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Indian Hills Eagles, Come Soar With Us!
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JANUARY 13, 2015
Bad Weather, School Closing
January/February Events
January 14
Early Release
January 15
Spelling Bee
January 19
No School
MLK observance
January 28
Early Release
February 5
Skate Night K-2
February 10
Valentine Parties
PTO Meeting
February 11 & 12
Parent Teacher
February 12 & 13
No School
P/T Conferences
February 19
Skate Night 3-4
February 24
Chorus Fest
7:00 WRMS
February 25
Early Release
February 26
Spring Pictures
Skate Night 5-6
Parent Teacher Conferences
Parent Teacher Conference forms
will come home soon.
Just a reminder that with the winter season upon us, it might be necessary to cancel
school due to weather conditions.
Please refer to you local radio and television stations on school closings.
Spelling Bee
The annual Indian Hills Spelling Bee will be held on Thursday, January 15th at 2:00
in the Indian Hills gym.
Below are the names of the contestants:
Mrs. Chooncharoen
Nadiya Al-Murrani
Kaci Bath
Hunter Wong
Alternate: Abhi Velagandula
Mrs. Howell
Zach Willingham
Donna Jalosjos
Andy Busch
Alternate: Jenny Lopez
Mr. Baker
Joy Ngibuini
Jack Carter
Zakariya Ahmed
Alternate: Marta Johnston
Mrs. Scheck
Makenzie Smith
Nick Johnston
Colby Plue
Alternate: Isaac Baker
Miss Myers
Rishiraj Pandya
Aiden Flood
Dayton Hill
Alternate: Elsa Zwiener
Mrs. Roney
Allison Knudtson
Christian Ahlf
Paolo Alaras
Alternate: Rayce Wostal
Miss Trafton
Brett Bahr
Jal Maru
Alyssa Mastin
Alternate: Braden Steenbock
Mr. Nelson
Jalen Eilert
Cub Rios
Trent Roney
Alternate: Jiyoon Park
Mrs. Slack
Madeline Weide
Daymon Mays
Vaughn Lolley
Alternate: Kylie Harsha
Mrs. Sonderegger
Conner Haire
Carson Haire
Christian Herin
Alternate: Maddox Hight
Mrs. Wallentine
Vivian Penzig
Alex Runnebaum
Cale Marsh
Alternate: Killian Vincent
The schedule will be as follows:
February 11th, 4:40 to 8:00 PM
February 12th, 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM
To ensure “back to back”
conferences for your students,
please return only one form
per family.
All conferences are 20 minutes.
Please remember to notify the
school if you have had a change
of home address, email or
Telephone number.
It is important we keep our records
Flu Season Guidelines
We would like to remind parents to be on the lookout for any of the following symptoms in their
children: fever, cough, runny nose, congestion, vomiting, or diarrhea. If children are exhibiting any
of these symptoms please keep them home so that other children and staff are not exposed.
Children should be fever-free without medication for 24 hours and have their cough under control
before they return to school.
STAC Report. . . .
STAC raised $1327.31 during our recent Caring Cane sales.
We would like to thank all of you that purchased Caring Canes or made a donation!
A special thank you to the STAC members, Mrs. Hartpence and Ms. Ross.
The mission of Indian Hills Elementary School is to provide a safe and positive environment that encourages all students’ active participation in becoming
responsible, life long learners who have positive attitudes and habits with respect for diversity within the global community.
Indian Hills Eagles, Come Soar With Us!
The Ice Cream Crew
The “ Ice Cream Crew” is a reward for not turning in a late assignment during the nine weeks, students in grades 4th-6th will be
invited to the Multi-Purpose Room for ice cream sandwiches at 3:15 and follow-up with a fun activity.
The following is a list of students who made The Ice Cream Crew for the second nine weeks of school.
Mrs. Chooncharoen’s Class
Nadiya Al-Murrani, Alex Austin, Kaci Bath, Jakob Dickey, Kaden Durst, Hayden Fox, Alysa Ladson, Annika Peterson,
Peyton Scheid, Shane Sexton, Bryson Sparling
Mrs. Scheck’s Class
Jaidyn Alcantar, Isaac Baker, Emmerson Cope, Ashley Dreher, Cody Ridgeway, Baylin Shea, Mackenzie Smith, Raquel Wilson
Miss Trafton’s Class
Brett Bahr, Madeline Carter, Austin DeWitt, Cole Hughes, Ethan Jackson, Mason Lexow, Jal Maru, Alyssa Mastin, Ellyson Moore,
Courteney Scheck, Heidi Schieber, Braden Steenbock, Peyton Walton
Mrs. Howell’s Class
Angelo Alaras, Reagan Allen, Cade Boswell, Laisha Figueroa, Arushi Garg, Mysti Hummell, Mason Thieu, Sheridan Wichman,
Donna Jalosjos, Carson Jenkins, Jenny Lopez, Olivia Ndungu, Kristin Ng, Ashton Rake, Gibraeel Syed, Zach Willingham
Miss Myers’ Class
Sam Baumgard, Camden Brent, Hannah Dorsey, Amaya Edwards, Aiden Flood, Mason Grogan, Gracelyn Hallauer,
Jordan Joramo, Kelli Kychik, Landon Madill, Kylie Miller, Caidyn Ossiander, Rishiraj Pandya,
Shelby Schmutzler, Andrew Trimble
Mr. Nelson’s Class
Alexis Deweese, Brandon Domme, Campbell Bagshaw, Kaitlyn Crough, Emma Curley, Jalen Eilert, Grant Genovese, Kaden Hill,
Brock Howard, Molly Kessler, Emily Louderback, Jiyoon Park, Trent Roney, Madison Smith, Sofia Witt
Mrs. Sonderegger’s Class
Holly Beelman, Remi Burke, Seth Cruz, Carson Haire, Conner Haire, Matthew Hartter, Christian Herin, Maddox Hight,
Sasha Joy, McKenna Merrick, Vanesa Quinones, Trinity Roney, Maddox Ross, Pete Swanson, Meleeah Thompson,
Nathen Trachta, Alina Vincent
Mr. Baker’s Class
Brett Ashwill, Jack Carter, Danny Hashmi, Jordan Quinones, Andrea Jacques, Marta Johnston, Hunter Jones, Sage Joy,
Joy Ngibuini, Keaton Remp, Cale Scheck, Brandon Stewart, Soraya Webster
Mrs. Roney’s Class
Paolo Alaras, Maggie Ayala-Hinkle, Dylan Brady, Emily Falk, Alison Knudtson, Alex Mapes, Salvatore Martinez, Bela Sanchez,
Remmi Shea, Kayden Smith, Austin Weast, Blakelee Williams, Rayce Wostal, Yoselin Miramontes
Mrs. Slack’s Class
Clayton Stephenson, Brianna Norman, Alison Hill, Austin Menge, Kylie Harsha, Madeline Weide, Vaughn Lolley,
Aaron Mosqueda, Tanner Sigmund, Jessica Ndungu
Mrs. Wallentine’s Class
Riley George, Logan Jennings, Cale Marsh, Lauren Roche, Vivian Penzig, Alex Runnebaum
The next Board of Education Meeting will be held on January 20, at shuler education Center,6:30 PM