In retrospect: It’s the end for 2012 JAN. 2013

In retrospect: It’s the end for 2012
The dust finally settled on the majority of the expansion on our main campus. With the departure of the cranes, dump trucks and various
other construction equipment that had been a fixture over the last three years, we could see what those years of labor and planning had
produced. But it wasn’t just the physical campus and buildings that were growing. Our reputation blossomed locally and nationally as people and
organizations recognized the incredible work done at Cook Children’s. Take a look back at OUR last twelve months.
In January 2012, Cook Children’s Health Services Inc., a for-profit company, is created to
help doctors deliver quality health care at affordable prices. Under the umbrella of Cook Children’s
Health Services Inc., is PedsPal, a national group purchasing organization for physicians.
For the fourth year in a row, Cook Children’s Health Care System is named to the Top 100 Integrated
Healthcare Networks. We remain the only free-standing pediatric health care network on the list.
Our newest parent tool, (patient portal) launches, allowing parents to exchange
messages with the physician’s office, review and pay billing statements, and request changes to information.
In recognition of our Neighborhood Clinics and Homeless Initiative, Cook Children’s
receives an Excellence in Community Service Award from the Texas Hospital
Association. Ryan Champlin (center) accepted the award on Cook Children’s behalf.
Cook Children’s Homeless Initiative receives well-deserved national
recognition. Our Homeless Initiative was one of ten programs to be
named a Program of Excellence by the Hospital Charitable Service
Awards, sponsored by Jackson Healthcare.
On March 1, Dodson Specialty Clinics opens putting many of
Cook Children’s specialty clinics, and outpatient services under
one roof in an innovative space, designed with the patient and
family in mind.
Fort Worth Business Press names Medical Director of
Adolescent and Young Adult Oncology Karen Albritton, M.D.,
and Project ADAM Coordinator Laura Friend as two of its 2012
Healthcare Heroes.
Employees Care 2012 ends with 1,649 employees
(or 32 percent) pledging $482,207.42.
On March 27, the dedicated women and men of 3 Pavilion cross an
important milestone -- TWO YEARS without a bloodstream infection.
The Society of Pediatric Nurses (SPN) presents Director of
Nursing Research and EBP Andi Smith, PhD, RN, CPNP, with the
Margaret S. Miles Distinguished Service Award.
Southlake Urgent Care & Pediatric Specialties turns ONE. In its first year, the clinic had 9,902 total
visits, compared to 7,502 projected, which is an average of 200 more monthly visits than anticipated.
The Neurology department is named as a ‘Center of Excellence’ by the Genzyme
Corporation, who is establishing a network of such centers for a new research protocol.
Specifically, this study will focus on the evaluation and treatment of Pompe disease patients.
DFW Great 100 Nurses selects three of our own: Director of PICU Cheryl Petersen, RN, MBA,
CCRN; Education Coordinator Jennifer Stephen, RN, MSN, CPN; and Trauma Program Director
Sally Snow, RN, BSN, FAEN.
On May 16, Child Life Zone gets its grand opening with the help of Troy
Aikman and Garth Brooks. This new space is home to the expanded Family
Health and Bomar Children’s libraries, a broadcast and recording studio and
the ‘Flipside’ teen room. (Brooks and Aikman interviewed by patient Hayden.)
Cook Children’s Physcian Network holds its annual State of the Network meeting
and recognizes several of its members: CCPN Distinguished Physician
Award - Robert Mann, M.D., primary care - Mansfield; CCPN Service Award Benjamin Siu, M.D., cardiology; Compassion Award - Larry Easterling, M.D.,
PICU; and Heroic Award - Eric Darrow, M.D., anesthesiology.
Based upon survey results, Cook Children’s is designated a “National Top Workplace.” Making us one
of 45 (out of 315 companies) designated as a company with “very high levels of organizational health.”
