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Tree Sale
2015 Tree Sale Order Form Now Available
New Supervisors
Meeting Highlights
Nitrate Clinic
AIS In Winter
Small Farms
March 7, 2015
9:00 am to 4:00 pm
Sherburne History
Becker, MN
More info to come!
For questions,
please contact
Orders are being
accepted now
through April 24th.
Call or mail/drop off
The SWCD 2015 Tree Sale has
The tree program originated in order
to provide landowners with an
affordable and convenient way to
purchase trees and shrubs for
conservation practices, such as,
windbreaks, shelterbelts, living
snowfences, scenic buffers, wildlife
habitat and more. The program is an
important annual event. Individuals
may place orders with the Soil &
Water Conservation District starting
January 1st. The trees come from the
Badoura State Forest Nursery and
private Nurseries. This year there are
23 species of trees and shrubs available for purchase, as well as
two different packets with 5 species in each. Trees are sold in
bundles of 25. Orders will be taken until April 24th, but popular
species sell out fast so get your
order in early to assure you get
your desired species!
Receive a 5% discount for
turning in order forms
before February 1st and a
10% discount on orders of
a completed form
at the office to
place an order.
Popular species
sell out fast so get
your order in early!
2015 Tree Order
1,000 trees or more!
2015 Tree Order Form
For more information of the Tree Program please visit:
SWCD Welcomes Our Elected District
Shane Berg, Representing District 2
(Big Lake Twp and Orrock Twp)
Berg joined the SWCD Board of Supervisors to help educate
the community on the resources and services made available
to them through the SWCD. He feels that soil and water
programs are essential in protecting the natural resources that
we depend on. Berg is a long standing supervisor on the
Orrock Township Board. He owns a landscaping company and
is a member of the Minnesota Landscaping and Nursery
His history and background also includes working with the land
through farming and golf course management. Shane resides
in Big Lake with his wife, their three daughters and dog. He
enjoys spending time with his family, being outdoors, hiking,
and snowmobiling. Berg is looking forward to serving as a
Sherburne SWCD Supervisor, growing the district and
improving our natural resources.
Shane can be contacted at [email protected]
Jason Selvog, Representing District 4
(Clear Lake Twp, Becker Twp, Palmer Twp, Santiago Twp)
Selvog graduated from the University of Minnesota in 1995 with
a degree in Natural Resources and began working in the
natural resources field in 1996 when he was hired by the
Benton SWCD as a Technician. His duties included everything
from manure management to wetland restorations. Jason's
main focus was promoting, planning and installation of the
Federal Conservation Reserve Program (CRP).
In 2012 he was hired as the District Technician for the Stearns
County SWCD.
His duties include; CRP, Reinvest in Minnesota (RIM) program,
Pollinator Habitat Programs and Wetland Restoration
programs. He is a member of Pheasants Forever and has
worked with a few local Chapters to help promote the
Pheasants Forever mission.
Jason lives near Santiago with his wife Kate, daughter Alexia
(12 yrs), son Covy (3 yr) and two dogs, Zoe and Zeke. When
not working he enjoys hunting, fishing, snowmobiling, and
admits to being an NFL addict and Fantasy Football junky!
Selvog has enjoyed serving on the Sherburne County SWCD
Board since 2010 and hopes to continue. "I feel I have the
knowledge and ability to help improve Sherburne County's
natural resources."
Jason can be contacted at [email protected]
January Board Meeting Updates
During the first
meeting of the
year Supervisors
elected to rotate
positions. Jason
Selvog as Chair,
Roger Nelson as
Vice Chair, Shane
Berg as Treasurer,
Doug Hipsag as
Secretary and
Larry Goenner as
All meetings are open to the public unless otherwise posted.
Regularly scheduled monthly meetings of the Board of
Supervisors are typically held on the second Monday of the
month beginning at 8:30 a.m. Should the meeting date fall on a
Federal Holiday, the meeting will be held on the first Monday of
the month. Changes to the meeting schedule and special
meetings will be posted at the Elk River USDA Service Center
and on the Sherburne SWCD website. Meetings are held at the
Elk River USDA Service Center located at 14855 Highway 10,
Elk River, MN 55330.
Contact the District Manager
to request placement on the agenda.
(763) 241-1170 Ext. 131
2015 Meeting Schedule
January 12
May 11
September 14
February 9
June 8
October 5
March 9
July 13
November 9
April 13
August 10
December 14
SWCD To Host Nitrate Clinic
The SWCD will be
hosting a Nitrate Clinic
for local residents to
test well water.
What is Nitrate?
Nitrate (NO3) is a
naturally occurring
chemical made of
nitrogen and oxygen. It is
tasteless, odorless, and
colorless. Nitrate is found
in air, soil, water, and
plants. Much of the nitrate
in our environment comes
from decomposition of plants, animal wastes and human
sewage. People also add nitrate to the environment in the form
of fertilizers. Shallow wells, dug wells, and wells with damaged
or leaking casings are the most vulnerable to nitrate
Why Test For Nitrates?
Nitrate in drinking water presents a serious problem for infants
who are bottle fed,
and for pregnant women. Too much nitrate in infants can
reduce the amount of oxygen carried by blood. This is known
as "Blue Baby Syndrome."
Thursday March 19, 2015
Elk River City Hall
3-6 pm
Samples analyzed while you wait!
No pre-registration needed.
Details and instructions coming soon!
Help Reduce The Aquatic Invasive Species
Threat This Winter
You can help reduce the spread of Aquatic Invasive Species
this winter!
Invaders such as zebra mussels and spiny water fleas can be
spread in the winter months (both of these have been
confirmed in lakes and rivers surrounding Sherburne County!)
Here is what you can do:
Before leaving the lake: drain all water from bait buckets
($100 civil penalty of misdemeanor).
Do not release live bait into the water!
Do not take live animals from infested waters,
there are a few exceptions to this rule.
Visit the MN DNR website to find out the details:
[email protected] | http://www.sherburneswcd.org
Sherburne SWCD
14855 HWY 10
Elk River, MN 55330
If you would like more detailed information on any of the items listed above,
please feel free to contact the office at (763) 241-1170 ext. 4.
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