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Lotawana News
Volume 41, Number 15
January 14, 2015
Association News
Baseball is like driving, it’s the
one who gets home safely that
counts. – Tommy Lasorda
The other day a respected
member of our community came
by the office to voice his concerns about the safety of our
roads. His complaint was not
about how the roads have been maintained this winter,
but about the way people drive on them. I think sometimes we take for granted the quality of the roads and
the way our crew maintains them in the winter. People
routinely drive too fast on them. As good as they are,
we still have plenty of blind spots from hills and hairpins. The speed limit is 20 mph for a reason. I log a lot
of miles on the lake roads and if I had a dollar for every
time an oncoming car came across the center line in the
back of Union, Shawnee or Quantrill’s Cove, I would
have enough dollars to be logging more miles on the
water. I have heard more than once from some of the
“old timers” that they wish the roads were as they were
25 years ago. Going back to dirt and gravel to get folks
to slow down is not a solution to the problem. With
respect to Tommy Lasorda, maybe driving is like baseball; it’s the one who gets home safely that wins.
Speaking of driving safely, our crew will inevitably
be on the roads plowing and spreading salt and sand in
the coming weeks. Please watch out for them and give
them the right of way whenever possible. Pushing snow
does require hugging the center line and in order to do
it effectively, a certain degree of momentum is required.
Dues statements have been mailed and should be in
your mailboxes by now. The statements are marked due
on January 1st, but you have until February 28th to pay
without interest being charged. Any dues not paid by
February 28th will accrue interest charges back to
January 1st at the annual rate of 9%. If you’ve been
paying for trash service or have indicated that you want
trash service prior to our billing, it will be already be
added as a line item on your statement. Some have been
adding money to their check without looking to see if
the trash has been included. If you’re not sure you’re
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Lake Lotawana Association, Inc.
Association Office Hours
Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri:
Sun, Mon
Phone: 578-4272
9 am - 4:30 pm
8 am - 12 noon
Board of Directors Meeting
January 13, 2015
7:30 p.m.
Lake Lotawana Community United Methodist
Church - Gate 1
Lake Improvement Board
January 22, 2015
Lake Lotawana City Hall
Mason School Carnival
Friday, Jan 30th
5:30 pm - 7:30 pm
Dress as
your fav
Purple Sunrise at Lake Lotawana
Mayor’s Column
The beginning of a new year is
the time when we all think about
what is in the offing for the next
twelve months. Cities are no
exception to that exercise. For
the City of Lake Lotawana, the
new year will see a multitude of
changes and challenges.
A major change will occur after the election on April
7th with new people for the City’s elected representatives. There will be a new mayor, two new aldermen
and possibly a third. The deadline for registering at City
Hall for the four open offices is January 20th at 4:30pm.
There will be a new City Administrator. The City’s
most recent administrator resigned this past November
and the selection committee has narrowed down more
than 70 applicants to two finalists. The decision to
select the new City Administrator will be finalized by
the time this issue of the Lotawana News is published.
The daily activities in City Hall focus on the priority
list the Board of Aldermen adopted for 2015. Heading
the list, as it did last year and will in future years, is the
repair to the sewer lines that run around the lake. Last
year the Public Works Department spent its second consecutive summer supervising the company hired to do
the repairs. The work initially continued the job along
the north side of the lake, but also addressed major leaks
identified by the flow meter studies at each of the 23 lift
stations. The budget for this coming summer’s repairs
is $122,500.
Land use questions have become a new priority. Lot
splits and joining lots need approval by the Planning &
Zoning Commission as do zoning changes and annexations. The City currently has requests submitted for
approval that covers all of these issues especially south
of the lake near Route 7 and 50 Highway and south of
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City of Lake Lotawana
Tuesday, January 6, 2015
Lake Lotawana Phone Numbers
Water Patrol: Ron DesCombes
Lotawana Fire (non emergency)
Prairie Township Fire (non emergency)
Water District # 15
Lotawana News
Next issue: January 28, 2015
Deadline: January 19, 2015
City Minutes
Police Report
pages 9, 12, 13
page 13
City of Lake Lotawana
Visit us on Facebook – City of Lake Lotawana
City Hall Office Hours
Hours: Mon - Fri 8 am-4:30 pm
Emergency - 911
Police (non emergency)
Animal Control
Board of Aldermen Meeting
January 20, 2015 7:00 p.m.
PO Box 6613, Lee’s Summit, MO 64064
Lake Lotawana City Hall
Phone: 578-5834
email: [email protected]
Board of Adjustment
January 27, 2015
Lake Lotawana City Hall
Lotawana News Page 2
January 14, 2015
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(includes state sales tax)
Vol. 41, No. 15, January 14, 2015
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Barb Cooley, Publisher
PHONE: 578-5834
e-mail: [email protected]
Postmaster send address corrections to:
P.O. Box 6613, Lee’s Summit, MO 64064-6613
Periodical Postage Paid at Lee’s Summit, MO
$1 OFF Any 12” Pizza
$2 OFF Any 16” Pizza
Delivery Hours: All deliveries start at 4 pm
Mon thru Sat
Open at 4 pm
Open at Noon
HAPPY HOUR Mon.- Fri. 4 - 6 pm
Lake Lotawana
7 Hwy North of Colbern
Security Cameras!
Coded Access!
Pay Online!
Bring Me In For 1 Free Month’s Rent!
Indoor and Outdoor Storage Available
Boats, RV’s and Trailers Welcome
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(816) 224-1166
8408 S. HWY 7
Blue Springs, MO 64014
Lake Lotawana Community
United Methodist Church
28901 E. Colbern Rd.
8 and 10:00 am Worship Service
9:00 am
Sunday School
Rev. Mike Costanzo, Pastor
Association News
Mayor’s Column
(continued from page 1)
(continued from page 1)
paying for trash service, look on the statement. Trash
service is optional and IS NOT included in your regular
maintenance assessments. Envirostar has told us that
they will not be picking up trash for those homeowners
unless they are paying the Association for it (whether
you have a special EWS container or not). If you have
any questions, we’re happy to answer them here at the
Submitted by: Jan T. Olson - Executive Director
If you need to reach me for anything, please email me
at [email protected] or call the office at 578-4272.
Rt 50. The City currently employs a Planning and
Zoning consultant, but there is an increasing need for a
fulltime Planning & Zoning Administrator. Another
possible change in 2015.
Ongoing activities, of course, include the ever challenging public safety issues. Under Police Chief Brent
Miller, the City’s Police Department is as professionally supervised and staffed as we have every reason to
expect. However, the encroaching threats and challenges from our neighboring larger cities have meant
the Department cannot operate as it has in the past in an
isolated environment.
Additional changes will include these ongoing projects: a major update to the City Code with an online
component; continued work on the Public Works
garage; roads maintenance; City Hall repairs; economic
development; and environmental concerns. Despite the
challenges and changes to our City, there is every reason to expect the City of Lake Lotawana will continue
to be a unique place to live in 2015.
Dave Welsh, Mayor
City of Lake Lotawana
[email protected]
Lake Lotawana Association
Rena Allin
Michelle Anderson
Don Leven
Chuck Kitley
Dick Stuart
Brush & Yard Waste Drop Off
Michelle Anderson
Brad Barnhart
Dwane Ficcadenti
Dave Higdon
Nancy Myers
Peggy Rudder
Dave Williams
Mike Morlan
Jeff Moore
Lotawana Fire Protection District
101 Lotawana Drive, Lake Lotawana, MO 64086
Phone: (816) 578-4211
Fax: (816) 578-5815
[email protected]
Fire Chief Bill Large
Notice of Candidate Filing for Election
This will notify the general public that the Lotawana
Fire Protection District, a political subdivision in
Jackson County, Missouri, will hold an election on
April 07, 2015 for the Board of Directors’ position.
The opening filing date shall be at 8:00 A.M. on
Tuesday, December 16, 2014 and shall close at 5:00
P.M. on January 20, 2015.
Any candidate may file during that time at Lotawana
Fire Protection District’s Station 1, located at 101
Lotawana Drive, Lake Lotawana, MO.
To be qualified to serve as a Board of Director, you
must be a voter of the district at least two years prior to
the election, be over the age of twenty-five, pay a fifty
($50.00) dollar filing fee and sign the Financial
Interest Statement under oath that such person possesses the required qualifications.
Please contact Fire Chief Bill Large at the above listed number with any questions!
Legal Notice
NOTICE is hereby given that an election will be
held in the City of Lake Lotawana, Jackson County,
Missouri, on Tuesday, April 7, 2015, for the purpose of
electing the following: Mayor; City Collector;
Aldermen for wards 1, 2, and 3. Filing forms must be
filled out during normal business hours (8:00 am to
4:30 pm Monday through Friday), starting at 8:00 am,
TUESDAY, DECEMBER 16, 2014, and ending at
4:30 pm, TUESDAY JANUARY 20, 2015, in the
office of the City Clerk, 100 Lake Lotawana Drive,
Lake Lotawana, Missouri, 64086. Candidates filing
must bring proof of citizenship, registered voter
identification card, and paid tax receipt for both real
estate and personal property taxes.
Candidates having filed and desiring to withdraw
such candidacy shall appear in person before the City
Clerk on or before 4:30 pm, January 21, 2015, and
execute and deliver to the City Clerk a proper withdrawal of such candidacy.
City of Lake Lotawana
Rhonda Littrell
City Clerk
Used MOTOR oil is collected at the Association Office
at 10417 E. Thompson Road. The used oil provides the
fuel to heat the shop portion of the building. Please
leave motor oil in containers outside the garage door.
Boat trailer storage is available at the Avise property,
across the dam. Decals are available at the Association
office. The cost per year for each trailer is $35.00.
Permits are to be renewed each year, the same as watercraft. When calling, be prepared to give either a boat or
trailer registration number.
Lotawana News Page 3
January 14, 2015
Januaryy 24 • 11am-2pm
Dress up as yourr
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Dress up as your
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Sewer & Drain Cleaning
(816) 347-2610 or (913) 321-6237
Sump Pumps
Water & Gas Piping
Fax: (816) 347-2612
Water Heaters
[email protected]
On the 27th of January, the Lake Lotawana
Community Club will have its first luncheon of 2015.