On June 4, Express Registration is introduced and parents can now complete patient information online prior to a scheduled
clinic visit, procedure or a visit to the Southlake Urgent Care through a secure site accessible via
U.S.News and World Report released their list of Best Children’s Hospitals 2012-2013 and once again, Cook Children’s
ranked in 6 out of the 10 specialties: Neonatology - #18; Neurology/Neurosurgery - #28; Diabetes/Endocrine - #33;
Nephrology - #33; Cancer - #40; and Pulmonology - #40.
Northeast Hospital celebrates its 5th birthday. In 2011, the Northeast Hospital saw more than 47,000 patients compared
to approximately 35,000 its first year operating as a hospital. This is a growth of 13 percent in the past five years.
To help guide families to our newly expanded campus, a new interactive
campus map is unveiled showing visitors exactly where they need to go.
Hematology/Oncology’s Kelly Vallance, M.D receives a Hope
on Wheels’ 2012 Hyundai Scholar Grant for $75,000 to
develop a formal oncology bereavement program.
Seeing approximately 8,000 patients this month, the ED logged only 24 patients who ‘left without being seen’ (LWBS),
which means in July 2012, our ED achieved a significant milestone – a LWBS percentage of zero percent.
Cook Children’s Nutrition University is one of only two recipients of Dannon’s Next Generation Nutrition Grant.
Cook Children’s President & CEO Rick Merrill is elected to the Board of Directors for Children’s
Miracle Network Hospitals, strengthening this long-lasting relationship between our organizations.
The Nephrology team’s kidney transplant program is awarded the Silver level
distinction by the Donation and Transplantation Community of Practice.
On Sept. 25, after nine months of development, electronic medical records
(EMR) are implemented in the Emergency Department.
On Sept. 26, Zooty Fruity Yogurt Shop opens in the Medical Center’s Family Plaza.
The Orthopedics team wins Family Advisory Council’s Second Annual Family Choice Award.
Cook Children’s returns to Modern Healthcare’s ‘Best Places to
Work’ list. On this national list of top healthcare employers, we ranked number 61, are the ONLY exclusively pediatric
health care system and ranked number 9 for large companies.
Cook Children’s Health Foundation exceeds its “Fulfilling Our Promise” Capital Campaign goal of $75 million.
For the fourth consecutive year, Cook Children’s Health Care System is named to the Dallas Morning
News’ list of “Top 100 Places to Work in DFW.” We are number 6 out of 30 large companies on the list
and are one of only 21 employers to have done so four years in a row. Cook Children’s remains the highest
ranked Fort Worth-based large company and the only pediatric healthcare system in the top twenty five.
As of Nov. 1, 1,179 volunteers had dedicated more than 84,428 hours to Cook Children’s,
including the time so selflessly donated by our own staff.
For the third straight year, Cook Children’s Medical Center has been selected as a
Leapfrog Top Children’s Hospital. This distinction is only achieved by an elite group
of hospitals that meet the nation’s toughest standards for safety and quality,
through prevention of medical errors, reducing mortality for high-risk procedures
and reducing hospital readmissions.
More ‘moving’ stories. The newly renovated 901 7th Ave.
building (formerly the MOB) gets its newest residents:
Occupational Health, Pre-employment & Badging, Concierge
Services, ED Administration, Security, Child Life, HHSC,
Accreditation, Behavioral Health, Partial Hospital (PHP).
CookNet gets a long-overdue makeover with improved search engine capability, layout similar to what you encounter externally and simpler navigation.
2012 was just the beginning for many physicians at Cook Children’s
Growth wasn’t isolated to the Medical Center and Dodson Specialty Clinics. Cook Children’s Physician Network
expanded its own ranks in 2012 and brought 18 new doctors into the fold. These doctors became a part of Cook Children’s in
the last 12 months.
