vigorous, open, and have minimal spines. The
scallop shaped fruit become intensely green and are highly uniform
in size.
Y Star F1 50 days
Bright yellow w/ green at blossom
This variety truly amazed us. Y Star has incredible yields of bright
yellow, uniform scallops. The plant is open with minimal spines for
easy harvest; continues to set fruit over an extended period.
Sunburst F1 50 days
Bright yellow
An AAS winner! Sunburst has the bright yellow color that customers
prefer. The compact, open plant is very prolific, producing discshaped fruit that harvest best when young.
Starship F1 52 days
Dark green
Starship is an outstanding dark green scallop variety. It maintains
its flat shape and has shiny, deep green skin. An excellent addition
to your scallop mix.
Also Available: Flying Saucer F1 & Piccolo F1
Squash, Magda
Squash, Ocelot
Squash, Yellowfin
Cue Ball, One Ball & Eight Ball
Squash, Y Star
Squash, Sunstripe
Squash, Gentry
Squash, Golden Glory
Squash, Sunburst
Squash, G Star
Winter Squash
Size & Type (l x w)
Rind Color
Plant Habit
Table Ace F1 70-75 days
Orange Summer F1 80 days
6.5 x 7” Kabocha
Bright orange red
Orange Summer is an improved Uchiki Kuri hybrid, maturing
5-6 x 6” Acorn
Black green
Compact semi-bush up to two weeks earlier and with more uniformity. The interior is a
Uniform fruit and tasty flesh are the hallmarks of Table Ace. The
bright orange and the skin is lightly striped orange and red. With its
slightly ribbed fruit consistently yields larger squash than Royal Ace. high yield of uniform fruit, ability to germinate in cooler weather, and
Our trials produced healthy vigorous plants, which were prolific and some tolerance to downey mildew, this is a great choice for organic
showed good early resistance to Powdery Mildew. growers!
Royal Ace F1 70-80 days
Bush Delicata (OP) 85 days
5 x 6” Acorn
Black green Bush
A high yielding acorn with a concentrated fruit set. Uniform,
deep blackish green fruit are more round than most acorns and
keep their color well. Royal Ace has smooth, sweet flesh. Powdery
Mildew tolerance.
Autumn Delight F1 75 days
6 x 6” Acorn
Dark green
Slightly bigger acorn squash with deep ridges, dark green exterior
and buttery interior. Strong, compact plant and Powdery Mildew
Orange Cutie F1 75-80 days
4 x 3” Mini Kabocha
Dark orange w/ lighter stripes Semi-bush
3-4 x 6-8” Delicata
Green & cream striped
An AAS winner, Bush Delicata has high yields of uniform, smaller
fruit that are in demand with today’s consumers. This sweet-fleshed
winter squash has very smooth texture and a thin rind that is easy
to cut. Tolerance to PM.
Butterfly F1 85-90 days
7 x 4” Butternut
Buckskin Vine
This is an excellent packing butternut. Butterfly produces good
yields of very uniform typical butternut shaped fruit. The size range
is also very consistent making for a high packout. The fruit is a very
soft buckskin color with firm yellow flesh. Best flavor, especially
after curing.
Early Butternut F1 85-90 days
This mini kabocha produces an average of 5 fruit per plant. Semibush plant allows for increased density and incredible yield. Flesh is 7 x 4.5” Butternut
Semi-compact bush
sweet and dry.
Another AAS winner. Early Butternut offers high productivity and
very uniform fruit. Great tasting flesh; high quality for fresh market
Black Bellota F1 80 days Eastern WA, 100+ days Western WA
6 x 5” Acorn
Black green
Semi-bush use. Great for the westside. Proven, reliable variety.
This large bush acorn has dark almost black green skin with nice
Hubba Hubba F1 85-90 days
orange flesh that has a good amount of sugars. Black Bellota is
6 x 4” Mini hubbard
Bright reddish orange
high yielding averaging 2-2.5 lb.. Fruit is very uniform in shape and This mini hubbard is a colorful squash with a wonderful hubbard
size. Has good resistances to PM and Podi Virus group and has
taste, but is also great for ornamental display. The fruit are 2-4
good potential for storage.
pounds making them easy to handle. Excellent yields, fruit set close
in plant and then along secondary vines.
Hunter F1 80 days
5 x 3” Mini Butternut
Vine Pacific Royale F1 85-90 days Eastern WA, 100+ days Western WA
A prolific mini butternut whose tasty flesh is dark orange and
6 x 4” Butternut
delicious. One of the earliest butternuts we’ve seen—yields lots of
Pacific Royale averages 4 pound blocky shaped fruit with classic
small fruit per plant.
butternut skin. Its deep orange flesh is thick with a tight cavity for
little waste.
Squash, (L-R) Autumn Delight, Table Ace & Royal Ace
Squash, Early Butternut
Squash, Hubba Hubba
Squash, Orange Cutie
Squash, Black Bellotta
Squash, Hunter
Squash, Bush Delicata
Squash, Butterfly
Squash, Orange Summer
Osborne Seed Company, LLC
SQUASH continued
Tivoli F1 90 days
Winter Squash continued
Size & Type (l x w)
8.5 x 6” Spaghetti
Rind Color
Plant Habit
Speckled Pup F1 85-90 days
4 x 7” Mini Kabocha
Dark green w/ orange speckles Semi-bush
This cute mini kabocha is a dual purpose squash—sweet and
dry yellow golden flesh is a gourmet treat, and the dark green
skin with red-orange speckles works beautifully for ornamental
arrangements. Fruit is deeply oblate with an average weight of 1.5
pounds. Semi-bush habit with runners forming late in the season.
Delica F1 85-95 days
5 x 3.5” Kabocha
Dark green w/ light green specks Vine
Delica is a vigorous, uniform variety that is widely adaptable. It has
very dry, finely grained flesh with creamy texture and sweet flavor.
Stores well too.
Sweet Mama F1 85-95 days
5 x 3” Kabocha
Dark green
Bush w/short vines
AAS winner. Sweet Mama’s fruit develops close to the center of the
plant. The bright yellow dry flesh tastes sweet and nutty. Consistent
performer. Stores well.
Uchiki Kuri (OP) 85-95 days
5 x 5” Kabocha
Bright orange-red
Uchiki Kuri’s fruit grow smooth skinned and uniform with an intense
orange red color. The interior is bright orange, and the flesh is dry
and delicious. Stores well.
Carnival F1 90 days
5 x 6” Specialty acorn
Gold, green & yellow
This colorful squash stores well for several months and
maintains its excellent eating quality; very sweet with dense delicious
flesh. The contrasting rind colors intensify with cooler autumn nights.
Grey Ghost F1 90 days
8 x 5” Specialty
Light grey
Early grey fruited squash with superior eating quality and long term
storage potential. The 10-14 pound fruit have thick tasty flesh.
Ghost’s vigorous plants produce huge yields and are somewhat
tolerant to powdery mildew.