For those new to the club, we ask you to arrive at 11
AM to check in and bring $8.00 for a delicious lunch
served right to your table. We have a short general
meeting after everyone is seated, followed by lunch
and a program. Come get to know our members and
join in the fun. In addition to our monthly luncheons,
we offer bridge, yoga and special activities each
month. They range from fundraising dinners to community service projects; all are designed to get to
know one another better and to help and improve our
Our annual dues are $30. We have a wide range of
ages and anyone can join and participate as they like.
Members are asked to email Cathy Chapman at
[email protected] to make standing reservations,
reserve your luncheon spot monthly, for cancellations
or for guest reservations. Since a luncheon count is
needed to have enough food and not to waste food and
money, you must do us the courtesy of canceling any
reservation that you cannot make or you will be
charged for that meal. You may also call Cathy at 816914-9071, but if you have email, please use it to save
her some time! If you are thinking of joining and want
to come to a luncheon first to see what we are about,
simply call Cathy to say you would like to join us for
lunch and bring $8.00 for your lunch. We will give
you membership information when you request it.
Most months our luncheon is the last Tuesday of the
month. All activity, event and luncheon dates will also
be published in the Lotawana News in advance.
For additional information or questions, you may
call this year’s President, Debbie Wagner at 816-2130043. We look forward to seeing old friends and making new ones this year. The club is located inside Gate
One on the left side of the road just before you reach
the dam. If you need a ride, we have ladies willing to
pick you up!
Servicing Lake Lotawana over 16 years
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• Pumps
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Vesper Book Club
10:30 – 11:30 am
January 15, 2015
Vesper Hall
Gather with other avid
readers for discussion
and readings. Bring suggestions for books to
read in the coming year.
Pre-register with Parks
and Recreation/Vesper
Hall, by phone or in person, at Vesper Hall, 400
NW Vesper Street.
Monday, Wednesday,
and Friday 8:00 a.m. to
5:00 p.m., and Tuesday
and Thursday 8:00 a.m.
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Lotawana News Page 4
January 14, 2015
Attorneys At Law
Carl Chinnery
Gayle Evans
Molly Nail
Nancy Blackwell
Andrew Felker
Estate Planning • Corporate
Real Estate • Probate
800 NE Vanderbilt Lane, Lee’s Summit, MO 64064
Mike Morlan
3rd Generation Lotawana Homeowner
Licensed & Insured
Premier KC Lawn, LLC
“We take pride in your lawn”
Cell: 816-589-7134
27 N Street, Lake Lotawana, MO 64086
Email: [email protected]
Vince Saluto Masonry
Lotawana’s Mason since 1981
From the Gate Markers to some of the Finest Homes
I personally install and repair.
Blue Springs Police Department –
Tips To Reduce Your Risk of Auto Theft
Blue Springs, MO – Due to an increase in motor vehicle thefts in our area, the Blue
Springs Police Department has some tips to make your vehicle less appealing to
Things You Can Do to Reduce Your Risk:
Always lock your vehicle.
Never leave your vehicle with the engine running and always take your keys
out of the ignition – no matter how briefly you are stepping away.
Close all the windows and your sunroof.
Avoid leaving valuables or personal information visible in your vehicle.
If you can, park in your garage to protect your vehicle.
Consider investing in extra security such as remote starts, auto alarms or
automated GIS locator systems. Thieves are reluctant to steal a vehicle if they know
it can be recovered quickly. Insurers may offer discounts for these types of systems.
Jacomo Chorale begins spring season
The Jacomo Chorale,
Eastern Jackson County's
begins its spring season
with rehearsals at Mission
Woods Community Of
Christ in Blue Springs at 7
PM on January 22nd.
The Chorale, under the
direction of Dr. Helena
Vasconcellos, presents
music in a variety of
styles from MasterWorks
to Broadway.
Chorale will present
"Look at the World" on
April 26th at Nativity of
Independence, in conjunction
MAIstersingers of the
Music/Arts Institute.
Singers interested in
joining this dynamic
choral group are invited to
contact Nancy White at
[email protected]
Additional information
about the Chorale is available on their websitehttp://jacomochorale.org.
The Jacomo Chorale is
a 503(c)(b) organization
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Lotawana News Page 5
January 14, 2015
Santa Visits Lake Lotawana!
One of Eastern Jackson County’s
Finest Steakhouse
Seafood Restaurants
Now taking reservations for
Valentine’s Day!
Seating 5:30 to 8 pm
Seating 5 to 9 pm
Seatng 5 to 8 pm
(816) 578-5511
Lake Lotawana’s Trusted Real Estate Specialist
816-401-8190 Cell
816-525-7000 Office
[email protected]
Thank you to Santa and the Lake Lotawana Fire Department for bringing Christmas joy to the Lake
Lotawana community on Sunday, December 14. Pictured with Santa are Layla Charboneau L block;
baby Zoey Flinn and her sister Dakota of W block; and in front Sydney and Addy Rodman, V block.
What’s this? Brad Rodman, V block, received
coal from Santa! Surely not!
Lotawana News Page 6
January 14, 2015
Join us January 17th
for our annual
Every building needs a foundation.
fundraiser event
For more details go to:
Character. Trust. A work ethic you can
set your watch to. These are eternal.
They’re the values of community. Pinnacle Bank
has captured these in stories of your friends and
neighbors. Watch and share them at
LAKE LOTAWANA 26500 E. Colbern Rd., 816.578.4334
Lake Lotawana
Optimist Club
Student of the Month -
November 2014
Ava Reed, Kindergarten
Ava is pictured with her teacher, Teresa Bryant, and
Optimist Club President, Stu May.
The November Optimist student of the month is Ava Reed. Ava is an eager
learner that comes in daily with a smile on her face and a bounce in her step. Her
parents, John and Kristen Reed, along with older brothers, Jack in 6th grade and
Anthony in 4th grade, have prepared her well for kindergarten at Mason
Elementary. Ava has a positive outlook and is quick to help others in need
whether it is letting them borrow supplies or giving them a kind word or much
needed hug.
Teresa Bryant, Mason Kindergarten Teacher
Lotawana News Page 7
January 14, 2015
New Contribution Limits Make 401(k) Plans Even More Attractive
If you are interested in
saving for retirement,
here’s some good news:
For 2015, the IRS has
raised the maximum contribution limits for 401(k)
plans from $17,500 to
$18,000. And if you’re 50
or older, you can put in an
extra $6,000, up from
$5,500 in 2014.
These same limits also
apply to 403(b) plans, for
employees of public
schools and nonprofit
organizations, and to
457(b) plans, for employees of state and local governments and other governmental agencies, such
as park boards and water
districts. So, in other
words, a lot of workers
have gotten a “raise” in
their ability to contribute
to tax-advantaged retirement plans.
Although you may not
think you will ever contribute the maximum
amount to your retirement plan, you may still
benefit from making
small increases each year.
Unfortunately, many people don’t do this. In fact,
approximately 30 percent
of eligible workers don’t
even participate in their
employer’s 401(k)-type
plan, according to the
Security Administration,
an agency of the U.S.
Department of Labor.
And the median savings
rate for these plans is just
six percent of eligible
income, with only 22 percent of employees contributing more than 10
percent of their pay,
according to a recent
report by Vanguard, an
investment management
Keep Your Retirement
on Solid Ground –
Even If Things at Work
Are Up in the Air.
Few things are as stressful as worrying about
work. Because it’s easy to feel like things are out
of control, it’s essential to consider any financial
decision carefully. This is especially true when it
comes to your retirement savings.
Edward Jones can help. We’ll start by getting to
know your goals. Then we’ll sort through your
current situation and work with you face to face
to develop a strategy that can help you keep
your retirement on track.
To make sense of your retirement savings
alternatives, call or visit today.
Chris Madden
Financial Advisor
2410 South 7 Highway
Blue Springs, MO 64014
Member SIPC
In any case, you do
have some pretty strong
motivations to put in as
much as you can possibly
afford. First of all, your
401(k) earnings grow on
a tax-deferred basis,
which means your money
has more growth potential than it would if it
were placed in an account
on which you paid taxes
every year. Eventually,
though, you will be taxed
on your withdrawals, but
by the time you start taking out money, presumably in retirement, you
might be in a lower tax
But you can also get a
more immediate taxrelated benefit from contributing as much as you
can to your 401(k).
Consider this hypothetical example. Suppose
that you are in the 28 percent tax bracket. For
every dollar you earn,
you must pay 28 cents in
taxes (excluding state and
other taxes), leaving you
72 cents to spend as you
choose. But if you put
that same dollar into your
401(k), which is typically
funded with pre-tax dollars, you will reduce your
taxable income by one
dollar — which means
that if you did contribute
the full $18,000, you’d
save $5,040 in federal
income taxes. Your particular tax situation will
likely be impacted by
other factors, but you’d
have that $18,000 working for you in whatever
investments you have
chosen within your
401(k) plan. If you kept
contributing the maximum each year, you will
be giving yourself more
potential for a sizable
fund for your retirement
Even if you couldn’t
afford to “max out” on
your 401(k), you should,
at the very least, contribute enough to earn
your employer’s match, if
one is offered. (A common match is 50 cents per
dollar, up to six percent
of your pay.) Your
Chris M. Madden
Financial Advisor
department can tell you
how much you need to
contribute to get the
greatest match, so if you
haven’t had that conversation yet, don’t put it off.
As we’ve seen, investing in your 401(k) is a
good retirement strategy
— you get tax benefits
and the chance to build
retirement savings. And
[email protected]
with the contribution
limit increasing, you’ve
got the chance for more
savings in the future.
This article was written
by Edward Jones for use
by your local Edward
Jones Financial Advisor.
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Lotawana News Page 8
January 14, 2015
City of Lake Lotawana
Board of Aldermen Meeting Minutes Special Meeting/Work Session November 4, 2014
Unapproved Minutes. (Lotawana News received from City Clerk on Dec. 10, 2014)
A full recording of the meeting is on the City’s website: lakelotawana.org
At 6:30 pm Mayor Welsh called the meeting to
City Clerk Rhonda Littrell called roll
Mayor David Welsh - Present
Alderwoman Rita Aholt – Present
Alderman Larry Byrne – Present
Alderman Scott Miles – Present
Alderman Chris Jackson – Absent
Alderman David Tillema – Present
Alderman Charles Falkenberg – Present
There was a quorum present.
