2014 Fall Newsletter - PALGRAVE TENNIS CLUB

2014 Highlights
Opening Day and Pancake Breakfast
The 2014 PTC Outdoor Tennis Season has long come to a end. We had a great season and
wanted to share some highlights with you before 2015.
The Canadian tennis world has experienced a wonderful year with many young professional
players reaching the top 10 of their tours. Media and television exposure is at an all-time high,
which can benefit our community club towards building an increased interest in tennis.
PTC had a 4% increase this season in memberships, with a total of 373 members for 2014.
This number is comprised of 210 Adults and 163 Youths. The Club also saw an increase in
participation numbers for both Adult and Youth coached programs.
New after school youth skills clinics were introduced in three different age groups, that ran
thru to October. These are smaller coach to player ratio classes, than our Saturday morning
program, and gave the participants a higher, individualized training experience.
Youth and Adult House Leagues continued their popularity with high levels of participation
and competition to reach the top of the ratings list.
The two weeks of half day youth summer camps were filled once again offering a variety of
fun and exciting games for all ages.
PTC was represented by 7 travelling teams, with a total of over 70 participants within various
daytime and nighttime leagues.
The Club ran 3 Youth Tournaments throughout the season, as well as Adults Mixed Doubles,
Men’s Doubles and Ladies Doubles events. All tournaments were well attended and provided
a great atmosphere for players of all levels to meet on and off the courts.
Our thanks to all of the participants for getting involved!
A special “Thank You” is extended to CTEC Controls (Dean & Karen Williamson) for generously sponsoring and helping James organize 2 of the Youth Tournaments.
PTC Junior Open
U10 Jack Fogerty
U14 Ben Fogerty
U16 Charlie Fogerty
PTC JR Tourney #1
U8 William Clark
U10 DJ Williamson
U12 Ben Fogerty
U16 Kasan Grewel
Mixed Doubles
Women’s Doubles
Men’s Doubles
North Division Winners
Joe Hurley
Marylou Hurley
North Flight Winners
Deb Medhurst &
Sue Kelly
North Flight Winners
Ray Leerentveld &
Ron Stroud
South Division Winners
Wendy Vainer
Leon Vainer
South Flight Winners
Barb Matthews &
Mary Podrebarac
South Flight Winners
Pino Biase &
Jim Morris
There was a great turn out for our first event of the season on Sunday, May 4 th. Club tours and
orientations were available for our new members. Greg from We Love Tennis was on hand to
showcase the newest technology in racquets. Demo racquets were made available for members
to tryout while experimenting with the clubs 2 ball machines. Kurtis Dean took to the courts
with the younger members for some fun games, while crafts were going on inside the clubhouse
for the under 7 crowd. The Palgrave Rotary donated “Chuck” Wagon and their chefs prepared
delicious pancakes and sausages for all.
Host of Girls U16 National Selections Tournament
The club turned over all 4 courts from Friday, June 6 th to Sunday, June 8th to our Head Coach,
James Kwon, who ran this exciting OTA Sanctioned Qualifying Tournament. There were 32
girls aged 12 to 16 from all over Ontario out to compete. A nd boy were they inspiring!
James arranged to have 8 of our teenage members outfitted and trained to work as ball boys for
the final matches. The OTA Smash Cage was set up on the Friday afternoon for anyone wanting to find out how close they could get to Milos Raonic’s top serve speed.
There were many comments received from the players and their families regarding the great
hospitality and beautiful facilities of our little community club.
2015 Ladies Daytime Teams - Player Level Assessments
With an increased interest in ladies daytime competitive play and the objective of making the
team selections proactive and inclusive, we tried something a little different this year……
The ICTA (Inter County Tennis Association) team rosters are due by late April. With our nets
going up around the same time there is no time to organize for proper team tryouts. Therefore
in September we offered player level assessments to the current interested members to start the
building of teams for the 2015 Season.
There were 43 ladies that expressed interest, with 31 available to participate in the assessment
sessions run by James and his coaching staff. With the data collected and levels of play assessed, we are well on our way to being able to submit 3 levels of strong teams for the 2015
To ALL the Volunteers
We would not be successful without the help of the many volunteers that make our club what it
is today. From the Executive Team, Team Captains, Program Co-ordinators, Student Assistants,
Net/Wind Screen Set Up and Take Down Crews, Tournament Helpers, Weed Pullers, and everyone else that are in attendance when help is needed.
Let’s all Work Together to Make our Club
A Great Place to Relax
Play and Enjoy the Friendship of Good Company
PTC JR Tourney #2
U8 William Clark
U12 Francesco Prezzano
U14 DJ Williamson
U18 Brian Horbal
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