Jeffrey Barker, M.D.,
Bryan Harris, M.D.,
Anish Ray, M.D.,
Irma Betty, M.D., Miller
NHC Primary Care
Eriel Hayes, M.D., Forest
Virginia Ruas, M.D.,
Arlington NHC
Michelle Craven, M.D.,
Alesha Hill, M.D., Child &
Adolescent Psychiatry
Mahesh Sharma,
M.D., CT Surgery
Heather Crawford,
M.D., Metabolic
Cynthia Keator, M.D.,
Shailendra Das, DO,
Brian Dixon, M.D.,
Karen Evans, M.D.,
Primary Care Locum
Karthik Srinivasan,
M.D., Hospitalist
Linda Margraf, M.D.,
Devona Martin,
M.D., Hospitalist
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Polly Manuel, Executive Assistant,
Cook Children’s Health Plan
Nicholas, M.D.,
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Healthy Family Traditions
Kathleen Davis, MS/RD/LD, CSP, Outpatient Dietitian
With the holidays in our rearview mirror, we may all be feeling a little bloated, fatigued and ready to develop
healthier behaviors. Years ago when I worked in a gym, I found that these motivations often peaked in January but
waned by Valentine’s Day!
If you want to change you and your family’s lifestyle for keeps, start thinking about your traditions. The
holiday traditions likely center on baking, feasting and possibly football watching. These habits all seem innocent
enough; but, if our year-round traditions and habits aren’t much healthier, then our health may suffer.
Do your loved ones sit much more than you would like? Do they make poor food choices: choosing “junk”
over fruits or vegetables? Do they eat too much, leaving you to feel like a nag? Do you sometimes struggle
with sticking to family rules because you felt picked on for your weight as a kid? Or maybe you just think kids
shouldn’t have to watch what they eat? If any of these questions fits you, read on. I have some suggestions for
transforming you and your family in the New Year.
Four New Healthy Family Traditions:
1) Eat a Healthy Dessert: To balance the psychological need for a sweet finish with the need for good
nutrition, include a healthful dessert at each meal’s end. My family always has yogurt and fruit available
at the end of the meal. Calcium, potassium and magnesium are all “shortfall” nutrients for adults and
kids in the US. Low-fat yogurt is an excellent source of all of these nutrients, and fruits are high in
potassium and fiber.
2) Double Up on Veggies: Serve two vegetables with dinner. This ensures two choices, doubling the odds
family members will eat a vegetable. Choosing both increases nutrients consumed and may help keep
you full so that you don’t over eat the higher calorie foods. I also use the “two bite rule” at my house,
encouraging my kids to try just “2 bites” of the vegetable. (It may not be their favorite food, but it’s not
poison, right?)
3) Make One Weekend Day Family Day: Sometimes we need to shop and run errands, but family time is
so important. Weekends can be a great time for family to get some exercise and try new things. If you
don’t have time for Family Day, have a Family 30 Minutes. Do something fun and active together: Take
the family to the park. Start jogging or riding bikes. Go to a roller rink. Play tag in the backyard. (This is
better exercise for you than your kids.)
4) Make a Sugar-Free Beverage Vow: The idea that drinking a glass of water will “fill you up” and keep you
from eating too much is actually a myth. Liquids of all types have a low capacity to make you feel full
for any length of time. If you are drinking regular sodas, sports beverages, sugar-sweetened tea or juices,
it’s very likely you are consuming more calories than you should. This can lead to weight gain. Have
your family switch to water with the “treat” drink being diet soda rather than regular. While some worry
about artificial sweeteners, most experts agree they are safe. To be on the safe side, don’t drink them
often. However, a recent study showed that families supplied with bottled diet beverages and water for
a year, lost or maintained their weight, while those which weren’t supplied with anything drank more
sweetened beverages and gained weight.
It’s never too late to start making changes. Cook Children’s Food and Nutrition Services is offering a 10-week
course to help your family change its habits. Orientation is Jan. 9.
Make an Appointment with the Dietitian
Join Nutrition University’s Healthy Lifestyles Class
for the Spring Semester
It’s no secret...Employees Care 2013 kicks off in February. Watch for information
about where and how to give this year and what your gift will help grow.