A motion to close the meeting pursuant to
Section 610.020.1 to discuss legal matters was made by
Alderman Falkenberg and seconded by Alderman
Tillema. The motion passed with the following votes:
Aye – Aholt, Byrne, Miles, Tillema, Falkenberg; Nay –
None; Absent – Jackson. The Board went into closed
session at 6:32 pm. The open session reconvened at
7:27 pm.
Tillema brought up a concern that the vote on
the consideration and approval of the lot split of Y-53 at
the October 21, 2014 Board of Aldermen meeting being
improperly done. Tillema – “An Alderperson along
with her husband have ownership of two lots directly
adjacent to Y-53. Therefore has the potential and serious financial conflict of interest in this decision. She
did not disclose ownership and she made no effort to
recuse herself from discussing or voting on the lot split.
This lack of disclosure thereby calls into question the
validity of the motion as considered on October 21st.
According to Robert’s Rules of Order, you should not
vote on a question in which you have a direct or financial interest not common to other members. Having
adjacent lots goes above and beyond a common interest.
Robert’s Rules of Order allows for a motion previously
made to be rescinded and thereby annulled.” A motion
to rescind the motion of lot split at Y-53 considered at
the Board of Aldermen meeting October 21, 2014 was
made by Tillema and seconded by Falkenberg. If the
Board does this, the Board would have to vote on the lot
split again. Aholt – “I am the one who decides whether
or not I have a conflict.” City Attorney – “What makes
the conflict is that you have property immediately adjacent and maybe affected either adversely or positively
by the action that this Board will take. Because of that
you have a conflict of interest. It is a direct or indirect
benefit that you may be derived by the land use decision
that this Board is going to make in that lot split. That is
the conflict. We are talking about you acting in your
elected capacity in a rule making position and that is
what that conflict law is about. When you are in a rule
making position, you cannot exercise that vote when
you have a conflict of interest and the conflict interest is
a direct or indirect financial benefit or loss as related to
your rule making.” Aholt – “My objection is that is creates a buildable lot. To follow the comprehensive plan,
we allow merging of lots but we do not want the separating of lots.” City Attorney – “The other legal issue
involved here is that the process of platting is an administrative process. If someone applies to the City and follows the rules, the Board of Aldermen has little to no
discretion to deny it. You are acting administratively
when you are making decisions as it relates to plats.
This plat met the ordinance that you are compelled to
vote and approve it.” Aholt stated several times that she
did not feel that there was a conflict of interest since she
did not exercise her right to the waiver. Tillema – “I
think that we should call for the question with the idea
that Alderwoman Aholt has indicated that she feels she
does not have a conflict of interest.” The motion passed
with the following votes: Aye – Miles, Tillema,
Falkenberg, Byrne; Nay – Aholt; Absent – Jackson
The Board did not consider the lot split of Y-53
in order to verify who the current owner of the property
is and the Board would take the consideration of the Y53 lot split up at the next Board of Aldermen meeting.
Doug Hermes was asked to come before the
P&Z Commission to be interviewed to broaden his
scope because the City needs his expertise not only for
the Route 7 and 50 Highway annexation but also for
another land use situation in Foxberry requiring re-platting and dealing with the Foxberry development agreement. The original agreement was limited to the scope
of the specific annexation. What the Mayor was asking
for was a motion to broaden the scope of Doug Hermes.
Aholt – “I think that it should be done as each project
comes up to limit the amount because we are responsible for the finances. We are already over on several
issues.” A motion to amend the present agreement to
allow the Mayor to work with the gentleman who is
doing the planning for projects as needed was made by
Tillema and seconded by Byrne. The motion passed
with the following votes: Aye – Falkenberg, Byrne,
Miles, Tillema; Nay – Aholt; Absent - Jackson
A motion to approve the first reading of Bill
14-33 an Ordinance accepting final plat entitled “The
Brain Family Farm Lots 1&2 a subdivision to the City
of Lake Lotawana, Jackson County, Missouri was made
by Falkenberg and seconded by Tillema. The motion
passed with the following votes: Aye – Tillema,
Falkenberg, Byrne, Miles; Nay – Aholt; Absent –
A motion to approve the second reading of Bill 14-33
adopting Ordinance 14-13 an Ordinance accepting final
plat entitled “The Brain Family Farm Lot 1&2 a subdivision to the City of Lake Lotawana, Jackson County,
Missouri was made by Byrne and seconded Falkenberg.
The motion passed with the following votes: Aye-Tillema, Falkenberg, Byrne, Miles; Nay – Aholt; Absent
- Jackson
A motion to approve the first reading of Bill
14-31 an Ordinance amending and restating by the
Board of Aldermen of the City of Lake Lotawana,
Missouri revising Chapter 500 Building Codes and
Regulations, Section 500.095 Fees For All Types of
Permits and Applications of the City of Lake Lotawana,
Missouri was made by Falkenberg and seconded by
Miles. For the record the names of the people of the
committee who worked on the fees are: Jan Olson from
the Association, Julie Souders from the City, Carl
Calcara who was a former Board member, Doug
Carlson that was on the Board of Adjustments, two
builders Mark Frashier and Tommy Needles who
attended all of the meetings who had a lot of input. The
committee did a really good job and came up with a
really nice document. The second reading will be at the
November 18th meeting. The motion passed with the
following votes: Aye – Falkenberg, Byrne, Miles,
Tillema; Nay – Aholt; Absent - Jackson
The proposal is to stick with the Humana plan
currently in place which has the 23% increase of which
the City would pay 13% of the increase and the employ-
ees will pay 10% of the increase. The goal is to come
out of this meeting with a proposed budget ready for the
first reading at the November regular meeting and the
second reading at the December regular meeting. Aholt
– “I just want to state if we do this with healthcare and
allow 13% and have them pay 10%, I would like to see
how those figures were figured. My numbers don’t
come out the same as theirs. The other thing that I
would like to point out is there are other options. You
treat the Affordable Care Act as if you are going to get
less care or not as good care if you have private healthcare insurance. I don’t believe that that is true. I believe
that the City has at its disposal a ACA Humana PPO 20
plan that would save the City 4% and in addition to that
we could buy insurance to cover the deductible to make
it equal to the present plan. The only difference is it is
an ACA plan. Saying you can’t go back and using that
as a fear factor, I don’t think is fair.” Falkenberg – “The
reason we are holding back from going with ACA plan
is because once you go forward, you can’t go back. The
only creditability you’ll have with me is if you can show
me in writing that you can go back.” Aholt – “The
increase was 23% this year at some point there will be a
tipping point at which nobody will be able to afford it.
Cities are not doing this. Cities are going to ACA plans
to save money. Rather than a buy-up, they can buy
insurance so that the deductible is as low or lower than
it would be. Their cash payout on that plan is half of
what it is going to be if we have a private insurance.” A
motion to allow the City to spend the amount that is in
the budget for administrative and sewer fund to spend
on the healthcare plan at their discretion up to the
amount of $136,883 was made by Tillema and seconded by Byrne. The motion passed with the following
votes: Aye – Byrne, Miles, Tillema, Falkenberg; Nay –
Aholt; Absent - Jackson
10) A committee to help select a new City
Administrator is being formed. There have been quite a
few resumes already submitted. The people the Mayor
proposed to be on the committee are: Scott Miles, Jay
Lentz, John Edwards, and Dave Welsh. The Mayor
wanted the Mayor Pro-Tem Scott Miles to select one
other Alderman to be on the committee. Miles suggested Rita Aholt but she declined stating “I have one vote
and it has already been decided. When you hold a committee, I am not going to be a pawn.” Welsh asked
Byrne if he would like to serve and Byrne accepted.
11) The CID Board met at City Hall last Tuesday.
Among a lot of things that were discussed was the fact
that one of the CID Board member’s term ends in
December, Dennis Tenney. He does not want to continue to be on the Board. The information regarding the
nomination will be provided to the Board and the
approval of the person will take place at the November
18th meeting.
12) Discussion was held regarding the list of projects in progress and keeping those projects going once
the City Administrator has left.
13) A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by
Alderman Falkenberg and seconded by Alderman
Miles. The motion passed with a voice vote of Aye Unanimous: Nay – None. The meeting adjourned at
9:05 pm.
Minutes submitted by: City Clerk Rhonda Littrell
Minutes approved by: Mayor David Welsh
Lotawana News Page 9
January 14, 2015
City of Lake Lotawana
Board of Alderpersons Meeting Minutes (Unapproved) November 18, 2014
(A full recording of the meeting is on the City’s website: lakelotawana.org)
At 7:05 pm Mayor Welsh called the meeting to
Michelle St. Croix called roll
Mayor David Welsh - Present
Alderwoman Rita Aholt – Present
Alderman Larry Byrne – Present
Alderman Scott Miles – Present
Alderman Chris Jackson – Present
Alderman David Tillema – Present
Alderman Charles Falkenberg – Present
There was a quorum present.
A motion to approve the minutes for the Work
Session/Special Meeting, October 7, 2014; Special
Meeting, October 17, 2014; and Regular Meeting,
October 21, 2014 was made Falkenberg and seconded
by Miles. The motion passed with the following votes:
Aye – Aholt, Byrne, Miles, Jackson, Tillema,
Falkenberg; Nay - None
Alderman Falkenberg presented the October
2014 financial report to the Board. The General Fund
department expenditures have the following remaining
budget to spend in the last two months: Administration
7.61%; the Police Department 9.44%; Court 20.75%;
Operations 10.98%; Streets & Roads 60.97%; Planning
& Zoning we have 54.54%. If you look at the bottom
line, revenues we only have 10.69% remaining to come
in and on overall expenditures we are at 22.72 % which
is much better than 16.6%. In the dollar amount the revenues exceed expenditures by $143,052. We are projected to come out within the budget by the end of the
year. The Sewer Fund numbers are much more constant. In the revenues we have remaining 16.57% and
on expenditures we have remaining 15.84%. The net
statement is typical of the Sewer Department; we are
virtually on track. It appears that we are about $20,000
behind but it is still on track to be on budget. Welsh
added for a point of clarification that we are ahead quite
a bit on sales tax and other taxes. The one percent sales
tax it was anticipated that we would receive $148,500
and year to date we have received $186,316 so there are
some lines that are ahead and a few behind but overall
we are on track. The property tax revenue primarily
comes in during December and January. At the point we
are right now with the year to date at $229,821, we are
going to an influx in December which will help that
number considerably.