Squash, (L-R) Galeuse, Jarrahdale, Speckled Hound & Speckled Pup
Squash, Grey Ghost
Squash, Carnival
Creamy yellow
Bush w/short vines
An AAS winner. Tivoli’s short vines allow for more plants per acre.
Flesh has long, firm strands with a delicate flavor. In our trials this
variety was early to set and high yielding.
Atlas F1 95-100 days
10 x 5.5” Butternut
Atlas is a high yielding butternut with strong plant vigor and dark
orange flesh. Uniformity of size and shape makes Atlas versatile for
fresh market or processing.
Early Jarrah F1 95-100 days
10 x 5” Specialty
Beautiful grey fruited squash with deep orange flesh. Weighs 10-12
pounds on average. Flesh has dry, smooth texture and tastes subtly
sweet. A winner for both ornamental and culinary purposes.
Galeuse d’Eysine (OP) 95-100 days
10 x 6” Specialty
Pinkish tan w/ warts
Galeuse is pinkish tan with peanut-like warts. This unique specialty
squash will catch your eye, and is great in fall displays. Although
edible, it is mostly grown for ornamental purposes.
Speckled Hound F1 95-100 days
6-10” Specialty Kabocha
Pinkish orange w/ green ribs
Are you looking for another funky winter squash? Try Speckled
Hound. This squash is oblate with beautiful coloring and shallow
ridges. The flesh is yellow orange and dense with high dry matter.
This is a larger relative to the Speckled Pup.
Zeppelin (OP) 95-100 days
8 x 3” Delicata
Creamy yellow w/ green stripes
Zeppelin’s vines produce long, uniform fruit that are creamy-yellow
color with green stripes, and a golden-yellow interior. Zeppelin has
superior eating quality; smooth, fine-grained flesh, and sweet flavor
without a trace of bitterness. We noticed that Zeppelin tends to hold
more moisture than Bush Delicata with longer fruit. A little slower to
germ but well worth the wait.
Squash, Delica
Squash, Uchiki Kuri
Squash, Sweet Mama
Squash, Tivoli
Squash, Early Jarrah
Squash, Zeppelin
Sandman (OP) 100 days
Dual purpose, round to slightly flattened squash with smooth, tancolored skin. Very similar to Long Island Cheese. Attractive and
flavorful! Thick flesh is bright orange, smooth, and has a delicate
sweet flavor. Great 6-8 pound ornamental.
Honeyboat (OP) 100 days
8 x 3” Delicata
Large bush
Copper w/ dark green
This is one of our favorite Delicata varieties. Honeyboat’s fruit are
long and almost cylindrical with colorful skin that displays well in the
fall. The interior is dark orange, rich, and sweet with smooth texture.
Jarradale (OP) 105 days
12 x 6” Specialty
Blue grey
Squash, Sandman
Squash, Honeyboat
Squash, Marina di Chioggia
Swiss Chard, Flamingo
This variety will add color contrast to your fall display. The bluish
grey fruit are flat and about 12 inches in diameter with heavy
ribbing. Jarrahdale’s golden, yellow flesh is tasty and very dry.
Marina di Chioggia (OP) 105 days
6 x 7”
Dark green
This turban shaped Italian heirloom has a very unique, dark green
warted skin. It weighs around 7 to 8 pounds. Has a deep yellow
orange flesh that is great baked or used for pies.
We carry many more varieties. For a complete listing of our
squashes, see our price list and website.
Aurora Formula Mix (OP) 55 days bunch; 28 days baby
Aurora Formula is an Osborne exclusive! Mixed precisely to include
a rainbow of bright colors including shades of yellow, orange, pink,
crimson, green, white and chartreuse. The contrast between the
deep green leaves and the colorful petioles is beautiful! Great for
salad mixes and bunching.
Orange Fantasia (OP) 55 days bunch; 30 days baby
Orange Fantasia is a vividly colored chard with truly bright goldenorange stems and veins and the deepest green, shiny leaves. This
tasty gem holds its color well when cooked. A most vibrant addition
to baby leaf mixes.
Flamingo (OP) 55-60 days bunch; 30 days baby
A hot pink stem topped by a dark, glossy, smooth, green leaf.
Extremely consistent color and leaf height makes this a very
uniform chard.
Intense (OP) 55-60 days bunch; 26 days baby
Excellent for red baby leaf production as well as bunching.
Consistently red stems, smooth leaves and very uniform. Long
petioles for easy harvest. For bunching, Intense is similar to
Rhubarb in leaf and growth habit. Beautiful bright red stems and
savoyed dark green leaves. Peppermint (OP) 55-60 days bunch
This new unique chard has white stems with pink striping on back
and hot pink margins on front. Uniform leaves are nicely savoyed
and dark green. Exciting addition for bunched fresh market sales.
Only white when cut as babyleaf.
Silverado (OP) 55-60 days bunch; 33 days baby
Unique because of its extraordinary deep green savoyed leaves
and bright white petioles. The compact plant (14-16 inches) may be
stripped for individual leaves or harvested whole for easy handling.
Silverado is very slow to bolt.
Eldorado (OP) 55-60 days bunch; 33 days baby
Golden chard with medium green leaves for baby leaf or bunching
use; mature plant height is 20-24 inches with nice broad petioles.
Eldorado was slow to bolt in Osborne trials.
Also Available: Bright Lights (OP), Celebration (OP),
Lipstick (OP), Fordhook Giant (OP) , Magenta Sunset (OP) &
Rhubarb (OP)
Swiss Chard,
Aurora Formula Mix
Swiss Chard, Peppermint
Swiss Chard, Intense
Swiss Chard, Silverado
Swiss Chard, Eldorado
Osborne Seed Company, LLC
Sungreen Garden F1 75 days
Days = from transplant to maturity
Plant Habit
Shape & Size
Round, 0.5 oz
F1, T0MV
Sungold F1 65 days
Unsurpassed taste and sweetness! This absolutely delicious and
low in acid, orange yellow cherry weighs about 1/2 ounce, and
every bit of it is packed with flavor. Sungold’s indeterminate plant
starts producing early, yields heavily and is very easy to pick. If you
love Sungold try the rest of the Sun Series!
New! Sunorange F1 65 days
Round, 1.0 oz
From the Sun Series breeder comes an exciting new
improvement of the much loved Sungold. This high yielding cherry
tomato was more crack resistant and larger in size. Enjoy the
intense fruity flavor that this striking orange-yellow indeterminate
tomato provides. Long trusses are loaded with heavy yields of
these wonderful gems.
Sweet Hearts F1 65-68 days
Elongated grape, 0.5-0.75 oz
Cf (A-E), T0MV
Sweet Hearts are the best grape tomatoes we have trialed. Fruit
grow on long clusters, and each one is brilliant red and sweet yet
crack resistant. Does not drop ripe fruit. The indeterminate plant
yields incredible volumes all season long.
Suncherry Pure F1 70 days
Round, 0.5 oz
Cf, F, St, T0MV
A beautiful fire-engine red cherry that had consistent size
throughout the season. Easy to harvest, held on long clusters on a
vigorous vine. These shiny fruit go well mixed with the rest of the
Sun Series. Super sweet and aromatic, this variety was our winner
in our grower taste test.
