A Night of Fire - Crealdé School of Art

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Crealdé School of Art presents
A Night of Fire
January 17th, 5 to 8 p.m.
Special Highlights
6 pm — Bronze Pour at the Foundry. Crealdé’s David Cumbie heats bronze to 2,300
degrees and pours it at about 2,000 degrees. The metal cools at 100 degrees a minute,
and the ceramic shell molds filled with bronze can be removed an hour later, revealing the
casting. Stick around after the pour, and David will answer any questions.
7:15 pm — Light Painting with Fire on the Lakeshore. See photos projected onscreen
that use long-exposure photography to turn fire into artwork. At 6:50 p.m., a limited number
of spots will open to take photographs with faculty member Sherri Bunye. Tripod needed.
Ongoing Activities — Follow the
map on the reverse side.
Main Office — Register for classes and
shop in the Handmade in Florida art shop.
$10 off classes with Coupon Code: flame15
Photography Studio 5, Back — Sign
up early for the children’s “Photogram”
workshops. Using small leaves, ferns, thin
sticks and macaroni, make an easy print on
black-and-white photographic paper.
Ceramics Studio 4, out front — Watch the
raku post-firing technique that darkens clay
with smoke, enhancing texture and glaze.
Young Artist Studio 7 — Sign up early
for the children’s workshops offered every
45 minutes: “Jackson Pollock: Painting
Outside the Lines” and create an abstract
expressionist work of art.
Ceramic Studio 4, north end — Catch
singer/songwriter GT Springer as he shares
original songs and his own version of
familiar tunes.
Storytelling around the fire pit — Bill
Cordell weaves magic with words to
entertain all ages.
Showalter Hughes Community Gallery
— Enjoy a class of wine at the opening of
the Director’s Choice V exhibition featuring
Crealdé’s Young Artist Program faculty.
Painting & Drawing Studio 1A —
Demonstrations by Crealdé faculty include
Still Life Painting by Barbara Tiffany and
Robert Ross, and Marie Orban drawing from
a live model.
Alice & William Jenkins Gallery — In
its final week, view Visionary Bill Jenkins:
Crealdé Founder, Artist and Philanthropist,
honoring the school’s 40th Anniversary.
Painting & Drawing Studio 1B — Hands-on
printmaking demonstrations with Crealdé’s
David Hunter.
Photography Studio 5, Front — See the
slideshow of the “Business as Community
Life – Winter Park 2013” Documentary
Master Class.
Behind the galleries — Warm up with hot
spiced wine and snacks on the porch, as well
as grilled specialties from Millers Hardware.