A motion to approve the General Fund disbursements for the period of October 11, 2014 thru
November 10, 2014, the amount of $101,435.79, check
numbers 39986 thru 40037 was made by Alderman
Falkenberg and seconded by Alderman Miles. The
motion passed with the following votes: Aye – Miles,
Jackson, Tillema, Falkenberg, Aholt, Byrne; Nay - None
A motion to approve the disbursements for the Sewer
Fund for the period of October 11, 2014 thru November
10, 2014, in the amount of $91,542.54, check numbers
25735 thru 25765 was made by Alderman Falkenberg
and seconded by Alderman Byrne. The motion passed
with the following votes: Aye – Miles, Jackson,
Tillema, Falkenberg, Byrne ; Nay - Aholt
Department Reports:
The Board had the City Clerk’s report and was
instructed by the Mayor if they had any question on
anything in the report to let the Mayor know or send
Rhonda an email.
The Public Works Director called in sick; however the Mayor had two points which he had wanted
Keith to talk about. Welsh gave a quick update on. Bids
were requested to put heat in the Public Works building.
Five companies were contacted, two responded with
bids, two are yet to come in with bids and one is not
going to put in a bid. Missouri Gas Energy has been
contacted to put the gas line in for the heating system.
They have said that they are six to eight weeks back
ordered. A request for bids was put out for the repair to
the clarifier at the sewer plant. The deadline for opening those bids is at 8:00 am on Friday morning.
The Police Department report was presented by
Officer Thompson. The overtime hours have gone
down a little bit but may go up a little bit due to the
work being done on the burglaries. Moving violations
have gone down a little bit due to working on the burglaries. The Police Officers have been finishing their
training for this three year reporting period. All officers
are caught up until the new reporting period starts
January 1 for 2014, 2015, and 2016. All of the Police
Officers are certified to carry and are carrying the Glock
guns. All of the old guns have been turned in. Officer
Hawkins did a safety lecture with the Lake Lotawana
Fire District at Mason Elementary School.
Public Speaks – no one addressed the Mayor
and Board of Aldermen.
Aldermen Concerns:
Aholt – I have a list of things I would like to be
put on a work session. I think that we need some policies on credit cards since we have twice as many credit
cards as employees.
Jackson – It is definitely winter season again
and once we are the pinnacle that the City has yet to deal
with the snow removal issue. We do have a large community at this City’s southern city limits that has no
snow removal at this point if the City stays on its stance
that it doesn’t provide it. Welsh stated that there needs
to be some kind of communication. The City had put
the ball back into the CID Attorney hands and he has not
Mayor Welsh commented – I am busily working on the applicants for City Administrator. The deadline for resumes is for December first. I am trying to
stay ahead of the curve with the information from the
resumes that are coming in. So far we have received 54
resumes, not counting the ones that came in this week
since Rhonda has been gone. 37 of those are people
who have no specific experience with respect to the
requirements that there were requested in the ad placed.
There are two other categories, former or current administrators of which there are nine and the education is for
administrator but no specific experience at all. We are
working towards having a meeting with the committee
right after December first.
10) Unfinished Business
A motion to approve the Second Reading of
Bill 14-31 adopting Ordinance 14-14 an ordinance
amending and restating by the Board of Aldermen of the
City of Lake Lotawana, Missouri revising Chapter 500
Building Codes and Regulations, Section 500.095 Fees
For All Types of Permits and Applications of the City of
Lake Lotawana, Missouri was made by Falkenberg and
seconded by Tillema. Jackson – “After checking all the
rates around us, I think that this is a foolish move. The
rates that we already have and what this will establish
are triple and double of every community around us.
We are not using this money for this purpose; we are
using it for a revenue source. We are not using the fees
obtained through building permit fees to enforce code
and to inspect buildings. We are using it as a revenue
source to cover general expenses. I think that it a determent to community to have such high expenses for
builders and that is why you have slow growth to no
growth.” There were two builders on the committee
who helped to develop the recommendations. Between
the two builders they probably built/remodeled 20
homes. Falkenberg – “Generally it is revenue neutral
from where we were. There was an inadvertent addition
of four percent for the major trades on our previous
$1.25 per square foot. That four percent was hard to
collect, pin down and difficult for a builder to get this
established. We eliminated the four percent. We
replaced it with an increase from $1.25 to $1.45 that
was twenty cents per square foot. We reduced significantly the rates for the remodel, the home use, replacing
driveways, roofs for which I use the term punitive.
Those definitely should not have been approved but
they were numbers that we did. I would say that all-inall we have done justice to the community by making it
easier for home owners to maintain their property. We
eliminated a very difficult and mystifying four percent
that no city in the entire metropolitan community has
done anything like that as I know. I would say that what
we have done is made this a revenue neutral and it is not
for funding others. It is for giving us enough money to
be consistent. It is a business that you don’t know what
it will be from this year to next. We still have a Codes
Administrator that we are trying to hire and any excess
money could probably be used to hire that person that
would work in that role.” The motion passed with the
following votes: Aye – Falkenberg, Byrne, Miles,
Tillema; Nay – Aholt, Jackson
11) New Business
A motion to nominate Ron Snyder to replace
Dennis Tenney on the CID Board of Directors was made
by Jackson and seconded by Falkenberg. The motion
passed with the following votes: Aye – Falkenberg,
Aholt, Byrne, Miles, Jackson, Tillema; Nay – None
A motion to approve the lot split of Y-53 was
made by Falkenberg and seconded by Byrne. The
Board had in their packet a letter that came from the former landowner and current landowner. They both are
requesting this so that it carries across from one
landowner to the next. City Attorney – “Because of the
fact that this is an administrative process, there is very
little discretion to deny it. I checked the ordinances to
make sure that there wasn’t anything that would prohibit us in essentially considering this as an amended application. Just the amendment of the name of the applicant
and no changes to the rest of the application. My opinion and the advice that I provided was that we can do an
amended application. Amended only in the sense of
who the applicant is now and go ahead and consider it
at this level without going back to the Planning
Commission. This is essentially the same application.”
Jackson – “We voted this down because it was going to
create a buildable lot. We had the belief that the concept
going around the lake was that they did not want to add
anymore buildable lots so why would we reconsider
that?” Welsh – “It is already a buildable lot. According
to the Jackson County land records, GIS it needs to be
6,000 square feet and it is over 6,000 square feet.
Without the lot split or without the results of the lot split
being added to the neighbor’s lot it is already a build(continued on page 12)
Lotawana News Page 10
January 14, 2015
Cobia Diem - or how Dave Steinke seized his day
by Kirk Boggs, Canadian Correspondent
Dec 30, 2014
Near Com. Tower T - Gulf of Mexico
Dave Steinke wanted only one present from his friends
for his 59th birthday - a fishing adventure to Com. Tower T.
The weather gods co-operated and he got his wish.
Com. Tower T is one of approximately eight U.S. government communication towers situated at varying distances from shore in the Gulf of Mexico. It is located 72
miles offshore of Marathon, Florida, in 65 feet of beautiful
blue water. The tower, which rises several hundred feet
directly out of the water, is hard to get to but a magnet for a
variety of excellent game fish including large cobia,
grouper and permit.
The morning of December 30th, Dave's birthday, dawned
sunny with virtually no wind. Seizing the day, Dave and his
friends, Chuck Falkenberg, Dean Martin and Kirk Boggs,
set off early with a full tank of gas, lots of bait and four
SNICKERS bars. After over 1.5 hours of glass water running in their boat, the tower suddenly appeared before them
with only one other boat to compete with for the attention
of the fish.
While Kirk busied himself strategically anchoring the
boat, Chuck got the chum bag ready and Dean started looking for fish. Almost immediately, six large cobia popped to
the surface less than 40 ft. behind the boat. Dave, who had
been taking a picture of the tower, grabbed his rod, secured
a pinfish on the hook and made a perfect cast. The lead fish
struck his bait hard and immediately took off for the bottom
of the tower. Game on!
Twenty minutes later, Kirk boated Dave's 35 lb. fish and
birthday congratulations were had all around.
About 30 minutes after that, Kirk hooked his own virtually identical fish with Dave returning the favour of gaffing
it into the boat.
Later that day, Kirk caught a 40 lb. fish. Not to be outdone, shortly thereafter Dave caught that fish's twin, limiting out the boat and making it time to run home.
In the meantime, Chuck and Dean had fought numerous
fish as large or larger than those that had been boated only
to have them bitten off by other fish or cut off on bottom
coral. Dean fought one particularly large fish for over 30
minutes before finally having it sheared off near the boat by
a hungry barracuda. Chuck subsequently evened the score
a bit by getting a 4.5 ft. barracuda to the side of the boat for
a strong talking to before releasing it.
Dave's birthday wish fulfilled, the group hurried home,
arriving shortly before sunset, leaving just enough time to
refill their gas and celebrate Dave's successful adventure
with a SNICKERS bar and a cold beer.
Early reports suggest Dave is already picking out another tower for a visit on his 60th birthday.
Eat in, Take out, or Drive Thru
3111 South Highway 7
Blue Springs, MO
Com. Tower T is one of approximately eight U.S.
government communication towers situated at
varying distances from shore in the Gulf of Mexico.
It is located 72 miles offshore off Marathon, Florida,
in 65 feet of beautiful blue water. The tower, which
rises several hundred feet directly out of the water,
is a magnet for a variety of excellent game fish
including large cobia, grouper and permit.
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Lotawana News Page 11
January 14, 2015
Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc.
We shape financial solutions for a lifetime®
by Paula Koch
There’s no better time
than the beginning of a
new year to visit one’s
financial situation and
investments. L-block resident
Financial Advisor for
enjoys working with Lake
residents to help them fulfill their desires and meet
their goals. For Steve, it is
all about building relationships.
“I most enjoy the relationships I build over time
and seeing someone come
in nervous and unsure and
through the process so
that they can be confident
that their retirement needs
will be met. I have clients
who I have been with for
ten years. They are my
biggest supporters. It fills
my bucket when they tell
me the positive things
from working with me or
when I receive a compliment through someone
else, ” says Steve,
While confidentiality
requirements prevent personal stories from being
told, many Lotawana residents depend on Steve
and Ameriprise to help
create a confident retirement.