Chocolate Cherry (OP) 75 days
Round, 0.6 oz
We have trialed many chocolate cherry varieties, and this is finally
the one that meets our requirements. This beautiful purple/brown
slightly speckled fruit is borne on wide trusses, is uniform in size
and shape. The flavor was sweet and well-rounded, maturity
is easy to decipher, and the fruit held well on the plant without
cracking. This color compliments our Sun Series.
Tomato, Sunorange
Tomato, Sweet Hearts
Tomatoes, Sun Series & Chocolate Cherry
Round, 0.6 oz
You will not want to be without this new innovative green cherry
tomato to round out your sun series mix! Ripe when it has a blush
of yellow to the green. One of the tastiest cherry tomatoes we have
tried, it is meaty, sweet, zesty and low acid. The Brix is as high as
Sunlemon Garden F1 70 days
Slightly elongated round, 0.6 oz
Sunlemon has heavy brooms of large yellow cherries. Bright gold
in color and the flavor was excellent: crisp, clean and very sweet.
Goes well with the rest of the Sun Series.
Sunpeach Garden F1 70 days
slightly elongated round, 0.6 oz Cf, T0MV
Don’t let the name deceive you. This component of the Sun Series
is a gorgeous deep pink, beautiful mixed with all the other colors.
Heavy yields of low acid, flavorful fruit that hold on the trusses
without cracking.
Sunchocola F1 75 days
Round, 1 oz
A very large chocolate cherry, Sunchocola is a beautiful and
unusual tomato with an excellent juicy texture and tangy, sweet, low
acidity taste. Perfectly round, very uniform sized fruit. Clusters of
8-12 fruit on short internodes off a vigorous dark green plant. Ripe
when a red blush emerges on the chocolate brown, lightly striped
fruit. Much bigger than the other Sun varieties.
Also Available: Super Sweet 100 F1, Sunsugar F1, Sweet
Treats F1, Sweet Million F1 & Tumbler F1
Plant Habit
Shape & Size
New! Juliet F1 60 days
Elongated, 2 oz.
F 1, N
Juliet is loaded with perfectly shaped, deep red oblong fruit,
borne on heavy wide trusses, with rich tomato flavor in every bite.
Ripening early and holding well on and off the plant, this is a great
multi-use tomato for fresh eating, sauce and drying. Crack resistant
with some resistance to early blight.
Tomato, Sunlemon
Tomato, Suncherry Pure
Tomato, Juliet
Tomato, Sunchocola
Tomatoes, Sungreen
Tomato, Chocolate Cherry
Golden Rave F1 75 days
Blocky, mini
F 1, T0MV
This mini roma is a heavy yielding variety that can be harvested
individually or in clusters. The golden yellow fruit have a nice
mild tomato flavor and are consistent in size, shape and color.
Increased shelf life.
Monica F1 75-78 days
Elongated, large
A, F 2, S, SK, V
Excellent large roma that performs well in the Pacific Northwest.
Monica has firm fruit and a vigorous, productive plant.
New! Granadero F1 85 days
Elongated, large
This prolific indeterminate red plum tomato blew us away in
our 2014 greenhouse trials with its heavy yields of 4-5 ounce fruit.
Average of 85 days to ripe fruit from mid-May transplant in NW
Washington. Dense fruit with thick walls.
Also Available: Toro
Tomato, Golden Rave
Tomato, Monica
Medium & Large Fruited
Plant Habit
Shape & Size
Temptation F1 60 days
Round, 2.5 oz.
Cf (A-E), F 1, 2, T0MV, V
True cocktail tomato! The fruit hang in clusters, and each tomato
weighs approximately 2.5 ounces. Temptation appealed to us in
every way: strong and vigorous plants, amazingly uniform fruit, and
a sweet, genuine tomato flavor.
Giant F1 65 days
Globe, 12-14 oz
Tomato, Temptation
F1, 2, V, Xap
We have been looking for something as good and as large as
Big Beef for westside hoop house and high tunnel growers for a
few years now. Finally, we have found a large tomato that tastes
delicious even when the summer is cool. The dark red interior is
juicy and meaty with low acid. A compact vine set lots of jumbo
early fruit that were quick to mature, and outweighed Big Beef.
Arbason F1 75 days
Globe, 8-9 oz.
F 1, 2, T0MV, V
Arbason is an early, prolific beefsteak tomato suitable for both
indoor and outdoor production. In our trials, the indeterminate
plants were healthy, even under disease pressure, and the yields
were reliably heavy. The fruit are round, bright red and have a firm,
tangy flesh.
Carolina Gold F1 75 days
Tomato, Granadero in hoop house
Tomato, Giant
Tomato, Arbason
Tomato, Carolina Gold
Tomato, Chef’s Choice Orange
Tomato, Big Beef
Globe, large to extra large F 1, 2, St, V 1
Grown in our northwest Washington trials, Carolina Gold produced
smooth, shiny golden fruit. The interior is firm with brilliant color and
has a smooth, tangy taste. A great tomato!
Big Beef F1 75 days
Globe, 10-12 oz.
This big beefy tomato has a vigorous plant yielding good amounts
of tasty beefsteaks. Big Beef produces huge fruit with rich red color
that set all season long for a continuous harvest. In addition, it has
a comprehensive disease package.
New! Chef’s Choice Orange F1 85 days
Globe, 8-12 oz
2014 AAS winner hybrid tomato developed from the heirloom
Amana Orange, this indeterminate orange beefsteak is sweet and
juicy! Heavy yields of medium to large firm fleshed orange slicers
with great crack resistance weighing an average of 8-12 ounces.
Did great in our hoop house trials.
Also Available: Baby Girl F1, Celebrity F1, Early Girl F1 &
QualiT 23 F1
Osborne Seed Company, LLC
Heirloom & Specialty
Plant Habit
Shape & Size
Siletz (OP) 60 days
Determinate Round, 12-16 oz
This early tomato yields full flavored, bright red fruit, even in the
cool climates of the Pacific Northwest. The fruit are 12+ ounces and
nearly seedless on sturdy, compact plants. Developed by Dr. James
R Baggett of Oregon State University.
Stupice (OP) 60-70 days
Stupice originated in Eastern Europe; it is cold tolerant and very
early maturing. Expect high yields of 2 inch diameter delicious fruit,
a strong potato leaf plant.
Green Zebra (OP) 68 days
Round to slightly oval, 3-4 oz.
At full maturity, Green Zebra will blush yellow over its light green
with dark green vertical stripes. Its taste is tangy and delicious, and
the shelf life is great. Produced well into fall in Northwest trials.
New! Genuwine 70-75 days
Flattened globe, 8-12 oz.
This exciting early maturing indeterminate Heirloom Marriage
Tomato is a cross between Costoluto Genovese and Brandywine.
The beautifully lobed deep red fruit averaged 8-12 ounces with the
uniqueness and great taste of an heirloom but many strengths of a
hybrid including crack resistance and the ability to store longer. Plants
resisted late blight longer than most tomatoes in our 2014 trial.
