Preliminary program 44th Symposium of Pediatric Surgery Obergurgl 2015 Universitätszentrum Obergurgl www.isps­ Sunday 18, Jan Workshop "Minimal invasive pediatric surgery" 16:30 ­ 20:30, 18.1.2015 David van der Zee (Utrecht, Netherlands) Martin Metzelder (Vienna, Austria)
Oliver Muensterer (Mainz, Germany) Peter Panhofer (Vienna, Austria) Holger Till (Graz, Austria) Monday 19, Jan Pediatric urology Chair Alexander Springer (Vienna, Austria) Holger Till (Graz, Austria) 19.1.2015 8:30 – 12:30 Minimal invasive surgery in pediatric urology and robotic urology – pros and cons. Alexander Springer (Vienna, Austria)
30' + 10' discussion Urodynamics – when, why, consequences? Marleen van den Heijkant (Vienna, Austria) 30' + 10' discussion Urolgic considerations in anorectal malformations Risto Rintala (Helsinki, Finland)
30' + 10' discussion A plea for laparoscopic dismembered pyeloplasty Philipp O. Szavay (Luzern, Switzerland) 30' + 10' discussion Nephrectomy and heminephrectomy: Single incision (SILS) or conventional laparoscopy (CL) oder Hybrids? Holger Till (Graz, Austria) 30' + 10' discussion Total urogenital sinus mobilization – the Salzburg experience Mirca Ardelean (Salzburg, Austria) 30' + 10' discussion
Vesicoureteral fistula – a rare complication following laparoscopic 8' + 2' Lich­Gregoir antireflux surgery discussion Fernandez Georgina (Salzburg, Austria) Tissue glue versus sutures in pediatric circumcision: a prospective comparison Claudio Spinelli (Pisa, Italy) – Break – 8' + 2' discussion Free papers Chair Martin Lacher (Hannover, Germany) Tomas Wester (Stockholm, Sweden)
19.1.2015 16:30 – 20:30 Perioperative treatment of the complicated appendicitis – shifting the paradigm?! Alexander Dzakovic (Chicago, USA)
30' + 10' discussion
Controversies and conservative treatment of appendicitis Tomas Wester (Stockholm, Sweden) 30' + 10' discussion Seasonal incidence of appendicitis Carlos Reck (Vienna, Austria) 8’ + 2’ discussion Diagnostic and therapeutic pitfalls in appendicitis Martin Lacher (Hannover, Germany) 20' + 10' discussion Long gap esophageal atresia ­ The Utrecht experience David Van der Zee (Utrecht, Netherlands) 15’ + 5’ discussion Laparoscopic adrenalectomy is feasible for suspected adrenal tumors in children younger than 24 months of age – but is it al­ways justified? Jochen Hubertus (Munich, Germany) 8’ + 2’ discussion My most demanding cases Ernst Horcher (Vienna, Austria) 20' + 10' discussion 20:30 Get together-drink at congress location
Tuesday 20, Jan Interdisciplinary management of congenital diaphragmatic hernia ­ The anestesiologists­, neonatologists­, radiologists­, obstetricians­ and surgeons point of view. Chair Carlos Gine (Barcelona, Spain) Lukas Wessel (Mannheim, Germany)
20.1.2015 8:30 – 12:30 The obstreticians view Josef Deutinger (Vienna, Austria, Gynaecology and Obstetrics) 20' + 10' discussion
Pediatric surgeons view Lukas Wessel (Mannheim, Germany, Pediatric surgeon) 20' + 10' discussion
The anesthesiologists view Christian Breschan (Klagenfurt, Austria, Anesthesiology) 20' + 10' discussion
The radiologists view Gregor Kasprian (Vienna, Austria, Radiologist)
20' + 10' discussion
The neonatologists view Ursula Felderhoff­Müser (Essen, Germany, Neonatologist) 20' + 10' discussion The fetal surgeons view Carlos Gine (Barcelona, Spain, Fetalsurgery) 20' + 10' discussion
Is ECMO in the treatment of CDH dispensable? ­ A single center experience Hacker Hans­Walter (Lucerne, Switzerland) 8' + 2' discussion – Break – Pediatric thoracic surgery Chair
Alexander Rokitansky (Vienna, Austria) Frank Martin Häcker (Basel, Switzerland) 20.1.2015
16:30 – 20:30 Thoracical deformities – state of the art pectus excavatum repair Alexander Rokitansky (Vienna, Austria, Pediatric surgery) 30' + 10' discussion Thoracical deformities – state of the art pectus carinatum repair Johannes Schalamon (Graz, Austria) 15' + 5' discussion Vacuum therapy of thoracical deformities Micha Bahr (Herne, Germany, Pediatric surgery)
30' + 10' discussion
Compression therapy of thoracical deformities Frank­Martin Häcker (Basel, Switzerland, Pediatric Surgery) 30' + 10' discussion QOL after conservative treatment of pectus carinatum Caroline Fortmann (Hannover, Germany) 8' + 2' discussion The Efficacy of Primary Thoracoscopic Treatment of Spontaneous 8' + 2' Pneumothoraces in Adolescents discussion Singer Georg (Graz, Austria) Management of chronic pain following the Nuss procedure – a case report Hannah Ladenhauf (Salzburg, Austria) 8' + 2' discussion Pectus excavatum – are there problems related to a delayed bar removal after Nuss repair? Jan Goedeke (Mainz, Germany) 8' + 2' discussion 20:30 “Glühwein” at the ice-bar
Wednesday 21, Jan Special topics: -
21.1.2015 8:30 – 12:30 To drain or not to drain Promising biomarkes for NEC Free papers and casuistics
Chair Stefan Scholz (Pittsburgh, USA) Thomas Benkö (Vienna, Austria)
"To drain, or not to drain?" – The role of leaving a drain in various surgical procedures. Stefan Scholz (Pittsburgh, USA) 30' + 10' discussion Analysis of decreasing of peritoneal drainage in paediatric appendectomy Malcius Dalius (Kaunas, Lithuania) 8’ + 2’ discussion Perforated stump appendicitis ­ a rare complication Scholsching Julia (Mainz, Germany) 8’ + 2’ discussion Treatment of acute appendicitis in Germany: Results of the analysis of a health insurance claims database Jan Gosemann (Hannover, Germany) 8’ + 2’ discussion A meta­analysis of the Diagnostic Performance of Magnetic Resonance Imaging in the Detection of Appendicitis in Children Oliver Muensterer (Mainz, Germany) 15' + 5' discussion Google Glass in Pediatric Surgery ­ Useful Tool or Fancy Gadget? Oliver Muensterer (Mainz, Germany) 8’ + 2’ discussion NEC: New promising class of biomarkers? Thomas Benkoe (Vienna, Austria) 30' + 10' discussion First european case of a laporoscopic assisted cholecystocolostomy in a patient with bylers disease Wilfried Krois (Vienna, Austria) 8’ + 2’ discussion Congenital, idiopathic chylothorax in preterm infants – a rare case report Lenda Gindner (Cologne, Germany) 8’ + 2’ discussion