Ameriprise, a 115-yearold
America’s leader in financial planning, embraces
an operating philosophy
based on personal, ongoing relationships with
clients. Time is taken to
understand each individual’s complete financial
picture including cash and
investments, and taxes.
Since 2003, Steve has
helped clients. He holds a
Business Administration
and Finance; is a
Planning Counselor; and
is certified in Series 7,
Series 66, life and health
insurance. Series 7 has to
do with purchasing and
selling stocks, bonds, and
mutual funds. Series 66
licensure is to provide
financial advice for hire
for a fee.
Retirement program is
interactive and answers
questions essential to
ensuring retirement with
dignity and confidence. It
begins with a conversation on covering essential
expenses and moves to
discussions on ensuring
lifestyle, preparing for the
unexpected, and-- if
appropriate-- leaving a
legacy. This approach
ranks high in the minds of
Ameriprise clients with
93% of clients who have
Retirement approach feeling they have more confidence about retirement.
On the financial planning side, a flat fee is
most common. “I look at
the complexity of a
client’s situation and
determine the fee based
on an hourly rate. With
products such as mutual
funds, stocks, and bonds
the commission is built in.
A lot of times, it is a feebased account so there is
not a percentage for each
transaction. Most people
like that approach.”
Steve started his career
in Kansas which is where
be originally built his
client base. “Once we
moved to Lotawana, it
made more sense to work
with the community. I am
very involved with the
Association. We love it
here. I can serve clients
directly at their home, sitting on the dock, or in
their boat.” Currently half
his client base is
Lotawana and half is
Calmly dealing with
market volatility and
helping clients see the
“big picture” is one of
“Whether the market is up
or down, people begin to
think ‘Am I in the right
area?’ We have to back up
and see the big picture. A
portfolio should be structured for cash needed for
three to five years so it is
not risked in the market.
From there you can look
at equities, stock investments. It all depends on
the time frame for your
investment. If saving for
children’s education, we
plan for that. If for retire-
Steve Strader and his wife, Krista, and their children, Mason and Mazy.
Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. offers financial advisory services,
investments, insurance and annuity products. Steve Strader, Financial
Advisor for Ameriprise Financial, enjoys working with clients to help them
fulfill their desires and meet their goals.
ment, we look at what
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is appropriate. We look at
how a client handles risk
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How confident do you feel about your retirement?
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skiing, fishing, and boatadviser. Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc., Member FINRA and
ing on the sparkling
SIPC. © 2014 Ameriprise
Financial, Inc., All rights reserved.
Lotawana News Page 12
January 14, 2015
City of Lake Lotawana
Board of Aldermen Meeting Minutes (Unapproved) November 18, 2014
(continued from page 9) A full recording of the meeting is on the City’s website: lakelotawana.org
able lot.” Aholt – “Do you have a picture of that lot that
it is 6,000 square feet?” Welsh – “I got it off of the
Jackson County GIS and it says.” Aholt – “In the draft
of the P&Z minutes, Tony said that he didn’t have 6,000
square feet and that is what he needed to be lake residential. That is a quote from him, the owner of 52 Y.
Do you want to see it, it is right here?” Welsh – “All I
know is that I went and looked at the lot next door to 52
Y and they said that it was over 6,000 square feet.”
Aholt – “It wasn’t divulged that it wasn’t 6,000 square
feet. What Jill said was, I believe a misrepresentation of
the lot but she said ‘it is a similar request’ which it isn’t.
The previous request was a buildable lot that was split
in half and absorbed by both of the neighbors. That is
what happened. This is not a similar case. This is a case
where one lot is not buildable and the other one is buildable once he buys it and merges the two. My objection
is the Comprehensive Plan calls for us not to create
buildable lots as quoted by Dave Cooley when he
thought that he wasn’t creating a buildable lot in the
draft of the minutes. He said and he was under the
impression that he wasn’t creating a buildable lot ‘I just
feel that anytime you approve something like this, it is
a two step process. The first step is contingent on the
second step. I want to create more lots.’ That was my
argument at the meeting before last that you are creating
a lot. You are taking two unbuildable lots and putting
them together to make a buildable lot. I also said that I
didn’t care if Tony builds a garage there if that was his
intent.” Welsh – “The facts show that the lot that is next
door to 53 is actually buildable because it is over 6,000
square feet.” Jackson – “It does come up as 6,900.”
Aholt – “Say it again which one you are talking about.”
Welsh – “The lot that Tony Seibert owns.” Aholt - “It
has my garage on it.” Welsh – “Right the one he owns.”
Aholt – “Which has my garage on it and which cuts
down on the 6,000 square feet.” Welsh – “That is a
problem between you guys.” Aholt – “No, it is a problem with the size of the lot. If you already have something on the lot that takes up part of the 6,000 square
feet, you don’t have the 6,000 square feet unless you
tear down my garage.” Welsh – “Your garage, I believe
sits across the property line, doesn’t it?” Aholt – “Yes.”
Welsh – “It bisects the property line?” Aholt – “Yes.”
Welsh – “So half of the garage is his and half of it is
yours?” Aholt – “Three fourths of the garage is mine.”
Welsh – “Whatever part of the garage that sits on the
line and goes into his property, he can tear it down.”
Aholt – “If he repairs my side of the garage.” Welsh –
“My point is that is between you guys as joint landowners.” Aholt – “He has been told that he can do that.”
Welsh – “My point it that the lot itself is over 6,000
square feet so if he tears down whatever the size of the
garage is and then builds on that lot, it has nothing to do
with this lot split because his lot is already big enough
to be a buildable lot.” Aholt – “It isn’t big enough to be
a buildable lot if something is already on it.” Welsh –
“If he tears it down.” Aholt – “Well he has to have my
permission to tear it down because I own the lot.”
Welsh – “That doesn’t have anything to do with us. We
can split this Y-53 and then what happens after that is
between the landowners. We are just being asked to
split a lot.” Aholt – “Actually you are being asked to do
something different than what the waiver dictates. The
waiver would dictate that he would buy all of 53 and
then add an unbuildable lot to it if it is a buildable lot.”
Welsh – “The thing that gets me confused on this is
what the City can do in terms of what the City is being
asked versus what the rules are that roll into this that
come from the Lake Association which the City is not
part of. Therefore, the City is simply being asked by the
owner of Y-53 to split it. That is what is on the table.
There are a lot of other issues that come after that takes
place.” Aholt – “With that split you are not following
the directive of the Comprehensive Plan. We don’t need
a Comprehensive Plan. We don’t need rules. We don’t
need a Planning and Zoning Coordinator. We don’t
need to out all of this money for a review of the
Comprehensive Plan because we are going to do what
exactly we please.” Miles – “What is the administrative
task we are being asked to do? I am looking at the data
right here and everything that they have said is true.
There is a garage which three-quarters and one-quarter,
6,900 is the square footage for the lot, what am I being
asked to vote on? It is an administrative task.” City
Attorney – “It is a lot split”. Mile – “Where am I looking to split the lot 52 to 53?” Aholt – “You are splitting
53 in half, well not in half.” Welsh – “We are being
asked to split 53 which is not the lot that is owned by
either Rita or Tony.” Miles – “That is a big lot. I see
that one. Are we are being asked to take half of 52 and
add it to 53?” City Attorney – “You are being asked just
to split an existing lot. I did not review the engineering
piece of this so I can’t tell you but the resulting two lots
should be compliant with our code. That is why you
had a favorable recommendation from the Planning
Commission to approve this because the action resulting
in two conforming lots under the same code. What people do with those lots after you take this action will
depend on what application they bring. If there are
some private contract issues that arise under the Lake
Association regulation, which is a separate issue.”
Miles – “I agree with that. All that we are being asked
at this point is to split lot 53.” Aholt – “You are asking
to split a buildable lot and allow two unbuildable lots to
create a buildable lot.” Welsh – “That is not entirely
correct.” Aholt – “Yes, it is.” Jackson – “Theoretically
at the 6,900 meets the buildable lot dimensions but we
are going to clearly make it buildable lot probably in the
future when they ask to merge those two.” Welsh – “It
already is a buildable lot.” Aholt – “Neither one of them
is a buildable lot.” Welsh – “The portion that he wants
to add from Y-53 that piece that he would get if this
would take place, and then you are saying it is not a
buildable lot because of the half garage that is on there?
Is that correct?” Aholt – “Yes.” City Attorney – “We
don’t care if it is a buildable lot. All we care about is
that it is a lot that has the square footage that is required
by your ordinances to have two lots meeting our ordinances. That is all that we care about as far as what this
action results in.” Aholt – “You don’t care that there is
an existing garage on a buildable lot and you are going
to count the room that that garage takes up as non-existent. It’s not a buildable lot if something is already on
it.” City Attorney – “When calculating the square
footage of a lot, you don’t take out the foot print of say
a house. I don’t know what the ordinance says but say
you require 8,400 square foot lot a single dwelling residence, you don’t take the footprint of the residence that
is on that lot and subtract it out of the 8,400 square feet.
It is 8,400 square feet in a land area. It is actual land
area which is a lot and that is what we are defining as a
lot not a buildable lot, it is a lot.” Miles – “Even if we
did subtract it out, I am not sure that your garage plus a
five foot setback is enough square footage to get it
below the 6,000 square foot mark. Even if we did your
math versus the math she is saying we really do, I still
don’t think that there is enough square footage there to
get it under the 6,000 square foot threshold.” Welsh –
“Assuming that this gets approved, then the owner of
the property has to come to the City and get permission
to do the various things like adding on, consolidating.”
Aholt – “Tony be honest are you going to use it for parking or are you going to build a garage on it?” Tillema –
“May I ask another legal question? There is a statute in
our code, something about conflict of interest. You
recuse yourself on something that has to do with conflict of interest. It seems to me if you are worried about
your garage on your lot next to it, there is a definite conflict.” Aholt – “That does not keep me from arguing,
that keeps me from voting. Especially when the P&Z
was misled and they thought that Tony’s lot at Y-52 was
a buildable which it is not. Otherwise he would have
already built a garage on it. He had people come out
and look at.” Tony – “Y-52 is already a buildable lot
and there is a garage already on the thing.” Welsh –
“Jackson County says that it is over 6,000 square feet.”