Blush (OP) 80 days
yellow hues when fully ripe. Display with Blush for colorful baskets
that stand out at the market. Bred by Fred Hempel, this tomato
possesses all of the taste of an heirloom along with the consistency
demanded by growers.
New! Pink Tiger (OP) 80 days
Elongated, 1-2 oz.
Pink Tiger is beautiful by itself or add it to your mix along with Blush
and Green Tiger to complete your multi-colored Artisan collection.
When ripe, this tomato will be mostly red with a variation of green
and orange stripes. It has an elongated shape with a semi-sweet/
sour taste.
Brandywine (OP) 85 days
Flattened globe, up to 2 lbs.
Large potato leaf vines yield some of the best tasting tomatoes.
Brandywine comes in 3 colors: Red, pink and yellow. This huge
tomato is so delicious, it is worth the wait.
Black Krim (OP) 85 days
Flattened globe, 8-12 oz.
This vigorous plant requires staking to keep the fruit off the ground.
Skin is a mahogany with green shoulders and flesh is deep red with
green around the seeds. Rich, smoky flavor is unique and mouthwatering. Make sure to harvest while still firm.
Pink Berkeley Tie-Dye (OP) 85 days
Flattened globe, 8-12 oz.
A favorite in Osborne office taste tests, this tomato has it all! Well
balanced, Pink Berkeley Tie-Dye combines just the right amount
of sweetness and acidity to make even the most discriminating
customers smile. Plants produced over a long window in our NW
Elongated, 1-2 oz
Washington hoophouse trials and appeared to hold off disease
Gorgeous 2” long mini-saladette tomato with unusual coloring. better than others. Bred for Berkeley, CA’s cool, maritime summers.
When ripe, glowing yellow fruit will have red stripes and an orangey
Pork Chop (OP) 85 days
blush. Very low acid, meaty, and super sweet. Large clusters and
Slightly flattened globe, 10-14 oz
a heavy yield on a vigorous but contained plant. Resisted blight
This stunning yellow beefsteak lives up to its big name! Sweet
longer than many other tomatoes in our trial. Produced until mid
and juicy, Pork Chop yielded large fruit with green shoulder striping
September outdoors in Chris’ garden.
that turned to orange when fully ripe. Heavy yields on healthy plants
Green Tiger (OP) 80 days
give you the heirloom style beauty with increased vigor and speed.
Elongated, 1-2 oz
Similar in size to Blush, this 2’’ long mini tapered tomato has
complex flavor and unique coloring. Green fruit take on red and
Tomato, Genuwine
Tomato, Pink Tiger
Tomato, Pink Tiger, Blush & Green Tiger
Wild Boar Farms has worked for over a decade to develop highly
marketable specialty tomatoes and this is definitely one you don’t
want to be without!
Tomato, Green Zebra
Tomato, Stupice
Tomato, Pink Berkeley Tie-Dye, Pork Chop & Solar Flare
Solar Flare (OP) 85 days
Slightly flattened globe, 6-10 oz.
Consistently eye-catching, this variety produced beautiful red and
gold striped tomatoes that were meaty and sweet. Solar Flare was
an early producer in our NW Washington hoophouse trials and
continued to yield fruit until early October. Newly bred by Brad
Gates of Wild Boar Farms, this tomato has shown good scab
resistance and will pair nicely at the market with all of our other
specialty tomatoes.
Speckled Roman (OP) 85 days
Elongated, Large
This beautiful heirloom roma is a stabilized cross between
Antique Roman and Banana Legs. Deep red with orange striping
catches the eye. A heavy yielder of soft, meaty fleshed fruit with
great flavor.
Rootstock- for tomato grafting
Estamino F1
Tamayo R F1
One of the first hybrid tomatillos on the market! Plants have an
open habit with high fruit set. This variety has intense dark green,
extra large, round fruit that will hold longer than most OP varieties.
Larger than Toma Verde and a bit earlier maturing.
Toma Verde (OP)
Toma Verde is a large bush that can be grown with a trellis for
better harvest access. The fruit is bright green with a zesty lemonlike flavor. Fruit size increases with warmer weather. Medium fruit
size, early with heavy yields.
Tokyo Cross F1 35-40 days
This smooth skinned white variety can be harvested at a small 2
inch to medium 5inch diameter. Sweet mild flavor. An AAS winner.
Hakurei F1 40 days
Need more production out of your greenhouse or hoophouse? Have
disease buildup in your soil? Estamino has a positive generative (fruit
production) effect, which is one reason to try grafting your tomato
plants onto it. Gain a more balanced plant that will give you a larger
yield of quality fruit, for a longer harvest period. Works great for PNW,
where we tend to have too much vegetative growth and lower fruit
yields. Another reason to graft Estamino is it’s disease package!
High resistance: Tomato Mosaic virus, Leaf Mold 1-5, Verticillium
Wilt (Verticillium albo-atrum, Verticillium dahlia), Fusarium Wilt
0-2, Fusarium Crown and Root Rot. Intermediate resistance: Root
knot (Meloidogyne arenaria, Meloidogyne incognita, Meloidogyne
javanica), Tomato Spotted Wilt virus.
Hakurei is an early hybrid turnip with extremely consistent
roots, snow white smooth skin and mild flavor. A customer favorite!
Scarlet Queen F1 45-65 days
Flat globe
Scarlet Queen is a crunchy hybrid salad turnip with upright green
tops.Its bright scarlet, flat globe shaped, smooth root is 2.5 to
3.5 inches across with white, firm and juicy flesh. Tolerant to DM,
Bacterial spot, and Clubroot.
Purple Prince F1 50-55 days
Flattened globe
Purple Prince has a bright purple top with a clean white bottom
and taproot. Very clean attachment, uniform and dramatic exterior
coloring. Pure white interior and sweet juicy flavor.
Also Available: Fuku Komachi F1, Golden Ball (OP), Purple Top
White Globe (OP), Tokyo Cross F1 & White Lady F1
Tomato, Speckled Roman
Tomato Rootstock, Estamino
Tomatillo, (L-R) Tamayo R, Toma Verde
Turnip, Scarlet Queen
Turnip, Purple Prince
Turnip, Hakurei
Turnip, (B-F) Purple Prince, Golden Ball,
Scarlet Queen & Tokyo Cross
Osborne Seed Company, LLC
Days = from transplant to maturity
Melon and Watermelon sales are restricted
to the Western United States.
Diploids (with seeds)
Shape Rind
Westside! Golden Crown F1 70-80 days
3-5 lbs.
Bright yellow
A bright yellow rind and rich red flesh make this a must have for all
melon growers. Golden Crown isn’t just a looker; this melon is early,
sweet, and has good tolerance for powdery mildew, Anthacnose
and viruses. Plants typically produce up to four icebox sized fruit
that range from 3 to 5 pounds. Did great in our western Washington
trials. An AAS winner!
Dark Belle F1 75 days
5-7 lbs.
