SNIQ - Central Warehousing Corporation

(A Government of India Undertaking)
Executive Engineer, Sub-Divisional Office,
Regional Office, #9, Mission Road,
Bangalore – 560 027
No: CWC/EE-BNG/Tumkur/2014-15/
Dt: 16.01.2015.
Percentage rate quotations are invited from the interested parties/contractors for the work of
“Urgent repairs to plugging of roof leakages, Oiling & repairs to steel doors & rolling
shutters etc., at CW, Tumkur” The quotation forms, at free of cost can be had from the Office
of the undersigned on any working day between 10am and 4pm up to 24.01.2015.
The duly completed quotations, placed in sealed cover along with EMD of Rs 3,000/- (Rupees three
thousand only) in the form of Demand Draft/Pay Order, drawn in favor of the Executive Engineer,
CWC, Construction Cell, Chennai, payable at Chennai, and super scribing the name of the
work on the envelop, should reach the Office of the undersigned at the above address on or before
3 pm on 27.01.2015 and the same will be opened on the same day at 3.30 pm in the presence of
the quotationers who are wish to be present.
Quotations by courier/registered post/speed post etc. would be received only up to the closing
hours, ie up to 3 pm on 27.01.2015.
The Corporation reserves the right to accept or reject any quotation in part or full thereof without
assigning any reasons.
Detailed notice can also be downloaded from the web sites and
1. The work should be carried out as per CPWD/BIS specifications and as directed by the
2. The income tax, work contract tax and education cess on tax etc. shall be deducted from the
bills as per the statutory requirements.
3. The service tax or any other tax in lieu thereof by the Central Govt. from time to time on the
services rendered by the Contractor to CWC shall be paid by CWC to the Contractor over and
above the Schedule of rates, subject to the Contractor submitting his bills /invoices therefor
in the Format prescribed under Rule 4A (1) of the service Tax rules, 1994 or other relevant
laws, as the case may be.
4. The rates quoted to be exclusive of service or any other tax levied by the Central
Government in lieu of Service Tax and the same shall be payable by the Corporation over
and above the Schedule of rates.
5. Contractor must produce the Copy of service tax registration certificate in case the total
turnover for the year is more than Rs.10.00 Lakh and if the same is less than Rs. 10.00 lakh,
the Contractor should furnish an affidavit duly signed by Notary.
6. The offer shall open for acceptance for 45 days from the date of opening. The Corporation,
without prejudice to any right or remedy, be at liberty to forfeit, 50% of the Earnest Money,
if any quotationer withdrawn his quotation before the date or make any modification in the
terms and conditions of the quotation, which are not acceptable to the Corporation and to
forfeit whole of the Earnest Money, if the quotationer, whose quotation accepted and fails to
commence the work as specified in the NIQ (Along with changes in the scope, if any) in the
prescribed time or abandons the work before its completion. Further, he/they, himself/
themselves would disqualify from participating in the future tender/quotations of the
Corporation for the next 5 years.
7. The work shall be completed within 30 days from the date of issue of the work order. The
date of start of work shall be reckoned from the 10th day after date of issue of work order.
8. Security deposit @ 10% shall be deducted from the bills and will be refunded after a defect
liability period of 6 months from the date of completion of the work.
9. Quantity may vary on plus/minus side, as per the actual site condition.
10. During the course of the work, the contractor should take proper care to avoid any damages
to the existing structures. In case of damages to the existing structure, the contractor at his
own cost shall make the same good to the original condition.
11. The contractor is responsible for the safety of the workmen during the work in progress.
12. No water and electricity will be supplied from CWC sources.
13. No tools and plants or material shall be issued from the CWC stores.
Signature and Address of the
Signature of issuing authority