Aholt – “My garage.” Miles – “That is not our discussion. Whose garage is on it isn’t our discussion, our
discussion is it a buildable lot. When 53 is split what
square footage are we going to have between those two
lots?” Falkenberg – “I don’t think it matters. If you
split the lot and you then have two lots that weren’t
buildable, then you can’t build on it. Somebody has
made the decision that they want to split the lot so that
is all we are deciding on, can we spilt the lots. That is
what the motion is, to approve splitting that lot. What
happens after that, you have to make however it is
joined, let’s say that it becomes two unbuildable lots,
nothing can be built until they are joined officially and
legally within the City and County into a buildable lot.”
Aholt – “That is why the first step is so important,
Chuck because that leads you to the second step.”
Falkenberg – “Y-52 doesn’t count. We are talking
specifically about Y-53, splitting at some line that someone has determined and we say yes, split the lot.” Welsh
– “I want to have a vote on this issue first and then if
there is going to a discussion about conflict okay. The
thing that is on the table right now is the question of
whether or not to split this Y-53.” Tillema – “My question is should an individual be voting if they have a conflict of interest.” Welsh – “I think that I heard her say
that she is not going to vote. She said that she is not
going to vote.” Tillema – “I am sorry, I did not hear
that. That is my fault.” Miles – “I am still trying to get
my arms around all of this. When all is said and done,
after tonight we will have two unbuildable lots and a
buildable lot at the end of tonight. If I am reading this
correctly that is what we will end up with at the end of
this vote tonight. One buildable lot and two unbuildable
lots.” Welsh – “People on both sides of this lot split are
going to consolidate those into their lots.” Miles – “For
step two when they come back, ask to basically have
this lot line moved and the consolidation done, we will
still have two buildable lots by county definition.”
Welsh – “If you split Y-53 and join up one-half of it to
Y-52, you are creating a bigger buildable lot on both
sides. Are we ready to have a vote?” Several Aldermen
responded yes. Welsh – “Please call the role”. The
motion passed with the following votes: Aye –
(continued on page 13)
Lotawana News Page 13
January 14, 2015
City of Lake Lotawana
Board of Aldermen Meeting Minutes (Unapproved) November 18, 2014
James Horace Mundy
(continued from page 12) A full recording of the meeting is on the City’s website: lakelotawana.org
Falkenberg, Byrne, Miles, Jackson, Tillema; Nay –
None; Abstain - Aholt
A motion to approve the First Reading of Bill
14-24 an Ordinance establishing the 2015 budget for all
departmental expenditures and anticipated revenue for
the City of Lake Lotawana, Missouri was made by
Falkenberg and seconded by Miles. Aholt expressed
concern that a truck to plow snow should take priority
over other things on the budget. Welsh – “Keith is set
for this winter with the current two trucks that he has.
What we are anticipating is that in 2016, one of those
trucks is going to have to be replaced. Vehicles for both
Public Works and the Police Department, we expect to
make those purchases near the end of the year when we
have a sense of how the revenues are coming in. What
is in here is not something to be acted upon in January.
This is something that we act upon in September or
October when we have a better sense of how the year is
going.” The motion passed with the following votes:
Aye – Falkenberg, Byrne, Miles, Jackson, Tillema; Nay
- Aholt
12) A motion to close the meeting pursuant to
Section 610.021.1, 610.21.3 and 610.21.13 RSMo to
discuss legal and personnel matters was made by
Falkenberg and seconded by Miles. The motion passed
with the following votes: Aye – Aholt, Byrne, Miles,
Jackson, Tillema, Falkenberg; Nay - None. The Board
went into closed session at 8:20 pm. The regular meeting reconvened at 8:50 pm.
13) A motion to approve the First Reading of Bill
14-35 an Ordinance approving a general release of
claims and settlement agreement by and among the City
of Lake Lotawana, Missouri and Village by the Lake
LLC, Karen Day Fineout (individually and on behalf of
any and all companies in which she has/had any interest) and Aaron Day (individually and on behalf of any
Judy Chorice
Judy Chorice, age 63, of Blue Springs, MO passed
away December 12, 2014, at home. Judy was born on
November 2, 1951, in Hays, KS. She was a devoted and
loving wife, mother, sister, Mimi and friend.
She leaves to cherish her memory: husband, Bill
Chorice; children, Shelly Harmon (Charlie), Rancho
Santa Margarita, CA, Candy Chorice (Eamon), Lee’s
Summit, MO, and Rick Brungardt (Brigette), Lee’s
Summit, MO; Grandchildren, Shane Brungardt (22),
Chaz Harmon (21), Kaylee Harmon (20), and Hayden
Behrens (5); Siblings, Dave Basgall, Plainville, KS,
Cliff Basgall, Russell, KS, Gladys Leiker, Topeka, KS
and Sheila Gaschler, Ellis, KS; and a host of nieces,
nephews, cousins, relatives and friends.
Parents, Maurice and Eleanor Basgall, and sister,
Mary Louise, preceded her in death.
Memorial was held Sunday, December 21, 2014, at
Lake Lotawana Community United Methodist Church,
28901 NE Colbern Road, Lake Lotawana, MO. The visitation was at 3:00 and the service began at 4:00.
The family requests in lieu of flowers that memorial
contributions be made to Lake Lotawana Community
United Methodist Church, Kansas University Cancer
Center, or St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.
and all companies in which he has/had any interest) and
authorizing execution of same by the Mayor was made
by Falkenberg and seconded by Byrne. City Attorney –
“The vote you took in closed session was that conceptually agreed with the terms that were there. This is the
formal vote that actually approves the agreement and
authorizes the execution. The authorization of the execution is really the critical piece of what this ordinance
does. It gives the Mayor the authority to sign it and that
the majority wills to have that happen.” The motion
passed with the following votes: Aye – Tillema,
Falkenberg, Byrne, Nay – Miles, Jackson, Aholt; The
Mayor broke the tie by voting aye
A motion to approve the Second Reading of Bill 1435 adopting Ordinance 14-15 an Ordinance approving a
general release of claims and settlement agreement by
and among the City of Lake Lotawana, Missouri and
Village by the Lake LLC, Karen Day Fineout (individually and on behalf of any and all companies in which
she has/had any interest) and Aaron Day (individually
and on behalf of any and all companies in which he
has/had any interest) and authorizing execution of same
by the Mayor was made by Falkenberg and seconded by
Tillema. The motion passed with the following votes:
Aye – Tillema, Falkenberg, Byrne; Nay – Miles,
Jackson, Aholt; The Mayor broke the tie by voting aye
14) A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by
Alderman Miles and seconded by Alderman
Falkenberg. The meeting adjourned at 8:58 pm.
Minutes submitted by: City Clerk Rhonda Littrell
Minutes approved by: Mayor David Welsh
James Horace Mundy, 93, a long time resident of
Mexico, MO, passed away on Wednesday, December
10, 2014, at Lenoir Woods Health care in Columbia,
Mr. Mundy was born on July 17, 1921, the son of
Fred T. and Tennessee B. Mundy, in Mexico. He graduated from the one room country school, Maple Grove,
where his father and children also attended. He then
attended Mexico High School and graduated in 1939.
He served in the U. S. Army Air Corp during World
War II as an airplane mechanic in the Pacific Theater.
On April 13, 1946, he was married to Lena Chrisman,
who preceded him in death after 59 years of marriage.
Mr. Mundy was a postal carrier in Mexico and then finished his career as a rural carrier in Thompson, MO,
covering 75 miles every day on his mail route.
He was a member of the First Christian Church of
Mexico, VFW, American Legion, and the National
Rural Letter Carriers Association. He also served on the
Board of the Mexico Public Library.
He was preceded in death by his parents, wife, brother, Fred Mundy, Jr., sister, Kathleen Alvord, and daughter-in-law, Wendy Mundy. He is survived by his three
children: Ginger (Doug) Graham, Lake Lotawana, MO;
Duicie Tyann Hinshaw (Peter), Columbia, MO; and Joe
Munday, Sparks NV. He leaves five granddaughters:
Courtney Graham, Kansas City, MO; Margo Hinshaw,
Los Angeles, CA; Paige Hinshaw, Kansas City, MO;
Morgan Mundy, Reno, NV; and Christine Mundy, Reno,
Services for Mr. Mundy were on Saturday, December
13, 2014, at Arnold Funeral Home. Burial followed at
East Lawn Cemetery. For the wonderful care he
received at Lenoir Woods, donations would be appreciated to Christ Care Funds, 3710 Lenoir St., Columbia
MO 65201. Other remembrances can be sent to the Lake
Lotawana Rose Garden in care of Jackie Gammill at 18
L St, Lake Lotawana, MO 64086.
Lake Lotawana Police Department Report December 1 - 31, 2014
Report Date
12/1/2014 15:18
12/1/2014 21:33
12/2/2014 16:24
12/3/2014 10:45
12/7/2014 0:33
12/8/2014 11:56
12/10/2014 12:36
12/12/2014 14:16
12/12/2014 14:19
12/13/2014 3:50
12/14/2014 12:28
Offense Description
Nbnd 7 Hwy / S Of Gate 6
Nbnd 7Hwy / South Of Gate 6
Lake Lotawana DR
Langsford Rd West of 7 Hwy
G / J Block
Gate 4 / Nbnd 7Hwy
7Hwy / Foxberry
E Colbern RD
Old Lone Jack Lee's Summit RD
7 Hwy / Wb 50 Hwy
Lake Lotawana DR
Lotawana News Page 14
January 14, 2015
The past year in conservation news
2014 had gains in some wildlife populations, important milestones and anniversaries, continued
restoration efforts, and numerous opportunities for citizen input.
By Jim Low, Missouri Department of Conservation
JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Nature lovers found much
to celebrate in 2014 and continued to expand the frontiers of conservation in the Show-Me State. Here is (an
excerpt from: ****indicates text omitted) a brief summary of the year’s top outdoor news stories.
The second-largest archery deer harvest in Missouri
history (50,507) pushed the final tally for the 2013-2014
hunting season to 252,574.
Hunters donated 227,358 pounds of venison to needy
Missourians during the 2013-2014 hunting season. That
is enough for more than 600,000 meals. Get more information on Share the Harvest at mdc.mo.gov/node/2544.