Green w/ dark green stripes
Watermelon, Yellow Doll
This watermelon’s unique football size and shape may be a
real hit at your market. It has medium dark green skin with darker
green stripes. It has a thin but tough rind that should ship well. The
dark red flesh is juicy, with a sweet 12 – 14% Brix, fruity flavor that
received numerous positive comments from our growers.
Westside! Yellow Doll F1 75 days
5-7 lbs.
Green w/ dark green stripes
Matures very early and is just the right size for a small family. Sweet
tasting with great juicy texture and vibrant color.
Westside! Gold in Gold F1 80 days
10-16 lbs.
Elongated oval
Watermelon, Dark Belle
Watermelon, Gold in Gold
Watermelon, Pony Yellow-flesh
Watermelon, Pony Yellow-rind
Watermelon, Jo Saeng No Ran Ggul
Watermelon, Super Gold
Yellow w/dark yellow stripes
A unique diploid watermelon with excellent marketing potential.
Gold in Gold is a very productive smaller oblong watermelon with
a glowing yellow striped skin and light yellow, sweet juicy flesh.
With an average diameter of 6” and a length of 11” it will easily fit in
your customer’s fridge. But, with Brix measuring 12-13% it won’t
stay there long. The shippable glowing yellow rind and lightly crisp
texture with its fruity, sweet flavor will all combine to make this one a
must have on your farm.
Westside! Pony Yellow F1 75-80 days
3-5 lbs.
Green w/ dark green stripes
This unique personal size watermelon has been a hit with our
growers. The flesh is a very bright yellow and ‘run down your chin’
juicy. It has high sugars and tastes delicious. Even though it is a
diploid, seeds were very minimal. Expect a good yield of attractive
fruit with thin green stripes on a lighter green background.
Jo Saeng No Ran Ggul F1 75-80 days
6-9 lbs.
Yellow w/ dark yellow stripes
This is one of the most unique and exciting diploid watermelons
we have seen in a long time. Jo Saeng is a gorgeous yellow tiger
striped, round, ice-box size melon with attractive red flesh. Not only is
it a pretty package but it has sweet, great flavor with Brix measuring
12%. The strong vine produces a good crop of 6 – 9 lb. fruit. This
watermelon will definitely catch your customer’s eye.
Super Gold F1 80 days
14-18 lbs.
Green w/ dark green stripes
This diploid watermelon really is super! Growing on a strong
disease resistant vine it produces a large crop of oblong, dark green
on light green striped fruit. The rind is thicker than most yellow flesh
watermelons and quite strong. The flesh is a rich yellow color and
sweet, juicy and crisp. You can expect productivity, uniformity and
high quality with Super Gold.
Cathay Belle F1 90 days
7-10 lbs.
Green w/ dark green stripes
Bright red
Cathay Belle has bright, delicious red flesh; this variety has an
average Brix of 12%. The rind is thin but tough and it seldom has
hollow heart, even under high temperatures. Performs well, even
west of the Cascades.
Also available: New Orchid F1, New Queen F1 & Sugar Baby (OP)
Watermelon, Golden Crown
Triploids (Seedless, may contain occasional seeds)
Wonder F1 80 days
4-6 lbs.
Dark green w/ faint green stripes
A dark green rind with faintly visible stripes. Flesh is bright red,
sweet, juicy, with a good watermelon flavor. Wonder should pack
mostly 10’s and ships and holds well. TREATED ONLY.
Sorbet F1 80 days
6-8 lbs.
Medium green w/ dark green stripes
A new icebox sized seedless watermelon. Medium green exterior
with bright pink interior flesh has small white pips. Juicy, sweet and
fruity with outstanding flavor. Sorbet has tolerance to Fusarium wilt,
Races 0-1, and Anthracnose 2 & 3.
Felicity F1 80-85 days
14-18 lbs.
Watermelon, Felicity
Green w/ dark green stripes
Felicity grows on an upright prolific vine that shades the fruit well.
The almost round shape is covered with attractive dark green
stripes on a lighter green background. The rind is medium thick with
good strength and should ship well. The lightly crisp flesh is bright
yellow, fruity and sweet with a Brix level of 11%. Expect only a few
rudimentary seeds.
Tri-X Palomar F1 90 days
16-18 lbs.
Green w/ dark stripes
Tri-X Palomar has good seeding vigor and is prolific with high
quality fruit. Its bright red, tasty, crisp interior has good resistance to
hollow heart.
Also Available: Cooperstown F1, Valdoria F1
Watermelon, Tri-X Palomar
Watermelon, Wonder
Watermelon, Sorbet-flesh
Watermelon, Sorbet-rind
Rootstock- for cucurbit grafting
Flexifort Rootstock
Fusarium Wilt 1,2
This interspecific rootstock is a Cucurbita maxima X Cucurbita
moschata and is recommended for grafting with cucumbers, melon
and watermelon crops. Grafting with Flexifort can provide increased
vigor and help plants better deal with environmental stress including
drought, heat, cold and salinity. Flexifort rootstock is resistant to
fusarium races 1 and 2. It is recommended to sow Flexifort 2-6 days
before the chosen scion. Help increase yields and quality of fruit
with this new exciting rootstock!
Watermelon, Cathay Belle
Rootstock, Flexifort
Osborne Seed Company, LLC
Latin Name
Common Name
Amaranthus caudatus
Amaranth Green and Red Tails
Green, Dark red sold individually
Beautiful striking accent in a colorful garden or for cutting production. Adds dimensions to bouquets that are eye catching, excellent
holding in floral arrangements. Grows in all types of soil.
Antirrhinum majus
Snapdragon Chantilly Bronze F1 P
Uniform, single color from the popular Chantilly Mix. A color gradient of bronze, tangerine and orangey-pink flowers as they progress up
the stalk all with white throats; cut when 5-6 buds color. Long stems make a bright and dynamic addition for the professional grower.
Antirrhinum majus
Snapdragon Chantilly Mix F1
See description
The large flowers are open-faced with an overall beautiful appearance. Very long vase life. Extra-early Chantilly blooms. Mix includes
bronze, cream yellow, deep orange, light pink, light salmon, pink and white.
Calendula officinalis
Calendula Flashback Mix
See description
Burgundy-red under petal and warm colors on facing side. An excellent mix of colors. High percentage of double and semi double flowers,
long and strong stems.
Calendula officinalis Calendula Triangle Flashback/Zeolights A
See description
Peachy-pink, yellow at base of petals and maroon backs. Good in gardens or containers, nice long stems, the pastel coloring is a nice
change from bright summer colors.
Callistephus chinensis
Aster Matsumoto Formula Mix
See description
Apricot, blue, blue-tipped white, blush, pink, pink-tipped white, red, salmon, scarlet, white & yellow make up this mix. Long, sturdy stems,
wide variety of colors, quickly blossoms in 100 days. Some Fusarium tolerance.
Callistephus chinensis
Aster Standy Series
See description
This Aster series has creamy white, salmon pink, carmine red, carmine and white, dark blue and light blue colors that are sold individually.
Large tubular petals that surround a bright yellow center. Some wilt tolerance, also tolerant to Fusarium and Verticillium.
Centaurea cyanus
Bachelor Button Tall Mix
Blue, rose, violet, white
Sweet old fashioned flowers for rustic bouquets. Tall plants benefit from staking.
Cosmos bipinnatus
Cosmos Double Click
Cranberries, Snow Puff
Double cosmos of carmine red and pure white that attract and impress. These have been bred to produce shorter plants with stronger
stems. True doubles that are beautiful in floral arrangements.
Cosmos bipinnatus
Cosmos Rubenza
Ruby red
Beautiful ruby red flowers that bloom freely all summer until frost. Outstanding color has earned the Fleur select Novelty Award.
Cosmos sulphureus
Cosmos Sulphur Mix
Yellow, orange, gold
Add bright festive color to gardens, good source of pollen for bees.
Dahlia variabilis
Dahlia Pompon Double Mix
Mixed colors, reds, yellows, orange, bi-colors
Easy to start from seed, great cut flowers in a mix of bright colors.
Delphinium ajacis
Larkspur Rocket Mix
White, pink, blue, lavender, rose
This garden favorite produces single to double flowers. Beautiful long lasting cut flowers, dries well.
Amaranth, Green Tails
Amaranth, Red Tails
Snapdragon, Chantilly Bronze
Snapdragon, Chantilly Mix
Calendula, Triangle
Aster, Standy Deep Blue
Bachelor Button, Tall Mix
Cosmos, Double Click Snow Puff
Cosmos, Rubenza
Cosmos, Sulphur Mix
Latin Name
Common Name
Dianthus barbatus
Dianthus Tall Double Mixed
Wide range of mixed colors
An strain of fragrant, highly double flowers in a superb color range. Sow in summer for flowers the following
spring. Excellent cut flower; be sure to leave a few heads for this biennial to re-seed.
Digitalis purpurea
Foxglove Dalmatian Peach
Pink to apricot champagne
Fast blooming; first year! Delicate shades of peach flutes that transition up the tall sturdy spikes. Unbeatable as a cut flower, easily
grown for production. In demand for old-fashioned weddings. The color is delicious!
Eschscholzia californica California Poppy
Ivory Castle and orange
The state flower of California, it produces an abundance of cheerful, bright blossoms that reseed readily. Colors are sold individually.
Gypsophilia elegans
Baby’s Breath Covent Garden
Plant in succession for an abundance of flowers for bouquet filler. Easy to cut. Will reseed!
Leonurus sibiricus
Siberian Motherwort
Purple and black spears
Unusual dynamic spears add height in landscaping and doubles as a cut flower.. For a multitude of extra long stems, cut back center
when 1-2’ tall. The Asian counterpart of the Northern European motherwort, it is both medicinal and ornamental. Delicate seaweed like
leaves around purple/pink flowers with dark green/black frilly calyxes. Very long holding, both on the plant and cut. Reseeds freely.
Limonium sinuatum
Statice Pacific Mix
See description
An annual statice in a wide range of colors including white, lavender, blue, rose, sky blue, apricot and yellow.
Perfect for your roadside stand and cut flower needs. Excellent for giving bouquets structure, a great pairing for showy blooms.
Psylliostachys suworowii Statice Russian
Rose pink
Tall curling spikes are easily dried, 100 days from sowing. Beautiful in the landscape or as a cut flower.
Mathiola incana
Stock Noble Series
Creamy white, yellow
Outstanding cut, heavenly fragrance. 95%+ doubles. Extra early flowering with closely arranged florets and uniform growth.
Nigella bucharica
Nigella Blue Stars
Blue purple 12-20”
Great filler flower for the professional grower, as well as being a beautiful border plant. Feathery leaves, small star shaped purple-blue
flowers on wiry stems. Very prolific, cut the whole plant for a quick, dense bunch. Flowers die back from the lowest upward, which
increases usability and field holding. Also useful once the plant dries down, forming small eye-catching seed pods on stiff stems.
Targets erect
Marigold Jedi Gold
Favorite for the professional grower, exceptionally long stemmed stunning globe marigolds that grew waist high in our trials. Whether
mixed with other flowers or as a stand-alone, they make exceptional bouquets. Home to several small green frogs perched on our 4-5”
blossoms. Strong stems with cut and come-again production makes this easy to grow flower a steady producer. Tolerant to Fusarium,
and good adaptability to a wide range of climates.
Tagetes erecta
Marigold Jedi Orange
Jedi Orange follows soon after Jedi Gold, with even fuller, bigger blooms. Center has full frill, and the heads are dense with ruffled petals
all the way around to the stem. Plants have long stretches between internodes for very long straight stems. Extended harvest window.
Tropaeolum majus
Nasturtium Alaska Mix
Orange, red, yellow
Attractive cream and green mottled foliage with bright blooms. Bush habit. Nice diversity and contrast.
Larkspur, Rocket Mix
Digitalis, Dalmation Peach
Siberian Motherwort
Statice, Pacific Mix
Dianthus, Tall Double Mixed
Stock, Noble Series
Statice, Russian
Nigella, Blue Stars
Marigold, Jedi Gold
Marigold, Jedi Orange
Osborne Seed Company, LLC
Latin Name
Common Name
Tropaeolum majus
Nasturtium Empress of India
Truly striking variety. Dark green foliage with bright scarlet flowers. Bush habit.
Tropaeolum majus
Nasturtium Peach Melba
Creamy yellow with red throat
Great garden plant, can also be used as an elegant garnish. Trailing habit, great for raised flower beds.
Zinnia elegans
Zinnia Benary’s Giant Mix
See description
Comprehensive mix with bright pink, carmine rose, coral, deep red, golden yellow, lilac, orange, purple, salmon rose, scarlet, white, wine.
Gold standard of Zinnias, fully double 4.5” flowers, long thick sturdy stems. Very uniform, high yielding.
Zinnia elegans
Zinnia Benary’s Giant Series
See description- individual colors
We are carrying the best of the individual colors: deep red, lime green, orange, wine, and salmon rose. Fully double 4.5” flowers, long
thick sturdy stems. The single colors are useful as concentrated plantings for production farmers, and for designing a bolder colorscape.
Use these colors to supplement the mix, if a different dominant color is desired.
Zinnia elegans
Zinnia California Giant Mix
Orange, pink, purple, red, white, yellow
Flat petals on large, semi double flowers. Vigorous, upright plants. Flowers resist fading in the heat.
Zinnia elegans
Zinnia Oklahoma Mix
See description
Mix includes carmine, ivory, golden yellow, pink, salmon, scarlet, yellow and white. Long stems have 1.5-2.5” double blooms. Great for
cuts, excellent vase life. Beautiful small balls of color bring balance to bouquets.
Zinnia elegans
Zinnia Queen series
Lime, Rose (Colors sold individually)
The Queen Series of Zinnis is remarkable in floral breeding. A unique zinnia, exotic and unusual with either a vibrant lime or a rich rose
with lime center. Semi-double and fully double blossoms that are layered thickly with a stunning crown. Cut them early for the optimum
intriguing color show. Excellent for mixing in bouquets or stand-alone sales. But if you are like us, you will just want to see this dramatic
flower do its thing in the flower bed. Bold, 2-3 inch flowers on sturdy 25” stems. The plant can reach about 18” wide. A reliable work-horse
of a flower in eye-catching colors.