MDC researchers started a five-year study in northeast
Missouri to better manage our valuable wild turkey population. Staff captured 260 turkeys in Putnam, Schuyler,
Monroe, and Marion counties to radio track the birds
throughout the year to determine survival rates and nesting success.
The National Wild Turkey Federation named
Conservation Agent Jeff Berti its 2013 National Law
Enforcement Officer of the Year. Berti, who has served
19 years in Grundy County, also won the NWTF's
Missouri State Law Enforcement Officer of the Year
Award. In 2013, he documented 248 resource violations,
made more than 112 arrests, and 31 assisted arrests. His
efforts resulted in the detection of 42 violations and 30
arrests for illegally killing wild turkeys in a single fivemonth period.
Working with the U.S. Department of Agriculture,
conservation groups, agriculture organizations and
landowners, the Department continued to lead the battle
against feral hogs. Last year more than 1,400 feral hogs
were removed from Missouri’s landscape.
The four trout parks were stocked with more than
30,000 keeper-size trout for opening day. A late snow
storm kept some anglers away, but those that came
enjoyed an excellent opening weekend.
Paddlefish snaggers found a bumper crop of big
“spoonbills” in the Osage River, Lake of the Ozarks,
Truman Lake, and Lake Taneycomo thanks to a record
stocking of more than a quarter of a million paddlefish
from MDC’s Blind Pony Hatchery in 2008 and an additional 145,000 stocked in 2007. These two strong year
classes will continue to provide superb fishing over the
next few years.
Missouri hosted the first ever white-tailed deer summit meeting March 3-6 at Big Cedar Lodge near
Branson. The meeting brought more than 200 hunters,
landowners, wildlife managers, and hunting-industry
representatives from the U.S. and Canada. Deer hunters
from 20 states, representatives of state and provincial
wildlife agencies, citizen conservation groups, universities, and deer-research institutes heard reports from
some of North America’s top deer experts. Afterwards,
MDC staff facilitated the process of identifying the most
pressing issues facing those who love white-tailed deer.
MDC received calls from all over the state about fish
kills in large and small lakes and ponds. After looking
into the reports, biologists concluded that the widespread problem was the result of an unusually cold winter.
Missouri Stream Team celebrated 25 years of a citizen
movement that now has more than 85,000 volunteers
working to protect and improve Missouri streams.
Sponsored by MDC, the Missouri Department of
Natural Resources, and the Conservation Federation of
Missouri, the program focuses on education, stewardship, and advocacy for Missouri stream resources.
The sixth annual Missouri National Archery in the
Schools Program tournament at Tan-Tar-A Resort March
28-29 turned into a record fest in which the state record
score fell and fell again, and again. The tournament
brought together nearly 1,267 contestants in grades 4-12
from 81 schools to test their skills with bow and arrow.
Eighth-grader Joe Wilder of St. Peters set a new tournament record by scoring 295 points out of 300 possible.
The next day Hunter Berry, a 12th-grader from Sarcoxie,
nudged it up another notch to 296. Lee’s Summit High
School Freshman Shelby Winslow had the last word
when she raised the bar to 297 points, just two points shy
of the world record.
Young hunters checked 4,332 turkeys during
Missouri’s youth turkey hunting season, topping the
4,000 mark for the second time in the youth season’s 14year history.
The Conservation Commission voted to reduce the
number of firearms antlerless deer permits that a hunter
may fill in all or part of 59 counties. It also reduced the
availability of antlerless permits to two in all or part of
another 19 counties. In previous years, hunters could
buy any number of antlerless permits in most of the
affected counties. ****
Missouri turkey hunters enjoyed another successful
season and checked 43,273 turkeys during the regular
spring turkey season, the third annual increase in a row.
The Conservation Department continued trapping
black bears for the fourth year, placing radio tracking
collars on dozens of bears to learn more about their
habits and population dynamics. Resource Scientist Jeff
Beringer estimates the Show-Me State’s bear population
at 300. Learn more about the Missouri Black Bear
Project at fwrc.msstate.edu/carnivore/mo_bear/
The Missouri Black Bear Foundation was formed to
sponsor educational programs, conduct public outreach,
and coordinate field research in partnership with conservation agencies. Get more information at moblackbears.org. *****
The Conservation Commission approved regulation
changes regarding the regulation of hunting preserves
and deer-breeding facilities in an effort to reduce the risk
of fatal diseases to the state’s free-ranging deer herd and
captive deer.
MDC invited hunters and other Missouri residents
with an interest in white-tailed deer to express their
opinions about deer management at 14 open house meetings around the state in June and July. Information from
the meetings and online comments are being used to
develop future deer hunting regulations and the
statewide deer management plan. MDC is still seeking
input at mdc.mo.gov/node/28079.
Free Fishing Days on June 7-8 encouraged
Missourians to enjoy the Show-Me State’s fishing
resources by allowing anyone to fish without having to
buy a fishing permit, trout stamp, or daily trout park tag.
The Cape Girardeau Conservation Nature Center
received a TripAdvisor award for providing excellent
public service.
Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon nominated former
Conservation Federation of Missouri Executive Director
Dave Murphy to a six-year term on the Conservation
A citizen alerted state conservation and agriculture
officials to an emerald ash borer infestation in St.
Charles County. It was the destructive insect’s first
known infestation in the St. Louis area.
Thousands of people visited the Conservation Pavilion
at the Missouri State Fair in Sedalia, peering into aquariums teeming with live fish and terrariums harboring
exciting reptiles and amphibians. Staff from every conservation discipline were on hand to answer questions
and present live programs on topics ranging from birds
of prey to fish cleaning and cooking demonstrations.
MDC waterfowl biologists announced that duck-hunting prospects were extremely bright, with mallard numbers topping 10 million and blue-winged teal numbers at
a record 8.5 million.
A Colorado man pleaded guilty to illegally trafficking
paddlefish caviar obtained in Warsaw in 2012. The case
was part of an undercover investigation called
"Operation Roadhouse” led by U.S. Fish and Wildlife
Service and MDC. To date, 240 out of 256 state charges
have been completed against numerous individuals with
over $61,000 in fines and court costs levied. The fine
money went to the school districts in the counties where
the violations were committed.
MDC released alligator gar reared at its Chesapeake
Hatchery in Mount Vernon in a continuing effort to
restore the species at Mingo National Wildlife Refuge
and other parts of southeast Missouri. The alligator gar
is by far the largest of gars and is one of the largest freshwater fishes in North America, sometimes reaching 10
feet in length and 350 pounds. The species was driven to
near extinction partly because they were mistakenly
believed to reduce numbers of sport fish.
Missouri’s Sept. 1 opening of dove season fell on the
Labor Day weekend, drawing larger than usual crowds
of hunters at more than 100 conservation areas with
fields specially managed for dove habitat.
Conservation agents helped rescue eight motorists
stranded on or near Interstate 29 by a flash flood in Holt
County and a school bus driver stranded on Route N
north of Mound City.
MDC released a small game hunting forecast showing
quail, pheasant, and squirrel numbers increasing and
rabbits likely to follow the trend. Results of the annual
wild-turkey brood survey showed a poult-to-hen ratio 26
percent greater than the previous 10-year average.
MDC offered a new application for mobile devices
that lets hunters and anglers buy permits and view permits purchased during the previous year. The MO
Hunting app also allows deer and turkey hunters to
telecheck their current harvests and view past
About 30 MDC staff specially trained in fighting wildfires helped their western colleagues contain and extinguish wildfires in northern California, Oregon, Idaho,
and Montana.
This year, Missouri hatcheries stocked more than 1.5
million trout in trout parks, Ozark streams, and winter
fishing lakes. MDC warm-water hatcheries stocked
(continued on page 15)
Lotawana News Page 15
January 14, 2015
Mason Elementary School 6th Graders Celebrate with a giant “Whobilation!”
“Whobilation” is the Mason Elementary School’s 6th
grade December Earn It Event. Sixth grade teachers, Mrs.
Keller and Mrs. Frashier, created the Whobilation
Celebration in an attempt to motivate 6th graders to be
great students.
Mason sixth grades have some type of Earn It event
each month, but the Whobilation is the biggest! It
includes a who-feast where the whole class eats family
style, who-games, who-crafts (creating gingerbread
houses with the sixth graders’ kindergarten buddies), and
who-caroling as other students load the buses. Sixth
graders also perform handbells at the assembly.
The sixth grade students build up the Wackiest-tackiest
“Who-like” holiday attire. This year a number of girls
spent their recess time for two weeks working on homemade tutus!
In "preparation" for middle school, the BIGgest part of
Whobilation is a Who-dance: lights off, strobe lights,
disco balls, loud music! The kids have a great time dancing for over an hour. This year Santa came to visit and the
sixth graders’ kindergarten buddies came down to dance
with the sixth graders for the last 15 minutes. A great time
was had by all!
The past year in conservation news (continued from page 14)
more than 10 million fish in public waters including
hybrid striped bass, walleye, muskie, channel catfish,
paddlefish, hybrid sunfish, and hybrid striped bass.
Self-guided driving tours to view wild elk at Peck
Ranch and Current River Conservation Areas continued
to grow as a tourist draw for the Ozarks, especially in the
fall when bull elk bugle as part of their mating ritual.
MDC estimates the Missouri elk herd has grown to more
than 120 animals.
MDC’s Champion Tree Program certified several new
state record trees including a 95-foot tall black willow in
St. Louis County, a 118-foot swamp chestnut oak near
East Prairie, and an 82-foot-tall slippery elm in Neosho.
The Springfield Conservation Nature Center celebrated 25 years of serving millions of Missourians with special events and programs.
MDC and Ducks Unlimited hosted a dedication ceremony to celebrate the completion of a multi-year renovation project at Duck Creek Conservation Area in
Bollinger, Stoddard, and Wayne counties. The project
was part of the Golden Anniversary Wetlands Initiative
launched in 2004 to revitalize managed wetland projects
constructed in the mid-20th century.
MDC, Ducks Unlimited, Conservation Federation of
Missouri, Missouri Conservation Heritage Foundation,
Bass Pro Shops, and dozens of other conservation and
hunting organizations partnered on the 480-page book,
Waterfowl Hunting and Wetland Conservation in
Missouri - A Model of Collaboration. For ordering information, visit mochf.org/2014/04/book-waterfowl-hunting-and-wetlands-conservation-in-missouri/.