New! Zinnia elegans
Zinnia Senorita Salmon 25”
Warm salmon-pink through cerise petals are curled at the tips. Enormous, mostly fullly-double cactus-type flowers, superb as a cut flower.
Long-standing in the flower bed and easy to grow. Sow direct after all chance of frost has passed.
Flower Mixes
Common Name
Pacific Northwest Wildflower Mix A/P
A mix of 21 varieties, 40% annuals and 60% perennials. Planting rate 16 lb./acre. Best sown in the fall.
“Summer Bouquet” Cut Flower Mix A/P
Mix of 15 cut flower types that produce beautiful bouquets all season. Makes a continuous colorful border.
Nasturtium, Alaska Mix
Nasturtium, Empress of India
Zinnia, Benary’s Giant Mix
Nasturtium, Peach Melba
Zinnia, Queen Rose Lime
Zinnia, Benary’s Giant Orange
Zinnia, Senorita
Pacific Northwest Mix
Summer Bouquet Cut Flower Mix
Latin Name
Common Name
/ Brassica
Plant July through August for bloom in September though November.
Common Name
Colors available
Red Chidori F1
Many finely frilled leaves create a dense head. Very dark outer leaves contrast with the vibrant purplish-red center.
Coral Series F1
Prince white, Queen red
A feather-leaved kale with a larger head than most flowering kale varieties, supported by a thick, sturdy stem.
Crane Series F1
Bi-color (white with rose center), pink, red
Cut-flower kale variety that has a very uniform, upright growth habit. Spacing will determine flower size. The Crane Bi-color will produce
larger and slightly lighter grey leaves compared to the Crane Pink and Crane Red.
Glamour Red F1
2011 AAS Award Winner. Great for garden beds, the glossy leaves help make the red just pop! Full heads with heavily frilled leaves and
an unusual deep maroon red color. Shiniest Kale on the market.
Lucir Series F1
Rose, white
A long-stemmed flowering kale used in arrangements. Similar to the Crane series but with beautiful shiny leaves that show the color
contrast in the center better. Long lasting. Colors sold individually.
Osaka Series F1
Pink, red, white
A wavy-leaved ornamental kale. The tightly arranged leaves create a compact head with a bright center and blue-green outer leaves.
Peacock Series F1
Red, white
Feathery, almost lacy, dark outer leaves. Can withstand cold temperatures despite its delicate appearance.
Pigeon Series F1
Purple, Victoria (pink)
Compact dwarf plant, with uniform round heads and lightly waved leaves.
Songbird Series F1
Pink, red, white
This new series is very similar to the Pigeon Series and is perfect if you are looking for a more compact variety. Has upright habit and
wavy leaves.
Also Available: Kamome Series & Nagoya Series Flowering Kale, Coral Prince & Queen Red
Flowering Kale, Crane Bicolor & Pink
Flowering Kale, Glamour Red
Flowering Kale, Lucir Rose
Flowering Kale, Osaka White
Flowering Kale, Peacock White
Flowering Kale, Victoria Pigeon
Flowering Kale, Songbird Red
Osborne Seed Company, LLC
Common Name
A/P/Bi Color
Sunflowers / Helianthus annus
Autumn Beauty (OP)
Bronze, red, yellow, bi-colors
Colors reminiscent of autumn leaves. Multi branching, long stemmed flowers in a mix of colors and sizes.
Big Smile (OP)
Bright yellow, black center
Cheerful golden blossoms that are extra dwarf. Single stemmed. Grows well in pots and makes a great border.
Yellow, green center
Double Goldy F1
Branching variety with up to 6-7 big fluffy flowers per plant. Extra full heads with green center.
Long lasting blooms, stunning.
Double Quick F1
Yellow, green center
Fluffy double blooms add dimension and color. Pollenless and non-branching.
Frilly F1
Golden yellow
Golden yellow spiky petals with small secondary petals shooting out from the brown disk. Makes an unusual cut flower. Single stem and
Giant Sungold (OP)
Golden orange
Grizzly sized version of Teddy Bear. Branching variety, makes nice hedge, works well in larger bouquets.
Gold Rush (OP)
Golden orange
Branching plants produce 4-5” pollen free orange flowers with dark brown centers.
Kong F1
Yellow, dark brown center
Towering monster is impressive with continuous flowering 5-6” bloom. Branching habit and pollenless.
Lemon Queen (OP)
Pale lemon, dark chocolate center
Branching growth habit, long stems, many 5-6” flowers.
New! Limoncello Summer F1
Bright yellow ring fading to light yellow
This single stem, beautiful two toned yelow sunflower is bright yellow on the center, fading to a light yellow on the petals. Has a nice
rich dark center. Very consistent in size. Absolutly stunning!
Mammoth Grey Striped Russian (OP)
Yellow, dark center
Giant plants with giant flowers. Each stalk produces one massive flower.
Moonshadow F1
White, dark center
Elegant, pure white petals, branching habit, pollen free flowers, excellent for cutting, ideal for use with flower dyes.
Moulin Rouge F1
Deep red
Branching growth habit, true deep red, pollenless, lots of 4-5” flowers.
New Gaillardia F1
Gold and burgundy bi-color
Dark golden petals with varying amounts of burgundy around a dark disk. Branching habit with pollenless flowers.
New! Orange Hedge F1 A
Golden orange
Multi-branching sunflower with shorter 2-3 feet stems. Makes for a great hedge at your farm stand! Has that traditional orange sunflower
color with dark chocolate brown centers. Could be used for shorter stem bouquets.
Sunflower, Double Goldy
Sunflower, Frilly
Sunflower, Big Smile
Sunflower, Moonshadow
Sunflower, Double Quick
Sunflower, Moulin Rouge
Sunflower, New Gaillardia
Sunflower, Orange Hedge
Sunflower, Limoncello
Sunflower, Premier Lemon
Common Name
A/P/Bi Color
Premier Lemon F1
Bright yellow
Extra early, non-branching, pollenless, excellent uniformity.
Pro-Cut Bicolor F1
Dark center ring, yellow margins
Distinctive, single-stemmed flowers, pollen free, great fall color.
Pro-Cut Lemon F1
Soft yellow, chocolate centers
Early maturing, pollen free, non-branching and nice contrasting colors.
Pro-Cut Orange F1
Genuine bright orange
Early, single-stemmed, pollenless, bright, vibrant cut flower.
Pro-Cut Yellow Lite F1
Bright yellow, green center
Eye-catching colors, day length neutral, pollen free, single stemmed and great for multiple plantings.
Razzmatazz F1
Red, white, bi-colors
A striking blend of colors from yellow to dark red with white for contrast. Branching habit and pollen free.
Ruby Eclipse F1
Ruby red with lemon tips, dark center
A combination of ruby red and lemon accentuated by a dark disk. Branching habit and pollen free.
Sonja (OP)
Golden orange, dark center
Unique, attractive, golden orange blooms, patio/garden/cut flower use, main stem surrounded by a “spray” of small blossoms.
Soraya (OP)
Rich orange, dark brown center
First sunflower to be an AAS Winner. Branching type that can yield up to 25 sturdy stems.
Starburst Lemon Aura F1
Lemon petals, green center
Fully double blooms for a unique cut flower. Green center, branching habit, pollen free.
Sunbright Supreme F1
Bright yellow, dark brown center
Pollenless hybrid; long, strong single stems, rounded petals.
Sunny Smile F1
Deep yellow, dark center
6” short day; 15-20” long day
Dwarf, long/short day and adaptable. Will flower year round in 60+ degree temps, regardless of day length. Pollenless.
Sunrich Gold F1
Gold, gold and green center
Non-branching, pollenless, ideal for cut flowers, 4-6” blooms with green centers.
Sunrich Lemon F1
Bright yellow, black center
Non-branching, pollenless, 5-6” cut flowers.
Sunrich Orange F1
Golden yellow, black center
Pollenless, non-branching 5-6” cut flowers. Nice thin stalks for bouquets or stem sales. Extremely uniform and high yielding. A real work
Teddy Bear (OP)
Golden orange
Just plain cute. Fluffy, double, brilliant yellow, beautiful in a border, can be used in bouquets. Branching habit.
Also Available: Indian Blanket (OP), Peach Passion F1, Ring of Fire (OP) & Starburst Lemon Éclair F1
Sunflower, Pro-Cut Bicolor
Sunflower, Razzmatazz
Sunflower, Ruby Eclipse
Sunflower, Starburst Lemon Aura
Sunflower, Soraya
Sunflower, Pro-Cut Lemon
Sunflower, Sonja
Sunflower, Sunrich Gold
Sunflower, Sunrich Orange
Sunflower, Teddy Bear
Osborne Seed Company, LLC
Common Name
A/P/Bi Color
Sweet Peas / Lathyrus odoratus (OP)
Early Multiflora Mix
See description
Lives up to its name. Large early blossoms, vibrant colors, long sturdy stems, perfect for cutting. Colors include blue, lavender, maroon,
pink, rose, salmon, scarlet and white.
High Scent Mix
Cream with lavender picotee
Highly fragrant, delicate blossoms with sturdy stems perfect for cutting.
Mammoth Series
See description
Navy blue, scarlet, white and rose (colors sold individually or mixed). Same blooming season as Early Multiflora. Larger flowers, longer
stems, good for cutting.
Old Spice Mix
See description
Crimson, dark blue, lavender, light blue, pink, red and white. Fragrant flowers, beautiful range of colors, nice long stems.
Royal Choice Series
See description
Blue, crimson, lavender, maroon, navy, rose pink, salmon pink, scarlet and white (sold individually or mixed). Popular, fragrant mix of
large, long lasting flowers on long stems, some heat tolerance.
Spencer Beaujolais
Deep purple
Large ruffled blooms, deep purple color with the fragrance to match. Long stems for cutting.
Sweet Pea, Early Multiflora Mix
Sweet Pea, Mammoth Scarlet
Sweet Pea, Mammoth White
Sweet Pea, High Scent
Sweet Pea, Mammoth Mix
Sweet Pea, Mammoth Navy
Sweet Pea, Royal Choice Mix
Sweet Pea, Royal Choice Salmon Pink
Sweet Pea, Spencer Beaujolais
Common Name
A/P/Bi Color
New! Spring Sunshine Sweet Peas
Spring Sunshine Sweet Pea
See description. Note: colors sold individually
60” plus
Burgundy, Cerise, Cream, Mauve and Peach! This new sweet pea was dynamic in our trials. Customers who drove up remarked on
their looks and fragrant smell. It’s hard not to get excited about these if you are a sweet pea lover or cut flower grower. The more
we cut, the more they grew; give them lots of head room and they will keep growing and producing. They have unbelievable stem length,
do well outdoors as well as in high tunnels for commercial growers. Worth every penny; you will wish you had more seed.
Sweet Pea, Spring Sunshine Burgundy
Sweet Pea, Spring Sunshine
Sweet Pea, Spring Sunshine Cerise
Sweet Pea, Spring Sunshine Cream
Sweet Pea, Spring Sunshine Mauve
Sweet Pea, Spring Sunshine Peach
Osborne Seed Company, LLC
We value our dedicated suppliers!
A 0,1 2..........................................Anthracnose, race 0, 1, 2
ALS.......................................................... Angular Leaf Spot
AP.............. Ascochyta pisi (leaf and pod spot or pea blight)
B...............................................................Botrytis (neck rot)
BCMV..................................... Bean Common Mosaic Virus
BR..........................................................................Black Rot
BSR..........................................................Bacterial Soft Rot
BV............................................................................Big Vein
BY.........................................................Yellow Bean Mosaic
Cca...................................Corynespora Blight (Target Spot)
Ccu......................................................Scab and Gummosis
Cf(A-E)......................Cladosporium (Leaf mold), races A-E
CMV................................................Cucumber Mosaic Virus
CTV...............................................................Curly Top Virus
CW.................................................................. Common Wilt
CVYV.................................. Cucumber Vein Yellowing Virus
DM.................................................................Downy Mildew
F 0, 1, 2, 3.....................................Fusarium, race 0, 1, 2, 3
FBR...................................................... Fusarium Basal Rot
FY.............................................................Fusarium Yellows
LMV.....................................................Lettuce Mosaic Virus
MNSV......................................... Melon Necrotic Spot Virus
N........................................................Root-knot Nematodes
Nr........................... Nasanovia ribisinigri (lettuce leaf aphid)
Pb......................... Pemphigus busarius (lettuce root aphid)
Pc...........................................Phytophtora capsici (root rot)
PeMV..............................................................Pepper Mottle
PEMV...........................................Pea Enation Mosaic Virus
PLRV..................................................... Pea Leaf Roll Virus
PM..............................................................Powdery Mildew
PR......................................................................... Pink Root
PRSV.........................................................Papaya Ringspot
Ps..................................................................Common Rust
PSP.....................................................................Halo Blight
Pss..................................................... Bacterial Brown Spot
PVY............................................................... Potato Virus Y
Rs.......................................................................Corky Root
Sk..................................................................... Black Speck
St..................................................................Gray Leaf Spot
Stip...........................................Stip (physiological disorder)
TEV........................................................ Tobacco Etch Virus
TMV................................................... Tobacco Mosaic Virus
Tobamo P0..................................................... Tobamo Virus
T0MV....................................................Tomato Mosaic Virus
TSWV..........................................Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus
V 1...........................................................Verticillium, race 1
VFFN................................ Verticillium Wilt, Fusarium 1 & 2,
Root-knot Nematode
WMV 1, 2...................... Watermelon Mosaic Virus, race 1,2
WPSV..........................................Western Pea Streak Virus
Xap.............................................................. Common Blight
Xcv 1, 2, 3, 4,...............Xanthamonas (Bacterial Leaf Spot)
ZYMV......................................Zucchini Yellow Mosaic Virus