The Conservation Commission approved regulations
regarding the operation of hunting preserves and wildlife
breeding facilities that hold captive deer. The regulations
focused on preventing the spread of diseases, including
chronic wasting disease. MDC received more than
40,000 public comments on the topic with most supportive of the regulation changes. The spread of chronic
wasting disease could negatively impact Missouri deer
hunting as well as deer-dependent businesses that support more than 12,000 Missouri jobs and generate over
$1 billion in economic activity annually.
Hunters checked 5,691 turkeys during Missouri’s fall
firearms turkey season Oct. 1-31.
Working with conservation partners and private
landowners, MDC reintroduced Topeka shiners to the
Spring Creek watershed in northeast Missouri. This
small prairie minnow was once common in Missouri and
is designated as a federally endangered species. The
minnows were released on Union Ridge Conservation
Area and designated as a “non-essential experimental”
population, which allows landowners and managers to
continue with normal agricultural and land management
Building on a strong opening weekend harvest,
Missouri hunters checked 167,205 deer during firearms
deer season Nov. 15-25. The number exceeds last year’s
harvest of 157,273. Top harvest counties were Howell
with 3,418 deer checked, Franklin with 3,338, and Texas
with 3,170. ****
The Department started a five year study in northwest
and southcentral Missouri on white-tailed deer to determine the impact of large-scale habitat changes, hunting
pressure, movement patterns, and survival rates. MDC
staff are working with landowners to capture and fit deer
with radio collars. Information from the study will help
staff better manage our state’s valuable deer herd.
Hunters checked 9,107 deer during the antlerless portion of Missouri’s firearms deer season, bringing this
year’s tally to more than 240,000. Remaining portions
include alternative-methods portion Dec. 20-30 and the
late youth portion Jan. 3-4.
Lotawana News Page 16
January 14, 2015
Lake Lotawana History:
From the Archives - January
January, 1945
Thin Ice Is Always Dangerous Bob White and Ed Williams Learn
Everyone has enjoyed the sight of the Bob White motor-propelled ice boat skimming
over the ice with skaters hanging on by the rope or gaily trailing it over our big ice rink. It
is more than a novelty, it is an innovation. Bob has cut quite a figure with it, and somehow
because of the motor attached, maybe, we thought it was fool proof.
But the ice plays no favorites. If a load is too heavy it gives. Bob and son, Bobby, found
that out on January 7, late afternoon. A somber pair of well soaked and well chilled iceboaters appeared at the Van Hook household, and applied for dry raiment and hot coffee...
January, 1955
Gentlemen! There’s a Lady Present
Something new has been added to the Lake Lotawana Association Board of Directors.
For the first time in its history, the Board includes a woman--Miss Alma G. Jackson, 32 R,
a resident at the lake since 1951...
January, 1965
MYC to Feature Olympic Yachting
Saturday evening, Jan. 16, the Missouri Yacht Club has scheduled an Olympic Yachting
program featuring two members of the United States Olympic Sailing team. Bud Melges
of Zenda, Wisc., and Dick Stearns of Chicago were both Olympic medal winners in Tokyo.
Bud and Dick will present an informal program on their Olympic experiences illustrated
with color slides. They will also discuss sailing tactics and give hints on improving sailing...
Lotawana EXPRESS
January 8, 1975
United Missouri Bank to Resume Gold Sales
On Jan. 2, 1975 gold coin and bullion sales will resume at United Missouri Bank of
Kansas City, NA. Under an agreement with the Mocatta Corporation, the largest dealer of
gold and silver bullion in the United States, United Missouri Bank will receive an initial
consignment of gold bars and coins which will be offered for sale at the current world price...
Lotawana EXPRESS
January 22, 1975
Missouri Yacht Club
By Linda Wood
Now I ask you, who’s cuter than Orlando Webb in one of his costumes? New Years Eve
was no exception when the retiring Commodore led out the old and brought in the new--year that is. Orlando and Connie Webb joined the Yacht Club three years ago, took an office
and became a bright spark in the Yacht Club.s future. As this couple came in with enthusiasm, hard work and long hours ahead of them, so they left the helm with a great deal of
style. Dressed in authentic military admirals uniform from the 1800 complete with saber
and head gear, he delighted and amused those present...
Lotawana EXPRESS
January 9, 1985
Lake Lotawana Sportsmen’s Club
By Maurice Livingston
Many activities are planned for the coming year. A speaker from Earl May Gardening
Center will speak at our February 12th meeting. Keep the date open and come with your
gardening questions...The Club house will be open Super-Bowl Sunday, Jan. 20th, with
Chili and Salad Bar available. Please make reservations if you plan on coming. Big Screen
T.V....March 23rd on a Saturday we are having the Wild Game Dinner. This should be an
exceptionally good dinner and we have a large variety of Wild Game already. Rabbit hunts
will be forming...
Lotawana Express News
January 11, 1995
Mason Elementary’s “Gift of Love”
Mason Elementary students performed a delightful Holiday Program December 12 entitled, “The Gift of Love,” at the Performing Arts Center at the Lee’s Summit High School.
Over 400 students, under the direction of music teacher Valeaira Luppens, sang a variety of
songs. Numerous dances and instrumental numbers were also highlighted.
In carrying out the theme of the program, students donated brand new stuffed animals
which were given to Lee’s Summit Social Services after the program. Mason’s student
council collected 23 bags full of several hundred stuffed animals of all shapes and sizes...
Lotawana Express News
January 25, 1995
Orchids to Dwight Westholt
On Tuesday, January 17th, Cheryl Booker, A-19, saw a black Chow fall through the ice
and ran to the Marina Grog & Galley for help. Dwight Westholt came to the rescue, breaking the ice enough for the dog to swim to the dock and then lifting the Chow to safety...
Lotawana News
January 12, 2005
The Business Beat: B & L Plumbing Service, Inc. By Paula Koch
Bill and Lisa Welker of B & L Plumbing, Inc. could write a textbook on customer service. Great customer service has led to their growth and success.
From the company’s beginning in 1998 when the couple ran calls together in their truck,
B & L has grown to 12 employees, five vans and two trucks. Their secret to success? “Hard
work, dedication, and a lot of hours,” says Bill. Lisa says, “Great customer service, good
employees and referral business.” A winning combination...
Lotawana News
January 26, 2005
Mason Elementary students help Tsunami victims
Second grade Mason Elementary students reached out to help Tsunami victims by selling trail mix during lunch hours the week of January 10th...Parents donated ingredients to
make the over 400 bags of trail mix. Monies raised will be donated to the American Red
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Back in the 80s, the Cooley kids had fun skiing at Silver Creek, CO. In 2015,
Dave, Robin, and Linda returned along with Dave’s wife, Regina, and their
girls, Zyza and Adeline, and Robin’s husband, Matt Machado, and their
girls Neve and Meadow. Silver Creek has been renamed Granby Ranch,
but it is still a small, family friendly ski area. Good times for all!
Lotawana News Page 17
January 14, 2015
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Lotawana News Page 18
January 14, 2015
Jack Stafford's New Year's Eve surprise
by Kirk Boggs, Canadian Correspondent
January 1, 2015
Key Colony Beach,
Chuck Falkenberg loves
to fish. He fishes alone, he
fishes with friends and he
particularly loves to fish
with his family. So when
his 13-year-old grandson
Jack came to visit him for
New Year's in the Florida
Keys, it was the perfect
opportunity for a family
fishing trip. Little did
Chuck and Jack know what
excitement the end of the
year would bring!
Jack, his father Scott and
grandpa Chuck set out late
morning with some light
weight poles, shrimp, ice
and small hooks for a fun
afternoon of yellowtail
fishing in the family's vintage Boston Whaler. After
visiting several of Chuck's
"lucky spots," the intrepid
trio was not doing very
well. With the fish locker
largely empty, spirits flagging and dinner in doubt,
they decided to try a final
"can't miss spot" favoured
by savvy fisher people-Dean and Paula Martin.
With the sun getting lower
in the sky, they tied up and
dropped their lines. Soon
Chuck, Scott and Jack all
had nice keeper yellowtails in the boat and dinner
was safely provided.
Down to their last bedraggled shrimp, Jack baited
his small hook and sent it
back behind the boat with
hopes of boating one last
fish. Shortly thereafter,
Jack was hooked up and
diligently reeling in another yellowtail. Chuck turned
away to untie the boat and
Scott moved to assist. Both
figured that Jack would
have his fish in the boat by
the time they were ready to
go. Such was not the case.
Jack kept reeling away,
but for some reason his
yellowtail had decided that
it wasn't ready for the dinner table. His rod seemed
to be bending more and
more and line kept streaming off his reel no matter
how hard he cranked the
handle. Chuck, who was
still securing the anchor
line, told Jack to "hurry up
and get the fish in the boat"
but the yellowtail kept taking out line. Jack skillfully
fought the fish, slowly
gaining line as his fish kept
diving for the bottom.
Suddenly, after about 15
minutes, up to the surface
came a 24.5 inch Black
Grouper with Jack's 8" yellow tail lodged half way
down its throat and his
hook stuck precariously in
its mouth.
Chuck, managing to
control his excitement,
quickly hauled the fish into
the boat where it immediately spit the hook. With
the sun setting on 2014, the
excited trio roared home to
show Jack's mom Jennifer
and grandma Judy his
impressive catch.
As grouper season ended
at midnight, Jack's fish
may have been the last
keeper grouper caught in
Monroe County in 2014!
Needless to say, grandpa
Chuck can't wait for Jack's
next Keys visit.
Chuck Falkenberg with grandson Jack Stafford and Jack’s 24.5” Black
Grouper. A very happy New Year’s Eve!
Ellie Stafford and the bonnethead shark she caught while fishing with
Grandpa Chuck Falkenberg in the Florida Keys.
Great fishing day for all the ladies! Judy Falkenberg with daughters
Kristen Falkenberg and Jennifer Stafford and granddaughters Emma and
Ellie Stafford.
Judy Falkenberg enjoys watching granddaughter Emma Stafford reel in a
lively yellowtail snapper.
Lotawana News Page 19
January 14, 2015
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Lotawana News Page 20
January 14, 2015
Wow! 1 acre at Lotawana, a
rare find- Adorable upper tier
home offers open main level
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